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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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already seeing the impacts of the storm in south carolina as i speak and in georgia as well. now is the time for the residents impacted to execute the hurricane plants from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourtt in so many parts of florida two days now. after hurricane ian mainland fall. here's a view from orange county, where you can see homes and streets are just swamped. fire crews in that county say they've made more than 500 rescues. the scope of the damage is just now coming to light. their and florida welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes everyone. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat rescue and recovery efforts are well underway in florida right down foxes. madeline rivera has our story. floridians taken the catastrophic damage left behind by hurricane ian. the storm has made its second landfall in south carolina. ian coming
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ashore for a second time as a category one hurricane north and south carolina, bracing for the potential of life threatening storm surges, up to seven ft. as well as winds up to 85 mph and flooding up through southern virginia. in charleston residents preparing as best as they can, while officials encourage them to stay indoors. as the storm moves through the area. we just secured the house and, you know the cars and the garages and, yeah, waiting. what will happen next? stay indoors. stay off the roads. it's the wind coupled with the trees with the flying debris. meanwhile in florida residents are taking in the extent of the destruction left behind by the powerful storm took everything from everyone. it's just devastating , tearing through entire communities, leaving millions without power and some stranded due to impassable roads and bridges. just want the people of
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florida to know. we see what you're going through and we're with you. we're going to do everything we can for you and rescue workers continue their work to help those trapped by the storm surge. hundreds of high water rescues being carried out with the u. s coast guard flying into some of the hardest hit areas. ian could be one of the most expensive weather disasters in us history, with insurance losses projected to reach nearly $40 billion in fort myers, florida mother rivera fox news and we will take a closer look at the recovery efforts in florida and the widespread emergency response coming up in just a few minutes. take you live now at a brush fire this south dont to 80 north of magdalena avenue in los altos, chp reports. severe traffic backups. drivers are asked to expect delays as they attend to that fire. and if you are headed that direction, another plan may be in order. if you got a loved one coming home in the area of
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magdalena avenue of 2 80. they may be a little late. of course, we'll keep an eye on that brush fire throughout the program. well recent crime has many uc berkeley students and their parents really concerned and the pressing the university about campus safety crime reporter henry lee live now on the campus and henry. their calls come after a number of assaults and also a stabbing there. yeah this has been going on for years, if not decades, students at uc berkeley, a top tier university having to deal with strangers and criminals, disrupting their education. i can't walk by myself at night, you see berkeley university known for its academic excellence, but some students like olivia freedom rights say they're concerned about safety. there have been people in my dorm last year that weren't supposed to be there. we believe it was a homeless person. they weren't dangerous, but they weren't supposed to be in the building. on thursday, the university held a zoom meeting for uc berkeley parents worried about their kids safety, including at its high rise residence hall south of the
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campus. just hours after that zoom meeting to startling incidents about 9 30 thursday night, a victim was attacked on lower sprawl plaza on campus and suffered facial injuries a little more than two hours later, another aggravated assault at bancroft and ellsworth at the edge of campus. the victim was stabbed in the hand by a man who took off on a bike. just a block away at durant and ellsworth. earlier this month, police reported an anti asian hate crime where the attacker tried to hit the victim with several rocks. it's incidents like these that worry students and their parents tell them like i have a meeting at night. they're like, make sure you take the bus first year student met equal, says she does try to reassure her parents. sometimes it's a little concerning just with in dark areas, you know, so i like to take the like, night safety shuttle or the bus back. the university has its own police department and campus officers often respond to incidents alongside city police officers. a lot of times, you know, we don't wante actually
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get on scene, jessica perry is with the city of berkeley police department. anything tha. if th, and vice versa. going on. the at even with to law enforcement agencieskeptical. i'm not sure f police is the response to a lot of these issues. so i went to cal and covered city and campus crime. my own rural thumb was keep your head on a swivel always now in this day and age of cell phones, police at city and berkeley campus, please remind students don't be so engrossed with your gadgets that you don't know what's going on without you around. you rather live at uc berkeley, henry lee ktvu fox studios. oakland police are investigating a shooting this afternoon in the 3900 block of masterson street, having just a short time ago around 2 15 this afternoon, officers arrived on scene to find one victim with a gunshot wound. officers later discovered a second victim, also
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with a gunshot wound. that person had arrived at an area hospital. the conditions of those victims is not known at this time. no information regarding a suspect either. we have an update on the victims from wednesday's oakland school shooting, ktvu has learned from highland hospital officials, one of their two patients is now stable. one still remains in critical condition. six people in total were shot that day. king estates campus for other victims have already been released from hospitals. oakland police say all six victims are connected to the school but were not the targets of the shooting. they continue to look for two suspects. newly elected alameda county sheriff yesenia sanchez is now speaking out about those 47 deputies who were informed their psychological evaluations were not suitable for their role as peace officers in a statement from her campaign account, sanchez said that she believes the process is flawed and will focus on it once she's in office, she said, in part, quote, it is a shame that the 47
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deputies directly affected by this discovery have been cast in a negative light. and that the alameda sheriff's department owes them an apology. she goes on to say the deputies all believe they had passed the necessary exams to gain employment as peace officers. san jose police are providing some new evidence in a fatal hit and run that detectives hope leads to an arrest. newly released pictures are of a green toyota tacoma with an extended cab. investigators say. on january the seventh the driver was traveling north bong on center road when he hit a pedestrian crossing at capitol expressway that unidentified man died days later from his injuries. the most important factor of this is that a family member now has lost someone and not have closure to understand why this happened. the only person who truly knows why this happened is out in the wind and should come forward. at this time. this marked the fifth fatal vehicle versus pedestrian
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accident in the city of san jose . but as of today, there have been 26 pedestrian deaths in san jose up from 19 last year. anyone that may have information about that january 7th accident is asked to call police fire crews responding early this morning to a car over a cliff along highway one south of san francisco. rescuers repelled down about 200 ft to reach the mangled cars you see here of the driver, a man was apparently the only person inside the vehicle when it careened right over the cliff near gray whale cove state beach just south of devil's slide, first responders were able to stabilize him so he could be taken to the hospital. there's no word on his current condition. the stretch of highway one south of pacifica is notorious for crashes that have sent many vehicles plummeting over the cliffs there. a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed now against a senior facility in the bay area after one of its residents died. family members say that 93 year
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old trudy maxwell died back on august 29th just two days gave her and two other residents commercial grade cleaning fluidr happened t should never happen again. so yes, i'm very angry, but i'm trying to put my anger into action, something that was more toxic. more erosion of to her body, then drain it would have been the lawsuit also says four days before that incident in san mateo, a resident at a nutria facility in walnut creek also drank an unknown liquid that was left unattended in the kitchen. he became ill and died. nine days later. we reached out to a trio for comment, and we have not heard back. california scientists are out with a brand new drug that has the potential to turn covid-19. against itself . the drug is called in. five and it was designed at the scripps research institute. here's how it works. the drug
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alters the human receptor that the virus normally latches onto and when the virus is near its path into human cells, is then blocked by that receptor. ultimately researchers say, this drug prevents covid-19 from spreading. and infecting cells. a variation of the drug is already fda approved. but at th only been tested in animals.n the aftermah of hurricane ian's rampage through floridag some of the hardest hit areas. stay with us . we're we're going to sit down with local fema experts look at emergency response for that region and the long recovery ahead coming up. and it is no longer a hurricane , but it is a severe and deadly threat to much of the country will track in together as the news ontinues what's it like having xfinity internet with supersonic wifi?
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then is staggering over 500. people have already been rescued, and both leah and charlotte county's and thousands of homes and businesses have been washed away, will take years to rebuild, especially in the city of fort myers. let's take you to fort myers, where foxes austin westfall has spent the day surveying the damage, and austin. i spent a lot of years there covering the red sox spring training. i can only imagine what that city looks like now. that's right. so, basically, frank, we're in a town right near fort myers. it's called punta gorda. basically this was a direct hit area. this is where the wind speeds of 155 mph. plus we're hitting this area. a lot of the town was underwater immediately after the storm hit. now everything has dried off, and people are focusing more on the damage the debris you can see over my shoulder. that's a mangled storage facility. and there are so many buildings like that
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around town. take a look at some footage we took as we drove around this morning we saw a lot of the beginnings of recovery efforts. we saw plenty of power line workers working to restore power. we saw people that were clearing brush from the streets and from their businesses, and we saw people removing those protective boards from their windows. power is still out in much of this area, and many businesses are still closed. gas is also very hard to find. we went around town today. only one gas station we saw open and the line was all the way down the street. this afternoon. we also visited peace river wildlife center. it's an animal sanctuary that rehabs injured and orphans native florida wildlife like eagles and tortoises. there rehab facility was mostly destroyed and the animals had to be moved from that location. some of their animals did not make it through the week. wasn't necessarily the storm itself that killed them. but the stress of having to be packed up in tiny little crates and then the places they got moved to got hit anyway. so then they had get moved again and again, and you know it, so it's not ideal for
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these animals. now just south of punta gorda is fort myers. that's where fox news took a helicopter flight to view the damage. yesterday afternoon, we saw boats in marshlands. we saw pieces of wood where homes once stood, and we saw cars that are still completely underwater. county sheriff says the hurricane caused damaged like he's never seen before. i've been in florida over 20 years. to me. i've been through hurricanes before, but this one in particular this rocked us. now that sheriff did share with us some grim news today. he confirmed that hurricane ian killed at least 16 people that number coming from just lee county alone. back to you, and i'm curious. i know your initial reaction is to evacuate, but then you want to go back. and see what's left of your home and your possessions. are they letting people into punta gorda or down south there in cape coral and fort myers? for the most part, it appears that the
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roads are open. we drove by some of the areas hardest hit their you know, obviously, there's going to be some variation depending on you know what the access is like. there are tree limbs there. there are still some small areas that are flooded. so access plays a big role in this, but for the areas that are accessible, it does appear that a lot of it is open. i drove down from tampa today. temple is about two hours north of where i'm at right now. and as i made that to our trip, there was traffic. a lot of people are heading back down this way. it appears whether or not it's to survey the damage, whether or not it might be to return to their home. we don't know, but there's one thing that's for sure lot of buildings here are damaged, and it appeared that a lot of people were working on their front yards. just gting all take a look. austin westfall live for us in southwest florida. thank you very much. well hurricane ian could be florida's costliest storm ever. estimates put the
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wind and flood damage there about $20 billion, just above the 26.5 billion in losses caused by hurricane andrew, which is south florida. back in 1992. let's welcome back to the show this afternoon. martin novo, former freemen fema presidential appointee, mark always a pleasure to see you at the damage here is so extensive the major disaster declaration, though, explain how it will help. yeah and this particular case? what's important high heather holmes prank is that they have 100% funding for next 30 days to do debris cleanup, so they're going to start taking care of what austin was just talking about us all that debris on the roadway. get those opened up so that you can get people back into their businesses and homes and get power turned on. but it also allows the state to be open disaster recover recovery centers in neighborhoods as well as pods, points of distribution that will bring supplies water. outer cots, food. to those areas that don't have infrastructure. and
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sadly marked. the death toll has now reached 21, with many rescues taking place. others in shelters explain what the biggest challenge is right now for those rescue crews. well it's you know, it's the same for the rescue crews as it is for people who live there and down power lines that you know the echo. it's a it's a different animals that are out of their habitat. it's the water system that's not working. all of those are components to it. so as they rescue folks, it's more about relocating folks. a lot of them. it's not that their lives are threatened, but they needed to be removed from their homes or rooftop to a safe area. and as you heard, and you mentioned 500 of those folks had to be relocated rescue from where they were at talked about power outages. obviously the wind the water, just, you know, destroying the infrastructure there. water though, mark is a big concern. i know a lot of areas were still under boil water advisories. yeah what we
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saw were i think it's 16 counties where their water system is completely out of service, and there's some that are partially operated, so that's part of the challenge and being able to get people back in there now to restore power is one thing to the grid. but the other part of this is that all that salt water has done a tremendous amount of damage to the homes and the businesses so they may get power to their building, but they're going to have to evaluate their wiring inside and replace a lot of that, too. more challenge to the recovery. and another big challenge mark is that this thing isn't over yet. now you have south carolina to deal with talk about the strength that that puts on first responders. and actually, what they did do in this case is moved one of the search and rescue teams from down in florida and send it over to columbia, south carolina, anticipation of being a problem there. so far. what we're hearing is there is flooding. there are streets flooded but it by no means is it to the degree
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of florida, which is good news. so now once that passes through the carolinas, they can try and concentrate back more resources in florida. yeah obviously more damage for us to assess in the coming days. really appreciate your time today, mark having yourself a good weekend. thank you to heather. you well, the red cross is on the ground, providing both aid and resources to those hurricane victims, and ktvu and fox are trying to help in that mission boxes donated $1 million to the relief effort. money for shelter, neil's medical supplies and a lot more and you're invited to join us in that effort. please visit. red cross dot org slash fox forward. truly is a force of nature hurricane in 11 05 this morning making landfall in georgetown, just 61 miles outside of charleston. this is what it looked like as it was moving onshore, and it came onshore at the worst time possible at high tide. now take a look at the
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mammoth size of this beast. the rain bands stretch out 1000 miles, the wind stretches out 485 miles from its core, it is continued. to try to lift to the north as it jogs to the west of 15 mph the wind speed at 70 mph . it will continue to act like a major northeaster all weekend long inundating the entire northeast coast as well as the east coast into the southeast. what you're looking at those dots there. i wanted to allude to them. some of the storm reports that already came in tornadoes, strong storm surge as well. this is harley being over . this is what's going on here now. this has been really interest. sting to watch today at lunchtime today noon it was totally clear and then i saw finger of fog move in. and now at this hour, we could barely see the tip top of the tower of the golden gate bridge, which stands 746 ft. tall so this is a compressed deck of a marine layer at this hour 73 degrees currently in san francisco.
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that's nice, 90 and conquered santa rosa, checking in at 88 degrees. there you have the fog. it is back. it will saturate the central bay in the overnight hours, so we're gonna go out for dinner tonight? make sure you have a rap or light jacket tomorrow for your saturday. it's going to be more pronounced than it was today as far as that bank of cloudiness. so we'll bring down the temperature is a couple of notches and additional cooling will take place for your sunday at marineland continues to push easterly. so here we go. this is your forecast tonight. coastal cloudiness gradually moves inland where we will have some mild temperatures. it will be a seasonal day for our first day of october. that's tomorrow. how did that happen? and then the clouds sun mix on sunday with additional cooling temperatures tonight overnight into the fifties, pretty much across the board except for antiochus 62 degrees 58 degrees in oakland. tomorrow's highs. banking between 68 87 degrees. we'll talk about that first
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weekend of october and a couple of events coming up here in the bay area. that's still a little bit later in this newscast. roberta will look forward to that. thank you coming up today. russian president vladimir putin loading at legally claims ukrainian territory. we'll have reaction from the region and president biden coming up next.
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with unlimited data. switch today! in the world following russia's annexation of ukrainian territory. defiant president biden reiterated his vow the world will never accept a russian occupying ukraine. we get more this afternoon from fox's trading angst. celebrations ringing out in red square on friday as russia takes a big step toward redrawing its borders. it's the largest annexation in europe since world war two vladimir putin formally signing papers making occupied parts of ukraine russian territory, prompting swift condemnation from around the
4:26 pm
world. in washington, the white house announcing new sanctions aimed at stopping russia from rearming its military calling it the best way to ensure the ukrainians can continue their counter offensive. united states is never going to recognize this. and quite frankly, the world is not going to recognize it, either. he can't seize his neighbor's territory. and get away with this simple as that. and that counteroffensive is still rolling on officials here , shrugging off warnings about attacking with the kremlin now calls russian territory and also pushing nato to accelerate ukraine's application, despite claims from russia that it could mean another escalation factor. so use nick defacto allies. we trust each other. we help each other and we protect each other. this is what the alliance's. meanwhile, the pentagon is working to accelerate delivery of the latest us weapons package worth $1.1 billion, and defense officials say they expect to announce even more military aid in the coming weeks. we continue to evaluate what will be needed. and make provisions to provide
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that, um, that security assistance and so that will that will be ongoing. the u. s also proposing a resolution at the un that would push russia to withdraw its troops from occupied territories in keep tree angst. fox news election season. just around the corner. we're getting a closer look. now at a few of the key races we're joined this afternoon. by alex michaelson, host of the issue is he sat down with one candidate in the race for california's 41st congressional district. always a pleasure to see you, alex. it was great to see you, heather as well. yes control of congress could ultimately come down to california. there are a bunch of competitive races this week we talked with the chair of the republican national committee, romney mcdaniel, who said that there's nine different districts in california that they are targeting. one of the closest races. is this 41st district right now. ken calvert has been in congress. in this reply rival republican district
4:28 pm
for 30 years but now it's been redistricted. the lines have been changed. they've drawn into it. palm springs, one of the most pro lgbt communities in the entire state, and will rollins, young, democrat openly gay, former federal prosecutor against terrorism cases is the candidate for the democrats, and we talked to him about the role of lgbtq rights and also abortion in this race. our community is not gonna put up with that, and i think the country really does best when we all succeed based on merit, and that's what i'm about clarence thomas in overturning abortion rights basically suggested that gay marriage could be next that he would support overturning that none of the other justices agreed with him, at least in paper. do you think that's a real threat? yeah i think we should take them at their word. and look. that concurrence provides a roadmap for exactly where the supreme court would go. it's where republican
4:29 pm
elected like calvert have said they want to take the country for the last 30 years. he's somebody who joined the lawsuit to overturn roe, who's had some pretty radical positions on that issue over the years, and i really see the lgbt communities fight as bound up with women's right in in for freedom and reproductive equality. so all the political experts think that at least three or four of the closest political races in the country are right here in california and heather, as you know, because of the way that we vote. with so many mail in ballots, it could be weeks until we know who wins those races after the final day to vote, which is november 8th. could indeed be a long wait. alright alex. thank you. the issue airs sunday mornings at 6 30 right here on ktvu catch more of alex's interviews again sunday morning coming up, while florida officials survey all the damage hurricane in continues its
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destructive path with an eye on the state of south carolina how the city of charleston is dealing with a wall of water today. got a live report coming up next right here on the floor. . jessica: there is actual particles on every single surface. dr. cooke: california has the worst air pollution in the country. the top 2 causes are vehicles and wildfires. prop 30 helps clean our air. it will reduce the tailpipe emissions that poison our air kevin: and helps prevent the wildfires that create toxic smoke that's why calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. naomi: i'm voting yes on 30.
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sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. well really from hurricane in, and its fury is now far from over regain strength while it went over the atlantic and slam as a category one hurricane bring it along a mountain of water and wind and its path. foxes jake care. alexis joins us
4:33 pm
live. he's in charleston with the latest on this historic hurricane. good evening. good evening to you, frank. well here in charleston, we saw the worst of hurricane ian this afternoon around noon eastern time before it made landfall in south carolina. a little bit to the north of us, but we had 70 80 mile an hour winds. we had heavy , heavy rain pelting us and that did lead to some minor flooding here in the downtown area, but most of the heavy damage in the state today happened a little bit to the north of us. i want to show you guys some video that we got that was filmed about an hour or so north of here. take a look at those white caps in the water rolling all the way up to the dock. very very scary. storm surge right there. we also want to show you guys images from pawleys island again. whitecaps in that water that heavy storm surge the edge of the pier. if you guys can see in these pictures from the pawleys island police department the edge of the pier, collapsing and being swept away and other areas
4:34 pm
like myrtle beach had water levels. at least five ft. higher than normal and frank here in south carolina, the governor has declared a state of emergency and across the state today over 200,000 people without power. now this was hurricane and final landfall. the storm is expected to dissipate tomorrow somewhere. around excuse me over north carolina or virginia here in charleston, south carolina. jacare alexis ktvu, fox two news, jake. thank you for that. we appreciate it. now we want to turn to myrtle beach in south carolina, where ian made landfall earlier this morning. ktvu is james torres shows us how people in south carolina are bracing for that impact. heavy rain in the backyards of people's homes in charleston, south carolina, elizabeth and robert floyd keep getting alerts on their phones. flood warnings gasia lint most the night for the morning. and we know that
4:35 pm
the bridges are closed because of the winds. so some people are definitely locked in the island's engaged at lake tahoe and married last year. they recently moved to charleston from florida, where family members weathered the category four storm. i got family in orlando, they said, was just mostly a lot of lot of water. i don't think any i don't think they lost power. where they were at our friends and, uh, navels, alex and sara. they are with no electricity. and i've seen the news. it's it looks devastating over there for sure. florida leaders now reporting more than 20 deaths in the state search and rescue missions continue, especially in places like santa bell island, where people needed to evacuate by air because the main causeway is washed out. rescue personnel have gone to more than 3000 homes in the hardest hit areas. going door to door to check on the occupants of those residences there over 1000 dedicated rescue personnel
4:36 pm
who are going up and down the coastline. this won't be robert and elizabeth's first hurricane . but it will be for tomas, who was four months old. today we have a little kids, so we're like, want to be a little actually more cautious before we'd be like like the rest of the community, the floyds picked up sandbags to prepare for heavy flooding. they worry strong wind could knock over trees nearby their home the house and, uh, decide that has the baby room too. so we haven't signore him now president biden is now offering federal aid for areas bracing for ian's impact as the ongoing disaster cleanup continues in several parts of florida. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. and as we mentioned, the red cross is on the ground, providing aid and resources to those affected by the hurricane. and we here at ktvu and fox are trying to help in that mission boxes already donated $1 million to the relief effort, money for shelter, meals , medical supplies and more, and we invite you to join the
4:37 pm
effort. please visit red cross .org/ fox forward to make a donation and investigation underway and plaster county where deputies have discovered human remains near the mosquito fire burn zone, according to the sheriff's office. deputies responded to a call this happened wednesday morning around 7 30 forrest hill. the remains were found on cold springs drive. officials do not release any additional information but are reassuring the residents there that they do not believe there's any imminent threat. at this time, the mosquito fire burned nearly 77,000 acres now 90% contained just southeast of alber. 40% of kaiser mental health workers continue their strike. it's been nearly eight weeks since unionized workers walked off the job demanding that cancer expanded ability to properly care for patients in a timely manner. last week, the striking workers rejected kaiser's latest contract offer. they say it did not adequately address understaffing or improve access to care. we want to be able to
4:38 pm
provide mental health care and addiction medicine care to patients in a way that complies with our code of ethics. during the strike, heuser says it's brought in dozens of skilled clinicians to temporarily helped care for patients. kaiser spokesperson sent ktvu a statement that said, in part during the strike, we continue to reach out to patients whose appointment with an internal providers affected to offer them another internal care provider or provider from our network of contracted community providers. food workers over at sfo went back to work today after reaching a deal. they end their strike and get a paper race, according to the union employees. agreed to a tentative deal late wednesday night that included pay raises and affordable healthcare for their employees and their families. workers at the airports bars the restaurants, cafes, lounges have been on strike all week long and almost all of those businesses have been closed since monday morning. full workforce scheduled to vote sunday on a
4:39 pm
brand new deal. florida is raising other concerns the financial fallout for families as insurance claims are set to skyrocket. it is the last day of the month of september, the last friday of the month as well. so i'll tell you what we'll do. we'll get reorganized and will feature your first full week of october that weather forecast is straight ahead as the news continues on the floor. what's it like having xfinity internet with supersonic wifi? it's fast... like beyond-gig-speed fast. yeaaaaaaaaay!!! with three times the bandwidth, and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. get the xfinity supersonic bundle
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with unlimited gig speed internet, wifi equipment included and a free 4k streaming box. all for $50 a month with a 2 year internet rate guarantee and no annual contract when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. switch today! welcome to subway's biggest refresh yet. they're drafting 12 new subs for their all-new subway series menu. you've never seen subs like this before chuck. meteoric meatiness, and chowtown cheesiness... let's go to our panel for more appetizing analysis. the new monster's bacon has consummate craveable crispiness!
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the new boss is a perfect ten. (♪ ♪) wait, what are we talking about? gronk! thank you for... nothing. (laughs) the new subway series. what's your pick? only going to test and already severely challenged home insurance industry there in florida that it will foxes. greg willis has details. damage claims from hurricane in are expected to total 40 to $60 billion, according to industry experts. the state's insurance market is taking a blow, making
4:42 pm
recovery even more difficult for homeowners eager to start repairs. there were a couple of issues that work here. there was excessive litigation, there were fraudulent roof schemes that which were commonplace, and so you came into the hurricane season. the 2022 hurricane season the state of florida had a lot of issues going on. having nothing to do with the natural disasters. at least six insurers closed this year before ian made landfall and another 30 or on the state's watch list due to financial instability. all this even as florida has missed a direct hurricane hit in recent years. damage claims from ian will strain remaining insurers, including the state backed operator, citizens once insurer of last resort, but now the industry leader with 1.3 million policyholders. already the state has the highest insurance premiums in the country, more than double the national average , and experts are bracing for even higher premiums in the wake of ian but even though citizen
4:43 pm
has deep pockets, it may not be enough to make homeowners hole. that's because the vast majority of damage of ian is due to flooding and onl s where people were told to evacuate are covered by federal flood insurance policies, just as other major hurricanes have become political footballs in may do the same. democratic gubernatorial candidate charlie crist, already criticizing incumbent ron de santis for not fixing the ailing insurance market before ian's landfall. geri willis fox business. we're going to give you a little history report hurricane in made landfall as nearly hurricane category five on a scale of 1 to 5. it's called the saffir simpson scout. that's it haven't used that term in quite some time. but on a scale of 1 to 5, it was nearly a five only two mph off that category. then it
4:44 pm
was downsized. and then it went out to the atlantic, and it became a full fledged hurricane again today, making landfall as a category one with winds over 80 miles per our direct aim was in georgetown. now look at the fury of this giant system. still 1000 miles out, are the rain bands about 485? miles out are the wind and so the wind and the gusty winds and so what happens is it covers a lot of real estate, a lot of territory and the whole northeast and the eastern seaboard will be inundated as well as inland and towards virginia. right now, the winds are up to seven. the mph this strength of it right now. it's under a category one hurricane, so we're calling it a tropical storm now or just in or system or a storm, but it's moving out of the north at 15 mph, where you see all these buttons here. that is a tornado that has touched down. this is strong storm surge, and we have
4:45 pm
a lot of flooding in throughout the carolinas. so this is not going to go away very quickly here. this has been very impressive. i've been watching this actually, not even hour by hour. but like every half hour, i'm noticing a huge difference at the golden gate bridge. you can't see the tip top of the towers, which stands 746 ft. tall so we do have that lowering deck right now. clouds and patchy fog temperature wise. we've dropped down from 73 to 69 in san francisco just during this four o'clock hour with increased marine layer. it is still 90 and conquered. we have a 30 degree difference all the way into brentwood. it is 88 in san jose, and also 88 degrees to the north and santa rosa. the winter becoming a little bit more consistent. it's an onshore push that's out of the west. that's why we're seeing the low clouds and fog inundate the golden gate bridge. 20 mph winded sfo temperature difference up to about six degrees warmer at this hour than yesterday at this time, so it's the fog and we're seeing it return in earnest tonight. we're
4:46 pm
going to be heading out for dinner, or, you know, just to walk. make sure you have a light jacket if you're anywhere around the central bay or the coastline or the city of san francisco tomorrow morning, wicked upgrade than ending up with sunshine in our inland areas. the clouds trying to dial back to the coast , but they hang pretty tight and enhanced marine layer is what you can i anticipate for your sunday so this weekend will be cooler than today. but tomorrow is going to be actually seasonal. we were well above average today. tomorrow it's only livermore. that's going to be about three degrees above average for this time of the year. we've got a baseball game. alex cobb is on the mound for the good guys. he's a righty and first pitch tonight is at 7 15. and you know the drill by now, if you're heading out to the giants game, you gotta dress in layers. meanwhile tonight overnight pretty comfortable in santa rosa 51 otherwise fifties across the board, except for anti ox kicking out like a sore thumb at 62 degrees. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures from 68 degrees and pacifica to the seventies around the central bay. we're talking 81 degrees of
4:47 pm
redwood city alto. same a little bit cooler. once you get into foster city, low eighties and throughout the santa clara valley. i'm talking about cupertino and campbell also willow, glen and 87. degrees in concord. your extended forecast pretty seasonal first weekend of october. then we began to warm up by midweek, and then we top off the nineties just in time for fleet week, but we're still talking about hardly strictly bluegrass. that's civil it was gorgeous today. tomorrow again, you need to dress in layers, especially by sunday, but make it a great time. alright roberta . thanks. speaking of which happening tonight for the first time since the pandemic began, san francisco's free three day hardly strictly bluegrass festival. it's coming back to gold gate park. last festival was way back in 2019 and organizers have worked awfully hard preparing for what they hope will be a big crowds. there will be bands performing on six different stages, and the lineup includes some heavy hitters. how
4:48 pm
about elvis costello, marcus mumford and, of course, emmylou harris, who closes out the weekend every year. but the festival's executive producer, says the spirit of the event is to enjoy the smaller indie bands as well. the thing that i usually tell people is to go see something that you don't know. so try and find a band that you've never heard of, and go experience it. great idea. there's more security this year, as you might imagine, including new fencing, walkthrough, body scanners and more police. large bags will not be allowed inside the concert and clear bags are highly recommended. the priority is safety for everybody. um there's lots going on in the world today, and the most important thing for us is that our artists are safe and the spectators and staff all have a great experience during the event. there are people on social media actually selling tickets to the event. but remember, it's free. there are
4:49 pm
no tickets to be bought, so keep an eye out for scams. changes to president biden. student loan forgiveness who is still eligible and who could be left behind will have those details next.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
wall street or happy to see september coming to an end markets sank once again today too close to a historically to close rather a historically bad month and quarter. the dow tumbled 500 points to end the month down more than 9% the nasdaq dropped 161 and the s and p was down 54 closing out its worst month since march of 2020. medicine, mark zuckerberg has announced that the company will freeze hiring and restructure teams. zuckerberg also says the company will reduce budgets across most teams and give individual teams the authority determine whether or not to fill any open positions and fire workers who are not performing up to standard. meta has been
4:52 pm
losing followers to tiktok and has lost advertising dollars. that stock is one of the worst performing in the s and p 500 this year. federal student loan borrowers will no longer qualify for the bite administrations forgiveness program, the education department announced borrowers whose federal student loans are held by private lenders. they will be excluded. now, almost three quarters of a million borrowers are affected by that new change. and six republican led states filed a lawsuit against biden administration to try to stop its plan to forgive student loan debt. states accused the white house of overstepping its executive powers. white house contends that student loan forgiveness plan is legal and will help millions of americans administration is expected to roll out the first wave of student loan forgiveness sometime next month. and home prices have stabilized a bit, and in many areas, prices are coming down. however, mortgage rates continue to head the other way. mortgage rates have gone up
4:53 pm
for six straight weeks and are now at an average 6.7% topping 6% for the first time since 2008 average monthly mortgage payments are now up close to 44. from this time last year. change has really raised the financial threshold for families to afford to buy their first home. this is moving home ownership a little further out of reach, maybe delaying it a few years for you know, this families and their thirties these, um millennial household to have been trying to save up to buy that first home. so let's put that into perspective. if someone buys a million dollar home today, they will pay $2200 more each month. then they would have back in january, when rates were at 3% and over the life of that loan. they will now pay some 800,000
4:54 pm
additional dollars in interest. the supreme court formally welcomes justice can taji brown jackson to the high court and investiture ceremony was held this morning for jackson, who made history as the first black woman to sit on the u. s. supreme court. president biden and the first lady attended the ceremony as well as the vice president and first gentleman, chief justice john roberts and jackson walked down the steps of the supreme court after the ceremony and posed for a photo. jackson the 104th associate justice of the supreme court, is also 14 women ever to sit on the high court bench at the same time house also hosting a russia shana festival today celebrating the jewish new year, russia, sana is a time for deep reflection, and president biden looked back. u. s s progress since the pandemic in his jewish new year address, he also called on americans to combat hate and anti semitism all come together as one nation. rabbi jonathan
4:55 pm
sacks who passed away two years ago, once said, the most important lesson of the high holidays is that nothing nothing is broken beyond repair. nothing is broken beyond repair. it's never too late to change and to be better always believed first lady dr jill biden advice president kamala harris and her husband, doug emhoff, also taking part in today's reception. information surrounding elon musk and negotiations over twitter coming up next there's a reason comcast business powers more businesses than any other provider. actually, there's a few... comcast business offers the fastest, reliable network... the protection of security edge... and the most reliable 5g network. want me to keep going? i can... whether your business is starting or growing, you need comcast business. technology solutions that put you ahead get started with fast speeds and advanced security together
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for $69.99 a month for 12 months. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. life is busy. so, come to shell and get three things done at once. first, fill up with shell v-power nitro+ to help keep your engine running like new.
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nice! then save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again. oh wow! and, finally, snack up to save even more at the pump. that's great! make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome! the l a musk and that twitter drama and toyota lowering its output target for october boxes. cj papa has that and more in today's business, brief newly
4:58 pm
obtained, court records show former twitter ceo jack dorsey tried to recruit ellen must to the company's board. the text message exchange coming nearly one year before musk $44 billion takeover bid for the platform. the revelations coming as a court battle is just weeks away from getting underway, it could force must to buy the company even though he is trying to get out of it. toyota lowering its october production target by about 50,000 to about 750,000 vehicles due to a shortage of chips. japanese automakers said it's 9.7 million vehicle production target for the current financial year through march. 2023 has not changed. bruce willis is the first hollywood actor to sell his image rights to a deep fake company, meaning he could continue to appear on the big screen. even after retirement, the diehard stars family revealed early earlier this year , he was retiring after being diagnosed with basia. a brain disorder that affects his ability to communicate and phil
4:59 pm
collins and his former bandmates from genesis of sold a bundle of their music rides to an american music label for over $300 million. the mega deal reportedly includes publishing copyrights and music streaming income from not just the genesis songs, but the three bandmates solo careers as well, that's business. i'm cj papa. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. five crime concerns on uc berkeley's campus hours after university officials spoke with parents to ease safety concerns . two people were attacked one with a knife. now parents and students are pressing the school about safety. good evening. i'm greg lee cristina rendon. let's get right to our crime reporter henry lee. he is live on campus this hour and henry these calls come after a number of assaults and a stabbing. cristina this has been an issue that's been going on for years, if not decades here at uc berkeley students at a top tier university having to deal with
5:00 pm
strangers and interlopers, disrupting through education can't walk by myself at night. you see berkeley, a university known for its academic excellence, but some students like olivia freedom rights say they're concerned about safety. there have been people in my dorm last year. um that weren't supposed to be there. we believe it was a homeless person. they weren't dangerous, but they weren't supposed to be in the building. on thursday, the university held a zoom meeting for uc berkeley parents worriige residence hall south of the campus. just hours after that zoom meeting to startling incidents about 9 30 thursday night, a victim was attacked on lower sprawl plaza on campus and suffered facial injuries. a little more than two hours later. another aggravated assault at bancroft and ellsworth at the edge of campus. the victim was stabbed in the hand by a man who took off on a bike. just a block away at durant and ellsworth. earlier this month, police reported an anti asian hate crime where the attacker tried to hit the victim with several rocks. it


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