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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the picket line demanding change the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now nearly 48,000 you see workers are on strike calling for better pay and benefits. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. the work stoppage continues tomorrow with demonstrations at 10. uc campuses campus. excuse me, ktvu is elissa harrington tells us both parties did come to the table today. marching chanting and waving signs. you see grad students with the united auto workers union took to the picket lines at uc berkeley, demanding better wages and working conditions. the energy has been really high people are feeling really good. i think people are really fired up in our noses, a grand student instructor called in the school of public health. said they want to be able to live where they work. cost of living in the bay area is insane . i have co workers who commute from san mateo commute from
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sacramento. striking include teaching assistance, tutors, researchers and postdoctoral scholars. we were able to finally iron out a bunch of issues that have been plaguing us at the table with chowdhury is one of the bargaining team members, chowdhry said. the union and university reps did meet for almost two hours monday afternoon actually came to a tentative agreement. on union access and union security to really critical articles for, you know, maintaining the long term health of our union said they also discussed issues like paid leave but are still very far apart on wages in a statement, the university of california said it recognizes the meaningful contributions these employees make him feel it would be best to move forward in negotiations with the third party mediator. part of the statement reads. we believe our offers of fair pay quality health and family friendly benefits. among other proposals are fair, reasonable and responsive to the union's concerns. strike. thousands out of the classroom and on the
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picket lines. classes have been , but with final hoping for a resolution for them out of working them over time and hours that they're putting in to support us. i mean, they're they're crucial my math classes, saying the css that continue on strike. they won't be able to greater final and so we'll have to wait till next semester. take our final and obviously over break. i'm not gonna be studying. i want to just relax, berkeley. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. nearly a week after election night votes are still being counted in santa clara county and to close races for mayor have not been decided yet in san jose, new numbers released this evening show council member matt mehan maintaining his slim lead with 51% of the vote. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez is trailing behind with 49% of the vote. and in santa clara county, lisa gilmore has a razor thin edge over anthony becker.
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gilmore has more than 51% of the vote. while becker is trailing closely with nearly 50% ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters live now in san jose, after speaking with santa clara county's registrar of voters, lamonica. julie there are still over 125,000 ballots that have to be counted and the register says that that has to be done carefully, and it's going to take some time. all hands on deck. we election day we had around 244,000 unprocessed ballots we've been since then we've been working. we even work through veterans day and throughout the weekend from seven am to seven pm staff members in santa clara county are working every day to process the 126,000 ballots still remaining on monday. if you see these blue head of cards back here, it's everything's organized in different precincts , so we don't typically focused. on just each city. everything is in random order as we pull and
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count, so it's not so specific on the city of san jose or santa clara. both san jose and santa clara have mayor's races that are too close to call with 73% of the ballots already process as of monday, cindy chavez trails matt mayhem by 4256 votes in san jose. incumbent lisa gilmore has 571 votes more than anthony becker in the city of santa clara. another thing that i think most people don't realize this is that there is still all a whole lot of manual labor that goes on, um, when it comes to processing those ballots. um a lot of those ballots here is house in santa clara county, where 87% of our voters prefer to vote by mail mail in ballots have to be physically taken out of the envelope by some um one. and then each ballot has to be checked for signatures and eras before being submitted to the counting machine. just be patient have have trust in the process. we're doing everything that we can to make sure that
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every ballot is counted. the registrar says that on any given day they have about 50 to 100. people working. they have until december, 8th to get all of the ballots, ballots counted and certified, julie monica peter is in the south before us tonight. lamonica thank you well to key races in alameda county are tight, with elections officials saying definitive results might not come until tuesday or wednesday. new numbers released just tonight in the race for alameda county district attorney showed just 1900 votes separating the candidates pamela price and terry wiley. in a statement, price said that she is confident she will be elected when all the votes are counted, and we actually did catch up with wiley today as the veteran prosecutor held his weekly meeting with his campaign staff , he addressed just how close the race is. i wasn't that surprised. we felt all along that it was gonna be a tight race and that the race would
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tighten up, but we're still very, very confident any of the close races are still going to want to see. the updates that we have tuesday wednesday thursday the race for mayor in oakland, is almost as tight with council member lauren taylor leading council members. xiang tao by 2600 votes candidate for supervisor in san francisco has conceded the race tonight. honey mahogany mahogany says she has reached out to supervisor matt dorsey to congratulate him on his win and a well run campaign . dorsey was appointed to the position by mayor london breed and was running in his own right. an official election results show dorsey leading 54% to 46% the san francisco chronicle is projecting passage of the city's proposition m, starting in 2020 for the measure would assess annual fees of up to $5000 on units that are vacant at least six months out of the year. it would only apply to multi unit residential buildings. penalties would start at $2500 and rise as high as
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$20,000 per unit. supporters say 15% of the city's housing stocks , it's empty because real estate speculators buy a property and then hold it to sell. later republicans won six more congressional races late tonight , putting the gop now just one seat away from taking control of the house. republicans now have 217 seats with 2 18 needed to secure that majority. ktvu jana katsuyama shows us the key races that helped push the gop closer. closing in, but not yet clinched. republicans are locked in a battle to take control of the house that has come down to a handful of districts monday night. six more house races were called for republicans in southern california. ken calvert won reelection in the 41st district spanning riverside county, michelle steele won reelection in the 45th district spanning orange and los angeles counties and new york republican brandon williams was declared winner late monday night, along with two era zona house seats. that brings the total to 217
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republican seats in the house, one away from a very slim majority. republicans are going to be divided, and it will be mayhem. charlotte hill, director of the democracy policy initiative at uc goldman school of public policy, says she sees two takeaways for republicans from the tight midterm election. most republican politicians and strategists have taken away that extremism does not sell across the country. trump had a bunch of handpicked nominees who broadly lost, but hill says the gop has deep divisions, with trump supporters winning in the most conservative districts reconcile ng those two takeaways is going to be the central challenge for the republican party moving into 2024 signs of a divided gop are already emerging as california republican congressman kevin mccarthy appears to lack the votes to become house speaker with the freedom caucus wing, calling for jim jordans or other far right leaders. i'm skeptical that trump's more mint is actually passing in any real
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meaningful way. he has shown time and again that he can overcome setbacks that would ruin other politicians. and that's because he has the unwavering loyalty from such a strong segment of the republican base with trump expected to announce a second presidential run tuesday, some republicans are speaking out and challenging him. former vice president michael pence, criticizing trump's actions during the january 6th insurrection in the president's words were reckless. it's clear he decided to be part of the problem. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. community members, students and faculty in charlottesville, virginia, gathered tonight for a prayer vigil at the university of virginia. the visual comes after a gunman killed three students athletes last night and caused mass panic on campus as authorities searched for the shooter. the three victims were all players for the v, a football team to other students were also hurt. the suspect,
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christopher darnell jones jr. was a former player on the football team and is still a student at the school. he was a rested this morning about 80 miles southeast of charlottesville. a woman left hanging upside down in her car after a crash in northern california, the rescue that brought her to safety seven hours later tonight, a fire breaks out in an east bay town home, killing a mother and her son, what officials say might be to blame.
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the driver went off the road on highway 32. this is in butte county and actually happened on november 2nd. she was trapped in her vehicle at the bottom of an embankment for more than seven hours, caltrans says to snowplow operators saw the tire drags and then spotted the vehicle. rescuers pulled the woman and three of her four dogs to safety . caltrans maintenance worker returned to the site the next day, where he scrambled to the bottom of the embankment. and rescued that fourth dog. investigators believe smoking materials in a first floor bedroom started a deadly fire at a walnut creek town home. ktvu is tom baker has more on what officials say contributed to the rapid spread of flames. two people were killed and wanted creek in a fire at the country would town homes close to heather farms? well my husband
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heard a boom. and then my daughter started yelling fire, and then the flames were coming around to her bedroom window. as many as 40. firefighters fought this intense blaze. the fire is believed to have started on the first floor but quickly spread to the upper floor and other homes because officials say one side of the condo wall had no attic firewall. all the rooms in this building were ablaze. the two who died were on the second floor and could not be saved a scenario like this, where it was so well involved in the 1st and 2nd floor. the best you can do is start a push from the first floor moving up without the fire as you go search for victims as you go. the two deceased were an elderly mother and her adult son in their second floor bedrooms, but an elderly man who lived on the lower floor was able to escape. deceased and the escaped victim are all related. the neighbor said the deceased woman was active and friendly woman
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that lived there had a heart of gold and adorable little dog that she walked around the neighborhood. 20 times a day. and always, um, bright candy and treats over to my girls until such time that both of the victims are positively identified, using whatever records are available, and the family is given notice. the names will not be released. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. coming up. the bay area will be a topic of discussion tomorrow at the un convention on climate change happening in egypt also had disneyland is continuing its efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in its parks, the latest edition to a popular ride coming up it's gonna be cold one tonight a nice mild day tomorrow and some clouds in the five day we'll take a look a
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♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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to speak tomorrow at the un convention on climate change in egypt and his office says he will address the role of california and san francisco and meeting climate goals. tomorrow's theme for the summit focuses on renewable energy and other future energy sources. the gathering has drawn leaders from around the world, including president biden, who spoke last week. the convention ends on friday. president biden says he does not believe there will be enough votes in congress to put abortion rights into federal law , although democrats did better than expected in the midterm elections, there's still the possibility the party could lose control of the house that would allow republicans to block any such legislation. in addition, some democrats in the u. s senate are unwilling to sidestep filibuster rules to pass an abortion law. and president biden's plan to forgive student
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loan debt for millions of borrowers lost another battle in court today, a federal appeals court panel agreed to a preliminary injunction halting the program while an appeal plays out. the ruling came days after a federal judge in texas blocked the plan from moving forward. the debt forgiveness plan would cancel $10,000 in student loan debt. for those making less than $125,000 a year or households with an annual income under 250,000, the start of the fifa men's world cup is now just six days away. tonight we are starting to profile. some of the biggest names in the tournament. ktvu is claudia wong begins with perhaps soccer's most famous player, cristiano ronaldo. ronaldo. tedious. absolute genius. find christiano ronaldo on the cover of gq and sports illustrated as one of the biggest names in soccer. he's also played for multiple powerhouse clubs. manchester united, real madrid and italy's
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juventus and his popularity goes well beyond the pitch with nearly 500 million instagram followers the most in the world. he earns $2 million for every social media post. the lone player to matt rinaldo star power is longtime rival lionel messi. 50,000 fans packed the stadium last year to celebrate his switch of clubs. barcelona psg in france. but he struggled to duplicate the same success with this country as he's had at the club level until argentina ended the drought last year by winning copa america america. messi beat his p s g brazilian teammate neymar to win an emotional match. tsg paid a world record transfer fee of $250 million for him in 2017 later reports say the actual amount maybe double on the
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ground now. the money. don't move. hurry up. neymar has fans in hollywood period in the vin diesel movie with samuel a jackson and kicking balls across hollywood boulevard on jimmy kimmel live. go. his best player is killian and bop. he was just 19 when he helped france win the 2018 world cup, only the second teenager to score in the final. the first was the famous palais 60 years ago. and starting next monday morning. you can start watching those world cup matches right here on ktvu fox do if you're looking for the news in the morning, you'll find mornings on to airing on ktvu plus. alrighty then we had a nice day. today a nice fall day.
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it's been a nice week or so. a couple of weeks ago week and a half ago we had rain. we had snow. fortunately for us, so fire danger, not something. we're talking about a lot right now. and i don't suspect we will until we get towards the spring or summer. i hope not. these are the highs from today highs tomorrow will be quite similar cold overnight. it's already pretty cool. we're seeing upper thirties and some of those inland valleys already. there's no value fog, there's no coastal fog. the forecast overnight lows somewhere around here. very cold , though. 33 livermore 32 out in fairfield, 32 up in santa rosa current temperatures, it's already down to 35 fairfield. it's running a degree cooler there two degrees cooler and napa. it's gonna be chilly. the big high pressure ridge. you can probably see it. i don't have to trace it in for you, but it's at that's you know, it's like if you're looking down on a river here in an airplane, so here's it's like a river of air. right so here's the jet stream going up and over and then down, and so it's just a big ridge and so they are sinking in there. you don't get typically get ready with this type of pattern. you do get very cold nights. you get
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offshore winds and we're actually gonna see some offshore winds. and if it weren't for the rain is on tuesday and wednesday. if it weren't for the rain that we had, we would most most likely be looking at red flag warnings and have that be the for the newscast tomorrow and into wednesday, but we're not because we've had rain. we've had showers. we've had snow and things are not tinder dry. so you can see we can manage a little bit of wind. so i'm gonna get that gusty but higher elevations. it will maybe 25 28 miles an hour. the forecast for tomorrow, greens or sixties shows seventies, but i'm not buying it like i don't. i don't maybe i don't know, but it's lots of mid sixties tomorrow like this 66 in fairfield inn, 62 cognacs. it's gonna be nice. everything changes around when we get to kinda into friday. we get some more clouds clouds on saturday and then sunday, it's still drive but lots of clouds and the potential for something on monday or tuesday. of the following week, so dry all this week cold mornings. bill thank you, new and 11, disneyland and disney world announced that they
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will be adding two new characters in wheelchairs to the iconic. it's a small world attraction. they say this is all part of a continued effort to increase diversity and inclusion there at the parks. the characters are scheduled to appear at disneyland starting at the beginning of the holiday season. this is the first time in disneyland 67 year history that an attraction has included a character in a wheelchair. the holidays are around the corner. and if you are planning on ordering gifts through the mail, the berkeley post office has some news you can use. the post office has installed the newest package sorting machines. the small delivery units order gives a critical lift a large post offices. it is capable of processing some 3000 packages an hour with a continued trend in online shopping, the post office says. expedited package sorting. is key. alright coming up in sports. it was no doubt a pool party out of the chase center tonight. jason appelbaum has the highlights of the warriors really best games so far this early season, but first ktvu is
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20th annual one warm coat drive is underway if you have a gently worn coat or jacket that you'd like to donate area families just take it to any participating ups or big oh tire store, and there are dozens of drop off locations all around the bay area. just go to ktvu dot com slash one warm coat or scan. the qr code on your screen to see a list of those locations. the one warm coat drive runs through december. 4th you're watching the 11 o'clock news here on ktvu. we'll be right back after the break. ♪upbeat music♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get exclusive offers on select new volvo models. contact your volvo retailer to learn more.
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as they've had a rough start to the season. that's no secret. maybe tonight's blowout win over the spurs is just what they needed to turn things around warriors cheerleaders saying hi
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to jimmy garoppolo and christian mccaffrey, george kittle and kyle use check run tmc called the game on tv. maybe chris mullin, mitch richmond, tim hardaway brought some good mojo. there's a rest day for clay. so jordan's pool got the start. he made it. count knocks one down from 26 ft. out warriors up by 16 3rd quarter pool showing he can dish it out as well. the perfect alley oop to andrew wiggins warriors up by 30 staff had a season low 16 because he was happy to get others involved. like anthony lamb, who knocks down three of his season high 17 later in the fourth pool, the three pointer plus the foul that is a four point play pool finished with 36 points to off his career high and the warriors as a team. 23 of 45 from beyond the arc and cruise to a 1 30 to 1 95 wins. it took until week 10, but the eagles finally lost their first game of
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the season. yeah you want to take a look at 100 yards flag right there that goes the length of the field to ensure the veterans. that's it. lincoln financial field late second quarter eagles against washington, brian robinson jr from the one yard line won't be denied stretching the ball over the goal line for the touchdown. 17 14 commanders. it came down to this eagle's down five. hopes ended 1 45 to go taylor hynek. he's kind of sax himself, but brandon graham and hassan reddick, they look a little confused, so they just kind of grabbed him. but, hey, i guess technically, that's unnecessary roughness. use your judgment, though. it's a flag. it's not a matic. first down heinecke acts like he just did the best thing in the world with his reaction, washington as a late garbage touchdown, and they win 32 21 commanders improved to five and five eagles dropped to eight. in one. it is award week and major league baseball today. the rookies of the year announced beginning in the american
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league. julio rodriguez celebrated the announcement with his family and friends. the mariner's outfield received 29 of 31st place votes to easily beat out. orioles catcher adlai rushed the 21 year old rodriguez hit 2 84 28 home runs 25 r 25 stolen bases to help the mariners make the post season for the first time since 2001 and in the national league atlanta braves outfielder michael harris beat out his own teammate spencer strider to take on the rookie of the year honors . harris was a late may call up from the braves, double a affiliate and proceeded to hit 2 97 19 homers 20 stolen bases while playing excellent defense . alright we teased this on the 10. so we got to show it to you here. check this out. a lot of build up georgia southern hosting trinity baptist after georgia southern's first bucket of the year at home. hello the fans do the toilet paper thing.
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