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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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schools, also the headquarters for an independent study program. began pus is located on fontaine street near five etienne keller. police say six people were injured in the shooting. two of the victims are in the hospital with life threatening injuries. two of them are expected to be released soon with non life threatening injuries. another victim has already been released. now, officers say the campus was quickly swept and deemed to be safe. that happened a little bit after three o'clock this afternoon and at this point tonight no arrests have been made. we do begin with ktvu is greg lee, who has been at the scene since soon after those first reports of shots being fired, greg good evening. we've moved up to right outside the king s states campus where the shooting occurred, where sort of an eerie calm has fallen over this campus. as this investigation continues, i'll step out of the way you can see this is a much smaller law enforcement presence than when we arrived this afternoon around 1 32 o'clock when swat officers , officers from all over the bay area swarmed to this school to
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react quickly to reports of the shooting here. you can see just a few officers remain as investigators are combing through this campus to figure out what led up to that shooting that injured six people here and we heard from law enforcement about 4 30 about an hour and a half ago. here's what the deputy chief said about this shooting. anytime there's a shooting community. it's a complete tragedy. but as a parent, i completely understand the fear. the emotion, the panic. and shootings are occurring at our schools. with their young children. completely and wholly unacceptable. we spent this entire afternoon on fontaine avenue, as parents were arriving , trying to figure out any information. we also watched as classroom after classroom were evacuated, with students walking orderly and quickly off of this campus that houses so many schools in those students.
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different forms of emotion, some more very calm somewhere crying. some were terrified. as you can imagine. we want to play you some sound as officers were making their way clearing this campus. like we said. does anybody? did anybody see the shooter? did anybody hear the shooting? you know anything about the shooting was like seven shots. he was like, pop, pop, pop. come on, come on, come back over there. keep your hands up. leave your right, leave your bags. frantic moments is, officers went classroom to classroom with guns drawn, trying to gather as much information as they could, while assuring that students were safe and they can minimize any threat that might have been on campus. you probably just saw some cell phone video we received from apparent who was here waiting to hear about the status of her seventh grade child. her child is waiting. hiding underneath a table with her other classmates , a teacher was going to lock the door barricades or close all
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the windows and turn off the lights. we've been talking all afternoon about how, unfortunately in the reality that we are in these students and teachers and administrators at schools here in oakland, across california and the entire country. practice these drills in the event of an active shooter, they know what to do they know how to respond, as does law enforcement. now, that leaves certainly a lot of frightened and worried parents that we're waiting to hear about the status of their children as they went through that reunification side, as well as lining this street looking for any answers. here's what some of them told us. i got a phone call from my kid's mother. then you can hear the gunshots going off as she was speaking to me. she was crying. um i know it's three schools and one didn't have too much information. but i just dashed over here as soon as i could. what's going through your head man. i was about to arrest the police because they wouldn't i was right there first in line. they wouldn't let me through. and i asked him what it was your daughter. you know what i'm
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saying? but you know i respected them and they said everything was calm. police on my daughter's side, so that made me feel a little better. scare. i was thinking the worst so i'm still shaking little nervous on campus when this happened outside the school. did you hear the gunshots? just here? like shooting? i didn't see i didn't think to look around. i just turn around to see the school. and i just hear like somebody was shooting and they closed the door and that only nobody get in. you can imagine a lot of angst and fear from these parents that we're here looking for their children looking to hear what happened, looking for any sort of answers as to what had occurred here. we should add that just down the street from us, maybe half a block from this campus, there is a montessori school with children from ages. 0 to 4, and we also saw those parents rushing to pick up their little ones to get them to
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safety and in their arms and obviously we understand no children were injured in the shooting today. six adults but certainly a community that has been severely impacted by gun violence here in oakland over the last week and a half and while no students may have been physically harmed, certainly the emotional and mental impact is playing a role. we've seen pastors from the police department and allied agencies arriving to meet with teachers to meet with staff to meet with students and parents. if they are here, just trying to walk them through a very difficult time. that certainly is not going to go away anytime soon, guys. yeah just a traumatic day for everyone involved, greg. we're just curious if you heard anything about the victims, six adults injured today. the relationship the connection to the school. do we know anything about those people? julie what we heard from that brief news conference from oakland pd is that they do believe that those six adults are affiliated with this school or the schools in some way. how they are affiliated is not known at this
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point, as well as unknown about if the shooter or shooters are connected to this school campus in any way, but obviously that will be part of their investigation. i can tell you just anecdotally as we've spoken to some witnesses and parents. some parents said they knew security guards were on campus. this as we know usc does not have school resource officers, but there were security officers on campus, so we're unsure if they were involved at all. but certainly we heard from students that those security officers were working to secure classrooms and then working to get students to safety. appreciate the clarification right there. greg lee live tonight in oakland. and thank you for the coverage today, greg. just a short time ago, governor newsom did issue a statement on that shooting. he put it out on twitter, saying today shooting at an oakland school was a horrifying acts of violence that has grown too familiar yet again. our kids were in the crossfire. this cannot continue. gun violence has taken too much from our communities. mayor libby schaaf released a statement also on
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twitter, saying in part today's gun violence shocks the soul. our schools are sanctuaries for our children, the unbridled access to firearms in our country is inexcusable. the victims in the shooting were taken to highland hospital and eden medical center for treatment. we heard from the ceo of alameda health system just a little more than an hour ago. henry lee continues our live team coverage with that part of the story, henry. good evening. how in hospital. good evening to you, mike. all the six shooting victims have ash school complex . three were indeed taken here at highland hospital in oakland, all adults and from the administration. we have heard that all those three adults, two are in critical but stable condition, a third described as being stable. also expected to be ok. at this point, we don't know as you mentioned the relationship. of these three adults to the school, their ages. their generous about what we do know that they are being treated here is the local trauma center staff here. the doctors, nurses all too well versed on handling gunshot. which is many
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, many years. police lauding the efforts of the medical staff here of highland, but what we do know i can't off the six shooting victims. three were taken here. all adults in critical but stable. third is expected to be okay. we did hear from james jackson, the ceo of the alameda health system, which is the parent company of highland. he says he is saddened by this, as in oakland resident here's what he had to say. this is a problem in 2021 2022. we've seen almost a doubling of the violent crimes victims that we're seeing here at our facility, so something has changed. i'm a son of oakland. i grew up in oakland. this is not the oakland that i grew up in. one. and earlier today this afternoon, highly we saw oakland police, both uniformed and plainclothes detectives from the criminal investigation division here outside the hospital. taking those there is certainly effort to talk to the victim's
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if and when they are medically cleared ongoing investigation, oakland police will be working with their law enforcement partners, including at francisco , which tweeted that they will be supporting oakland police in this effort again. a lot of guns have been seized by oakland police in recent months, but they say again, tragically, there's still too many more weapons that are out there. that is the legs from highland hospital. henry lee reporting live in oakland. back to you guys. all right, henry. thank you for that unified school district spokesman jon sasaki said oakland schools are safe and condemned today's violence. we want these to be oasis for our kids. these are safe places . this kind of thing does not happen in our schools. it's you know, we you know, obviously there was something that happened earlier in the year and another one of our schools, but in the six years i've been here. we've had very, very few incidents like this. and so i want everybody to understand that this is a community issue that we need to come together to solve, sasaki said. there will be counselors at the schools on fontaine street for any student
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or teacher who needs someone to talk to. we also heard from the oakland education association president keith brown, he said, in part, quote we have been through this just a few weeks ago and we can't wait any longer to come together to invest in. real solutions. educators are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep our schools safe. we have major concerns over the resources that are readily available to support the needs of our students. our schools should be safe havens for students free from the fear of gun violence. and parents with students on campus were told to meet their children at mountain boulevard and fontaine street. and that is where our team coverage continues tonight with ktvu s brooks jarocz brooks there's a real sense of calm and relief very different from a few hours ago when parents were frantically arriving at st tough birds behind me, that is the spot where there were dozens of children just waiting to get picked up and be reunited with their parents. imagine getting that call on your cell phone. a
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robocall that informs you that there has been an incident at school and you need to not go to school. but come to this location to see if your child is okay. many parents described that panic the fear on the highway of trying to get here to this spot to be reunited with their children. here's how one parent describes it for our children safety and thinking, maybe i should take her out of school. and possibly get her home trained because, um, just overall fear of you know the kids and their safety. we've seen so many incidents violent incidents involving guns across the city of oakland for it to happen at a school again. what do you make of it? it's sad. it's sad. and i also like, um there has to be something done about it. you know, people need to be held accountable. it's not okay. these are children. what would you like to see? done anything that comes to mind more
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security at the schools. more security at the schools and just us safer routine for the kids. that feeling is shared by many parents i spoke with, you know in oakland, many of the school resource officers or police officers. they've all been taken out of the schools and several city council members i spoke with say they are now going to begin active discussions to see if they need to be re implemented and have that discussion with parents and community groups and that sort of thing. but many parents that i spoke with still say they're not sure when they want to send their kids back to school. i asked lauren taylor city council member about the increasing violence we've seen across oakland and get another school shooting in the city. listen to what he had to say. guns were on our school campuses where our babies are supposed to be protected, and that is out of control. we need to do more to protect the lives of our kids,
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and that means bringing the resources that are necessary, keeping the guns off the street. so as you can imagine, this is going to be one of those long discussions where they're going to talk about funding. they're going to talk about police officer safety and what can be done not only at school but also in neighborhoods and homes. they spoke with a couple of community groups that say it really has to start in the community where people can start meeting one another again, talking with each other and making sure that guns are not in the hands of kids or people that shouldn't have them. just going through. you can't even imagine as parents what something like this would be like. it's just really, really scary. and brooks. of course, all of this comes today on a really violent week and a half in oakland. there were nine people shot and killed in just the past 10 days. have you heard anything out there tonight as the oakland police and authorities are working to track
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down who did this today if there was one shooter or multiple shooters. we haven't had the opportunity to talk to police. we do know that they have said in the press conference that there is at least one shooter, but i can tell you from parents i've met here. sometimes it's what they don't say. you see it in their eye, whether it's tears or just that relief when they make contact with their child, the hugs the embracing. the feeling of oh, he or she is okay . i mean that we saw time and time again and then when i come up to them and try to chat with them, it's sort of this sense of sadness and anger that they say yet again in our community. this is happening. you can see it in that one woman's face he spoke to she did the concern that she has in just dropping her child off on campus. that she may have to homeschool from here on out, um yeah. you feel voices? we shouldn't be experiencing that as parents. alright, brooks jarocz parents feel that
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way right back? yep. brooks jarocz live tonight in oakland appreciate the coverage over the last five hours. brooks you monitor the latest on the shooting and bring you more updates throughout the evening. a quick reminder. by the way here, you can also get the latest breaking news and other information on the ktvu news app . it is free to download for apple and android devices. coming up. a man accused of rape and domestic violence was hiding from police inside a clothing store for hours in the east bay police were able to arrest him when he thought he was in the clear. also ahead. hurricane in makes its way across the state of florida, knocking power out to a million and a half customers and leaving plenty of devastation in its path. and i'll take a look at ian real quick. it's behind me now, but we'll get into that. plus we'll look at the weekend forecast coming up. also ahead tonight, governor newsom promises to take action on the state's housing af rdab
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neighborhoods, trap people in their homes and knocked out power to more than a million and a half people in florida. this is video of trees down and flooding in sarasota this afternoon, the storm made landfall as a category four hurricane at about noon, our time hitting southwestern florida with 150 mile an hour winds boxes. ashley soriano joins us live tonight from tampa, florida and actually understand the heart of this storm. the i really hit about 100 miles south. from where you are saying that the what are the conditions right now in tampa? hey good evening, guys. great question. yes so i'm here in downtown tampa, where we just happened to miss the eye of the hurricane. but as you can see, we still of course, are getting some of the effects of that with strong winds and some rain pouring down right now the winds really picked up, i would say about around six p.m. in the specific area i'm at i've been out here all day. it's been a consistent the wind has been
6:19 pm
pretty consistent at this pace right now. there hasn't been too much damage from what i can see again in my specific area. there have been few aluminum signs falling down from some of the buildings just across the way from me. you can see a few cars are on the road. there are few and far between. but there are some people some people who are braving the roads, but it's not recommended for evacuations. um it's a bit too late to evacuate . the governor of florida has said it's too dangerous to do so . so for those people who didn't evacuate they should hunker down. back to you guys a minimum . it's going to be a very strong category four. that's going to rank as one of the top five hurricanes to ever hit the florida peninsula. i'm sorry, guys. can you repeat that?
6:20 pm
ashley, we are just looking at the pictures where you are. it's really windy. you can hear the wind kind of howling behind you. you said obviously, tampa was supposed to obviously take almost a direct hit last night, but it the storm the hurricane went below. it went to the south to the east there and just kind of missed tampa so like dodged a bullet. does it look like you said there are a few cars, but for the most part, the town is completely deserted and businesses boarded up. oh yeah, absolutely. businesses have boarded up the only business i know of in walking distance that i've seen is one hotel, but they're also boarded up as well. many um, within walking distance in this downtown area are evacuated as well. so not many people here did look out as you mentioned, not getting that direct hit, but it's looking like it's heading more inland towards the orlando area, so that's something for them to look out for as well. all right, ashleigh soriano in tampa for us tonight. stay safe out there, ashleigh. thank you. chief
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meteorologist. bill martin joins us now here in studio and it was really like i said. 100 miles to the south. that's really where this thing hit right got hammered in fort myers, naples, your julie pointed out. this thing kind of ditched, dipped to the east a little bit and caught and went in well under tampa bay, tampa bay was the worst case scenario and the thing about this storm that's also impressive is back in the nineties. i was here for andrew, actually working at channel two on sunday nights. and the that happened overnight. it was a huge hurricanes. you remember, but it happened overnight. this was in real time happening during the day being witnessed by everybody, and it's continuing. it's just sort of kind of surreal to see a storm this powerful moving through neighborhoods were not getting the full reports yet either. we don't know what's happened in a lot of areas like the florida keys and areas that well, i've seen pictures from the keys are pretty nasty, so lots of storm surge lots of rain. it's just it's just a bad storm. it's a really bad storm. it's
6:22 pm
historic, essentially, and this is the problem. you probably never have another hurricane ian, right? because they're gonna retire the name on this thing. this is a massive event, and it's still going on. it has recently been dropped from a category three right now down to a category two and that will drop quickly to one and probably quickly to a tropical storm. but not before it has completely devastated the coastline, the east, the west coast and now central florida and will move up towards the carolinas. as you can see, here and again now it's a rain event in his mic pointed out, and i actually just saw that i don't know if it's a real picture. but you know shark on the freeway. you're seeing snakes every because right? the water floods. these rodents are animals or anything. have they have to go somewhere? and so that everything just gets real messy. it gets really complex down there at this point, but right now that we've got it at a category two by thursday morning should be category one and then down to a, um tropical storm which is still a big deal, because it's going to drop a lot of rain. there's so many points to this story. i'm just getting
6:23 pm
all you know i could go on and on. but just suffice to say they're not going to name another hurricane ian. that's how big this is. this is the these are our numbers today and again. it's such a juxtaposition right? because here we are talking about one of the worst weather events we've seen in decades. and now we're dealing our weather, which is stunning, right good fire weather in terms of concerns for fire danger. temperatures on the mild side weekend just around the corner tomorrow is going to warm slightly friday warms a little bit more. we'll get more specific with that when i see you back here. all right, bill c in a bit. thank you. the state's unemployment department has been plagued with problems since the pandemic. the signs that leaders of the g d r, taking complaints seriously. advocates for the homeless, accused san francisco city leaders of trying to ignore the problem, their ideas for what they say or a better solution.
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targeting the state's housing crisis. the governor along with other state, local and housing and labor leaders, were at the future site of an affordable housing development in san francisco's richmond district. this afternoon, governor newsom signed a bill package to build more housing across california. he said the bills will accelerate construction of new housing and create thousands of new jobs. this is a moment on a journey to reconcile the original sin. the original sin of the state of california, and that's the issue of housing and affordability. it touches more things in more ways on more days than any other issue. it is at
6:27 pm
the core of the expression of so much they frustration many of us have about our state and our future. the governor also announced $1.2 billion in funding for 30 shovel ready projects around the state. financing for those projects had been stalled because they've been unable to obtain tax credits coalition on homelessness has filed a lawsuit alleging san francisco has violated the civil rights of the city's homeless as ktvu is christian captain reports. the lawsuit says the city has violated its own laws and betrayed the city's most vulnerable. advocates for san francisco's homeless have filed suit in federal court, alleging the city's treatment of its homeless has been a violation of its own laws and values. the lawsuit says. the city has threatened homeless people with citations. even when san francisco didn't have shelter space available for them put homeless people at risk of further harm through its policies and has illegally seized belongings of homeless people. the mass property destruction where the city is coming in taking people surviving survival, belongings,
6:28 pm
their tents, their blankets, market pros, which is cell phones being taken, and then they're not being offered any services. they're just being ordered to move out of the area. attorneys from the lawyers committee for civil rights say the lawsuit has already been filed in federal court in the city has been put on notice. for its part, the city attorney's office released a statement reading in part, the city is acutely focused on expanding our temporary shelter in permanent housing options. to alleviate homelessness crisis and that it's going to be reviewing the lawsuit. cooper arana says she spent years on housed in san francisco and witnessed firsthand the treatment of some of the city's homeless by the city's police and public work crews when he sweeps happen. they come in, and they are so disrespectful. so cruel. so they have no heart there. taking people's last little bit. that they have left on this earth you know, and throwing it in the trash could take months or years to resolve. but for now, the attorneys for the city's homeless or asking for an end to sweeps of homeless encampments. ultimately they say, they want
6:29 pm
more affordable housing for all oversight on how the city treats its on housed population in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. we are staying on top of breaking news today, shooting on the campus of an oakland school. at least six adults have been hurt, and at this hour authorities are still looking for the shooter. police in the east bay used forklifts, drones and crisis negotiators to try to get a rape suspect out of hiding at a clothing store that tactics that were ultimately used o arre
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the king estate campus is a large property home to multiple schools near five etienne keller . police say the shooting happened around 12 45 this afternoon. six people were wounded, some found on campus. all victims are adults to remain in critical condition and parents with students on campus were told to meet their children at mountain boulevard and fontaine street this afternoon, parents say they received a robocall from the school notifying them about an incident on campus and that they needed to pick up their children immediately. students were safely evacuated and have now been reunited with their families. no arrests have been made. and you are watching ktvu fox two news here at 6 30 hurricane in making its way right now across florida, and millions of people remain in the storm's path. the storm is one of the most powerful ever recorded in the us it turned streets into rivers knocked out
6:33 pm
power to more than 1.6 million people and threatening catastrophic damage further inland. a coastal sheriff's office reported that it was getting many calls from people trapped inside homes. the hurricane center struck near k. acosta protected barrier island just west of the heavily populated fort myers, florida governor, rhonda santos speaking out about the help that will come once the danger has passed. as soon as it moves beyond southwest florida, you're going to see a massive surge of personnel and supplies to be able to help those who are in need, get people back on their feet and help to rebuild those communities. the massive storm is expected to trigger flooding across a wide area of florida as it slowly crawls to the northeast. the federal government remains on alert as the hurricane crosses the state of florida. the biden administration promising assistance as soon as the storm moves out of the region right now, though, there are more than 1300 federal response workers on the ground. the storm is now
6:34 pm
disrupting offshore oil and gas production in the gulf, with some employees evacuating. and today president biden had this to say to fossil fuel companies do not use this new excuse to raise gasoline prices are gradually american people. america's watching the industry should do the right thing. the oil industry says market forces determine gas prices, not company's president biden has said to visit fema headquarters tomorrow for a briefing on hurricane ian and you can find on interrupted coverage of hurricane ian on the fox weather wrap that includes live coverage from florida. just use your phone to scan that. q r code. it's right there on your screen, or you can go to fox weather dot com a man wanted for rape and domestic violence has now been captured after spending nearly 18 hours hiding out inside a nordstrom rack store in pleasant hill, katie view camera was there as he was taken away in handcuffs. ktvu is cristina rendon has the details. ktvu photographer rushed to the back of the nordstrom store in pleasant hill around 11 45
6:35 pm
wednesday morning, capturing the arrest of 26 year old joseph ramos. ramos is wanted out of pittsburgh for rape, domestic violence innovating police police officers search ramos, who appeared to be wearing a sweater from the store to hide tactical gear underneath. that body gear was confiscated, along with the plastic bag. kind of shocked to find out that there was somebody hiding in their glad they got him. nordstrom rack. shoppers found the store closed for the day with no clue that a man wide for violent crimes had been hiding inside since tuesday long time. 18 hours long, long time. wow it started around six p.m. police say ramos had left pittsburgh in a stolen car, drove to pleasant hill and ran into the nordstrom rack to get away from authorities that prompted the store and nearby safe way to be evacuated. it's believed he hit out in the ceiling, ignoring any attempts from swat negotiators overnight into the early morning hours. a number of resources,
6:36 pm
including lifts and drones were brought in to search for ramos, but he couldn't be located at one point police that ramos had changed clothes and walked out hours prior. they cleared the area wednesday morning, but left an undercover officer behind that around 11:45 a.m. police say nordstrom rack employees reported seeing ramos lower himself from the ceiling. and run through the back door. he was tackled by nordstrom rack loss prevention agents and arrested by police. after nearly 18 hours, nobody gets hurt. that's that's that's the main thing. as long as nobody got hurt. and he got arrested. that's crazy. well, i'm really glad they got him. i hope that you know whatever it is that he had going on that he gets. you know, the justice that he deserves almost will now be handed over to pittsburgh police . that agency did not respond to our calls for comment, nor did nordstrom's corporate office in pleasant hill. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. a security guard at a school in the south bay accused of sexually
6:37 pm
assaulting a student. the evidence that the girl's mother uncovered that lead to an arrest also had tonight. after initially resisting governor newsom has signed a bill into law that expands the union rights of farmworkers. the reason behind the governor's change f opinion.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. strides to improve its customer service and claims operations, according to the state's auditor's office. the has implemented 19 of the 21
6:40 pm
recommendations made by that office. the has improved its operations and dealing with economic downturns. it's also made improvements to its fraud prevention and detection protocols, and the agency is also implemented recommendations for dealing with the need for more staffing and increased workload. it is no secret that throughout the covid-19 pandemic , the employment development department failed california department was inundated with calls from desperate californians and dire need of help. this extraordinary increase in claims resulted in long wait times and service failures. it also resulted in tremendous financial loss fraudsters who took advantage of the pandemic still billions of dollars. the update on the progress came today during a meeting of the assembly accountability and administrative review. committee committee members say improvements have been made, but more work is needed to restore the public's trust in the department today, governor newsom signed a bill that will
6:41 pm
expand the union rights of farmworkers. the governor's office also finalized an agreement with the united farm workers and the california labor federation to clarify language next year. ensuring worker protection. newsome called california's farm workers the lifeblood of the state, he says they have a fundamental right to unionize and advocate for themselves. since taking office , the governor has made investments in farmworker, housing and resource centers. his office has also improved healthcare and food assistance for the workers. we're tracking the in. still will take a look at that where it stands now and then we'll look into your bay area five day forecast for the weekend just around the corner. let's go to ktvu as heather holmes. now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus, julie, we're going to continue our coverage of today's shooting at that school at oakland how the school district is responding to a suggestion from some parents that they were not notified quickly enough. also knew at seven tonight clinical trial but alzheimer's drug is offering
6:42 pm
some encouraging results. we'll talk live with the alzheimer's association about the significance of this new data, those stories and a lot more coming up in just a few minutes on the seventh over on ktvu plus soon, heather, thank you for that. but first year after the break, tiktok facing a number of legal troubles that dozens of lawsuits filed by parents who are now
6:43 pm
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welcome to subway's biggest refresh yet. they're drafting 12 new subs for their all-new subway series menu. you've never seen subs like this before chuck. meteoric meatiness, and chowtown cheesiness... let's go to our panel for more appetizing analysis. the new monster's bacon has consummate craveable crispiness! the new boss is a perfect ten. (♪ ♪) wait, what are we talking about? gronk! thank you for... nothing. (laughs) the new subway series. what's your pick? agents have been safely reunited with family after a shooting at the king of state campus. it is a large property home to multiple schools right near five etienne keller avenue. police actually say that once they got on scene, they were able to quickly clear all of the buildings. as for injuries, we
6:45 pm
do know six people were wounded . some were found on campus. all victims are adults. once again on scene, law enforcement were able to search the campus and evacuated all the buildings so far, police say no arrests have been made. a school contract security guard is in jail tonight accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year old student in san jose. the crime is prompting new questions now about school safety are south bay reporter jesse gary explains what investigators have learned so far. there's a lot more predators out there in the digital world than there ever have been in the past detectives with the san jose police internet crimes against children unit say they arrested hosts weigh baraza earlier this month , the 39 year old contract security guard is accused of sexual assault against a student at kipp navigate college prep in east san jose really does concern me, especially like i said, having a daughter here. investigators say the victim's mother found messages from baraza to the girl on the
6:46 pm
child's cell phone. she alerted police who started an investigation and then made an arrest. september 21st. this is a person of trust who had a lot of contact with students. we believe there may be additional victims, email, kip officials say. in part, this person is an employee with admiral security services and has not worked on campus since june 8th. we will collaborate with san jose police and have launched an internal investigation into this matter. admiral security reps say they have no comment about barraza. meanwhile some parents say they'll keep a closer eye on their children and their kids devices. anybody can gain anyone's trust anyone, especially when you're a teacher, security guard or something you automatically kind of feel safe with them. sheriff's department officials say baraza is at elmwood correctional facility. bail has not been set police investigators when parents talk to their children because they believe there could be more victims outside san jose police headquarters, jesse gary ktvu faxed to news and food workers
6:47 pm
at san francisco international or are on strike for a third day in a row workers at restaurants , bars, cafes and airline lounges have been walking the picket line outside the terminals. many of those businesses are closed or staff by managers. the employees say that they are not paid a living wage that is adequate to support living right here in the bay area, the council that represents dozens of food outlets at the airport has not commented yet on the strike. oakland international is celebrating the completion of the major runway project, the airports, bravo and victor taxiways received new enhancements and lighting. the project. cost about $30 million . the two taxiways connect the airports north and south fields and are the two busiest out at the airport. nearly all aircraft operating at okay, will touch taxiways victor and bravo at some point during their time here. that includes passenger. cargo and general aviation flight operations. the oakland
6:48 pm
airport also has new and updated aircraft rescue and firefighting rigs fleet last year fire station 22 at the airport responded to about 30 emergency calls related to aircraft at the airport. social media companies , including the owners of snapchat, tiktok and instagram are facing dozens of lawsuits from parents who alleged that the social media apps are harming their kids boxes. gillian turner tells us congress is also getting involved. in dozens of new lawsuits, parents are now holding social media giants meta and tiktok responsible for severe damage to their kids calling the platforms dangerous. they are blaming them for everything from anxiety and depression to eating disorders and substance abuse. in seven of 70 plus suits. the plaintiffs are parents whose children have committed suicide. most of these suits take aim at facebook's parent company, meta, followed closely by snap parent company of snapchat, then bite dance parent company of tiktok. the pharmaceutical journal is out with a new explosive report that
6:49 pm
reveals tiktok promoted prescription drugs as weight loss solutions to teens and kids . i think the reason why parents need to be concerned about young people send it spending a lot of time on screens is really about the idea that their brains aren't fully developed yet. bipartisan bill is now working its way through capitol hill spearheaded by senators blackburn and blumenthal. they say they're cracking down on the very real danger posed by these apps. one of the things we have learned from parents is that they wanted to get to protect their children online. many of them did not realize what was happening until the pained emmick kit. this isn't just a crisis here at home across the atlantic, tiktok is now facing a $30 million potential penalty in the uk for breaching data protection rules for kids. in washington. gillian turner fox news. alrighty a quick look at e in where it is now behind me and where it's going to go right
6:50 pm
now. it's in the central part of florida, where it's going to go is kind of to the north and a little bit towards the east and make a second landfall by tomorrow into the south carolina region, but it's a lot of rain and it's slow moving. i mean, that's that's a lot of rain in a short in a in a very slow moving hurricane, and that's sort of what we've got. now it's down to a category two. it was a three just a bit ago. now it's down to two little drop to one the next few hours and then from there should fall apart fairly rapidly, hopefully, but again just because the categories dropping doesn't mean the thing is not lethal. i mean it's dropping dumping. just dredging rain constantly with this thing so flooded streets storm surge residue. creeks are overflowing . they already were wet and parts of florida in this part of florida had, uh, pretty good rain events up before this happened, so they're definitely fighting it now and sort of against one of those things. i'm always surprised by this. i used to think it was just third world
6:51 pm
countries. we see these hurricanes come onshore. and then you wouldn't know much about what had happened. okay, look at that. if you're not watching your tv, check this out. that's pretty cool, but we wouldn't get much good information about what was happening was, you know it's you know, costa rica or somewhere it's hard to get out of, but even in the united states, and that's what we're seeing now, you're not getting a lot of stuff out of the keys. the florida keys. you're not getting a lot of information. there's not it will start to flood out here in the next 24 hours, and i think we're all going to be pretty. um shocked, not surprised, but shocked. really the devastation this thing has wrought for us. we've got a light system to the north of us. that low has kept us basically. light on the fire conditions, fire danger always high, but because that low sits there, it continues a mile. there are higher humidity pattern, which allows firefighters if a fire were to start makes him hard. that makes it hard to start when you get temperatures like these, but if something were to start, you would be able to jump on it quickly, and we have seen that
6:52 pm
over the last week or so. last couple of weeks. we've had those rains which were beneficial, and now we've got a pattern that pushes a lot of fog inland. tomorrow morning. we've got yellows tomorrow. which your seventies oranges or eighties it's going be a nice day tomorrow very similar today but slightly warmer, and then we go into friday's little bit warmer , still might see some low nineties on friday. and then we kind of level off and go back into the eighties. so it's a really from my point of view. it's a outstanding forecasts in the terms of fire danger, and the air quality concerns that we do have until we get those first range. i'll see you back here tonight at 10, julie. we'll see that in bill. thank you become the birthday tribute today for a bay area icon in america's oldest park ranger, and here's a look right now at tonight's primetime lineup on ktvu. you can catch the mass singer tonight at eight, followed by lego masters at nine and be sure to join us for the 10 and 11
6:53 pm
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in says it's focusing on giving american families the information and resources they need to eat healthy. president biden reiterated that pledge during remarks at the white house conference on hunger, nutrition and health, the president says part of his infrastructure law helps with
6:56 pm
better food access, and his national strategy calls for medical professionals to be trained. to spot signs of hunger. our national strategy to expand access to nutrition and obesity counseling so they can get the guidance they need to stay healthy, both in too many underserved communities, urban, rural and tribal there's nowhere to buy fresh food from miles or safe places for kids to play or adults exercise. i've signed the bipartisan infrastructure law creates space to live work and play safely. the president also says he's working to make at least nine million more children eligible for free school meals. the i m c h. san francisco is joining the fight to end hunger in conjunction with the white house's conference on hunger. the stones down i m c h. san francisco is holding its food pantry day of service. it's a partnership with the san francisco marine food bank. today, volunteers are packing and delivering food bags to people in need. the y m c. a food pantry open during the pandemic and still provides food to hundreds of families a week.
6:57 pm
this is a pantry that actually opened up during the pandemic. before this, it did not exist, and now it's the second most used pantry in the city over 800 families a week come to this site for food, and it all started during the pandemic. the food pantry is open once a week on wednesdays from noon to four at the stones town family y m. c, a on eucalyptus drive there in san francisco. well the woman known as america's oldest park ranger, is celebrating her 101st birthday this morning, betty reid soskin visited classrooms at the school named for her in richmond. the school also hosted a birthday celebration and ceremony to honor misread. she shared some of her personal stories and experiences with the students and told them how it feels to be 101. um how did you start to get 101 years old house ? it feel yahoo! mhm a little bit older than 100. yes. but
6:58 pm
it's probably the best time of my life. saskin officially retired last year from the national park service. for years , she led public programs that the rosie the riveter world war , two home front national historical park in richmond, and in 2015, she was introduced to president obama during a ceremony in washington. d c t read hoskin a happy birthday to you. i love how she says she's living the best time. i love that. that is so sweet and so great to hear live news coverage of this afternoon school shooting by the way in oakland continues at seven. oclock over on ktvu plus six adults were injured this afternoon. two are in critical condition at this hour over at highland hospital. and the search continues tonight for the gunman or shooters. we don't know yet how many people were involved. but again, all students were safe. but just a very traumatic day for people. parents educators in oakland more coverage tonight right now on ktvu. plus, we'll see you
6:59 pm
back here tonight at 0. kites, ho! kites, ho! kites, ho! all: kites, ho! excuse me. you're misusing the word "ho." it's an interjection used to call attention to a destination, not an object, as in, uh, "land, ho!" or, uh, "westward, ho!" all: kites, ho! hey, guys. whatcha doin'? going out to discover electricity? if you're referring to the work of benjamin franklin, he did not "discover electricity," he merely used a kite to determine that lightning "consists" of electricity. he also invented the franklin stove, bifocals and the flexible urinary catheter. kites, ho. we're heading out for some kite fighting. "kite fighting"? oh, yeah. it's an extremely competitive, cutthroat sport. well, actually, the risk of throat cutting is very low.
7:00 pm
on the other hand, severe string burn is a real and ever-present danger. you want to come watch? oh, gee... sounds amazing. but, um, i've got some friends coming over. not a big thing-- we're just gonna watch the nebraska game. oh. football, sure. (sotto voce): good guess. i would've invited you, but i know you're not a football fan. no, no, i'm not, so... great. you've got plans doing something you like, i've got plans doing something i like, so it's good. well, maybe we'll hang out later-- you know, after everybody's gone. yeah, great. see ya. well, this sucks. i'm sorry, i got bored and drifted off. where exactly in the interaction did the sucking lie? leonard just realized that penny's been hiding him from her friends because he's a tiny, little man who flies kites. oh, that certainly would suck.


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