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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 28, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to be a very dangerous and life threatening storm. hurricane ian hitting the florida coast. we're already seeing flooding in several cities and 16 ft storm surge in some areas will have the latest on where the storm is right now. plus the more than 12 hours long standoff has finally ended in pleasant hill. what we're learning about a man that was wanted and how he's still on the loose. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox. two news at noon. good afternoon . i'm gasia mikaelian andre senior. the nation watching hurricane ian that storms winds unleashing its most damaging wednesday on florida's southwest coast. right now it's a category 4 155 miles an hour. there's heavy winds, strong rain and strong rain, heavy winds flooding in some areas as well. and we're seeing record storm surge already more than 624,000. people are without power emergency officials, calling it a historic and catastrophic event. we have live
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team coverage of the storm. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo is tracking the path of in first we turn to reporter lauren blanchard your live in st pete beach with look at the damage. the storm has already brought lauren. andre garcia. they're expecting that number of those without power to just go into the millions as you mentioned more than 600,000 already without power in this before ian has even made landfall, requesters are saying that landfall is eminent, bringing with it life threatening storm surge, especially to areas in the southwest part of florida. hurricane ian rapidly gaining strength at times packing winds at 155 mph. water rushing bridges and homes along the coast of florida wednesday, florida officials say. for many , it is too late to leave their homes. this is a very powerful major hurricane that's going to have major impacts both on impact and southwest florida but then as it continues to work
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through the state, the national hurricane center says ian could slow down as it moves further inland and leave behind catastrophic wind damage. little nervous. not nervous, but but we'll come back to on friday what you gotta do and try to make it and hopefully you know, prayer for everybody that everybody comes to me. and along the coast of potential storm surge of up to 16 ft threatens to inundate communities with water. florida governor rhonda santis activating thousands of national guard members with search and rescue teams prepared to deploy once conditions allow. there will be trauma surgeons. there will be engineers soon as it is safe. the moment is safe. they will start going from door to door to start saving lives on their life saving missions. and here in st pete beach. we are getting wind and rain. nowhere near as bad as they are getting more in the southwest part of florida, but what we're worried about here is the flooding some 18 to 20 inches of rain expected to fall tonight. that's
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according to the mayor of tampa and across this entire region. this is going to be a flooding event. they're warning people stay off the roads. stay out of the floodwaters. it is simply too dangerous. andre gasia lauren blanche reporting for us live. we know that the federal government does have several 100 ambulances, food and water at the ready right now, lauren. thank you. let's bring in our meteorologist now. mark tamayo you have a much closer look mark at the path of this potentially devastating storm. yeah, that's right. catastrophic devastating and just a new update within the past minute from the hurricane center they're about they're they're saying, you know about to make landfall within the hours are saying about to make landfall so you can assume it's going to happen really, really, really soon. the latest position update that's actually about an hour ago, the center about 25 miles west northwest of fort miles, four, myers, and here is the satellite showing you that well. to find. i approaching the coastline over the past 12 hours and just about to make landfall the radar coverage, of course, talking about so many troubling element with this system, the storm surge, of course, the wind
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and the rain fall. you can see that rain band coming onshore. we're showing you right now. the wind reports. these are current reports. sarasota's right now you can see gusting to 72 miles an hour. all of those dots because he scattered on the maps indicate to some storm reports out there and i was just taking a look at a few of these, and it's one to bring up. this one gives you some idea of what could be happening right now. it looks like it's a correction from a report from earlier but it's citing some sort of sort of social media reports saying. surge levels up to the first story of some roofs. already as the storm surge continues to build into the region. here is the track the latest information in category four storm with winds of 155 miles an hour, moving to the north northeast at nine miles an hour. the problem that forward speed expected to come down so this system this major hurricane could slow downs totals you can see a few isolated amounts could b
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have been coming up since yesterday. so storm surge warning you can see kind of the breakdown across the region and possibly upwards of 12. to 18 ft. with that surge coming on board and just to give you some perspective over 10 ft. that is a major deal. so showing you this is a model of a house. you can see the impacts potentially over 12 ft. and that could be impacting a second story house with all that water coming on board as the center of this major hurricane moves onshore within the hour, we'll have another update coming up on this system and just a little bit, mark. thank you. president biden says the federal government is ready to help once the storm passes florida on the storm passes. the federal government can be there to help you recover will be there to help you clean up and rebuild to help you get florida get moving again, and we'll be there at every step of the way. floridians must heed evacuation orders and warned his administration will not tolerate price gouging from oil and gas
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companies in the wake of the storm. tens of thousands of relief supplies are at the ready once the storm clears. very first responders trained for disaster relief for mobilizing forces just in case they are called upon to help in the aftermath of the storm. fema has 28 task forces around the country eight or here in california. menlo park has a task force with 90 members. they draw from 16 fire agencies from san francisco to set to the south bank. they have not been called up yet, but say they're prepared to go at any moment. we are up and ready to go based on what the impacts are for the hurricane deployment is dependent on famous decision. if you're summoned to the if there's someone to menlo park, they would fly out within 4 to 6 hours on military aircraft likely from travis air force base. commanders there tell us they are on standby for that. we've been in contact with the bay area's three major airports to check the impact of ian on local travel. sfo says three flights to orlando one to tampa, another and another to miami or
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canceled orlando international airport officially stopped operations for the day at 7 30 our time this morning, some travelers tried to catch the last flights out. where cruz began putting plastic covers on computers and monitors. even before the shutdown, the airport is now something of a ghost town. orlando expects to resume operations sometime friday. we've learned the two southwest flights left orlando before the airport closed for the day. those flights were to denver and phoenix before they'll arrive in oakland today, southwest is canceled its flights from orlando to san francisco, as well as san jose. travelers are trying to stay positive. up in florida. so by all means it doesn't really bother me. also again, it could be a kind of a fun experience for her. my wife is not a fan. she didn't grow up in florida, so hurricane is not on her agenda. we met a man who works and lives in bonita springs, florida he was supposed to fly out of fort myers, but instead drove to our site southeast to miami and changed his itinerary to make sure he arrived at sfo in time for his son's wedding this saturday in
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napa. and right now they're saying it's going to go over. maybe fort myers. that's really where it's going to get to go to fort myers. that's what they're saying. i just talked to my friend. so it's not going to be good for anybody to enjoy your son's wedding and we're going to do the best we can. god bless him. he's a great kid. so we weren't going to miss this for anything. airlines including american delta, jetblue, southwestern united, are offering waivers because of ian . we have you covered here on the air, and we have uninterrupted coverage of hurricane ian on the fox weather app, including live coverage from florida. you can use your phone to scan the qr code that's now on your screen or simply head to fox weather .com. well out of this story. after an hours long standoff, police in pleasant hill have not found the person they were looking for. it started around 6 30 last night when i wanted man ran into the northern breck here. sun valley mall. ktvu american. donna brings us the latest the crime scene tape that was blocking off part of the sun valley mall parking lot is gone, and police have packed up after they could not find the suspect they were
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looking for, but overnight police were in body shields with guns drawn in front of nordstrom rack for hours this morning, bringing in a drone and lifts searching for a man known to be armed and dangerous. it all started with a police pursuit by the contra costa county sheriff's office chasing 26 year old joseph ramos of concord wanted for rape and domestic violence. and in a stolen vehicle, he ran into nordstrom rack around 6 30 tuesday, causing the store in neighboring safe way to be evacuated the suspect witnesses and there is some video footage that showed him crawling up into the crawl space of the business and the ceiling rafters that right there is created a logistical challenge for us to deal with. because of that we activated swat. police have been searching that crawlspace all night. but at around seven this morning, they realized he probably left around 12 hours earlier. he has
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not been found. we are still looking up in the crawl space. it is very possible that in the very beginning in the chaos, he slipped out. it is a clothing store. he could have shed clothing and put on clothing from inside the store. and walked out with customers. that is a possibility, but we need to make sure that the store is safe before it can be reopened. contra costa county sheriff's office will continue to search for ramos. but for now, the search in nordstrom rack is over . in pleasant hill, amanda quintana ktvu fox two news. increase teacher berta the new trend the state is seeing when it comes to how educators be their jobs, and it's linked to the pandemic plus mysterious leaks in two gas pipelines have some pointing the finger at russia. i'm griff jenkins in washington with more on those allegations coming up. and we continue to track hurricane in that storm packing 155 mile per hour winds just two miles shy of a category five storm more than 2.5 million people under
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mandatory evacuation orders right now, we will have much more on the source path coming up. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day.
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this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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live at the sunshine skyway bridge on the right side of your screen and the radar showing hurricane on on the left hand side of your screen and nearing landfall in southwest florida. right now, we understand the
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storm could make landfall the eye of the storm within the next hour or so. the eye is just about 20 miles west of fort myers and punta gorda, florida. theresa beginning to come down and stop signs are flying in the ford myers area. we'll continue to follow this story for you and bring you the very latest swing out to wall street now because look, we haven't seen numbers like this in a while. wall street is rallying toward its first gain and more than a week dow jones is up almost two full percentage point gain right at 29,700 plus gaining 566 points s and p is just over that 2% gain. nasdaq is up by more than 2% as well. new at noon. governor newsom is in san francisco this afternoon where he's helping to take action against our state's housing crisis. the governor as well as state, local and housing and labor leaders at the future site of an affordable housing development in the city's richmond district, governor, newsom signed a bill package to build more housing across our state. he says the bills will accelerate the construction of new housing and create thousands of new jobs. and this is a
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moment on a journey to reconcile the original sin. the original sin of the state of california, and that's the issue of housing and affordability. it touches more things in more ways on more days than any other issue. it is at the core of the expression of so much they frustration many of us have about our state and our future. the governor also announced $1.2 billion in funding for 30 shovel ready projects around the state. financing for those projects had been stalled because they were unable to obtain tax credits. we continue to follow the latest surrounding ian right now, this is what it looked like in tampa bay this morning when the water receded in the bay as the storm moved in, it left the waterway along bayshore boulevard practically dry now, just to give you an idea based or boulevard, you can equate it to something like the embarcadero. it's very popular area where people walk and there are several multi million dollar homes just to where you saw that that bridge that walking area there and this is not unusual for it to happen when a storm brews out in the ocean to suck that water out, it will still
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come back in, but they do more people stay off that little walking path right there because the storm water can come in pretty savagely and carry you out to see that is a danger of what people are for. they're facing they're telling people now not to walk in that area. as we said, with that water receding there, vice people not to go down there at all. it's pretty muddy and disgusting. at this point, we turn things over to meteorologist mark tamayo mark. we understand the storm just made landfall just moments ago. yeah, that's right within the within the past few minutes, chiyoko sto. have you, andre? you familiar with that? that that island i guess to the west of fort myers? i'm not familiar with that one. that's one of the smaller, probably islands. okay yeah, that was the official. location making landfall from the national hurricane center that actually happened, 12 05 our time with winds of 150 miles an hour, so there you can't see the major hurricane coming on board a category four and we're talking about a landfall right now, and we talked about this earlier. the concern is it's going to slow down and so as a result, right now we have the catastrophic storm surge. but over the next 12 hours, even 24
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hours. we're talking about relentless rainfall and some very strong winds. but just to the west of fort myers, a small island called the kaio coast up a landfall that happened at 12 05. our time will continue to have more updates with this major hurricane. these are actually the highest from yesterday across the region as we transition to the bay area, whether but the highest, um, yesterday kind of like the highest from today. no big changes out there. here's a satellite where you can't see we had some fog out there this morning, still pulling back to near the immediate coastline and current numbers out there. san francisco 61 seventies for napa , concord, walnut creek, san jose 72 palo alto in the upper sixties 68 degrees. here's a live camera. but san francisco where you have lots of sunshine looking out toward the east bay hills, but also still some patchy cloud cover near portions of the coastline and right around the bay. so for today, it's mild. tonight's the stereo . high pressure wants to build in for thursday and friday. this will lead to a minor warming trend by friday. that should be the hottest day of the week. and
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that means the warmest occasions will be approaching. at least the low nineties, maybe getting close to the mid nineties as well. for today, though some patchy coastal fogs and fair skies and temperatures ranging from the sixties seventies and some eighties as we mentioned a little bit of a warm up, though, by by thursday and friday, take a look at the numbers for today. still some patchy overcast for pacific up oakland 72 this afternoon three months 74 some eighties for concord, livermore , an anti aachen san jose 76 degrees. here's a look ahead, your five day forecast and a nice quiet weather pattern for us, especially when you compare the weather. unfortunately that's what's happening in the florida right now with that, with that major, hurricane moving onshore for us, we will warm up those numbers by friday and then into the weekend, a minor drop off in those numbers, so warming up a little bit over the next couple of days and then cooling off into the weekend that should continue. into early next week. we'll have another update on the landfall of hurricane ian with with more than your forecast in a few minutes. thank you, warning surrounding a growing trend involving rainbow fentanyl. how
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it's now being made to look like candy and what the department of justice is saying they've discovered in just the past few months. and tracking in which just made landfall as you heard there from mark. it is moving into the charlotte bay right now, heading to the heavily populated city of cape coral. this is just west of fort myers. we'll ke following
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under the baltic sea. both sides have questions reporter griff jenkins tells us some say they were sabotaged. mysterious leaks detected in two gas pipelines under the baltic sea video released by the swedish coast guard shows what's happening at the water surface in the aftermath. the pipelines nord stream one and two run natural gas from russia to germany. the cause is unknown, but an investigation is underway. scientists say underwater explosions happened before the leaks, fairly sizable blast and so close to this area where the leak is occurring, which was, of course, very interesting. the european union has its own suspicions, accusing russia, saying it could be self sabotage . predictably stupid and absurd . the kremlin's spokesman denies it, saying the cost is too great , but his country is known to weaponize energy, the head of the european commission says, if
12:23 pm
true in russia deliberately this that will lead to the strongest possible response. and while environmentalists fear a climate disaster, the good news is these leaks should not worsen the wartime energy crisis in europe since neither pipeline was in use. my understanding is the leaks will not have a significant impact on europe's energy resilience, the operator of the pipelines says. there's no time frame for restoring the infrastructure in washington, griff jenkins, ktvu fox two news. laurent launched a drone attack targeting opposition group bases in northern iraq. curtis officials report. at least nine people died and 32 others wounded in the strikes. the bombing happened on wednesday as public unrest continued following the death of a kurdish woman who died in police custody. the united nations secretary general called on iran to refrain from using unnecessary force against protesters. the us called the attacks and unjustified violation of territorial integrity. investigators in
12:24 pm
southern california still looking into yesterday's death of a 15, year old girl at the center of an abr alert, who was killed during a shootout between sheriff's deputies and the kidnapping suspect, authorities say the teenager savannah, graziano was taken by her father after he shot and killed savannah's mother during a domestic violence incident. the san bernardino county sheriff says the suspect led deputies on a pursuit through several streets. during that firefight. the suspect vehicle comes to rest, at which time a subject exits the passenger side of the vehicle wearing tactical gear. that subject starts to run towards sheriff's deputies and during the gunfire goes down. the teenager was taken to a hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. the sheriff did not specify whether savannah graziano was shot by the responding deputies or her father. soon after the shootout . the suspect was found dead in the truck, attorney general merrick garland says the federal government is cracking down on fentanyl coming across the border. garland says the d a is
12:25 pm
conducted nearly 400 investigations and seized more than 10 million fentanyl pills. from may to september of this year alone, the growing trend of rainbow fentanyl pills and bright colors made to look like candy to try to attract more people and a younger demographic. we know from lab testing that these rainbow fentanyl is just as dangerous and just as deadly as other forms of fentanyl. and we know that violent criminal drug traffickers and their tells the responsibility for this crisis that is poisoning and killing young americans. garland says to mexican cartels are primarily responsible for deadly fentanyl being sold in the united states . just last week, we told you about a warning from the california department of health about rainbow fentanyl. the department sent a letter to school districts about brightly colored pills this month, officers in hayward recovered about 750 multi colored pills believed to be fentanyl. those pills were in different shapes and designs. some had hello,
12:26 pm
kitty on them. it was. senate leaders are racing to pass a spending deal before federal agencies run out of money on friday. the latest proposal would keep the government funded at current levels through december. 16th one of the big sticking point is west virginia democrat joe manchin plan to expedite energy permitting, which came in exchange for his vote on the president's climate bill. last month mansion agreed to pull the energy provision from the spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. spending bill includes 12 billion in aid for ukraine disaster assistance money to help afghan resettle afghans rather resettling the united states and funds for americans to afford winter heating. the bite of administration unveils a plan and hunger here in the united states by the year 2030. take a look at the efforts in the bay area to help feed those in need, plus floridians up and down the coast are already feeling the storm's painful impacts all eyes on the state of florida. the impact we're already seeing from hurricane ian now that it's officially made landfall in the
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category storm ktbc alley respite shows us a bay area family dealing with living through their very first hurricane. the storm is just radar, the director of the
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national weather service did not mince words about how devastating hurricane ian is forecast to be. even before the storm made landfall, wind gusts of more than 100 mph pummeled florida's southwest coast. this video shows the outer band of hurricane in admires beach is just the beginning, just shy of reaching category five status as it approached the coast in full force. i wish this wasn't a forecast that that i had to deliver. you know, you really look at this. i wish this wasn't a forecast that that's about to come true. within the past hour. new video into our newsroom shows flooded streets in places like sanibel island, florida police department in naples tweeted this photo of flooded city streets, warning people there is now a citywide emergency curfew. in effect, the director of the national weather service talked about the hurricanes. greatest threat, life threatening. devastating storm surge forecast. inglewood have bonita beach 12 to 18 ft. storm surge. that's above ground that's up your pant leg. there's a lot of water. there's a
12:31 pm
dangerous. earlier this morning, i spoke with brian the very surreal. it's quite the housewarming gift. this is the first time they've ever experienced a hurricane. they live about eight miles from florida's gulf coast. but decided not to evacuate. scary. i mean, the wife and i have never been through a hurricane, um, big earthquakes in california, but this is kind of a different thing, right? you don't know an earthquake coming. you know this is comment, so you do have a little bit of tension builds up before it all happened in the bathroom. hope everybody's safe out there. pictures from the international space station show hurricane ian swirling across the gulf florida's governor says they have about 7000 national guard troops ready to deploy in the aftermath of the storm, along with coast guard and state vessels and vehicles to respond
12:32 pm
to flooding and other emergencies. but this is a really, really significant storm . it will be one of the storms. people always remember when they think about southwest florida probably be the big one that they always remember. but it's going to take awhile before anyone can start assessing the damage. this is not a fast moving storm hurricane in not expected to pass through florida for another 24 to 36 hours before it reaches georgia in the atlantic coast, hopefully by then, as just a tropical storm ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. or to meteorologist mark tamayo is back and mark that storm, of course, making landfall as you mentioned a little bit weaker than it was before. it was 100 55 mph hitting landfall at 150 miles an hour, but it is heading to cape coral, which is a heavily populated city just outside of fort myers and 151 155. miles 150 is you know, as we've been hearing about all week is such a serious storm yet to take really, really, just almost alarming. it is alarming because that we have so that
12:33 pm
storm surge potential with this system all with the energy with this with this hurricane is such a big concern, and fortunately, that's reality right now. here is the satellite that well defined eye making its approach approach and we finally have a landfall within the hour as you can see here, the official report from the hurricane center. landfall at 305 eastern . so 12 of five our time at a place called chiyo costa costa, which is a protected barrier island and state park. but as you can see here at close to very close to fort myers and other portions that just to the south of sarasota's as well radar imagery picking up in that circulation, showing you the intense downpours and we've been talking about some isolated areas could pick up upwards of over 20 inches of rainfall with this system. here is a look at the storm report map first for showing some of the current wind reports that show you more, especially the south of sarasota. but a lot of the sensor is not working anymore. right now, you can see sarasota's reporting a gust of up toore
12:34 pm
populated throughout the day as we get more activity, but we talked about this one earlier this storm surge report and one thing i want to point out with this with this system. this report. fort myers beach showing storm surge levels up to a first story of some roofs, and that was at 2 44 eastern time. 11 44 our time here is the current projected path. the latest information winds right now 150 miles an hour, a category four storm moving to the north northeast at about nine miles an hour, and here's the eventual track into wednesday and into thursday, but at least right now, the big concern is the catastrophic the extremely dangerous storm surge right now . all these areas and storm surge warnings and you can see here. the projected levels have been going up that 12 to 18 ft is very alarming, and unfortunately, that could be happening right now. we'll continue to keep an eye on hurricane ian. we'll have another update in our forecast in a few months. it's all right. thank you so much mark. we have
12:35 pm
under arctic coverage of hurricane ian right now on the fox weather app that includes a live coverage from florida. just use your phone to scan the q r code on your screen or you can go to fox weather dot com just into our newsroom we've learned the man wanted in an hours long standoff in pleasant hill was taken into custody just a short time ago. the standoff began about 6 30 last night when i wanted man ran into the north stream rack store near sun valley mall. it all started with the police pursuit. they were c6 year old joseph ramos of concord . he's wanted for rape and domestic violence and was in a stolen vehicle he ran into endorsed rem rack around 6 30 last night, causing the store and the neighboring safeway to be evacuated. we now see his arrest as it happened just minutes ago, he was taken into custody at the back of the store . they're at the north drum rack area just minutes ago. we will continue to follow the story and have updates for you at ktvu .com. as we learn more about the arrest and certainly update you in our next newscast that's
12:36 pm
coming up today at four. some members of civil rights groups are furious that dozens of alameda county sheriff's deputy scored poorly on psychological exams but were allowed to stay on the job. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more on what led to the crackdown by the sheriff. fallout after revelations that the alameda county sheriff's office improperly hired 47 deputies who had done poorly on psychological evaluations. 30 deputies based at santa rita, jail in dublin and 17, others assigned other duties, including patrol were stripped of their weapons and peace officer powers. one deputy has since been reinstated, but the others are now on limited duty out of uniform and won't be in contact with the inmates until they're given the chance to undergo a second psych exam. ktvu obtained this memo sent to jail staff from the sheriff's captain. it reads in part, i want to make it clear these deputies in question have done nothing wrong. we know these people and work alongside them. they have done great work for the sheriff's office and our community. it's hard to shock my conscience anymore. all the
12:37 pm
atrocities that i've seen at santa rita jail and followed, but this really takes it over the top. jose bernal is organizing director at the l. a baker center for human rights. he's also spent some time in jail. the sheriff's office chose to turn a blind eye at the expense of the general, public and incarcerated individuals. this is horrifying, absolutely horrifying. some say the controversy, especially concerning because dozens of inmates have died at santa rita jail while under the custody of deputies. they questioned whether any mentally ill inmates were abused or mistreated by deputies who themselves had psychological issues not properly hired and not proper fit to do their job. we can't trust them to do those things, we can't rely when anything, they said. county public defender brendan woods is asking for the names of the deputies involved to go back and look at the case. they've been involved in and see if they provided any sort of testimony were critically involved in the case if they were in those cases really should be dismissed or reversed. the public defender tells me hiring these deputies
12:38 pm
with poor psych exam results will be like him hiring attorneys who hadn't passed the bar now both the sheriff's administration and the union representing deputies say they are hopeful that these deputies will regain full peace officer status once they get a second psych exam. henry lee ktvu, fox two news francisco police are still searching for a man who swung an ax at a munich bus driver. the driver says he heard an argument on the bus in a short time later, man approached the front of that bus with that ex police say the transparent shield installed to protect operators from covid gave some protection for the driver as that meant swung that x investigators say right now they do not have enough information to make an arrest, though it's important that we have witnesses come forward if they see an incident that's important, too. but nothing beats surveillance video and us being able to actually see what occurred. officials say the bus operator was not hurt. police have not released a description of the suspect or any possible video from inside the bus. study shows more california teachers have a
12:39 pm
negative outlook about their profession now compared to the start of the pandemic. 77% of the nearly 5000 teachers asked they things are worse now than they were in march of 2020 back at that time, 45% said they had negative feelings about continuing their work as teachers. in the current survey teachers who are considering leaving site burnout, stress and political pressure as the top reasons, one teacher said the most challenging aspect of the job now is managing student behavior in the classroom. school districts across our state are still waiting for testing data from last school year. the state is pushing back the release of that information until sometime next month. schools say they need those results to take advantage of federal funds related to covid learning loss. some say the delay is because the results show another year of below average testing, and that wouldn't reflect well on state superintendent tony thurman. who is running for reelection. the department of education originally said the scores would be delayed until after the election, but now says they'll be out next month. the biden administration says they're
12:40 pm
focusing on giving american families the information and resources they need to eat healthy. president joe biden reiterated that pledge during remarks at the white house conference on hunger, nutrition and health, the president says part of his infrastructure law helps with better food access and its national strategy costs for medical professionals to be trained to spot signs of hunger. our national strategy to expand access to nutrition and obesity counseling so they can get the guidance they need to stay healthy, both in too many underserved communities, urban, rural and tribal there is nowhere to buy fresh food from miles or safe places for kids to play or adults exercise. i've signed the bipartisan infrastructure law creates space to live work and play safely. the president also says he is working to make at least nine million more children eligible for free school meals. cf san francisco joining the fight to end hunger in conjunction with the white house conference on hunger, the stones town of san francisco is holding its food pantry day of service. it's a
12:41 pm
partnership with the san francisco marin food bank. today, volunteers are packing and delivering bags of food to people in need. the y m c. food pantry opening during the pandemic and still provides food to hundreds of families per week . this is a pantry that actually opened up during the pandemic. before this, it did not exist, and now it's the second most used pantry in the city over 800 families a week come to this site for food, and it all started during the pandemic. the food pantry is open once a week on wednesdays from noon to four p.m. at the stone sound family. why emc and eucalyptus drive in san francisco, improving the runways international airport closer look next at the completion of the taxi wave rehabilitation project and what it will mean for people who fly out of that airport. get back to our big weather stories. we continue to track hurricane ian. it just made landfall in southwest florida earlier in this hour as a category four storm 150 mile an hour winds what you see on your screen now is a live picture of what it
12:42 pm
looks and feels like in tampa, much more on the storm's path, as we are now watching its impact on florida stay with us. this isn't charmin! no wonder i don't feel as clean. hurry up dad! you've been in there forever! i'm trying! this cheap stuff is too thin! i told you not to get the other toilet paper. here's the new charmin ultra strong.
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in right now you're looking at a live picture from charlotte. this is near where the storm made landfall just a short time ago. it's in the bay by charlotte county poor charlotte area and you can see on the right hand side of your screen. the storm's track right now more
12:45 pm
than 800,000 utility customers in florida have been plunged into the dark. that is up from 640,000 just a short time ago. and just to give you an idea of how intense the storm is right now the emergency operations center and marco island, which is a very popular tourist destination by naples, the emergency operation center, their their power has been knocked off line as well and we can expect to see things like this with this category four storm and when we're talking about category four storm for do talk about catastrophic damage will occur. damage to the frames of homes, roofs. all these things are definitely in danger , and the storm is heading towards every populated residential area of cape coral outside of fort myers. right now, we'll keep you updated on the storm's track. richard closer to a possible nuclear showdown in eastern europe. reporter trey yingst has more from kiev, ukraine. voting is over in russian occupied areas of ukraine and pro moscow officials say all four regions voted to become part of russia.
12:46 pm
stage is now set for moscow to officially annexed those territories about 15% of ukraine . today is a historic day. we are reuniting with our big motherland with great russia. we're expecting vladimir putin to make the announcement on friday. russia has been threatening for days to use nuclear weapons if any russian territory. ori is attacked. but that's not stopping ukrainian forces from retaking cities and towns. russia plans to annex the outcomes of the sham referenda were predetermined in moscow. the ukrainian people have already demonstrated they will never accept being subjugated to russian rule. experts say. the nuclear saber rattling could also be a result of russia's battlefield losses. russian forces are running low on manpower and supplies. putin called for the mobilization of 300,000 reservists, but he's having a tough time getting them to show up the russian army now opening enlistment centers at border crossings, hoping to stop military aged men from leaving
12:47 pm
the country. the mobilization in russia was announced on the eve of this new criminal annexation, not by chance. the goal is obvious. russia wants to force the residents of the occupied territory into the army. the state department issued a new alert on wednesday, urging americans not to travel to russia and warning those already in the country to leave immediately. and keith trading next. ktvu fox two news. they were doing the oakland airport celebrating the completion of a major runway project reports bravo and victor taxiways have been rehabilitated and received new enhancements and lighting project cost about $30 million. the two taxiways connect the airport north and south fields and are the two busiest at a k. nearly all aircraft operating at okay, will touch taxiways victor and bravo at some point during their time here. that includes passenger cargo and general aviation flight operations. the oakland airport also has new and
12:48 pm
updated aircraft rescue and firefighting rigs, fleets. last year. the fire station 22 at the airport responded to about 30 emergency calls related to aircraft at the airport, and we have new video just into our newsroom here from florida shows the strong wind and rain from hurricane ian hitting this area . the winds so strong had one palm through, bending over till it touched the ground. so much devastation. the storm officially made landfall earlier. just in the time we take a look that therese practically folded in half there. we're going to see a lot more scenes of the storm playing out and ultimately the devastation it will likely bring will turn out. our meteorologist mark tamayo. i know you're tracking the store, which is now just in its first minutes on us land. that's right. and we've been hearing so much about. of course, we just saw that the very strong winds and heavy rain but the storm surge. we will probably see unfortunately some very devastating scenes with that rush of water moving onshore with hurricane ian. and with these hurricanes with any hurricane, we always talk about the right front quadrant. that is the part that produces the
12:49 pm
most severe damage and the main reason why is you have the overall store motion? and then you actually have the motion of the hurricane? the wind with the hurricane those couple up to produce that sector the right front quadrant in this area to produce the strongest winds. so in this case for hurricane ian, this will be from fort myers and points south even toward the naples as well. so we're watching out for this area right here on this map. that would be the right front quadrant of this system coming onboard and moving on shore now you heard about the landfall earlier this our within the hour happened at 305 eastern time, so 12 or five our time and the forecast track with hurricane ian first for showing you a category four storm with winds of 150 miles an hour, moving to the north northeast at nine miles an hour, a closer look, this is a very slow mover . this is still a category three storm. later on tonight, and then, as you can't see a tropical storm into a thursday. what's interesting, eventually out into the atlantic, we could be talking about the tropical
12:50 pm
storm and then maybe another landfall as as you can see here, possibly in south carolina. so a lot to talk about for today and over the next few days back here in the bay area satellite in the radar, we have some cloud cover this morning. clearly back to near the coastline kind of a typical summertime day out there. i know that we're not fall, but we have the fog in the morning, clearing back to near the coastline, temperatures on the comfortable range sixties and the seventies. here's our live camera looking above san francisco looks like things trying to clear out out there. we actually had some patches of some fog earlier within the hour, but things are clearing out. but still some patchy, overcast near portions of the coastline. so today it's mild tonight's thursday and friday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers friday will probably be the hottest day of the week. for today, though here's the plan some patchy coastal fog fair skies into the afternoon hours. temperatures in the sixties seventies and the eighties take a look at the numbers this afternoon standard rosa 80 san jose 76 conquered 82 antioch's
12:51 pm
84 degrees. look ahead. your five day forecast temperatures up a little bit in your thursday friday will be the highest day of the week. we're not talking about triple digits but still warm to hot and then it looks like a minor cooling trend as we head into the weekend, so nice forecast here in the bay area. of course, we could be talking about some catastrophic damage in florida, unfortunately, and we'll have more on that. more hurricane ian coverage coming up. throughout the day, mark thank you. excitement inside levi stadium. we'll take a look at last night's soccer match between mexico and colombia fans get a sneak peek at what to expect leading up to the world cup in 53 days, then terry bradshaw escaped with his million dollars last week, but the nation has another chance to win a million dollars this sunday simply by playing fox bet super six for free. i would like a chance to be a millionaire become, pick up your phone and download this free super six app now into your six picks in the nfl sunday challenge contest, and if you're six pixar correct, you'll win.
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that absorbs dirt and grime deep inside. and it helps prevent streaks and haze. wetjet is so worth it. love it, or your money back. up of hurricane in. this is a major storm. there's no way to put this lightly here. it's very serious of the people that live in that area. 2.5 million people in southwest florida had been ordered to evacuate before the storm made it ashore. what is most dangerous about the storm? is it set off the coast for a while, sitting and spinning out in the gulf of mexico, feeding off the warm water in the gulf and growing stronger it did make landfall as a category four storm 150 mph instead of the 155. last per hour when they was being tracked by the national hurricane service out in the gulf of mexico. but it is bringing with it a lot of wind. a lot of rain we saw in the video earlier whereas bending palm trees so you can see how heavy the winter going to be in that area, and they're expecting
12:56 pm
catastrophic. storm surge is 12 to 18 ft of water across more than 250 miles of southwest florida. that's strong storm still going right now, just making it inland the eye of the storm, making it over some of the outer islands, and it's going to be making its way onto the mainland of florida here shortly. we're learning. veteran journalist katie couric has breast cancer, the former today show host revealed that she found out on june 21st to 65 years old wrote that she underwent a lumpectomy on july 14th and began radiation treatment. september 7th. october is breast cancer awareness month on instagram, she wrote every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the united states. i wanted to share my personal story with you all and encourage you to get screened. and understand that you may fall into a category of women who needs more than a mammogram. it was a packed house at levi stadium as mexico's men's national soccer team took on columbia, ktvu. lamonica peters has more on the first international match at levi since it was named as one of the
12:57 pm
host venues for the 2026 world cup. thousands of fans tailgaten tuesdayailgaters waved their vendors grilled up game day favorites for the crowds. some fans say they came from as far away as mexico city, guadalajara and sinaloa to see the matchup. excited, man. it doesn't happen often, and we really have right? 11. equation research says there are 60 million fans of the mexican national team in the united states alone, making it one of the most followed sports teams in the country. in the same as the first one. i am the first going to be here in the us , so we're going to have a little fun over there. okay nice
12:58 pm
match between mexico and colombia is a part of the next tour send off a series of friendly games that allows teams to prepare for important matches like the world cup and millions of fans in the us get to see the mexican national team play partying having a good time. mexico versus colombia we got their life back and we got tequila. we know family party having a good time world cup 2022 will be held in qatar starting in november. mexico is currently ranked 12th in the world and columbia comes in at 17th. and again. this is like an exhibition game, so the results of this game won't count towards their season wins or losses. and this is the last time that mexico's fans get to see them in the united states before the world cup. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. alright now to some more sports right now. the golden state warriors are in japan for preseason game players boarded the plane yesterday, including clay thompson, clay thompson and steph curry. the
12:59 pm
warriors say they're looking forward to showcasing the best the nba has to offer to a global audience. the warriors play preseason games against the wizards on friday and saturday. the woman who is america's oldest park ranger, is celebrating her 101st birthday. this morning, betty reid soskin visited classrooms at the school made for her in richmond. the school also hosted a birthday celebration and ceremony and honorable read, she said some personal stories and experiences with the students and told them how it feels to be 101 years old . how did you start to get 101 years old feel? mm uh, a little bit older than 100. yes. but it the best time of my life asking officially retired last year from the national park service for years, she led public programs at the rosie the riveter world war, two home front national historic park in richmond. in 2015, she met and introduced president obama
1:00 pm
during a ceremony in washington. all right. that'll do it for us. we continue to track hurricane ian down in southwest florida right now the force strongest hurricane to hit that state ever . we will have much more coverage n our ebsi - [natalie] can you guess what this is? ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ - [natalie] if you guessed potato, then you'd be a great contestant on "pictionary." our first celebrity captain you know from "queer eye," but does he have an eye for a good sketch? it's the always entertaining carson kressley. - that's me. - [natalie] and with him are married couple, brady and alex. our next celebrity captain is an actress, singer, dancer and eats pizza with a fork. (gabrielle shrieking) fork over some love for gabrielle ruiz. she's joined by high school friends, jackie and channing. and now the host of "pictionary," jerry o'connell! - hi! - oh! he always does that to me. - welcome to "pictionary." it is a game literally anyone can play and obviously anyone can host.


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