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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 26, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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duties and guns from those affected deputies and crews begin clearing another big section of oakland's largest homeless encampment where those living along wood street say they'll go next, as some still refused to leave. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth a recent double homicide involving in alameda county sheriff's deputy has exposed some real issues within the department. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes alex savage ktvu has learned the killings triggered a second look at deputies and how they fared on psychological testing, and now nearly four dozen face restrictions because they failed . those who valuations are crime reporter henry lee, joining us now live from the newsroom with more henry. alex these deputies were found to be ill suited for the job because they failed psych exams. in some cases many years ago. they received letters a few days ago, just weeks after one of their own allegedly shot and killed. they coupled in
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dublin. 47 alameda county sheriff's deputies now without law enforcement powers for failing psychological exams going back to 2016 ktvu has learned that deputies received unsatisfactory marks during their background checks and will now be stripped of their guns. the deputies have assignments that include monitoring inmates at santa rita jail in dublin to patrolling the streets from the eden township station in san leandro. essentially what you have is you have a sheriff's deputy who was a walking liability, and some might say a walking lawsuit as well. rights attorney at dante pointer says this is unprecedented, essentially have close to 50 members of law enforcement who are given a pass to carry a badge and a gun and they were not qualified. ktvu obtained a copy of the letter sent to deputies on friday. in the letter, sheriff greg ahern says his office believed they could still hire candidates who were deemed not suited for the job. the sheriff says the deputies can be fully you reinstated if they pass a second sight exam and ministered by an independent
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state commission. the controversy comes less than three weeks after sheriff's deputy devin williams jr was charged with murder for allegedly shooting a couple in dublin. authorities say williams had been in a romantic relationship with the wife, who was a nurse at a county psychiatric hospital. four sources tell ktvu williams failed his psych exam. the idea that there were this many people who, um did not have the results properly handled is very concerning. jansen is an attorney who has sued the sheriff's office over jail conditions. she says she's also concerned about the conduct of patrol deputies, who often fill overtime shifts at santa rita. although the effect of deputies have had their guns and peace officer powers removed, the sheriff says they will still get their pay and benefits. the president of the deputy's union tells me he wants to support them and that this is a horrible and embarrassing situation. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news well, the clearing and cleanup has started on a new
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big section of oakland's largest homeless encampment, phase two getting underway earlier today at the wood street and camped right under the mcarthur maze. brooks jarocz joins us now after being at the site to check on the progress. they're brooks jarocz vivisection took place this morning we saw people frantically packing things up and moving things out. but we also found several un housed oakland residents refusing to leave. a new day means a new phase of the cleaning and clearing in oakland. it's traumatizing that beeping of the vehicles whenever we hear that it's like an invasion and pain. and. like a dagger into the heart of our community. caltrans and its contractors lifting and sifting, bagging and dumping, moving and hauling off everything on state property at the sprawling wood street encampment, nervous that they're still continue on doing what they're doing, and there's no place for people to go for
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scrambling, towing what they have to another encampment. we found those who moved to nearby city property were getting their rvs intense tagged by oakland police given 24 hours to move absolutely heartbreaking and utterly and raging, homeless advocates saying there's a lack of adequate housing congregate shelter where you can bring one suitcase is hardly a solution. and it usually only lasts a few days. 300 housed people have called wood street home community of people that i trust says the second phase directly affects 40, who have stayed behind. while it doesn't have accepted alternative housing, the rest remain jail would be like because i've never been arrested before and i might be today they're holding out at the carbon would village with an outdoor kitchen, community garden, restroom, shower and housing. it's now all on the chopping block. those who built
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this say they were given a bit more time to come up with a plan to avoid demolition day. if we can't have them people living in them here then if we can find another place that the city will allow us to move them to, then it could be the beginning of a new village. for now, many are determined to send a message. this is where they want to stay , just going to stick it out with my friends and family out here, and we're going to fight together and work on some solutions but with numerous encampment, fires, trash and hazards, the state says all of this has got to go. we're told many of the homeless affected by this have moved deeper into the woods street encampment or to nearby streets and neighborhoods . there's still a phase three. caltrain says it's on scheduled to fully close the encampment by the beginning of november. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. travelers flying out of sfo are being advised to bring their own food if they plan on eating before their flight today
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. this is because of striking restaurant workers at the airport about 1000 fast food workers at sfo went on strike this morning. this includes cashiers, cooks, baristas, bartenders, servers and dishwashers. unite here local to the union representing those workers. says they haven't had a contract since 2019 and haven't had a raise since. before that most of the workers make around $17 an hour. it's an open ended strike. we um we're sure players that were frustrated with the progress and negotiations. there's been very little progress. we've been at the table for nine months, trying to bargain for a new contract. 99% of the workers voted to strike and say they will be on the picket lines until there is progress in the negotiations. the airport restaurants have not yet commented on the strike. criminal investigation is now underway into the possibility that pg and e equipment started the massive mosquito fire. currently the largest fire in the state has burned more than
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76,000 acres in el dorado and plaster counties and is 85% contained 78 structure, some of them homes have already been destroyed now, according to a filing with the securities and exchange commission. the fire started in the area near pg and a power lines in the tahoe national forest, and as part of the investigation, federal officials have taken possession of a pg and e utility transmission poll and other equipment says it is cooperating with this investigation and that it is focused on reducing wildfire risks across its service area. and we have something special happening in the skies above the bay area. early evening hours, something we haven't seen in nearly six decades. we do have the jupiter opposition and this is when the sun the earth and jupiter all are in complete alignment. but this year 367 million miles from earth will be jupiter. and
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that's the first time these two planets have been in alignment and this close and 59 years. you have to go back to when john kennedy was president. the last time we had that happening, or not going to be able to see it along the coast tonight, or even around the central bay, and you'll get out early for that sky gazing and you'll be able to see it in our inland areas. otherwise as we queue up your tuesday, a little bit of cooling does take place with an increasing breeze late day and same holds true for your wednesday right now we have temperature 74 degrees in santa rosa 63 degrees in san francisco. most of the day. it was only in the high fifties hayward at 68 74 in san jose. the wins have been all over the place. but will be more consistent out of the west 10 to 20 mph right now. sfo and throughout that san bruno gap a 23 mile per hour wind, 10 apiece and mountain view and at mineta international airport. so here you have that huge fog bank and then upstream we go beautiful area. low pressure. it would be lovely if it made it into our
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bay area, but what it's going to do is just scour out the clouds for our tuesday coc a hint. more sun at the beach is tomorrow, but it's also going to pull down some cooler air mass forward tuesday and went they not really notable but a little bit more seasoned on so cooler temperatures the next couple of days tonight overnight 50 and santa rosa pretty much mid fifties around the central bay peninsula and into san jose, wrapping around to morgan hill and gilroy high fifties towards the tri valley. tomorrow's daytime highs. sixties beach is a little bit warmer in san francisco, you'll notice a difference with the clearing of the skies and still mid eighties and our inland areas. livermore you should be seasonal. next time around, coming up with our next weather report will talk about this monster. it is now a category two hurricane and heather will have details on that coming up. okay. thank you, roberta. what started as a spontaneous protest has snowballed into a new women's rights movement in iran. these demonstrations mass demonstrations over a woman's
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death, while in police custody are now taking place in cities and villages all across the nation boxes. greg palkot tells us these are the biggest protest to sweep iran in years. still no end in sight of violent protests in iran that has killed more than 40 people and led to thousands of arrests at all started with a 22 year old woman who died after being detained by iran's morality police allegedly for not wearing a headscarf properly. officials say she had a heart attack despite her lack of health problems. now the protests have spread to nearly every part of iran, prompting a significant crackdown by security forces while officials blame the west, the president of the united states has maneuver. ring in the united nations by using these riots. on the protests aren't just confined to iran. dozens of demonstrations taking place around the world turning violent, like the protest here in london, 12 people arrested while in the u. s activists had one goal
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promoting change in iran. message to the white house is to stand with the people of iran rejected iranian regime and recognize the iranian people's rights to overthrow this regime. the white house says. it's monitoring these events. closely widespread women's rights movement like this is almost unheard of in iran, and the biden administration is urging officials there to stop the violence against protesters. iran must end its use of violence against women for exercising their fundamental freedoms. there must be accountability. authorities in iran say they will restrict internet access in the country until calm is restored. in london. greg palkot fox news. and be sure to stay with us right here on the floor. we're going to take a closer look at the unrest there in iran as protests grow, we've seen rallies in support of iranian women all over the world, including here in the bay area. we're going to take a look at the bold act of defiance against
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where protesters have engaged in a week of protests, tearing down images of the ayatollah and taking to the streets. they've also been burning hijabs as we mentioned earlier in the newscast. this, of course, follows the death of an iranian woman, massa amini, who was arrested for not wearing her hijab correctly. she died in police custody, and now women are demonstrating and yet another way by cutting their hair. videos irculating on cial media show iranian women chopping off their hair in protest of iran's restrictions on social freedoms, uploading many of these videos online before the government cracks down on internet and phone use. other videos show women cutting
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off their hair right in front of a large crowd in the middle of the the country's strict dress code. here in the bay area. more than 6000 people marched in protest across the golden gate bridge yesterday they joined others all around the world, expressing their outrage over the death of that 22 year old woman. the protesters say it was the latest act of brutal oppression by the government in tehran. change hoping something could change in iran. the government hoping for freedom law has been ruling iran for the past 43 years. i think right now the moment has been created where people are explaining that they don't want it anymore, and we want to support it anyway. we can organizers of that protest say they are planning more demonstrations here in the bay area next weekend. the details are expected to be released within the next few days, and one of the organizers of the san francisco event joins us live now this afternoon. hamid azimi
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is with the nonprofit iranian american community of northern california. really appreciate you being here this afternoon. you had just a tremendous turnout yesterday. why do you believe this woman's death has garnered such a huge response? hi so the reason that we're seeing this kind of response is that the iranian society has been under pressure for the last 40 years. in a sense, this was the straw that broke the camera cameras back the united of the power cake that you know the regime has been sitting on and we had a different rally in san francisco yesterday in union square's as supporters of iran's main opposition group, the national council of existence of iran. which is ironically, led by a woman, mrs maryam rajavi, who has a 10 point plan for the future of iran that calls for separation of mosque and state
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calls for the full rights for women calls for the market economy and wants a non nuclear iran. so in a sense, everybody all the iranians inside and outside iran are coming together with the call for or regime change in iran and our expectation. from the international community is that to recognize the right of the iranian people for regime changed in their own hands in iran, and at the same time, make sure that there are punitive measures taken against the dictators ruling them. the ayatollahs should not go free after these type of killings, the sanctions against them against the military apparatus. could be in forced and anybody who is helping them in a sense to break down the internet connection, providing them with
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equipment that allows them to censor the voice of the people should also be sanctioned. okay, so how hopeful argue that some of those things that you just discussed will actually happen. we've seen protests in the before in iran. we have seen before, but everybody who is closing, having a close look at the situation knows that this time is differently different. from the very first hours of the uprising, which was 10 days ago . actually, we are getting into the 11th day the slogans that people were shouting in the streets were aiming the institution they were calling for the end to the supreme leader. they are calling death. death to harmony ditched too racy, and these are the kind of things that people are calling for one of the most this communist slogans is that we do not want any kind of dictator
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which shop or bid the supreme leader. showing everybody in the world that the people of iran are determined that they will continue their anti dictatorial movement. and this time around is definitely different. everybody feels it or family that we are in contact with are telling god that they feel this is the end of the road, and they are expecting the international community to speak up in support of the people of iran and for the government to recognize their right for regime change in iran in their own hands. alright, really appreciate you coming on this afternoon. thank you. thank you for having me. coming up here on the floor today more discussions surrounding the 2024 presidential ballot, the white house says. for now, president biden intends to run but questions remain will have a closer look with our political reporter greg lee after
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could look and feel a lot like 2020 if president biden and former president trump both run at the top of their party's tickets, but as foxes, lauren blanchard tells us polls show voters want to see newer candidates. yes. celebration at the white house as president. biden welcomed the 2021 world series champio , the atlanta braves less celebratory, a new poll that showed a majority of his own party wants someone new to all the percentages of scene. my batting average in nearly as good anyway, a new abc news washington post poll found that only 35% of democrats and democrat leaning independents president biden back on the ticket in 2024 56% say they want someone else. most democrats don't want to see joe biden run for reelection. they don't support him. he intends to run.
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uh don't have any more announcements on that. on the republican side, the poll found 47% of republicans say they want former president trump back 46% say they want another nominee, and that same poll showed if there was a repeat of 2020 with a biden trump rematch, president biden would come out ahead by only 2% points. people counting you out. heck i know something about being counted out. i know in georgia, you show up when it counts. the poll also asked voters if they thought former president trump should be charged with a crime in any of the federal investigations he's under 52% said. yes cheney, the vice chair of the committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capital, and the former president's involvement, says she will not be a republican if he is the nominee in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news governor. newsom is back here in california after a short visit to the lone star state over the weekend, the governor spoke at the texas tribune festival in austin, and
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he once again feel the questions about plans for his political future specifically about whether or not he plans to run for president for more on the ongoing speculation. let's bring in our political reporter greg lee and greg the governor keeps saying, i am not going to run for election. president for the race for the white house in 2024. a lot of people aren't buying it, his actions say otherwise. and that's just that is his actions. i have asked him that question directly. numerous others have asked him that question directly. and as you know, the governor many may not realize is running for re election in november in the state of california, he has a giant war chests with money that he has raised millions of dollars to run for governor again. he has spent the bulk of that money. out of state and states like florida and texas, jabbing it. republican gover in seven states that are working te actions you're talking about, and that's why running for
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president? let's take a listen to what he said, consideringres4 2028, not even considering not at all. and i thank you. i'm glad you're applauding. no. um no. no. and no. i've said it in french, italian. i don't know german. i mean, i cannot say it enough. it's humbling. it is sweet. it's a nice thing to be. so this is sort of the tact he has taken, which is sort of to make light of the issue. and so in this same conversation, same speech. he denied the speculation, but he also went on again to criticize national democrats, urging them to go more on the offensive, saying, we've been very much on the defensive against national republicans but again urging his party to do more, which comments that would lead, many to believe that he wants to get that his actions suggest something different than what he's actually saying. i guess one of the one of the questions is why if you have any interest in if you're gavin newsom if you have any interest at all in running for the white house, why not
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just be a little bit more upfront and say you know what i might consider it, you know? certainly it depends on whether president biden decides to run. it depends on this factor that factor. why not just be a little bit more forthcoming? so you said it right there, and we saw it in lauren blanchard's package that democrats are looking for a sense of immunity to stick together and they're waiting to see what president biden does if he decides after the midterms, whether or not to run again. talking to political experts and some democratic strategists, they say raising his national profile is a light lift for the governor because many believe he's got an easy run to re election in california so he can sort of test the waters elsewhere to see what the reaction is to him. right however, if he does change his mind, which we know politicians have a tendency to do, do you see this really strong stance of ? no i'm not running in every language language out there. i'm not running. do you see that potentially coming back to hurt him? public it republican candidate running against gavin newsom in a general primary for president down the road. 24 28. that is the ad you
4:27 pm
put you stitched together all the nose and say i have no plans. i have zero interest, and now he's running because what are people not like about politicians? it's they believe they cannot trust them. and that becomes a matter of trust. speaking today of mcewen, speaking up my political expert, he says. this would also give republicans some fodder running against him because, as you know, many perceive elsewhere out of california, the issues we have on homelessness on crime on cost of living, so he said republicans would welcome that contest if he does, indeed decided to run, and so finally to that end do do we know where governor newsom might stack up on a national stage against some of these other candidates who we expect to run so keeping in mind? it is very early. we've been speculative about polls looking back to august, there was a you gov. whole done that put governor do some head to head against rhonda scientists, the florida governor, he won that by a narrow margin. there was one that put governor newsom against former president trump, and he won that by 1% point, so it shows that he would farewell.
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he would especially farewell in the state of california. but again the four years eight years that is an eternity in politics and again, he says, i'm not running zero interest. still use that term. that's exactly right. yeah, thank you guys. but over the last eight months, ktvu has been investigating fc i. dublin. it's a low security all women's prison in the east bay. there have been numerous claims of sexual abuse, intimidation and retaliation of inmates. they're coming up. next we sit down with a legal expert to ask the lingering questions about what's next for those accused of these violations. and the victims moving forward. plus the hurricane threat looms as hurricane ian closer toward the gulf coast. the storm preparations already nder way. there's a reason comcast business powers more businesses
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even a low security all women's prison where dozens of inmates have a used correctional officers of sexual abuse, intimidation and retaliation. five officers, including the former warden, their face criminal charges last night. ktvu is christina brendan brought you are ktvu investigative special called powerless in prison, surviving sexual abuse. here's just part of that report. more than three dozen who are currently or formerly incarcerated described to us how they were sexually verbally and physically abused over and over again. the women also told us they were either
4:32 pm
ignored or punished for one i didn't want to be put in special housing. i mean, like, i didn't want my room tor up like it's just stran and like like the ou. buttigieg and treat you worse, sir. i felt hopeless and like they didn't believe me because i wasn't inmate and nothing i said, mattered. all right for more. we're joined now. by daisy korea. lopez from central legal della rossa in oakland based legal aid organization that provides services to some of the inmates at fc i dublin. we appreciate you taking the time here. we see all of these women coming forward detailing all of these horrible allegations of abuse here. what do you think comes of them stepping forward like this? do you think we are likely to see meaningful reforms at fc? i dublin? i think we are
4:33 pm
when we listen to survivors and what their needs are. really wanted. what we want to see happen after him. all of these stories from folks is these four things we want. we want survivors, um, to get the resources they need to be able to hear from their trauma. two we want noncitizen survivors to not be three protected from deportation because there is a pipeline from dublin to ice custody after folks finish their sentences, and also we wanted there to be more access to the resources inside of the prison for community based organizations to come inside to provide those services to survivors, so they can like again, like start healing from the trauma that they've experienced. and then our last thing that we really want to see changes that the people who have done this abuse to not ever hold any position of power like that again, and to not be, um in position power with vulnerable populations like these, and i think it's again when solutions are driven by those that are
4:34 pm
directly impacted. i think that we can reach a point where actual solutions happen. you mentioned holding those who are accused of this abuse accountable. we talked about the five correctional officers facing criminal charges, including the former warden here for these abuses. at least two dozen more officers, though, are under investigation. right now are is it your expectation that we will see more criminal charges? um i think my expectation is for there to be resources for survivors. um, i can't speak on what justice means on that aspect, because really, we really want to focus on making sure that people who are directly impacted reserve the deserve and get the things that they need to be able to heal from this trauma. i don't believe that, um, prisons are safe spaces for people to rehabilitate. and i will say that what do you think enough has been done or what steps do you know that have been taken to protect the women who are at fc? i dublin right now, i know that the facility has taken several
4:35 pm
steps to remove officers who who have known other abuse and taking them out so they don't remain those positions of power. um, i think that not enough again is being done to make sure that the survivors get the resources they need to heal from the trauma. i'm shifting it back to that, you know, because that's what's important. it took a lot of courage for these folks to come forward and speak about this abuse and, like just shaping it to what's going to happen to the officers erases all of that all of that courage, and that's what we don't want to happen. what about this notion of this sort of larger question of having correctional officers who are men? guarding and having direct supervision over inmates who are women. there's some people who feel like that, that that that dynamic is part of the issue here, do you do you adhere to that? do you think that's that's part of what should be looked at here? when you talk about reforms? i think that prisoners should be abolished as the whole. i think that there shouldn't even be existing, and that's the reason why these things are happening. there's not. they're not spaces for people to rehabilitate and access. the resources that they
4:36 pm
need, so i think that it is a few points that people hold, but i think at the end of the day, these are not safe, spacious at all. and she didn't even exist. well i appreciate you taking the time. thank you so much. we certainly hope that that meaningful changes come from all of these women who bravely stepped forward dacey korea, lopez from a central legal della ross based in oakland. appreciate your time. thank you. investigation is underway in colorado after train hit a vehicle, a police vehicle that was parked there on the tracks with the suspect inside as foxes . vicente arenas tells us a lawsuit has now been filed in connection to that collision. moments before a horrific crash . you can hear a train coming down these tracks in will county in officer runs and the train smashes into the patrol car, pushing it down the tracks. what led up to this started minutes
4:37 pm
earlier, officers were trying to stop a pickup truck for allegedly being involved in road rage incident was pulled over and officer can be seen pointing a service revolver. moments later, a woman any rios gonzalez is out of the truck. 20 year old is then placed in handcuffs. officers tell her to get on her knees placed in the back seat of a platteville patrol car. we're told, gonzales was stopped for suspicion. felony menacing, then a train whistle can be heard and officer seen scrambling than the train h and leg injuries and broken teeth. paul wilkinson says gonzalez was handcuffed in the backseat and tried to get out. but the doors were locked. question is why would you park on the train tracks? um it's just wasn't gross negligence, recklessness?
4:38 pm
it's a question a lot of people are asking our police tactics expert tells us officers are told to stop cars and safe places. dropping a car on the on the train tracks should obviously be is problematic, especially when you're in a fluid situation. gonzalez's attorney tells us. he's expecting charges to be filed against her. he also says the officer who put her in danger should also be charged in the case. what's left of hurricane fiona is causing flooding right now. in canada, that storm swept its way up the eastern seaboard over the past week and eventually hit the canadian provinces of new brunswick and nova scotia. heavy rain and strong winds toppled some buildings and caused flooding. now the canadian military is being deployed to help clear roads and begin to clean up. not so proud right today. all those beautiful trees that we're here and they're all down everywhere . two or three trees fell in the house. and then about an hour
4:39 pm
later, we had three more trees fall on the house kept leaning and leaning until it finally came down. hurricane fiona traveled 1800 miles over the past nine days. that's when it walloped puerto rico as a category one storm. thousands remain without electricity in that country. and if you would like to help the people of puerto rico, you can connect with the american red cross. just scan the q r code on your screen that will take you to the american red cross's sight for donations hurricane d and has strengthened again and is projected to make landfall now on the florida coast within days, exactly where it will hit those is still unclear. right now. ian is about 500 miles from florida near the cayman islands, gaining momentum as fox weather's max gordon tells us floridians are either getting out while they still can or getting ready to ride out the storm. burden in strengthening over the cayman islands on monday as florida braces for the storm's arrival in the coming days, governor rhonda santos warns that ian will be packing a
4:40 pm
major punch, bringing heavy remains strong winds, flash flooding storm surge and possibly even tornadoes. there's going to be a lot of places on this west coast that's going to be very vulnerable, expected to see a lot, a lot of water and a lot of lot of flooding around 7000 national guardsmen have been activated to assist with the state's response. hillsborough county closing schools and preparing to possibly use them as shelters. mandatory evacuation orders have already been issued for low lying areas prone to flooding. please heed the warning. heed the warning and find a safe place for you and your families to go. we can replace anything in life, but we can't replace a life for most flirting. this is not their first hurricane. they've spent the weekend getting ready. putting down sandbags, trimming back trees and putting up storm shutters to protect their homes. today is the day to do it. if you wait until tomorrow, it's too late. there has been a major run on supplies as the storm gets closer store shelves across the gulf coast emptied out as people stock up on essentials. make
4:41 pm
sure you have your medication. make sure you get some water. make sure you get food that you can sustain yourself with for 3 to 4 days is so big around 500 miles across that floridians could be feeling the effects of this storm. up to 36 hours before it makes landfall in pinellas county, florida, mexico ordered fox weather you just heard some of the details, and its name is iain. it is a category two hurricane. it's a monster. and we'll track it together. plus new regulations could be in the work soon for the airlines, the measures that are aimed at creating greater transparency for consumers up next kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years.
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here's the reality we face every day. this is a cris. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like...
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wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long areou... i'm done. i'm okay. make host as far as a hurricane making landfall is concerned, but it was back in 2004 when
4:44 pm
hurricane charley made landfall right on the western edge of florida, which is not common at all , but ended up killing 12 people in the united states and in the caribbean and $17 billion of damage. look at this monster . it extends out 500 miles and barrels now towards the western section of cuba. it was just upgraded. just a couple of our goes from a cat one. her again to now a cat to hurricane with winds up to 100 mph. it's wobbling along to the northwest at 13, so it's going to lose a little bit of intensity. once it passes over cuba. then it goes into the gulf of mexico, and they're the waters are in the high eighties and low nineties so hurricane needs that warm water to gather some strength and so mentum, and so while it will do it just wobbles along and it decides what track it wants to take. now this doesn't concern me too much, although it does. look like right now. landfall potentially could be
4:45 pm
about tampa bay. all the way to clearwater. what does concern me is the cone because it's so wide and so this entire region is going to feel the impact from this hurricane, beginning with tonight with some showers and thunderstorm activity and then the impact on landfall, potentially on wednesday, they're going to see the effects of this all the way into friday with perhaps a storm surge. anywhere from 4 to 10 ft. think about that 10 ft. and i'm not talking just along the coast side. this will make it into the inland areas as well. you see the leading edge of the precipitation. this is just an outer ring. the cloud cover associated with ian. it's still about 500 miles away from florida b now the city of san francisco. it looks like the avenues heading towards the bay and you see mount diablo in the background there with clear skies temperature wise 59 degrees in half moon bay, and that's pretty much good as it has been today. 60 in san
4:46 pm
francisco. so far about 63 has been the high and it's still in the mid eighties and livermore and pleasant in in dublin 74 degrees in santa rosa and in san jose, so we're working up to about a 5 degrees difference. and cooling compared to yesterday at this hour, and the reason is we had a really enhanced marine layer today about 1500 ft. deep that is going to stay put until we get this right here. this big, beautiful area of low pressure. what is going to do is scour out that marine layer during the day tomorrow and then also into our wednesday and it's going to feel down and just pull down some of that cooler air mass. so typically this time of the year we should be at 82 degrees in santa rosa. tomorrow's spot on i mean, this is going to be a beautiful for autumn day for our tuesday temperatures pretty much where they should be. for this time of the year. they will be cooler than today. tonight's overnight lows 50 degrees in santa rosa to 58 degrees in san jose, and tomorrow we will rebound from 64 to about 86 degrees. your extended forecast
4:47 pm
we hold steady on our wednesday the warmest day now looks like it's going to be potentially on friday, with pleasant conditions returning right here to the bay area for the weekend. alright roberta. thank you. president biden announced late today. new rules for airlines. this is a proposal for travel websites as well as their lunch to be more transparent about their pricing proposal would require that all fees be disclosed to airline travelers upfront because the biden administration believes that those fees are contributing to the rising cost for families for more. now, let's bring in travel expert angel castano's thank you so much for being here, so this would require that we know all of those. piece of front baggers cancelation seeding charges. i mean, how helpful do you think this might be? oh incredibly helpful. this is going to really help people really understand the true price of their ticket and it doesn't only affect airlines based in the us, but it really affects any airline that's touching down
4:48 pm
on us soil, so consumers who don't travel as regularly as as i do, for example, who travel once or twice a year will now be able to sort of calculating budget for all of those extra fees. all right. so do you think that this is going to increase the competition between the various airlines? that's that's the hope of the biden administration is that you have the airlines competing against each other. you see the true cost of that ticket here and starts to bring down the cost of air travel for all of us. do you see that happening? oh absolutely. because at the end of the day, you know, the airlines do make so much money from these fees in 2021. there were $700 million collected and change and cancelation fees and the top 14 airlines collected about $5.3 billion in baggage fees alone, so this is hopefully going to spur on not only that transparency, but that competition that is very much needed. okay so when do we think that we might see something like
4:49 pm
this and when we might be able to all benefit well, i unfortunately, don't think that it's going to be any time soon. so there's a 60 day public comment period and then, as federal rules usually take a little longer to get into place , you know we can see that process slowed down as the airlines start to make modifications to these rules as well. alright, we should point out here that that a group representing a number of the major airline carriers has sort of pushed back here and said, look what our systems right now for pricing online, we already are up. front and transparent about the government fees. the taxes that you're going to be charged when you buy that airline ticket. well what would you how would you describe the level of transparency for booking a flight on the major carriers in this country? you know, it really depends on the airline and the website that you use. but often the case is that you have to dig deep into the bowels of the website of a particular airline to know in
4:50 pm
advance how much it possibly could cost you to check a bag if you don't have elite status, or if you don't have an airline credit card, and really, it's the elite status or the credit cards at the moment that allow you to sort of bypass all of these fees, and it's ai wish itt more like europe, where you could actually pay in advance to purchase a baggage check. that way you knew right away how much you are spending but we'll have to see what becomes of this proposed rule. thank you so much angel appreciate your time today. thanks so much for having me. alright let's get a check now on today's closing numbers on wall street, and as you can see here another down day, the dow dropped 329 points. the nasdaq was down by 65, the s and p dipped 38 points again amid fears of a recession as we continue to fight that high inflation okay, coming up in just a few minutes on the ktvu
4:51 pm
news at five o'clock, making sure no innocent person spends time in jail for crimes. they did not commit the new movement by san francisco's district attorney plus the wildfire season so far is unlike others in the recent past, and it's goon
4:52 pm
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again today for 1/6 straight day now, according to triple a nationally, the average pri s climbed to $3.72 for a gallon of regular that's at five cents from just one week ago. but as usual, the increase is much higher for all of us here in the bay area and throughout the state of california. today's average here in the state is $5.80 a gallon that's a 32 cents from just a week ago. it's even higher. marin san mateo, sonoma i ant san francisco counties, the average price they're more than $6 a gallon the holiday season right around the corner, and consumers say they will be changing their shopping habits . come this year. a survey from
4:54 pm
bankrate found two in five people say inflation will change the way they shop. in fact, 84% say they're going to try to save money this season. 40% say they will buy fewer items and 20% say they will purchase gifts from cheaper brands. amazon will host a second prime day sale coming on october 11th and 12 and this will be the first time that amazon is holding two prime day events in the same year. usually the company holds prime day once a year, and that's during the summer. amazon though, says the october prime day sale will feature hundreds of thousands of holiday deals. meantime walmart and target have already started advertise there. respective holiday sales. renewed nuclear concerns, says war escalates between russia and ukraine what this means for the united stat up
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
of miles from earth. this was the first ever attempt to move a celestial body. the spacecraft guided itself going 14,000 mph along its final stretch to impact. this is all part of a test of a system designed to see if an asteroid can be knocked off course in case whenever heads for us here on earth. the us vows to take decisive action if russia uses nuclear weapons in the war with ukraine, the latest response from the bind administration as moscow bolsters its military presence there on the front lines. foxes tray higgs has more now from kiev, ukraine. let me say it plainly. if russia crosses this line, there will be catastrophic consequences for russia. the united states will respond decisively, national security advisor jake sullivan issuing this stark warning over the weekend as tensions continue to escalate between the us and moscow over the war in ukraine. this weekend, russia began drafting some 300,000 reservists
4:58 pm
troops to join the fight. hundreds of men were spotted saying goodbye to their families in several russian cities, while thousands of others were seen fleeing russia in an attempt to avoid the draft. the exodus came as ukrainian president vladimir zelensky urged russians to fight back against mobilizations. city we hit i want to emphasize once again, there is a way out do not submit to criminal mobilization, flee or surrender to ukrainian captivity at the first opportunity. no one wants to go to die. people are crossing on foot with one bag, leaving their whole life there. you could say all their possessions, absolutely everything just to live peacefully. there are growing concerns the war in ukraine will escalate after voting is complete in four russian controlled areas inside ukraine. western allies have called the referendums quote sham and pretext for annexation similar to what was done in crimea in 2014, ukrainians and russian controlled areas, reacting to the prospect of annexation we want very much and
4:59 pm
hope very much that everything will be fine. voting on the referendums that started last week, is set to be finalized on tuesday in kiev. trade angst fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now close to 50 members of law enforcement, who are given a pass to carry a badge and a gun. and they were not qualified. nearly 50 alameda county sheriff deputy stripped of their peace officer powers for doing poorly on their psychological evaluatears ago but were hiredith the alameda county sheriff's office have had their guns and peace officer powers removed. all of them received poor scores on their psychological evaluations , which prompted the sheriff to make the move. ktvu crime reporter henry lee live with us in studio here with more on the story, henry. michael dooley were found to be ill suited for the job because of low scores on psych exams, some given years
5:00 pm
ago. they received letters a few days ago, just weeks after one of their own allegedly shot and killed a couple in dublin. 47 alameda county sheriff's deputies now without law enforcement powers for doing poorly on psychological exams going back to 2016 ktvu has learned that deputies received unsatisfactory marks during their background checks and will now be stripped of their guns. the deputies have assignments that include monitoring inmates at santa rita jail in dublin to patrolling the streets from the eden township station in san leandro. essentially what you have is you have a sheriff's deputy who was a walking liability, and some might say a walking lawsuit as well. civil rights attorney at dante pointer says this is unprecedented, essentially have clos to 50 members of law enforcement who are given a pass to carry a badge and a gun and they were not qualified. ktvu obtained a copy of the letter sent to deputies on friday. in the letter, sheriff greg ahern say


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