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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 16, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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ktvu box too. bullseye front and center covering a san francisco supervisor space. that supervisor speaking out tonight about the controversial newspaper cover. i was really shocked to see that they would actually be publishing and distributing that. san francisco examiner is in hot water tonight after a bullseye was edited over san francisco supervisor dean preston. space evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach the image, sparking disapproval from a number of groups and readers, some even saying it could possibly incite violence to attend. ktvu is amberleigh live in san francisco, with reaction from preston and the examiner, amber my supervisor describes the image as provocative and tells me he wouldn't wish it on his political enemies. the examiner has issued an apology. still
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shocking to me that the examiner would publish this san francisco supervisor dean preston is referring to this image of himself with the bulls eye on the front page of the examiners wednesday edition. it's completely out of line, and i think, especially in this time with rising political violence and hatred, you know that we're seeing. in san francisco and beyond the image accompanied an article about grow sf, a political action committee formed by citizens and their plans to oust preston, a self described democratic socialist. this comes on the heels of the violent attack on paul pelosi, house speaker nancy pelosi's husband that appears to be politically motivated. certainly, you know, no stranger to getting criticism from the media, but that that is a very different thing than them publishing and that just publishing creating an image. the examiner published the image both online and in hard copies distributed at newspaper racks. artists did it without thinking
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. i think it was thought was and i apologize for it for them to report on it. that's fine, but they shouldn't be really amplifying it and inciting this kind of, you know, really inciting political violence. criticism of the examiner was posted on social media, the jewish community relations council calls on the examiner to remove this graphic suggestive of violence immediately. preston is jewish examiner, you know, certainly doesn't advocate violence against any political figure. never has. we would never. condone or support or promote. such messaging. there is now an editor's note with an apology in the online version of the article, leadership in the city, whether in the media or in political circles or among advocates is about not fanning
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those flames of hate of political violence. the electronic edition of the examiner. with that image remains up. clint reilly, the examiners, publisher and editor tells me there are no plans to move. move it there, and he will not stop distribution of hard copies, he says. there will be another apology published in tomorrow's edition. mike early live tonight in san francisco. amber. thank you knew attend the santa clara county sheriff is investigating possible hate crimes. at three schools in saratoga. they say dolls with dark complexions were found hanging at prospect high school, saratoga high school and redwood middle school officials were notified about what they call heinous acts earlier this week and say they are taking them seriously. anyone with information about the case, including potential suspects is asked to contact the santa clara county sheriff's office. centers a city councilman matt mehan, declared victory in the race from mayor today after opponents
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cindy chavez conceded the tight race with ballots still being counted. new election results released this evening show mehan leading by nearly 3% points, ktvu brooks jarocz spoke with both candidates today. after a week of counting ballots. matt mehan is san jose's new mayor. i'm excited. i mean, it's been, it's been kind of a blur in is a relative newcomer to politics. a former tech executive, he was elected to san jose city council just two years ago and backed by outgoing mayor sam liccardo. mehan spoke to us one on one, vowing to follow through on his campaign promises on day one in the city's top job. one of the things that i ran on was the idea of greater focus. setting public goals, posting them on the city website measuring our performance and tying our pay raises to progress, aiming to reduce crime and homelessness. while the candidates visions varied. the race between the two democrats was tight. santa clara
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county supervisor cindy chavez called mayhem wednesday afternoon to concede and wish him good luck. not the result. i wanted. i was so anxious to be able to serve the community that i love so much in a different way. she's made it a career in public service and boasted a wide coalition of support. all focused, she says, on the city's biggest challenges for her. the work isn't over. blessed that i'm still on the board of supervisors, so i'm going to get an opportunity to continue to work on public safety and affordable housing and housing. the homeless in particular, chavez says she would consider a run for mayor again in 2024 with a significant turnout for the election collaboration is what both say they want and what san jose needs. there was a lot of interest in the future of san jose and it just has one more reason. i'm in love with this place right that people care so much about this community really think that if we're going to rebuild trust in the public sector is eroded at kind of all levels of government. we're
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going to be much more transparent and focused and show people that the policies that were implemented in the programs were funding are actually moving the needle on things like homelessness and crime. in san jose brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news, current san jose mayor sam liccardo congratulated the mayor elect today riding in a statement. mayor mehan will be a collaborative, dynamic and thoughtful leader who will ensure that our government works just as hard as the families we serve. it's no secret that i'm thrilled with matt selection because san jose's future will be in good hands. the city of santa clara also appears to have decided on a mayor tonight, according to the mercury news, challenger anthony becker conceded the race late today to incumbent lisa gilmore. the latest numbers show fewer than 700 votes separating the two candidates. dozens of santa clara county ballots found right alongside highway 17 will be included in the election results , the register of voters said of the 36 ballots recovered by the u. s postal service earlier this
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week. 31 will be counted for the uncounted ballots had opened envelopes while one had an invalid signature under state law, ballots postmarked or dated on or before election day can be counted towards the official total, a sophomore at stanford university made history, becoming the youngest person elected to the school board for the sequoia union high school district. 19 year old says he is a product of the district and wants to bring his experience as a student to policy making ktvu lamonica peters live now in redwood city with what he has planned. monica. nori says after serving as the student trustee on the board. he knew that his voice and the voice of his peers needed to be heard. so he decided to throw his hat into the ring. he campaigned and then he won. when i was a student, and i always felt kind of this feeling of powerlessness that you know any of my ideas that i wanted to have or things i wanted to do is very hard to actually make that happen. things done should get a little
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easier for sopheak nori when he starts his four year term next month as a board trustee for the sequoia union high school district. nori will represent area d a place he grew up in and attended menlo atherton high school before heading to stanford last year board of trustees president carried watch released a statement. it's saying in part i'm thrilled to have a young person on the sequoia union high school board of trustees brings a fresh perspective to some of our most challenging problems in public education. i'm also impressed with his work on the juvenile justice commission. in that role . i was fortunate enough to meet a lot of kids, um at the cemetery county juvenile hall and one of the things that i saw is that surprising. a lot of them went to the same schools i did. the majority of kids actually come from the sequoia union high school district. there are overrepresented from areas such as redwood. city and east palo alto. and i see how talking is students and get becoming friends with them and really meeting them that they had a completely different experience with the district than i did the district serves
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about 10,000 students. nori says. although he's still a college student school won't get in the way of his board duties. maybe being a college student and going to college is my quote full time job, but that doesn't mean that i don't have the time or dedication to really put myself and serve the students of our district. nori defeated his opponent, joanne burns, soca love with 57% of the vote. now, he says, he doesn't know what's going to happen in the future, but he's ready to get to work on the board. julie getting involved. lamonica peters thank you in the race for oakland citg tao is closing the gap in a very tight race there today is updated numbers show just 1300 votes now separate tao and city councilman lauren taylor and in the alameda county district attorney's race, civil rights attorney pamela price now in the lead with 6200 votes, price took the lead over prosecutor terry wiley yesterday. alameda county still has more than 128,000
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ballots that need to be processed the latest projection she'll republicans have won the majority in the house of representatives late this afternoon, the gop captured another race, giving them to 218 seats needed to control the house and a couple of months, republicans will now be able to take control of key committees, giving them the ability to shape legislation and then possibly even launched probes of president biden, his family and his administration. the embattled cryptocurrency exchange. fdx is now haggling with regulators about its bankruptcy fdx file for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the us last week, however, regulators in the bahamas are now trying to take over control of the bankruptcy proceedings. because fdx is legally based in the bahamas, the company and its founder, bay area native sam blankman, freed faced several investigations in the us and the bahamas. ft x is accused of investing and losing a billion dollars worth of customers money in other ventures without their approval . the fda logo has now been
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removed from the football field that u c. berkeley the stadium was briefly named 50 x field at memorial stadium, fdx attracted a number of naming rights contracts and celebrity endorsements. former fdx customers have now filed a lawsuit against the number of celebrities including larry david and tom brady over the collapse of the crypto exchange area doctors entering a very busy season with an increase in respiratory illnesses among young children what families need to know with thanksgiving quickly approaching, also new at 10, a fast food worker punched repeatedly when she says she tried to intervene. in a case of bullying it cost her and i the attacker. police are now looking for. and we're looking at some cool overnight low temperatures and some big changes coming not right away. but as we get down the road here, there's more indication that we're going to see a wet period coming up. i'll have that back
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what time your day starts. ♪ for the man who punched in 19 year old restaurant employee, causing her to lose her right eye. this attack happened at habit burger on mahogany way on saturday, bianca palin era on the very right hand side of your screen is an assistant manager. she told police she was punched
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in the face by a customer after telling him to leave because he was bullying a boy with special needs. doctors performed emergency surgery but were unable to save pal amira's right i. police are now asking for the public's help to find the suspect seen in these surveillance images. he was seen leaving the restaurant with others in a silver bmw x three suv with black rims. anyone with information about the case is asked to call any police pediatricians and public health officials worry the spike in cases of rsv influenza and covid could surge even more with the upcoming holidays. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with the state epidemiologist and joins us now with the concerns jonah. well they're really hoping julie that people will take precautions, especially now that the virus can spread more easily , with the cold weather people coming indoors, holiday gatherings and travel and they are very worried about overloading clinics that are already under strain. public health officials worry that
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surge of viruses this fall could get much worse for clinics and hospitals. what we're seeing this year is a much earlier season and a rapid rise and it's really put a stretch on our pediatric hospital beds. um, and our pediatric systems across the state with the holiday travel season starting next week, doctors worry that could speed the spread of viruses to holly calhoun of berkeley, says her family already canceled a trip. we were supposed to fly. to the east coast in october and ended up canceling it. he actually got rsv rsv or respiratory sensational virus has spiked unusually early this year, just as the usual cold and flu season and covid cases are on the rise again. advice line. we had a four hour wait in terms of returning calls, and this is not because we don't have staffing. it's because there's just such a high volume of calls. dr. olivia lang with berkeley pediatrics says her office is seen more cases of rsv and other viruses
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currently have two children that are hospitalized right now, with rsv. um and you know, this is not something we saw in the last two seasons. doctors pediatricians hope people will take for cautions in the coming months, especially if they have very young children under the age of three of the warning signs of rsp rsp to watch for particularly respiratory distress, you know, labor breeding a change in your child's behavior. doctors also hope schools and parents will take steps to stop the spread. are still having testing after returning from thanksgiving break or a long break, and that really does help detect people that have been gathering or traveling. i'm going to have our whole family test before thanksgiving. those precautions could go a long way to avoid overwhelming hospitals with a post holiday spike. in cases we're just taking normal precautions. um after living through covid the last few years, parents have had to just be adaptable, masking and airports for sure. er um,
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possibly testing before a big event. dr ponce said that in 95 , or can indy five masks that are well fitted, offered the best protection adults who around newborns or children who can't wear masks should wear those to protect the children. and there is a website that's been set up by the american academy of pediatrics on rsv symptoms. we set up a link. just go to our website ktvu .com and click on web links. julie similar, so similar to the cold. all right, janet. thank you. new details now, as the city of berkley delays confirmation of its next police chief. that development came after the alameda county public defender came forward with new allegations that berkeley police officers are violating the law. ktvu cristina rendon has the story. to be honest. i do not have faith in the chief alameda county public defender brendan would, speaking at the berkeley city council meeting tuesday night, urging officials not to
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name interim chief jennifer lewis as the new police chief. he revealed new allegations of officers refusing to read miranda rights to minors while on the phone with attorneys from the public defender's office in violation of state law. ktvu obtained one of three emails would send to lewis over the summer, asking her to correct the practice on august 8th email that she again and today i have not received a response from her correcting their practicing. woods office says lewis has now reached out to apologize for not responding. it's the latest claim of misconduct in the department following text messages that alleged arrest quotas for, um housed people and racial profiling. the officer accused of sending those texts sergeant darren pasalic, now stepping down as president of the police union, it's not only the bad language that we're talking about. it's the actual behavior by the berkeley police attorney jim channon points to bpd stop data in the past few years showing officers disproportionately pull over
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black people there are seven times more likely to be stopped. in berkeley than caucasians sat on the berkeley mayors committee for fair and impartial policing , recommending things like an early warning system to identify potentially problematic officers but says the department did nothing about it. he believes that police department needs new leadership. berkeley's independent police accountability board is conducting its own investigation. i think we as a city should make a very careful decision. about who should be leading our department going forward, especially given these new allegations. mayor jesse out again says he's glad the city council has decided to postpone the confirmation of the next police chief until a thorough investigation has been completed and says that discrimination of any kind has no place in the department. meanwhile sergeant kostelnik has been placed on administrative leave from the department. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. i hope you
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have a nice day. today we had mild temperatures again. we had some upper sixties. some low seventies temperatures tomorrow , going to cool down the general trend as we go into this weekend is going to be for cooler, especially late in the weekend and a return to some wet weather through the thanksgiving holiday weekend, and even maybe beyond that, so here's the long range model we did this last night. i just wanted she can see where we are. this is tonight. there's tomorrow. few clouds but nice day cooler couple of degrees. here's friday, right there. nice day. another nice day saturday. not bad. look at that. saturday at two o'clock in the clouds really start to move in. this is the beginning of that progressive weather pattern that we're going to see which just means we're gonna have opportunities to have a series of weather systems. hopefully that role in here next week and then the hopefully the week after that, too. so here we go. and then their sunday maybe a sprinkle you see the whole thing right there and as i go in through wednesday, so it's going to be probably a return to a wet weather pattern, starting say
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about monday night and tuesday. in the meantime, we're dealing with temperatures like these. these are the highest we had today. highs tomorrow, going to drop off about four or five degrees. cool night. mild day still nice day, a little bit more of an onshore wind, a little bit of patchy coastal fog. and other than that, no big changes till the end of the weekend. see back here with a full forecast? alright. sounds good, bill. thank you knew a 10 hundreds of east bay. families in need will enjoy holiday meal thanks to some volunteers, the y m. c a and wells fargo joined with oakland city council member trivia read. to put together thanksgiving meal kits. the event happened at the white in center in berkeley, 250. families will receive nonperishable foods, including stuffing, mix and vegetables, as well as a gift card to buy a turkey or ham. we think this is even more meaningful and impactful this year because we know how much inflation and the rising cost of food is impacting families in our community. we want to make sure that everyone gets that chance to celebrate. sit down with the meal and gratitude. all the food will be
10:22 pm
handed out to families with children at reach academy in east oakland. wells fargo contributed more than $12,000 toward the giveaway. seven people were injured today after to san francisco money train collided plus video of a stabbing on an oakland high school campus to fight that broke out among two students, plus the principal's response also ahead. police are releasing new details tonight about the four university students killed in idaho. what officers found when they arrived on the scene and the new message from police.
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♪ get exclusive offers on select new volvo models. contact your volvo retailer to learn more. news into the collision of two meunier light rail vehicles that's happening on the embarcadero right near brandon 1 40 this afternoon. officials say four people were taken to the hospital with injuries. three others were treated there at the scene. one passenger seated in the train in the front described the collision he has stopped right there. traffic lane. and
10:25 pm
the train was getting ready to pull off slowly. and all of a sudden we have got a big joke. blacks and beta ran in the back of the train. knock some people off. they see, but i caught the ball. i didn't knock me off both sf mta and sfpd say the cause of the collision not yet known. police say both money operators remained on scene and are cooperating with investigators. school student in oakland is recovering tonight after being stabbed by another student on campus crime reporter henry lee spoke with a number of parents who are upset by the violence and what they say is a lack of notification. cell phone video shows a stabbing in the hallway and clemens high school in west oakland, a student wearing black and armed with a knife attacking a fellow student dressed in red as others look on and shock. scary sad the tragedy because, you know i do affect the other children that's around when it happens. the incident happened at about two tuesday afternoon during a period the teen in
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black pulled out a knife. he stabbed the victim several times. the violence, raising concerns about campus safety that maybe this needs to be some metal detectors or something. i don't know. like some more precautions, this video widely shared among students and parents. first of all those fake but then, like her was on lockdown and everything. so i was like, oh, my god, this is a serious thing. menifee is 15 and mcclymont student. i was a little scared because i feel like why are you bringing weapons on campus? and why does this why is this happening? what was the reason behind all of this? the injured student was taken by paramedics to hospital and is expected to recover. he's doing all right after they told us today in class and he's okay. and if we need any support anybody to talk to any counselors, we could go talk. the team responsible for the stabbing was detained and disarmed by staff. oakland police would not say if he had been arrested in the letter e mailed to parents three hours after the incident, clemens principal geoffrey taylor wrote. in part, it should go without saying that weapons of any kind are not allowed on our campus.
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likewise violence is never acceptable in the climates, and students should know that resorting to violence will lead to harsh consequences. some parents we talked to said they didn't get the notification. i had to hear it from from my son for my child. and you know if something like this is going on on the campus, it seems like we should have been notified immediately in oakland school district spokesman tells me that the principles letter should have gone out to all parents that anyone who didn't get it to make sure their contact info is updated with the school office. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. tonight new information about the events leading up to a deadly police shooting in redwood city, plus all of these victims is. the future that is robbed from them. right? no future weddings, no future graduations judge in wisconsin and tears up during the sentencing of the man behind the
10:28 pm
waka shock christmas parade attack. also a wrong way. driver plows through a group of recruits in southern california . the workers now in critical condition tonight. and later in sports. we'll hear from the 49ers monday night opponent the arizona cardinals as quarterback kyler murray deals with an injury that could keep him sidelined.
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families of those killed and hurt in the christmas parade attack in wisconsin. nearly a year after that assault, the man responsible was sentenced box news mills hayes has today's decision from the judge. a dramatic end to the to day sentencing hearing of daryl brooks jr. the man convicted of purposely using his suv to run over crowds during a christmas
10:31 pm
parade last year, and suburban milwaukee. the attack left six people dead and more than 60 hurt. on wednesday, brooks apologized to his victims for the first time. i'm sorry that you could not see i was truly in my heart. that you cannot see. the remorse that i had, while tuesday was full of impact statements from some 40 victims wednesday saw brooks mother and grandmother testifying on his behalf. both women asking the judge to place brooks in a mental institution rather than a prison. darryl has suffered from bipolar since the age of 12. and it was that disorder that caused him to drive through that crowd . the judge dismissed those claims. we may never know the true why. but we were provided with nothing. here today. other than. a feeble attempt to blame
10:32 pm
mental health before handing down her sentence. the day was marred by interruptions. brooks criticizing the lead prosecutor during a nearly two hour address in court and arguing with the judge during her closing statements to the point she had him removed in the end. judge jennifer doro didn't mince words when she sentenced him to six consecutive life sentences for each victim killed in the assault. this community can only be safe. if you are behind bars for the rest of your life. brooks will now have 20 days to appeal his conviction. and waukesha mills hayes fox news. and new details tonight about the deadly police shooting in redwood city, as ktvu is jesse gary reports. it was a heated argument that led an armed man to threaten a mother and three children. the call for help set in motion a series of events, culminating with tuesday's officer involved shooting in redwood city. i heard all the commotion before the gunshots. apartment resident brianna hume
10:33 pm
and her boyfriend, david thomas , had a bird's eye view of the events and violence from a nearby balcony. aw what it looked like a group of police officers or tactical unit coming across camino. and converging os someone saw a 36 year old a brand gutierrez in a heated argument with a woman and three children inside and outside of this prius. this was a domestic argument. confrontation going on between he and the mother of his child, and police got called for that reason. three minutes later, a swarm of redwood city police officers arrived and tried to negotiate with gutierrez. but police say he had a gun and threatened to shoot the woman and her children. i heard one pop and a second individual park. and they were distinct from the pop pop pop
10:34 pm
from the police officers were definitely concerns. i think my girlfriend would was wanting to kind of like, stay inside, at least five police officers fired hitting gutierrez multiple times . it was rushed to an area hospital, but pronounced dead. do you know what sparked the police to shoot? um i'm not going to go into that til we've interviewed the officers and we have not interviewed the shooting officers. yet. we have interviewed about half a dozen of the witness officers. district attorney steve wagstaffe says his office will use the coroner's report, witness interviews and interviews with the officers involved to determine if this was a lawful use of lethal force for the neighbors who live near the shooting scene and unsettling realization. the next incident of gun violence in america can take place right outside someone's door. i've never seen a violent thing happened live. and so as the first time it's frightening. district attorney says it will take approximately 2.5 months for his office to complete its
10:35 pm
investigation. five involved officers are on paid administrative leave at least until that point. redwood city. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. multi vehicle crash in a target parking lot sent three people to the hospital. it happened at noon at the bridgeport's shopping center on fashion island boulevard in san mateo. fox was over the scene today, traffic officers are still investigating the cause of the crash. police reopen the entrance to that parking lot. this afternoon. 25 los angeles county sheriff recruits are recovering tonight after a driver slammed right into them during a training run. that crash happened 6 30 this morning. in the suburb of whittier, about 20 miles outside downtown l. a authorities say the vehicle veered onto the wrong side of the roadway when the driver hit the group of 75, now of the 25 cadets hurt, five are in critical condition. young people are getting ready to go put themselves in the line of danger in their career. and who
10:36 pm
knows that while you're training to do that, you actually in harm's way. the driver was identified only as a 22 year old man who suffered a minor injury , the sheriff said. a field sobriety test on the driver was negative and that the cause remains under investigation. appears congresswoman karen bass will be the next mayor of los angeles. the associated press projects. bass has enough votes to be real estate developer rick caruso. she will become the first woman and the second black mayor in los angeles history. caruso outspent bass 11 to 1. the bass received a number of key endorsements from president biden, governor newsom and other leading democrats. the results are due to be certified on december 5th the killing of three university of virginia football players may have been a targeted attack. police say a witness told officers they saw the suspect, christopher jones jr. pointing his gun and firing at specific people. during that sunday night shooting. three students were killed, two others were wounded. motive remains
10:37 pm
under investigation and family and friends of the victims have started speaking out about the student athletes who died in the shooting on the bus. sean perry had made it he had made it. he was at one of the greatest schools in the country going to class. has a great student athletes. this is how the story is. a vigil for the students who were killed will take place after the holiday break. the fbi is now joining the investigation into the killings of four university of idaho students. police say the killer or killers still have not been caught. the students were found stabbed to death on sunday at a home near the university of idaho. tonight we have learned that police found two other people alive and unhurt in that home. police have not released any other details about the investigation, including a possible motive or suspect information. in a news conference, police said. they
10:38 pm
cannot say there is no threat to the community, and that has many scared students packing up and going home. we're doing in the meantime, is trying to help students understand we have supports here for them to engage to navigate through this from an emotional standpoint, giving them information as much as we can. a vigil for the students will soon take place on campus. coming up at 11 facebook's announcement that it's keeping the ban on former president donald trump despite his reelection campaign. and we are tracking some cool overnight. low temperatures. some nice, warm, mild days in changes this weekend. also a shocker in sacramento, the state's major one year reversal from a nearly $100 billion budgeted surplus to a $25 billion shortfall will break down the numbers after the break.
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up in california just in time for the thanksgiving holiday, according to triple a. the statewide average is now at $5.40 a gallon that's down about nickel from a week ago and more than a quarter of a gallon from a month ago. bay area drivers are paying, of course, a little bit more 5 42 in oakland, $5.47 in san jose and 5 54 in san francisco. stocks lower on wall street today after a discouraging quarterly report from target. shares of target declined more than 13. after it also cut its forecast for the holiday season. the dow slipped 39 points, the nasdaq dropped 174 or 1.5% as some tech companies took a big hit, and the s and p 500 was down 32 points. the california state budget is expected to take an unexpected turn in the wrong direction next year, according to the nonpartisan legislative analyst's office. california
10:42 pm
will likely have a $25 billion budget deficit. state revenues are now $41 billion below expectations, largely because of falling fortunes in the tech sector, and because the state's highly taxed wealthy residents are not making as much as they used to. in the stock market revenues had been increasing for the past decade, and just months ago, a surplus was expected to hit $97 billion. the report calls the new estimate manageable. but he wants to see a recession, but it puts the state on pretty solid footing. going forward when we're entering this time when we could have an economic slowdown or recession. the governor's office said the deficit will force some painful spending decisions. california does have $37 billion in savings from prior years, the us senate voted to start debate on legislation that would put same sex marriage protections into federal law. senators voted 62 to 37 to advance the measure
10:43 pm
. with 12 republicans joining every democrat in support. lawmakers expect a final vote by the end of the week that would allow the bill to go for a vote in the house before the gop takes control. in january. san francisco pride issued a statement on today's vote saying in part today is a historic day for the lgbtq plus community signifying how far congress and this country have come on the issue of protecting marriage equality. the news of 62 to 37 senate votes in support of the respect for marriage act instills our community with the new optimism as we witness a level of support that lawmakers have not shown us in the past. you attend tonight. san jose state university has a new president who is the first latina to hold the post. my grandparents migrated to the united states from mexico. both my mom and dad were born in the united states and i also because they were able to break into the middle class. although they weren't able to go to college, i was able to go to college and
10:44 pm
completed college degree. cynthia teniente madison comes to san jose from texas a and m university where she has been president since 2015. she received her doctorate from cal state, fresno and educational leadership. she will assume the presidency. js you in mid january. i knew tiktok trend that teaches teenagers how to steal vehicles has made its way right here to northern california. the cars most vulnerable up next chilly night out there across the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin will have the complete bay area forecast after the break.
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i was seeing an increase in customers who have fallen victim to a social media trend. criminals have been posting on tiktok and sharing in the so called kia challenge, which encourages teams to steal certain kia and hyundai cars. thieves are posting videos of themselves bypassing car ignitions through the steering wheel and starting the car using a usb cord. clark mcgee owned 16th street auto body in sacramento, he says the trend is costing his clients thousands of dollars. the periscope from maybe a couple $1000 up to 5 to $7000 depends on what else the damage when they when they stole the car. he says recently, his small shop alone has repaired 8 to 10 cars believed to be
10:48 pm
connected to the tiktok challenge. alright a very different week coming up as we go into the holiday week, which is thanksgiving just next week. changes are coming not not right away. but early next week, we start to see a flip flop in the jet stream working its way south into a more, uh, wet, favorable pattern. at least that's how it looks right now. so in the meantime, enjoy what you got. this is what you got today. beautiful outside 70 and napa 70 and anti octane preacher struggling a little cooler. there's people clouds and the winds have shifted a little bit right now at ocean beach. i've got a kind of a north northwest wind, which is not offshore. it's sort of side shore end onshore, and that's certainly is going to have an impact. um not just the overnight lows actually keep those little warmer, but it will keep the temperatures in in the local areas, even in the inland bay valleys a little bit cooler tomorrow with that onshore flow, so that's tomorrow . right there. you see the fog, little patchy fog out there right now out by pacifica. then
10:49 pm
the high comes back moves back to where it was, and we go back to a bit of an offshore flow. that's on friday, so be breezy in the hills and again, that would be a potential red flag environment. um if we hadn't had the ring, so last time, i say it , but it's just great that we did because these patterns are terrifying when you're in a drought and when you don't have ready but we have rain so we can manage this. so this pattern sets up on friday saturday, we'll see a few more clouds sunday more clouds and then sunday night and monday and tuesday potential showers and then more after that, after thanksgiving, it looks like the gesture wants to set up shop just did our latitude a advantageous to us. that's not until next week, but the pattern looks favorable. the big l is a forect overnight lewis above the average, not above the average above freezing and they're going to stay there because of the cloud cover the winds coming onshore. so next few nights, we're going to have kind of mild, nice overnight lows. it's still chilly, but it's not 29
10:50 pm
degrees or 30 degrees like we saw earlier this week. so the forecast highs tomorrow greens are gonna be sixties. not gonna see any yellows. right? so it's all mid sixties tomorrow, maybe some upper sixties. and then you'll see a bit of cloud cover. maybe it's called partly sunny. partly cloudy and then the forecast highs. so instead of mid sixties and upper sixties you get this. the real changes come nice day tomorrow. by the way, the real changes come next week, so we'll see some more clouds on friday to but for the most part, we're just into a really nice little pattern that's going to stay with us right through this weekend, and then by sunday night, monday tuesday, it's a new game. we'll have some wet on the roadways, potentially umbrella weather right through the holidays. perhaps i'll see you back here. here. in a little bit. thank you . constitution way in. alameda is now wilma chan way of the late california assembly member . the mayor of alameda was joined by wilma jan's children this morning at the unveiling and renaming of the streets and was a resident of alameda for 27
10:51 pm
years, her family says the renaming honors their mothers, decades of public service and dedication to public safety. renaming constitution way might serve as a safety reminders. people were coming in and out of alameda. um making a positive impact, especially in health and safety. we're really at the core of who my mom was. wilma jan died last year after being hit by a vehicle while walking in alameda families patients that ucsf benioff children's hospital oakland received bags of nutritious food today ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the hospitals food pharmacy held a pop up this morning bags of groceries, including meats, whole grains, eggs and local produce were given to families in need. the food pharmacy distributes food at the hospital twice a week in organizers say the food and produce distributed all comes from the alameda county food bank. alright coming up in sports. stephen curry scored 50 points. but was it
10:52 pm
e year ? jason appelbaum has the highlights coming up next on the 11 o'clock news after brendan fraser says he will not attend the golden globes if nominated 2018 incident that sparked his decision.
10:53 pm
♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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good. evening, everybody at age 34 stephan curry is having an m v p like season but he needs some help, or this could be a very long season for the warriors in phoenix tonight. no chris paul for the sons, jonathan commingle out with a cold for the warriors. second quarter suns go up by nine on this corner three by mchale bridges. he had 23 points, nine rebounds, nine assists. but here comes steph. a reason to drive.
10:55 pm
the hoop gets tripped and somehow throws it up and in curry had 31 points by halftime , but the warriors trailed by seven at the break. fourth quarter. moses moody, mrs. from three, the long rebound and some very lazy defense leads to the two handed flush for former gail jock landale. mccurry was not going away hits one of his seven threes and route to his 11th career 50 point game. steph also led the warriors with nine rebounds, but this one was all sons, cameron pain with the dagger from distance, he led the suns with 29. phoenix wins. 1 32 1 19. the warriors are now oh, and ate on the road for the first time since 1989 steve kerr tired of losing tonight where. i saw a lot of hanging heads tonight. we're feeling sorry for ourselves and nobody's gonna feel sorry for us. so everyone
10:56 pm
can't wait to play us and kick our. tomorrow the 49ers will hold their first practice at the 6700 ft elevation of colorado springs as they prepare for the arizona cardinals monday night in mexico city. now the big question, as we had culture to kick off is who will be under center for arizona. the backup colt mccoy suffered a knee injury and the cardinals went over the rams, a game in which the starter kyler murray sat out with a hamstring injury. at this point. both quarterbacks are considered day to day. i've played through those things, obviously, but it's there's like a fine line of making it worse. not making it worse. um but if you know we're on the right, right track. i feel good. you know? i don't know. percentages like that. but, um definitely, you know, i feel a lot better match up this sunday in women's college basketball as second ranked stanford host number one.
10:57 pm
south carolina tonight a tune up against cal poly for tara vanderveer and the cardinal first half all stanford. as you might expect. stanford goes on a 19 oh run jump hits the three stanford up 42 17 at the break second half more jump this time on the other end with the long three jump. led stanford with 24 points on 83 pointers, all three pointers. stanford wins 82 43. they are now five and o. st mary's looking to extend its record home winning streak to 22 straight games against southern 16 junior mitchell saxon. nice up and under for the bucket, he led the gales with 17 2nd half saint mary's in control. senior logan johnson. nice fake as he takes it to the cylinder gales win 72 to 54. to improve to four and oh, their 22nd straight win in morada going back to last year, former usf don and three
10:58 pm
time nba champion bill cartwright taken in the game at fresno state. the game was tight the whole way, but the dons pulled away at the end tyler roberts, three. three with six minutes to go inside of three minutes. roberts another three, he led the dons with 22 beats fresno state 67 to 60. they also improved to four no yeah. at age 39 coming off tommy john surgery, nobody knew what to expect from astros pitcher justin verlander. how about a third american league cy young award? truly remarkable story. verlander winning the award unanimously, with all 31st place votes to easily beat out dylan cease of the chicago white sox. this one was a no brainer. after verlander led the american league with 18 wins and a 1.75 e r a and helping to lead the astros to the world series title. and the national league, also winning in unanimous fashion was the marlin sandy alcantara, who led the majors
10:59 pm
with 228 and two thirds innings pitch. alcantara didn't win a lot of games. but he did have the second best e r a in the n l at 2.28, just behind julio rias of the dodgers, who came in third and the runner up to alcantara, with atlanta's max freed 49ers pass rusher nick bosa was miked up this past sunday against the chargers, and it was pretty entertaining. check this out. i just want to sack the quarterback, dude. easy as it looks chased by person gets sacked from behind. zaccheroni baby zakariyah macaroni, baby. he's got kind of dry sense of humor. he's kind of mellow actually made for some good tv. whenever they have that mike on. it's always isn't it fun? interesting to hear and fun to hear what they say? yeah jason, thank you. next at 11. kids are being a waiting for beds because most of the local hospitals are quite full area.
11:00 pm
pediatricians on alert ahead of the holidays as cases of respiratory illnesses rise among young children. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now rising concerns tonight amid a spike of cases of rsv influenza in covid. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach, julie julie haener, pediatricians and public health officials worry the current surge could worsen after holiday gatherings. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with more from the state epidemiologist janna julian mike there really hoping that people will try and take some precautions as you mentioned their holiday gatherings coming up and also the colder weather, driving more people inside and bringing people closer together . they are really concerned that that could cause an increase in cases of rsv covid and the flu. public health officials worry that surge of viruses this fall could get much worse for clinics and hospitals. what we're seeing this


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