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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 25, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities. box two. i'm fine with music, but it just got to be really loud and obnoxious noise traveling across the bay in chaotic scenes of people jumping barricades as problems surfaced at a music festival on pier 80 in san francisco. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach and i'm julie julie haener. the inaugural portola music festival
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is facing criticism tonight. zach sauce live in alameda, where a lot of residents are having problems with the event organizer zack well, they say that music last night was so loud that some here thought that there was simply an unruly neighbor having a house party that homes were vibrating and i don't know if you can hear it right now, but it's happening all over again. it was just a constant boom, boom, boom! boom you know, steady beat, and it didn't stop. andrea ford, describing all mysterious, steady beat that vibrated through her home in alameda all saturday evening, the source. electronic fans at this weekend's inaugural portola music festival in san francisco , posting to social media music from the two day event, traveling all the way across the bay from pure 80. you could totally feel the vibration. it was like, i remember when i was a kid, i went to an a c d. c concert, and i remember the speaker being right here and that loud noise and it was like
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i was right there, but i'm miles away 5.7 miles as the crow flies from there. from pure 80 to our house so loud that neighbor sarah bumpus assumes she's simply had an extremely rude neighbor on her hands. that's shocking, shocking. it was very loud. if that really was from san francisco, then something is definitely way too loud. ktvu fielding a number of phone calls from angry residents that night , and apparently so did the city of alameda posting about the festival and social media, saying in part quote, we could hear the loud music base and warning neighbors that might be back again on sunday evening. the noise, not the only criticism being directed at festival organizers. scenes of an unruly crowd and apparent failure by on site teams to manage it also being posted to social media and reported by tmz one festival, go writing quote, entrances and exits to the warehouse stage work super dangerous and poorly planned. what happened? meantime back in
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alameda neighbors like bob kenyan has lived here for 30 years, just hoping for a more peaceful sunday night. i've never i really felt that before and i could feel the vibration personally. just like it was coming from, uh, the deep bass from a car. their message to festival organizers, perhaps pondering a portola 2023 b a little more conscious of the fact that sound travels on water, and we're right across the bay from there. and we did reach out to san francisco police and festival organizers about those complaints. so far, we have yet to hear back mike mibach sauce. live tonight in alameda, zack. thank you. police in hayward say a father and son were found stabbed to death inside a home early this morning. police say officers responded to the 100 block of lund avenue at about 4 30 this morning regarding an altercation inside a resident. once they arrived, they found the father and son unconscious with stab wounds. paramedics tried to
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revive them, but both were pronounced dead at the scene. police still have not released their names. anyone with information about this case is urged to contact hayward. police janice san francisco family, says burger alors targeted their home in the marina district three times. in one night. they say this happened on tuesday while they were asleep. security cameras show the first break in at 2 30 in the morning. the second break in just about an hour later and the final break in two hours. after that, the family says two men made way with the into their garage right near to visit their own bay after finding that the door was ajar. now they left with the tripod golf clubs and their subaru outback. that was parked inside. the family says the entire incident was, quote makes you lose faith in humanity and quote. also new attend tonight. california is cracking down on catalytic converter thefts today, governor newsom's office announced that the governor has signed two bills aimed at cracking down on those thefts. one bill will require catalytic converter recyclers to include
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in the written record the year make and model of the vehicle from which the catalytic converter was removed. the bill also requires the recycler to have a copy of the title of the vehicle. the other bill would prohibit people from buying a used catalytic converter from anyone other than certain specified sellers. we're gonna get to the root cause at least one of the root causes this crime, and that's those brokers and those middlemen who pay top dollar for stolen parts will now be illegal in california by catalytic converters from anyone other anyone other than licensed auto dismantle ear's or dealers. between 2019 and 2020. thefts of catalytic converters jumped by more than 325% people steal them for the valuable metals, including rhodium, which is valued at about $14,000 an ounce . three people were killed and two others injured in a wrong way. collision on interstate 80 in davis officers responded to a
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collision right near richards boulevard, the on ramp at about 3 15 this morning, chp says the driver of an infinity sedan was driving on the wrong side of the road when that car struck a hyundai sedan head on the 31 year old driver in 27, year old passenger of the infinity died in the crash. that 30 year old driver of the hyundai was also killed. two passengers of the hyundai were sent to the hospital to be treated for major injuries. the chp says alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. a large group of people march right across the golden gate bridge today. the group along with other demonstrations across the nation, came together in a show of support for protesters in iran. the violent protests in the middle east have been happening now. for days. people are upset about the death of a woman who died in the custody of authorities after being accused of wearing a headscarf too loosely box news alexandria huff begins our coverage and has the latest now from iran. state media and iran is reporting that over 40 people have been killed so far in the unrest, and the iranian army has warned of continued
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confrontation calling demonstrators enemies of the state. the protests were sparked by the death of 22 year old masa are meanie who died after being detained by the so called morality police for not properly wearing a headscarf or hijab. iranian authorities claim that amini had suffered a heart attack. reports have indicated that she had been severely beaten. this year is a year of blood. saeed ali will be toppled. as the demand for a regime change now echoes in cities throughout iran. women are defying iranian law by removing their head coverings and cutting their hair. solidarity protests are now underway throughout the world ahead because many of my sister in iran die. maybe tomorrow because of his job, and i don't want it and i hate it here in washington this weekend, protesters called on the white house to reject the iranian regime, and it is a test of the international community to stand with the people of iran. in addressing the united nations
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general assembly wednesday, president biden hailed the protesters specifically the women of iran as brave, national security advisor jake sullivan said today that the u. s is offering assistance. we have taken tangible steps to sanction the morality police who caused this young woman's death and we've taken steps to make it easier for the iranian people to get access to the internet and to communicate with one another and with the world. the white house says that while the administration does have concerns with iran on the issue of human rights efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal will continue. in washington. alexandria hoff fox news. thousands of iranian americans walked on the golden gate bridge today in support of the protesters in iran. honestly everyone who is here is not because of us or no one is because of people love you people see what happened to the people of china. come here. that's it. many have called the death of masa amini, iran's george floyd movement. others
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say the call for change has been simmering for decades. it has now reached a boiling point coming up a little later in this newscast here what other iranian americans have to say about the protests happening in their homeland, attend plans to overhaul hundreds of acres in santa clara county now facing opposition. tonight a private company wants to build a sand and gravel mining plan. on land. many people call a sacred site ktvu south bay reporter lamanna computers live in san jose with more on the project in where the county stands within the approval process, lamonica yeah , it's not just the tribe that's against this project there being supported by san jose mayor sam liccardo, the a c l u, and environmental groups like green foothills, they all say the risks outweigh the benefits. and once the digging begins, there's no turning back. find a way that our people can return to that park and have that park be recognized as a tribal park. the
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album moves and tribal ban one santa clara county to deny permits for a sand and gravel mining project near gilroy at the sergeant ranch quarry, also known as eurostat, the chair of amma moods and spoke at a rally opposing the project earlier this month. why do those regulations allow that? if this right here was a catholic side of this right here was jewish or or muslim or or any other religion. they could. they would. they would never even consider doing that. that acquisition company of america based in san diego, is the company behind this project. initially it wanted to develop 403 acres. it is scaled back those plans to 292 acres. still environmentalists also say digging pits hundreds of feet into the soil will have devastating effects on the groundwater table and interrupt the migration patterns of animals that lived there, hump.
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road water. you impact the amount of water that flows into creeks and the rivers that are nearby. this is a very important watershed that is home to steelhead trout, which are a friend of endangered species in this area, so it's really a very serious thing that is that they're proposing to do, kaufman says. the environmental impact report also shows that about 86,000 gallons of water per day will be pumped from the ground during the mining process, severely impacting the hydrology of the entire area region is not running out of sand and grass. travel. so you know, there's this story doesn't bring a benefit to the public. it only brings profit to the landowners. we reached out to dead acquisition, but they didn't respond in time for this report . now. the public comments period for this project was supposed to end tomorrow on monday, but they've extended that date to november. 7th. mike
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computers live tonight. there in san jose lamonica. thank you. when i think about it, it gives me it makes me warm. it makes me warming up the old woman fuzzy feeling sports icon looks back on a career that did more than just get winds for the raiders coming up in our next half hour mark hispanic heritage month by sitting down with tom flores. a significant cool down today, and that's the trend for the next couple of days. i'll have the complete forecast coming up and people in florida starting to prepare for a run in with the storm that's expected to turn into hurricane later this week.
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widespread caused by fiona is creating a dangerous situation in parts of eastern canada tonight, and emergency managers there are already blaming the storm for one death of thousands of people are being warned they may not have their power restored for days. fiona hit canada's east coast yesterday with the storm surge powerful enough to wash away some homes. first responders are asking many people to avoid venturing out to survey damage because so many power lines and trees are down. there was two or three trees fell in the house. and then about an hour later, we had three more trees fall on the hills devastating never have seen that ever our lines old trees down that have been there for years, you know? so it's a
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serious problem right now. canada's military is assisting with the recovery effort in the storm damaged areas. florida is under a state of emergency tonight is tropical storm the insurance in the caribbean. forecasters believe it will rapidly intensify into a rricane as it barrels toward the sunshine state. boxing is charles watson is in the florida keys, where the storm could end up making landfall. folks here in the florida keys say they're in the top spot because it's e in ships west away from the keys . a lot of folks are wondering how much they should be preparing for this storm. we spoke to a man named eric mcdavid. he runs boat tours along the keys, and he tells us he spent a lot of time over the last couple of days, tying up his boots and packing away fishing materials only to turn around and undo a lot of that work because he's just not sure what kind of impact they'll see here. definitely hard to prepare . i was not here for irma. so i'm just scratching to get ideas from the guys here who went
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through it. but you know, with 10 boats to move right here, it's a lot of kids have also spoken to some folks visiting the keys, who say they're wrapping up their vacation early because they didn't want to take the chance of sticking around and getting caught up with ian, even though its path towards florida is still uncertain. we changed our flights, because, uh , i just got concerned about getting up. we're flying out of fort lauderdale. so traveling from marathon to fort lauderdale if everybody else is trying to get out concerns about the traffic and then, of course, the airlines canceling or closing flights, and despite all the uncertainty, people do seem to be heeding advice from state and local officials to stay vigilant and state prepared. we're seeing plenty of folks throughout the state making stops at hardware stores to get essentials like plywood so they can board up windows and doors to protect their properties. people were snatching up batteries and, of course, lots of generators in case they lose power at the grocery stores. we're seeing a lot lot of the water go really
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quickly. a lot of the shelves are empty. and that is part of the reason why governor rhonda santa's urged folks throughout the state to make preparations early as ian makes its approach towards florida and the florida keys trust, watson fox news and ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin's tracking ian and our own weather. how's it looking bill? yeah it's that time of year where you definitely get the hurricanes going. ian is about 10 miles an hour below hurricane status. it's still a tropical storm. it's moving west northwest at about or northwest at about 13. miles an hour, which is okay clip. not that fast. here's how it looks in terms of the forecast. that is, uh, havana right there under the category three on tuesday. havana it's gonna be a little east of or west of havana. as a category three. pardon me, and that's tuesday with 115 mile an hour winds and as we go into wednesday and thursday, it stays a hurricane it actually it stays up back up to a category four on wednesday lot of warm water in
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this area and then category three on wednesday afternoon, and then thursday, it drops down when it makes landfall up on the near the panhandle of florida, so we'll see probably as a category one. but it's going to be a pretty it's going to, you know, it's a pretty good sized storm, and it's a lot of warm water, so this thing could stay a category two or even three as it moves onshore, so that's sort of what everybody's waiting for this most of this, at least for the mainland united states is going to be impacted on wednesday and into thursday, right around that time, so we'll keep a close eye on that. and then these are the temperatures from today. beautiful day was cool today than yesterday. pretty obvious, and that is the trend. for the next few days. we're going to trend down the next couple of days with temperatures very similar to these. the hot spots are just going to operate these low nineties. there's a lot of fog out there and it's all about the fog because there is going to stretch out and it's going to narrow down right now. it's stretching out. that happens on monday tomorrow tuesday and the wednesday thursday friday at pinches back down and heats up again, not not x heatwave. but cooler than warmer. i'll get
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specific when i see you back here in a few minutes with the five day forecast, alright. sounds good bill. thank you. well, today marks the first day of russia, tiana, the jewish new year and in the city of oakland, hundreds of people gathered at joaquin miller park to celebrate camp. towanda organized the event, which they say was the largest outdoor gathering for the jewish new year in the u. s organizers say nearly 1800 people showed up the program included traditional prayers, songs and other family friendly activities, especially musical event will mark the jewish new year tomorrow at christie field in san francisco organizer david katznelson says this year's event, though, as a new twist. or continually doing what we usually do, going down to the beach and kinda throwing all that bad stuff we want to get out of the from the last year. into the ocean, but we have a little bit of a twist on it. um and we have a bunch of kids bringing their shofar is down two to play, but we have bagpipe players and like a 16 piece band that includes all these great musicians from san francisco.
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the event will start at five o'clock tomorrow night. it sounds like something out of a movie. but nasa planning to crash into an asteroid tomorrow , coming up, we'll talk with an astronomer about what we can learn from this mission and coming up later in sports, the niners dropped a tough one to the denver broncos in the mile high city joe fonzi will have the highlights. people at oakland's wood street encampment get ready for a new phase of evictions. another busy day?
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of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.
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tiktok of the falcon nine and dark. on nasa's first planetary defense test to intentionally crash into an asteroid. that launch from nearly a year ago, sets up nasa to do something tomorrow. that seems like it
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might be something you'd see in a movie tomorrow's goal, slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid in hopes of diverting the path of that asteroid. chabot space and science center. astronomer ben burns joins us now to help us understand a little bit more about the mission. 6.5 million miles away, ben, what do you think will be the result? of this cosmic collision. well if all goes according to plan and to mathematics, uh, the impact of dart on the moonlit of the asteroid didn't miss should alter the orbit of the moon around the asteroid enough for people back on earth astronomers to be able to measure the change. so the whole idea is to see what the effect is that the impact and learn from that for how to maybe use this technique in the future. to avert asteroids coming at the earth. we're not trying to blow this up , right? we're just trying to push it in a little bit of a different direction. right yeah, it's not like the hollywood where they tried to blow it up.
10:24 pm
but i would create, you know thousands of smaller pieces of rock that might hit the earth and cause even a bigger problem. talking about ideas to nudge it a little bit. yeah and you talked about analyzing the data . how are we going to get the data from the aftermath? if obviously the probe will probably be destroyed in the collision here. well the main data the measuring of the change in the orbit of little men, let will come from telescopes back here on earth. so over the next weeks or months, um, they will take careful measurements of how that moonlit orbits the larger asteroid and that will tell them what they want to know. but there is a smaller satellite that had piggybacked with dart along the way, called lacey a cube. italian space agency made this little cube sat camera that will observe up close the impact take pictures of the asteroid and hopefully the crater that dark makes when it hits. and what we learned from this real work experiment on the asteroid
10:25 pm
again as you mentioned kind of could one day save earth. how far out can we see when an asteroid's actually coming and do we know in the next you know, 50 years are we good to go next 100 years or when possibly could we have this? you know, asteroid coming at us that we may have to do something like this. well hopefully we will have some number of years of advanced warning because the more time you have to prepare, the more likely or likely you are to be able to deflect the path of it. but smaller asteroids. um, you know, we're still finding asteroids out there that crossed earth's orbit. we know about most of the big ones, and none of them are, you know, coming at us in the near future. um but when a smaller one appears out of the dark, and they start tracking it, the potential for it to hit the earth. you know is there when you say smaller? you mean how wide are we talking here? well i mean anything larger than, um, you know, a few 100 ft. it's going to cause significant damage, at least to
10:26 pm
the place on earth where it hits . yeah maybe half a mile or larger, that could cause global problems. so the more time we have an advance, the better and the good thing is the big ones. we know that we know where they are. we know where they're going, so we have a much longer horizon for them coming at us one for the road real quick. i mean, compared to hurricanes and earthquakes. you know, this is i feel like a disaster that we can prevent, and that's the advantage of doing you know, and experiment like we are tomorrow here. exactly yeah, this is something that we know. uh in advance. we see the problem coming. we can do something about it, and we do track lots of asteroids out there. we know where thousands of them are so they can predict near earth passages and potential impact pretty far into the future. there you go with the shabbos space and science center. i appreciate the conversation and hopefully all goes well tomorrow. thanks again, ben. great. thank you. protesters
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gathered on the golden gate bridge today, coming up their message about violent protests underway in iran, also caltrans preparing for a new phase of evictions at the site of oakland's wood street encampment. and will mark hispanic heritage month with the conversation with sports icon and former football coach tom flores.
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violent in iran triggered by the death of a young woman in police custody continued overnight protests over masa meanies death have spread across at least 46 cities, towns and villages in iran. state tv has suggested that at least 41 protesters and police have been killed since the protests began on september
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17th. i mean, he died three days after she was taken into custody by iran's morality police for not properly covering her hair. some have called the death of masa amini, iran's george floyd. moment ktvu is greg ligon shows us how thousands of people showed their support for the protests in iran, whether walk right across the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge played host to a large protest against the iranian government organizers say well over 6000, mostly iranian americans filed onto the bridge and a show of solidarity with protesters in iran. the turnout was emotional for a volunteer organizer. honestly everyone who is here is not because of us or no one. it's because of people love you. people see what happened to the people of trying to come here. that's it. global protests that erupted in the wake of 22 year old massa minis, death appeared to have evolved into a movement. for change, hoping something could change any ron the government, um, hoping for
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freedom. sharia law has been ruling iran for the past 43 years. i think right now the moment has been created where people are explaining that they don't want it anymore, and we want to support it. the anyway. we can. many here were born in iran. some fled in protest after the iranian revolution in 1979 when the islamic republic was established. this woman who wanted her name withheld was one of them. most educated, wealthy iranian. they left in 79. they are scattered all over the world , and they don't want to go back because they are against this. government demonstrators say iran's crackdown on protesters is leading to more death one volunteer made 500 different placards like this representing other iranians who have died in recent clashes with the government. he was just common war care lonely. she came out they killed him. the chain of protesters that spanned the bridge symbolized what some say
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is a tipping point in iran. many say that call for change has been simmering for decades and has now reached a boiling point now. everyone is out, so they are going to change and i just can't wait. that happens. it has to change. you know, we don't want we don't want islamic republic. organizers of the demonstration say they have even more events that they're planning for next weekend. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. 10 police in fairfield are investigating the shooting death of a man who was killed right outside his own home. officers say a fight was reported around 3 50 this morning, followed by a report of a shooting along the 1000 block of eisenhower. police found the man in his yard with a gunshot wound. he was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. police have not released the victim's name and have not said if anyone has been arrested. police in chico say they arrested a man who was allegedly plotting a mass shooting. the 37 year old man was arrested today
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by swat officers at a super eight motel in chico. investigators say he was planning a quote las vegas style mass shooting, referring to the 2017 mass killing at a country music festival after his arrest. police say he threatened to kill additional officers and their families and assaulted an officer with a table during the interview process. that suspect is being held without bail tonight. the butte county jail. people working to help the homeless at oakland's wood street encampment. expect to see caltrans move forward tomorrow with a new phase of eviction. caltrans was given the okay by a judge to clean, clear and evict up to 200 people living at the site there along wood street 200 workers who showed up earlier this month to start work at the site encountered a blockade. dozens of california highway patrol officers arrived the rescue people who refused to leave at the time the city county and caltrans have been told in court to offer residents safe places to stay. elections continue in four russian occupied regions of ukraine.
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moscow began holding the referendums on friday, asking people if they want to secede from ukraine and join russia. ukraine and its western allies are dismissing the election, calling it a sham video shows armed russian troops going door to door, apparently trying to pressure ukrainians into voting . the election is scheduled to wrap up on tuesday. and ukraine is trying to shift its war with russia into a new liberation phase as the ukrainian president makes a direct appeal to the russian people who have been called up to fight in a new mobilization order by vladimir putin. boxing's trade inks reports now from kiev, ukrainian troops continue to recapture territory from russian forces in the eastern and southern parts of this country, though the war is escalating, and ukraine is bracing for more dark days ahead. ukrainian troops advanced through the woods in the eastern part of the country. they're pledging to continue the fight against russian occupiers. new video shows freshly liberated
10:35 pm
towns, though despite these gains, the price of war remains high. the ukrainian army is losing more than 50 soldiers a day on average, and russian forces are digging in across the front lines overnight. ukrainian president below the mere zelinsky issued a statement speaking directly to those new russians who are being called up to fight under partial mobilization orders. russian commanders do not care about the lives of russians, zelensky says . they just need to replenish the empty spaces left by the a dead wounded and those who fled or the russian soldiers that were captured. russian leadership remains threatening towards ukraine and the west as they double down on reasons for initially launching the invasion. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov spoke yesterday at the united nations criticizing the european union and those who support ukraine to the united states and the european union and nato cannot claim to have a neutral status. they cannot assert that they are not participating in the conflict. some good news to
10:36 pm
report this weekend to americans who had been captured by russian forces in the eastern part of this country as they were fighting alongside the ukrainians have been released as part of a larger prisoner swap deal. they were turned home yesterday to alabama to reunite with their family and keep trading angst. fox news far right. italian politician georgia. meloni delivered her first comments after preliminary results in the national election showed her party leading among contenders, maloney said that she will strive to unite her country if she is tasked with forming the next cabinet. maloney could become italy's first far right premier since the end of world war two and the first woman in the country to hold that office. her party with past links to fascism would need to form a coalition with remain allies to command a solid majority in parliament. still to come. one football legends impact on fans goes beyond sports coming up will mark hispanic heritage month with a conversation with tom flores.
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and milder week ahead. we'll have the five day forecast coming up. but first we're going to take you out o this year's fog fest along
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
her line the streets of san francisco today for the folsom street fair. it was the first time the fair was back in full swing since the covid lockdown, an estimated 100,000 people showed up for the alternative festival and the pacific coast fog fest returned this weekend to pacifica for the 35th year. ktvu is amanda amanda quintana reports. now there was plenty of live music, arts and crafts for all to enjoy. food art. and family fun. that's what fog fest
10:40 pm
is all about. this is the first time it's been able to happen in two years. everybody up and down the whole street is so happy. we're just happy to be together and you can feel it in everyone to kicked off with the fog jog your marks. get set! go! nearly 100 runners did three or five miles along the coast. represent way to finish strong. that's what i'm talking about before heading into the festival about 15 blocks lined with local vendors selling food, clothing, jewelry, art and even furniture for artist janine barda. lottie it's a chance to introduce her unique art to new people. she uses a magnifying glass in the sun to burn these designs. when they see me doing it, they're like, are you doing that with them? magnifying glass. i'm like, yeah. and watch. look at how cool it is, you know, and the kids, especially the kids, love seeing that stuff. the
10:41 pm
event was definitely missed saturday saw thousands of attendees and with the fog today, they're expecting to see even more over 60,000 people in two days, but yesterday was just really special because you know , we've missed it for the whole community has missed this event. and this is one of those things where you ask anybody and they will tell you the best part of fog fest. it is just you see friends that you haven't seen for a year and you see family members all coming together. although the idea of the festival is to put a spotlight on the creatives in pacifica, it also raises money for local community groups. proceeds from the festival go to the more than 50 organizations that work. the event were like family in pacifica. and so that's how it feels like families coming back together, and the nonprofits are getting, you know, you get to make some money for the nonsense. office that's the most important thing that we're doing down here this week in pacifica, amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. one football hall of famer has reached beyond the sporting world coming up former player
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and coach tom flores talks about turning into an international role model and our chief meteorologist, bill martin, will have the complete bay area forecast c g up. another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both.
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with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.
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all hall of famer tom flores, the former oakland raiders coach had more wins than bill walsh and jimmy johnson. and, more importantly, flora's blazed a trail for young latin athletes. frank mallicoat spoke to him about influencing a sport that's gaining popularity south of the border. mark 85 year old tom flores can't help but be proud raised by immigrant parents from mexico. this lifetime raider has flourished for 60, plus years in the nfl. when i think about it, it gives me it makes me warm and it makes me warm. you know, further with the old, warm and
10:45 pm
fuzzy feeling lorries was the nfl's first latino to start at quarterback, the first person of color to become a head coach. and during that nine year radar run, he won two super bowls. in fact, tom flores is one of just two men that have won super bowls as both a player and assistant coach and a head coach . not bad for a kid out of the san joaquin valley town of sanger, don't make me your hero. i'm not sure heroes. you look at your hero and you're looking at home. you look at your dad. your uncle. uh those are your heroes . you know, those are the people that lead you. you just look at me as a somebody that maybe they got it done. that happens to be a hispanic like you and shows you that it can be done is always deflects the spotlight. but even he realized his popularity grew tenfold when the raiders moved from oakland to los angeles, they heavy latino population of l a gravitated to this quiet giant, but it wasn't
10:46 pm
until he retired from coaching. when it all sunk in at a texas airport. this kid comes up and says, my dad cried when you won the super bowl as it one or you said, well, i'm so and so, you know, and, uh, i should do i know you said no. but my dad cried because of your heritage and what you have done. i said, well, i'll be doing then i realized this is this is big. this is little bigger than i think it is, i guess in the pride in the pride division. i was always happy in the world of football. and now because of this honor i'll be part of it forever forever realized that devon's incredible. in july of 2021 tom flores was inducted into football's hall of fame. the father of three and grandfather of five had finally achieved football's highest honor glowed for the entire week . um i just i was on a cloud. oh
10:47 pm
my whole family and the fact that my whole family other than my brother was passed and mom and dad but well, family grandkids, you know, we're there to enjoy it. uh and that was even more over over. well ming flurries believes have traveled and security restrictions improve. mexico city will someday have its own nfl franchise. but right now, he believes the las vegas raiders are the team south of the border. when you look at the vans raider fans are huge, huge hispanics. i mean there that that seems to be the choice of the hispanics, aerator and, uh, a lot of that's going to be in existence. we will survive in this. they love wherever we are . there's our fans, and we may look dangerous, but we're really not dangerous. where the raiders
10:48 pm
and the player frank mallicoat, ktvu, fox two news. of our stories, marketing hispanic heritage managers head over our website at ktvu dot com slash hispanic heritage month and you'll find these stories also over on our youtube channel. pretty nice day. it was cooler today. certainly remember saturday. that's pre y hot temperatures in the upper nineties and then sunday temperatures cool down today and you can see where they were instead of the upper nineties and fairfield. you were at 90 degrees 87 in antioch down to 10 degrees. 12 degrees. temperatures tomorrow will be about to say, perhaps a degree or two cooler. we're trending cool for the next 48 hours or so and as that happens, the fog becomes well. actually the fog deepens, and that is a result of the farm. deepening is the cooling and so that you can see t there the bay bridge. you can see how deep the marine layer is. you see that top there that layer that's the marine
10:49 pm
layer. it's not real deep yet, but it's going to get deeper. each day as we go into wednesday as a low pressure center gets closer to us, and you'll show there's the ridge of high pressure go way up and over and that's a drybut behind me here,y that's the system that's going to tweakh now again. if it was november december, it would be a rain event. in this case, it's just going to be a coolest down event, and it's sort of happening now, but it's really gonna come out n earnest. the cooler weather as we get into tuesday and wednesday but right after that leaves, and you'll see it here. this is the model right after that leaves. here's the low. that's it. it calls us down after it leaves. watch what happens. you see the clouds starting to go that way started and then if you look at the ice attacks are the jet streaks. you can see the offshore flow, so we're gonna get a couple of days of a slight offshore flow, which will warm us up doesn't not appearing to be a red flag warning event. but it's going to be warmer. certainly back into the nineties. okay so the forecast and is, um really deepens. is this that's today. that's tomorrow, maybe a little
10:50 pm
cooler as we head into tuesday and then starts to warm up and you'll see that in the five day forecast. usually the current temperatures kind of mild lots of onshore flow, but still cooler than it was last night at this time, and that's the trend so cool. and then warmer as we head into the middle end of the week, and then we kind of stabilize for the weekend, so there's some good breezes some strong, gusty breezes up in the delta tha s going to usher in this big marine layer right here. big big dose of it. that's that's the fault right? and that's because it's still deeper, and that's going to be the story next couple mornings, so if you typically get fog on a cooler morning, you're going to see fog. and almost all nine barria counties. it burns off slow and you get hives like these yellows or seventies oranges or eighties, mostly for a seventies and eighties. there'll be a couple of low nineties like in fairfield in antioch, but overall, that's it. it's great. fire danger always high, but this is a really see in the five day forecast. it's a really good pattern for us this week because we trend down rapidly into wednesday, thursday
10:51 pm
and friday. we warm up, but it does not appear to be a heatwave a video source of any consequence. and so fired angel spike a little bit and then temperatures are cool again. but nothing drastic is exactly what you want to see it? it's exactly what we're getting. i'll see you back here at 11. all right. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. it is official. rihanna will be headlining the 2023 super bowl halftime show. rihanna broke the news by posting on instagram, her tattooed arm holding an official nfl football. jay z also weighed in on social media, saying rihanna is a generational talent . a woman of humble beginnings who has surpassed expectations at every turn. the nfl later confirmed the news. the super bowl will take place on february 12 2023 in glendale, arizona. this will be the first year that the nfl is partnering with apple music to produce the halftime show. it's been sponsored by pepsi for the past 10 years coming up in sports, a tough loss for the niners in the mile high city or joe fonzi with more on what went wrong in tonight's
10:52 pm
game straight ahead on the 11 o'clock news, striking kaiser workers say a new offer from the health care system is not enough. to get them back prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah! i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california
10:53 pm
is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ] imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose.
10:54 pm
sports been on the run end of these before and somehow when russell wilson is the opposing quarterback, a loss to him should not be surprising, no matter how good the 49ers defense plays. it is again jimmy garoppolo is team and he got the 49ers off to a good start tonight in denver, garoppolo to brandon aiyuk in the first quarter seven. nothing but that was the only time that 49ers found the end zone all night. in a 7 to 3 game in the third quarter. this is the most fortuitous safety team will ever take garoppolo throwing his own end zone. lucky for him. he
10:55 pm
steps out of the back of the end zone before during the passage picked off by bradley chubb touchdown for denver to safety 75 game 10 5 in the fourth quarter. 49ers have seen this before. wilson buying time throwing a 27 yard completion to kendall hinton on 3rd and 10. 12 play 80 yard drive was then completed on that run from melvin gordon. the broncos missed two point conversion led 11 to 10, with four tend to play one 49ers drive, engine internist interception at san francisco's last chance faded away. garoppolo hit jeff wilson there . wilson got near first down territory, but the ball was punched out by pj lock and then recovered by kareem jackson for the second time in three games this season. 49ers will be kicking themselves about self induced mistakes. 11 to 10, the final score. high hopes for the raiders this year with new coach josh mcdaniel and some high profile agents the raiders in nashville, a battle of two teams looking for their first win, raiders fell behind early but dominating the second half.
10:56 pm
derek carr throws the end zone where matt collins goes up and gets a nine yard touchdown pass two point game with 1 14 left. the raiders needed two point conversion to force overtime. the whole game riding on this car this time has his pass intended for darren waller. broken up. by kevin baird. the titans hang on for 24 22 win. here's where it gets daubing for the raiders in modern nfl history. a total of six teams have gone on to qualify for the postseason after starting out and three yesterday, the warriors had their first practice of the n season. today was media day. that means some very familiar faces trying to do what no one expected from this franchise is short time ago. the possibility of five championships in nine years for players still have a chance to make that journey. andre goodall, draymond reen, klay thompson and even more pumped up looking steph curry ready for another season, they hope takes them into mid june. yeah we're on it. hopefully another nine month journey starting yesterday
10:57 pm
and it's exciting. um you blessed to play this game at the highest level and understand you know, we still have a great opportunity to hopefully win a couple more championships. you were told me in 10. years of opportunity went five championships. the warriors. i would have laughed in your face, so to be here and heading into season healthy with this opportunity. i get chills thinking about it. well it's not what they were shooting for at the beginning of the year, but the giants still have a good shot at a winning record. before this baseball season is over fans of all ages in arizona today to see the giants trying to make it two out of three over the diamondbacks. arizona had a one nothing lead in the 8th 17 logorrhea came up as a pinch hitter with the bases loaded. longoria lines, a single to left off former giant rays. moran to two runners come home. it's a 2 to 1 game. then in the ninth, the giants path of the lead, jd davis rides one towards the resort in right center, gets another former giant marc melanson, homer number 10 on the year for davis, the giants hold
10:58 pm
on for three to win their back to three games under 575 and 78. and the extra is also getting in on the act at the oakland coliseum today, the met battling trying to win the nl east today , they looked apart new york already in front one in the third. then eduardo escobar lined at two run single to center of jp sears. three. nothing mats with max scherzer on the mound. that's a tough deficit overcome next added on all day nor head louise isn't the first man to allow home run to peter alonso. no doubt about that one, making a seven game that's number 39 on the year for alonso, metro to a 13 to 4 win. they stay a game and a half in front of the braves in their division and final day of golf's president's cup in north carolina, the us against the rest of the world except europe . tony finau putting for birdie for the u. s. as he makes the putt and wraps up his match with taylor pendrick. three and one. the two teams split their head to head matches today, but us went into the day with the
10:59 pm
overall lead and held it. xander shaw fleas one up win over corey conners there wrapped it up. us wins 17.5 to 12.5. it's the ninth straight time us has won the president, you know. solid play right there in denver. no no, they gotta clean that offensive have opportunities. you got to score points. that's what it is. and you can't give gifts. three turnovers to none. and that was the difference in the game. you know, russell wilson is going to be russell wilson when he gets the chance later tonight. all right, got it, joe. thank you. next at 11, chaotic scenes of people jumping barricades at san francisco's portola music festival period. 80 tonight complaints about the event across the bay. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach people behind the inaugural portola music festival being criticized tonight. neighbors and alameda say they faced hours of noise and vibrations because of this
11:00 pm
weekend's event, ktvu zach sauce tells us the problems don't stop there. neighbors say the music coming from across the bay at that festival, they say it's so loud that it caused their homes to vibrate in this evening, it's happening all over again. it was just a constant boom, boom, boom, boom, you know, steady beat, and it didn't stop andrea ford, describing a mysterious, steady beat that vibrated through her home in alameda all saturday evening, the source. electronic fans at this weekend's inaugural portola music festival in san francisco , posting to social media music from the two day event, traveling all the way across the bay from pure 80. you could totally feel the vibration it was like, i remember when i was a kid, i went to an ac dc concert, and i remember the speaker being right here and that loud noise and it was like i was right there, but i'm miles away 5.7 miles as the crow flies from there. from pure 80 to our house so loud that neighbor sarah bumpus assumes she's


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