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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 22, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the movie and whatnot. yeah well last night at his show at madison square garden, he got a banner. you see gayle king on stage within there to make the presentation, but wild was in the v i p and celebrating his banner night dancing singing along. she's pretty emotional about it, so they're together. i think what was happening when they were doing the movie stuff? professional yeah, exactly. everybody by the way, got a boa . that's why gayle king was there. you get a good one for the boat to boat fox two. it was just, you know, nonstop bleeding like the whole sidewalk, heart blood, his ear needed stitches we needed to put is he your back again? attend loved ones of a man brutally attacked in san francisco's mission district plead for help finding the person responsible.
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good evening. i'm julie julie haener, alex savage. san francisco police officers want to find the person behind an unprovoked attack on a 52 year old man in the mission. raina was attacked near the corner of 18th and valencia just before midnight on tuesday evening. ktvu zach sauce joins us now live in the city and zach. what is this family telling you? well that attack happening just a few feet from where i'm standing the family first and foremost relieved that he survived the attack again that attack unprovoked and he had some 20 stitches when he went to the hospital. meantime his attacker still on the loose. she told me my dad was bleeding. my dad was outside gilmore on the phone with his mother late tuesday evening learning, but his father , ramon raina had been attacked . i just told her okay, i'm coming. i'm going home within 15 minutes, he arrived at his parents' home in the mission to find his 52 year old father in an ambulance, his face covered
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in blood around as well. there were there were puddles of blood on the on the ground. his father , an immigrant from mexico, who works long days in the kitchen of a school and as a busser at a restaurant had just arrived home , telling police and his son that he was brutally attacked while walking the family's chihuahua near their home on valencia and 18th street. he told me that uh, there was an individual with dog black dog. ah and that he had told his dog like go get him when the man's dog didn't attack eric's father says the suspect became enraged and went after the chihuahua himself, and it says father bent over to pick up the family dog felt a kick. he felt extremely hard kick. right across his face, he says the beating continued and his father tried to film his attacker. but the man grabbed his cell phone and took off in the direction of dolores park at the hospital,
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ramon raina receiving more than 20 stitches right here, um, from all the way from the bottom of the lobe all the way up to here. to the to the middle of the year. his ear got, you know, detached family, the community in shock left wondering who could have done this to a man they say is known as humble and nothing but kind. they know how hard i worked hard worker. he is . they know how helpful he is to the community. um and all yes, done within the family. is provide a better future for myself for my sister. for my mom . um at any expense. my dad is my role model. and his family has set up a go fund me page for what? they're expecting to be a very large hospital bill. meantime police continuing to search for his attacker, julie zack did they say whether
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there's any surveillance video what may have captured what happened and the man tried to rob him or just started attacking him. well, first of all that attack completely, completely unprovoked as first surveillance video. there are a number of cameras around here. we did reach out to police to see if they have any surveillance right now. we haven't heard back yet, but we will be following up with them, all right. thank you, zach. no attend. san jose mayor sam liccardo delivered his final state of the city address tonight as he's turned out of office, he said san jose has thrived by focusing on the future saving for the future investing for the future. that's the ethos of generations of immigrants who have shaped san jose's character. sacrificing in the present. even in the toughest of times for a better future. for our children. we've got hundreds of the cardo said during his eight years in office , the city has taken steps to
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drought proof its water supply and to give the city a solid financial foundation. he also said there are hopeful signs on homelessness with more affordable housing units in development people we spoke with said that was welcome news. i loved hearing about the housing projects the homeless and housed all of those things that we've been building for them and the support services because it's nice to see that happening. the final state of the city address was a family affair. the mayor was introduced by his wife, jessica, and his parents were both in attendance at the california theater tonight as for his political future, mayor liccardo says he is focused on finishing out his term as mayor . you attend tonight, a collaboration between three east bay police departments led to the arrest of two robbery suspects. earlier this week, a woman was robbed of her purse while leaving the bank of america on lone tree way in brentwood. with the help of concord in antioch police officers say they arrested 18 year old diani patton and 20 year old delavan hassan of
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antiochus. investigators recovered two guns and other evidence, police say surveillance footage shows the suspects were responsible for a robbery at that same location earlier this month. well pretty soon masks will no longer be required to ride bart. the transit agencies mask mandate is set to expire in just over a week. on october 1st and tonight the bar board. gave the general manager of the final say on how and when to reinstate a mask requirement. ktvu elissa harrington live now in walnut creek, with reaction from bart riders, alyssa. well, julie alex bart already tried this back in the summer, they lifted the mask mandate, but then reinstated it just a couple weeks later, when there was a surge in cases now i did get a chance to speak with some riders here at walnut creek station. they told me they have already noticed a lot of people taking off face coverings on trains, and they say that it's about time to get back to normal. once again, bart is dropping its mask mandate and this time there are
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new rules moving forward about how and when one could be reinstated. at thursday's board meeting, directors decided to let the mandate expire october 1st director simon president saltzman. yes you mentioned carries approved a resolution that gives the bart general manager authorization to issue a mandate under certain conditions. the gm could amend the code of conduct if a local health officer reinstates indoor masking in counties served by bart if the state health department reinstates an indoor masking requirement if the cdc or t s a imposes a masking mandate or another large city experiences covid-19 surge, many callers during public comment said they lived in high risk households and urged the board to extend the mandate. many people have already been infected. they got over it. they think they're immune. it's not true. you can get reinfected.
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this is a matter of life and death of not getting sicker and for access to basic services for so many people. president rebecca saltzman said the rule had become difficult to enforce , even though there is plenty of signage and free masks available at all stations. well i plan to continue to mask on bart, probably for the foreseeable future. um our compliance has gotten worse and worse. um and i think it's challenging to uphold the requirement that so many people are flouting noticed, um , that there's some people that have massed some people that don't have masks, so it's a mix. talk to in walnut creek agreed with the board's decision, they said it's about time to drop the masks. personally, i don't think it's needed we don't need them in grocery stores or in our companies, so i'm for it, but i can understand older people wanting to wear it or vulnerable people and i personally don't think it makes a difference. so my life will go on. it's important to note that masking
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will still be encouraged. just not required. this mandate ends october 1st or it goes into effect until october. 1st. i should say, which means the first day that riders will be able to ride on a train without a face covering is actually the next day sunday, october 2nd reporting live in walnut creek. i'm elissa harrington back to you. all right, alyssa. thank you. los angeles county is dropping its mask requirement on public transit and in airports starting tomorrow, l. a county is the only remaining county in the state to have a countywide mask mandate. health leaders in los angeles say they will still recommend mass in those settings . mass will also remain required in health care facilities and long term and senior care homes. investigators believe there is a connection between a deadly shooting last night along interstate 5 80 in oakland and another freeway shooting just a few months ago. in that same area ktvu crime reporter henry lee breaks down why they may not be isolated events. this is
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surveillance video showing us chevy astro van parking at the corner of 51st and international in east oakland at about 10 30 wednesday night, a short while later this man gets out and calmly walks away. the chp is trying to figure out who this man is because oakland police found another man inside the van who had been shot and killed. but police say he wasn't shot there. the chp says he was attacked on westbound 5 18 your seminary in east oakland on wednesday night. more than two miles away from where his body was found. both chp and oakland officers converged on the crime scene on city streets through their investigation. they determined that what they were dealing with was likely result of a freeway shooting on i 5 80 learned that the man found dead of the van was 40 year old james dale, a parolee also learned that dale's son, 22, year old james dale jr. died after a black nissan he was in was involved in the shooting and rollover crash back in may, also on 5 80 near seminary, dale jr was a convicted felon and gang associate who died as a result
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of the crash. a second man, 21 year old abner, daniel hernandez, was shot and killed. two other victims who were in the nissan were shot and wounded . i asked the chp if there could be a connection between the two incidents involving father and son along the same stretch of freeway that is factual, that will be part of our ongoing investigation. we're still very early in this investor. stig ation. we're still gathering facts. both us and oakland police department. no arrests have been made and either of the deadly freeway shootings, at least in the latest case, there's a factor being looked into. the information that i was giving is it appears to be gang related. and the reality here in oakland that gang activity has increased tremendously and as an issue. we gotta address both shootings along 5 80 near seminary months apart are still under active investigation. anyone with information in either case is asked to call the chp henry lee ktvu fox two news had a new batch of freeway cameras coming to the bay area should help investigators with crimes like these back in may, governor newsom announced his office would fund a project to
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install cameras on freeways all across the state. those cameras are slated to be placed along interstates 8 80. and 5 80, as well as highways four and 20 for their installation date has not yet been announced. we have a shortage of forensic pathologist people qualified to do um, forensic medical exams, particularly in the case of homicides and violent crime. and that's creating a backlog of work at the alameda county coroner's office coming up the problem leaves families waiting longer than usual to make funeral plans. also new images surfacing tonight give you an idea of what is off bermuda's coast right now we'll show you how people on the island are getting ready for hurricane fiona. and we're not that far from the weekend. right now, we've got some nice weather to talk about going to warm up. you probably knew that i'll have the forecast ight
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sides in oakland is having an effect on the county coroner's office. families of recent homicide victims are putting burial plans on hold while they wait for autopsies to be completed. jana katsuyama joining us live tonight from the news from with why it's not just the sheer volume of cases. that's the problem here, jenna, alex and julie. the county
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sheriff's office says that they are facing a backlog of cases with the recent string of killings in oakland, and in some cases, they say they've had to fly pathologists in from other areas. in oakland this week. families of each homicide victim are waiting, hoping to get their loved one's remains so they can prepare for funerals. but at the alameda county coroner's office a backlog of cases that we first reported on last february is not getting any better and continues , causing delays. the recent spike in homicides in oakland and in our other county jurisdictions has been problematic for us lieutenant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office says thursday morning. there were 35 autopsy's pending with a total well wait list of 90 dissidents. he says. the big challenge is a staffing shortage. one of our chief pathologist just took another job somewhere else. we've had a hard time keeping forensic pathologists here in alameda county. finding replacement staff has been hard . lieutenant kelly says. alameda county has had to bring doctors
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in from outside the area. we have a shortage of forensic pathologist people qualified to do um, forensic medical exams, particularly in the case of homicides and violent crime, where we need to do certain type of medical exams to recover evidence. my understanding is there's only less than 1000 in the whole country, and i know as of late. we've been flying in doctors to help us with our backlog of autopsies that has caused anguish for some victims, families the double homicide near the oakland islamic center monday took the lives of two muslim men with our muslim community. they would like to do a burial within 48 hours. lieutenant kelly says the coroner's office tries to respect families religious requirements, but investigators also need to collect the evidence. we have one chance to get it right. we want to get it right and at the same time, manage and balance the other side of this equation, which is the family and the religious beliefs. and the coroner's
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office is trying to be sensitive to those beliefs. the victims of monday's homicide are scheduled for expedited autopsy's tomorrow . and alex. they say that basically what they're also going to do is there's usually a 24 hour wait, period after the autopsy. they are also going to try and see if they can shorten that time period. well, yes, such a difficult wait for those families who want to bury their loved ones is the county coroner's office, bringing in forensic pathologist to do this work in some cases on apart. time basis. is that my understanding? well right now, according to lieutenant kelly, they have lost a staff member, so they are trying to fill where they can. i asked if there you know, is the funding for more staffing. that's something which , right now they are definitely looking into jana katsuyama live in the newsroom tonight, jenna. thank you. it's also hard for dispatchers in oakland to keep up with the hundreds of 911 calls that are being placed every day. the fire department's communications center is severely understaffed, with some
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dispatchers working mandatory overtime for medical emergencies to massive fires, car crashes and increasing crime dispatchers are collectively fielding at least 300 calls a day. i leave in the afternoon. say goodbye in the same dispatchers that i said goodbye to have beat me the next morning in our working a shift. and that is that breaks my heart. the oakland fire department says it's seen a 20% surgeon calls since the start of the pandemic, and they are hiring. the communications manager says the dispatcher could earn up to $100,000 a year. alright today. the first day of fall started about six o'clock when the sun's direct rays were shining essentially directly perpendicular to the equator. so you had something like this, so that right there, that's the that's the equinox. now the sun's rays start to move south, right and we head into winter in the southern hemisphere heads into summer or uh, yeah. some are essentially
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or spring. here is the forecast for tomorrow. temperatures going to warm up a little bit as we head into the weekend they warmed up today. about four or five degrees, so we had some mid eighties. tomorrow we're going to see some operators and low nineties and then into saturday and sunday, we're going to see temperatures potentially in the hot spots 93 to 95. it's not a heatwave. it's just going to get warmer after a big cool down after a good week of very mild with some wet weather, we're getting back into some warmth or more typical for this time of year. here are the forecast highs in for tomorrow, and you can see you got your 85 an ac 83 concord. 84 in fairfield. so tomorrow looks good friday saturday sunday warmer still, i'll be back. we'll do the full forecast just a few minutes. thank you. we'll see you. then you attend tonight. a judge has approved a $230 million settlement in an oil spill near santa barbara in 2015 due to a corroded pipe 140,000 gallons of crude spilled onto beaches in santa barbara and los angeles
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and nine miles out into the pacific ocean. more than 300 animals, including pelicans and sea lions died. texas based plains all american pipeline, apologized for the spill and paid for the costly cleanup. california has temporarily banned insurance companies from dropping customers in areas affected by recent wildfires. california insurance commissioner ricardo lara invoked a law aimed at protecting homeowners in fire prone areas who say they're being pushed out of the commercial insurance market. laura ordered insurers to preserve residential insurance for one year for californians who live near one of the major wildfires have burned across the state.
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call up thousands of reservists to fight in ukraine. some people are trying to flee the country, while some families already see busses showing up for people asked to fight it appears russian president vladimir putin hopes this new mobilization will give his troops new momentum in a war where russia is losing ground boxes. jeff paul shows us some people in ukraine are working to clear former battlefields. it's a job where every little move can be the difference between life and death. somehow these women and men strap on their ballistic gear and push past the fear as they hunt for explosives. well in our work, there is no need to worry. after all, you can twitch
10:24 pm
and make a wrong move because andre and his family fled the front lines of their home in the donetsk region. now he and many other ukrainians and the key region working for the nonprofit halo, trust our scanning and digging for hidden explosives left behind by russian forces everything on this side of these red tip wooden stakes has been cleared. but beyond that into this forest, there's an untold number of dangers that have yet to be discovered, including grenades attached to trip wire and anti tank mines. in fact, just a couple months ago, a farmer hit one right here on the side of the road. fortunately he survived, but others aren't so lucky. okay? as fighting continues in the east ukraine took center stage at the u. n security council in new york. us secretary of state antony blinken says no nation should be able to redraw borders by force and criticized russian president vladimir putin for his recent threat to use all weapons systems available. one man chose this war. one man can end it. because if russia stops fighting
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the war ends. if ukraine stops fighting. ukraine ends when russian foreign minister sergei lavrov spoke. he painted a much different picture, saying russia is the victim of western aggression. and that was jeff paul reporting for us for russian occupied regions in ukraine are set to start voting tomorrow on the prospects of joining russia, ukraine and the country's allies have slammed plans for that vote, calling it illegitimate. people in bermuda wait tonight for the weather to clear coming up tonight. here on the 10 o'clock news, see how they worked until the last minute to get ready for hurricane fiona and we'll show you how to tell whether you could get in on a new round of stimulus payments going out next month. believe it or not, the warriors start training camp this saturday. one of the biggest question marks going into the season is the talented
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but often injured center james wiseman. jason appelbaum has more on his status coming up later tonight in sports, plus. we'll take you to tonight's celebration of hip hop and dance in san fra isco.
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♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪ in surface give you a sense of hurricane fiona's power is that storm approaches bermuda, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration partnered with sale drone to send an unproved vessel inside the storm. the vessel sent back data showing the storm is creating waves as high as 46 ft. while that storm is not expected to make another landfall in bermuda, people who live there have been warned to expect trouble through tomorrow
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morning. many spent today making final preparations. sandbags are in place around many buildings. some boat owners have moved vessels from the water to safer drydock locations and schools are closed tomorrow. also a government shelters they are open. people in bermuda hoped to avoid the type of damage that people in puerto rico are dealing with tonight. fox news. robert ray shows us how the federal government is promising to help fiona victims in the u. s territory. in puerto rico. more than half a million people still do not have running water and thousands of others are without power. the island was already struggling to recover from previous storms. now fiona has made that worse with local officials say flooding and landslides have cut off major roadways, making it difficult to assess damage. it's also left people stranded with no way to get basic supplies. parents have had a bad experience with maria , but this was definitively worse. disaster declaration from
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president biden has cleared the way for fema to send aid and hundreds of additional personnel to help on the ground were surgery. federal resources puerto rico do everything everything we can to meet the urge. indeed you have, the department of health and human services says it will also send teams throughout the us dozens of volunteers and non profits are rallying together to collect medical supplies and essentials really wound care, first aid supplies and personal hygiene supplies, and we're also collecting those now after passing near bermuda, hurricane fiona is expected to move north near eastern canada. in bermuda. robert ray fox weather ktvu chief media religious bill martin is tracking that storm and bill, what do you imagine fiona is doing in bermuda? at this point? you know it's not a direct hit, but it's a strong hurricane. it's up over a category three in some places, and it's very, very large. and so it's moving slowly. there's nothing worse than a slow moving
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hurricane and that it's ah, it's just spends more time even if it's you know, it's a smaller hurricane. it just spends more time over over the waters, creating big surf. for bermuda large surf for the eastern seaboard. and if we look in clothes here, right now, it's a category four. it looks like it's going to go to a category three as we head into friday, and then on friday night, it kind of works its way quickly to the north as a category three and then rapidly falls apart. let me move it down here a little bit, and i think the story with fiona is going to be outside of the dominican republic and puerto rico is going to be this area up here. up in the nova scotia area up in northeastern canada. you're going to see some really aggressive weather. this thing will be a tropical disturbance. at that point, it will no longer be a hurricane, but it's going to have a massive amount of water. it's going to be very far north. it's extensive system 1000 miles wide when it gets up there, so it's going to be a lot of rain, a lot of flooding potential in places like nova scotia, and you're going to see
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significant surf. significant high water rises along the coastal sections so even though it hasn't made landfall in the united states or proper it's gonna hit eastern, south north east or south eastern canada, and it's going to be a problem for them. that happens on sunday . i'll see you back here with your weather coming up. all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you, and you can use our website ktvu dot com to stay on top of developments in bermuda and track. the storm or digital coverage includes a timed out track of where fiona is likely to go in the next few days. to attend tonight, police in pacifica interrupted a catalytic converter theft and now they are looking for the suspects. it happened in the area of the solo and nebari drive early this morning, police say when the suspect saw officers, they immediately jumped into a gray bmw four doors a dan and took off. the driver refused to stop and led police on a chase before getting away. anyone with information is asked to contact pacifica police terrifying close call for a
10:33 pm
family in valeo when a stolen moving truck crashed right into their apartment building. they were all asleep when that large rental truck slammed into their unit at the village view apartments on redwood street at about six o'clock this morning. the woman who lives in the unit says the driver of the truck ran through her apartment and broke a window to escape. then she and her upstairs neighbor started pulling debris out of the way to free her 14 year old son, who was trapped in the rubble. she told us that he is very shaken up. he's gonna be traumatized because his life was spared, but he has nothing. nothing everything of his was in there. he's a master and karate black belt. those are all his trophies since portugal can't see he placed her at a local high school football team. but he's gonna be traumatized from this. it's going to take him a minute to realize you know what he
10:34 pm
survived. apartment unit has been red tagged as unsafe. the red cross is helping the families who were displaced. people have been forced out of their homes and a child was heard after a car crashed into an apartment building in san jose. video from the scene shows shattered glass and a hole in the side of the building. we've also learned the driver of the car ran off before he was later arrested for a d u. i investigators say two children were also in the car. one suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. both children are back with their parents tonight. san francisco police say they have the person suspected of attacking a woman in san francisco's chinatown believe alejandro garcia was the person who attacked the 53 year old tuesday on jackson street. investigators say the victim did nothing to provoke that attack. she was shoved off the sidewalk and right into traffic. she hit the ground, suffering injuries to the head surveillance video helped investigators tracked
10:35 pm
down the suspect. garcia has now been booked on aggravated assault with force charges. likely to produce great bodily injury. san francisco police watchdog group has started an online case tracking portal tracking portal where people can track police complaints. the department of police accountability says this new tool will make it easier for people to submit documents and investigate hearing requests. the group works separately from sfpd to independently review allegations of misconduct and abuse. the department is also hoping the review process will become more transparent. some help is on the way for the many californians who have been struggling to get by as inflation continues to push up prices. state stimulus payments will soon be landing in bank accounts, adding about $10 billion in purchasing power for consumers. ktvu tom baker crunched the numbers and spoke with him some soon to be recipients. hmm. individuals making less than $250,000 a year
10:36 pm
or a half million dollars as a couple will get a stimulus check from sacramento for 200 to $1050 . now how much and how soon depends on a formula which considers your income in 2020 how many dependents you have and what the franchise tax board knows about you. so if you already got golden state stimulus check last year by direct deposit, your stimulus will come to you between october 7th and 25th. everyone else will get their direct deposit between october 28th to november 14th so long as they're banking information is held by the franchise tax board. those who receive stimulus debit cards will get another debit card mailed to them between october 25th and december 10th. other recipients will get a debit card by mid january of next year. all of this will pour nearly $10 billion into the california economy. in order to get some
10:37 pm
public opinion. we came to the farmers market at the marin civic center. lots of folks have shopping to avoid inflation, but buying direct from the farmers. it's probably not enough and it's probably not in time, but i do appreciate something to help out with, especially with the gas and all of that money comes from it comes from the people. anyway you're going to put it into the government and then come back out. and that seems kind of silly. david little's farm is facing tough times trying to recover from the pandemic. i need more than 200 bucks. i have it saved the farm . go find me right now. and if i don't get my $6000. tractor payment in by monday. they're going to repossess my tractor. deborah bright says. the state also needs to put a lot more money into the future for education and child development . happy to take part in it. i'm going to be one of those people getting a stimulus check. i
10:38 pm
could use it. um but don't forget that we have little babies out there who needs our help and support. if you have questions, we've posted the franchise tax board's toll free phone weekday business hours. number on the ktvu website. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the pentagon has announced a number of new programs today that are aimed at helping service members who are struggling with housing shortages and steep living expenses. officials ordered boosts in the basic housing allowance in 28 areas where rent has spiked more than 20% above current allowances. they also directed a permanent increase in temporary lodging expenses. prices at base commissaries will also be lowered. and childcare centers will be expanded to allow for more children. coming up at 11 officials in a northern california city say they're seeing an alarming rate of hate incidents. also find out what
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researchers believe drivers of electric vehicles can do to avoid putting a strain on the power rid.
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san francisco celebrates hip hop and dance tonight with the skybridge on stevenson dance and music festival. the event is a community led effort designed to help revitalize stevenson street into a vibrant hub of arts, commerce and community. the event is full of music, breakdancing and more, and it will be held every thursday through october. 13th. a new report finds facebook violated rights of palestinian users. this report confirms longstanding criticisms of metas policies and their uneven
10:42 pm
enforcement as it relates to the israeli palestinian conflict. the report was commissioned by the social media company and conducted by an independent firm . it looked at last year's gaza war and found meta over and forced the rules when it came to arabic content compared to content in hebrew. and appeals court sided with the department of justice in its investigation of classified documents taken from former president trump's home in florida, as fox news david spent tells us, it's not the only legal challenge former president trump is facing. former president donald trump is dealing with a new legal setback in appeals court ruled in favor of the justice department. the ruling will allow prosecutors to regain access to the highly sensitive documents taken from mar a lago last month. the 11th circuit basically said, look, you know, we're not that impressed with the former president's argument that he declassified these records. the ruling also impacts the power of the special master judge raymond
10:43 pm
dearie will no longer have access. to those roughly 100 classified documents. he is, however, tasked with reviewing the materials taken by the fbi that may be covered by claims of attorney client privilege or even executive privilege. former president has long argued he declassified the documents he took with him to florida after leaving the white house early last year. i don't think this is prosecutable under the presidential records act, there's no retribution or prosecution you're supposed to negotiate with. trump is also facing a civil lawsuit in new york attorney general leticia james accuses trump and the trump organization of inflating assets for years in order to get better financial treatment from banks. she is seeking $250 million in restitution. some legal experts are skeptical of the lawsuit. the thing that you expect to find in a massive fraud case. is an array of victims and one thing i think that is startling about this is
10:44 pm
that there is no victim identified. james also sent a referral to federal prosecutors and the i. r s at the department of justice. david spun fox news. coming up tonight. you turn on how evey drivers charge their cars why researchers think conventional patterns could shift and chief meteorologist bill martin will return with a look at how long our warmup will stick ound. pst. girl. you can do better. at least with your big-name wireless carrier. with xfinity mobile you can get unlimited for $30 per month on the nation's most reliable 5g network. they can even save you hundreds a year on your wireless bill over t-mobile, at&t, and verizon. wow. i can do better! yes you can!
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have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm.
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vehicles at home overnight is not a good idea. researchers at stanford found by 2035 rapid electric vehicle ownership could increase peak electricity demand by up to 25% putting more pressure on our electric grid. researchers suggest drivers should move to charging at work or public charging stations between eight am and two pm that's when solar power is plentiful and before power meets its peak, tesla has issued a massive recall of more than one million vehicles, the company says a flaw in the windows could pinch someone's fingers. the problem has to do with the automatic window reversal system , which tesla says could fail to react after detecting an obstruction. the recall covers certain 2017 to 2022 model
10:48 pm
threes, as well as some 2020 and 21 2021 model. why suvs and certain model s sedans and model x suvs earlier today on ktvu. we spoke with cnn's brian cooley. tesla has had several recalls in the past few years. but, he says that's not unusual for a company such as tesla. let's face it. tesla likes to innovate, pushed the envelope, try new things. and so their necessarily, i think going to get their nose in trouble a little more often than other carmakers. the problem can be fixed through an over the air software updates owners don't need to bring their vehicles in for service. tesla says it's not aware of any injuries caused by the problem. alrighty taking a look at those temperatures from today we know it warmed up from a few degree over a few degrees from yesterday, and it's going to continue to warm right into saturday and sunday will friday , saturday and sunday. these were the highs from today highs tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than these 85 antioxidant . tomorrow it goes 89, maybe 90
10:49 pm
and antioxidant bit warmer. and then on the weekend, saturday and sunday, we get our numbers as we showed you earlier into the mid nineties on the high end, so 93 to 94 to 95 in the hot spots, so it's gonna be a very pleasant and it's hot. but in antioch and livermore 94 degrees is kind of nice, right? and so that means the rest of us are going to be in the seventies and low and mid eighties, which is really pleasant for the fall season. out on the bridge. there's no fog. there might be a little bit of fog tomorrow morning. a little bit of coastal fog. there's little pressure that brought us the rain is now exiting and as it exits, it lets the high strengthen and kind of come in this time from the south. uh east coming up towards this direction up towards the west, and it fills in into the valley, so the big heat will be the big heat. the mid nineties will be in sacramento, fresno and stockton. those places we'll see mostly eighties and we'll see that so those that those, um you know, occasional mid nineties on saturday and sunday will be nice and again. we had the rain, so we're not. we're
10:50 pm
sweating fire danger because that's what we do around here until the first range. the first you know multiple rain events, but we are in pretty good position in terms of just buying some time. with that last rainfall has got 22 and three inches of rain over a couple of days, especially in the coastal hills and the north bay hills. this is the forecast for tomorrow. there's the fog. i am still struggling with that much fog because the model was aggressive with it last night. i don't think there's gonna be that much fog. there would be patches of it like there was today, maybe a little more aggressive and then forecast highs so really pleasant, really pleasant out to the beach is even in the mid sixties san francisco 76 degrees from offer a daytime high, good air quality great mild temperatures for the fall first day first full day. of false starts tomorrow, right? and so here we go. there's the five day forecast and you can see we've got monday and tuesday kind of cools off a little bit. there's a chance out there down the road in the five day for a sprinkle or something will not pass this five days. we'll look
10:51 pm
at that, probably as we get into next week. all right. we'll see you at 11 bill. thank you. san francisco has made the list of america's best cities. it's number three, according to consulting firm residents, which looked at statistics on everything from people to culture and prosperity. the city by the bay won high marks for job opportunities, infrastructure and its quirkiness. residents acknowledged that san francisco was bruised by the pandemic, but says it is rebounding and the silver lining is lower housing costs. new york takes the top spot on that list for its arts and culture, followed by los angeles, then san francisco. chicago comes in at number four and washington d. c at number five. tonight in sports. george kittle returns to practice today it looks like he'll finally be ready to play on sunday night in denver. jason appelbaum has more on that, plus jimmy garoppolo, expressing his concern for his injured teammate, trey lance on the 11 o'clock news, california moving forward with the ban on
10:52 pm
natural gas heaters the plan approved today by state air regulators. california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves
10:53 pm
90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves.
10:54 pm
jimmy garoppolo back under center, the 49ers are a slight favorite to beat the broncos sunday night in denver and garoppolo could be getting his bff back after missing the first two games with a groin injury tightened george kittle. he's put into good practices in a row, and general manager john lynch says he's on track to make his season debut sunday. as for trade, lance's injury, garoppolo can sympathize, missed more than two dozen games over his career with a very rieti of injuries, including a torn a. c l in 2018. i think the office there is a
10:55 pm
moment where you feel like your life is over. and you feel like you know, i can never get back to where i was. but that passes and it just you got to hit a point where it does pass and you mentally move on from that, and there would be hurdles for him to overcome. but i've been around trade for a couple of years now. he's tough, dude, so he'll be all right. warriors opened the training camp this saturday with a couple of big storylines yet to play out, namely andre iguodala returned for 1/19 nba season. head coach steve kerr says he's hopeful he'll be back and expects iguodala to make an announcement soon on his podcast, where else the other big topics around center james wiseman, who missed all of last year with knee problems. wiseman is finally healthy. and according to gm, bob myers was the only guy to play in every single pickup game at the facility during the offseason. he is, of course, part of the warriors youth movement, along with jonathan commingle, moses, moody and others right now. mhm. i don't
10:56 pm
know is as much as you and the young guys. what's wiseman gonna be? he's gonna obviously help us present do anything last year, so i think he'll be helpful are young guys have, uh no, a lot to learn, but they're all very talented. and so it's an interesting mix of veteran and youth. um that we're excited about, but but we're also conscious that it's not going to be smooth sailing all the time. first preseason game a week from tomorrow in tokyo. alright let's talk a little baseball because the giants they're doing their best to try and finish this season with a winning record. and speaking of winning, tom willis was born with no arms, but that didn't stop him from throwing out the first pitch today at coors field, something willis has done now at every single ballpark in the majors. all right to the action on the field. top six giants up one. nothing mike. just rimsky gives
10:57 pm
them a little insurance. 425 ft blast to right off the second deck. he has his 14th home run of the season. two nothing giants. six giants pitchers combined to shut out the rockies with help from the defense. brandon crawford, diving stop and throw from his knee to get his man at second incredible play by crawford has made a career of making plays like this. the giants win three. nothing to sweep the rockies four straight. there are now four games under 500 with 12 games left in the season, is trying to sweep the mariners reading glasses or sunglasses you got to choose. can't wear both. he's down three. nothing in the third, but bases are loaded for stephen vote and vote lies one too, right? that's a fair ball. one run is coming in rolls to the corner. two runs are in all three runners are into score vote ends up on third with a bases clearing triple and game tied at three. now 55 and
10:58 pm
the 62 on for adam frazier, slaps one just fair down the third base line. two runners come in to score fraser sliding in safe at second. is take the lead and they go on to win it 95 , but the a's, they still took two of three from the mariners four hours, linebacker fred warner was miked up against seattle this past sunday, and when teammate nick bosa got in his way. he ran him over. check this out. war telling you. my life flashed format. you're really a heat chicken. my life flashed before my eyes. you're a hit seeking missile bosa is like quietly funny. he's just a mellow guy. but listen, nobody got hurt, and the niners won the
10:59 pm
game and check this out. it's only week three of the nfl season, but tonight is in cleveland. we had what very well might be the catch of the entire season. steelers rookie george pickens reaches out makes the spectacular grab with one hand. you got to see the replay to do it. justice pickings. just laying out completely horizontal hollywood in the football. wow one hand shades of odell beckham, remember? yes, sure. despite that amazing catch the browns, the steelers, 29 to 17. and we'll have more coming up at 11 25, but it's time for 11 11 o'clock news, jason thank you. and next at 11. we've been flying in doctors to help us with our backlog of autopsies. the alameda county coroner's office, seeking outside help as staff tried to keep up with the growing caseload. the 11 o'clock
11:00 pm
news on ktvu. fox two starts now. a nationwide shortage of forensic pathologist is being felt in alameda county. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. julie julie haener. the county coroner's office has a significant backlog for autopsies, and a recent spike in homicides in oakland is only adding to the weight new tonight . ktvu is jana katsuyama is here now, with the impact on families and funerals, janna julian alex . forensic pathologists have very special training and skill sets, looking for evidence in autopsies that can really make a difference in whether victims family gets justice and a killer is found. but that meticulous work takes time and staffing and each day of delay can be heartbreaking for the family members that are trying to plan the funerals in oakland this week. families of each homicide victim are waiting, hoping to get their loved one's remains so they can prepare for funerals. but at the alameda county coroner's office a backlog of cases that we first reported on last february is not getting


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