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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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forensic pathologist is being felt in alameda county. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. julie julie haener. the county coroner's office has a significant backlog for autopsies, and a recent spike in homicides in oakland is only adding to the weight new tonight . ktvu is jana katsuyama is here now, with the impact on families and funerals, janna julian alex . forensic pathologists have very special training and skill sets, looking for evidence in autopsies that can really make a difference in whether victims family gets justice and a killer is found. but that meticulous work takes time and staffing and each day of delay can be heartbreaking for the family members that are trying to plan the funerals in oakland this week. families of each homicide victim are waiting, hoping to get their loved one's remains so they can prepare for funerals. but at the alameda county coroner's office a backlog of cases that we first reported on last february is not getting any
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better and continues, causing delays. the recent spike in homicides in oakland and in our other county jurisdictions has been problematic for us lieutenant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office says thursday morning. there were 35 autopsy's pending with a total weight list of 90 dissidents. he says. the big challenge is a staffing shortage . one of our chief pathologist just took another job somewhere else. we've had a hard time keeping forensic pathologists here in alameda county. finding replacement staff has been hard . lieutenant kelly says alameda county has had to bring doctors in from outside the area. we have a shortage of forensic pathologist people qualified to do um, forensic medical exams, particularly in the case of homicides and violent crime, where we need to do certain type of medical exams to recover evidence. my understanding is there's only less than 1000 in the whole country, and i know as of late. we've been flying in doctors to help us with our backlog of autopsies that has
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caused anguish for some victims , families the double homicide near the oakland islamic center monday took the lives of two muslim men with our muslim community. they would like to do a burial within 48 hours. lieutenant kelly says the coroner's office tries to respect families religious requirements, but investigators also need to collect the evidence. one chance to get it right. we want to get it right and at the same time, manage and balance the other side of this equation, which is the family and the religious beliefs. and lieutenant kelly says in trying to take those religious traditions into account they are planning to expedite the officer . autopsies for those two muslim families in monday's shooting, trying to do the autopsies tomorrow, and they are working to shorten that period, the 24 hour waiting period after the homicide. autopsies are done. alright jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight. thanks, janna. new at 11, another resident at a senior living home in san mateo has died and his
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family says it's because he was given dishwashing liquid to drink word of the second death at a tree. a senior living comes in a lawsuit filed by the family of peter schroeder. the lawsuit says schroder drank the red dishwashing liquid one staff mistook it for cranberry juice. police investigated two other cases of residents ingesting toxic chemicals there. one other residents also died and was brutally attacked in san francisco's mission district. and tonight his family is pleading for help to find the person responsible. ktvu zach sauce tells us the victim was returning home from work late at night. she told me my dad was bleeding. my dad was outside gilmore on the phone with his mother late tuesday evening, learning that his father, ramon raina had been attacked. i just told her okay, i'm coming. i'm coming home within 15 minutes, he arrived at his parents' home in the mission to find his 52 year old father in an ambulance , his face covered in blood
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around as well. there were there were puddles of blood on the on the ground. his father, an immigrant from mexico, who works long days in the kitchen of a school and as a busser at a restaurant had just arrived home, telling police and his son that he was brutally attacked while walking the family's chihuahua near their home on valencia and 18th street. he told me that uh, there was an individual with dog black dog. ah and that he had told his dog like go get them when the man's dog didn't attack, eric's father says the suspect became enraged and went after the chihuahua himself. and it says father bent over to pick up the family dog. he felt a kick. he felt extremely hard kick. right across his face, he says the beating continued and his father tried to film his attacker. but the man grabbed his cell phone and took off in the direction of dolores park at the hospital, ramon raina receiving more than 20 stitches is right here, um,
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from all the way from the bottom of the lobe all the way up to here. to the to the middle of the year. his ear got, you know, detached family, the community in shock left wondering who could have done this to a man they say is known as humble and nothing but kind. oh yes done, uh, within the family is provide a better future for myself for my sister. for my mom, um at any expense, and his family has set up a go fund me page for what? they're expecting to be a very large hospital bill. meantime police continuing to search for his attacker in san francisco's axa's ktvu, fox two news, san jose mayor sam liccardo delivered his final state of the city addressed this evening, he said san jose has thrived by focusing on the future anything to city colleagues of eight years. but above all. i want to thank you. the members of our
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amazing community. thank you for providing me. with the honor of a lifetime and accompanying you for some small part. of our journey. god bless you. and god bless our hometown, san jose. he said there are hopeful signs about homelessness with more affordable units in development . liccardo also said during his two terms, the city has taken steps to drought proof its water supply and to put the city on a solid financial footing. sacramento police department is seeing an increase in hate related crimes in 2017, the department had 23 hate related cases by 2021. that number was up to 126 and most of them were related to race and ethnicity. but the department says, these numbers have more to do with their bias crimes task force and how they're working with the community. the uptake from 2017 to now is partly in part because
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we've changed our policy and how we document these incidents. however, the public and society realize how personal this crime is and how important it is, and we're seeing a lot more victims come forward and tell their stories. the department says now even when certain cases are not reported as hate related crimes , they analyze evidence to determine if it should be investigated as one at 11 tonight the state would be and natural gas heaters in eight years under a plan approved by air regulators today, the chronicle reports, the state air resources board voted unanimously to ban sales of natural gas heaters for commercial or residential use by 2030. the move is part of the state's goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions and number of various cities and counties are already moving to ban the use of natural gas in new construction to help reduce global warming. supportive housing project for homeless youth is open in san francisco today, mayor london breed and community members
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celebrated the opening of casa casa esperanza, located inside the former ula hotel on 16th street in the mission district. 25 units are now available for homeless youth looking to get off the streets. we know when we are paying close attention to supporting an uplifting our youth. then we're doing exactly what we should be doing to ensure that the next generation has the support has the resources has what have what they need to succeed. organizers say casa esperanza has on site social services to help tenants eventually get into permanent housing. operating an entertainment venue in california is about to get easier today. governor newsom signed into law san francisco senator scott wiener is legislation to support nightclubs, theaters and other entertainment venues under the new law operators will no longer have to get a costly restaurant license to do business. senator
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weiner says the new law will help many entertainment operators bounced back from the financial damage done during the pandemic. the entertainment venue recovery echoes into effect january 1st. parts mask requirement is set to end in a matter of days. what riders need to know as we continue shifting toward a post pandemic life. also will california's covid-19 sick leave benefits be extended the legislation in need of governor newsom's signature
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wired to ride bart ktvu elissa harrington has more on the decision to end the mandate on october 1st plus reaction from writers. once again, bart is dropping its mask mandate and this time there are new rules moving forward about how and when one could be reinstated at thursday's board meeting, directors decided to let the mandate expire october 1st director simon president saltzman. yes you mentioned carries approved a resolution that gives the bart general manager authorization to issue a mandate under certain conditions. the gm could amend the code of conduct if a local health officer reinstates indoor masking in counties served by bart if the state health department reinstates an indoor masking requirement if the cdc or t s a imposes a masking mandate or another large city
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experiences covid-19 surge, many callers during public comment said they lived in high risk households and urged the board to extend the mandate. many people have already been infected. they got over it. they think they're immune. it's not true. you can get reinfected. this is a matter of life and death of not getting sicker and for access to basic services for so many people. president rebecca saltzman said the rule had become difficult to enforce , even though there is plenty of signage and free masks available at all stations. well i plan to continue to mask on bart, probably for the foreseeable future. um our compliance has gotten worse and worse. um and i think it's challenging to uphold the requirement that so many people are flouting noticed that there's some people that have massed some people that don't have masks, so it's a mix talked to in walnut creek agreed with the board's decision, they said
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it's about time to drop the masks. personally, i don't think it's needed we don't need them in grocery stores or in our companies, so i'm for it, but i can understand older people wanting to wear it or vulnerable people and i personally don't think it makes a difference. so my life will go on. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news governor newsom is expected to sign a bill that will require california employers with 26 or more workers to provide covid-19 supplemental paid sick leave through the end of this year, the chronicle reports a bill that was set to expire next week will likely be extended before the signing deadline. that legislation requires eligible employers to continue to provide up to 80 hours of supplemental paid sick leave to employees who are unable to work or tell the work because of covid. the sick leave can be used if the employee is sick or if the worker needs to care for a family member with covid. at 11
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tonight, california will receive the most relief in the nation from president biden. student loan forgiveness plan, the white house says 3.5 million california residents are eligible behind california is texas, which has 3.3 million residents who could benefit from a student loan forgiveness. following behind that is florida and new york. nearly 90% of relief dollars will go toward those earning less than $75,000 a year. happy homecoming coming up tonight, the youngest victim of the highland park parade massacre is out of the hospital and back home with his family. also ahead tonight. oakland fire dispatchers struggling with an ongoing staffing shortage, the challenges they face every day. we are not far from the weekend. now i've got that forecast includes a warm up some nice barbecue weather. i'll have that when
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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can injured at the highland park . fourth of july parade is finally home with his twin brother and the rest of his family. cooper roberts was critically injured in that mass shooting just outside chicago. he spent weeks in the hospital, followed by an extended stay at an inpatient rehab center. his family says they're grateful to have cooper home where he will continue to recover. and he's taken up a new sport. wheelchair tennis. police and fire dispatch centers in several bay area communities are facing staffing issues in oakland is no exception. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz sat down with opened fire dispatchers who described the challenges they're facing every day. fire medical address to the emergency. when help is needed. this is ground zero. oakland fire department's
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communications dispatch center. we are the 1st 1st responders. we are the ones they pick up the phone. we are the ones that are trying to calm the callers before the firefighters or the police or the paramedics get there, and these days they're very busy fielding at least 300 calls a day. is she still uncons from medical emergencies to massive fires, car crashes and increasing crime across the city? young people getting shot. women getting shot kids getting shot. i mean, it's it kind of ties with you mentally as a dispatcher, so you try not to bring that stuff home. it is taxing, and it does take its toll. staffing is the biggest challenge, says fire communications manager david eberly. many of these multitaskers are working mandatory overtime right now. only a dozen dispatchers run this place 24 7 when there should be 20 people here i leave. in the afternoon. say goodbye in the same dispatchers that i said goodbye to have beat
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me the next morning and are working a shift. and that is that breaks my heart o f d is hiring, especially with a 20% surgeon calls since the start of the pandemic tell you exactly what to do. next. truly talented emerged. the response professionals, not only the answering multiple calls from the citizens and residents calling in the actual emergency , but they're actually dispatching our personnel to the scene. at the same time, they're also calling in mutual aid, a mr fire between 5 80 quigley street last week it was chaotic. the phones were ringing off the hook . the radio was off the hook. we had three radio channels going, consider them the unsung heroes behind the scenes. it's like any, um well orchestrated ballet . it's a dance, performed with dedication and commitment to service knowing once the fires are out, everybody can just take a breath and just kind of relax after that. that is until the
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next call comes. we never really know what are they is going to be honestly. oakland fire does offer mental health resources for dispatchers, the communications manager says they're recruiting and dispatcher could earn up to $100,000 a year we put information about applying on our website ktvu .com brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. hurricane warning was issued for bermuda as hurricane fiona slowly turns its way up the atlantic. the category four storm is not expected to make a direct hit on bermuda but still is expected to bring high surf storm surge is in heavy rainfall tomorrow morning. forecasters say damage will be minimal when compared with the caribbean, where nearly a dozen people were killed because of the storm. in puerto rico. more than a half million people still don't have running water and thousands of others are still without power. it's a big star. it's still a category for its moving up north
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is missing the mainland united states, but it's heading for nova scotia and the newfound land area where it's going to be a record storm. they're gonna it's one of the lowest pressures, potentially the forecast models have it as one the lowest pressures ever recorded in that area, meaning big time. rain big time serve lots of flooding issues in nova scotia new found land, so that's on saturday night into sunday. so that's going to be a story as that storm. fortunately is missing bermuda as we look at our forecast, we've got the heat coming, right temperatures warm up this week. it's not study heat wave. it's just gonna get warmer because it's been pretty mild for the last week or so. with that nice weather system that came in here brought the rain for most of us are many of us some heavy rain on the coast. teeny bit of snow in the mountains did a number on the mosquito fire. that low, which is now leaving and now the high moves back in the high moves, and we warmed up. so you know the drill. we're going to have a nice day tomorrow. temperatures at the beaches will be in the upper sixties. maybe some patchy coastal fog. most likely some
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most of us will be somewhere between the mid seventies to mid eighties, but there will be a couple of low nineties forecast overnight lows like they're not too bad kind of mild and then the forecast. there's a little fog at the coast in the model more than i was, um gum thinking . i think it's gonna be a little less than this but patchy fog. there's the forecast highs or the forecast highs represented by colors. you can see the reds represent nineties which are further inland. these are the forecast numbers directly 76 in san francisco, and then the five day forecast looks good weekend is gonna be nice to be warmer on the weekend cools off a little bit early next week, fall has begun. tomorrow is the first full day i'll see you back here on sunday night. sacramento county has about $2.1 million, sitting in an account just waiting for people to claim it, county officials say about 6000 . people in the county have unclaimed money. that's checks that have gone six months without being cached. now they are avoided and unclaimed. the smallest amount up for grabs is
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just nine cents. the largest amount, though, is over $17,000. for certain situations they might need to get a notary to sign or to notarize. the affidavit for that's for anything over $100, but all of it is done online. people can have uncashed checks with the state and with other counties across california, make sure to check both your county and the state's website san francisco celebrating hip hop and dance tonight with the skybridge on stevenson dance and music festival. that event is a community led effort designed to help revitalize stevenson street into a vibrant hub of arts, commerce and community. the event full of music, breakdancing and more will be held every thursday through october. 13th alright coming up in sports tonight, believe it or not the warriors start training camp this saturday one of the big question marks going into the season is the talented but often injured center james wiseman. jason appelbaum is up
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next with more on his status, but first a bright sunset tonight take a look at this captured by our rooftop camera and oakland overlooking the estuary. gorgeous view there. you're watching the 11 o'clock news right here on ktvu. we'll be right back.
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mhm. good evening, everybody. the 49ers holding steady as a slight favorite to beat the broncos sunday night in denver, and jimmy garoppolo could be getting his tight end back after missing the first two games with a groin injury, george kittle has put into good practices in a row, and general manager john lynch says he's on track to make
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his season debut sunday. as for trade lance's injury, garoppolo says he can sympathize. he's missed more than two dozen games over his career with a variety of injuries, including a torn a c l in 2018. there is a moment where you feel like your life is over. and you feel like you know, i can never get back to where i was, but that passes and it just you got to hit a point where it does pass and you mentally move on from that, and there would be hurdles for him to overcome. but i've been around trade for a couple of years now. he's tough, dude, so he'll be all right. jimmy very capable. 49ers are about to have a little company on the sports landscape around here because the warriors are opening training camp this saturday with a couple of big storylines yet to play out, namely, will andre iguodala returned for 1/19 season in the nba head coach steve kerr says he's hopeful he'll be back and expects iguodala to make an announcement soon on his podcast. the other
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big topic surrounds senator james wiseman, who missed all of last year with knee issues, wiseman reportedly is finally healthy and ready to be poured part of the warriors youth movement, along with guys like jonathan commingled, moses moody and others nine games are young guys have, um no, a lot to learn , but they're all very talented. and so it's an interesting mix of veteran and youth. um that we're excited about, but we're also conscious that it's not going to be smooth sailing all the time. yeah they got to be the favorites to go back to back first preseason game a week from tomorrow in tokyo. let's talk a little baseball because the giants are doing their best to try and finish the season with a winning record tonight at coors field. tom willis was born with no arms, but that doesn't stop him from throwing out the first pitch, something willis is now
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done at every ballpark in the majors to the sixth inning. giants up one nothing. mike. yes trim ski. there goes 425 ft. blast off! the second deck his 14th of the season. two giants and they go on to win three to sweep the rockies four straight. there are now four games under 512 games left in the season. how about the aids trying to sweep the mariners? and this? this man has to decide. should i wear my sunglasses or my reading glasses? you can't do both tied at 5 to 6 adam frazier down the left field line. that's fair. two runs are coming in to score . mariners take the lead, and they're going to win it 9 to 5, but the they still took two of three from seattle. all right. i know it's only week three in the nfl, but we have a catch of the year candidate tonight in cleveland. browns host in the steelers. pittsburgh rookie george pickens reaches out to make the spectacular one handed
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catch. you gotta see the replay , though, to do it. justice if we could just stay on this for five more seconds because he goes completely horizontal to make this grab awful catch that one. - (door opens and closes) - (cameron) i'm back. (singsongy) okay, let me see, let me see, let me see! - you guys are want to, um... - oh, my god! (high-pitched voice) i love it! all clear. okay, so-- (high-pitched voice) oh! oh! (normal voice) so good! it is so good! - oh! - for the last few months, cam and i have been redoing a house together that we're gonna flip, and i have to say, it has been goin' great! we make an amazing team. - yeah. the key is trust. - absolutely. the key is, i let claire think she's in charge. i hide what i want in something bigger and more expensive. then when she rejects that, we "compromise" on what i wanted all along. i call my method "the trojan horse." you know how i got lily? i asked mitchell for triplets.


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