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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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joins us now with some of the standouts greg yeah, julie, we are continue to watch these numbers come in. in these tight races. republicans getting their first pick up in the house, flipping a seat in florida. and at this hour polls closing in arizona in wisconsin as we speak. we're two pivotal senate races are playing out in arizona democrat and former astronaut mark kelly trying to hold onto his seat. he won in a special election he's facing trump endorsed blake masters. in the governor's race in arizona. that is also a compelling race that's being watched nationally republican and former news anchor kerry lake facing off against democratic secretary of state katie hobbs. then we go to wisconsin, which is closing right now. lieutenant governor mandela barnes, the democrat trying to defeat republican incumbent senator ron johnson, this is the only state president biden one, where republican senator is up for reelection. now let's take a look at those latest numbers from the georgia senate race, which many believe the senate could hinge on about 46% reporting. rafael we're not holding onto a slim lead 50.4%
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over herschel walker's 49.6% in the race for georgia governor a rematch of 2018 between democrats stacey abrams and republican incumbent brian kemp . things have shifted with 47% reporting. brian kemp leading 4 54 to 46, an update in pennsylvania democratic lieutenant governor john fetterman. leading dr mehmet oz 74 to 26% just 9% reporting. and we take a look at ohio a trump endorsement. republican j. d vance, who's facing democratic congressman tim ryan, for the senate seat ryan leading 54 to 46% we are joined once again by menlo college professor melissa michaelson, professor. all the models tell us that democrats will likely lose the house in that scenario. what do the next two years look like? with joe biden in the presidency and in the white house and perhaps a republican house and the senate still up for grabs? what's going to happen is a lot less
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legislation getting passed, and so we'll see a shift in the white house in the white house to using more executive power, doing things with executive orders, and at the same time, we're probably going to see the house using its oversight power to open investigations, and we've already heard from the likely new speaker of the house that he would open investigations into joe biden and to other aspects of what the biden administration has done over the last two years. so yeah , it's a lot could change. i want to ask you very quickly while i have you. miami dade county reporting that's typically a democratic stronghold that went to senator marco rubio and then to the republican scientists there. what does that tell you? and we've talked about the importance of the latino vote there across the country, especially here in california. yeah, well, it's further evidence that republicans are stronger than ever in florida, and that includes the portion of the latino community that trends republican and that includes cuban americans and also venezuelan americans, who are much more in line with republican stances on issues
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including anti communism and fears about socialism. and so what we see there is that not surprisingly, those portions of the latino community are trending republican. but actually, that's a very small portion of the latino vote, and it doesn't tell us what's going to happen with latinos nationally at all. certainly not a monolith. a lot of different all right, melissa michaelson, we have much more with you coming up guys back to you. real quick question. are you both or whoever wants to answer it, but i'm just curious a lot of talk about republicans trying to steal democratic seats in the senate. if it comes down to it in the democrats need one seed. is it a wisconsin? what state is that chance where they can steal from the republican party? wisconsin is definitely a possibility. um that that's the one that most people are talking about. um okay. we'll keep an eye on it, professor greg appreciate it. thank you. well it's not just national races that are drawing attention. california voters are expected to give governor newsom a second
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term. the governor cast his ballot this morning at the secretary of state building in sacramento gubernatorial election comes a little more than a year after newsome survived a recall attempt. his challenger, republican state senator brian dalley, is also getting out the vote. dolly was most recently seen campaigning in southern california. and along with the governor's race. there are several major local races that we are closely following tonight. voters in oakland and san jose will choose new mayors as their respective incumbents. libby, schaaf and sam liccardo are being turned out in san francisco. voters will decide whether to give district attorney brooke jenkins are full term, and alameda county is also poised to elect its first african american district attorney. county election offices around the bay area are busy tonight, processing mail in ballots and also receiving ballots dropped off today by voters. brooks jarocz joins us live tonight in martinez at a polling place where voters have until again eight o'clock to cast that ballot was the activity behind you slowing down, picking up.
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well, less than two hours now, mike and we've seen activity pick up. in fact, we have a first time voter over to my shoulder over here. it's her very first time. she's 18 years old. she's voting. we want to talk to her in a little bit. you know, we know and contra costa county about 95% of all the balance that come in and returned by the mail, but people still sometimes prefer to come to a polling place like this, and to talk more about that is debbie cooper, the county clerk. registrar here, debbie, tell me first. what is trout like tonight? well turn out right now . it's looking really good. it was fairly slow most of the day, but like like you said, 95% of our voters vote by mail, but we have our polling places available our community polling sites for voters that want to go and vote in person. you know, we've seen a big sort of uptick in the last couple of hours. are you surprised at all by that? well, i think that we're seeing kind of there are traditional pattern where people are out during lunch time and after work
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because covid now people are coming back to work. and so they're fitting in with that schedule, you know, i saw outside. there were people very busy collecting those ballots. people dropping them off in their car coming up, dropping them in those 37 boxes, and i understand that some of those have had to get unloaded several times tonight. multiple times the one in front of our office. i think they've emptied it three or four times already. yara drop boxes have been a huge hit, and it's great. it's also another option for voters who may be, um , don't say they don't trust us mail that they know if they put it in there. our staff are taking those out and bringing them back to our office. so we try to find as many ways as we can to for voters to return their ballots. i know it's critical that voters do get those ballots in by eight o'clock, right? yes, that is the deadlines a hard fast deadline and you can be in line to vote in person and you'll be allowed to vote. but um, are drop boxes get locked at eight o'clock. we have people at all 37 of them to
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lock those boxes at eight. and our office will also stop. i know here at the polling place. i see. almost every station has someone there right now, and that's a good thing to see. but at eight o'clock if people are still standing outside, you know in a line will they be able to vote? yes and contra costa. in fact, anywhere in the state. if you're in line, we'll put step one of our staff members at the end of the line, everyone in line, no matter how long it is, we'll have the opportunity to vote. i imagine the big messages, though. don't wait till the last minute. we're down to the wire. now what would you say to people who maybe haven't done it yet? you have two hours. everyone has a ballot at home. we mailed you won. so fill out your ballot either. drop it in a drop box. take it to one of our 152 polling places or drop it in a um, one of the u. s postal boxes. as long as the pick up time is after eight o'clock take us through what happens with these ballots after people cast their votes, or they've turned in those envelopes with their vote by mail ballots, ballots go through several steps before we
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count them first. we're going to send them through our system and pick up the signature and we check eyes on our staff, check every single ballot. and to confirm that the voters signature matches the signature we have on file once they're authenticated as a voters eligible to vote will put it through again. it'll be sliced open and then extracted and processed for accounting for anyone that may not have confidence in the systems. you use the machines that are scanning all these things. what would you tell them to make sure that they do have confidence? well we do so many audits before , during and after an election to assure that our equipment counts as a success pecked id to we do a logic and accuracy test before where we run through a sample of balance to with all different types of marks to make sure that the machine pre picks up the votes correctly. and then after the election, we do a 1% hand count where we actually pull out the ballots. that were voted by our voters and telling
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them manually to confirm that it matches our vote voting system. i've witnessed some of those processes and i know you guys have it down to a science but in terms of results tonight, how quickly do you expect those early preliminary results to start coming in? well, we will post right? eight o'clock or within a minute or two. all of the vote by mail ballots that we've processed up till about four o'clock today and then for the rest of the evening. you're going to see the ballots coming in from our in person voting locations and then starting tomorrow we will get back into it. and well, first we're going to count up all the ballots that we have in house. we like to give everyone an idea of how many are left to count, and then we'll start processing our vote by mail again. after that, we'll be working on our provisionals. we have 28 days of certify the election. hopefully we'll get it done before then. alright debbie. thanks so much for joining us tonight. i know you have a lot of work ahead, so we'll let you get back to it. and again, you have less than two hours to get out and vote if
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you haven't already or at least drop that ballot in one of those boxes or in a usps box for now, reporting lyman martinez, brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. good to see a little activity picking up behind you there. brooks thank you. a national survey of voters finds that inflation and concerns about the fragility of democracy. this er weighing heavily on voters, fox news, the associated press and the university of chicago surveyed more than 90,000 voters , and half of them said inflation factored significantly in how they voted. voters were roughly split on whether they blame president biden on the higher cost of gas, housing and healthcare. 44% said the future of democracy was their primary consideration and voting in this year's election, and 70% said the supreme court's ruling on abortion was an important factor . and here in california abortion isn't just on voters minds. it's also the focus of one of the seven statewide ballot initiative. prop one would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution have approved the measure would prohibit the state from restricting access to abortion or contraception. the issue has
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brought out a lot of interest from both sides on this issue, one of the other major propositions in front of voters tonight proposition 30. if approved, it would raise taxes on people who make $2 million or more year money generated would fund a number of climate related programs. much of the revenue, though, would go towards subsidizing electric car purchases. the remaining revenue would fund wildfire prevention. most recent uc berkeley polling found that voters are split. on this proposition. also on the ballot is a proposition band to band flavored tobacco sales. if approved, it would follow similar bands that have already been enacted in several cities, including san jose. it would also follow a law signed in 2020 that banned the sale of candy and fruit flavored tobacco products and a quick reminder right now that our coverage continues at seven on ktvu plus california polls close at eight o'clock tonight, we will have statewide and local election results as they come in tonight on the 10 o'clock. news you can also find results at ktvu dot
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com slash election coming up a little later in this newscast, we're going to dive deeper into some of the trends that are already emerging tonight. was the factors that have driven voters to the polls this year following other major stories for you tonight, including more turbulent times at twitter, the concerns that widespread layoffs could cause the sites reliability to plummet. we're still getting some light. scattered showers out there. a winter storm warning still in effect around lake tahoe, and it's going to continue to snow up there overnight. we'll have the full forecast coming up in just a few minutes, but first dramatic drawing for the biggest lotto jackpot in u. s history. the reason behind the 10 hour delay and calling the winning powerball numbers. we've got our vision... ...and so much to choose from. but with free in-store design services our budget and our time are well spent. at floor and decor, with a wide selection of products all at everyday low prices, creating a space to match your taste has never been easier. discover floor and decor today!
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to look at interstate 80 and baxter this afternoon chains are required now on all vehicles except cars with four wheel drive in snow tires to the
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nevada state line, and what weather is also having an effect on air traffic today? here's a live look at sfo, where 210 flights experienced delays so far. our chief meteorologist bill martin, is here now with a look at this wet weather system bill. it's definitely an good early season storm, especially for the lake tahoe area. that's where the heaviest precept is falling. i out? we're seeing really aggressive snowfall accumulations. over two ft now or at two ft. and by tomorrow morning, they could be four ft. in some places. it's going to snow a little bit more tomorrow mid morning until lunchtime or so, so they're going to get more snow, which is good. there's the rain for us over three inches of rain in 24 hours in scotts valley, that's how by santa cruz, as you know liver more about an inch and a quarter over the last couple of days, we've seen anywhere from an inch and a half to two inches of rain in many locations, so it's been very, very productive. the commute this morning was sketchy, right if you're out there, you know what i'm talking about, and we had all sorts of just with this in this the current radar, you know, pick
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out of here by san san andreas. you've got some lightning showing up, which is just current. um and we've got scattered showers here, but what i was going to get at is but during that early morning communities are some of the storm. um we? we in reports, and they're all in the morning hours. so here's at 907 a rock slide out by granville. this is it's 7. 30 30 this morning, uh foot of water in the five and six lanes of highway one. or is that how many? one sorry. state route 92 pardon me, and then we get the picture. i'm just going through. but that was the morning community. so if you're a part of that, you know what i'm talking about. not so tomorrow morning. there'll be more scattered showers. tonight there will be more went on the road tomorrow morning, but nothing like this morning, so you should be in pretty good shape. thunderstorms probably probably gonna get a break on that for a while. we did hear of some lightning strikes last night. in this morning, but it is all died down this low pressure center. moving off in the high wants to build back in and so we get into a nice couple
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of days of dry weather and then a switch or a turn potentially for the weekend. there's a lot i just give you a lot there. when i come back, we'll make it more distinct. i'll see you back here. all right, like bill said the morning commute was a little sketchy. that storm caused some headaches for commuters out there. ktvu is henry lee as a closer look at the trouble on the roadways. we don't rains it pours and floods bay area roadways enforcement, then scrambles to keep drivers out of harm's way trying to find these areas and identify them prior to something happening, but again, we are going from call to call to call to call. this was what it looked like tuesday morning on highway 84 between art and wood and thornton in fremont. caltrans says pumps in the area for some reason have been off, which caused the lanes to flood. the chp temporarily shut down both directions. those pumps were later turned back on to remove excess water. and in sunnyvale officials sent out traffic advisory warnings in the morning, saying both sides along the intersection of fair oaks and tasman were flooded. it cleared up within a couple of hours. when we get ponding on
6:18 pm
freeways a lot of times it's because the drainage has been clogged, and we need to send a maintenance team out there to unclog the drain before major storms, road crews checking clear culverts basins in inlets. but caltrans spokesman barney says there is often a second thing to blame. or it could be a malfunctioning pump, in which case we have to replace or repair. the pumping systems. those are the main reasons that lead to flooding on freeways, the siege, he says. the rule of thumb when it comes to flooding don't risk it. it is incumbent on drivers to use some common sense and understand that if you see standing water, you don't know how deep it is. and you don't know what's underneath there. don't try to drive through it. drivers might assume it's okay to drive through because they don't see flares, cones road closed signs or officers blocking their way. but the water doesn't have to be very deep for it to get sucked in the engine and kill it. take a second to think. can you find another way around and find another way to work or do you want to risk getting your vehicle stuck not only now being much later to work but also now
6:19 pm
having to be rescued, and on top of that, having to go through the cost of fixing your vehicle , so obviously expect to lease on driving in the rain. bart wider is too could experience delays because trains to need to go slower? the wheels don't slip off the rails in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. we have a winner. the california lottery's first ever billionaire bought a ticket in southern california that winning ticket was sold at an auto repair shop in altadena , just north of pasadena, and three other ticket holders are big winners, two matching all five numbers except for the powerball, and one of those winners did buy a ticket in san francisco ktvu cristina rendon takes a closer look at the unprecedented drawing and when sky fox over the frenzy in southern california, $2.4 billion.01 in the historic powerball, drawing with the cash option valued at 997.6 million, the single winning ticket sold
6:20 pm
at a gas station called joe's service center in altadena, north of l. a. the winner hasn't come forward yet, but the store gets a million help children. would like to help somebody else to the winner. so whatever he wants to do with the money, he deserves. every penny of this is record setting territory. it's exciting. it's fun, and i just can't wait to find out who won francisco's snowy valley excitement at 1001 castro street market. this convenience store sold one of three winning tickets worth $1.1 million each. to someone who matched all five numbers except the powerball owner, george cetera. got the call from his son after we showed up, he hadn't heard from the california lottery yet probably news and everybody is here with all that. how do you feel? i feel good for the people who want it. lucky person gets a $5000 prize for selling a winning second tier ticket
6:21 pm
story. north beach was 42 years and nothing. not like this actually bought tickets here for the powerball for the last two or three times on monday. i had to work away so i couldn't get them so that could have been mine like, you know, that's pretty pretty amazing news also unprecedented. the 10 hour delay of drawing the winning numbers. the minnesota lottery says it was to blame the final winning numbers, 10 33 41 47 56 the powerball 10. it was 40 drawings and counting since august with no winner until now, we're hoping that our winner will get some financial or legal advice before they come forward because this is a life altering amount of money. i have a feeling a lot more people are going to be buying their tickets from this store. by the way, it's the largest contribution to education here by the lottery. california schools will receive 156.3. million dollars from this jackpot. instead francisco cristina rendon ktvu, fox two
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news. and we're staying on top of major news involving thousands of job cuts expected at facebook's parent company as soon as tomorrow. how ceo mark zuckerberg explains the difficult decisions yet to come and a big setback for elizabeth holmes in the courtroom. what today's decision from a judge means for her what makes the train so magical? it's not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. it's about where it goes. to places. and faces. and the warmest of memories. the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away. it's how it brings us together.
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some of the counting of the ballot machines have been resolved. the election supervisor said the problem involved a printer and that despite the issues, everyone who came to cast a ballot had their vote counted. however the problems did cause long lines and field anger and skepticism among some of the voters. there's no question that's frustrating, but again really important for people to understand that all those vote locations they open on time, so it wasn't you know, it wasn't a case where people are showing up in the doors were locked, but they were coming and they were not able. some of these people not able to feed it into the tabulator. officials say there were also a few minor problems at a voting center in new jersey , as well as philadelphia federal judge has now put things in order for theranos founder elizabeth holmes to be sentenced next week. in a late night ruling, the judge denied motions for a new trial for homes. the judge overseeing the trial ruled any so called new evidence that was part of sunny ball. lonnie's trial would not actually be new for homes case. he also said he did not expect a new trial that
6:26 pm
change the result. poems is now set to be sentenced next friday . she's been found guilty of four counts of fraud and faces up to 20 years in prison. inflation and abortion rights are galvanizing voters for different reasons. coming up tonight on ktvu news at 6 30. we're taking a closer look at how some of these major issues are indeed playing a role in tonight's election. tropical storm is making its way to florida's coastline to concerns facing millions of people in the storm's path and the golden state warriors as well as the nba calling on everyone to get out to the polls before they closed tonight. that story coming up in sports.
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the midterm elections here in california. polls close at eight o'clock tonight in contra costa county, people can drop off their ballots at the county recorder's office without even leaving their cars. so far, they say they're seeing a stronger turnout in contra costa county than in the june primary. this morning's heavy rain flooded some bay area roadways, and that kept chp very busy. this is what it looked like on 84 between ironwood and thornton and fremont. caltrans pumps in the area were shut off, which did cause those lanes to flood. chp reminding people not to drive through deep standing water. there still hasn't been any sign of a winner in last night's any sign of the winner in last night's record powerball, drawing the one powerball ticket matching all six numbers was sold near pasadena in southern california at this joe's service
6:30 pm
center store in altadena, that winning ticket is the multistate game in the multistate game is worth a record $2.4 billion. three other tickets matched five numbers minus the powerball. one was sold at 1001 castro street market in san francisco. those tickets are worth more than $1.1 million, and you are watching ktvu fox two news here at 6 30. we are getting a better look now at how some of those key national races are shaping up in closed in arizona, wisconsin and a few other states were about a half an hour now our political reporter greg lee joins us once again, greg, how are things looking julie? mike, we're starting. get our first look at some of the early numbers out of the races that could determine the direction of the senate in wisconsin, which closed at six lieutenant governor mandela barnes, the democrat trying to defeat republican incumbent senator ron johnson. this is the only state president biden one where republican senator is up for re election. and a place democrats believe they can make
6:31 pm
a pickup right now. just very early. 6% the numbers there. 52 to 48 in arizona democrat and former astronaut mark kelly trying to hold onto his seat. he won in a special election he's facing trump endorsed blake masters as we've been reporting arizona with a few hiccups around the state, we have yet to get numbers we likely will. in the seven o'clock hour. the arizona governor's race, also one that we're watching republican and former news anchor kerry lake facing off against democratic secretary of state katie hi, barbs. obviously no numbers there, but let's give you an update in pennsylvania, another key state democratic lieutenant governor, john fetterman, leading dr mehmet oz 60 to 40% with about 19% of precincts reporting. and i look at those numbers from the georgia senate race, which many believe the senate could hinge on 60% reporting. uh raphael warnock, leading 51.2% of 48.8% every very close right now. a couple of notes here from the 36 gubernatorial races nationwide.
6:32 pm
maryland elected democrat westmore. he is the state's first black governor. massachusetts electing its first woman governor and the nation's first openly lesbian governor, mike julie, back to you. all right. thank you. greg voter sentiment. polling shows that inflation, abortion rights and the state of democracy are the top of mind for plenty of voters and for more on what this all means for the direction of the country. melissa michaelson, a political science professor at menlo college back with us, and i want to talk about playbooks here. melissa the gop playbook going into this democrats soft on crime. we're talking high gas prices, high food prices. that's just a few part of the democratic playbook was to really use the anger, though from the supreme court's ruling on abortion rights, and i'm wondering, is that enough to feel the democratic party to retain the power in the house and the senate? no it's definitely not enough enough for democrats to hold onto the house . we're definitely going to see the house go into republican hands. by the time all the votes
6:33 pm
have been counted and in the senate, it's really too close to call. and as you know, everyone keeps saying it's probably not going to be decided tonight, but it's going to come down to a couple of states where it's really close. but you have to think about the different groups of people who are voting. so for many women for many younger people, maybe they're voting based on, uh the dobbs decision and the issue of abortion rights. but for many other voters for older voters, maybe they're voting on crime. maybe they're voting on inflation. and so there's different issues that hit with different voters and that might decide what happens in the senate. ah but in the house republicans are gonna are gonna win. all right, so we'll likely know what happens in the house where things stand. how long do you think it will take before we know what happens in the senate? i actually think we're going to end up going to a runoff in georgia, just like we did last time because there is a libertarian candidate there and in georgia as folks know you have to get 50% plus one of the vote to win, and so i think it's quite likely will have to wait until after that runoff election
6:34 pm
on december 6 to find out who controls the senate. melissa, are there democrats out there who were running for office? who kind of steered away from president biden during their campaign. we saw the president out there in the past week, campaigning hard for a number of democrats, but because of where the nation is at, uh, you know again. this goes back to my initial question, where republicans said they're soft on crime in certain cities and because of inflation, but where they're democrats who steered away from the president. yeah there were a lot of races where the president didn't go and appear with the candidates in person. and so instead what you saw, for example, was president biden going out to maryland and appearing with westmore, who one and that's a pickup from the republican party to the democratic party in that gubernatorial race, and so he's appearing in races where he can help somebody who's who's got a strong affiliation with being a democrat. but when it's a tighter race, and when maybe being on stage or in photographs or video with the president would hurt a democratic
6:35 pm
candidate. those tended to be the races where the president stands, you know, kept away. as you said, you think the democrats are going to lose the majority in the house than kevin mccarthy would take over as speaker? what then? do you think would be next for nancy pelosi? i think we've seen some pretty strong hints from speaker pelosi that she's going to step aside. and given what happened to her husband. that's not surprising. um if she's not going to be the speaker of the house anymore. why not take this opportunity to say? you know i want to be with my husband? family's more important we hear that a lot from politicians, but i think in this case it would be considered pretty reasonable by her constituents that, you know, maybe it's time for her to step a little bit back and be with him. i'm curious professor moving forward. no matter what happens tonight, when it comes to election denialism is this something in your perspective that that sticks around because there is so much focus on this election in the this the state of our country and democracy? what is your thought about
6:36 pm
election denialism? yeah it's obviously going to continue. it's something that we've heard from many of the candidates. um just out there on, um, leading up to the close of the election period today that we've seen many candidates saying that they already have doubts so we had carried. you know, we have carry lake saying, um, you know, double talk, where she won't admit that she'll accept the results unless she wins and so this is just encouraging people in all sorts of races to be election deniers. we've got tons of people are going to be taking office after tonight. who are election deniers who who believe falsely that donald trump won the 2020 election who are going to be in these offices as secretaries of state and attorneys general and that just makes more people want to say it because, hey, you win, right? if that's the way that you win, or at least that you are able to raise a lot of money, then why not? we're not seeing a lot of people who are election deniers losing and so it's just
6:37 pm
encourage these them. professor melissa michaelson with mental college. thank you, professor. thank you. still ahead tonight. some current twitter employees say the company has some even more rough times ahead how they say users might start to notice some big changes and another sign of trouble in the tech industry, with thousands of layoffs could mean for meta and silicon valley overall. okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear,
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oops this time from one of the biggest names in the industry. ktvu is christian captain joins us live tonight from san francisco and christian. this time, it's meta that is front and center this week. that's exactly right, mike. there's widespread reporting that meta will be the latest tech company to announce those layoffs as early as tomorrow morning. the wall street journal is reporting that medicine ceo mark zuckerberg announced the cuts on a call with company executives today and that the cuts would likely be in the thousands, possibly one of the biggest rounds of layoffs. this year. the company is saying those laid off employees will receive four months salary as severance. zuckerberg specifically mentioning the recruiting and business teams. tech analysts say the cuts aren't unexpected. we've seen a lot of job cuts over the last couple of weeks in particular, and meta has been able to avoid that up till now. but all the signs pointing towards this being an issue they're heavily heavily dependent on advertising, and that whole advertising market
6:41 pm
has come down. now we are hearing that internal announcements of those layoff plans the initial announcements of those plans should come in around three o'clock pacific time. we've also reached out directly to meta. so far. we have not heard back. we're live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news. alright, christian. thank you. twitter is offering some clarification now on the changes it is making on the much talked about blue check. the company says the new twitter blue does not include id verification. it is an opt in paid subscription that offers a blue check mark and access to select features. it's expected to cost $8 a month . there also be a council able quote. official those will go to government agencies, companies, media outlets and some public figures, and those users will not pay for the label. twitter engineer says the company's current staff will not be able to sustain the platform and says problems are already appearing on the network. elon musk, laid
6:42 pm
off about half of the company's 7500 employees last week now an unnamed employee told mit's technology review that cracks are starting to appear, he says right now the issues are small, but as a backlog of maintenance tasks grows, it will be increasingly difficult to keep the site running as it once did with a skeleton staff who remaid showers remaining before it rained hard this morning. lots of localized street flooding on the commute. still scattered showers. still snow in the mountains. it's going to end soon. then some more potential rain will be back here with that in the five days alright. let's check in with alex savage now and a closer look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus alex. alright, mike. thank you tonight at seven or complete election coverage does continue. in the next hour. the polls will be closing in more key states, including nevada will break down the early results from some of those important races that could affect which party controls congress moving forward. plus
6:43 pm
two well known billionaires could be in the market for an nfl team. tmz has the details tonight on the meeting between amazon ceo jeff bezos and rap mogul jay z. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonigh
6:44 pm
we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful.
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this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is...perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life. discover floor and decor today! close in five more states as of now, fox news projecting in the house of representatives, democrats have won 47 seats. republicans 83 seats either party needs to hit 218 seats to get the majority in the house in the u. s. senate a true toss up where the chamber is split 50 50 between democrats and republicans. democrats do hold that majority, though right now,
6:46 pm
with the tie breaking vote. vice president kamala harris. fox news currently projecting 41 seats for democrats, 40 for republicans, 19 other senate races too early to call. former president trump is promising a big announcement next week, possibly a third run for the white house, he told the crowd at a rally in ohio last night. it will happen tuesday at his mar a lago estate in florida. advisors to the former president reportedly urged him to wait until after the midterms to roll out his 2024 campaign and political analysts expect president biden will also pursue reelection in 2020 for the president, who is about to turn 80 is the oldest president in us history, and that has raised questions about whether democrats might prefer to nominate vice president kamala harris instead. politico reports that her husband, doug emhoff, has told democrats that the party should rally around her if president biden decides against another run tropical storm nicole is headed towards florida's east coast. the storm could reach hurricane strength
6:47 pm
when it makes landfall late tomorrow, possibly early thursday. the storm could also extend right through north carolina up and down the coast. workers and low lying areas. right now we're cleaning out drainage systems ahead of any flooding or storm surge. nicole's exact path in florida remains unclear, but officials in palm beach county say they will be prepared. it's a situation where we're going to be watching the storm, but this is not something to be terribly concerned about because we're built for this. nicole threatens to bring high winds and several inches of rain to areas already devastated by hurricane ian. okay checking in on the mountains. it's winter storm warning that stays in effect through tomorrow morning. they're going to get another foot foot and a half, maybe two ft of snow by the time in the morning comes around as you heard there, training on 50 and 80. that's not a surprise. this type of weather system really favors the west slope of this year in nevada. it also favors the coastal hills, which around the bay area today got um scotts valley. they got it over three
6:48 pm
inches of rain in 24 hours. so those are significant rainfall accumulations in the hills. some areas two inches, some areas an inch and a half, but you get the idea. it was a very good rain event. the showers are continuing out there actually might be a little bit showery there right now, as you look towards the bay bridge from emeryville, but for the most part, the showers winding down here's the model, and i just want you to see watch the west slope this year in nevada just hangs up there into the next few hours, and then the widely scattered nature of the shower slides through here tomorrow morning, and then there you go. so then by wednesday afternoon, it's a distant memory. thursday wednesday and thursday and into friday we'll see dry conditions and hopefully something lights up again on the bay area weekend. there looks like something in there on saturday night sunday, but it's been moving around a lot, so we'll fix you how that works out. um, this is the current radar. we do have a couple of lightning strikes or as one up here. yeah by san andreas. some lightning strikes on the west side this year of out of there have been
6:49 pm
numerous lightning strikes. and then last night, we had lightning strikes and thunder down around monterey in offshore pacifica of the current radar just shows why the scattered so the organization the organized system has gone through. and so now you're just seeing the stray showers behind, but they could easily drop more showers on your house. as we go into the evening hours, there's the low moving off overnight lows are going to be chilly. tonight might be a little frost in the morning might see a little valley fog to, um, because that little left a lot of cold air. and then as we get into your wednesday and thursday, the high pretty much owns everything. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. so mild today we're cool if you will, and then dry in the afternoon morning might be a little damp on the morning commute. but this this was the main event really yesterday today. and a little bit into tonight and tomorrow morning, the five day forecast. this is what we're hoping on out down here towards friday, saturday and sunday. perhaps something will get going there. it looks like the models had a lot going on at one point, and then that's
6:50 pm
24 to 36 hours. they backed off on that. but that could all change again. so it's been a good weather event. um along the coast along the coast. we've got some some large surf, but it's dropping off pretty quickly in the next 12 hours or so as well. so good rain big snow in the mountains. if you're traveling that way, boy, i'll tell you what. i'd wait till tomorrow, probably tomorrow afternoon because it's going to be a lot a lot. a lot of snow. great to have all right, bill. thank you. stefan currie. what game you had last night at the chase center. but how much better can he actually get? jason appelbaum with some impressive stats on ♪ ♪ ♪ get exclusive offers on select new volvo models.
6:51 pm
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if you missed the warriors game last night than you missed one heck of a performance by stephan curry. curry basically put the team on his back and carried them over the finish line against the kings in a game that they desperately wanted to win. curry lit up sacramento for 47 points on 17 of 24 shooting, including seven of 12 from beyond the arc. you wanted stats . we're giving them to you at eight rebounds, eight assists, zero turnovers steps. final three from 28. ft gave the warriors the lead for good in a
6:54 pm
1 16 1 13 win, ending their losing streak at five games in what has to be considered one of his finest regular season performances ever. never been more happy about the winning game. 11 another regular season just based off if we needed it, road trip was was rough and you come home and you feel i feel like the anc's and the you know the anxiety of like, we just need to win and we still gotta take some some steps and in terms of playing better for 48 minutes. more stats for you. how good is stephan curry been through the 1st 11 games. take a look. he's second in the nba in scoring. 32 points, six points per game, well above his career average. in fact, at age 34. steph is better than his career averages and pretty much every significant category. now they just need other guys to step up. last night. the warriors they were part of a full slate of nba games, all 30 teams in action
6:55 pm
today zero games, which is no accident. the nba gave the entire league off in honor of election day and yesterday, the players league wide war vote shirts during warmups prior to last night's win over the king's steve kerr addressed the 18,000 plus warriors, fans that chase center and all those watching at home. his message. the league is , uh, it's really promoting it across the country, you know, you know it's symbolic, but it's also, uh, it gives players and coaches and team employees a chance to vote to great message for our fans. and for everybody out there. um so we hope that, uh people get out to the polls. and if you haven't voted yet, you still have about an hour and what four minutes to cast your ballot. meantime 49ers are believed to be on the short list of teams in the running to sign odell beckham jr now beckham hasn't played all year after
6:56 pm
tearing his a c l in the super bowl second time he's torn that ligament, but according to jay glazer, fox sports, beckham is expected to be fully cleared by next week. and he wants to play for a contender. glaser says. the 49ers cowboys bills and possibly the rams are on the short list for beckham, and there could be a bidding war, he says earlier today, i asked 40 hours beat writer grant cohn of sports illustrated about the possibility becca coming to the niners. wouldn't the niners make this movie? it would be just like the christian mccaffrey moved. the niners want to go all in. they want to add to their offense, which is underperformed this season. he's a splashy big name, put him in a kyle shanahan offense and watch out. it seems totally in character. alright you're 73 years old. you just won your first world series as a manager. perfect time to go out on top. perhaps not so fast, says dusty baker, who said today he plans to return to manage the astros next season, which would be his 26 as a big league
6:57 pm
manager. on saturday, baker, he became the oldest manager to win a world series and the third african american to win the championship. okay we see it all the time in sports, a small gesture by a superstar athlete. can go a long way. check this out. i landed up someone here to see you. how you doing? that hug says it all. it's ravens quarterback lamar jackson. he met with one of his biggest fans yesterday before baltimore's match up with the saints. young landed gave jackson about the biggest bear hug you can imagine , as he fought back, the tears landed, is battling a heart condition and eventually got to go down on the field with jackson as well and speaking of hugs. if you've got a teenager now or maybe your kids in college remember these days when you come home, and there's someone there to greet you with this? this man just posted this video over the years of his son
6:58 pm
coming up to say hello when he got home and walked through the door and those those memories etched in your mind forever. you have kids. you know what we're talking about. best yeah, little guy. so cute. cute cute. yes thank you. thanks, jason. alright well, we're getting very close to seven o'clock and there are five states now are polls will close in just a couple of minutes at seven o'clock our time, including nevada, which is the last big swing state of the day. pretty much everything up for grabs the senate race three out of four house seats, along with the governor and secretary of state race. our election coverage continues with the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus california polls close and just about an hour at eight o'clock and we will have statewide and local election results as they come in tonight on the 10 as well as the 11 o'clock news. you can also find results. on our homepage at ktvu .com slash election of very busy night ahead and we will have you covered. we have a lot going on tonight. and the seven o'clock news over in ktvu plus is coming
6:59 pm
next with alex and heather. so ick around live news previously on the big bang theory... my father thinks the reason i can't make a relationship work is because i'm spoiled. all right, how much, exactly, does he pay for? okay, i'll tell you, but please don't judge me. he pays for my car, mi'm trying, but i'm judging. maybe your dad's right. yeah, women do like a man that can support himself. i have come to an important decision. i will not be accepting your money anymore. that's wonderful. yes, that is wonderful. you will no longer be able to accuse me of being spoiled. i'm so proud of you. dad, i'm trying to tell you off, and you're ruining it uh-huh. with your delight and relief. how bad is it? let me put it this way--
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do you own a barrel and suspenders? are you serious? i'm not wearing this visor to play women's golf. hi. leonard: hey. oh, let me guess. you guys are drafting your fantasy accounting firms. we're helping raj figure out his finances. well, he has a job. how bad can it be? well, his rent and car lease are exceedingly high. you couple that with his penchant for dining out and shopping... wait, wait, not shopping for clothes, right? becahe also has a remarkable amount of credit card debt. i thought your dad paid your cards. i have a card for emergencies that i pay for myself. what emergency happened at the l.a. zoo? that's a penguin i sponsor. they're losing their homes to global warming, and my car gets, like, seven miles a gallon, so i felt bad. what is pink cheeks? it's intimate waxing. quit looking at that! maybe you should find someone


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