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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this morning and he has more on why the sheriff felt the need to take action now. 47 alameda county sheriff's deputies now without law enforcement powers for doing poorly on psychological exams going back to 2016 ktvu has learned that deputies received unsatisfactory marks during their background checks and will now be stripped of their guns. the deputies have assignments that include monitoring inmates at santa rita jail in dublin to patrolling the streets from the eden township station in san leandro. essentially what you have is you have a sheriff's deputy who was a walking liability, and some might say a walking lawsuit as well. civil rights attorney at dante pointer says this is unprecedented close to 50 members of law enforcement who are given a pass to carry a badge and a gun and they were not qualified. ktvu obtained a copy of the letter sent to deputies on friday. in the letter, sheriff greg hearn says his office believed they could still hire candidates who were deemed not suited for the job. the sheriff says the deputies
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can be fully you reinstated if they pass a second sight exam and ministered by an independent state commission. the controversy comes less than three weeks after sheriff's deputy devin williams jr was charged with murder for allegedly shooting a couple in dublin. authorities say williams had been in a romantic relationship with the wife, who was a nurse at a county psychiatric hospital. four sources tell ktvu williams failed his psych exam idea that there were this many people who, um did not have the results properly handled is very concerning. jansen is an attorney who has sued the sheriff's office over jail conditions. she says she's also concerned about the conduct of patrol deputies, who often fill overtime shifts at santa rita. the way folks conduct themselves control. it's very different than the environment which you need to conduct yourself inside of a jail, so a lot of those folks are rotating through the jail. although the affected deputies had their guns and peace officer powers removed, the sheriff says they will still get their pay and benefits. the
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president of the deputy's union tells me he wants to support them and that this is a horrible and embarrassing situation. henry like ktvu, fox two news. san francisco police are looking for clues in a deadly stabbing early this morning. it happened at about four am at holiday plaza at the entrance to the powell street bart station. when officers arrived, they say they found the victim's suffering from stab wounds. that victim died from his injuries. no arrests have been made. san francisco police are now asking anyone with information to give them a call, believes in san leandro says suspect shot at officers this morning after an attempted armed robbery, police say the officers found his gun on 100 block of east 14th street. not far from where the suspect had opened fire at the officers who were trying to arrest him. no one was injured in the incident. police officers eventually stopped pursuing the man due to safety reasons. the suspect was wanted for trying to rob a 7 11 convenience store. a man is in jail tonight, accused of trespassing into an apartment and threatening its residents right near the cow campus.
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police say a man broke into a building at channing way in college avenue on saturday, just about five o'clock in the evening. officers say the man was throwing items around and was holding a sharp metal object . it took police nearly an hour to talk to man down before he was taken into custody. some people living at a homeless encampment in oakland are defying orders to leave today, crews started clearing out a new section of oakland's largest encampment on wood street underneath the mcarthur maze, ktvu brooks jarocz explains why authorities feel the need to get the people out. of their. a new day means a new phase of the cleaning and clearing in oakland . it's traumatizing that beeping of the vehicles whenever we hear that it's like an invasion and pain. and . like a dagger into the heart of our community. caltrans and its contractors lifting and sifting, bagging and dumping, moving and hauling off everything on state property at the sprawling wood street
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encampment, nervous that they're still continue on doing what they're doing, and there's no place for people to go for scrambling, towing what they have to another encampment. we found those who moved to nearby city property were getting their rvs intense tagged by oakland police given 24 hours to move absolutely heartbreaking and utterly and raging, homeless advocates saying there's a lack of adequate housing congregate shelter where you can bring one suitcase is hardly a solution. um and it usually only lasts a few days. 300,000 people have called wood street home community of people that don't trust says the second phase directly affects 40, who have stayed behind. while it do n't have ccepted alternative housing, the rest remain jail would be like because i've never been arrested before and i might be today they're holding out at the carbon would village with an
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outdoor kitchen, community garden, restroom, shower and housing. it's now all on the chopping block. those who built this say they were given a bit more time to come up with a plan to avoid demolition day. if we can't have them people living in them here then if we can find another place that the city will allow us to move them to, then it could be the beginning of a new village. for now, many are determin to send a message. this is where they want to stay . just going to stick it out with my friends and family out here, and we're going to fight together and going to work on some solutions but with numerous encampment, fires, trash and hazards, the states in all of this as got to go. there is still a phase three with more evictions coming, caltrain says it is unscathed. to fully close the encampment. by the beginning of november. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news permanente health workers strike has now entered its seventh week. the union has rejected kaiser's most recent contract offer. therapists say
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the offer did not adequately address understaffing or improve access to care spokesperson for the unions as the vote should jump start negotiations again. guys are left the negotiations nearly two weeks ago, confident that therapists would accept its offer. travelers flying out of san francisco airport are being advised to bring their own food if they plan on eating before their flight today due to striking restaurant workers about 1000 fast food workers at sfo went on strike this morning . they include cashiers, cooks, baristas, bartenders, servers and dishwashers unite here local to the union representing the workers says that they haven't had a con act since 2019 and haven't ha a raise since before that. most of the workers make around $17 an hour. it's an open ended strike. we were sure players that were frustrated with the progress and negotiations. there's been very little progress. we've been at the table for nine months, trying to bargain for a new contract. 99% of the workers
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voted to strike and say they will be out on the picket lines until there is progress with the negotiations. the airport restaurants have not yet commented on the strike. well tomorrow at sfo. united airlines by the attendants are said to picket outside one of their terminals. thousands of other united flight attendants re planning similar p tests at 14 other airports across the u. s as well as guam and london's heathrow airport. they say they have unsustainable working conditions among them long telephone hold times for flight attendants to get through to united internal scheduling department. white attendants are also protesting difficulties with being guaranteed a hotel room or transport when they landed their destinations. tomorrow's so called day of action is not expected to disrupt airport operations area woman returning from a tech conference in florida was allegedly assaulted by another passenger using his seat back as ktvu mark sarah reports, police and the fbi are now investigating. a story that has
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now been retweeted more than 35,000 times all started aboard a southwest flight from orlando to phoenix. the victim, a bay area, indian woman software engineer and mother was returning from a conference of women in tech, her husband wrote . she was just resting her head on the seat back table and a man in the seat in front of her violently pushed his seat back in an attempt to hurt the woman. nearby passengers reported the man then used profanities to say she got what was coming to her. we've heard lots of assaults, whether it's passengers against each other passengers against crew, they are statistically rare. gary laugh has been writing an air travel blog called view from the wing for 20 years, he says, he's never heard of an incident quite like this one before. that one is unusual , but it's never really that i can think of being the case that the seat back has used been used to it. whole. another passenger. the incident continued, his nearby seat mates began communicating with the victim, using napkins, urging her to ask
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for security. the victim's husband tweeted, the man also used racist slurs and misogynistic comments, left says tightly packed planes are unique environments, people who wouldn't ordinarily come into contact with you to other are coming into contact with each other and bringing all of the baggage all of the starting assumptions all of the emotional challenges whatever the bad days. they're having, but all of the different personalities that wouldn't otherwise mix. the plane was met by police in phoenix, where, according to the victim's husband, authorities took statements from all involved and referred the matter to the fbi. in a statement, southwest airlines said after being made aware of a situation on a southwest flight on saturday, the crew requested law enforcement meet the aircraft upon arrival. southwest airlines maintains zero tolerance for any type of alleged harassment or assault on our customers or our employees. ktvu did contact the author of the twitter post, who indicated the couple is not giving interviews at the moment
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. mark sayer, ktvu fox two news , president, biden announced a new initiative that could help travelers save money on plane tickets by requiring carriers to divulge extra fees upfront that proposed rule seeks to encourage more competition among airlines. waiting to better fares. it would require carriers and third party travel sites to provide information on extra charges like baggage and change fees before consumers actually make the purchase, the president said consumers should know the full true cost of their ticket while shopping for flights the world needs to undergo a 60 day comment period before final approval. a long time bar in san francisco's mission district has been destroyed in a fire and regulars look back at the bars. decades of history. major hurricane taking aim at florida the preparations underway tonight as ian closes in on both cuba and florida. we'll check in on the n as well as your weather. as we move through this week. i'll see you back here in just a minute. but first,
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federal authorities are taking a closer look into the cause of the mosquito fire in plaster county why investigators believe pg and e equipment may be to blame. quick peek at that monday evening commutes as we give you a live look at interstate 80, the lower east shore little sluggish in that westbound and eastbound direction. you're watching ktvu news that sex
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say wildfire activity in california, notably low this year. that's thanks in large part to the favorable weather conditions we've had. even so some 365,000 acres have burned in wildfires across the state this year, and there is still the possibility of course, we can see those offshore winds which can pose a great wildfire threat especially in october and really november. those winds don't usually start, though, until again the fall season here. federal authorities have seized up powerful from pg and e as part of their investigation into the cause of the mosquito fire in plaster county. the
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forest service says that fire started near some pg and e equipment on forest land, but as reporter or co, mana explains, pg and e says it's made safety improvements in that area in the past few years, the united states forest service is looking into what caused the mosquito fire and is currently conducting a criminal investigation, according to a regulatory filing with the u. s. securities and exchange commission this morning. king the usfs removed and took possession of one of the utilities, transmission poles and attached equipment this past saturday, september 24th. this comes after an initial assessment showed that the mosquito fire started at the oxbow reservoir in europea genie power line. the utility had previously reported that there was an outage in that area. at that time, he tells me, the transition poll was replaced by a steel pole about 10 years ago . genie tells us they're cooperating with the u. s. forest service investigation. and conducting their own investigation, but they say they do not have access to the ceased equipment while forced residents
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want to know what happened, they say they'll wait to reserve judgment until they get all the facts. i don't have any right to blame anybody until i know what really, really happened. i mean, has it happened before it has, but i don't i don't get to say anything to pg any as of yet. and again that was or co mana reporting. the mosquito fire has burned 76,000 acres and right now it is 85% contained. and talk about the weather helping out this fire season, making it less extreme than it has been in the past. the mosquito fire, which was raging after record heat record heat, record it, and then we had that rain last week, and that really t squashed it down. it's still not out all the way, but it's they're going to handle on it knocked down the smoke as well. so we've had really advantageous weather. in this fire season. this this time of year, september october, you know the drill, and that's where we are. we're smack dab in the middle of it. and this week i mentioned this earlier this
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week. the forecast is staying away from the high fire danger as well. it's always going to be high until we get the rains, but the extreme fire danger the red flag warnings. that's how it looks right now. so another week it looks like we bought ourselves until hopefully we'll get some rain in here and again tomorrow. hi is gonna look like these israel highs from today, which for this time of year or really mild highs tomorrow will be right there. bunch of fog at the coast. there it is, and you can see diablo off in the distance and air quality. not half bad considering you know that we're not, you know, we're kind of getting in the relative summer months. um even though it is fall the i love that to check this out. julie, do you see that? that's the towers, the shadow of sutro, the shadow through the clouds just coming out into the sun setting and it's hitting and shining it back on the clouds. so cool ever seen that i don't think it looks like doesn't even look real. it really doesn. it's beautiful, really cool. that's really one of my favorite diablos right there to stunning. wow we don't have the audio, but the foghorns are probably going to yeah, yeah
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. oh, my god, that's a really great picture pretty wrapped up in rising were mesmerized. kinda yeah. you can be that cameras unreal. so anyway, this system here, this little curvature that's going to slide through the next couple of days. it's going to impact us by continuing that fog. i just showed you pushing well, inland. so tomorrow a lot like today as we go into wednesday a lot like today and as we go into thursday and friday, a little bit warmer. but nothing extreme. back here. i'll put some numbers to all that in just a few minutes. all right, bill. thank you. still not a lot of relief out there. at the pump for drivers, gas prices are up again for 1/6 straight day, according to triple a nationally, the average price has climbed to 3 72 for a gallon of regular unleaded that's up five cents from a week ago. the increase much higher for drivers right here in the bay area and across the state. the average price in california 5 80 a gallon that's up 32 cents from a week ago, even higher in marine cemetery. oh, so sonoma. and san francisco counties, where the average price is more than $6 a gallon. apple is
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ramping up production of its iphone 14 in india, the tech giant is looking to shift some of its production away from china amid geopolitical tensions and pandemic restrictions that have disrupted supply chains for many industries. apple has been making iphones in india since 2017, but they were usually older models with the i 4 14. apple is producing its latest model in india for the first time. the new device was introduced earlier this month. the cdc is dropping mask requirements and most hospitals and nursing homes. it's part of covid-19 revisions now that the number of cases is going down, it's recommending that communities with high transmission rates keep mask requirements at nursing homes and hospitals. all be area counties are classified as low transmission risk.. also add tonight the death of an iranian woman who was in the custody of the country's morality. police
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get started with fast speeds and advanced security together for $69.99 a month for 12 months. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. after the death of a woman sparked international outrage. it all started a little more than a week ago when iran's morality police arrested 22 year old masa meanie for wearing her headscarf too loosely. she later
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died in police custody. now police claim that she was not mistreated. this story has far human rights protest not only in iran but elsewhere around the globe. for more on this, we're joined by kartika such a kumar, a political science professor at san jose state university. professor. thank you for taking the time tonight. thank you for having me. protests appear to be crossing into other segments of society. we saw hundreds together in san francisco yesterday. i've seen images out of london. do these protests to you, professor feel different compared to other anti government movements in iran. yes they do. the protests initially where restricted t um , the kurdish dominated cities and the western part of iran because the woman that was killed her name is masa, but her cottage name is actually regina . but the protesters now are more diverse , and there re men joining the protests. there are older people. and the slogan
6:23 pm
that they're using is for women for life for freedom, so they're very clearly linking the treatment of women and the restrictions on women's attire to larger social and political issues. and with all these protests taking place around the globe, do you actually foresee professor change? some sort of change in iran? maybe it's maybe it's with the morality police. or maybe it's something bigger. like even the followed the regime will something happen as a result of this movement? the situation in iran, um, is actually quite concerning to the government and we see that they have reacted in a very fierce way. they've used live ammunition. in some cases, they blocked. the internet and social media, for example, has been almost completely blocked, and it's uh, severely censored in some places. so they're clearly taking these protests very seriously. and i think that, uh because of the economic context in which these protests are taking place, because iran has, um suffered a very severe
6:24 pm
economic crisis, both as a result of covid and because of the sanctions that have been imposed on it, uh they are more fearful that these protests will spiral out of control. going far beyond women's issues. professor you bring up the government. i'm curious. when does the iranian government actually become vulnerable. i think it has always been very vulnerable. and there have been times when the government has eased up on restrictions on social behavior . so until a couple of years ago these restrictions on the way that women had to avail themselves. they were actually much looser, and we know that when people are forced to go back to stricter, uh, you know regulations that's when they become angry and start protesting. so i think you know the strategy that the government in tehran has adopted for many years. there's now has been to sort of ease up on regulations when they feel that people are getting angry and then sort of
6:25 pm
imposed them again. so the current regime, i think, miscalculated about, uh, becoming more harsh in the way that it was enforcing what they call the some morality police on people. you know, i've heard reports that the iranian government blames the united states a little bit here for fueling this movement. if so, um should us government officials be concerned here? no i think that it's very common in iran to blame. you know the western hand and imperialist intervention for all kinds of protests, but it's very clear to me from, you know, viewing the protest that there's genuine, um, anger on the streets of iran. i think it's very, um natural for you know, people of iranian origin who are living outside the country to want to support. um their family and friends back in iran, and it's also very normal for those of us who are maybe not connected in that way to want to support them. um but i don't think this has any real impact on the credibility of the
6:26 pm
protests. is the younger generation in iran. is that the loudest voice that you're hearing right now? that's very true. in fact, iran has an extremely young population they have been facing as i mentioned very dire economic situation because of sanctions, but also because iran has been increasingly isolated from the international economy, even though it has you know huge oil reserves, and so the younger people are who are by the way, very educated, you know, iran has one of the most educated populations in the middle east. um they're increasingly frustrated with the government that they feel doesn't satisfy their base. sick needs. well it's a story. we will continue to follow. no doubt, professor sasha kumar. we appreciate the conversation. thank you. thank you. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. people in florida are bracing for the next hurricane. but the unpredictability of the forecast is making those preparations tricky. also we had a bar that was a neighborhood favorite, has been destroyed in a fire after more than a century
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in business and regular say a lot more was lost in that fire tonight. jimmy garoppolo struggled in denver last night are joe fonzi has jimmy g's thoughts on his performance coming up a little later in sports?
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double homicide involving a deputy san francisco police are looking for clues in a deadly stabbing early this morning . it happened at about four a.m. at halliday plaza at the entrance to the powell street bart station when officers arrived, they say they found the victim's suffering from a stab wounds. the victim died from his injuries. no arrests have been made. caltran started clearing out a large section. one of oakland's largest homeless encampment today, caltrans says this was phase two. of a three phase process to clear out the wood street camp under the mcarthur maze by the beginning of november, an estimated 150 people were relocated. ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the clock is ticking for many people in florida tonight as they prepare for hurricane ian. extreme winds and high water could hit many parts of florida later this week . foxes caroline elliott live tonight in lynn haven. in florida's panhandle to show us how coastal cities are preparing caroline well from florida's panhandle down to fort myers.
6:31 pm
we're seeing homeowners across the state prepare for what could become a category four hurricane right now we're seeing a grocery store shelves empty out fast as well as many cities along the coast, handing out sandbags for free so homeowners can try to secure their homes from flooding later this week. the city tells us that just today that hundreds of homeowners came to this location to pick up sand. we've also seen many volunteers out here, picking up supplies for older er neighbors who need the extra help. now lynn haven is a city that knows all too well, just how important it is to prepare. just four years ago. category five. hurricane michael slammed this area, demolishing the police department city hall in plenty of other buildings. michael, you know, so i kind of understand the severity of it hurricane so anything and everything, you know water. getting as much sand as we can, you know, just helping the community out. i mean, concern is my neighborhood floods very
6:32 pm
easily. so now i've come to get the sandbags have to block off the entryways the doors garage door have been told to wrap my whole house in plastic. not really sure how to do that. so i've got a lot of work ahead of me. further south people in tampa are bracing for what could be major flooding later this week. as the hurricane begins to shift east lynne havens mayor pledges to help any city affected by hurricane ian county as a whole, we are ready to respond to those that are in need, because we have such a great response when we were in need after hurricane michael, and so we know what it feels like to not have to have someone to short with exactly what you need, and so we made a vow in a promise here in bay county. that we're going to respond to those whenever tragedy happens. and some counties in florida already ordered mandatory evacuations
6:33 pm
today. as far as florida's panhandle goes. bay county hasn't made that call just yet. but the mayor here tells us many people are already evacuating on their own. and lynn haven, florida caroline elliott ktvu, fox two news, caroline. the florida panhandle could get hard by this approaching hurricane, but that could obviously change as it makes its way closer to landfall. how are people they're faring under that kind of uncertainty tonight? well there's a lot of uncertainty. obviously, hurricane ian has changed its track a lot over the last 24 hours. of course, in this city of lynn haven morale has been pretty low for the last several days as they're bracing for another hurricane as they're still rebuilding from hurricane michael. but again, this city tells us that they're ready to respond if any other cities need help after this, all right, caroline elliott for us tonight in the florida panhandle. thank you. what's left of hurricane
6:34 pm
fiona is now causing flooding in canada. the storm swept its way up the eastern seaboard over the past week and eventually hit the canadian provinces of new brunswick and nova scotia. the heavy rain and strong winds toppled some buildings and claws flooding there . now the canadian military is being deployed to help clear roadways and begin the cleanup work. hurricane fiona traveled 1800 miles over the past nine days. that's when it walloped puerto rico as a category one storm, thousands of people remain without electricity in puerto rico story piece of san francisco history is no more fire destroyed the double play bar and grill place with the rich history dating back to 19. oh, nine. ktvu is christian captain reports on how that bar means so many things to generati s of san francis ns. san francisco fire crews worked on saturday to save what they could have double play bar and grill a pile of debris out front or what remains of the more than 100 year old sports bar. oh, my god, i grew up here 60 years,
6:35 pm
longtime neighbors like debbie santiago will miss it. double play was always good when you had the games that seal stadium. people would come there have their large have their drinks and they used to be an outside area where these two see right into the games. the double place history is inextricably tied to san francisco seals stadium that once stood catty corner bar opened its doors in 19. oh, nine, the ballpark would come along in 1931 the seals and san francisco giants, both counting the stadium as home at one time or another. the giants left in 1958 for candlestick. in the ballpark at 16th and bryant was torn down just a year later. customers say the inside of double play was filled with mementos of the past. in all the baseball all you know the old school mix all that all that lost, lost burnt. nostalgia. exh
6:36 pm
customers posting on double place facebook page a go fund me has been set up to raise money to reopen double play , but customers say with so much history lost, it will be difficult to restore double play to what it once was. it was the son and the dad and, you know, they just worked. really hard, you know, just to keep it going. and then you know, they battled through covid and, you know, now you know, we have a loss here like this. we did see the building's owner and san francisco firefighters on scene at this point, the cause of that fire still under investigation in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. his league shocked the country's intellige e agencies for nearly a decade ago and now russian president vladimi putin is grant g him citizenship ahead. tonight it wasn't headed for earth , but nasa crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid today the les ns scientists are
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
us capitol is set to hold another public hearing wednesday afternoon. this will be the first public hearing since july. 21st it's also also the first hearing since the fbi executed a search warrant on the florida home of former president trump. no word yet as to who may testify, but since the last hearing, former vice president mike pence said he has not ruled out testifying before the committee. and you can watch that hearing in washington live
6:40 pm
on ktvu. plus, it starts at 10 o'clock our time on wednesday morning will also be streaming it live on ktvu dot com that started last week in four russian occupied regions of ukraine is scheduled to wrap up tomorrow. moscow began holding the referendums on friday, asking people if they want to secede from ukraine and join russia. there are concerns that the war in ukraine will escalate after the election is over. this weekend, russia began drafting some 300,000 reservist troops to join the fight. hundreds of men were spotted saying goodbye to their families across russia. we hit want to emphasize once again , there is a way out. do not submit to criminal mobilization , flee or surrender to ukrainian captivity at the first opportunity. thousands of men have reportedly fled russia in an attempt to avoid the draft. many are going to turkey fights to istanbul are sold out for the next several weeks. russian president vladimir putin has granted russian citizenship to
6:41 pm
former u. s security contractor edward snowden. snowden is one of 75 foreign citizens listed by the decree as being granted russian citizenship. snowden a former contractor with the us national security agency, has been living in russia since 2013 to escape prosecution here in the u. s after leaking classified documents detailing government surveillance programs. back in the weather as we go through the next couple of days cooler and then warm up, but look at that, and five day i'll see you back here. well thank you. let's go to ktvu heather holmes. now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus julie, we'll take a closer look at the future for those that that big homeless encampment in oakland when a lawyer who's been finding the cleanup joins us live plus it is official. rihanna will headline the big super bowl halftime show. and there is a lot of excitement. we're going to talk with tmz about what's expected. we'll have those stories and a lot more are coming up live in
6:42 pm
just a few minutes for the seven over on ktvu plus you in just a bit. but first year catalytic converters are prime targets for thieves, and now state leaders e tryi t
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california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves.
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two bills into law aimed at making them less of a target for thieves. one will require recyclers t include in their written records the year the make and model the vehicle from which a catalytic converter was removed. recyclers will also be required to have a copy of the title of the vehicle. the other bill will prohibit people from buying a used catalytic converter from anyone other than certain specified sellers. there will now be illegal in
6:45 pm
california by catalytic converters from anyone other anyone other than licensed auto dismantle ear's or dealers. more than 18,000 catalytic converter thefts were reported in california just last year. the auto parts contain precious metals that they sell to unscrupulous brokers. governor newsom has vetoed a bill that would have made kindergarten mandatory here in california. the governor says he supports the idea of requiring children to attend kindergarten. but newsom says making it mandatory would cost the state nearly $270 million a year and that money is not part of california's new budget. the bill would have required children to complete a year of kindergarten before entering first grade beginning in the year. 2024 2025 that school year. all right here. a quick peek at e in which is going to be all over the front pages as we get into thursday as it makes landfall near the panhandle of florida could be category one or two hurricane
6:46 pm
even greater as it makes landfall. but right now it's category two. it has the potential and is forecast over the next few days to get up to a category four. that's a big deal. as it gets closer to land to tampa, and for instance, it's going to start to weaken a little bit, which is typical as they hit land. they get a little friction anyway. that's going to be more towards wednesday night into thursday, so we'll watch that closely. it's a it's a big storm. category four is a big storm current temperatures from today 77. not that warm and napa i mean pleasant, perfect, but not that warm for considering the time of year is got a big, deep marine layer. little smoke there. something's going on. that looks white smoke. yeah i'm trying to think where that is. that looks to me like it's over. it's uh i'm sure that you guys are you guys will sit in them. they're probably it's probably a breaking thing. but that smoke to me looks like it's pretty white. i can't tell em in the hills somewhere, okay, we'll get back to that. that's just sort
6:47 pm
of did. what happens? you guys is in the control room that they have is. if there's a news event, they make a move to get a camera on it, and that's what was happening, so we'll figure out what that is and get and mike's and julia on that right now. okay. so here is the comma that's coming in that the whole deal with that is just going to keep it going mild. too cool. so we've had a really good run of whether we did that story earlier about how in terms of fire danger we have been really for in terms of fire season. we have been very fortunate this year. the weather has really been driving this better setup for us. so like today, big onshore flow 71 napa 77 conquered cool conditions along the coast that can do these conditions great for air quality helps with whatever smoke was around and really does a number on fire starts. they may start but if they do start they're going to get pushed down pretty quick because of the higher humidities lower temperatures. this is on wednesday. tuesday night into wednesday. and this
6:48 pm
is just that law. i just want to show you. how is it comes through. it's going to stretch out the marine layer. and so it's not rain. it's just a low maybe some drizzle with it, but is that's kind of going to keep us on the cool side as the marine layer gets stretched out because of that little calm, i showed you and then you get temperatures like these which is pleasant, really nice fire danger, always a big deal this time of year. but not as bad as it could be. not even close. which is really a wonderful thing right now. especially when you look at a five day on monday, and you go. oh, man, we got a week where we're going to probably not have to talk too much about fire stuff in september. that's a big deal. okay there's a few clouds. that's that system. these are the forecast highs mid eighties. perfect good air quality. like i said, mosquito fire, they get nothing dialed down. this helps up there as well. five day forecasts will see you guys back here. tonight, 10. we'll see you then, bill. thank you. nasa launched the first of its kind mission today that involved a spacecraft crashing into an asteroid. madeline rivera reports on the technique that nasa hopes could be used if a
6:49 pm
giant space rock ever threatens planet earth. mm hmm. we got it. this was the moment and nasa had been waiting for and we have spacecraft transmitting its last few images before crashing into an asteroid, fulfilling its mission after a 10 month journey through space, taking our spacecraft and hitting an asteroid to change its trajectory, the operation is the first of its kind in the world. it's called dart, which stands for double asteroid redirection test and the target. a double asteroids system about seven million miles away, which, thankfully, unlike the movie armageddon poses no danger to earth. the dart spacecraft slammed into a moon orbiting a larger space rock target amorphous that is roughly the size of a pyramid. so you can imagine where sending a smart part ahead of pyramid but the end of the dark spacecraft. we are so excited to be done only
6:50 pm
marks the beginning for nasa as they now observe the impact of the impact that's really what we're going to learn in the next weeks to come. alright we hit this asteroid now. how effective was that at deflecting and what would that mean for using it? a collision that could change the course of planetary defense. we do not have any techniques that are pocket right now, if an asteroid was heading to earth after tonight, we will have a bible technique. the mission costs roughly $330 million, well below many of nasa's science operations in washington mother rivera fox news update you now on some breaking news. want to get you caught up on that fire that we just showed you just a moment ago. we've learned that firefighters are now on the scene of what started as a car car fire and then it spread into some nearby brush. this is happening in oakland. you're looking at live pictures right now. you can see the hazy smoke there in the distance is burning at interstate 5 80. edwards
6:51 pm
avenue, and it is affecting traffic in that area again. a brush fire now that started as a car fire, so if you can avoid that area, oakland firefighters there on the scene as soon as we get any more information, we will bring it to you all right, coming up in sport. what's the injuries continue to pile up for the alien 49ers joe fonzi will update you on the latest players put on the shelf. and here's a look right now at tonight's primetime lineup on ktvu. you can catch 911 tonight at eight. it's followed by the cleaning lady at nine and then we hope you'll join us
6:52 pm
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second monda . in three weeks, the 49ers are lamenting the one that got away. jimmy garoppolo was a backup plan was considered a plus when trey lance was injured, but garoppolo was anything but impressive last night in denver, especially in the second half, tough to win in the nfl when you turn the ball over, and the 49ers did that three times once on a fumbled exchange, the first series of the second half garoppolo lost track of where he was on another series resulted in a safety for denver. garoppolo stepped out of the back of the end zone there, but his worst throw of the night came there. 49ers trailed. 11 to 10 in the fourth quarter, forced to pass into coverage that was
6:55 pm
tipped and intercepted by the broncos. jonas griffith, one final 49ers drive ended in a fumble and fairness to garoppolo . he did not work with the team during training camp while recovering from soldiers surgery after the game, he admitted to being a little rusty and out of game shape my arms feeling right now. it's different. it's kind of my first week with these guys and i just got to get in a rhythm with them, but you try to do all the practice and preparation again on the sideline. being the number two and i then when you get tired into it, you just you know, i didn't go through training camp, and i'm not trying to make excuses or anything, but i just got getting game shape and get rolling. now, you know, i got get back to where i was. and the injury news wasn't great for the 49ers today on the place where garoppolo took the safety left tackle trent williams got tangled up and suffered a high ankle sprain. williams is considered the best player in the league at his position. he's expected to be out 4 to 6 weeks. you saw his right ankle twisted. they're starting linebackers easel shirt, also on the injury report, shar had a sprained knee ligament. he is expected to be
6:56 pm
honest, long as eight weeks. shanahan in his weekly conference call with a lot to address a lot of stuff cleaned up and then come down and just one thing we didn't play good enough across the board with all 11 guys. that's why i can't just sit here and say it was the run game. that was the past game. it was only third down. everybody had their part, and that's why we got to come in here. we gotta take our medicine can't wait to get the monday night so we can get this feeling out of our out of our taste. the warriors will be getting on a plane soon head to japan for a pair of preseason games later this week, one offseason question mark was settled when veteran andre goodall announced he was foregoing retirement would be back for 1/19 nba season value iguodala leadership and consider him almost another coach on the bench, even though injuries limited him to just 31 games last year during the regular season. odula along with steph, curry, klay thompson and draymond green, the only four players to be on all four of the warrior champ. manship teams in the last eight years. the words kept a roster spot open, but
6:57 pm
even iguodala wasn't sure if he'd be coming back until just recently. really got down to the wire because i don't even know how it was going to reveal it because i didn't really didn't know. and, um i got an a peloton like two times last week, and i was like, oh, i ain't in that bad of shape. he makes you know every line up click. and then if he's not on the court, he's teaching these young guys the same thing, and, uh so he's andrea's a really crucial part of our our whole program, so thrilled that he's back. they're ready for the warriors in japan and japan. this style of advertising is called mandy a kind of a comic book art. this commercial pick steph, draymond clay and washington wizards players. the two teams will meet on friday and saturday before heading back to the states. check this out time on a monday night. this man does not have the physique you normally associate with the basketball player, but he can pass. no look
6:58 pm
or finding a cutter. this guy seems to know the spot on the court. look at that. we're all his teammates are and he's doing it. you know, he's standing there flat footed. you don't need to get up in the air. if you kind of know everybody on the court is team. yeah, nice. over the he's so chill. it's just like i got i got this really funny that geelong cats are an australian rules football team. they won their first championship in 11 years, and they had a surprise for a special fan, one of their most loyal followers as a young man with down syndrome players helped him onto the field where he was presented a championship medal. just like there's he was along on the ride is the cat's won 16 straight to close out the championship. very good to see. yeah, good stuff all around. absolutely all right. thank you. thanks for watching everybody. we'll see you back here tonight at 10 news continues. right now it's seven over on ktvu. plus with alex and heather. have a good night, everybody.
6:59 pm
okay, we're headed out-- see you later. before you leave, could you test these noise-cancelling headphones? yeah, sure. okay. go ahead. hello, can you hear me? sheldon, i haven't changed the filter in the water pitcher in two years. uh, bernadette's nickname for you is the virgin piña colada. your george lucas autograph is really a "me" autograph. yeah, well, once i was too lazy to walk across the hall, so i used your toothbrush. ooh, and one time when you were asleep, amy totally took off her... and that's why you're the best roommate ever. aw... now i'm sad i didn't hear it. so what do you need the headphones for?
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well, i've been struggling for months to come up with a theory of dark matter that doesn't make protons decay. i'm hoping to finally tackle it by optimizing my work environment. see, i've got, uh, my tea is at the perfect sipping temperature. uh, i have fleece-lined boxer shorts to keep my tushie toasty. and then, oh, last but not least, this inspirational cat poster, improved with the reassuring face of physics renegade richard feynman. is that why you had to take him to office depot last night? i don't want to talk about it. there, the place is all yours. yeah, have fun. oh, i will-- nothing more fun than a paradigm-shifting evening of science. (scoffs) and you thought it was soaping me up in the shower. (chuckles) bye. okay. here we go. proton decay. proton decay.


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