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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  November 16, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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destroy that check and send a photo as proof which he did. well, haribo set the man up. thank you. gift box of candies. the man says he thought that was a bit cheap. considering the large check, haribo says only the company could have redeemed the check in any case in that it sent the man the standard. thank you package. former president donald trump has officially launched his third bid for the presidency has come back starts right now. the reason some are saying it could lead to divide within the republican party. then a deadly police shooting unfolds on the peninsula out and then i heard a couple of gunshots. you know, that's what was most alarming. what we're learning about what police are calling a domestic dispute that ended with one man dead as he allegedly tried to use three children as a shield. also ahead. another moon mission underway this morning. we're going back, but it's going to be
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different this time. the latest on the overnight launch for the artemis program and what it means for nasa. good morning. today is wednesday, november 16th, and we're looking live at lake tahoe. just reminding me that is always a good time to go to lick top gis so beautiful week from heavenly. i think a lot of people are going to be going. it's going to be. it's gonna be a lot of traffic up there when you go. just remember that it's not exactly an original idea to get up there week. thanks, sal bear is reportedly the fastest growing economic urban area in the country, according to the keenan institute of private enterprise . the barriers tick industry is the reason behind the town. up spot, experts say the region's 2022 gross domestic product is close. 25% which is the highest on the list, however, layoffs, hiring freezes and winning homebuyer demand indicated the bay area's housing market is among the fastest, declining nationwide rounding out the top
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five or austin, seattle, raleigh and dallas. and welcome to the nine. i know that what you and i well, you grew up in san diego, and you grew up in florida. so even when i was a kid, my dad used to say before the whole tech boom that shows you how old i am. people love living here because of look how beautiful it is. look at the weather. even if all the tech companies left there were still believe would still be demand to live here. i always say i mean, i've lived here since college so more than i lived in southern california. always tell people you know. yes, it's expensive. there's a million reasons why it's expensive. look behind us exactly. gorgeous rumors of our demise greatly exaggerated. i think you know what i'm saying. yeah, everyone's talking about. checked this and you know, layoffs here, but i think people are still going to want to live here. i mean, i think they're going to find jobs to those some talented people. i think what we're going through is what the rest of the country is going through. you know this kind of correction, so after that's done, i think positive attitude. thank you, andre. there you go, man. i love it here. that's why
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all right, let's move to this. nasa takes an important step towards sending astronauts back to the moon. the artemus rocket blast off from florida last night, carrying a pilot list space capsule that will orbit the moon new this morning ktvu biggest live from the nasa ames research center in mountain view, which played a key role in that successful launch, emma. good morning, andre. the scientists and the engineers at nasa ames research center, where some of the people who contributed to making the launch of the artemus one a reality. five. four stage engine start. 321 boosters and ignition. and lift off of artemus one. we rise together back to the moon and beyond. the launch happened at 10 47. pm local time, sending the 32 story rocket off to space from the kennedy space center on a three week test journey. this was the first moon launch since the apollo moon mission over 50 years ago. i spoke with nasa
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astronaut jessica mirror this morning about the significance of today's launch. and what comes next. and today's launch is really of tremendous magnitude. for all of us here at nasa. this is the moment that we were waiting for. to truly kick off the entire artemis campaign . so all of our upcoming missions for us to return to the moon and eventually to set our boots back on the moon are finally in motion, and this was the moment we are waiting for the artemis one launches the final test of the capsule and also the rocket that will eventually carry humans on the next mission. so really big moment we are all incredibly excited here at nasa. here in silicon valley. teams of scientists and engineers and aims have spent years working on the rms one program and instrumental in the development of the spacecraft. contributions include developing the orion capsules, heat shield and thermal tiles and ensuring the spacecraft can safely transport
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astronauts and cargo to lunar orbit. and back to earth. nasa's jessica mere tells me that if this mission is successful, the artemis to with astronauts onboard could launch in just over two years, reporting live from nasa ames research center. demagogues ktvu fox two news. thank you. so much for speaking of nasa. nasa estimates about 15,000 watched the launch near kennedy space center. some of them said the chance to watch a nighttime launch made it even more exciting. several members of the british royal navy set up camp along the beach and treated the liftoff like a sporting event, ordering in pizza from a nearby restaurant, but more seriously, they told us this was a chance to watch history being made. it's a lifetime opportunity and seeing something like this kind of size and scale is very good burgers. we go over 12 years to get to this point and then 58 of anniversary since apollo, so it's a big moment. others were there to watch the launch, but also turned the
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event into a business. some entrepreneurs created and sold t shirts and pins to commemorate the first moon mission in 50 years. palisades tahoe, california's largest ski resort , opens on friday it received about three ft of fresh snow all in the last week. the resort plans to open both its lower and upper mountains for skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing, snow making machines around 24 hours a day to make the conditions even better. is just a stunning view. our our our snow making crews are working day and night to get the rest of the mountain open. and actually right now we have some great weather to make some snow. palisades joins a growing list of resorts that opened early, including boreal, heavenly, northstar and kirkwood, the new gondola that runs between palisades and alpine ski resorts will start running december 17th. all right. speaking of that, let's get over to steve paulson for look at our forecast . i know. hopefully we'll get some more rain and snow after thanksgiving. there's a teeny hit on hint on tuesday, end of
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the month early december. some signs of a web pattern. so okay to go. don't you know you get teased here and weather but until we get there, we have to take a look at what we had yesterday and that was some pretty warm temps. santa rosa 70 for not only was that at the air board, but also downtown i saw reading of 74 concord was 70 oakland downtown seventies san rafael hit 70 degrees menlo park and livermore, 68. san jose 67 san francisco 66. although this morning another cold one for these west of petaluma, 29. qatari 30, boulder creek 31. i think felton was in there as well. nicasio 33 in marin county napa downtown was 33 walnut creek as well dropped to 33, 16 and 19, now a truck in tahoe, but they were 10 and eight. so then i said, we have perfect snow making conditions. he's absolutely right on the money. it's been cold enough, and it stays cold enough. forties fifties to look at los angeles the same as palm springs 65 warm degrees because they have offshore santa ana winds down
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there, sonny for all here cold morning, lots of thirties nice to warm, a little breezy to windy in the hills, especially mount diablo and mount st alina than 50 to 60 mph, but most locations have been generally under about 25, but it is out of the north northeast. and you know what that means. that means you get warm. sonoma mountain 55 degrees north wind 17 up in the oakland berkeley hills low fifties, northeast 17 and ben lomond mountain went up from 48 to 55 with the northeast wind to eight. so it's offshore air loft is warmer. that's called your inversion at all equals lots of sunshine and warmer temps. there's some low fifties mid fifties san francisco and sfo already in there. berkeley already in their oakland napa airport, concord, walnut creek livermore. it's not taking long, even on the peninsula. san carlos palo alto, sunnyvale low fifties so we'll get some mid upper sixties, maybe near 70 as that one load of the south stays there. once it kicks out, then the winds speeds will start to come down. but breezy in the hills offshore breeze means sunshine and warm tamps. now don't hang your head on this.
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we're okay into the weekend. monday what about tuesday? our good friend. the gfs global model has some rain on us tuesday. other forecast models do not the key with the gfs is it will probably show nothing in six hours, but we'll keep an eye on sixties on the temps. upper sixties a little cooler tomorrow. back to warmer you guys on friday. all right now, your weekend looks good, steve. thank you. former president donald trump has launched another run for the white house as lauren blanchard reports. not all in his party support the move. i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. with more than 700 days to go until the 2024 presidential election. former president trump has announced his candidacy for a third time and filed with the federal election commission. can we have waited until after the first of the year? for goodness sake, let america just have a breath. the announcement celebrated in the former president's circle, but some say this is a distraction from the senate runoff in georgia. and vote for herschel
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and he deserves it. others in his party say it's time to move on after a disappointing midterm election, plus, the former president is under investigation and continues to deny he lost in 2020 clearly a deal breaker for independent voters. former vice president mike pence says america needs a less divisive leader. i honestly believe that uh, we'll have better choices. come 2024. i think i have a sense of the american people want to want a new style of leadership. the list of potential republican candidates is growing. it includes vice president pence plus florida governor rhonda santos, who has recently been the focus of president trump's ire when you're leading when you're getting getting things done, yeah, you take incoming fire. that's just the nature of it. the president's eldest daughter , ivanka trump, was not at the speech. she said she does not plan to be part of politics in the future. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. thank you. lauren the man
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accused of attacking house speaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul and their san francisco home pled not guilty to federal charges. the only time david perhaps spoken court was when he told the judge his name. his lawyer entered not guilty pleas to charges of attempted kidnapping of a federal official and attacking a family member of a federal officer. he if he's convicted on both charges to pap could be sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. he also faces attempted murder charges in san francisco superior court. a preliminary hearing in that case is scheduled next month, and he is due back in federal court november 30th to change of pace for shoppers in san francisco this holiday season coming up on mornings onto the nine city officials say they're making it safer for both shops and visitors after last year's mailing a smash and grabs and how much money do you spend on holiday shopping? think about it and scratch what you know. next on the nine. we're talking live with an expert who was a millionaire's mindset and wants to change how you gift
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where can you lose track of time, all while saving time at the same time. lowe's, actually. it's the best place to get everything you need for the holidays.
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away a lot of people are concerned about actually receiving the packages they order. a new survey shows. more than one third of americans have had a package stolen from their doorstep. single family homes get hit by porch pirates most often if someone tries to steal something, there's a high possibility that a neighbor or two or five is going to see them in action and they're going to shout and this person is probably going to drop it and run away. there are several steps you should take, including package tracking security cameras, doorbell cameras timed deliveries or requiring a signature pick up boxes or lockers are also an effective way of making sure you are the only one who can get to your package. san francisco leaders say safety we a top priority for the holiday shopping season.
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union square is already filling up with visitors. mayor london breed, the district attorney and the police chief announced ways they're taking the keep everyone in the area safe. they don't want to repeat of last year when large groups of thieves broke into stores. since then, the city has put more police in city ambassadors in union square, which business owners say has already made a difference, the attention that the city has given union square, his his really paid off. it's not just us that are here every day that are feeling better. it's the people that are coming and visiting being here every day. you know, you see the best of it. you have to see the worst of it, and we're seeing the worst of it far less than we have in a very long time. the city is also offering an hour of free parking at union square together stay there will also be more surveillance in the shopping district so people can feel safe, leaving their cars by the shop. and this is the time of year when people spend a lot of money, holiday travel to visit family and friends and holiday gift giving can really put a strain on your finances since
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it's never too late, and it never hurts to learn better ways to wisely spend your hard earned cash. we invited your millionaire mentor, said rick nash to the newscast this morning. good morning, cedric. how you doing? i'm doing well, thank you so much for joining us this morning. so, cedric, you also authored the book here. why should white guys have all the wealth how you can become a millionaire? starting from the bottom. you focus on wealth building in the african american community. what are some of the big mistakes you see people make one financially navigating through the holidays. well one of the biggest things is that you know, credit card spending. it's like they dig a deeper hole that's making it harder for them to dig out after the holidays, so i think that it's really bad mindset. it's killed. the gifts of love doesn't cost that much, and it's probably the most impactful gift of it all. but there are several things that they can do in terms of movie tickets, gift cards, books, bottle of wine and even deferring gifts. you know beyond the holidays is a strategy to use their money wisely if they had a little money to spend. so uh, gift cards, bottle of wine,
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you not go overboard is what you're saying and spend hundreds of dollars per person is what you mean. yeah that's that's usually a problem that people go overboard and it just kind of exasperates the problem, and it prevents them from ever position myself to invest on a regular basis. the other thing is we still have 39 days before the holidays so you can still take advantage of ways to earn more money on a side hustle to kind of increase more money for you to spend during the holidays. alright so let's get to this. cedric. let's talk about gift giving. and since you build yourself as a serial entrepreneur you're talking about giving the gift of investments. what do you mean by giving an investment as a gift? well you can actually get stocks to people or you can actually give stocks to children or or or nieces and nephew. i think that's a very important gift, because what it does is it's immense in their mindset that says city to do to invest. you know, james baldwin has a famous quote. it says that you know that my kids kids have a very difficult time. listen to what i
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say, but they never fail at imitating me. a lot of kids mindset comes from what they see their parents do so i think that if you can even make a portion of your gift be investments, i think that's gonna go a lot further. in the long run. you bring up an interesting point there, you know, presenting your your child with the stock and telling lindsay's actual money that's going to grow over time. but you know, we live in a society where they're constantly throwing the idea of how you have to have toys as christmas gifts. how do you kind of build that kind of change? and their mindset a little bit, so they understand that that stock a gift of stock is worth probably better than a video game. yeah, that that is the challenge. there's just no doubt about it. we are a society where, uh, where we see others doing things and we want to do the same thing. the reality is that they're trying to find the balance, trying to strike a balance between giving the gifts and also given the investments and it's all part of the whole educational process. uh i'm reminded of a friend of mine.
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david gardner, who's the founder of the of the valley full when he talked about how his father constantly use examples in the grocery store about general pudding, getting them to invest in two companies in the products that they were interested in, so you have to find a unique way to make it interesting to keep them drawing in, so that in the in the future, it impacts their mindset in the long run a great idea. i want to get back to this because it never hurts to be reminded when it comes to spending over the holidays, often easy to over by here. ah just go over again. some of the things that you would do to avoid over spending this holiday season. the number one is i would set a cap. i would set a cap and i would hold to it and then i also focused on very impactful, less expensive gifts that are experiential because those experiential kind of gifts , uh, seem to have a longer impact than than than sometimes things so i just think you have to dig, dig deep. also, you definitely don't want to go into credit card debt. trying to buy gifts for others, because that's
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bad debt and bad debt are things that are tied to two things that don't hold value or appreciate. and so since you're giving it away, you're actually giving away your wealth, so i would really fight hard to not use credit card debt or increase my credit card spending and finally quickly here. we're late in the season if your christmas shopping but what do you recommend to people as they prepare for next year? i know it's a long way to think about, but it may never be too early. if you want to save your money and invest it right. well, the thing is, is that you know, like i said, we still have 39 days and you can still go work and retail and you could still drive uber you can still have. there's some people that are great at baking, so there's still ways to earn money, even in the short window of time, but in the future, you know you could, you know, build up a savings account tailored just for holiday spending. i mean, when i was a kid, i worked at wells fargo bank, and they used to have these christmas accounts that people would have to create your own christmas account. and start loading it up with money. you can start with little money over time, and i would also invested
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in a at least get a high interest rate bearing account that you can or invested in summit dividend based art and build it up over 12 months, and that will be the money that you can use for christmas. have that money. make more money for you. dash your mentor and author of why should white guys have all the wealth? thank you so much for joining us providing your insight as we prepare for the holidays. thank you so much. thank you for having me. the preparation for the world cup. several u. s men's soccer players trained with workers who built the stadium in qatar, team officials and local committee organized the event to focus on sports rather than worker conditions. the training sessions including drills, penalty shootouts and an autograph session, national team players said they enjoyed the experience. it was a good experience to be able to meet some of the gentleman who built the stadiums to hear some of their stories. it was fun. football is a game for everyone wanted to come and see you. he helped build for the world cup and to see them and play with them. it was really special,
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really nice. you can catch the action starting monday, right here on ktvu. but don't worry. you can still watch our regular newscast on ktvu plus all lies,d political intrigue. in our next stop our we will introduce you to the director and executive producer of hulu's latest documentary, god forbid the sex scandal that brought down a dynasty. but first we take a trip inside the choco chocolate factory to see how the bay area chocolate factory is shaking up the industry.
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well back. to make good wine. you have to start with good grapes to make a chocolate. you have to start with good cocoa beans. that's the philosophy at choco chocolate, which is shaking up the chocolate industry, and it is made in the
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bay. rich creamy chocolate. actually starts with an unusual plant, a seed that tastes bad, very peculiar doctor, siouxsie and tree where the flowers grow right off the trunk of the tree , and over the course of about six months, they turned into these funny like nerf football shaped pods underneath. you have these cocoa beans that are designed by nature. not to be eaten. it doesn't taste great. that's where the art of chocolate making comes in chief chocolate maker at chuo berkeley. the fermentation is actually what lowers the bitterness, the astringency all those like, like harsh tannins that are in the cocoa. it lowers them, and it actually develops the chocolatey flavors that we know and love so that when it's dried and then roasted, that's when the explosion of chocolatey goodness comes comes to life
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beans come from the tropical regions near the equator. chocolate does the roasting it origin to build a relationship with the farmers and to be more eco friendly, worshiping less raw material here, but also we're able to provide a lot of great jobs at origin and support those communities. however along the way, the chocolate makers at show discovered that the cocoa farmers had never actually tasted the finished product, which is like sad because chocolate is awesome, but it's also it's a huge challenge for us when we're trying to communicate what we're looking for in terms of cocoa quality and be able to buy that set up what they call flavor labs, which are small versions of there being two bar chocolate making machines. so that farmers can be part of the whole process. brian jones has also been part of the process at cofer six years he makes sure all the machines are running and the chocolate is flowing. his favorite spice bread really did
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it on that one. top is good, too, but the almonds beat it. the toffee? yes. yep. whether it's a home chef that might be using our chocolate to bake with a professional chef that you know, white tablecloth restaurant, maybe an ice cream manufacturer we sell we sell to as well. we even sell cocoa beans, two breweries that use them to make beers nearby millennium cafe has been using chocolate in their desserts for about eight years, trying all these different wonderful chocolates. it tastes so different. reminds me to continue to be creative. i have worked with their new white chocolate and milk chocolate that are both vegan and they're so creamy. you really can't tell the difference between traditional milk, chocolate and white chocolate recently made the decision to go all plant based and apply new thinking to something that hadn't been changed in years. knowing and loving the diversity that exists
9:28 am
in the plant world. it was kind of a fun challenge. the switch took a few years to figure out the combination of really great milk. cashew butter and a really nice caramelized coconut sugar allowed us to like kind of create this trifecta of absolute deliciousness and the bay area gets a lot of the credit was really born with that innovative bay area spirit. some of our founders worked at nasa worked at started wired magazine. um you know, just really creative thinkers looking to change the world of chocolate, which is why the t in chuo is said to stand for technology chocolate. there's 1000 different ways to pull flavor and texture in different directions. so we just make what we know and love. chocolate now open for factory tours and like wine tasting, you do get to sample the chocolate while you learn about the nuances of each flavor. still to
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come here on the nine. swifty's hoping for a second chance today after efforts to get tickets for an upcoming tour knocked out ticketmaster will tell you what the website is saying caused the outage and what it means for fans also ahead, caught on video gunfire in the middle of the day in a normally quiet neighborhood on the peninsula. what we're learning about a domestic dispute that ended in a deadly shoo ng. hey guys, detect this: living with hiv, i learned that i can stay undetectable with fewer medicines. that's why i switched to dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. detect this: no other complete hiv pill uses fewer medicines to help keep you undetectable than dovato. detect this: most hiv pills contain 3 or 4 medicines. dovato is as effective with just 2. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex.
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there's something new from better than bouillon i stay undetectable with fewer medicines. introducing the culinary collection. exciting new flavors like... sofrito for casseroles or adobo for fajitas each adding a little something special to all your family favorites but don't take our word for it mwah! the culinary collection, from better than bouillon to the nine that view is heavenly, isn't it? leg tahoe? oh my gosh. a little bit of snow the lake. you can see it all very nice and clear as some of those resorts open up, which is great news for all the businesses up there as well. as we head into our thanksgiving week next week, more people are considering opting for turkey alternatives this thanksgiving
9:32 am
amid a rise in meat prices. new survey from one poll finds two and three americans say they would eat cultured meat grown in the lab setting, researchers say people have become more open to try and meet alternatives, with more than half willing to eat plant based options such as tofu. tempeh satan, six in 10 say they're making more ethical food choices for sustainable and equitable reasons because the plant based supposed to be easier on the environment, less carbon footprint. i have tried to for key. i wasn't crazy about it. but i will say, look at all those side dishes. i mean, you can you can do without made it is expensive. i don't i don't eat turkey personally, but enjoy a lot of side dish. yeah and who says you have to eat turkey on thanksgiving? maybe you i don't know. remember seinfeld they would go out for was it they would go out for china. that was christmas. but you can you know you can still do it. you can do that for 13. whatever you want. people in san francisco do crowd. yeah crab could do that.
9:33 am
i mean, i'm i'm certainly opening now to try those problems levels had with it was processed. you know, some of these looking at the you know, they preservative content that type of thing, but just smart, but i think they're getting better. so i'm definitely open between the chocolate and the turkey. this is all making me very yes. salads can't handle it. alright alright. we'll move to this story now. this morning , the cemetery county district attorney's office investigating what led up to a deadly shooting a police shooting in redwood city officer shot and killed a man who they say held a woman and two young children at gunpoint. ktvu valley. rasmus joins us live from redwood city with the latest information, ali san mateo county coroner's office won't reveal that identity of the man who was shot and killed by police here in el camino reality yesterday, they say his name his identity as part of a quote pending investigation. but this happened around 3 20 in the afternoon. right here on el camino real right in front of that construction site. you see here behind us what people were walking and driving by. um in my
9:34 am
people don't think there you see people running and fleeing the scene. luckily, no bystanders were hurt. but redwood city police say this all started when a woman called 911 from a cell phone in her car yesterday afternoon while she wasn't able to tell dispatchers what was going on the 911 dispatchers could hear children screaming in the background and sent police to check on her. police say when they arrived, they found a man with a handgun. inside her car with the woman and three children ages, 14 and 10 and police say when they tried to negotiate with the man. he held up his weapon and use the children as a shield. one witness who didn't want to be on camera described the very tense situation. i heard, uh. some loud yelling and screaming, so i stepped out and then i heard a couple of gunshots. you know, that's what was most alarming got out of the car with the firearm. several shots were
9:35 am
fired by officers that were at the scene from different locations that it's surrounded that car. the children were not hurt. the man shot and killed by police died at the hospital. the woman he's accused of threatening was not shot but treated for other injuries. she is expected to be okay. it's not clear what the relationship was between the man and woman involved in this, but redwood city's police chiefs say, says five officers fired their weapons. they are all on paid administrative leave, and that's standard procedure anytime. an officer involved police shooting like this happens, the cemetery county district attorney's office is investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting and redwood city police chief said. they also called in a representative from the california department of justice to oversee that investigation. escort the identity of the man who was killed. that's not being released yet. all we know is he's 36 years old, and police say that they did have prior interactions with him before this incident happened live in
9:36 am
redwood city, ali rasmus ktvu. box two news. thank you, ali for that update. we do have an update as well to a developing story. we've been monitoring since it first happened at 6 30 this morning and suv slammed into a group of los angeles county sheriff's recruits who were out jogging near their training center. investigators now say the suv was going the wrong way. when it crashed into the recruits. 22 were heard, including five who are said to be in the hospital in critical condition. the drivers. 22 years old, was also injured in the crash. that person has also been detained, but we do not know the circumstances of that crash yet para educators in santa clara county say staffing shortages leave them vulnerable to violent attacks. they held a rally yesterday and have filed a complaint with the state's occupational health and safety administration. the para educators say lack of staff leaves them susceptible to violent physical attacks from the special needs. they serve. a
9:37 am
lot of what i'm seeing happen can be prevented if we had adequate adequate staffing. i had to choose between leaving a student alone by themselves when i seen emergencies happening outside of the classroom and supporting my teammates and protecting other students, classroom the union that represents the para educators in santa clara county, says the rally was held to bring the staffing issue to the public's attention. they haven't ruled out going on strike. academic workers at the university of california continue their strike for third day after demanding better pay and working conditions despite some progress in negotiations between the united auto workers union and the u. c system. there has been no word of any compromise on key items such as pay and child care subsidies. here because i want to teach. i love to teach. that's what i want to do with my life, so i much rather be in the classroom with a bunch of undergrads, then out here on the picket line. about 48% of
9:38 am
workers are 40,000 workers are on the picket lines, including workers at uc berkeley and ucsf university, says the negotiations will only be solved with a third party arbitrator. as for the balance of power in the us congress, where republicans are just one seat away from taking a majority fox news projects republicans have won 217 seats. democrats are projected to win 209 seats that leaves nine house races. still too close to call. six of those races are here in california party needs 218 to claim a majority. now. central valley congressman kevin mccarthy has won the republican nomination for house speaker mccarthy beat conservative challenger andy biggs yesterday in a closed door vote, mccarthy would need nearly all of the votes of his party or some votes from democrats to become the next house speaker. happening today, the u. s senate will hold what's called a test vote to see how many senate republicans would vote to protect interracial and same sex marriages. senate majority leader chuck schumer predicts at
9:39 am
least 10 republicans would vote with all 50 democrats to eventually pass federal legislation to keep same sex and interracial marriage is legal. there has been growing support for federal law after the u. s. supreme court overturned roe versus wade. justice clarence thomas suggested that a similar ruling could overturn those marriage protections if the test vote shows legislation would pass. schumer has indicated he could call for a final vote before the end of the week. new documentary on hulu is diving into a scandal that rocked the evangelical community during the covid 19 pandemic. god forbid the sex scandal that brought down a dynasty is a story of sex lies, hypocrisy and polool boy, jerry falwell jr. who was the former air of liberty university and his wife, becky falwell. joining us now is billy corben, who is the director and executive producer of the documentary. good morning to you, billy. morning andre. thank you so much for joining us this morning. the documentation starts as a pool. boy details his intimate relationship with
9:40 am
becky falwell with permission of jerry falwell himself. and to be clear. this is a bombshell because at the time falwell headed liberty university, one of the nation's largest christian colleges, right? yeah i often like to say that los angeles is where you go when you want to be somebody. new york is where you go when you are somebody and miami's where you come when you want to be somebody else. um, it's always been a sunny place for shady people in the falwells came down here, and they lived their very best lives and availed themselves of all of our amenities. our hotels are nightclubs. and yes, our pool attendance. yeah and in fact, that's where they met a young man named jean carlo grondona. uh this is the first time that we actually hear him speak publicly on camera in detail about this relationship. why did he decide to give you such a detailed account on camera about this? well giancarlo was putting himself through school. and if i you you're all my moderate. i believe andre and he was working at the pool at the county blue when he met this couple and this peculiar relationship that started poolside turned into a
9:41 am
multimillion dollar commercial real estate partnership in south beach and may very well have impacted the outcome of the last two presidential elections, and giancarlo was well aware of this kind of butterfly effect element to his story that butterfly flapped its wings in miami. me and perhaps change the course of history, so he wanted to come forward and tell that story tell his truth. yeah, we'll get to the political ramifications in a minute, but did anything about grandad's recount of the relationship with jerry and becki surprise you in the relationship itself. oh absolutely. it was the copious amounts of corroborating evidence that he had text messages of which we present just a small sampling in the dock, emails, photographs and finally, some very explicit, compelling video evidence that we present at the end. that is that is the ultimate mic drop if you will, in terms of his ability to prove his version of these events, really, i wonder. i don't think i'm giving too much weight. why do you think the falwells work more careful
9:42 am
and covering their tracks with giancarlo grondona, considering the sensitivity in which their position was i think absolute power corrupts absolutely. i think that they were able to behave with a level of impunity because they thought that they were untouchable and in factory , falwell jr. much like his father, jerry falwell sr. had become a kingmaker and anointed the president of the united states and got an offer to be the secretary of education, which he turned down because he decided that in fact, it was better. to be a kingmaker than to be a king. and so i think that they just and they were right for a while. they got away with whatever they wanted to get away with and help themselves to this holier than thou hypocritical, double standard. you will not to the political ramifications you mentioned just a moment ago before watching this documentary, billy. i thought i was going to hear an account a recount of grandma's affair with the falwells. but there was really detailed information is something surprising here, and that's donald trump and how we secured support from liberty university . the huge following the jury falwell had 1st 2016 run. tell
9:43 am
us about that. yeah, i think the micro story is certainly the tell all if you will the details of this alleged cuckold threesome that started at the fountain blue hotel poolside, but i think the bigger story here is a really a 15 year, um, evangelical dynasty multigenerational that had outsize influence on presidential politics. and how power kind of works when you're at that that upper echelon if you will, and how michael cohen as donald trump's right hand man, his attorney. his fixer leveraged. people's vulnerabilities and perhaps turn that into compromise and were able to say we scratched your back now. you scratch ours. we've all heard so much about michael cohen. i was surprised in the part of the documentary. i saw him pop up in the documentary like wow. this guy is factoring into all of this, you know, at a time when president or excuse me, former president trump just announced just north of where you are right now that he's going to be
9:44 am
running in 2024 again, it is interesting to watch this documentary and kind of put some pieces together that we may have been missing in between and see how this fear and that ties into the trump candidacy in 2016 billy corben, the director and executive producer of god forbid the sex scandal that brought down a dynasty. interesting documentary. if you haven't seen it yet, check it out. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. thank you, andre. are still to come on the nine. what if we told you fans have more fun? that's the idea behind the latest book of two sports fans who are talking to us about how the power of fandom is actually a social good and this the season for the fifa world cup on fox two and the fox super six world cup bracket challenges on with a $1 million grand prize, go to fox sports .com bracket. to enter your picks for a chance to win this fox sports .com/ bracket. it's free to play. so fill out your world cup racket today and you could win $1 million from fox super six. and as you play, keep track to see if you can do better than some of our morning team. garcia sell james myself
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i can get back to normal fast and prevent my next attack. treat & prevent - all in one. and now please welcome ana montoya. ♪ hello there, fellow students... yeah the ring central coliseum, ranked highest amongst visitors with a 4.2% dirty review vote. the home of the athletics was followed by fedex field in washington, d. c. the wells fargo center in philadelphia gillette stadium in new england . dodger stadium in los angeles , rounded out the top five and 2.5% vote for dirty reviews. by
9:48 am
the way, they talked about hygiene, food safety. those are the type of things that went into this. i don't want to hear that some flooding. yeah which backup? alright did you guys know that sports fans are more likely to affect politics and making keep friends and even to be civil with one another one. they are engaging with people who have different views. joining us today to explain this phenomenon are ben valente and david shake, or jack co authors of how fans have more fans, friends, gentlemen, thank you very much, you may know that i am a sports fan, and i've been that way because my dad made me that way. and i find that you know wherever i go if i don't know someone if i see them wearing a sports jersey or something it's on. that's right . that's exactly it. we're really glad to be here to talk about this because you're exactly the sort of person we want to talk to. we want to make you realize that that that behavior that tendency to say hello to the stranger on the street he was wearing the jersey is really good for us, and we
9:49 am
should lean into that because ultimately, fans have more friends. so you guys also say that it goes just behind having more friends. they're more likely to be good friends. i read about how you know you're you know, if you are, for example, i know that my boss is a huge minnesota vikings fan. right? so now i've started paying attention to the vikings games along with the 49ers who i follow. and it just makes for more conversation that can lead to better work relationships. sal you are making one of one of the points that we often make that the water cooler conversations that just those you wanted to connect with somebody else. your boss, your friend. somebody at the coffee shop. if you know they're a fan of another team, you will pay more attention to them, and it is a way in. it is a way to start a conversation. it is a way to say hello. how are you doing? you know their their their conversations about the vikings comeback versus the bills. leads to conversations. so how are things going at home? how are your kids doing? how so on and so forth? let's get
9:50 am
together this weekend. um and that's the beauty of sports is just so many of us are sports fans that they always provide a constant in and it's always there sunday. there's there are a lot of games. saturday's college football we get into thanksgiving. thanksgiving's a full day and then we have the world cup. starting now and on and on and on. we have ample opportunities to connect with other people just by a simple question of how bout them cowboys or can't believe they blew that lead hair is aaron. judge gonna find with the yankees are right. right so here's the thing. people watching this who are sports fans are nodding their heads. but let's say someone is watching who is not a big sports fan. do you really have to go that deep? or can you just be like a casual fan and still be involved in the conversation? no that's the beauty of sports. i mean, that's why they create so many connections. you can just be a casual fan. you don't even have to know what happened in the game to just say. did you see that game last night, and it's going to elicit some some reaction from someone and i guess what i would say to your framing of the question is, fans are aware of this. they this is
9:51 am
an intuitive truth about fandom and everyone who's engaged in sports at some level understands this truth. but because of that, we sort of, like, just skip past it right? it just sort of feels intuitively true, but we don't recognize the power that it holds, and that's why we wrote the book. we want people to recognize that this connection that fandom inspires is really good for us. fans have more friends, but because they have those friends, they lead happier , more fulfilled lives, so i was gonna ask you. how did you go about getting the data on this? how did you figure out that? fans are more you know, they're doing better. they're happier. what data did you use? so this was, uh, started with the professional pursuit. we have a job to do. ben works at fox sports. ben has hired me as a consultant to help them to figure out and understand fans. so we've been running for years . survey after survey after survey we've traveled the country doing focus groups gone in ethnography, so we've been with fans and sports bars that
9:52 am
games that sports books. um in their homes, watching games with them, so it's been a series of activities, but the central data point fans have more friends was over time we began seeing this. this relationship that has fans were more engaged. there was always a social benefit as a payoff. so we theorized, or have set a hypothesis that well, if that's true, then their social infrastructure should be robust. so we don't develop a set of survey questions that we sent out to the general population and we map them across people who are not engaged in sports to people the most engaged and what we saw and what you see in the book is this consistent progression? the bigger fan you are, the more friends you have, the more happier you are, the more confident you are on and on like, and it's really the benefits of continually socializing around sports that that that drives this. ben and david, here's something i want you guys to do. follow me on twitter. i'll follow you guys, we can talk trash. cash to each other about our teams. my team 49ers warriors giants. i don't
9:53 am
know what your teams are, but we're going to meet up on twitter and continue this, okay? that's right. people spend time in the base, so we're i'm a big giants fan, but i can't say the same about the niners. alright, alright, started had more friends. the book ben and david. thank you for joining us. sounds like a good read. i'm going to have to pick it up yourself. i love it. very fun. well five local high school students have a chance to go to college, thanks to one of the greatest baseball players of all time. the giants community foundation honored the willie mae scholars at an event last night at oracle park, giants manager gabe kapler and retired player randy winn presented personalized number 24 jerseys to the students. each will receive scholarships of up to $20,000 alright, another chance to get those taylor swift tickets after a major disruption on ticketmaster coming up on the nine we'll tell you who's eligible today. and when everyone else can get
9:54 am
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recognized for putting the spotlight on the immigrant community in the us on the show. the featured star is an undocumented filipino can build cambodian doctor who ends up cleaning up crime scenes for criminal syndicate in las vegas in order to save her son, who has a serious health condition this morning. i spoke with the new actor on the show this season, who says he believes many people can relate to the struggles of immigrants. america is made up of immigrants the country's built. these are humas with feelings lives. desires hopes and dreams that are identical to the people that already live here. andrew was also told me that his character robert commander does something in the next episode. that he
9:58 am
says is so appalling that he can't imagine the audience wanting anything except severe consequences for his character. all right, so you can see the cleaning lady right here on channel two ktvu mondays at nine pm. today, fans of pop artist taylor swift. we'll get another try to buy tickets to her next tour after ticketmaster's website crashed yesterday morning when those tickets were set to go on sale. ticketmaster says it had quote historically unprecedented demand it had to delay the pre sale time for west coast shows, including levi's stadium. today it has a pre sale for capital one card holders tomorrow. the standard sale starts. beyonce can make music history at this year's grammys. she was nominated for nine awards yesterday for the 2023 grammys, tying her husband jay z for the most nominations in grammy history. if she picks up four or more of those awards, she will set the record for most wins of all time. other artists bringing in the most nominations this year. kendrick lamar with nine, adele and brandi carlile
9:59 am
with seven each. the grammy awards will be held february 5th in los angeles. one of san francisco's most popular comedy festivals, returned in january with a star studded lineup. sf sketch fest is celebrating its 20th anniversary. one of the headliners is the reunion for the 2003 folk band documentary called the mighty wind in attendance will be the director along with the cast, which includes jane lynch and eugene levy. will also be performances featuring the comedy duo cheech and chong, as well as a roast for actor bruce campbell, who starred in the film, evil dead and film franchise. go to ktvu web legs for mark ticket information. that sounds good. good right? some of those eugene levy, bruce campbell got some nice names up there oldies but goodies and chong ah punch buggy from the that yeah. thank you so much for joining us and being here with us this morning. be sure to catch our next newscast at noon. but you can stay up to
10:00 am
date with news anytime by going to our website ktvu .com. you can also download the ktvu news app as well. sherri shepherd starts right after this. take care and have a great day, everybody. ♪ we're gonna have a real good time ♪ ♪ feel good time ♪ ♪ spreading love and joy and laughter all over the place ♪ ♪ we're gonna have a real good time ♪ ♪ feel good time ♪ ♪ nothing's gonna take this good day smile from my face ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ we're gonna have a good time ♪ ♪ we're gonna have a good time ♪ ♪ it will be so legendary ♪ ♪ sherri's got you feeling good ♪ >> announcer: and now your host, sherri shepherd! >> audience: [cheers and applause]


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