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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 22, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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side rate rising new data surrounding police department staffing plus the coast. close call in a crosswalk and now the calls for more safety in a cemetery neighborhood. plus relief for californians when the state plans to issue its first payments to help fight rising inflation. the news and news starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon to you. i'm andre senior erasmus. we begin in oakland, where an investigation is underway into a deadly shooting that started on the freeway. police found a man shot dead inside an suv near the fruitvale industrial center at around 11 o'clock last night. now you're watching video of the incident posted on the citizen app. oakland police believe this shooting originally started on interstate 5 were found. on the california highway patrol is leading that investigation. people in oakland are remembering a man who was shot
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and killed, describing him as a kind and generous person. ktvu jana katsuyama takes a look at new data and oakland police staffing as they try to solve this case. no. people answered the call to evening prayers wednesday night parts were heavy at the oakland islamic center, feeling the pain and loss of a well loved member learning that is no longer here is just shocking, kumara said, was a dear friend who would collect food that nearby stores were throwing away and instead give them to those in need. always a big smile, always talk, smiling. and it always was concerned about other people, not only the muslim community but people outside of the muslim community on wednesday bullet holes and shattered glass show where is a was shot and killed in a drive by shooting monday night along with another man after coming from evening prayers at the nearby mosque, a bouquet of flowers was left by people who are grieving for him, a father
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and prominent community member, four kids and then i remember when his kids were little tiny. now they're going to adulthood. two of his children. i know them. they graduate from uc berkeley. ah, it was kind of person. we are and a peaceful community. we know each other security cameras recorded the gunfireoming from a small white sedan that witnesses say had been parked down the block and then rolled by. police are asking for the entire oakland community to help by sharing any cellphone or surveillance camera footage that might show the suspect's vehicle rolling through this or other parts of town. many people are also calling for more resources for the oakland police department, which is understaffed. these are senseless killing fever. god just went to the mosque and pray. and getting ready to go visit his family. and that's his last day on physical earth. jana katsuyama ktvu fox. two news people in san jose, looking for a new place to live after a car crashed into an apartment
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complex, police say just before two o'clock this morning and car drove through the intersection of center road and silverdale avenue, hit a parked car, then slammed into the building. the driver and the occupants were gone when police arrived, but later found nearby and arrested for suspicion of dy. police say the driver was an 18 year old man who had two juveniles with him at the time. people who live in that building say they were awakened by the car and car parts crashing into their apartment. i was sleeping in my bedroom and then i heard the noise. just like something heading i thought the 1st 1st start up. i thought that the car hit my house. but then when i came out i saw the whole cabinet kitchen is broken loose. nobody in the building was injured, but two apartment units were red tagged due to the damage. meantime, check this out and moving truck crashed into an apartment in bulla hill. this is photo tweeted by the city's fire department. no injuries reported here. the red cross has been
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called in help with those who have been displaced by this crash. scary moments for family in san mateo, after child was nearly hit by a vehicle and a crosswalk, the video hard to watch, but that child is okay. the girl was riding a scooter near franklin parkway and bays in the bay meadows neighborhood on september 14th that take a look. the vehicle came within inches of hitting her. it did hit the scooter those you see here in the slow motion video. police say the vehicle ignored the flashing pedestrian signals. the driver later returned to the scene and spoke with police. police say that driver was a teenage boy and was inexperienced, according to the cemetery, daily journal neighbors are now calling for more pedestrian and bike protections. the steady decline of gas prices may be over triple a says says prices at the pump have now gone up two days in a row for the first time in nearly 100 days, as reporter douglas adair explains, it comes as the federal reserve increased interest rates again to try and stop inflation. the chairman of the fed is talking about how difficult it may be now to avoid
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a recession. but these rising prices have become a real challenge for all of us. it might be a good time to top off your tank triple a says this may be the end of the road for falling prices. they went up again this morning just slightly . but if this is the start of a trend, it could create more pressure for inflation across the board. the markets tanked yesterday is the federal reserve announced it was tightening the screws, raising interest rates by three quarters of a point for the third time in a row to help tame inflation that's going to increase mortgage and credit card rates. but the fed chairman acknowledges that this effort to slow the economy to bring down prices is risky. and we don't know no one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or if so. how significant that recession would be. we've already seen the housing market take a hit home sales have fallen 20% in the past year. the 30 year mortgage rate has topped 6% for the first time since 2008 ceo jamie dimond told congress yesterday that government
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spending had played a part in driving inflation higher. and he offered an ominous warning. i think policymakers should be prepared for the worst, so we take the right action. if and when that happens, president biden still thinks we can achieve what they call a soft landing, lowering inflation without triggering a recession, but each rate hike makes that more and more difficult. in washington, doug loose ader fox news. volatility on wall street continues on the heels of that latest interest rate hike, checking the big board right now, you can see the dow is actually up ever so slightly by about 39 points. the nasdaq, thou in trading down 117 points right 500 also down about 13 points. we now know when we can expect inflation stimulus checks from the state. the first round of inflation relief payments will be released on october 7th to get the payment which can range from $200 to $1000. you have to file have filed taxes in 2020, and you also need to make make less than $250,000 a year. most people will get direct deposits
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from the state franchise tax board. while some may instead have a debit card mailed to them. the number of americans filing for jobless benefits rose slightly last week, with the federal reserve, pushing hard to cool the economy and tame inflation. applications for unemployment benefits rose by 5000 to 213,000 online real estate companies. redford and compass recently announced job cuts as rising interest rates of cool the housing market. other high profile layoffs announced in recent months include the gap. tesla, netflix, carbonneau. and coin base. however businesses remain despite the desperate to find workers posting more than 11 million job openings in july meeting. there are almost two job vacancies for every unemployed americans. facebook parent company met his looking to reduce costs by at least 10% in part through reducing staff. the wall street journal reports. the cuts are blamed on stalling growth and increased competition. the menlo park based company has begun quietly nudging out a significant number of staffers by reorganization, reorganizing
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their departments affected employees are being given just 30 days to find another role in the company before being laid off. and the journal also reports google has required some employees to apply for new jobs if they want to stay with the company. last week, google told some employees that the company startup incubator area 1 20, they would need to find other jobs at the company within three months. google typically goes employees two months to apply for other jobs in the company if they want or their position will be cut. it's the third and final day of the dream force, the world's largest software conference. ktvu continues in san francisco with how the sales support salesforce event is benefiting the city. this is the biggest conference we've seen in san francisco since the start of the pandemic, bringing 40,000 people into the city. our community is coming back together after three tough years dream for us, we always strive for dream force to be the best treatment for us ever. i think this has been the most important drink force ever not only for our community, but the city of san francisco is back.
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salesforce's colin fleming says san francisco has taken its rightful spot as the epicenter of technology this week, and visitors are happy to be here. the streets have been fantastic and there's people it's vibrant again. the restaurants have been fantastic eating inside dining together. i have to say there's been no need to wear masks. people are being very respectful at the same time. this is giving local businesses a much needed boost with lines out the door at restaurants like john's grill near union square. we don't typically open all three floors , and we've had all three floors rocking for the last couple of days. that john school it's been unbelievable. this helps immensely. it helps the staff that helps everybody helps the entire city really, and hotels sold out all week. it is refreshing to have a hotel that is open and thriving. you know we were close for 14 months during the pandemic dream forces filled with more than 1000 sessions and workshops and dozens of speakers to inspire, including celebrities and activists like magic johnson,
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simone biles, bono and matthew mcconaughey. city leaders are touting the event as a sign that san francisco is back open for business. 2000 local vendors who helped us pull this event went off over $30 million to the city here, of course in economic benefit. there's 40,000 people here, walking around us, patronizing local businesses and bringing the energy and the vibe back to where it should be here in san francisco, and these visitor dollars are in addition to the millions of dollars in grants salesforce recently announced in support of schools across the country, including here in san francisco and oakland. big celebration dream fest, a concert with the red hot chili peppers at oracle park wednesday night, even giving back benefiting ucsf benioff children's hospitals. this has been such an extraordinary first time, and i think that their motto or slogan was go big and come home, and they've really shown up with that. francisco amanda quintana ktvu, fox two
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news. another powerful earthquake has rocked mexico. it's already blamed for at least two deaths hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. what we're learning about the damage, plus bermuda is bracing for hurricane fiona as the caribbean is still struggling with the effects. i'm robert ray in hamilton's parish, bermuda. i've got the details coming right up. and a barrier while those rank clouds have moved out of town in a warming trend begins today, we'll have re on your kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires.
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cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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it's the second quake to happen in just three days there. the 6.8 magnitude temblor was centered in michoacan and happened around one o'clock this morning. it caused buildings to sway in mexico city, which is more than 350. miles away. mexico city's mayor says one woman died after falling down the stairs during the quake, and another man died from a heart attack. there's no reports of any major damage. on monday, two people died in a magnitude 7.6 quake in colima. containment on the mosquito fire burning in the sierra improved overnight. the fire is now 60% contained. it's burned 76,000 acres. all evacuation orders were lifted in plaster county. the only evacuation warning now is in the community of stumpy meadows in el dorado county, the red cross shelter at sierra college closes today tomorrow temporary animal
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shelter at the gold country fairgrounds in auburn will close as well. this week's rain, giving firefighters better handle of the mosquito fire. but regional water managers are preparing for problems caused by the weather. the plaster county water agency had been worried that the firewood damage critical infrastructure around the oxford reservoir managers are now focused on keeping ash and other fire debris from entering a water system that serves a quarter million people. people in the caribbean continue to struggle to recover from hurricane fiona and the storm isn't over. yet. it's now a category four hurricane that could still strengthened as it moves across the atlantic. robert ray shows us some of the damage so far and where hurricane fiona is headed next. three days after devastating the caribbean, hurricane fiona continues gaining strength. it's now churning across the atlantic and is expected to pass by bermuda early friday. forecasters warn it will bring high surf storm surge is and heavy rainfall, but its impact won't be as bad as puerto rico and the dominican republic,
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where flooding and landslides devastated communities. it was very strong as it passed through here. very strong, it destroyed the majority of homes. yes the back part of the house collapsed . we lost all our clothes, groceries and everything in the wooden part of the house. despite recovery efforts, thousands remain without power and running water. puerto rico national guard began distributing water out of trucks . power crews have been working around the clock to restore electricity, and local leaders say it's a tough task as some areas are still being assessed for damage in many towns on the island, particularly in southern puerto rico. there is serious, significant damage to the electrical grid in those towns it is going to take longer. meanwhile, island resident have begun cleaning up and lighting up for basic necessities isn't easy, but you have to keep fighting right as long as god
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gives us life. on wednesday, president biden declared a major disaster declaration. to help with the recovery efforts. in bermuda. robert ray ktvu, fox two news. locally the rain that we saw last week. let's dried up in our meteorologist mark tamayo is here with more and mark. the temperatures are going to start going up to yeah, you will notice that that warm up beginning today, but it really kicks in as we head into the weekend. we're talking about some more nineties, the hottest occasions of the area. so typical fall pattern set up by the way that the timing is right on because fall begins later on today during the six o'clock hour quick update as you can see , powerful hurricane fiona. there is the defined i and, of course, keep an eye on on bermuda there. you can see that in that red boxes. we take a look here at the past track. that's the line showing you the attract over portions of puerto rico and then moving up to the north. current information moving to the movement of the north, still category four storm with winds of 130 miles an hour expected to pass just to the west. bermuda so it's something
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we'll be watching closely over the next few days. but right now a category four storm with winds of 130 miles an hour fall begins for us for today. 603 this evening and we are expecting lots of clear skies for today and also tomorrow, the first full day of fault. quick update on the droht status. of course, we've had some recent rainfall, but we're still in drought and once again we are in either a severe drought or extreme drought for portions of the bay area, but it was nice to track some rainfall over the past, basically, since sunday and then even lingering into a yesterday so today is our first real dry day out there. the clouds are moving out of town after some patchy cloud cover this morning. near the immediate coastline. current numbers san francisco 70 degrees. that's a nice afternoon oakland 71 free month 76 in san jose right now, a pleasant 72 degrees. here's our live camera looking at above san francisco toward the golden gate bridge, the marin headlands and the north bay hills and air quality is great temperatures,
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actually, the comfortable range so it's just just a nice day to be outside for today for your thursday this is the guy we've been watching since last week, and this produced the rainfall here in the bay area. it is moving on out of town, so clearing skies, no chance of rainfall for us to be nice to be talking about some rain chances , but not in our forecast. in fact, are warming trend begins today, and it really kicks in for friday and to the weekend. once again, we could ask them patchy fog or resurfaced near portions of the coastline tonight and into tomorrow morning and then increase in sunshine for your friday take a look at the numbers and the headline forward today more sunshine. and maybe some patchy cloud covering your portions of the coastline. san francisco 74 free month. 79 the warmest occasions inland. no no one not know triple digits, no nineties , the warmest occasions actually pleasant in the low to mid eighties. you can see her thinking with the warming for your friday and the real heat that peaks this weekend for saturday and into sunday seventies eighties and nineties
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with a little bit of a drop off of the numbers into monday, but as you can see, as we approach the weekend, we're looking pretty nice here in the bear. thank you a second chance to thousands of california high school students what the uc system is doing after they were rejected for not meeting first year admission requi ment s.
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jeff paul reports. it's part of a broader prisoner swap between
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or being praised rather by diplomats on both sides. as the war in ukraine grinds on, diplomats on both sides are celebrating a rare prisoner exchange more than 200 soldiers swapped by moscow in exchange for more than 50. russian prisoners, including pro russian opposition leader viktor medvedchuk, among the prisoners released at least to americans fighting alongside the ukrainians, former service members alex drew k and andy quinn, who were captured about three months ago during a firefight with russian forces. i believe that is a really great victory as so many people were released. without revealing all the secrets today there is something to celebrate for the country. meanwhile on the battlefield, the momentum remains with ukraine, with more progress being reported in both the southern and eastern counter offensives. ukrainian military still advancing despite a nuclear warning by vladimir putin, some experts say it's an empty threat really important for western politicians to see through that to look at russia's real nuclear doctrine. and what
12:24 pm
russia thinks right. you'd get the weapons can be used for putin also ordering the mobilization of some 300,000 troops to help bolster his forces in ukraine. we're seeing a significant backlash to that announcement within russia. protesters clashing with police on the streets of moscow, wondering when the war will end . it has all been done so quickly. the questions arise regardless of one's opinion about how measured and well considered it is at the u. n. secretary of state anthony blinken is accusing russia of war crimes at a security council meeting today. in kiev. jeff paul ktvu fox. two news busses carrying people who'd recently migrated to the us arrived in new york city on monday. the governors of several southern states, including florida, sent those busses to new york yesterday's group of busses to arrive contained the most number of people since the practice began. new york city has opened 23 emergency shelters to house the people arriving more than 9000 migrants are currently in the shelter system. city mayor
12:25 pm
eric adams says the situation wouldn't be a problem if the governor's from those states were willing to communicate with them ahead of time. who are doing the same mateo county community college district, urging governor newsom to sign a bill that would allow students to attend college for free district officials, along with some local and state leaders attended a rally today at kenyatta college in redwood city . they say the senate bill calls for a pilot program that will pay the tuition and enrollment fees for students from underrepresented and marginalized communities. it's not just enrollment fees, books transportation housing 15 k a semester, especially acute in a high cost area like san mateo county. this legislation grants our treasurer college district much needed flexibility so they can better utilize existing local revenue to truly help our most deserving students signed by the governor over 6000 community college students will become immediately eligible for free college. in san mateo county. the university of california is giving a second
12:26 pm
chance to rejected california high school students. you see, says it's aiming to widen admission access for disadvantaged students. it plans to give a second chance to thousands of rejected high school applicants who had a qualifying 3.0 gpa but failed to complete the required series of 15 college prep courses. but there's a catch students was first successfully complete their missing lower division and general education courses at a community college and earned the programs required grades. the next item is one rocket launch attempt could go to the moon as early as next week. nasa says the feeling test it did yesterday was a success. after a few recent setbacks, the one moon rocket is on track to lift off on tuesday if that launches canceled, the back update is next sunday. the unmanned rocket will orbit the moon before coming back to earth. the goal is to test the rockets ability to withstand high temperatures and radiation. before humans joined future flights to the moon and eventually mars nationwide shortage involving moderna's newest booster shot. we take a look at the reason why
12:27 pm
and how the company is now responding, plus recall alert for some tesla owners issue involving windows and nearly 1.1 million cars does your plug-in fade too fast? try febreze fade defy plug. it has built-in technology to digitally control how much scent is released to smell first day fresh for 50 days.
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shooting on an oakland freeway. police say they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds in
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a vehicle on 51st avenue near the fruit bill industrial center at about 11 o'clock last night, he was unresponsive and died. you're looking at video from the citizen app shell casings were later found on westbound interstate 5 80, east of seminary. oakland police tell ktvu. both scenes are connected and that highway patrol is taking over the investigation because the initial gunfire occurred on 5 80. members of the oakland islamic center mourning the deaths of two men killed this week in drive by shootings. the men were shot at a restaurant cafe near 31st street and telegraph they had just attended evening prayer services at the mosque. nearby friends they both men were generous, kind and well liked in their community. community members placed flowers at the site where they were killed. always a big smile. always talk, smiling, making other people comfortable around, and it always was concerned about other people, not only the muslim community people outside of the muslim community. people that need help . oakland police have not released any information about the shooter or shooters involved
12:31 pm
or motive for the attack. tomorrow there will be another community ceasefire night walk in that oakland neighborhood, state leaders announced a plan to work together to prevent shootings and improve their response to those crimes when they happen. ktvu brooks jarocz tells us about the strategy behind the new office of gun violence prevention. going guns . we actually doing this in real life. gathering about guns, violence, prevention groups and victims. families joined california's attorney general in san francisco's soma district wednesday, armed with a message epidemic has paralyzed all of us . it has gotten out of control and is out of hand. scott lost her son 26 years ago, gunned down in a graduation party. since then, she says gun violence has only increased beyond belief. we must turn it around, and we can do because this is about all of us, and none of us. every every time i hear of a mother losing her son
12:32 pm
or someone losing. the mother to domestic violence because of a gun. its routers, my soul, we are not immune to this disease. so attorney general rob bonta just announced a new state office of gun violence prevention, the first of its kind aimed at going beyond prosecution and accountability after crimes occur instead of proactive approach, relying on data and programs, pulling together agencies, advocacy groups and resources boosting collaboration this moment this crisis deserves all of us working together, getting out of our silos, reaching out to one another partnering on behalf of our communities, says gun violence is a growing threat to public safety, with an average 120 deaths each day in the us the new office will serve as a hub to expand intervention efforts getting guns out of the hands of dangerous people and off the streets. it comes following numerous violent incidents across the bay in oakland and beyond. we're not
12:33 pm
going to accept words and prayers anymore. we're going to ask and demand for commitments by the state. my fellow legislators and our state agencies, including this office of gun violence prevention to stand up. for oakland and the people so that we feel safe every single day. we must stop the killing and start to healing. i want to go to graduations. i want to go to funerals. i'm tired of funerals . a nationwide search is underway to recruit the offices next director and a new web page was launched to provide resources to reduce gun violence . brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news three people in concord were forced out of their home by an overnight fire that happened on orange street. colder sack off of monument boulevard. the fire broke out just after two o'clock. it took about an hour for firefighters to get it under control. one person had minor injuries. the red cross is helping the people who are displaced. and oakland woman says the recent fires near interstate 5 80 have her thinking about moving out. joanna roberts says she and her
12:34 pm
neighbors have complained for more than a year about the tall , dry grass in the a grew up in the behind her current home, but that cottage was one of five homes destroyed in a fire on tuesday that broke out behind a gas station on 35th avenue. she says . two years ago, her main home on her property was threatened by a fire at a nearby homeless encampment. now she's trying to decide if it's just time to leave the neighborhood. i was never going to leave. but that's fire has got me thinking about but this was the sign for time to move. she says she also has to consider the fires that happened less than a mile away on tuesday, eight tuesday evening, those were deliberately set, fire fighters say. so far, there's no evidence of any link between tuesday's fire and the one last friday. creek in santa rosa is flowing once again, but not because of recent rain. the water just started seeping up from the ground. locals tell katie bs tom baker, they are amazed to see so much water in mark west creek. kindergartners
12:35 pm
as well as the 1st and 2nd graders of redwood adventist academy played and learned in mark west creek. this creek is now wonder of nature made so by last week's magnitude for plus earthquakes that rocked santa rosa and principal lisa paulsen and all of a sudden i was just shaking and i could hear and it's a portable unit and so you could hear everything crunching together and i felt like i was riding the wave. this is a picture of the creek just before the earthquakes way more stones than water of algae. covering the water, and it was just very still and it was almost like is there water in this creek? then came the quakes of wednesday. the 14th. we came down here on thursday, and we're like, whoa! like the kids. what? you know, what do you think happened now? it's just flowing so much better and cleaner and clearer and it's great. it's so much fun for the kids did rain here over the weekend, but the water rise was days ahead of the rain. there's
12:36 pm
no doubt at all we had the kindergartners work on building trenches. to keep the water flowing before the earthquake, and it was nothing but a trickle. we came down after the day after the earthquake. it was like night and day difference. this is the delightful result of some very serious science, geotechnical science, seismic science that unleashed this water to the kids delight. it's interesting and mysterious, and i think it's kind of neat usgs gov physicist dublin roll offs says this is very common, but rarely noticed. so what we think happens is that the earthquake, um because it's shaking the near surface materials, it's just making them a little bit looser and more permeability and the groundwater is a little more easily able to flow out of the ground science lesson and a super soak all in one. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news well, if you want to get an updated covid booster shot made by moderna, you may have to consider an
12:37 pm
alternative moderna reports. there is a national shortage after it had to take one of its factories offline because of an fda inspection. the company isn't saying what the feds found. moderna says it expects things to get fixed in quote the coming days workers who lost their jobs after refusing to get vaccinated against covid-19 say they're still struggling to get back to work. john knox is one of them. he says he spent 22 years fighting fires in los angeles. but after rejecting the city's vaccine mandate, he was put on leave. and he says, now he has gone nearly a year without a paycheck. we couldn't you know we can't uh, perform 911 duties via zoom. it just doesn't work. you know, it's hard to put out a fire that way. knox says he still doesn't know if he can find work even as many jurisdictions are lifting their vaccine mandates county is expanding its medicine program to cover all medications for diabetes care program gives people and families a monthly check to help pay for their prescriptions. the medicis program also covers other medications, including asthma, inhalers and epipens. i actualle
12:38 pm
drugs and providing this access to people. we will save money in the long run. it costs so much more to manage the complications of diabetes, the hospitalizations, the dialysis, the surgeries that are required. nearly 120,000 adults in santa clara county live with diabetes. about a third of them require insulin or other drugs to survive. pediatricians at ucsf. many of children's hospital in oakland have voted to authorize a strike. some of the key complaints include staffing and wages have been working without a deal since the end of july. the vote doesn't mean a strike will occur, but 98% of union members voted to approve one a spokesperson from ucsf benioff children's hospital. oakland released a statement in response. it reads in part quote, we continue to bargain in good faith, as evidenced by the 20 negotiating sessions we've had with the union and the fact that they have formally
12:39 pm
withdrawn their unfair labor practice complaint and quote the mayors of four large northern california cities have endorsed lauren taylor for oakland mayor. outgoing merely be chef. san francisco mayor london breed san jose mayor sam liccardo and sacramento mayor darrell steinberg have given tailor their endorsement. each praised taylor's vision, commitment and ability to bring people together to get things done. taylor a first term council members facing nine opponents, including fellow council member shrink tower, who has the backing of labor unions and the alameda county democratic party. we're seeing the first renderings of what a second transbay tube could add to the bay area. one concept shows a new bart station at san francisco's mission bay. both possible plans have new stations in alameda, downtown oakland and jack london square. both also have bart extending to the salesforce transit center. the group that created these renderings. it's called link 21 . they are working with state leaders to improve the bay area's rail network. at noon, tesla is recalling more than one million vehicles in the u. s
12:40 pm
because of defective windows. the problem is that the cars automatic window reversal system may not respond correctly after detecting an obstruction the national highway traffic safety administration says that is a violation of federal safety standards for power windows. tessa says an online software update should fix that problem. the holiday season is just around the corner. and with some companies ramping up hiring, we take a look at the retail giant that plans to hire less seasonal workers this year. and in weather, lots of sunshine. today those rain clouds have moved out of town and a big warming trend movement moves in for a portion of the bay area this weekend. we'll have more your forecast coming up.
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homes from getting a new trial. holmes was convicted of fraud earlier this year and she could face up to 20 years in prison. prosecutors are accusing holmes attorneys of trying to delay her sentencing, which is still scheduled for october. 17th defense attorneys for holmes argued earlier this month that she should get a new trial based on new evidence. they say that new evidence could overturn her conviction. her attorneys claim. one of the key witnesses in the trial visited her home this summer. the federal appeals court ruled in favor of the justice department, which will allow prosecutors to continue reviewing the documents taken from the florida home of former president donald trump. jenkins. reports from washington d. c.
12:44 pm
the justice department prevailing in court. prosecutors will now be able to review roughly 100 classified documents taken by the fbi, mara lago as part of its criminal investigation. eileen canon blocked the doj, but an appeals court lifted her ruling. this is significant because it recognizes that president trump might be on here because of the mishandling of classified documents. former president trump has repeatedly argued he declassified top secret documents he took with him after leaving the white house last year. you could declassify just by saying it's declassified even by thinking about it. because you're sending it. tomorrow lago or to wherever you're sending it. you're the president. you make that decision. the justice department investigation isn't the only legal challenge confronting mr trump, new york attorney general leticia james filed a civil lawsuit against him in the trump organization, making several accusations, including that the organization manipulated the
12:45 pm
value of assets for more favorable loans from banks. the former president disputes the allegations and says it's a political witch hunt pursuing civil charges if she had brought a criminal case against the former president should have had to prove her claims. beyond the reasonable doubt, the new york attorney general is seeking $250 million in damages. in washington, jenkins ktvu, fox two news. to napa valley towns are now offering undermanned bus service was zero emissions, the yonville beeline and the st helena shuttle will each provide rides within the city limits beyond will be line is free of charge. he's seen the latest shuttle costs about $1. the napa valley transportation authority says the new electric shuttles will eliminate nearly 1700 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent of taking 27 cars off the road. riders can download the ride the vine app to get started. alright not time to check with meteorologist mark tamayo with what the forecast is looking
12:46 pm
like for the rest of this thursday. mark guys, yeah, lots of sunshine for your thursday and are warming trend begins for today. in fact, it's kind of setting up a nice period for us as we head into the weekend, so i guess we could appreciate our recent weather. we've had some recent rainfall. now we're talking about some more sunshine and temperatures trending up beginning today. and the warming trend really kicks in this weekend from saturday and sunday . there is your eventual temperature range from the mid seventies, all the way to the mid nineties. here's a satellite . you can see just not much in the way of cloud cover. we do still have maybe some patchy low cloud cover your portions of the coastline this afternoon, but it is a beautiful afternoon out there. san francisco currently 70. napa 75 san jose 72 livermore 74 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward that's where the golden gate bridge, the marin headlands, the north bay hills and lots of clear skies, so not much in the way of fog from this vantage point and kind of in that nice, perfect range, not incredibly cold. we're not extremely hot. it's just a nice warm pattern to get outside for a hike or bike
12:47 pm
ride. also in a few hours, we say hello to fall the equinox later on today during the six o'clock hour 603 pm first day of fall will be a nice for today, the first full day tomorrow. will be a little bit warmer. this is the guy we've been watching over the past few days . it's the area of low pressure. this produced a showers. the thunderstorms is also linked up with the rainfall we had last weekend, so it's been around for quite some time. this wants to move on out. so with that we have clearing skies and you can see what happens. this area of high pressure wants to build in and this will lead to our warming trend beginning today because we showed you that little bit of a little graph. temperatures peaking in your weekend forecast for today, though mostly sunny skies. we could have some patchy fog regroup near portions of the coastline tomorrow morning, and then this is your friday afternoon and tomorrow should be just a little bit warmer than today. take a look at the numbers this afternoon san francisco 74 alejo 80 conquered 84 san jose morgen hill approaching the lower eighties and the winds could pick up this afternoon that typical seabreeze
12:48 pm
around 15 to 20 miles an hour. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast and temperatures warming up for your friday. it's not a major warm up but still trending up for your friday saturday, the hotspots inlet will be the load of mid nineties. that would be the same story in the sunday and then it looks like a minor cooling trend into next week from monday, and it's a tuesday but the weather if you want to get outside this weekend, go do it looking pretty good here in the bay area, all right, a little bit of summer like weather as we approach fall. thank you, mark. target plans to hire as many as 100,000 seasonal workers for the holiday season. that's the same number of the company hired last year. target says starting wages are between 15 and $24 an hour. it also says this year their holiday deals will begin earlier than they did last year. walmart on the other hand, says it will be hiring fewer holiday workers this year. the retailer plans to hire 40,000 seasonal and full time workers for the holidays. that's a big drop from the 150,000 it hired for the same time last year. walmart says last year's hiring numbers were inflated because they needed to
12:49 pm
fill positions due to covid absences. bumblebees maybe the first insects to be protected under california law, the state supreme court agreed to consider declaring bumblebees and endangered species under a state law that protects fish. a state appeals court ruled the law was flexible enough to consider protecting four species of the bees. the james webb telescope, giving us a new glimpse into outer space. this time around new images of the rings around the planet neptune when we return
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
will help bring a big boost to downtown during a press conference, the city's director of economic development says sales tax revenue in downtown is down 38% compared to pre pandemic levels outside of downtown sales are back to normal, though city officials say google's downtown plan would add millions of square feet of
12:53 pm
office space along with 4000 new homes, major construction could get underway on this project assumed by the way as 2024 california senator expedia announced a new round of funding for small businesses. the plan allocates more than $1 billion to california small business credit initiative, and it all comes from the white house's american rescue plan. the funding announcement, no doubt give thousands of california's the chance to achieve their american dream. but he says the billion dollars in federal money will help support more entrepreneurship for underserved communities. san francisco mayor london breed does not support a proposition on the november ballot that would create a commission to oversee the city's homelessness department. a spokesperson for the mayor tells the chronicle that she's worried the commission would just create more bureaucracy. breed spokesperson says the city's homeless population has actually declined in the past three years . supporters of proposition c, however, say the city's homelessness nous department
12:54 pm
needs more oversight. its budget has more than doubled in the past five years. but there are more people living on sanford streets, san francisco streets today than in 2017. the community around mineta san jose airport is raising the alarm about a new homeless encampment . it's growing at columbus park , which is just a short distance from guadalupe park, where previous encampment was located , in which officials spent more than a year trying to clean up ktvu saturday. reporter lamonica peters shows us the problem. they've done very mitigation, and it seems like they're just moving them around. here's my wonderful plot. some jalapenos squash. david koller says he owns a plot at the guadalupe community garden near san jose's columbus park, and he's concerned about the number of rvs he sees on nearby streets. parking is hard because there's so many, um, transitory motorhomes here that we can actually enjoy the community garden color says the rvs have simply moved from one side of the street to the other since the city began clearing the
12:55 pm
encampment, people use the garden very bothered by and worried by it. but you know, has many recent incidents or anything, cause i think most people are just trying to get a good night, decent night's sleep and sleep where they can. san jose city, housing officials say so far they have provided 160 people with temporary or permanent housing as they clear the 40 acre property owned by the san jose international airport. the city also says they continue offering services and resources to those who were living in the encampment. there is no affordable housing. and, um that's why there's so many rbs and people. it's sad. gerald i'm says she's been living in the encampment for over a year, but she has been without a permanent house for about four years. she says she's working with the city to get back into her own home as soon as she can not everybody out here has mental issues. for one thing. um
12:56 pm
there are people on this street to go to work during the day. there are there are nice people out here and then at the same time, it's unsafe. the area owned by the airport has to be cleared by september. 30th and the city says they plan to meet that deadline. in the meantime, they say, they'll keep an eye on the situation at columbus park, but their priority is to meet the f a requirement. lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news, matthew mcconaughey says he would consider a possible run for president. according to sf gate, the actor from texas talked about his political activism at the dream force conference in san francisco yesterday when asked about the possibility of running, mcconaughey said it could be inevitable but didn't specify when he would think about it. he has previously teased the idea of running for governor of texas, but has not done that so far. 49ers confirmed. quarterback trade lens is out for the rest of the season. lance of course, broke his ankle in sunday's game against seattle. seahawks doctors operated on that injury monday.
12:57 pm
carl shanahan said jimmy garoppolo was a starting quarterback for the rest of the season, and he has improved from offseason shoulder surgery. he was the same as he's been the last two weeks. um and has been since we've been here, so he just got back and getting all the reps we've done walkthrough so far, so that's the only thing that's changed 49 years next game and garoppolo first start of the season sunday night against the denver broncos and their quarterback russell wilson. jose sharks began training camp today the team underwent a major overhaul after failing to make the playoffs of the past three seasons. former player mike greer is the first black general manager in nhl history. he then hired david quinn as head coach in july. training camp is at sharks ice on south 10th street practice runs through the 30th and are open to the public. the first preseason game is this sunday against the los angeles kings. oakland a's fan favorite john vote, is retiring after 10 seasons in the major leagues. his early career was characterized by patients and long waits. he didn't make the
12:58 pm
big leagues until he was 27 after an o for 30 to hitler street to start his career. he waited nearly 15 months to get his first hit the spot early struggles. the journeyman became a two time all star and a fan favorite, too. these announced they will celebrate him on october 5th during their final season or their season finale. barry a. baseball fans hope northern california roots will encourage new york yankee star aaron judge to sign with the giants this offseason judges just one home run shy of the american league single season record of 61. he grew up a giants fan in the rural community of lyndon, about an hour southeast of sacramento. his parents still live in that town, and when he played yankees when the yankees played the a's at the coliseum, he hosted a youth baseball group from lyndon. it just makes you feel so good, he remembers. everybody has a good smile on his face and talks talks about you and not about him is what he does. his
12:59 pm
family created the aaron judge all rise. foundation benefiting children will host a gala in november, raising money for programs including youth leadership development in fresno and in san joaquin counties. michelle obama is ready to hit the road again to promote her new book. later this fall, she'll start a six city tour of her new book called the light we carry overcoming in uncertain times. the first stop will be in mid november in washington, d c. and then the tour will end in december and los angeles. san francisco is part of that six city tour as well as the cities of philadelphia, chicago and atlanta. another amazing image from nasa's james webb space telescope. this time, it's of neptune and, yes, neptune does also have rings just like saturn. nasa is really excited, too, because this is the best view they have had of neptune in 30 years since voyager two did a fly by way back in 1989 images show the rings bright, crisp one, but only we're seeing some fake dusty bands in this picture
1:00 pm
. that's also detected seven of its 14 moons and planets at the planet's south pole also discovered high altitude clouds as well. we want to thank you for watching ktvu n s at noo . - [announcer] can you guess what this is? if you guessed axe, then you'd be a great contestant on pictionary! our first celebrity captain, you love on superstore and he's got some sketches in store for us today. it's colton dunn and with them are couple jonathan and jenny. our next celebrity captain speaks three languages but today she'll let her sketches do the talking from "the talk," it's natalie morales and with her are married couple cody and frank! and now the host of pictionary, jerry o'connell! - [jerry o'connell] (vocalizing excitement) - welcome to pictionary, where we believe every sketch can be beautiful. and every host is beautiful.


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