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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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that for every two people that they house three more become homeless, she says, that means that there are just too many people living on the streets, and there's no one way to address this issue. as of friday . 14 people have died while living on the streets in santa clara county in one night. i think two years ago, four people died in one captain in one night during the cold weather, so there's a lot of factors obviously out there on the streets that contribute homeless advocates like pastor scott wagers, say the number of people dying on the streets continues to climb a year after year. the truth is, if you get people indoors you're gonna help save their lives so far this year, 167 people have died living in the streets in santa clara county, the majority of them in san jose county board supervisor cindy chavez says the fentanyl crisis plays a major role in overdoses. in my mind that thing that we need to do is house
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people, but we're doing all that we can. so while people are on the street, we're keeping them as healthy as possible, while we're working to get them into permanent housing, chavez says county nurses and doctors go to the streets to offer health care and provide narcan to help prevent overdoses. still, county data shows 250 people died on housed last year, trying to push to quicken the expansion of our services like number of beds and treatment, so that we have a more conservative efforts to get more, for example, knockin on the house residence and then campus as well. supervisor lee says at tomorrow's board meeting , he plans to propose opening warming centers just a little bit earlier this year, he says, the goal is to get people off the street right now. before the rain and the coal moves in mike monica peters live tonight in san jose lamonica. thank you for that in the east bay, another section of oakland's largest homeless encampment was cleared
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out. caltrans says this was phase two. of a three phase process to clear out the wood street camp located underneath the mcarthur maze by the beginning of november, eviction notices were sent to 40 people with offers for alternative housing. caltrans says about a dozen people accepted. it's traumatizing that beeping of the vehicles. whenever we hear that it's like an invasion and pain. and like a dagger into the heart of our community. caltrans says it's clearing out the encampment because it's considered a heath safety hazard. officials say numerous fires have been reported at the site has also been ongoing issues with trash fire burning above interstate 5 80 in the oakland hills is now contained. video posted to the citizen app shows it started as a truck fire at about 6 15 this evening on westbound 5 80 at edwards avenue. the flames, then spread to brush and trees and came within 50 yards of some
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homes along blue rock court that fire reached for alarms and burned about 3 to 5 acres tonight. there were no reports of any injuries or damage to structures and engine and firefighters will remain on the scene overnight. in case hotspots flare up planning to fly out of san francisco international anytime soon. bring your own food. live pictures now out from sfo, where food and beverage workers and more than 80 restaurants inside the airport are on strike, demanding a wage increase in health benefits. ktvu is elissa harrington reports in the airport where workers walked a picket line all day long. this food lounge at sfo is usually bustling with travelers getting a hot meal before a flight. but monday, every single stand was closed, confusing site for paul hara, who was trying to find some food for his pregnant wife . sure enough, nothing's open and i just read the sign and it looks like there's a strike going on. so now i'm trying to find food for my pregnant life.
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keep her happy. concessions workers could be found outside picketing at all three terminals . union president annan saying said they want a wage increase and healthcare security employees have been without a contract since 2019 and haven't seen a raise in years. most folks here make just north of $17 an hour. you can't raise a family. you can't hey, rent you can't make ends meet on $17, an hour's nearly 1000 workers with 84 different food and beverage establishments at the airport are on strike. this includes baristas, servers, cooks and dishwashers. gabriela matos e is a bartender at lark creek grill and started working at sfo back in 1993 were not being greedy. it's just literally inflation. everything else is so expensive and where the face of your company if you can just let us live here in the bay area
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without having to work 24 hours a day, that would be wonderful job, said she works two jobs to support her family and rarely sees her kids or grandkids for me, because i'm a single mom. so i raised work ids and then. yeah i worked two jobs since 2012 were on strike indefinitely. it's an open ended. strike will be out here as long as it takes to have these employers come to their senses. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. president biden announced a new initiative that could help travelers save money on plane tickets by requiring carriers to divulge extra fees upfront. the proposed rule seeks to encourage more competition among airlines leading to better fares. it would require carriers and third party travel sites to provide information on extra charges like baggage and change fees before consumers actually make their purchase. the world needs to undergo a 60 day comment period before final approval,
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dozens of alameda county sheriff's deputies are off the job tonight after failing their psychological exams as ktvu first reported this morning. 47 deputies in the department are now without law enforcement powers. ktvu learned the deputies received unsatisfactory marks during background checks during dating back to 2016 and have now been stripped of their guns. the deputies have assignments that include monitoring inmates, etcetera to jail in dublin. to patrolling the streets from the township station in san leandro. essentially what you have is you have a sheriff deputy who was a walking liability, and some might say to 50 members of law enforcement, who are given a pass to carry a badge and a gun and they were not qualified. ktvu obtained a copy of the letter sent to deputies on friday. in it, sheriff greg ahern says his office believed they could still
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hire candidates who were deemed not suited for the job. the sheriff says the deputies can be fully reinstated if they pass a second psych exam administered by an independent state commission at 11, a man has been charged by federal authorities for stealing mail, authorities say joey scruggs is accused of stealing 1200 pieces of mail. from the united states postal service truck in concord. they say scruggs then took off in his bmw suv. he's also facing charges from the alameda county district attorney for refusing to stop for police. authorities say strug's tried to evade patrol officers in hayward well on the run, launched a first of its kind mission today that involved a spacecraft crashing into an asteroid at 14,000 miles an hour. nasa is hoping to use what it learned today should a giant space rock ever threatened planet earth? the spacecraft transmitted its final few images before crashing into the asteroid fulfilling its mission after a 10 month journey through space. the operation is called dart, which stands for double asteroids redirection test. we
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do not have any techniques in our pocket right now, if an asteroid was heading to earth after tonight, we will have a viable technique. the mission cost about $330 million. it will take about two months before scientists know if the asteroid's orbit was changed area school district breaking ground on his first affordable housing project for teachers coming up the bill on governor newsom's does that could kickstart more of these developments also, covid-19 booster shots consumed available for young children. today's announcement from pfizer.
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is authorized nearly $2.5 million today to help cities better respond to peop who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis. that money will help establish dedicated teams of behavioral health first responders in the cities of qatari, petaluma, rohnert park and santa rosa county officials say the goal is to minimize the presence of law enforcement in behavioral health emergencies, which can often escalate a situation. a bill sitting on governor newsom's desk would allow california school districts to turn unused property and buildings. into housing for teachers. ktvu jana katsuyama live tonight in the newsroom with more on this new approach to california's lack of affordable housing, jenna mike san francisco unified
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school district plans to hold a groundbreaking ceremony at 11 a.m. tomorrow at an old school district site that's been transformed into affordable housing for teachers, and that could be just the beginning. governor newsome signs a bill to make these teacher housing projects easier statewide. fencing and construction equipment have sprung up on 43rd avenue between irving and judas streets in the cities. sunset district, the san francisco unified school district plans to hold a groundbreaking ceremony tuesday for its first affordable housing project for teachers, and it's going to have 100 and 35 affordable housing units, and that's a mix of studios 12 and three bedroom apartment. the apartment building will sit on 1.37 acres of school district land in the middle of a residential neighborhood, three person household old the max income would be 150,000 year. we definitely have a shortage of housing, and i know that teachers are are really important. we need them here in the city. some neighbors,
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though, have concerns, saying the district did not seek enough neighborhood input has been really loud. this neighbor named dave says many people are concerned about noise congestion and the parking problems. i hope they thought about how much people they're going to cram right here. now there is a bill before governor newsom that could see more of these developments statewide. a b 22 95 is really significant because we have an opportunity to address two of the most pressing issues facing the state housing affordability and our teacher shortage. california school board association spokesman troy flint says the bill a b 22 95 would allow school districts to include housing developments as an acceptable use for district property, flint says statewide there about at 75,000 acres of school property parcels that could be eligible. it's hard to go a dollar for dollar with a lot of private sector competitors in terms of salary, but the property is an asset that schools have now which they
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can leverage in a way to address this major problem that of the teacher shortage. and flint tells me that more than 50 school districts in california have reached out to him expressing interest in converting school property into teacher housing, he says the governor must decide by saturday whether to sign that bill mike jana katsuyama live in the newsroom. jenna thank you. younger children could soon be eligible to receive an updated covid-19 booster shot today. fighter said it completed its submission to the food and drug administration. for emergency use authorization of its updated covid-19 booster for children ages five through 11. on friday, moderna said it had requested authorization for its updated boosters for teens and children . the boosters target the original coronavirus strain as well as the omicron sub variants. the cdc is dropping mask requirements that most hospital and nursing homes. it's part of covid-19 revisions now that the number of cases is going down. it's recommending that communities with high
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transmission rates keep mask requirements at nursing homes and hospitals. all bay area counties are classified as low transmission risk. a new study about genetically modified virus that shows promise when it comes to killing advanced cancer cells . the early trial results just released, plus oh, yeah, i often say a bear ate my car. it is destroyed. an unwelcome guest tour through a burial woman's suv while she was on vacation. the damage left behind. we're looking into the weather forecast. as we head through the rest of this week. i think you'll ike it. the five
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herpes may hold the key to
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fighting against a range of advanced cancers. a team of researchers in london says. early trial results results show the virus, rp two was effective in a quarter of patients taking part in the experiment, researchers injected the virus into the cancer tumors and then multiplied inside cancer cells, causing them to burst from within. the virus also blocked a certain protein, which in turn helps the immune system. destroy cancer cells. that study is now being expanded to test a larger number of cancer patients. storied piece of san francisco history is no more they fire destroyed the double play bar and grill over the weekend, a place with a rich history dating back to 19. oh, nine, the establishment is tied to seal stadium, the one time home of the seals and the giants, which was located across the street from the bar. go fund me has been set up to raise money to reopen double play. but customers say with so much history lost, it will be difficult to restore the bar and grill to what it once was. the
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cause of that fire is not yet known. big surprise for a big, hairy woman who says a bear tore through her suv while she was on a weekend getaway in gold country. ktvu is amber lee has her story. the video shows a bear inside white range rover climbing over the back seat. escaping through the open back door and running into the woods disbelief. i was completely stunned. yeah this is my this is my range rover. this is what it looks like now stunned to buy the damage done by the bear. i often say a bear ate my car. it is destroyed ripped apart the dash, so it was trying to get through it. every single door panel is destroyed. every single seat is ripped. but the worst part was the smell. costantini of redwood city tells me the
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animal got into her unlocked suv while it was parked in the driveway of verification home in the gold country community of arnold, calvary's county. it was very foaming at the mouth when it came out. and it was probably very dehydrated from having been in there so long, so it was pretty desperate to get out. she estimates the bear was trapped inside the suv for 6 to 7 hours , she and her friends were asleep, enjoying a bachelorette weekend when they were awakened by sounds coming from her suv early morning, september 12th. there was lots of lights going on and off. the hazards were on the car was honking, and we needed to open it to figure out what was in their costantini says. there was so much condensation she and her friends were unable to see inside the range rover so they used the key fob to open the hatch. never imagining it was a bear wreaking havoc. she suspects the animal got into the suv through the back passenger door because of muddy paw prints there her take away from this
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bear break in. i'm going to continue to put my car in the garage, which was the one time i did not always lock my door. teeny is now getting around in a rental car while she's looking for a new ride. she says she sad about her range rover. but most of all, she is grateful. no one was hurt, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. the state of florida is bracing for hurricane ian as it gains strength, making its way into the gulf coast. earlier today, the storm blew through the cayman islands, gaza in minor damage. that won't be the case in florida, where ian is expected to make landfall later this week after strengthening over open water in the gulf of mexico. we will see on the gulf coast of florida. heavy rain, strong winds flash flooding storm surge and perhaps isolated tornado activity. officials warned the storm surge could reach up to 10 ft, causing massive flooding. already the governor has mobilized nearly 5000 national guard troops to
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help with possible storm damage . fema has also been deployed to help following an emergency declaration from the president. and if you've been to western florida, you know how the set up of the coastline works. it's pretty. it's pretty shallow, and so there's going to be a lot of water that will be able to pile up in places like tampa, where you've got huge populations. let's take a look at where the ian is now. it's category too soon to be a three. it's right over havana or just coming into the western cuba. but the story here really is going to be, um is going to be this guy here is it moves through about two? probably wednesday morning. it will be just right at a category three. this is the model saying they don't move a little bit, but it comes on shore as a category two at tampa somewhere around wednesday night into thursday, so this all gets going for at least for the continental united states. this all gets going as we get into tuesday night into wednesday morning. but yeah, they're gonna have that's gonna be a problem. no matter where it goes, it's even if it hit the mrs tampa is going
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to create a lot of flooding, as you know, so it's a slow moving disaster, and hopefully it'll get people out of the way before they before the storm gets there . this is the temperature layout for today looks it'll look the same tomorrow. very similar, so beautiful data model air quality is good fire dangers down. lot of fog give what we have today. if you had fog this morning, you'll have it again tomorrow morning. i think most of us will have fun. tomorrow morning. this system kind of comes close to us, and it stretches out the marine layer, and that's what this is the computer model and that's what this system is here. and as it comes close to us on tomorrow afternoon wednesday, it will cool us down by virtue of stretching out the marine layer. so you know all that, and then it drives right back up. you may be able to pick that up, but there's a clockwise flow big one indicating a high pressure ridge so it's going to warm up a little bit. so the story the next 48 hours will be stretched out marine layer in temperatures like these in the bay around the bay in inland and the inland numbers, the ones to watch right because those are the numbers
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you want to keep in the reasonable range and mid eighties tomorrow is reasonable for this time of year for concord. forecast look at all that fog tomorrow morning and then temperatures real real similar with where they were today and there's five day forecast. i'll see you back here tomorrow night at yeah. 56 10 11 you want to roll in? we'll see you when we see it, okay? coming up in sports. jimmy garoppolo explains his lackluster game last night and the challenges of taking over the starting quarterback job, but not a lot of pre season preparation are joe fonzi has jimmy g's thoughts , plus the latest on more 49ers injuries? that's next earlier tonight? just before sunset, a site you don't often see around here, the shadow of sutro tower popping up on the low fog bank bottom right corner there of your screen. the last week of september is underway. the news at 11 is back after the break.
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monday in three weeks, the 49ers are lamenting the one that got away. jimmy garoppolo as a backup plan was considered a plus. when trey lance was injured, garoppolo was anything but impressive last night in denv , especially in the second half tough to win in the nfl. when you turn the ball over the 49ers did that three times once on a fumbled exchange and the first series of the second half. garoppolo lost track of where he was on another series that resulted in the denver safety and garoppolo stepped out of the back of the end zone. but his worst throw of the night came when the 49ers trail 11 to 10 in the fourth quarter, and he forced to pass into coverage that was tipped and intercepted by the broncos. jonas griffith. one final 49ers drive ended in a fumble. in fairness to garoppolo. he did not work with the team during training camp. i'll recovering from shoulder
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surgery after the game, he admitted to being a little rusty and out of game shape. and my arms feeling right now. it's different kind of my first week with these guys and i just got to get in a rhythm with him. you try to do all the practice and preparation again on the sideline. being the number two and i then when you get tired into it, you just you know, i didn't go through training camp, and i'm not trying to make excuses or anything, but i just got getting game shape and get rolling. now, you know, i got get back to where i was. and the injury news wasn't great for the 49ers today on the play, where garoppolo took the safety left tackle trent williams got tangled up and suffered a high ankle sprain. williams is considered the best player in the league at his position. he is expected to be out 4 to 6 weeks. you saw his right ankle get twisted. they're starting linebackers easel shirt also on the injury report, shahriar has a strained li ni ligament. expected to be out as long as eight weeks familiar faces back at the meadowlands tonight, michael strahan and lawrence taylor as the undefeated new york giants hosted the cowboys
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and 13 13 game in the fourth quarter. the cowboys cd lamb halls in the past, from cooper rush with one hand lamb making up for sure touchdown that he had dropped earlier. dallas in front 2013. with the injured first stringer, dak prescott, enjoying the moment there's always emotion, win or lose between these nfc east rivals, but it was dallas coming out on top 22 to 16. both teams are now two and one. the yankees. aaron judge had his 60th home run last tuesday against the pirates. the baseball world has been on high alert ever since waiting for his record tying 61st yankees in toronto tonight with judge one for three with a walk when he came to the plate in the 10th inning, blue jays manager charlie montoya says and not happening in this at bat orders an intentional walk with the phantom runner at second two walks, two strikeouts on the night for judge with the one hit. he's now gone six games without a homer as he chases the yankee, an american league record of 61 held by roger maris's parents. everyone else
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have to wait at least one more game that j won the game in their half of the tent, baseball's all time home run leader and judges corner. cheering for him, man. i mean, we're all fans. you know, we're fans of the game as well. you know the game and seeing what he's doing is amazing. and we stay with baseball to check things out. on a monday night. this kansas city royals fan wants a ball i throw into her headed her way, but you have to watch out for those pesky kids with the creek reflexes. sorry still driven by all they want is a souvenir baseball smiled about it. he has a good smile after great grab and we'll leave you with this one won't try to pronounce this young man's name. he's getting some very serious play these days on tiktok, where he has 129,000 followers. 1.3 million, like so cool. oh, biography listed is quite a unique idea and amazingly good at it, and that's really amazing
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. that is just a flat surface and chalk. this is impressive. want to see more of his little drawing? there's all kinds of it on tiktok. if you go there all right, jeff and drew me what's all this? i said one suitcase. i need choices, jay. colombia's not one of your more formal nations. the guy on their money is sitting in a lawn chair. ay. i cannot believe that my little baby's leaving me. you know, i left the glass doors open downstairs. so right now, your actual baby may be leaving. ah-ah-ah! one robe! i guess we know what everyone will be talking about my second morning there. manny's visiting gloria's family for about a month -- i hope. i just got to get him on a plane before gloria has a meltdown and changes her mind. 'cause if he doesn't go to colombia, colombia comes to me. it's happened before. [ all shouting in spanish ]


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