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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 1, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvu fox two. san francisco police investigating an attack that left a 73 year old man dead surveillance video shows the victim was beaten to death outside a 7 11 store. was very tragic. whatever happened to him ? i just feel so sorry for his family, you know, because he didn't deserve that. nobody deserves that. police called the attack random and say their suspect also assaulted two other people. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. those beatings happened this morning on bayshore boulevard in san francisco's visitation valley neighborhood. ktvu is amberleigh live tonight outside sfpd headquarters with more on that surveillance video, amber. mike police and neighbors tell me they want the public to be aware of this attack. it appears to be random and unprovoked. we must
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warn you that the video you are about to see is graphic. surveillance video shows a man viciously beating another man repeatedly along bayshore boulevard in san francisco's visitation valley neighborhood tuesday morning around 6 30. police say it was a random attack and that officers attempted life saving measures on the 73 year old victim. but he died at the scene. they had a body sitting on the side of the street with the tarp over it. and i was like it was really bad. it was a lot of blood, and it just it didn't look right. it was like really scary. i wanted to know what happened. police say the incident started when the suspect approached at 26 year old man who was waiting at the bus stop in front of the 7 11 on bayshore. the suspect pulled the 26 year old into the 7 11 and beat him. police say the suspect also attacked a 70 year old employee and prevented the two victims from calling 911
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. the suspect went outside and approached the 73 year old men he kills was shocking. that is, like terrible. you know, somebody just got you know, beaten to death. that is a really brutal and scary man spoke with us on the condition that we not show his face. he works at the auto repair shop that steps from the crime scene , he tells me often has to deal with people with mental issues coming into the business. one crazy guy came in and beat us up. me and my body we got sent into the hospital for a few days. because that is like crazy random attack. he now carries a taser for protection. one neighbor tells me she avoids walking in the area. it's not safe. they need some type of security. they need security around here because it's getting out of hand. it's getting out of hand like this is ridiculous. police arrested the suspect at the scene. investigators have not released the identities of
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the suspect and the man he's accused of killing. the fire department tells me they transported to people to the hospital. there is no information on their condition. mike amber. the name of the suspect wasn't released. but is it someone that police know from prior incidents? or maybe this individual had been arrested for another crime prior they did not want to release any information . when i asked them that, they said this is an open and active investigation, and even though they have someone under arrest, they do not. the case is still open. they want anyone with information to come forward like early live tonight in san francisco, amber. thank you knew attend six teenagers, including 13 year olds are now in custody , accused of stabbing two teens at his school in novato. the attack happened on october 24th that linwood elementary school after school hours. two teenagers were wounded, including the 16 year old who remains in critical condition tonight. 17 year old boy had minor injuries, police say 3 13 year olds and 2 15 year olds.
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all nevada residents are being held on attempted murder charges . 19 year old emerson gonzalez red owns, was arrested for suspicion of conspiracy. to commit a crime and aiding and abetting back now to san francisco, where the man accused of breaking into the home of house speaker nancy pelosi entered a not guilty plea today . a court filing alleges that david do pap was on a quote suicide mission and had plans to target other politicians as ktvu christien kafton shows us to perhaps attorneys are looking into the role social media played leading up to the alleged attack. there's also been a lot of speculation regarding mr depp abs. um vulnerability to two. us certainly something that we're
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going to look into that we're going to delve into his defense team cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom with 42 year old david pop was escorted in wearing orange jail clothing , his arm in a sling and injury, his attorney says happened when he was taken into custody, entered not guilty pleas to attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and other felony charges. the district attorney has said that there's been a lot of misinformation already spreading about this case and once again emphasized that she says this was a targeted attack , apparently with a political motivation or office served to pap with a protective order to stop any attempt he may make to reach out to the pelosi family. pelosi family apparently also tried to view the proceedings using zoom, but the judge said that those plans did not reach your desk in time. this coming friday to pap will be back in court to set a date for his pretrial hearing. prosecutors say that pretrial hearing could take five hours and this coming friday. prosecutors will also push their case to dye his release before trial. absolutely
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i consider him to be dangerous. not only is this someone who engaged in a in a pre planned attack on the speaker in her in her home, and but someone who was willing to enact violence that was politically motivated. and so, yes, we certainly view him as a public safety risk to the city of san francisco, certainly to the speaker as time goes forward, and so that is why we filed that motion to detain him without bail. federal authorities also have a hold on to pap so even if he were to be released from jail in san francisco, he would immediately be turned over to federal authorities. san francisco's d. a says she's working. closely with the u. s attorney on how the state and federal prosecutions will proceed. she said. due to the way the law works, the local cases are proceeding before the federal cases. we have checked with the department of justice and no federal court dates have been announced at this time. prosecutors also say pap had other targets, including several prominent state and federal politicians and their family members. even a local professor.
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the hall of justice in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox studios. alright let's talk about our weather. fresh powder slowly piling up in the sierra as the first significant storm of the season hits northern california this is video from the uc berkeley snow lab in soda springs. some higher elevations could get close to a foot of snow, if not more back here in the bay area, rainy start to november. take a look at this time lapse video from our rooftop cam in oakland's jack london square. it captured the moment that today's storm actually rolled right through the estuary. most of the bay area did see a decent amount of rain. and with that, we'll check in with meteorologist mark tamayo and i start to the month mark. they brand new weather pattern. you probably noticed that to define the rain band moving across the bay area earlier today that moved on out to leaving us with us some sunshine, but it's doing its thing in the sierra. basically right now, with the winter storm warning in place, so this was the case yesterday and late looking out toward lake tahoe from tahoe's west shore, homewood. take a look at the
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comparison today low visibilities and some snow falling on the slopes as well, which controls currently posted on 80 and 50. here is a closer look at the rainfall totals back home half moon bay, san jose could see over 4/10 of an inch of rainfall. concord 500.29. oakland about a quarter of an inch and just about 1/10 of an inch in santa rosa. so we did clear on out this afternoon with the main activity kind of scooting on out to the east of the bay area, but still you'll notice that the last few frames here we're tracking a few pop up showers out there across portions of the region, so this will be the plan for the overnight hours and into into your wednesday fewer pop up showers up to the north bed closer to petaluma and rohnert park and keep that unsettled forecast at least four tomorrow . here is our live camera looking above san francisco. and as i mentioned, some shower, chances will linger in your wednesday forecast will have more on that with another update . coming up interest. a few minutes, mark. we'll see you that new attend. one person was taken to the hospital from the
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scene of a house fire in san jose. tonight firefighters were called home would drive right near north redwood avenue about seven o'clock. as those engines rolled up to the scene, they could see flames coming out of the front door. firefighters say one person inside tried to put out the fire on their own. that person had to be taken to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. because is still under investigation. the house does have probably excessive amount of furnishings, which can make it difficult for extinguishment and finding hidden fires as well as rescue. unfortunately, this case the resident was able to self extricates with a little bit of smoke inhalation. firefighters say just to remind you here with the time change coming this sunday morning is a good time to check those smoke alarms and to make sure as the weather gets colder not to overload circuits with portable heaters. election day is now one week away in san francisco's office of elections is putting out the word that they're still looking for bilingual poll workers and voters should be aware there are some changes this fall. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live
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to explain janna julie, the city created new districts due to the 2020 census, and that means some voters will actually be switching to new districts and new polling places. election day is november 8th, but voters are already checking off their boxes . the san francisco office of elections central voting center is accepting ballots and has voting booths open on the ground floor of city hall. san francisco has nearly 498,000 registered voters we received around 75,000 ballots so far, that's around 15% turnout, but with this election is shaping up to be as a becoming a last minute election for a lot of voters director of elections john aren't says they were able to get the pole places staffed but still have a need for bilingual poll workers in a city where people can register to vote in more than 12 languages. six spots that we would need korean bilingual, but always if we have more people that are chinese bilingual spanish bilingual at the top four um,
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japanese. bilingual is good, too. we have a couple of polling places. comeere is spoken, warned that there is one big change this november election. we it's our first election since the city redistricted. in april . we've already sent them information that they're pulling places changed and the number of polling places has decreased from 588 to 501 point places will still be within a matter of 5 to 6 blocks from where they live. at the most election day, the department will play signs at the old polls directing voters to the new locations. voters who have not registered still can vote by going to the ground floor of city hall or going to a polling place on election day. and for those who do have ballots ballots back to us. by election day or the postmarked by election day. we can count those ballots. in san francisco has set up a new website that allows you to check whether you are one of those people who have a new district or polling place. they do say if
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anybody wants to become one of those bilingual poll workers, they ask you to call the san francisco department of elections, julie so we can expect new districts. fewer polling places and ballots are already being turned in. what are they saying about turnout on election day? well aren't says that he thinks it's going to be this last minute crush, and one of the things that he worries about is the ballots this year are going to be very big in san francisco alone there five pages so he says, make sure you open up those ballots early. take time to read it and then make sure you have plenty of time to turn them in. all right. good advice, jenna. thank you. and for more information on election day, just head to our website at ktvu .com. that's where you can find all the details on local races, ballot measures and results all come next tuesday. tonight we're learning more about the man who police say hired a hit man to kill his girlfriend, our beloved dentist in the city of oakland. why there were suspicions about the suspect from the very beginning
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also had the music industry mourning the loss of rapper takeoff who was killed in houston this morning. we'll talk with the bay area music and television producer about a new series on violence in hip hop. also coming up in the next half hour, a california county declaring a health emergency over rapidly spreading viral infections. what we know from state health officials chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids.
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vote yes on proposition 31. have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm.
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plot an oakland dentist, family and friends are speaking out about the victim's boyfriend, who is accused of hiring the hit man. our crime reporter henry lee has the latest. video posted on youtube shows 73 year old nelson shah singing at the memorial for his dentist girlfriend, lily su, who was shot and killed in august, but last week was arrested on suspicion of plotting to kill sue for financial gain and hiring a hit man. and then just hours later, authorities say he died by suicide while in jail like a pretty nice guy, pretty ship them guys. it's hard to believe salvos of hayward meant to in the second grade, shocked at his sister, just stereo, you
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know, real hiring somebody and just like that kind of life, and um said by his suicide, authorities say souza state was worth between 12 and $14 million and that shia retired investment advisor took control of many of her accounts after she died. oakland police say chia agreed to pay this man ashamed, basan quote a significant amount of money for murdering sue hassan has now been charged with murder with special circumstances of financial gain and lying in wait . surveillance video shows a white lexus parked a short distance away before it pulls up alongside the couple's mercedes outside a spot at the east 11th and fifth avenue in oakland's little saigon. police say basan got out of the lexus ignored chia and went around the mercedes to shoot and kill sue cindy sheng, who knew the couple says she was immediately suspicious of things that we could understand what he doing in that the conclusion is somebody he might have a huge financial interests but to fall
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in line with it, you know, you hear like we're gonna do a community guidance. free video posted on youtube showing basan who also went by the name prince when he took part in occupy the farm back in 2013 when protesters tried to save land in albany for urban farming generation after that, you know what kind of still fighting uphill battle for next generation. oakland police say nelson shia study immediately get a million dollars after his girlfriend was killed and he had hoped to live off her estate for the rest of his life. henry lee ktvu fox two news, the hip hop star known as takeoff was shot and killed in houston and his death tonight is sending shockwaves through the music industry. ktvu lamonica peter spoke to a music and television producer who is behind a new series about the staggering number of killings in the hip hop community. lamonica. ppe frank williams grew up in oakland, east bay, and he says, after decades of working in the music and television industry artists today have a target on their backs, and it's directly
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related to the rise of social media. and everyone spoke of what a great young man this is how peaceful he is. what a great artist and i'm calling up on everybody. okay. hip up artists. houston and around the nation. we got to police ourselves. rapper takeoff whose real name is kirsten, it carry ball was one third of the rap supergroup me goes. the 28 year old was gunned down early tuesday morning around 2:30 a.m. after attending a bowling party in houston. that's why i think that there is a crisis in the hip hop community where a lot of cloud chasing is going on where, you know, um a lot of these young guys on drugs. they're doing crazy stuff. and now a rapper has become a prize, a target frank's world born and raised in oakland, east bay, p. frank williams is an emmy and eight time naacp award winning executive producer and showrunner. he's working some of
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hip hop's biggest artist, produced tv shows and award ceremonies and was a staff writer for the l a times smoke. von was gunned down 2022. there's been a staggering number of rappers who have been murdered. williams latest project co executive produced by rapper 50 cent is called hip hop homicides. the eight part series investigates some of hip hop's most notorious murders take off was not a gangster rapper. talked about partying. a girl, so what we really wanted to do was often the media and even the police. don't give these guys the investigation. i think that they deserved. local rapper jacko was shot and killed in 2015 and november 1st also marks the day oakland rapper mac dre was murdered in 2004, williams says. now it's mainly due to social media beefs or arguments. you know, we never even heard back in the day of internet beef where you're beefing on the internet and that beefing on the internet can now turn to death.
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at least one rapper has been shot and killed each year since 2018 hip hop homicides were air thursday, november 3rd on we tv lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news.orward today and what's interesting is we take a look at the forecastr the next few days into illustrates, we approach mid november looks like it could be a pretty active weather patterns, not rainfall every day. but still we're talking about some rain chances . so today welcome back rainfall for your wednesday the chance of some showers. definitely a cold pattern setting up and then maybe another shower chance later in the day saturday, especially late saturday afternoon, and it's a saturday night you can see the action from earlier today. look at this suspected cloud cover out here in the pacific. that's some cold, unstable air that's going to work its way at least try to approach the bay area for tomorrow. the radar coverage still very active in the sierra . we have a winter storm warning in place and snowfall
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potentially could be around 12 to 15 inches in the mountains so that winter storm warning continues. right on through most of your wednesday. here is the latest on the radar right now, and you can't see some development here up in portions of the north bay portions of marine county and it looks like this one cell right around the petaluma area. right now. you can see if you will pop up showers and kind of this radar. that's what we're gonna probably see tomorrow. lots of breaks in the clouds. lots of breaks the rain, but a few showers can quickl san francisco right now, 53 conquered 52. hera tonight looking over san francisco where we do have partly cloudy skies as far as overnight temperatures will have those readings of the thirties and the forties for tomorrow, and a quick look at the forecast model will have some clouds and some showers that could quickly pop up, so it's a chair to the shower. through your wednesday so still an unsettled forecast for tomorrow and maybe some more rain drops as we head towards the weekend. we'll have more on that with your full update in a little bit. thank you. a san
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francisco supervisor out with a new plan to help military reservist who get called the duty how large employers in the city could soon be covering those lost wages also had how veteran vietnam vietnam vet friend who was killed in a traffic accident. was remembered tonight. also news stories coming to light about the ongoing sex abuse claims at the federal correctional institution in dublin. chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco
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started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31. ♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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remember vietnam veteran who died in a traffic accident in berkeley. police say bill evans was in his wheelchair crossing bancroft way and shadow when he was hit by a dump truck and killed on third thursday. members of walk bike berkeley held a vigil at the intersection tonight, friends at the senior center where he lives, say the military. evette lost both of his legs in war. and he was in a chair, but it was short and so from a 12 vehicle, it would have
10:25 pm
been difficult to see him. berkeley police said that the truck driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with investigators at the time officer said there was no sign that drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident. we have new information about the sex abuse case against a former warden at a federal women's prison in dublin, as ktvu cristina rendon tells us he's headed to trial at the end of the month, even as additional women come forward, saying they were victims, too. it's horrific in that prison palm or a former inmate at fc i. dublin is one of 40 women sharing their stories with ktvu about sexual abuse they suffered or witnessed. she is not part of the upcoming trial against former warden ray garcia, but has her own story about him palm or was it double in between 2018 and 2019? garcia was associate warden at the time before being promoted to warden in 2020. elmore recalls being beat up by guards for reporting
10:26 pm
physical abuse by a female officer. when she came to, she was lying on the floor without clothes. elmore says three guards and garcia were standing over her. garcia definitely stood over me while i was butt naked, stood over me with a grin in his on his face and took pictures of my body. garcia is set to go to trial in the coming weeks charged with the sex abuse of three women. the u. s attorney's office has put together a list of evidence with more than 300 items. things like recorded phone calls naked photos of the women and pictures of garcia's genitals found on his prison cell phone. garcia's attorney is objecting to the use of most of the photos. fighting to limit the pictures of his penis to no more than one or two. it's not often that a warden gets caught with a government computer and phone full of pornographic images of incarcerated people. 34 were inmates are set to testify against garcia, along with 11, currently incarcerated women. prosecutors say garcia used candy to groom one of the victims. throwing a candy cane
10:27 pm
at a woman's feet so she would strip for him. he allegedly asked another inmate to be naked on his rounds. stories like this or why palm or is speaking out herself more thought advocated for the women that are there who are scared to speak up the women who are scared to come forward and tell their truth because i'm a tell mine says her case was covered up. she tried to report it, but no one listened. well, this is a nightmare. this is has impacted my life. life in ways that you could never match over the course of our coverage. garcia's attorney has repeatedly declined comment to ktvu garcia is out on bail and merced awaiting his trial on november 28th. in oakland, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. one week from tonight, california voters will determine the fate of sports gambling in the state that two propositions up for vote. plus we are continuing his fight against corruption, family members of a
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late fremont police captain filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of bremen. why they say the city played a role in his death. sad day for the 49ers faithful as the architect of their dynasty passes away joe fonzi with more later in sports. also new data released on a possible vaccine for rsv the promising results from a phase three trial.
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joe biden is hitting the road today. the president visited florida, where republicans are quickly making ground in the race for governor and senate, a new wall street journal poll found in a generic congressional race, the republican candidate pulled 2% higher than the democrat. the united states election project says more than 24 million people have voted early. i think it's not just gas
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prices. i have to support anybody that's for women's rights to see. the power reversed in the senate. the latest fox news power ranking show. the gop is expected to gain control of the house. but the senate is far closer with four states listed as tossups. arizona georgia, nevada and pennsylvania sports gambling remains a very hot topic on the ballot for california voters to measures aimed to legalize betting on your favorite team in different ways. prop 26 would allow you to bet in person at tribal casinos and horse tracks. prop 27 would allow for online betting. ktvu political reporter greg lee went in depth on the measures in a 30 minute special. here's one expert from that special let's first just talk about the massive amount of spending that has been done on these two measures. look if you think back to november 2020 this is when proposition 22 was on the ballot. this is uber lyft gig workers. that ballot measure
10:32 pm
set records, the most expensive ballot measure ever. that particular election had three quarters of a billion dollars in spending overall. now fast forward to 26 27. they will set records as the most expensive ballot measures ever in real dollar terms, and they're going to blow past what 22 did. talking about something that's probably going to hit 6 to $700 million. just the two of these on the yes and no side for both of them, and overall, we could go past $700 million. that doesn't even say or adding the other five measures on the ballot, so the potential for this election is considering that 26 27 are driving everything is that you could hit somewhere north of $750 million in this election and as much as a billion dollars only the u. s presidential election is more expensive than california ballot measure proposition elections the second most expensive elections in the free world. there was a huge pot at stake here. both made big bets all in and now we're headed for a bus. most ballot measures fail, all
10:33 pm
right, two out of three. historically in the process failed and this particular election in 26 27 going to the ballot where draftkings and fanduel couldn't agree with the tribes, for example, or the card rooms, all of them huge operators with huge players with a nuclear arsenal of dollars. they go all in and most voters when they're faced with this kind of gamete or this type of choice, they opt out. they say, no pox on all your houses. this is known as counter initiatives. so the way i explained it is you spend lots of money. you spend lots of money. you spend lots of money and then you spend too much money in each additional dollar leads to less than one vote, and so it turns it produces diminishing marginal utility. fancy economics, right ? but the idea is that it returns less than $1 for one vote. this is why we never had governor whitman back in the day. this is why big spenders tend to spend too much money or go over the plateau over the pivot. if you will, and then they're spending too much money and voters kind of push back against that. there's no question people still want a piece of the pot. that is california sports gambling. so what do you believe happens next
10:34 pm
? so even if these two ballot measures were to pass right together, and the way 27 is written, it can be implemented. but the forces of 26 with su 27 would be tied up in court. so this is really something that looks for to kind of avenues. one is a legislative solution, some type of legislative compromise between the different types of tribes, the big players , the lighter players dealing with those card rooms, what to do with off track betting, like , for example, with horse track and what to do with the heavy hitters that are online like like draftkings and fanduel. you've got to put all that soup together. that's a heavy lift for the legislature, which means there will always be one player or a series of players that will want to play in what we call the parallel, legislate. that will want to play in the playground of direct democracy, and that sandbox is something that they have experience in. they will have gone forward with and they'll have that polling data that shows that california's are largely disposed to let the tribes do x y z so that will lead to a very great difficulty
10:35 pm
to get a legislative solution done. you'll have a governor who be looking to what comes next. you'll have a legislature that i have a lot of new people. so if you come back to the ballot in 24, you're going to have to watch the money because the money will have to be rising but not tipping and at the same time, even if they pass, and there's a ballot measure or something that goes to the ballot from the legislature, you could see a referendum that comes back in 2026. so there is a long game here, and that long game is going to be costly. it's going to be negative, and that's where it portends to look closer. to a legislative solution than a ballot measure solution. there is one element here and that is initiative politics usually makes for unusual bedfellows. it makes for unusual friends and alignments. that is something if we can see moving forward that could lead to some type of let's have detente. let's have a legislative solution. let's get this done. and then those that are left outside of that room that are left standing like the card rooms could move forward or other something minor tribes to put something on the ballot
10:36 pm
moving forward. it's a battle that's just been joined. it's a battle that may actually spill over 2024 with big bucks at stake. and if you want to see the special, high stakes sports betting in california, just head off to our website, ktvu .com you can see the show in its entirety. new attend. there is growing controversy in the town of danville over a proposal to expand the number of pickleball courts at a park tonight at a town council meeting, dozens of people spoke out against the idea. many argue the courts would replace existing fields and open space station park to pickle ball. courts opened their last year, but the current proposal would expand that number. 2 14. supporters of the proposal say they need more courts to play the sport that's rapidly growing in popularity decision on the proposal is expected next week. family members of late fremont police captain fred bobbitt held a news conference this morning to announce a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of fremont. now the family alleges retaliation and other actions or
10:37 pm
inaction by city officials cause bobby to emotional distress. that played a significant role in his death back in february. the family says the 54 year old was otherwise considered healthy. his death has left our family devastated. and by filing this lawsuit. we are continuing his fight against corruption and the unfair treatment of first responders when they stand up for what is right. bob had allegedly face retaliation from then fremont city manager martin nagy and then fremont police chief kimberlee peterson. the alleged retaliation began in 2019 after bobby corrected dinars twice during a closed door meeting with the city council and for apparently derailing a city management decision to hold firm in negotiations with the police union over addressing back back scenes in the patrol division. now the city of fremont released a statement reading in part, while the city has yet to be served with the complaint. that copy of the lawsuit linked in a recent press articles,
10:38 pm
unfortunately, mischaracterizes facts and alleged substantial inaccuracies about the direct roles of the current city manager, police chief and mayor. return tonight. the american heart association says a third dose of the moderna or fighter covid vaccine does not increase the risk of heart inflammation more than a second dose. a study by the group found cases of acute myocarditis were rare. the study was based on data collected from millions of patients in southern california between december of 2020 and last february. among the 2.9 million people who received a second dose of the vaccine. 26 develop myocardial tous that required hospitalization and among the 1.4 million who received a third dose. nine were hospitalized for my own card. itis says it's vaccine for the respiratory virus, known as rsv , is showing promising results. the drug company says that the new m rna vaccine help reduce the risk of serious illness. in infants when given to women
10:39 pm
while they're pregnant. that risk was cut by 81% for newborns to three month olds and 69% for babies up to six months. when you immunize pregnant persons, their antibodies can go across the placenta to protect those, particularly under six months when they those babies can't make their own antibodies. positive cases of rsv are on the rise across the bay area and the country right now. visor plans to apply for fda approval before the end of the year. attend tonight. orange county in southern california has declared a health emergency due to an increasing number of rsv cases. health officials say the virus has led to a record number of pediatric hospitalizations and daily visits to the emergency room. the health emergency declaration allows the county to access state and federal resources and receive help from non pediatric hospitals. coming up at 11. the country's diesel supply is falling, which could put an even bigger strain on
10:40 pm
people's wallets. and whether today's cold front has moved out of town. but we still have the chance of showers in your wednesday forecast and possibly this weekend, we'll have the full update coming up. also ups planning a hiring blitz this coming weekend the thousands of positions they plan to fill ahead of the holiday season.
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chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31. alds of a strong earthquake in the north pacific. the magnitude six quake struck less than an hour ago about 900 miles off the coast of san diego. officials say it was about 10 kilometers deep so far, the pacific tsunami warning center has not issued a tsunami watch or warning because of the quake. clorox's exploring
10:43 pm
the possibility of sub leasing about two thirds of its international headquarters in downtown oakland. the news was first reported by the san francisco business times. reports say that four floors of the 20 floor story building on broadway near 14th are listed on a commercial real estate website spokesperson says the potential sub lease could take up to two years to complete it will not have an impact on employees who are currently working in the building. stocks were lower on wall street today after an unexpectedly strong jobs report that did raise the concerns among traders, though of another aggressive rate hike in his briefing tomorrow. chair jerome powell is expected to raise interest rates by another 75 basis points in hopes of bringing down inflation. today the dow did slip 79 points and nasdaq 97 points down and the s and p did 15 points, is preparing for the holidays this weekend. the company plans to hire more than half of the 100,000 seasonal employees it needs for the upcoming holiday season, more than 450 in person
10:44 pm
and virtual hiring events are scheduled across the country. starting this friday. ups says many applicants will have a job offer in hand in less than 25 minutes. the company says most seasonal positions do not require an interview today. the contra costa county board of supervisors honored recent nobel prize winner in walnut creek resident john closser last month closer was named the co winner of the nobel prize in physics for his pioneering work in quantum information science. gloucester started his research at uc berkeley back in the seventies. he shared the prize with two european scientists. all three will share the nearly $900,000 prize money. resource for sexual assault victims in california, the website that is now up and running. and it was a rainy day for most of the bay area's we give you a live look out at the golden gate bridge going to check back in with meteorologist mark tomorrow for when we'll see the next round of ♪
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♪ ♪ get exclusive offers on select new volvo models. contact your volvo retailer to learn more.
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allows. victims of sexual assault to track the status of the results of their medical exams. the online portal allows victims to search for the results of rape kits completed after 2018. that site is hosted by the california department of justice and aims to address widespread complaints about what wait times due to backlog cases at local police departments. coordinator was also hired to
10:48 pm
help ensure a timely processing of evidence. francisco city and community leaders proposed legislation expanding benefits to military personnel who go on reserve duty supervisor gordon mar joined veteran advocates this morning to introduce the military leave pay protection act. it would require employers in san francisco to cover the wages lost by reservists and national guard personnel who do get called the duty and therefore are away from their jobs. the legislation would require companies with more than 100 employees to cover the pay difference for up to 30 days. we're really, really happy that we're able to take this step introducing this legislation today here on the first day of veterans month in san francisco to really support our military reservists and our workers in san francisco that have made that extra sacrifice of serving our country by being part of the national guard or one of the five branches of the military reserve. currently only public employers are required to pay
10:49 pm
for any part of military leave private employers may grant annual leave with or without pay. yeah. well the new month and a brand new weather pattern rain here in the bay area and snow up in the sierra. so looks like we have a kind of a winter like chill over the next few days in this year, the snow continues to a pile up in a winter storm warning continues as well until eight o'clock wednesday for the west slopes of the sierra snowfall could be around 5 to 15 inches, especially for the higher elevations. and with that cold air still levels coming down to around 8500 ft. you can see the front already moved across the bay area, but we still have that area of low pressure up to our north with just with this proximity to keep those temperatures in the chilly side for tomorrow, we're still the possibility of a pop up shower. and as we take a look here at the forecast model long range here, this is your wednesday. there is that chance of a shower thursday. friday is dry into the weekend. another system wants to drop in from the north, and by late saturday afternoon saturday
10:50 pm
night. we could be tracking a few light showers across the bay area, and then maybe into next week, maybe some more rain clouds headed our way. but right now that you can see the front that moved across the bay area earlier today, and the main activity right now is kind of moved on out to the south and to the east, but we still have been watching some showers develop on the radar. this one cell just to right around the half moon bay area just to the west and a little bit of activity closer to the golden gate bridge and also up in portions of the north bay. closer to the napa area for tonight, our live camera where you actually show you the current number is out there right now, but of a chill in the air, and we had this cold wind earlier that this afternoon winter backed off a bit, but temperatures continue to cool off as you would expect some fifties out there tomorrow morning's called, but the real cold morning will be on thursday morning and a hard freeze watch posted out towards portions of lake county and mendocino county. temperatures could be in the twenties to start out thursday morning, and there's the chance we could have frost advisories here in portions of
10:51 pm
the beary once again that will be for thursday morning. here we are tonight as we put this forecast model into motion for tomorrow morning, seven o'clock , you'll notice some breaks in the clouds, some clouds and still the possibility the chance of a pop up shower. this is 12 o'clock notice. it's not widespread activity, but still that shower activity could pop up even the slight chance of a thunderstorm as well throughout the idea. wednesday and then later the day wednesday and into thursday. we will definitely clear out those clouds and looks like more sunshine for thursday and friday. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow. with that shower chance of the forecast it will feel chilly out there. brisk wind out there as well. temperatures in the fifties to the lower sixties and look ahead . there is that chance of a shower here wednesday, a cold start thursday morning. partly cloudy skies by friday, maybe a shower chance later in the day saturday, especially late saturday afternoon saturday night and a slight chance of his sunday maybe next week. we could be trackage, more rain clouds as well. all right, mark. thank you . a controversial call plays a
10:52 pm
role as the warriors look for their first road win of the season. joe fonzi with the highlights coming up next in sports, and then on the 11 o'clock. news of former apple employee pleads guilty to defrauding the company of more than $15 million.
10:53 pm
chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream.
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this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31. what's the reigning nba champions have some work to do. the warriors have played four road games this year, and they have yet to win one golden state in miami tonight, taking on the heat for the second time in five days. stop three of five game road trip. the warriors down six with time winding down the first quarter that's down nine. max's truce. it's three at the buzzer, part of a 22 3 miami run, but the warriors had a big third quarter, thanks in large part to
10:55 pm
clay thompson. thompson hits this three, he's fouled. he converted the four point play. where is that scored the heat by 10 in the quarter. still in the third, steph curry from long distance, curry had 23 points and his 10th career triple double golden state by seven. game. now late jimmy butler goes to work on andrew wiggins gets the who, plus the foul the heat up three with just under two minutes to play is going for a tie on the next possession, curry goes up for three fouls called on butler curry heads to the free throw line, but the heat challenged the call. the refs confer, and they ruled that butler's hand made contact with curry after he got a piece of the ball call is overturned. the warriors can't believe it. they come up short in two following possessions, and then the heat. put it away 1 16 109 the final golden state's third straight loss in fourth straight this year on the road curries assessment of the call. i didn't see the car. it's an awful call . what you think i was gonna say pressure? you slow it down the
10:56 pm
slow modes pretty clear. there's a lot of contact, but what do i know about calls? well at the time when the 49ers are feeling good about their results on the field as they entered the bye week, they were never lost that dates back to the roots of their success as an organization. they learned today that john mcveigh, a man who spent 22 seasons with the organization, has died at the age of 91 mcbain, who attended high school and the football cradle of massillon, ohio. came to san francisco in 1979, along with bill walsh with walsh's the cochin mcveigh is the general manager. 49ers won the first super bowl in franchise history following the 1981 season. for mcveigh, there would be four more super bowl wins in his tenure with the 49ers. mcveigh was the nfl executive of the year in 1989, and the 49ers draft room is dedicated in his name. in 2013. he was inducted into the edward debartolo senior hall of fame, where he spoke about the honor of being included in some elite company. it's not very often
10:57 pm
that you get a guy that sits behind the desk. being the same fraternity as the as a super athletes that are in our hall of fame. and on a personal note of condolence to the mcdavid's mcveigh family for many of us here at ktvu john son, tim was our general manager for seven years, and his grandson, sean, who is now the rams head coach, was an intern here for our summer when he was in college. further proof today that there is no room for sentiment in pro sports. running back jeff wilson has been traded to miami dolphins, wilson became expendable when the 49ers made the trade to acquire christian mccaffrey in addition to that, elijah mitchell, last year's leading russia is scheduled to come off the injury list. after the bye week. wilson had the second best game of his career in this year's whenever carolina when he rushed for 120 yards. 49ers get 1/5 round draft pick for wilson, who will be reunited with former teammate raheem mostert and former coach mike mcdaniel. after rain out last
10:58 pm
night, the fills in astros got the philadelphia portion of the world series. going tonight in game three was the first time in 13 years that the city of brotherly love has hosted this series and their own, bryce harper might be more popular than anyone running for office in next week's election fulfills one inning to get things going against houston's lance mccullers first inning with a runner on harper sends one into orbit. that's his sixth home run of the postseason. have a quick to nothing lead. this was a night in which the long ball was jumping off the philly bats. second inning, alex bond goes deep. three batters later, it's brandon march in the fifth, kyle schwarber and then reese hoskins go back to back five home runs on the night produced seven runs as five philadelphia pitchers combined on a five inch shutout. phil's taken 2 to 1 lead in the series. they have yet to lose in six games in their home ballpark this postseason. the sharks tonight can take solace in one thing. they did get a point out of their game with anaheim. santa's a down 3 to 2 in the second period on a power play.
10:59 pm
look at the effort by timo meier to fight through traffic, then get back on his feet and get his shot past anthony stoller's. it was 44 after two periods. now it's 54 ducks in the third. erik karlsson evens the score with two minutes and change to play. not only are they even but it's a hat trick for carlson. in addition to his three goals, meyer had the other two after scoreless overtime, they went to a shootout after a make and a miss for the sharks. it's all up to carlson here, but he's turned back by stars ducks have a 65 win in 12 games this year. the sharks are 38 and one point tonight to point the point point, exactly. thank you next at 11. it is quite dangerous. there's a bunch of accidents every time and snow accidents are they happen quickly. officials urging caution tonight as the first significant storm of the year slams into the sierra. the 11 o'clock news on
11:00 pm
ktvu. fox two starts now. cold november rain in the bay area and snow in the sierra. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. it is a welcome sight, especially during our historic drought and long fire season. the sierra is being hammered right now, with the combination of soft hail and snow, and it is expected to continue overnight. it's been a long day for people driving through the sierra, caltrans and the chp had to close interstate 80 for parts of the day while they cleared some rashes from the eastbound lanes. usually a lot of a lot of damage involved because carry some speed and you and you go until you hit something that stops you like another car guardrail or something. so you gotta you gotta be smart about it and say hey, maybe i can go tomorrow. the higher elevations could see more than a foot of snow chain controls remain in effect on interstate 80 and highway 50. and that storm brought rain and gusty. wednesday us right here in the bay area. public works crews in san jose.


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