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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 16, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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which city neighbors rattled by the gunfire. the new information we're learning about this case lift off at nasa overnight in this rocket carrying high hopes of soon returning astronauts to the moon. and sure if recruits out for a jog this morning a driver going the wrong way on a road. the results devastating. we will have an update that is at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm andre senior. thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news, a gaslight hit and sparking a fire . it happened in concord. we're told construction crew hit that gas line, your grant and frederick streets. you can see the flames shooting into the sky from these live pictures from sky fox right now, and you can see the fire hoses trying to douse the flames as we speak. officials are asking you to avoid this area and the road in that area could be closed for hours conquered fire department and police on the scene right
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now, as you can see, trying to stamp out the flames here from what we're told, is a gas line that was hit and sparked this massive fire. tom baker is on his way to the scene. as soon as he gets here, we'll check in with him live and we will update you at ktvu .com as well. developing news out of southern california, los angeles county sheriff's recruits out for a training run when authorities say a driver going the wrong way plowed right into them. some of the victims said to be in critical condition. ktvu sally rasmus live in the newsroom gathering more details on this story. ali andre 25 people hit by this driver in the town of whittier earlier this morning. all of them were part of a new class of recruits for the county sheriff's department. these recruits we're on a routine training run running information about a mile away from the sheriff's office when a driver crossed over into oncoming traffic and hit the group. this morning tragedy struck our department. recruits from academy class 4 64 were running on a training run a vehicle that was traveling south pbond. on
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mills veered into the north bong lanes and struck the formation and as a result of that 25 recruits were injured. now five of those recruits are in the hospital in serious condition. one is reportedly on a ventilator right now. 18 others had minor to moderate injuries. the girlfriend of one of the recruits recounted what he saw during the aftermath of the crash. several of his classmates were severely injured. one basically severed foot. no, they're laceration so that i. the driver was still on the accelerator, so he was trying to like break the car window just to get him to stop because he was still was just pressing on the gas. um, as of now, heokay.o another um, classmate that also had another head injury. a severe head injury, so it just praying that everybody is okay? again five l. a county sheriff's recruits seriously injured when
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a driver crashed into them this morning 14. others also hurt investigators at the scene, said the 22 year old driver did appear to pass an initial field sobriety tests. it's not clear why he veered into the oncoming lanes of traffic. the driver only had minor injuries and is talking with investigators about what happened will continue to monitor the latest developments on on this story in our later newscast and online ktvu .com andre grim development of southern california this afternoon alley. thank you. none of this. nasa takes an important step towards sending astronauts back to the moon, the artemus one rocket blasting off from florida overnight, the unmanned orion space capsule set to orbit the moon ktvu emma gas has more from the nasa ames research center down in mountain view, the scientists and engineers here at nasa ames research center are some of the people who contributed to making the launch of the engine start. booster ignition. and
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lift off of artemus one. we rise together back to the moon and beyond, with an epic launch the 32 story artemus rocket blasted off from the kennedy space center wednesday night at 10 47 local time beginning its three week test journey around the moon and back, and this is just the test flight. and we are stressing it and testing it in ways that we will not do to a rocket that has human crew on it. but that's the purpose. to make it as safe as possible. as reliable as possible for when our astronauts crawl on board and go back to the moon. if all goes well on this mission, humans will go to the moon in just over two years when artemis to launch is not promises to send the first person of color
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and first woman to the moon to me, that just makes it all so much more special because it means that we are going together , really trying to represent all or least more of humanity than we did the first time moving into the moon. so i think it's just incredibly exciting to show how far we've come and that we are doing this not just for nasa, not just for ourselves but truly for all of humanity to explore together in silicon valley teams of scientists and engineers at ames have spent years working on the artemus one program and were instrumental in the development of the spacecraft. qi. contributions include developing the orion capsules, heat shield and thermal tiles. and ensuring the spacecraft can safely transport astronauts and cargo to lunar orbit and back to earth technology is more cutting edge now than it was 50 years ago at the apollo space mission, and because of that aren't able to go into more difficult to reach regions of the moon and explore
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territory that has never been explored before. reporting from nasa ames research center. demagogues ktvu fox two news estimates about 15,000 people watched the launch near the kennedy space center. some of them said the chance to watch a nighttime launch made it even more exciting. several members of the british royal navy set up camp along the beach and treated the lift off like a sporting event, ordering pizza from a nearby restaurant. they told us this was a chance to watch history being made. it's a lifetime opportunity and seeing something like this kind of size and scale is very good programs. we go over 12 years to get to this point and then 58 of anniversary since apollo, so it's a big moment. others were there to watch the launch, but also turned the event into a business. some entrepreneurs created and sold t shirts and pins to commemorate the first moon mission in 50 years. stanford university announced it has plans to expand its footprint for an academic program and housing chronicle
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reports university has struggled to go through with this expansion due to the high costs in the bay area, but the school plans to purchase and renovate the property of a university in the area. stanford officials submitted an application to the city of belmont earlier last month, reviewing its planned purchase of the notre dame dating more university. the chronicle reports that the conversation began back in 2021 back in september of that year. when the catholic institution announced it would be converting to an online and graduate school with some in person classes after years of declining undergrad and graduate enrolment. so far, stanford pledged to add up to 200 units of housing and 1350 parking spaces, but the university has not disclosed much information beyond that. some breaking election news now cindy chavez candidate for san jose mayor has just conceded the race until she spoke with met mehan already that means mayhem is the next mayor of san jose in a statement , chavez says she has committed
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to the job of county supervisor and that she is proud of the race that she ran. she was going to be working and speaking with both chavez and mehan, we will have more ktvu .com and in our later newscast as well. alameda county. there's a new leader in the race for district attorney. new vote results show civil rights attorney pamela price leading prosecutor terry wiley by 2000 votes alameda county election, authorities say the large number of people who now vote by mail make the count take much longer and the statewide race for controller republican lenny chen tonight, conceded the democrat malia cohen, saying he will not win the race. he congratulated the former president of the san francisco board of supervisors. current currently leached chen by margin of 10% points. reminder you can use our website to stay up to date on the vote count in the bay area and across the country, you will find an interactive tool designed to help you track races. ktvu .com. the battle over the balance of power in the
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us congress, where republicans are just one seat away from taking a majority. fox news projects republicans have won 217 seats democrats projected to win 209 seats that leaves nine house races that are still too close to call. six of those races are in california. a party needs 218 to claim a majority. central valley congressman kevin mccarthy has won the republican nomination for house speaker mccarthy beat conservative challenger andy biggs yesterday in a closed door vote, mccarthy would need nearly all of the votes of his party or some votes from democrats to actually become the next house speaker. er well coming up. already many ski resorts are opening for the season. we're telling you about palisades in tahoe and how they're getting ready for this weekend. alameda county supervisor woman chan was commemorated with a street being named after her. we will bring you more on the renaming of the street that took
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area. could be closed for hours.
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we were being told. so be warned of that. concord police. eight. no structures are threatened. that's new information. no one needs to evacuate. the fire is contained to the piece of construction equipment on the road that you see firefighters dousing in this live video from sky foxx. tom baker is on his way to the scene. as soon as he gets there, we will check in with him live and of course, we'll update you throughout the day at ktvu. .com. this is san mateo county district attorney's office investigating what led to a deadly police shooting in redwood city officer shot and killed a man who they see held a woman and two young children at gunpoint. the county coroner's office won't release the name of the 36 year old man who was shot and killed here again is katie blu ray smith with an update on the story from redwood city, camino real in redwood city is back open. it was closed for several hours for the police investigation into what happened here. this shooting happened around 3 20. in the afternoon on this busy road as people were walking and driving by god.
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redwood city. police say this started when a woman called 911 from the cell phone while she wasn't able to tell dispatchers what was going on, the dispatchers could hear children screaming in the background and sent police to check on her. police say. when they arrived, they found a man with a handgun inside her car with the woman in three kids, police say when they tried to negotiate with the man, he held up his weapon. and tried to use the children as a shield . one witness who didn't want to be on camera described the tense situation i heard some loud yelling and screaming, so i stepped out and then i heard a couple of gunshots. you know, that's what was most alarming got out of the car with the firearm. several shots were fired by officers that were at the scene from different locations that it's surrounded that car. redwood city police chief says five officers fired their weapons. they are all on paid administrative leave. while the cemetery county district attorney's office investigates in redwood city, ali rasmus ktvu news. and families of parents at
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ucf benioff children's hospital in oakland received bags of nutritious food this morning ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the hospitals food pharmacy held a pop up this morning bags of groceries, including meats, whole grains, eggs and local produce were given to families in need. this food pharmacy distributes food at hospital at that hospital there. twice a week. weeople hae . so we have no plans to stop this program. and we're very happy to be able to provide the property and the space. for our families as they come in for care and treatment. organisms say the food and produce distributed all come from the alameda county food bank. constitution way in alameda is now wilma. chen wayne mayor marilyn easy, ashcroft was joined by the children of the late alameda county supervisor will mcshane this morning at the unveiling and renaming of that street. chan was a resident of
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alameda for 27 years, the mayor says the renaming chan, who provided decades of public service to the city. and died last year after being hit by a car while walking in alameda. palisades tahoe, california's largest ski resort, opens on friday. it's already received about three ft. of fresh snow. the resort plans to open both its lower and upper mountains for skiing, snowboarding, as well as snow tubing. snow making machines are on 24 hours a day to make the conditions even better. just a stunning view. our our our snow making crews are working day and night to get the rest of the mountain open. and actually right now we have some great weather to make some snow. palisades joins a growing list of resorts that opened early, including boreal, heavenly, northstar and kirkwood, the gondola that runs between policies and alpine ski resorts will start running on december 17th for a check of.
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the forecast to see how cold things will remain here in the bay area forecast once again, with temperatures on track to reach the forties, so cold enough for the mountains to make the snow and they'll be needing the snowfall because i know what real snowfall in the forecast, at least in the short term, we have been talking about some stronger winds here. in the bay area. breezy to windy in the hills. northerly winds. we do not have wind advisories, but still some gossip approaching 30 to 40 miles an hour and those winds will be a decreasing throughout the afternoon hours. here's a satellite lots of clear skies up and down our coastlines . remember a week ago we were tracking the showers, the thunderstorms and all of that sierra snow fault. it is a quiet weather pattern for us for today and temperatures that you know they've been pretty chilly in the morning. but the afternoon hours yesterday and today actually pretty nice to get outside. take a look at the current briefings out there. san
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francisco 64 santa rosa 64. fairfield 66 degrees. the warmest occasions today will be approaching the lower seventies as we check out the winds. these are the winds of the higher elevations. you can see not extremely strong, but they have been a pulsing up mount tam 16 miles an hour oakland hills at about 14 miles an hour and mount diablo that the current gust of up to 23 miles an hour more winds at the surface, actually not very strong at all. you can see around 5 to 10 miles an hour , half moon bay but of a stronger breeze here at the northeast wind. at about 15 miles an hour, so some areas localized. we have some stronger winds out there. here is our live camera this afternoon, looking above san francisco completely in the clear, so it looks like another beautiful day to get outside for a little bit of a walk or a bike ride very comfortable out there. here here's the kind of the setup with the overall weather pattern. this area of high pressure has been building in an area of low pressure is focused towards south that's setting up a dry northerly breeze. lots of sunshine for today. strongest
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winds, though down to our south down towards southern california. and their fire season continues. we have a red flag fire warning right now until seven o'clock this evening. when's in the hills of southern california in the mountains could be gusting nearly 60 miles an hour, so increasing fire danger down to our south for us. we have lots of sunshine and nice numbers out there. you can see lots of sixties, more locations will be approaching the lower seventies this afternoon for your wednesday here is a look ahead. it's a one word forecast, and it's nice for today. few high clouds for your thursday winds could actually kick up again for friday, probably the same as the last night into this morning, and if you're making out our plans this weekend, you'll notice we have more sunshine. and you also noticed that no rain cloud to speak of this five day forecast. maybe some changes next week. we'll talk more about this rain chances with your next update in a little bit. alright, mark. thanks so much. this holiday season. safety is the number one priority. san francisco police say they do not want to see a repeat of last
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serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. ask your rheumatologist for rinvoq. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save. it will be a top priority for the holiday shopping season. union square is already filling up with visitors. london greed, the district attorney and the police chief announced actions are taking to keep people safe.
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they do not want to repeat of last year like this when large groups of thieves broke into stores. since then, the city has put more police and city ambassadors in union square. business owners say it's already made a difference. the attention that the city is given union square, his his really paid off . it's not just us that are here every day that are feeling better. it's the people that are coming and visiting being here every day. you know, you see the best of it and just to see the worst of it, and we're seeing the worst of it far less than we have in a very long time. all the city is also offering an hour of free parking at union square during the holidays. city leaders say there will also be more surveillance in the shopping district so people can feel safe leaving their cars while they shop. americans generosity might be put to the test as high inflation hits holiday budgets this year. marianne rafferty has a look at how you can still make a difference. it's the season of giving. but also a season of the
12:24 pm
spending. with many americans cash strapped to inflation, it might be difficult to give back to people in need concerns about an economic slowdown have led to more uncertainty as consumers make those decisions about their giving about their spending. and also, they're saving decisions, prices and higher interest rates have many americans looking to stretch their dollar. but you know silly, who specializes in philanthropy at indiana university, says there is an unprecedented need for donations around the country. your dollars can make a difference in your community. if you're on a tight budget and still looking to give back, she suggests finding a charitable organization that best matches your values, with an added reminder that donations aren't just cash based a great great grandmother. and on the limited budget. it's a blessing and bounds of milwaukee recently took her family to a coat drive.
12:25 pm
the donations from complete strangers are helping her family stay warm. despite economic concerns are recent survey from fidelity charitable found that more than half of americans say they may be willing to give more this year. organizations remain optimistic. that's the case. marianne rafferty, fox news. francisco international airport is expecting one of its busiest holiday travel season since the beginning of the pandemic. the holiday travel season begins actually this friday, and that is when about 140,000 passengers are expected to travel through sfo airport says in total five million travelers are expected sfl between thanksgiving and new year's day. that's about 85% of the number of travelers during the 2019 holiday travel season. as the holidays approach. many people are looking for ways to keep holiday gift giving from putting a strain on personal finances. financial experts say . a problem a lot of people have is that they tend to go overboard with holiday spending
12:26 pm
earlier today, on mornings on to the nine i spoke with, said rick nash, he went over a few of the things that you can do to avoid overspending this holiday season. i would say the cap and i would hold to it and then i will also focus on very impactful, less expensive gifts that are experiential because those experiential kind of gifts, uh, seem to have a longer impact than than than sometimes things so i just think you have to dig, dig deep. also, you definitely don't want to go into credit card debt, trying to buy gifts for others because that's bad debt. nash also says there are several less expensive gifts people can give, including gift cards, books or even a bottle of wine or even deferring gifts beyond the holidays. if you just have a little money to spend are still to come here, the latest on the missile strike that occurred in the polish border, still has many confused on the exact details will break it down for you. and workers with the university of california continue on a strike for a third day. more on why some are saying there is still a
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this is a fire pit that was thrown over this leaking gas pipe, which is still burning. as you can see, the gas is running out of it, and there's still actually a few fires underneath this thing as well, which is actually a machine that is used to mix the earth when you're doing road building in order to make it more firm, but i would have to say that that machine at this point is toast joining me now. is battalion chief paul silva on fire chief. i guess my first question to you would have to be. what do you think happened here? well we got originally dispatched for a vehicle fire and we had two units responding to it. i was at our station, which is only about a mile away, so i responded out. and when i got here, this piece of equipment was fully involved. after talking to the construction person who was on that equipment. he said that he was he was grading through the ditch there and hit a gas pipe and immediately it erupted with fire, he was able to get out luckily and nine injury and when i got on scene, like i said it was fully involved. it was being
12:31 pm
fed from the four inch gas pipe, which is really tough to get out. four inch gas pipe. that's not only these big gas means that we've heard about tragically and all that stuff. this is four inches, but this is actually got a lot of pressure and it because it feeds to many other smaller pipes. correct. after talking to me, i was informed that that four inch gas pipe runs all the way down the street, and it's fed off laterally to the other neighborhoods. so yeah, it was very high pressure. a big enough pipe to make a real fire and we were lucky that we're able to get units here to what was right there. what about injuries? any injuries of any kind? no. there was no injuries that the construction worker that was on the piece of equipment. he luckily got off. like i said, we were very fortunate that that happened on that side of the street and not this side of the street where the houses are, or we would have had a real real issue with because the radiant heat was it was extremely hot, and it would definitely let off these houses on this side of the street hospital kind of property build around this side. it's just houses and right across the street. i guess my last question
12:32 pm
was how long you expect crews to be here and what's the protocol from here on in? so our crews now that the fire is out, except for that little residual that's coming still through the pipe will be on scene for at least a couple hours, and we will definitely be in here well into the evening. they did. they did a great job getting out here fast and getting this thing. crimped off and it was just no way to put it out until they got that. that feed crimped off and i presume that grand street is going to be close for quite some time, and the power is as you can see the power lines above. they were. they were compromised pretty early on in the incident, they shut off the overhead poweore that gets back on. chief thank you very much. so this is the situation here in concord, one of those things where if it's near grant and frederick that you're gonna be driving, be careful because you're likely to get detoured. and the other part, of course, is if you have an appointment at john muir health over here, and i think it's entirely appropriate to check to make sure that they're going to be able to deal with all that. that is situation here
12:33 pm
in concord. we'll have more on this later on. tom vacar ktvu fox two news firefighters doing their job of putting out the flames before it spread to homes and the hospital nearby. tom thank you so much for being onto this story. now. several new developments now widening text message scandal within the berkeley police department. the city council, postponing a vote to confirm its interim chief to permanent chief ktvu crime reporter henry lee learned late last night that the president of the berkeley police association sergeant darren pasalic, is leaving the position for now, amid allegations that he knew about arrest quotas and made racial really derogatory comments. no justice, no peace. okay all students were among a group of protesters demanding reforms within the police department. the city is launching an investigation into claims made by former police officer korea's subsidy. he leaked text from 2019, which he says came from castle ix, such as asking for 19 more arrests by friday and discussing the heritage of the people they just arrested. it's just really clear
12:34 pm
that cops in berkeley cannot be trusted. oakland er his own police department has been under federal monitoring for 19 years due to specifically to racial profiling. ah it really struck me as a similar cultural problem. the interim police chief jennifer lewis says at no time during her tenure was she made aware about the allegations until they went public. a few days ago, the city council followed the recommendations of berkeley's police accountability board and delayed her confirmation, which was scheduled to happen last night. the police union issued a statement earlier today supporting an investigation into the allegations. saying quote the public's trust in our police officers and the pursuit of justice is paramount. these messages undermine trust and confidence. discrimination has no place in modern police work. flight attendants for american airlines were expected back on the job today, a day after walking off the job at sfl. organizers say they want to show support for labor dispute that
12:35 pm
could have a major impact on holiday travel. after months of negotiations, american airlines pilots and the american airlines board of directors have still not been able to reach a contract agreement. flight attendants are also upset that american plans to close its base for flight attendants at that store fill, forcing many to relocate. base has been here over 50 years. some of the tenants have deeply rooted here, and it's really disappointing. the company decided to do this, workers say, while air traffic is returning to pre pandemic levels, the airline is severely understaffed with thousands of fewer employees. academic workers at the university of california continue their strike for a third day, demanding better pay and working conditions despite some progress in negotiations between the united auto workers union and the u. c system, there has been no word of any compromise on key items such as pay and childcare subsidies here because i want to teach. i love to teach. that's what i want to do with my life,
12:36 pm
so i much rather be in the classroom with a bunch of undergrads, then out here on the picket line. about 48,000 workers are on the picket lines , including workers at uc berkeley and ucsf university, says the negotiations will only be solved with a third party arbitrator. the combination of the flu. covid and rsp has medical experts across the country concerned the u. s healthcare system could be overwhelmed. the cdc reports. a large part of the country is experiencing a higher number of flu and rsv cases than usual. many emergency rooms and intensive care units are at capacity, so some hospitals are being forced to set up tents to handle the surgeon patients. california health officials recently reported the first death of a child who was suffering from flu and rsv. in terms of not panicking. remember? we've had thousands and tens of thousands of cases so far, not many deaths. but what it really is to me is a week up. call that in some vulnerable kids and might happen and the kid also had both flu
12:37 pm
and rsv, so we have really a lot of viruses circulating. there are vaccines for flu, and covid and pediatricians strongly recommend children get those shots. but right now there is no vaccine for rsv, although fighter says it is working on getting one oakland city officials are concerned about the frequency of fires at homeless encampments in the city , a new report highlights at the fire department responded to more than 800 homeless encampment fires over the last year on average. that's more than two per day. they estimate the cost to battle those fires went well over a million dollars . some council members are blaming caltrans for their lack of site maintenance. the caltrans properties are in a state of risky lack of maintenance every day all the time. tell trends you are hereby put on notice that your properties are in a dangerous condition. and you have been negligent in failing to clean them. caltrans told ktvu. it needs more time to review the
12:38 pm
report to respond appropriately , the issue will be discussed at the next city council meeting. biden administration could extend up paypal's on student loans. that possibility comes after a federal appeals court agreed to a preliminary injunction to halt student debt forgiveness. the three judge panel decision came days after a federal judge in texas blocked that program. the extension of payment pauses could be the eighth time such a move has been made. federal student loan payments have been on hold since march of 2020. it is the season of giving will show you how one bay area organizations serving their community with free food for thanksgiving. and it is the season for the world cup brackets, the fox super six world cup bracket challenge is live right now it is free to play and the winner could take home $1 million. now, if you want to sign up to play ktvu dot com slash world cup, a link to the bracket challenge is right
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detect this: i stay undetectable with fewer medicines. ask your doctor about switching to dovato. parker the peak summer months. the park is getting rid of its reservation system for day visits. it was put in place back
12:42 pm
in 2020 to prevent overcrowding during the pandemic. well now, the park service says it will look into other options to address the overcrowding issue. francisco is pushed to get housing for more people during the pandemic has reportedly helped more people get off the streets this year than any time since 18 2024 100 people have enrolled in the city's homeless relief programs since the start of the year, according to the san francisco chronicle. that's a 12% increase from four years ago. city leaders say that's because more programs and approaches are being tried. some of that money from those programs comes from the business tax approved by voters back in 2018 to help the homeless get permanent housing. county officials are debating changes that could affect the future of public housing. in marin city. the golden gate village complex was originally built to house shipyard workers during world war two. many of the 300 units need a major repair, including plumbing and electrical upgrades . counties housing authority considered paying for changes
12:43 pm
that could provide millions of dollars in financing. but some advocates prefer plan that would give tenants more say. the residents have a plan that converts the ownership model to a limited equity housing co op, which would give them for the first time in their lives some control over their own future. the housing authority wants to continue the same old same old, which is that they would stay in control of the residents lives authority turned down ktvu requests for an interview. the united states' men's national teams appreciation for the military on full display at today's world cup practice and guitar. national team officials invited service members in us embassy personnel serving in qatar to watch their training session at the stadium. guests were given exclusive access and players signed autographs after the session. the coach thanked the crowd of about 1000 for
12:44 pm
their service before training kicked off 3065 days. that is how long it will have been between world cup matches between the u. s finally takes the field. next week or before it happens. their last match was a lost to belgium in july 1st of 2014, and they did not qualify for the world cup four years ago. ktvu james torres explains . eight years later, there is now a new generation of talent and high expectations. 2022 world cup cycle was truly out with the ord. and in with the young for the united states' men's national team after they failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup. the roster has been totally rebuilt. and boy, did they rebuild it with star young players? the u. s is by far the youngest team going to the world cup and on average, they will be nearly two years younger than the next youngest team, and during qualifying, they started the youngest roster the us has
12:45 pm
ever seen. but don't let that youth for you for a lack of big game experience when they aren't wearing the red, white and blue. these young americans are spread all over europe, playing for the biggest club teams in soccer's biggest club competitions. that includes christian pulisic, a guy who just won the champions league title with chelsea last year. that is european soccer's biggest event, and most like their version of the super bowl, several other potential starters at the world cup our weekly contributors at their club teams in england to other players play for two of the biggest clubs in italy and 19 year old in spain, and i just turned 20 year old in germany. yeah both of them will see plenty of time on the field and guitar. it was just last summer that they finally got all of these pieces. on the field together. they want to continental trophies. the most memorable moment this political goal coming from the penalty spot to beat mexico, one of the largest rivals in one of those two championship matches. so
12:46 pm
what should usa fans expect? long shot to win the world title . but oddsmakers believe they should make it out of their group and into the knockout stages. that's james torres reporting for us now. their first game will be next monday at 11 a.m. right here on ktvu against wales. there will be games before that, too. and if you see that on channel two, you can just switch over to other channel whenever the world cup matches are on channel two ktvu mornings onto will move over to our second channel ktvu. plus, you can find us on channel six on comcast and 18 t or channel 36 on directv and over the year if you have an antenna, alright , ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is back now with a look at your forecast this half hour mark, either, andre? yeah. beautiful day out there. just a nice simple forecast for you. lots of sunshine. i know it was a cold start again this morning, but temperatures recovering nicely already this afternoon. of course, we want the rain as well. looks like we're still this dry weather pattern for
12:47 pm
right now. as we take a look long range here. you can see the pattern kind of changing a bit into next week and maybe some rain chances into next week. it looks like right now could be. there's a slight chance monday, maybe on tuesday will still see that can actually develop to actually add high confidence forecast so still kind of on the chance side for next week. here's a satellite for you right now. lots of clear skies just a few high clouds. out and in the pacific this afternoon and current numbers for the 12 o'clock hour. a nice day to get outside stand francisco right now. 65 1, the creek 63 santa rosa yesterday maxed out 74 degrees. i think today they'll be back up to right around 70 and napa is already close to that 700.69 degrees and the winds happen to pick it up, especially in the barrier hills . no high wind warnings. no wind advisories, but just some breezy conditions, especially toward the mount diablo. that's over 3800 ft. with that gassed of up to 22 miles an hour at the surface right now, you can see most areas reporting in
12:48 pm
northerly winds. some areas of the south wind out towards oakland and santa rosa kind of variable wind conditions and the speed nothing to a strong nothing too impressive except out towards half moon bay. that's a southerly breeze in about 18 miles an hour and that suddenly breeze near the coast that's usually include that we're gonna cool things off. for tomorrow as the winds kind of reverse direction. here is our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. it is beautiful this afternoon. that nice blue sky as you can see pretty good visibility and lots of clear skies looking out towards the marine headlands and up in the north bay area of high pressure has been keeping us dry , keeping us warm. an area of low pressure down to our south is a generating some stronger winds in southern california, so just to set up as the air coming to move around this, i that is high and then heads towards the low that generates that northerly wind. so we had the breezy hills for today but also lots of sunshine. now the wind actually boosting the fire danger down in southern california, where red flag fire warning is in place right now,
12:49 pm
until seven o'clock this evening gas could be topping 60 miles an hour, and it is that dry wind direction we do not like to see so the very dry conditions and the windy conditions down to our south. back home this afternoon . mostly sunny skies, lots of sixties and a few seventies sprinkled on the maps for today, so looking pretty good for your wednesday. it's nice, maybe a few high clouds for your thursday winds could actually pick up again into your friday forecast. kind of like today. and if you're making making outdoor plans this weekend, looking pretty good, with partly to mostly sunny skies and a nice mild forecast into the weekend with maybe some rain clouds. next week. audrey still looking good, straight through. all right. thank you so much. alright the secret to a good chocolate is all about the cocoa beans coming up. we talk to barry of chocolate maker and now he's changing the game. add a new hulu documentary on packs, a scandal of the biggest evangelical leaders in the country. we spoke with the director and executive pro cer wh
12:50 pm
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chance to go to college, thanks to one of the greatest baseball players of all time, please. the giant community foundation honor the willie mays scholars and an event last night at oracle park giant manager gate kepler and retired player randy winn presented personalized number 24 jerseys to the student. each will receive scholarships above to $20,000, a documentary on hulu diving into a scandal that shook the evangelical community during the covid 19 pandemic. earlier this morning. on the nine i was joined by billy corben. he's a director and executive producer of the film. god forbid the sex scandal that brought down a dynasty. he detailed the story and explain why one of the characters decided to share his account on record. this peculiar relationship that started poolside turned into a
12:54 pm
multimillion dollar commercial real estate partnership in south beach and may very well have impacted the outcome of the last two presidential elections, and giancarlo was well aware of this kind of butterfly effect element to his story that butterfly flapped its wings in miami and perhaps change the course of history. and as you heard there, the film delves into intense political ramifications. corbyn also discussed the stories relevant to today's politics. but i think the bigger story here is a really a 15 year, um, evangelical dynasty multigenerational that had outsized influence on presidential politics and how power kind of works and how michael cohen as donald trump's right hand man, his attorney, his fixer leveraged people's vulnerabilities. and we're able to say we scratched your back now. you scratch ours documentary detailing the falwell scandal is available to watch right now on hula. well,
12:55 pm
they make good wine. you have to start with good grapes to make good chocolate. you have to start with good cocoa beans and spam. cook shows us that's the philosophy at charles chocolate , which is shaking up the chocolate industry, and it's made in the bay. rich creamy chocolate. actually starts with an unusual plant, a seed that tastes bad, very peculiar doctor , siouxsie and tree where the flowers grow right off the trunk of the tree, and over the course of about six months, they turned into these funny like nerf football shaped pods underneath . you have these cocoa beans that are designed by nature. not to be eaten. it doesn't taste great. that's where the art of chocolate making comes in chief chocolate maker at chuo. the fermentation is actually what lowers the bitterness, the astringency all those like, like harsh tannins that are in the cocoa. it lowers them, and it
12:56 pm
actually develops the chocolatey flavors that we know and love so that when it's dried and then roasted, that's when the explosion of chocolatey goodness comes comes to life beans come from the tropical regions near the equator. chocolate does the roasting it origin to build a relationship with the farmers and to be more eco friendly, worshiping less raw material here, but also we're able to provide a lot of great jobs at origin and support those communities. however along the way, the chocolate makers at show discovered that the cocoa farmers had never actually tasted the finished product, which is like sad because chocolate is awesome, but it's also it's a huge challenge for us when we're trying to communicate what we're looking for in terms of cocoa quality and be able to buy that set up what they call flavor labs, which are small versions of there being two bar chocolate making machines. so that farmers can be part of the whole process. brian jones has also
12:57 pm
been part of the process at cofer six years he makes sure all the machines are running and the chocolate is flowing. his favorite spice bread really did it on that one is good, too. but the almonds with the toffee? yes. yep. whether it's a home chef that might be using our chocolate to bake with a professional chef that you know, white tablecloth restaurant, maybe an ice cream manufacturer we sell we sell to as well. we even sell cocoa beans, two breweries that use them to make beers nearby millennium cafe has been using chocolate in their desserts for about eight years, trying all these different wonderful chocolates. it tastes so different. reminds me to continue to be creative. i have worked with their new white chocolate and milk chocolate that are both vegan and they're so creamy. you really can't tell the difference between traditional milk, chocolate and
12:58 pm
white chocolate recently made the decision to go all plant based and apply new thinking to something that hadn't been changed in years. knowing and loving the diversity that exists in the plant world. it was kind of a fun challenge. the switch took a few years to figure out the combination of really great milk. cashew butter and a really nice caramelized coconut sugar allowed us to kind of create this trifecta of absolute deliciousness in the bay area gets a lot of the credit was really born with that innovative bay area spirit. some of our founders worked at nasa worked at started wired magazine. um you know, just really creative thinkers looking to change the world of chocolate. which is why the t in chou is said to stand for technology chocolate. there's 1000 different ways to pull flavor and texture in different directions. so we just make what we know and love cook.
12:59 pm
ktvu fox two news. nonprofit food distribution agency in san mateo, will give away hot thanksgiving the meals next week. samaritan house kicked off at seasonal giving with its annual special holiday meal event yesterday, handing out frozen turkeys, chickens and other foods to senior citizens. officials at samaritan house say it's a privilege for the organization to help individuals and families this holiday season as the economy causes hardship for many in the community. this is extremely important for the for the individuals and families who are coming here because they don't have the ability with the rising costs in our community. they don't have the ability to go out and just purchase turkey and all the fixings. it's a very expensive um it's a very expensive dinner to go out and provide for your families when you're living in vulnerable times. samaritan house says it provided more than 2.5 million meals and served more than 22,000 clients over the past year. well, thank you so much
1:00 pm
for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download the ktvu news app. you can also check the website as well. ktvu dot com we'll see you a in (audience applauding and cheering) (lively music) - [announcer] can you guess what this is? if you guessed key lime pie, then you'd be a great contestant on pictionary. our first celebrity captain you know from "the talk," "american ninja warrior," and the nfl. now he's taking the field for the super bowl of sketch. it's akbar gbajabiamila and with him are nicole and her mother, tamara. our next celebrity captain is a real life doctor and the host of "american ninja warrior." he's just what the doctor ordered, matt iseman. and with him his friends from college, harshitha and suresh. and now, the host of "pictionary," jerry o'connell. - welcome to "pictionary." today is gonna be so much fun. everybody knows how to play; one person draws and their teammates guess. today we are going to play three rounds and the team


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