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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 1, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you know, it's also alienating. you know, no one wants to be friends with me. i-i can't tell you the last time i had people over for dinner, which is probably a good thing. you know, with solar power, it takes four days to roast a chicken. really? if you want it cooked all the way through, yeah. hmm. you know i had salmonella three times? wow. yeah. if you want to come over to our house for dinner, we kind of owe you. you can play with my dollhouse. yeah? is it made from sustainable materials? forget it. ktvu box too. an emotional goodbye tonight to a 12 year old who has died weeks after being involved in a car crash. good evening. i'm cristina rendon needed night. a sad update on a tragic story out of antioch, one
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of three children involved in a terrible car crash last month has died. family members say. jonathan vincent died earlier today after being taken off of life support. ktvu elissa harrington shows us how they're honoring his life tonight. there was a large turnout for this candlelight vigil to honor the life of 12 year old jonathan, who was taken off life support after being hit by a car last month in emotional goodbye to 12 year old jonathan . the antioch boy was taken off life support saturday morning following a horrific crash that happened last month. family and friends lit candles released balloons and said a prayer at a vigil to honor him devastated. it's been a long, long 15 days. jonathan's grandmother, carlos spiro, said he liked football, karate and playing with his siblings and cousins, jonathan and two of his 12 year old family members, mason and cheyenne were all hit while
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walking home from school on september. 16th police say a speeding driver of a red chevy impala was involved in a collision with a vehicle on sycamore drive. the impact sent the impala onto the sidewalk at manzoni away where the kids were standing. there were only two blocks from their house. yeah, i think they need do something bad because they're flying by still and there's all kinds of people out here. you know? but. hopefully maybe they put speed bumps on this road all through it. in his death. jonathan saved many lives. he was an organ donor. a large group of family members went to the hospital to do the walk of life before he was removed from life support. he was so sweet would give you anything he had. jonathan's grandmother tells me that the other children involved in this horrific crash had been released from the hospital and are now recovering at home in any hawk. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. two drivers were also
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hurt in that crash investigation is ongoing. turning now to a developing story getting attention across the globe. 129 people have died in the middle of panicked crowds at a soccer game in indonesia. panic set in after brawls erupted at the game . those fights happen between supporters of two rival soccer teams after the indonesia premier league game ended with persebaya beating rima enforcement fired tear gas to stop the brawls. investigators say most of the people who died were trampled to death when crown start did to stampede. hundreds of people have been rushed to hospitals for help. 10. hundreds of drivers in alameda need new tires for their cars because of a vandal. alameda police say someone slash the tires of many cars near webster street last night, we found one post on facebook, with the caption saying nothing like waking up to find your tires slashed. police officers say they used surveillance, video
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and patrols to track down a suspect they have made an arrest but have not offered any information about who they have in custody. also new attend. police in oakland were asking for the public's help in finding a homicide suspect in the death of june nebo. he was gunned down in front of his 11 year old son on may 18th outside the fruitvale restaurant he co owned with his business partner. the lucky 37 is located at fruitvale and brookdale. investigators believe the killing may have been a targeted attack. investigators are hoping someone will recognize this car. they believe it's connected to the crime. it's a black 2009 ford escape with the license plate number eight z t f 474. anyone with information should call oakland police. i feel i'm alive and everybody else's. we're alive. most arrive. despite the
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devastation that surrounds them. many hurricane ian victims put on brave faces tonight. and we see a lot of movement today in efforts to get relief to hurricane victims in florida. truckloads of supplies are being distributed by volunteers and national guard troops. president biden plans to get a firsthand look at recovery efforts in florida and puerto rico next week. he'll travel to puerto rico monday and then make a trip to florida on wednesday. foxes max gordon reports. ian's death toll climbed to 47 in florida today. both food and drinking water have been in short supply here in the fort myers area, but here at this distribution center , the cajun navy, a volunteer organization that goes in response to disasters have been handing out both. we've seen lines of cars stacking up all throughout this parking lot that we're in right here. and at one point in the day, the cajun navy actually ran out of food and water. luckily donations are now pouring in, and they say they will reopen tomorrow at nine a.m. throwing a wrench in the food and water. ocean efforts today. the closure last night of
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a part of i 75 a major north south artery along the west coast of florida. the closure was due to flooding along the myakka river and caused major delays. in both directions along i 75 this afternoon that stretch of i 75 open back up. electricity remains a challenge , though still a lot of outages around 42,000 utility workers are here in the state from all over the country, trying to get the power back on. meanwhile trees are still down in some areas. boats scattered along roadways. the damage extensive we spoke to one woman about what she went through during the storm. it was horrible. the whole back of the roof came down. um it was just it was never stopping. it was going for hours and hours. but there are so many people that don't have homes out here in north fort myers, and there's nobody helping trees are in the houses . suncoast is destroyed. i mean, those people don't have means to get out of here to drive, so i was hoping to get some water to
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drive it up there, do them. i can't find gas. my car is almost empty. thank god the animal the places open for my dogs, but everything's gone. meanwhile gas has been very hard to come by and where it's available long lines of cars. no water, no food , no gasoline, tough road ahead for a lot of the folks here in fort myers in fort myers, florida. max gordon fox news. new images coming out of south carolina today show high water from ian keeps rescue crews busy there in there. and i'm gonna hand hurts you and you got to hold her just a few miles inland from south carolina's coast. rescue crews are working to get people and pets out of flooded homes in myrtle beach cruiser, already clearing debris. some people are amazed at the storm took out sections of peers so amazing to think of something that powerful could do so much damage. and it was just hurricane one, and i just can't
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imagine the people in florida. what they're going through is heartbreaking, really is later in this newscast will show you how governors in south carolina and florida are working closely with the biden administration to get help to victims. what do we want? change being real protests over the death of a woman while in police custody in iran move into the night this weekend, one group gathered in san francisco's union square this evening. local protests are among protests happening across the world. ktvu zach psas shows us how they got started earlier today. really hundreds chanting the name of masa armenian san francisco's union square on saturday. the 22 year old's death continues to spark demonstrations across iran and here in the u. s. my heart was devastated. that could have been me if she did not bring me here that could have been me was arrested by the country's so called morality police last month after being accused of
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improperly wearing her hijab. she later died in police custody . we have family that are still near ron. cannot hear from them . we cannot see them. i don't know if they're alive. i don't know if they're dead. we need our rights. sheila and her mother among the hundreds of iranian americans who marched onto city hall moved to speak out saturday against the government and its record on human rights since taking power in 1979 during the islamic revolution organizers hoping the u. s government will hear their please, we need to be acknowledged, and we need to. we need to stop negotiating this islamic regime. our families arn today, the human rights organization amnesty international reporting that at least 52 protesters have been killed since the demonstrations began on september. 17th meantime, more than 1500 demonstrators have been arrested . this man worried about his parents and friends still in iran and taking part in the
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demonstrations. very uncertain times. there is not the first time protests against the government have erupted in iran . but he says, ultimately, they have resulted in little change. when i talk to my friends in iran, they say they feel something's different. why so many here in union square state ? they aren't ready to give up going to stop until we get rid of the criminal regime and that sentiment being echoed by organizers at today's rally. expect more demonstrations in san francisco and across the bay area as they continue to speak out in the newsroom. zach sauce ktvu fox two news. police officers called vandalism of a catholic church facility on the peninsula. a hate crime coming up what they're reviewing about the case. at a barrier weather october starting off on a much cooler note in this pattern may stick around your sunday forecast will have the update coming up. i will never get those sounds. the smells the visuals out of my head. ever and
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car careening into a building in oakland. it happened at bancroft in haven scored around 8 30 tonight. no injuries were reported, and oakland police on scene tell us that everyone in their cars made it down safely. no word on whether the people who were participating in the illegal activity or arrested also, do you attend vandalism at a roman catholic center in palo alto is being investigated as a hate crime. authorities say yesterday they received a report about a quite racial superiority phrase spray painted on a wall at saint thomas aquinas pastoral center on middlefield road. investigators believe it happened sometime between september 18th and 24th. during that time, someone also spray painted a statue in the center
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is garden center serves as the administrative offices for three roman catholic churches in palo alto. a large crowd gathered today to watch a street get renamed in san francisco. what was scenario lane is now vita rotten parked the way the renaming honors the life of the 84 year old thai grandfather, who died after a brutal attack last year. the attack galvanized asian americans reeling from a surge in the number of assaults during the pandemic. impact the way is near kaiser hospital just south of geary boulevard. the man suspected of attacking him is facing a murder charge. another large crowd gathering golden gate park today for day two of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. the festival is welcoming crowds in person for the first time since the pandemic hurricane iain force to shake up to today's lineup of performers, a tweet indicated the traveling mccurry's could
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not perform because the act was sidelined by hurricane ian. jake blount filled the vacant space. was florida and south carolina began picking up the pieces from me and the governors of those states are working closely with the biden administration on getting federal relief foxes. richardson is in washington with the latest on the federal response, the white house press secretary says president biden spoke with his homeland security adviser today, focusing on power and water restoration in florida and an updated damage assessment for south carolina. president biden has also declared disasters in florida, south carolina and now north carol. alina that pushes federal resources to those states. president says the government will stay at it for as long as it takes. the situation in florida is far more devastating. we're just beginning to see the scale of the destruction. it's likely to rank among the worst in the nation's history. the president has also coordinated with one of his top critics. florida governor rhonda santis.
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when asked, the president said their relationship was very fine and that dissent is complimented him and thanked him for the immediate response. other republicans have praised the federal state partnership and confronting this storm. i want to thank governor henry mcmaster and president biden for working together when the governor issued his emergency declaration on wednesday. this was a very unpredictable storm, but getting our emergency centers up and running. getting the president's approval on that we now have access to resources for disaster relief and in the search and recovery assistance that we need. that was richard edson reporting and as we mentioned earlier, president biden plans to visit puerto rico and florida next week to get a firsthand look at the challenges there for hurricane victims. the red cross is on the ground, providing aid and resources to hurricane victims. ktvu and fox are trying to help in that mission. foxes donated $1 million to relief ane effort to get involved. visit. red cross .org slash fox forward
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or snap the cure code here on your screen. well thankfully, ian, no longer hurricane no longer tropical storm the remnants moving up to the north and still producing some pretty heavy downpours, but at least the circulation kind of losing its structure. in fact, here's the satellite imagery over the past couple of days, you can see that landfall, moving into a south carolina and then moving up to the north and dissipating but still producing some rain showers up towards portions of the northeast and just other portions of the country as well . they'd see some pretty heavy rain reports out in a pennsylvania earlier today, as far as the temperatures here in the bay area, we really cooled off no more nineties. not much in the way of eighties, you can see 1 84, an anti och san jose 74 in san francisco. 66 degrees will be cooled off today for the first day of october and tomorrow morning from clouds and maybe some drizzle, especially coast side and right around the bay. it will be warm inland with clearing skies and temperatures for your sunday ranging from the sixties costar. lots of seventies around the bay and the
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warmest occasions inland will be approaching at the lower eighties. here's the satellite tonight, though lots of overcast from eureka, cape mendocino down toward the bay area down toward monterey bay as well so that the overcast for tonight the clouds that onshore breeze trying to push the cloud cover back into the bay for the overnight hours , and that will be the plan as we had into your sunday morning current numbers out there. san francisco 61 santa rosa 59 degrees one that creek 61 in san jose in the sixties. he's really dark out there. you can see still some city lights here, but the fog is kind of making its push back into the bay for tonight, so overnight will bring temperatures down into the fifties and the sixties. once again, maybe some drizzle their portions of the coastline and right around the bay tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours. no major heat this first weekend of october, starting off on somewhat of a cool note, 60 seventies and some lower eighties. four tomorrow afternoon for your sunday now we will eventually warm up those numbers in the five day forecast. we'll have more on that with your full update
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coming up in a few minutes, christina thank you grow giant pumpkin festival is underway in sacramento county. this kid friendly event is free. and it is one of the only places that you're going to find a pumpkin that weighs a ton. the two day event is a celebration of all things pumpkin, complete with the pumpkin patch. carnival rides live music. there's even a giant pumpkin being used as a canoe across the lake. a couple of the pumpkins from today's way off. maybe weighing between 508 £100 will be carved and hollowed out tomorrow morning and raced across our pond here and okra park. pretty cool festival continues tomorrow from 10 in the morning until five in the afternoon in elk grove park. people getting scammed through popular payment apps are finding ways to fight back coming up how to protect yourself from con artists using those apps to steal money. later in sports, an impressive performance from san jose state as they come out on top against wyoming will bring
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make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome! life is busy. so, come to shell and get three things done at once. first, fill up with shell v-power nitro+ to help keep your engine running like new. nice! then save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again. oh wow! and, finally, snack up to save even more at the pump. that's great! make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome! american who have been imprisoned there for more than five years. those freed are five oil executives employed by the houston based company, citgo and
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two other american citizens. the move was part of a prison swap. in exchange, the u. s. is releasing two nephews of the venezuelan president who were convicted on drug smuggling charges in 2016. this was the biggest prisoner swap ever arranged by the biden administration. the biden the president rather released a statement saying in part today we celebrate the seven families that to be whole once more. to all the families who are still suffering and separated from their loved ones who are wrongfully detained. no, that we remain dedicated to securing their release. russian president vladimir putin issuing a bold threat to the west as he annexes for occupied territories in ukraine, president biden and firing back with his own warning boxes. trade links does in kiev, ukraine. kiev, ukraine, rather with the latest. some big ukrainian advances just one day after russian president putin annexed occupied ukrainian territory, authoritarian leader then held a choreographed event where state workers were given
10:24 pm
russian flags to wave in moscow's red square became stronger because we are together . the truth is with us. the truth is power and therefore the victory, putin says the victory will be ours. but the situation at the front belies putin's propaganda. after several days of heavy fighting, russian troops today withdrew from the eastern city of lemon blue and yellow ukrainian flag flying once again over an area putin claimed as russian just yesterday. ukrainian forces continue to push forward, bolstered by increasing supplies of western weapons, destroying putin's claims of success. in his nightly address, president volodymyr zelensky, reiterating his vow to fight for every foot of land. and then sweetums path of our enemy is also completely clear, zelensky says, defeat shame and condemnation. there are serious concerns in the west that russian president putin faces such internal and external pressure that he could take a
10:25 pm
step up on the escalation ladder in kiev tree angst. fox news jimmy carter, the longest living u s president in history turned 98 years old. today the 39th president spent his birthday surrounded by family and friends in plains, georgia, the small town where he and his wife, 95, year old rosalynn, were born and continue to live. his grandson says carter planned to spend his day watching in atlanta braves game on tv. as of today, you do not need a reservation to get into yosemite national park yesterday was the last day that people needed to make a reservation to enter the park during peak hours. affective today anyone can come without signing up ahead of time, but that reservation system is expected to be back at yosemite starting next spring. coming up a somber anniversary in las vegas how people are honoring the victims of the 2017, mass shooting at a music festival. paying more at the pump with the governor is proposing to bring down gas prices. and scammers
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sort spiking again in california despite easing crude oil prices together, newsom has announced a change to immediately increase the state's gas supply in an effort to help out frustrated drivers. more now from ktvu s a magus here at palo alto gas, you can get a gallon of regular for 5 79 a gallon, which to some is a bargain compared to the santa clara county average, which is now $6.45 a gallon. according to triple a, but lately it's just been creeping back up. it's insane over $100 today. yeah gas prices are on the rise and california's average price 6 36
10:29 pm
a gallon, according to triple a is the highest in the country. in santa clara county. it's nine cents more drivers to seek out the lowest price they can find. this is always the lowest gas in palo alto everywhere else you can see right there always at least 20 cents a gallon more right down the street relief. hump could be coming sooner than thanksgiving, according to some energy economists. governor newsom has directed the california air resources board to immediately increase california's gas supply by allowing oil refineries to start making the more cost effective winter blend gasoline a month sooner than usual. he's also taking on big oil and proposing a windfall profits tax on oil companies because lately the cost of crude oil has been falling yet prices at the pump have climbed. it just doesn't add up. the degree of diversions from the national prices has never happened before, and oil companies they provide no explanation. the windfall tax
10:30 pm
would require companies engaged in extraction production and refining of oil to pay a higher tax on their earnings above a set amount each year and the recouped windfall profits would be directed to rebates or refunds. for california taxpayers. i don't trust oil companies to actually bring prices down. i hope it does. but i guess the time to tell nuisance. critics argue that the windfall profits tax could actually backfire by restricting oil supply and ending up costing consumers more in the long run. in palo alto dos ktvu, fox two news. and you attended san jose homicide suspect was arrested in fresno. the man was wanted in connection with the shooting death of a woman yesterday on al midan expressway. officers responded to a report of a person down in a vehicle. when they arrived, they found a woman had been shot at least once she was pronounced dead at the scene . detectives id the suspect, and we're able to track him down at
10:31 pm
his home in fresno. they say he'll be brought back to santa clara county in the coming days. this is san jose's 28th homicide this year. burlingame police say one pedestrian was killed in another was critically hurt in a hit and run crash happened shortly after 10 30 last night. a man and a woman were walking across the intersection of california driving oak grove avenue in the crosswalk. sergeant david partner with the burlingame police department says the driver initially left the scene. yeah. take it. the prius. um traveling southbound on california instructor pedestrians as they were in the crosswalk. the vehicle initially fled the scene but has since returned and is cooperating with law enforcement. so far, police have not released the names of the two victims or the driver. the intersection was closed for a few hours while police investigated the deadly accident. sunrise service in las
10:32 pm
vegas today helps honor the lives lost five years ago when someone started shooting into a festival crowd on the las vegas strip. thousands of music fans were enjoying the final night of the route 91 harvest country music festival outside mandalay bay hotel and casino in 2017 when shots rang out just after 10 pm reporter erin have spoke with a woman who survived that mass shooting. sounds of thousands. running and taking cover for their lives. 58 people wouldn't live to see the next day and hundreds more would be left injured. night grimly known as the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history. i will never get those sounds the smells the visuals out of my head. ever lisa fein was there. it was the highlight of my life at that time, and then things
10:33 pm
turned really dark. her friend took this picture of her minutes before gunfire would reign on the crowd. mandalay bay looming in the backdrop, unbeknownst to me, that evil monster is crashing the window open to start killing people. she took this video as she hid underneath the music festival bleachers. she said she thought these moments move her last. we will never be the same. never. there was a girl i was before. and this girl i am now and huge loss. despite today's nearly unspeakable reminder of the many lost five years ago, fine says it's important to discuss the pain because even though the years continue, the scars persist, it seems like every day i turn on the television and there's another mass shooting, and it's just really hard and the lives lost stretch far beyond the actual night. we've just lost another survivor to
10:34 pm
suicide, and there's been many tragedy, though, made way for something special for her angel came into my life and i was really, really afraid and fearful and just didn't know how i was going to breathe, and i was doing an interview with, um , you know about this horrible event, and there is a man behind the camera and my sister took a picture of him hugging me and i had no idea that was my future husband. so it was like this dark dark. you know, tragic event and then this beautiful, you know, amazing future that was offered to me that i never would. i never would have met him find hopes with tragedy, perspective will be gained and hopefully make way for change for all in danger of it happening everywhere we go. it's a churches, concert schools. grocery stores, workplaces. it's everywhere. and if we don't have a genuine heart felt human
10:35 pm
nature to care about people that have gone through this type of trauma, but any trauma then we're really setting our world up for a dark place because people need to be cared for through these tragedies. that was aaron heft reporting authorities. authorities say they never found a single or clear motive for the massacre. the 64 year old gunman fatally shot himself as police closed in on him inside of his suite at mandalay bay president biden marking the somber anniversary by vowing to take action in honor of the victims, the white house released a statement saying, may god bless those taken away from us and comfort the loved ones of the fallen and may we resolve to turn her heartbreak into action. the president also vowed to work with congress to see what assault weapons and high capacity magazines are banned. some people worry cellphone tracking technology forces users to give up privacy coming up. lawmakers call for change to help keep your information
10:36 pm
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evil rights lawyers and democratic senators want to put an end to some forms of cell phone tracking. they're pushing for legislation that would limit law enforcement from buying and using some cell phone tracking tools. tools can access data from years ago and can help establish activity patterns for surveillance purposes. they do not require search warrants and do not directly identify people. lawmakers say they concerned tools such tools would cause they're concerned rather than touch tools would cause a crisis over privacy concerns. well imagine finding a brand new tesla in your driveway that you did not buy. that's exactly what happened to one family in southern california. and not only was the car, not theirs, but it was also blocking their driveway. and as reporter susan harris, suna explains, it was not easy for them to get that car towed. park it here. the gentleman gets out. take some pictures, makes a phone call and
10:40 pm
walks away brand new tesla in the driveway raffle prize gift from the gods. bonus not when the car you have no control of is blocking the car. you do? my wife had to go pick up my kids from school. our kids from school, so she calls me in a panic and she's just like i can't go pick up the girls. i'm like what's going on to the car parked in our driveway and it's blocking the driveway. i can't go pick him up from school. what do i do? and i'm like, okay, first of all, calm down, called the school time you're going to be late and call the police. his wife called police to get the vehicle towed. and then they said that because it was on private property, they could not tell the vehicle. so it's your private property. correct that make sense to you? not to me, he said, if it was blocking the driveway and on the city street, we could tow it. the man who goes by d. true on twitter used the social media platform to alert tesla of the mistake. plenty of people tweeted back basically finders keepers. but danny didn't want the car as much as he wanted an apology. do
10:41 pm
you feel like tesla has a pretty good reputation for customer service? this is my only experience with him. so out of this, i would say no, danny says it took tesla about three hours to figure out right car. wrong delivery location. black tesla arrived to move the white tesla and delivered to the correct driveway. same number on the house, but one street away. choose wife confronts the driver who was less than sympathetic. it was such an inconvenience that you were part here. um and all he says, like, i'm sorry, i'm just a driver called tesla. and that was susan here is doing a reporting. tesla has not responded to a request for an explanation. police in pacifica or investigating into armed carjacking that happened at about 6 45 last night in the area of humble court. investigators say the victim reported his work van had been stolen by two suspects are with handguns. one of them reportedly fired several shots. thankfully no one was hurt. police say they later found the stolen van abandoned in a parking lot in
10:42 pm
pacifica, with everything inside the work van gone. the suspects have not been found. anyone with information is asked to call pacifica police. payment outs, creating new opportunities for con artists coming up how to go after your money if you lose that to payment apps scams and ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will return with your complete a area for
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a experts beware of scammers asking you to send money through payment apps like zell and cash app. authorities say more people are falling victim to this type of crime, and they're losing out on thousands of dollars. reporter heather sullivan has a breakdown on how victims may be able to dispute some of those payments. he kept asking me for money for his son and i would
10:45 pm
send them a little bit here and there. christine rathburn thought she was sending money to a soldier overseas, but social catfish investigators discovered it was a scammer in nigeria. how much money did you end up losing probably to scammers, sending tm cash through payment apps like zell, cash app and ven rathburnt the money back. i wish they could do more, but you can't get your money back once you send it , but consumer advocate christopher elliott says, the consumer financial protection bureau says banks should reimburse victims and the law is called regulation e. and it basically says if you made a mistake and you've sent someone money the bank has to go to bat for you the same way that it does for credit card disputes. most banks disagree. cybersecurity expert alex
10:46 pm
hammer, stone explains. somebody gets into your account right? they are able to guess your password or they find out or you know some kind of half and they get into your account and take your money that's considered fraud. scams though, is if you press that button, this is send money. you have very limited recourse, senator elizabeth warren and other lawmakers just blasted bank ceo s for not refunding scammed customers and are asking the cfpb to fill the regulatory gap. meantime hammer , stone says, don't send money to someone contacting you over text, phone call or email for any reason they're putting pressure on you. increasing that sense of urgency. it's a very good red flag, but it's gonna be a scam. just don't send money to people you've never met before. well barry weather temperatures definitely cooling off for today probably noticed that change to start off your weekend to start off october. it looks like this pattern wants to stick around
10:47 pm
for at least one more day, so lots of cloud cover to start things off for tomorrow morning near the coast and right around the bay, and that will affect the hardly strictly bluegrass forecast for tomorrow. golden gate park temperature is on track to reach the at least the mid sixties with lots of cloud cover in the morning and then partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours. you see the align up there for day three. honest sunday. take a look. though you can see the temperature profile. we are going to warm up those numbers a little bit, too monday. tuesday and then the heat makes a comeback wednesday and thursday. in fact, the hottest locations inland will be at least in the low nineties and maybe approaching the mid nineties. by that time frame, take a look at the highs from this afternoon across the region. of course not incredibly, a hot 60 seventies, the warmest occasions in the eighties and of course we have the clouds and drizzle tomorrow morning, keeping it cool for the coastline. some warm numbers inland, but no major heat. no triple digits. no nineties for tomorrow, in fact, the warmest occasions around 80 to 80 two degrees. here is the satellite lots of lots of overcast right
10:48 pm
near the immediate coastline up and down our coastline right around eureka, cape mendocino down toward the bay area and down toward monterey bay as well. so a lot of cloud cover this almost looks like a forecast in the middle of june with like the overcast in the morning, clearing back to any other shorelines. of course it's fall, and we have pretty much a pattern you would expect maybe typical summertime pattern out there. here is our live camera tonight, looking out towards oakland jack london square, the clouds already moving back into the picture for this evening and current numbers out there for the 10 o'clock hours. santa rosa 59 san francisco 61 conquered. 62 hayward is 63 in san jose 64 degrees overnight that will bring in some more clouds, and maybe some drizzle did did notice some drizzle this morning. and that could be a factor once again tomorrow morning. so most neighborhoods for your sunday will be in the fifties with the cloud cover out there. here is the forecast model tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours, the clouds trying to break up a bit
10:49 pm
. we could still have partly cloudy skies for the coastline but increasing sunshine, and there's that eventual temperature range for tomorrow afternoon by about three or four o'clock. so here's what's happening out here in the pacific. this guy actually inland. this guy has been influencing our temperatures over the past couple of days and wants to stick around for one more day, this big area of high pressure offshore. this will build in later in the week. thankfully we're not talking about high fire danger just yet, of course, october basically the peak of fire season that could carry over into a november, but it's a it's a warm up this week . we're not talking about strong offshore winds just yet. as you can see the plan this weekend. no major changes for tomorrow could actually have a little bit more sunshine for your sunday compared to it today will definitely have the overcast out there for tomorrow. take a look at the numbers for your sunday afternoon. san francisco 67 santa rosa, mid seventies san jose 77 some lower eighties out toward concord, antioch and fairfield and look ahead your five day forecast. we will have partly cloudy skies by monday. clearing skies by tuesday, and
10:50 pm
there's that warm up christina by wednesday and thursday, hotspots back up into the low to mid nineties just got past summer and here we are again going in reverse at the start of fall. what's going on last year? there were you know, we had were still concerned about fire season that we had that big storm moved in, moved in the forecast models suggesting maybe not this week, but down the road. maybe some rain chances. okay sounds good. we'll keep an eye on it. and, luckily so far knock on wood fire season has been somewhat calm. but don't want to jameson. exactly alright, mark. thank you. well, this weekend is sacramento. lego enthusiasts are out in full force brick festival i've kicked off today. it's a nationally nationally touring convention specifically for those who are fans of legos. people are able to come and see displays, participate in hands on workshops and meet those known as lego masters of the best of all, the convention sparks the imaginations of little ones. we measure the success of our events by goose bump moments.
10:51 pm
that's me. it's those moments that you hear from a parent where you hear from a young kid who maybe doesn't have a ton of social opportunities that come to our shows. they meet other like minded kids, and they have an amazing time socially. breakfast live continues tomorrow at sacramento safe credit union convention center, the doors open at 10 a.m. hundreds of hot air balloons took flight today in the international balloon fiesta in albuquerque, new mexico, the balloons in all shapes and sizes and colors lifted off saturday from the desert on the 50th anniversary of the festival. the balloon fiesta is one of the most photographed events in the world. more than 20 countries are taking part this year, including switzerland, australia. brazil croatia, mexico, taiwan and ukraine. coming up in sports highlights from stanford vs oregon will bring you an update on tonight's game.
10:52 pm
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plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. oregon. something is usually on the line, if not, college poll positioning been pride is the latter for david shaw as his cardinal lerin eugene tonight, taking on the 13th ranked ducks . the last play of the first quarter goes the distance. oregon's bo nix completes a screen pass to chase who runs
10:55 pm
through stanford's defense for 49 yards. score that oregon up 10. nothing then later in the second quarter of the ducks on the move, leading 10 to 3 knicks scrambles right, then fires a laser detroit franklin was initially ruled incomplete. you see, but no a review. it shows franklin's double toe tap. did the trick. oregon goes up 17 to 3. yeah they take a 30 31 23 lead into the half. the game is now in the third quarter, with oregon still in control. they're up 38 to 10 bears pension for offense ended after one week. this afternoon, they struggled to put points on the board in pullman, washington, where washington state cougars held a 14 to 3 lead in the second half of a defensive battle. on this play, cal qb jack plummer avoids the rush and connects with white out jeremiah hunter on a 49 yard pass play that's set up a jaden two yard run to pay dart pay
10:56 pm
dirt, which cuts the lead to 14 to 9, but too much offense from the cougars, who scored 14 unanswered points they win at 28 to 9 cal dropped to three and two overall. they have a by next weekend halloween colors overshadowed by the blue and gold of san jose state. the spartans sword on the arm of qb von cordero. here he hits white out elijah, who cooks for a 52 of his 314 passing yards. that catch sets up this toss to tighten skylar loving black. the bulls his way into the end zone extends its lead 12 to 3 and later in the second half. todaro does it with his legs. this 18 yard scamper capsule 10 play 80 yard drive that put san jose state up 33 16, which is your final spartans win their mountain west conference opener and our home in the south bay next friday, not saturday, friday against unlv. usc remains unbeaten and the best in the pac
10:57 pm
12 as we look at other scores, receiver jordan addison has at least eight grabs and over 100 yards as the trojan post a 42 to 25 win over arizona state. better luck for the other desert team. arizona qb jaden dolora had a career day against winless colorado. he throws for 440, 8400 and 84 yards, six tds as the wildcats win 43 to 20. the buffs now sink to oh, and five. francisco 49ers hold a walkthrough at their practice facility in santa clara today. that's in preparation for monday night's rematch against the l. a rams head coach kyle shanahan says, relying on a trio of running backs is the key to the team's identity and the victory. i think when you look at our team when we have won the most, and one of the most consistently is when we've ran the ball, the best haven't turned it over. um i think that's what we've done. we've always want so there's other ways you got to be able to win, which i think we found to
10:58 pm
do that. but um, that's the thing you set out to do. san francisco giants faint wildcard playoff hopes ended at oracle park this afternoon. the fact that the orange and black remained in the hunt for as long as they did deserve the hand. we're going to pick up the action, the bottom of the sixth with arizona leading 31, but a solo shot the center by jd davis off drey james makes it a one run game. that's davis's 12th home run of the season, giants would get no closer, though diamondbacks pull away in the top of the seventh. with a five run uprising. son helped sergio contra fly ball to left completed a couple of runs. you see, jack peterson made a die but he could not make the catch. webex go up to they win it a four giants are back to 500 for this season, the oakland a's long and difficult season mercifully only has four games left, including one more in seattle full house to see the mariners basket and postseason glow for the first time in 21 years, but in the top of the first oakland strikes first one on when diaz singles to left
10:59 pm
that scores tony kemp, and it's also his first he's on top one. nothing it gets ugly after that, including this pop fly travesty and right field in the bottom of the eighth. i don't know what to say. but the hand oakland 102nd loss of the season 51 final green and gold looks to avoid the sweep tomorrow. both local pro soccer teams in action tonight and both playing at home. in the south bay san jose earthquakes defeated minnesota united fc two nil and here in the east bay oakland roots, won their final home game in front of a sellout crowd at laney stadium to one over birmingham union. i'm sorry birmingham legion fc that's going to keep them alive for playoff spot. it is a late saturday night, so little cto guys. something inspiring and gravity defying from u c l a qb dorian thompson robinson late in the first half on friday. yeah btr goes up and
11:00 pm
over. this defender has him grasping for air. you see how high he is? he's got to be like 553. yeah, pretty high giants home finale tomorrow. >> i'm looking forward to getting back in the ring october the 15th. this fight is going to be an explosive fight. it's going to be one for the history books. >> i have been counting down the days until this fight. i'm going to do everything in my power to get the win. no fighter from finland have ever fought for the world heavyweight title. >> ♪ i am going to build a throne ♪ ♪ brick by brick ♪ ♪ and stone by stone ♪ >> when you have two warriors that fight with their heart, it ain't no quitting. either he gonna knock me out or i'm gonna knock him out. >> i want to be world champ. i'm going to put everything on the line to keep that promise to bring the world champion to finland. >> ♪ every time i fall ♪
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