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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 28, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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demanding change the search to be protected. people have the resources that they need. then you have less violence. people are here fighting to live tonight. police are searching for at least one shooter. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. six adults were wounded in that shooting. two of those victims were found inside a school. police say the gunfire broke out at about 12 45 and the king of state's campus in east oakland. it's a large property, home to three schools and also the headquarters for an independent study program. the campus is located on fontaine street near 5. 80. keller avenue, ktvu. rouz lamonica. peters joins us now live with the latest on what happened, lamonica. julie mike. this is one of those incidents that no parent or family member ever wants to have to face around 12 45 this afternoon. police say they responded to the campus shooting at king estate, secure the school and got as many people as they could to safety. still the scene was
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pretty chaotic. how can people relax when there's an active shooter in there and your kids? your nephew? your cousin, somebody is in there. the shooting wednesday afternoon at the robertsdale continuation school on the king of state campus, created panic and chaos amongst parents and concerned loved ones who heard the news that people have been wounded by gunfire. phone call from my kid's mother. and you can hear the gunshots going off as she was speaking to me. she was crying. um i know it's three schools and one didn't have too much information. but i just dashed over here as soon as i could care for our children safety and thinking maybe i should take her out of school. police say six adults who have some affiliation with the school where shot they were all transported to local hospitals there. last update says two people were suffering life threatening injuries. one person was released. two people were pending release and the remainder had non life threatening injuries. anytime there's a shooting community.
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it's a complete tragedy. but as a parent, i completely understand the fear. the emotion, the panic. and shootings are occurring at our schools. their young children. and it's completely wholly unacceptable. oakland unified school district says they got information out to parents as soon as they could, though some parents complained it wasn't fast enough. the district says counseling will be available for those involved. oakland city leaders also weighed in on the school shooting and the violence that continues to plague the community. i'm still processing because it's frustrating that our kids can't be in a safe environment. schools used to be off limits feeling that sense that we all have in this community that we've had enough. this cannot be our norm. king of states will not be open for classes on thursday. oakland police say they're following up on all leads, but they haven't made any arrest. julie. still so
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many dots to connect lamonica. have we learned anything new about the shooter or shooters? any descriptions, whether they were on foot or in a car and any word on whether there's any surveillance video that can help investigators track down? who did this? well the oakland police department, along with oakland unified held a press conference earlier today, and they were not giving a lot of details. we do know that it happened on the ruts dale side of the campus, the continuation school. they didn't tell us whether or not there were teachers, staff faculty or all of the above involved in the shooting some of the victims they also didn't you know they weren't clear about whether or not this happens inside of the school, the continuation school or whether it happened just outside. we really don't know. i think they're keeping this information, um in right now because they are still trying to follow all the leads, and i don't think they want to release
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information that could be important. to this investigation and also lamonica two victims are in critical condition tonight. have we learned anything about them? whether they're men or women or whether they worked for the school? all they would tell us is that these people who were shot were affiliated. i don't know what that means. they were employees or contract workers. they didn't mention whether or not there were men or women. of course, they said there were not any children involved. so there's just still a lot of unanswered questions. and i'm assuming that oakland police will give us that information when they think it's appropriate or if they get that information. they said they were still investigating at the time of the press conference investigators working right now to try to find answers to many of those questions, lamonica. thank you. a spokesperson for the oakland unified school district condemned today's violence and said it is offering support to anyone who needs it. we have counseling available already will have counseling
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from the school itself and from district the district offices. they're ready to support all of our students, staff families. anybody who needs support to get through this obviously very traumatic incident for everybody . governor newsom condemned the shooting writing on twitter today, shooting at an oakland school was a horrifying act of violence that has grown too familiar yet again. our kids were in the crossfire. this cannot continue. gun violence has taken too much. much from our communities, continuing string of gun violence in oakland over the last couple of weeks now touching that school community ktvu is jana katsuyama picks up our team coverage with one group from the city trying to understand and trying to prevent the violence. no one should come to a school shooting. ever. ah your kid. be someone else's kid. mario juarez had to stop for a moment, tears coming as he thought of his son at bay tech charter school, and students at the three other schools caught in wednesday's shooting on king estates campus
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so painfully close, juarez says there had been violence before. about a month ago. there was a kid that was stabbed, i wrote rochdale, which is the continuation school, and he was pistol whipped. there was a gun recovered from school. there was a gun recover. a month ago i went to king. i went to all the schools. i was one of these kids . carter grew up in oakland. now she's what is called a violence interrupter with youth alive, a community based grassroots effort to stop violence and the pain people are feeling with shooting after shooting. when i got the call, i broke down and cried. anytime i shooting and homicide happened in the city of oakland. we are dispatched same time the police is people are here. fighting to live. people are living in survival mode, says she understands because she was once the one who held the gun found abandoned rejection. i didn't fit in nowhere. i was country. i had a speech problem. i was bullied at school. i didn't fit in. carter is one of
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a small army of community soldiers who've done soul searching to understand the reasons they turned to violence. so they can help others. people, you know, they can clock off at eight o'clock. we can't that's our reality. you know, our phones is ringing. our phones is ringing. it's getting text messages and we constantly got to work because we're trying to be a part of the solution will open. they have boots on the ground at every single shooting or homicide, sometimes more than one call a day. three calls a day we still be pulling up the crime scenes that 23 in the morning, 10 at night. whatever. just to try to show support and they're asking the community to join in the effort to stop violence we need to parents to pay attention to their children business business them ipads and check their phones. if you need somebody to talk to you were here. all right. we don't do the police work. we don't even engage with the police. we really community in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two
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news. and our coverage of the shooting continues at ktvu dot com. we will be monitoring the latest developments and bring you updates as we do learn more about the hurricane in. it has weakened to a category one storm tonight as it continues to move across florida, the severe storm bringing fierce winds, catastrophic flooding and drenching rain. residents who did not evacuate are hunkering down, watching the storm tear right through their communities. this is a house from across the street at the beach. there used to be a tree right there. somebody's rv came in our backyard. that's our pool. that's our deck. that that was my house. my house is gone. fort myers, about 100 miles south of tampa, is among the places hit hardest video showing vehicles in debris from destroyed
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buildings floating in flood waters. some homes completely gone. people are trapped in others that remain. the city is under right now. a 48 hour curfew except for emergency workers in brenton, florida, about 45 miles south of tampa, you can see strong winds ripping apart a houseboat. rainfall they're expected to total nearly one ft. over the course of the storm. flooding is also putting local water plants at risk right now, brandon 10 officials are asking residents to reduce their water use as one of the wastewater treatment plants there is full and could overflow . hurricane ian made landfall at k. acosta this afternoon as a category four hurricane with maximum winds reaching 150 miles an hour with more now on this intense storm, let's check in with our chief meteorologist, bill martin. yeah ian started out well, got up to category four this morning came on shore like that dropped quickly to a three. then do it too. now it's down to a category one. you're looking at a live radar imagery of the system as it moves it
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towards the central part of florida, and then it's weakening . but what's not weakening is the mighty the moisture plume that's involved with this thing, so the winds are dying down the central low pressure is dying down, but the rain is going to keep coming. you still have wind as well. these are just some live stations around the area. so you know, you still got sustained winds over 40 miles an hour up by melbourne orlando 41 mile an hour sustained winds with gusts to 51 that's pretty significant tropical storm soon as the system weakens over the next few hours, but then it's going to go back offshore and moved back into the carolinas and then have another landfall, most likely around savannah, georgia as a tropical storm, but again the rainfall potential with this storm is massive. so it's the real, uh, big fireworks are over for now. like that boom come onshore, big storm surge. now it's just as slow moving disaster right through the next 48 hours as it moves into the appalachians in north, i'll see
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you back here with your full forecast coming up. all right, bill. thank you. hurricane ian has now become one of the most damaging hurricanes in the history of florida foxes. madeline rivera has more on the storm's effect. in tampa. more than a million people left in the dark as hurricane ian heads north after making landfall in southwest florida as a category four storm wednesday, toppling trees, power lines and causing serious structural damage and several coastal cities, according to the governor of flooding is now the biggest issue, especially in communities hit hard by the storm surge in some areas. we think it's hit 12 ft. now it is our meteorologist view that the storm surge has likely peaked and will likely, you know, bb less in the in the coming hours, mobile home was spotted floating down a flooded street. in naples, firefighters waded through chest high water to salvage gear and to perform at least one water rescue numerous calls for help from people trapped inside their
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homes were also reported. in other cities. the governor says help is on the way more than 7000. national guard troops are ready to jump into action. once the weather clears, we're going to go and do whatever we can to help those folks, and so that is going to those operations are going to commence as soon as it's safe to do so while authorities work on recovery efforts. floridians patiently wait, hoping for the best. the way out of florida at the moment and probably stay here at the at the airport for the next two days and then make my way back to sarasota. we still have a home. and governor desantis has asked president biden for a major disaster declaration for all 67 counties in the state to help out with hurricane recovery efforts by and madeline. as we've been reporting, the heart of the storm really did hit about an hour and a half south of tampa where you are tonight,
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but i know the mayor of tampa has said that the next 24 hours really the most concerning for residents, specifically in the city that you're at, what are the biggest concerns for people who do live right now in tampa? biggest concerns for people here . flash flooding. that was the number one concern that tampa's mayor mentioned earlier today. i got to tell you that the conditions right now have eased up a lot. the wind and the rain. not as bad as it was earlier today, you can still see there is still some wind, but certainly not as bad when you compare it to what we were experiencing hours ago. we do have to remind people, though, that people are still being encouraged to stay off the roads . a few hours ago, the tampa police department tweeted out this video. traffic light. crashing down right in front of someone's car. a close call for sure. but that's what officials here are reminding people about the risk of flying and falling debris have also been taking a look around the area to see what sort of damages are around here. i gotta tell you here where we
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are right now in this area of downtown tampa, it looks pretty good, but that's not the case throughout other parts of the city. i've been monitoring the hillsborough county account that tampa is part of hillsborough county, and they have been tweeting out videos of cruz taking out debris, clearing out debris so absolutely they'll have a lot of work cut out for them over the next several days like yeah, maybe not. tampa but fort myers, dennis orlando, all getting hit very hard by this hurricane. madeline rivera live tonight in florida. madeline. thank you. of course. well, i heard the window crash. seconds thereafter that we had a car on our hip. we are hearing from the man who, along with his son were hit by a car that plowed through a trader joe's earlier this month, their road to recovery and their message for the driver . also the city of san francisco accused of violating the civil rights of homeless people. the lawsuit just filed in federal court.
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why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves. a tsunami and eastgate father and his young son, speaking out about the injuries they sustained when a car crashed right into a trader joe's store where they were shopping tomorrow will mark two weeks since that incident, gator views amberleigh live tonight in the
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newsroom with how the crash has affected the family. amber father tells me he's waiting to see if he'll need knee surgery and his son may have to undergo a second surgery. he says he'd like to see stores make changes that will better protect customers. but most of all, he's grateful that he and his son, along with the other victims survived the crash. well we're definitely taking it day by day . ah taking small steps towards , uh, recovering asthma and his five year old son are recuperating from their injuries at their home in hayward. come a long way, and i think we're on the up and up on our injuries september 15th around 3 40 in the afternoon. father and son were hit by a car that crashed into the trader joe's in castro valley, says he and his children were at the check stand having just paid for their groceries when he heard a loud revving noise from a car outside. i heard the window crash. seconds
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thereafter that we had a car on our hip pushing my son and i against the cashier counter and then, like a tsunami just pushes along into the store into the racks. fortunately 11 year old daughter was not in the path of the car. chp says a total of eight people were injured. some were struck by items sent flying by the crash, says he suffers from a severe ankle sprain and fractured left knee. his son benjamin needed emergency surgery the night of the crash. his injuries, including a broken right hip, left shoulder and pelvis, the five year old may need surgery for a severe tire burn on his left thigh walk again. go to the pike. chp identified the man who crashed his car into trader joe's, as raymond are dedo of hayward. investigators say he was driving at an unsafe speed made an
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unsafe turn and that pedal confusion played a role in the crash. chp says the 90 year old has been referred to dmv evaluation of his driving abilities. he was not cited and will not face criminal charges. we have no ill feelings toward him. so i hope everyone is doing well that was involved in the accident. i'm grateful for our well being to still be here with our family and friends. desmond tells me he'd like to see stores put up barriers out front to prevent this type of crash and he hopes dmv will do thorough and extensive evaluations of older drivers when renewing their licenses, decima says. he's a truck driver in the process of looking for a new job , which is now on hold. his wife has taken time off from her work to care for him and their son. a friend has started a go fund me to help the family reporting live in the newsroom, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. the coalition on homelessness has filed a lawsuit alleging san
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francisco has violated the civil rights of the city's homeless. ktvu is christien kafton tells us, the lawsuit says the city has violated its own laws and betrayed the city's most vulnerable. advocates for san francisco's homeless have filed suit in federal court, alleging the city's treatment of its homeless has been a violation of its own laws and values. the lawsuit says. the city has threatened homeless people with citations. even when san francisco didn't have shelter space available for them put homeless people at risk of further harm through its policies and has illegally seized belongings of homeless people. the mass property destruction where the city is coming in taking people surviving survival, belongings, their tents, their blankets, microprose, we see cell phones being taken, and then they're not being offered any services. they're just being ordered to move out of the area. attorneys from the lawyers committee for civil rights say the lawsuit has already been filed in federal court in the city has been put on notice. for its part, the city attorney's office released a statement reading in part, the city is acutely focused on
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expanding our temporary shelter in permanent housing options. to alleviate homelessness crisis and that it's going to be reviewing the lawsuit. cooper arana says she spent years on housed in san francisco and witnessed firsthand the treatment of some of the city's homeless by the city's police and public work crews when he sweeps happen. they come in, and they are so disrespectful. so cruel. so they have no heart that there taking people's last little bit. that they have left on this earth you know, and throwing it in the trash could take months or years to resolve . but for now, the attorneys for the city's homeless or asking for an end to sweeps of homeless encampments. ultimately they say, they want more affordable housing for all and oversight on how the city treats its on housed population in san francisco christian caftan ktvu. fox two news. okay it's been pretty pleasant around here. mild pattern. you know, it's been helpful with the fire danger. temperatures have been for this time of year. pretty reasonable. it warmed up a little bit and antioxidant up to
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89 degrees, but i would hardly call that hot in september. not that far from october. now 82 in napa 82 in vallejo, 82 in santa rosa. those are the highs from today highs tomorrow. going to be slightly warmer. let's say, uh, 56 degrees to someone like santa rosa. i think we'll go up into the upper eighties. i think we'll see a couple of low nineties tomorrow but not a heatwave by any means. and then friday, it will be as tad warmer than that. so it's going to be tomorrow operators, maybe a low 90 and then friday couple low nineties that's it and then temperatures kind of trend back down. plenty of fog at the coast the next few days, as you would expect, and just steady as she goes in terms of temperatures, no rain in the immediate forecast. air quality is looking pretty good and fire danger is manageable. i'll see you back here at 10 for the full forecast . sounds good. thank you. bill main arrest tonight in a fremont vandalism spree that targeted comcast internet cables. also ahead, an effort is underway to improve conditions in prisons. the systemic corruption exposed in the federal prison system. also some promising results in a
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clinical trial for an experimental alzheimer's d. what we know from researchers
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it has been arrested after going on a spree, cutting comcast fiber internet cables, officials say it happened at least four times over the past month near south grimmer and mission streets in fremont. comcast says thousands of customers were affective affected. ktvu has learned the suspect may also be linked to other high profile crimes. bipartisan group of us senators introduced legislation today to improve oversight and transparency in the crisis plague. federal bureau of prisons. this move comes following reporting from the associated press that exposed systemic corruption in the federal prison system. the bill would require the justice department to create a group to field complaints about prison conditions. it would also mandate the department's inspector general to evaluate risks and abuses at all 122 federal prisons. some promising
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news tonight in the efforts to treat alzheimer's. the makers of an experimental drugs say it showed significant benefits in phase three clinical trial by slowing cognitive decline in patients for more now on the drug and the results of the clinical trials. we spoke earlier tonight on the seven to elizabeth edgerly, the executive director of the alzheimer's association. no it's not a cure , and it may not completely reversed the symptoms. but even if we could slow the progression it may make it so people can live independently still drive hold down jobs engaged in the life that they would like to have without suffering from cognitive impairment. really says the clinical trial showed that the drug could slow the progression of the disease by about 27% compared to people not taking the drug. the drug still needs federal or final approval by the fda. a small scare security guard in san jose,
10:28 pm
accused of assaulting a teenage student tonight what investigators say they've learned about the case plus we have a couple of coolers with some dry ice in them sitting just in case we lose power. millions of people are still hunkering down tonight as hurricane ian continues on its destructive path across the state of florida. also an update tonight on the suspect who hid inside a conquered department store how the 18 hours long standoff came to an end and later in sports home run number 61 for aaron. judge look at the blast that s
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more than two million florida homes and businesses are without electricity and in three counties, nearly everyone has no power. let's get a quick update on ian's path back to chief meteorologist bill martin, we go . hey, bill, we are checking on the storm. that was a category four when it came onshore. now it's a category one. this system is weakening rapidly, and probably in the next few hours. it will be a tropical storm, but nonetheless, it's got a lot of moisture with it. so rainfall is the big concern here. maybe 18 inches of rain, more inches of rain 10 inches, perhaps on the low end, but this is going to spread all the way across central florida in the eastern florida and then up into the carolinas, so this story is far from done. it's really just getting started because some of the biggest problems are going to lie in this heavy rainfall accumulation as we go into savannah area and its coastal georgia. in those regions, so it's a big storm. it's going to be slow in letting up. i'll see you back here with your forecast, bill. thank you. thousands of florida residents knew the severity of the hurricane earlier this week and packed up what they could as
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they evacuated their homes. many took as many valuables and other items as they could. as one tampa resident explains they had to because they really did not know what was going to be left when they went back. i was terrified, and i really felt that we needed to get anything of value out of here because i didn't know whether we were gonna come back and find anything or not. besides the catastrophic flooding in many parts of the state, more than two million energy customers again without power tonight president biden today encourage those affected by the storm to listen to local officials and their warnings. he also warned oil companies not to use the storm as an excuse for raising prices. cast companies try to use this storm to raise prices. the pump i will ask officials to look into whether price gouging is going on. the president also accused oil companies of keeping prices high, even with the price of crude oil, dropping a man from concord who hid in the
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ceiling of the department store overnight, has been arrested. 26 year old joseph ramos was wanted out of pittsburgh for rape, domestic violence and evading police in a stolen vehicle. it was arrested by pleasant hill police this morning outside of nordstrom rack store. last night. police thought he had escaped, but instead, ramos had been hiding in across space for hours this morning when he was apprehended. he was wearing tactical gear and a stolen sweater. shoppers we spoke to said they were pleased that the entire ordeal ended peacefully. that's crazy. well, i'm really glad they got him. i hope that you know whatever it is that he had going on that he gets. you know the justice that he deserves. ramos will now be turned back over to pittsburgh police to face charges including auto theft. a school contract security guard is in jail tonight accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year old student in san jose. crime is now prompting new questions about school safety ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary explains what investigators have learned so far. there's a lot more
10:34 pm
predators out there in the digital world than there ever have been in the past detectives with the san jose police internet crimes against children unit say they arrested hosts weigh baraza earlier this month, the 39 year old contract security guard is accused of sexual assault against a student at kipp navigate college prep in east san jose really does concern me, especially like i said, having a daughter here. investigators say the victim's mother found messages from baraza to the girl on the child's cell phone. she alerted police who started an investigation and then made an arrest. september 21st. this is a person of trust who had a lot of contact with students. we believe there may be additional victims, email, kip officials say. in part, this person is an employee with admiral security services and has not worked on campus since june eight. we will collaborate with san jose police and have launched an internal investigation into this matter. admiral security reps say they have no comment about barraza.
10:35 pm
meanwhile some parents say they'll keep a closer eye on their children and their kids devices. anybody can gain anyone's trust anyone, especially when you're a teacher's security guard or something. you automatically kind of feel safe with them. sheriff's department officials say baraza is at elmwood correctional facility. bail has not been set police investigators when parents talk to their children because they believe there could be more victims outside san jose police headquarters. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. 41 year old teacher in danville, accused of sexual misconduct is now facing more charges tonight, police say nicholas mosby was a biology teacher at the ambo vista middle school and also at tumbling coach in san ramon mosby was arrested earlier this month accused of lewd acts on teens and showing pornography to a minor is now being charged with one felony of committing a lewd act. two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and three felony counts of alleged sexual abuse, officials say. mosby was also arrested during an oakland prostitution sting but avoided
10:36 pm
conviction under deferred judgment. employment development department is making strides to improve its customer service and claims operations, according to the state auditor's office. the e. d e d d has implemented 19 of 21 recommendations made by that office. the e. d d has improved its operations in dealing with economic down turns. it's also made improvements to its fried prevention and detection protocols, and the agency has also implemented recommendations for dealing with the need for more staffing and increased workload. uh it is no secret that throughout the covid-19 pandemic, the employment development department failed california. the department was inundated with calls from desperate californians in dire need of help. this extraordinary increase in claims resulted in long wait times and service failures. it also resulted in tremendous financial loss fraudsters who took advantage of the pandemic still billions of dollars. the update on the heads
10:37 pm
. progress came today during a meeting of the assembly accountability and administrative review. committee committee members say improvements have been made, but more work is needed to restore the public's trust in that department. coolio one of the biggest hip hop names back in the 19 nineties, has died. julio's longtime manager, says he died at the home of a friend in los angeles. the cause was not immediately known. the rapper whose real name is artist leon ivey jr. rose to stardom with a series of hits, including the 1995 song, gangsta's paradise, which earned him a grammy award. coolio was 59 years old. coming up at 11 a big step forward in securing farmworkers union rights across california. the bill signed today by governor newsom, also apple now removing a popular russian app from its digital store. the international sanctions that sparked the decision.
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active top russian social media platform from its app store, apple said, and made the move due to sanctions imposed by britain. it also affects other ios apps produced by its parent company, including services such as email, food delivery and digital payments. by some estimates. it is the fifth largest website when it comes to traffic in russia, the company's social network as 97 million monthly users worldwide. stocks finished higher today on wall street for the first time in days. the dow climb 548 points, leaving bear market territory. the nasdaq jumped to 22, the s and p 500, fresh off the new low for the year picked up 72 points. all this aided by a fallen treasury yields after the bank of england said it would temporarily purchased uk government bonds. to stabilize its financial markets. gas
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prices are beginning to rise again. here in california, many drivers are once again paying more than $6 a gallon at the pump. according to triple a. the price hike is because some refineries are undergoing planned maintenance before the winter travel rush. 3 to 5. years of refinery has to be taken offline so they can get maintenance and inspections done . they plan that out, so it's normally between the summer and the winter rush when demand is low. happening at the same time as unplanned work due to fires at southern california refineries, which is also leading to a drop in oil supply and food workers at san francisco international were on strike for a third straight day in a row workers at restaurants, bars, cafes and airline lounges have been walking the picket lines outside those terminals. many of those businesses are either closed or being staffed by managers. the employees say they're not paid a living wage that's adequate to support living right here in the bay area, the council that represents dozens of food outlets at the airport has not
10:42 pm
commented on the strike. the oakland airport is celebrating the completion of a major runway project, the airports, bravo and victor taxiways, have now been rehabilitated and received new enhancements in lighting. the project cost about $30 million. the two taxiways connect the airports north and south fields and are the two busiest at the airport. nearly all aircraft operating at okay, will touch taxiways victor and bravo at some point during their time here. that includes passenger cargo and general aviation flight operations. the oakland airport also has a new and updated aircraft rescue and firefighting rigs flea last year fire station 22 at the airport responded to about 30 emergency calls related to aircraft at the airport. special night for the san francisco 40 niners off the field coming up their annual crucial catch fashion show will check back in with our chief
10:43 pm
meteorologist, bill martin. after the break, we'll have the comple a area fore st prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah! i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ] imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers. vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose.
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10:45 pm
cancer awareness campaign, 49ers hosted the fourth annual 49ers crucial catch fashion show this evening. the show at levi stadium was presented by dignity health as part of the part of the team's weekly community
10:46 pm
programming. 15 cancer survivors who have either battled or are currently battling cancer walk the runway in apparel donated by levi's models were escorted by a 49ers player and stories of their strength and courage were shared with the audience. the models also wore custom 49ers jerseys that included a meaningful number of their choice, such as the number of years they've been in remission. social media companies whose products include facebook and tiktok are being hit with dozens of new lawsuits. parents alleging the sites are responsible for the depression and substance abuse their children are experiencing foxes gillian turner as the story in dozens of new lawsuits, parents are now holding social media giants, meta and tiktok responsible for severe damage to their kids, calling the platforms dangerous. they are blaming them for everything from anxiety and depression, eating disorders and substance abuse. in seven of 70 plus suits. the plaintiffs are parents whose children have committed suicide.
10:47 pm
most of these suits take aim at facebook's parent company, meta , followed closely by snap parent company of snapchat, then bite dance parent company of tiktok. the pharmaceutical journal is out with a new explosive report that reveals tiktok promoted prescription drugs as weight loss solutions to teens and kids. i think the reason why parents need to be concerned about young people send it spending a lot of time on screens is really about the idea that their brains aren't fully developed yet. bipartisan bill is now working its way through capitol hill spearheaded by senators blackburn and blumenthal. they say they're cracking down on the very real danger posed by these apps. one of the things we have learned from parents. is that they wanted toolkit to protect their children online. many of them did not realize what was happening until the pandemic kit . this isn't just a crisis here at home across the atlantic, tiktok is now facing a $30 million potential penalty in the
10:48 pm
uk for breaching data protection rules for kids in washington. gillian turner fox news. alright again ready for your thursday. it looks like a pretty nice day again a little bit warmer than today. temperatures today mild. you know this whole last few weeks have been mild. we've been fortunate in terms of the fire danger that this pattern tomorrow temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer. we had an 89 today in antioch. perhaps tomorrow that 89 turns into a nineties a little bit warmer. the story is still a week. low pressure kind of just off our shore that's going to weaken and let the high build in so they'll be slight warming tomorrow and slight warming on friday, and then it drops off a little bit. so we're sort of in a day after day, same pattern kind of a deal, which is great, which is fine, especially since we're waiting for those first range to come in. we got fog at the coast. golden gate bridge, marine layer one of things you may notice you probably noticed a little more shallow. write this down. it's not really below the south and north tower. it's hard to tell me this perspective
10:49 pm
, but it's not as deep as it has been. so tomorrow will be warmer right? because this fog isn't gonna get as far inland or on in theory is not going to get as far inland when we have those big deep marine leaders like we had the last three nights. it gets way inland and everybody's got fog and it burns off slow. there'll be a little fog tomorrow morning, but it won't be. it shouldn't be as extensive as what we had this morning. and the reason for that is this low is leaving. the highest building in the marine layer is being compressed. so sometimes i always says, but you can do this, especially in the middle of summer. you can look at the golden gate bridge and look at the fog deck and do a temperature forecast for that day or even a now cast and just say what, four in the afternoon the marine layers 800 ft. deep at the deck is just right. the deck of the golden gate bridge in july. conquered his 93 degrees 94 degrees unless the winds are offshore, but i'm sure a lot of people do that. actually, i do it all the time. there's a lot of things you can do with the fog and get yourself a forecast without computer models. there is the low
10:50 pm
pressure that is now leaving high pressure builds in and we'll lot warmer and that's how it goes tomorrow. that's how it goes on friday, and then it just kind of slides off a little bit and gets back into the mid and low and mid an upper eighties. so we're just kind of flat lining, which is the best thing you could ask for this time of year because we're not sweating some big red flag warning, which so often in september and october is a thing and right now we've been dodging some bullets . there's a little bit of fog in the morning, but not as much as there has been so temperatures slightly warmer. you'll see a couple of low nineties a lot of midnight upper eighties and the hot spots. 87 out in fairfield, 86, santa rosa 85 in livermore, and in the five day forecast there it is, and so temperatures on the weekend kind of actually cool off a little bit after they peak on friday. bill. thank you. the woman known as america's oldest park ranger, is celebrating her 101st birthday this morning, betty reid soskin and went to classrooms at the school named in honor of her in the city of richmond. the school
10:51 pm
also hosted a birthday celebration to honor miss oskin , and during her visit, miss soskin shared some of her personal stories and experiences with the students and also told them how it feels to be 101. um how did you start to get 101 years old, feel gasia, uh, a little bit older than 100? yes. but it the best time of my life . that is so sweet. okay ms. soskin officially retired last year from the national park service. for years, she led public programs of the rosie the riveter world war two home front national historical park in richmond, and in 2015. she was introduced to president obama during a ceremony in washington d. c happy birthday to miss suszkin. alright coming up in sports historic night in major league baseball, we will show you number 61 from aaron judge
10:52 pm
then coming up on the 11 o'clock news. we are continuing to track hurricane ian out of florida, the devastation and life threatening conditions across that state tonight. there's a reason comcast business powers more businesses than any other provider. actually, there's a few... comcast business offers the fastest, reliable network... the protection of security edge... and the most reliable 5g network.
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want me to keep going? i can... whether your business is starting or growing, you need comcast business. technology solutions that put you ahead get started with fast speeds and advanced security together for $69.99 a month for 12 months. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle.
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good everybody after sitting on 60 home runs for the past eight days. aaron judge he made history tonight in toronto. and the payoff there goes that he left in his high far gone number 61. he ties roger maris. for the
10:55 pm
american league single season record. with 61 home run to run judges. 61st home run of the season came in the seventh inning of blue jays reliever tim meza ties judge with roger maris for the yankees and american league record for most home runs in a single season. great moment with his mom pattie you saw and roger maris's son sharing his embrace. judge grew up just outside of stockton and lyndon and said, quote getting a chance to tie roger maris. you dream. about that kind of stuff. it's unreal. the yankees beat the blue jays 8 to 3, it says it's an incredible honor and you know there was there was a lot of emotions. you know, it took me a little longer than i wanted to, but getting a chance to add two runs on the board, you know? how about gary? get get another win? um no, it's something pretty special. yeah and look how close these fans came to catching
10:56 pm
judges home run ball, which was basically a $1 million lottery ticket. judging by their reaction, these fans knew exactly what the ball was worth. instead it ricocheted into the hands of blue jays bullpen coach matt bushman, who then gave the ball to yankees personnel, and it ended up right where it should be. with judge and his mom. so great story tonight in toronto after a week's wait, the only thing left for the giants to play for this year is really to finish the season with a winning record. they're getting close giants hosting the rockies tonight and get a picture of me. i've got myself a foul ball first inning scoreless, mike, just shrimps. he kinda weird play here singles to center of jose urania. peterson trots into score center fielder jonathan daza air mails the throat ends up in the giants dugout, so that allows jd davis to score in the air. and it's two nothing. giants giants now 4 to 2 in the sixth two on for jacques
10:57 pm
peterson, and he smokes one towards triples alley and right center tiro strada. he scores joey barton races in to beat the throw as well. two run triple for peterson as the giants they take care of business at home tonight against colorado. your final is 6 to 3. eight games left in the a season headed into tonight's match up with the angels down in anaheim, mark qazi and the aids to try and not to finish with the worst record in all of baseball. fourth inning one. nothing is mike trout. when he's healthy. he's good solo home run off adrian martinez, and we're tied at one to the eighth. taylor ward, and he's going deep. this one's off austin pruitt makes it 4 to 1 anaheim. and the final is 4 to 1. the angels win. only the nationals have lost more games in the a's this year. is have to make about two games to catch them. the warriors opened the preseason friday night against
10:58 pm
the washington wizards. stefan currie tells us where we're going to tokyo baby. get this season all started right? road trip. road trip road trip. yeah. road trip is right. the warriors arrived in tokyo earlier today where they will try and get acclimated to the 16 hour time change. lots of fans showed up at the airport degree draymond green. you see jordan's pool there and, of course, stefan currie, the rest of the team. the warriors. they opened the season for real at home 20 days from tonight, october 18th, and that would be against the l. a lakers ring ceremony there. ah all right, one of the all time great san jose earthquakes, players is hanging up his cleats . we're talking about shea salinas. and he says 15 years is enough 13 of those with the quakes. 36 year old retire after saturday night's home game with minnesota united, salinas is
10:59 pm
going to finish his career as the earthquakes all time leader in assists. and second and games played here a lot about chris wondolowski will wondolowski played 14 seasons with the quake and selena's played 13 so pretty good company there for shay selena's career have two games left in their season. yeah judge how about that? and his mom and the son of roger maris was not a great scene, their moment real special, and they've been going to all the games. obviously it's been eight days it was. it was what, last tuesday that he had his 60th. they kept walking him and walking him with the alley four walks in one game of the of the bonds year. when he broke the record with 73. he saw him like one good pitch to hit every game, and he hit it out. you know, so great, just great in the giants uniform season, fingers crossed that we'll see it. fill the seat to tell you that that's right. alright, jason. thank you. next at 11. howling winds showing the
11:00 pm
immense power of hurricane ian tonight parts of florida are swamped with concern that many people are trapped inside their flooded homes in the dark. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. the path of destruction tonight in southwest florida. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. hurricane ian made landfall as a category four storm late this morning, and kyle costa. that's an island right off of fort myers. right now. ian is weakening, but it's still a category one hurricane and really delivering a lot of rain across the state. we're going to get its current trajectory in a moment from chief meteorologist bill martin . we begin first with fox's madeline rivera live in tampa. and last time we checked in madeline, you were saying conditions were improving, at least where you are there in tampa. ah! it has definitely mike and julie, and it seems like the worst is over for the tampa bay area. still people are being reminded to stay vigilant.


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