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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 18, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this is an emotionally tolling situation. we have to go with the facts. five disturbing details of how a seven month old suffocated while her mother was trying to breastfeed her this evening that san jose mother is behind bars. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm greg lee 29 year old selena warez was in court this afternoon charged with killing one of her twin babies. ktvu is american. tana is here with the emotional details. amanda was arrested on wednesday and made her first court appearance today. police say they are confident she is responsible for the death of her baby. police were originally called win. both of the identical twin girls weren't breathing, but i'm told the twin who survived is expected to make a full recovery. this is absolutely an emotional and troubling case not only for the surviving family members but also for the officers who responded to the scene and provided cpr and first aid to an eight month old child. police officers were called to this home on hurling ham weighed just after three o'clock on november,
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4th court records show they found one nearly eight month old twin, unconscious and the other not breathing after being placed on life support. one of the twins died at the hospital the following day. doctors told investigators she experienced respiratory failure and cardiac arrest from not breathing for a prolonged period and i think this community as a whole understands that this isn't a normal type of case. they want to know more facts and i think the court as it proceeds through the court case will give us that information. the girl's mother, 29 year old selena juarez, was arrested for murder along with other child endangerment and assault charges and now being held on no bail. according to court documents. she told investigators that babies were sick and being fussy all day, admitting she was frustrated when she went to breastfeed them, she said she usually bottle feeds them but wanting to give them the proper nutrients. she intentionally pushed one of the babies against her breast, not allowing her to come up for
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air, frustrated that she wouldn't latch on. suarez told police she felt the baby gasping for air and so her legs kicking but continued to push the baby against her for about 10 minutes before placing the baby's unconscious body on the bed. court records show. she then did the same to the second twin, not allowing her to come up for air and placing her on the bed when she wasn't breathing. where is said she waited 20 minutes before asking her mother in the other room for help. her brother later came home and called 911 because she was the only person in the room at the time of this incident, and was in charge of the care of the children and based on the preliminary facts and circumstances that we collected at the scene in conjunction with witness statements and preliminary information from the coroner's office, we feel that she is the primary person responsible for this act, and it was an intentional act. suarez was hospitalized for an unknown medical incident after this all happened, police say mental health factors were taken into
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account. but at the end of the day, a warrant for her arrest was signed, and they want to bring her to justice. her next court appearance is scheduled for next month, where she is expected to enter a plea. greg back to you heartbreaking details tonight. amanda canton and studio for us, samantha. thank you, one of the victims in the shooting at ragsdale high school in oakland back in september, has died. the oakland unified school district says the victim, david sakurai, was a carpenter with the district. he was one of six people who were shot. police say more than 30 rounds were fired, at least after at least two gunmen entered the continuation high school on the king estates campus in east oakland, a security guard counselor, another campus employee, and two adult students were also injured. okay unified school district superintendent kyla johnson. trammell issued a statement today saying in part we are devastated by the loss of david and we are heartbroken for his family. our community mourns the loss of a and $0 hero and will be forever grateful for
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david's nearly two decades of service to our students, families, staff and schools. well we now know the identities of the five people who died in a wrong way. crash on highway four in pittsburgh. three of those victims were children. ktvu henry lee is live in the newsroom with the latest henry christina. just a heartbreaking story. the three children, all girls, the investigation is still ongoing as to why one of the drivers was going the wrong way. today the contra costa county sheriff's office released the identities of the victims. authorities say the driver, the hyundai launcher, who was going the wrong way was 27 year old tiara tucker of alejo. she was killed along with three girls in her car. five year old maria mojsilovic, four year old kehlani, johnson, ochoa and nine year old kalia johnson ochoa. all the children were from the late hope. the driver. the ford flex, who died was identified as 44 year old law. sandra good of vacaville. the crash happened shortly after midnight early thursday morning just west of the loveridge road off ramp and pittsburgh. the launch was
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spotted near railroad avenue going the wrong way headed eastbound in the westbound lanes of the highway and then smashed head on into the suv. now it's not clear why the driver, the hyundai was going the wrong way on the highway. the chp is asking anyone with information to give them a call. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox to another heartbreaking case, henry. thank you. in oakland, a community group is calling for accountability from city leaders on blight in the flatland neighborhoods. the organization faith in action, east bay, held a press conference this morning focused on illegal dumping in the area of 45th avenue and bond street. they say that the area is piled with abandoned vehicles in trash from encampments. they say illegal dumping, combined with criminal activity is causing a health and safety crisis for residents and nearby schools. we know our neighborhoods are not treated fairly. city officials would never allow mountains of trash and abandoned vehicles to pile up in the hills neighborhoods. and we refuse to accept that our
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children have to step over piles of trash to go to school. now the group says they do not wish to displace homeless people but to make the neighborhood safe for everyone. the group is calling for the cleanup to happen within 72 hours. elizabeth holmes sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for defrauding investors, the founder of the failed blood testing startup fair enough is learning her fate in the san jose courtroom this afternoon. reviews evan sernoffsky has been following the trial for more than a year. he's live outside the courthouse with what we learned this afternoon. yeah greg elizabeth holmes was very tearful after receiving this rather lengthy sentence. she was surrounded by her friends and family in the courtroom, and she was free to go until she's going to be ordered to self surrender to federal authorities to begin serving that sentence on april 27th. now today marks an end to a years long legal saga. judge edward davalos sentence homes to
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135 months in federal prison that's 11 and a quarter years she also will have to do three years of supervised release. in handing down his sentence. the judge called the case a tragedy recognizing holmes was brilliant , but wondered if she lost her moral compass. prior to the sentence. holmes herself addressed the court. tearfully pleaded with the judge for leniency and compassion, saying she wished she did things differently, and that she quote realized her dreams too quickly . we spoke to journalist john kerry room moments out ago, he broke the thoroughness fraud story for the wall street journal back in 2015 and wrote the definitive book on the story. bad blood. here's what he had to say. it's a stiff sentence. it's a tough sentence, but i think ah, justice has been served in that this was a brazen fraud in which he defrauded not only investors, but she put patients in harm's way. and as
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the judge himself said, you know, this is a cautionary tale for silicon valley. now if you remember holmes was convicted on four counts of fraud and conspiracy back in january, the jury found she deceived investors, claiming her technology could do hundreds of tests with a single drop of blood. when her machines didn't work, she began using third party analyzers on actual patients. now we were waiting outside here at the federal courthouse. to see elizabeth holmes come out and see if she finally wanted to address us like she did the court, but she was actually whisked out a side door for the first time in this whole trial and into a waiting suv will wait to see what happens. leading up to april 27th. she has 14 days to submit notice of an intent to appeal the case, and also, there's an upcoming restitution hearing where a judge will decide exactly how much money she's going to. oh, those investors reporting live at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two
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news in addition to homes addressing the corridor, i understand we heard from alex schultz, the son of george shultz, the former secretary of state who also served on the theranos board. what did he say in court today? that's right. this is the first time we've really heard from any victim. he was the only victim to give an impact statement during this proceeding, and he described the pain and anguish that his son tyler schultz, who was the one of the major whistle blowers in this whole saga, who was one of john kerry, rouz sources, the pain and anguish that he went through. if you remember elizabeth holmes actually sent private investigators after him . alex schultz said that he was in fear of his life. he was actually sleeping with a knife under his pillow, afraid that people were going to come and murder him in his sleep, and i think that really resonated with the judge. i think it did a lot to counteract some of the emotional police that elizabeth holmes was making. especially concerning her family and her
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her baby that she has and that one. that's soon to come as we all know she's up. she's also pregnant here, greg, a years long target that is still going evan sernoffsky live in san jose for us, evan. thank you. a chinese american man from an iac is finally getting an apology. decades after being a victim of discrimination. any ox mayor presented the apology to 98 year old alfred chan. today chan was refused service at an eniac restaurant 80 years ago because of his race. the mayor says the discrimination happened at a difficult time in antioch's history. specifically. ah expel that early chinese immigrants from our from our city. that sustain that we'll have to live with for the rest of our lives. doesn't mean that people who were impacted by that legacy. uh i have to have that only thing only have that memory to remember. chan was emotional. during the presentation. he says he truly appreciates the city's
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apology. it's been a long wait lots of noise and constant dust . but now trains are rolling into chinatown coming up. we'll show you the new central subway and just days away from kickoff for the 2022 world cup, but will the games be marred in controversy ahead at 5 45? we're examining the biggest issues surrounding fifa and qatar. for three warriors. it's starting to look a lot like the holidays around san francisco coming up, we'll take you inside all the festivities. it's also looking mighty pretty as the sun is setting on an epic autumn day here in the bay area, the unsettled weather pattern and its return the details as a news returns will be rig back.
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a popular pet holiday attraction , returning to san francisco's union square. ktvu christien kafton joining us live from the embarcadero in the city, where they're preparing to continue a longstanding holiday tradition. hi, christian. hey that holiday spirit spreading all the way from union square down here to the embarcadero and again, a sure sign that the holiday season is underway. take a look here. you can see all the folks out here at the foot of market soon the skyline here is going to be lit up with holiday cheer again, a sign that the holiday season is officially here. 21. in union square, a sure sign of the holidays was unveiled the return of the holiday windows at macy's on union square, featuring some of the cutest holiday helpers you've ever seen. the furry friends gone for two years of the pandemic, but we definitely have missed it, so it just picks
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up the season haven't been down the union square in a while, but we live in san francisco, so we're like check it out. the windows are cuteness cause san francisco's spock says the annual event is a way for them to connect puppies and kittens with their forever families. this year is a little bit different. it's a mix of the digital plus the life but we expect to adopt probably close to 500 animals this month between being here at macy's and our adoption center admission. and there are volunteers on hand , even if passersby can't bring home a furry friend if we're not able to, um, adult right now. um you can leave a little donation and the animals and we will will be great really appreciate it on the embarcadero, the 36th annual building lighting ceremony and carnival got underway. there were photo ops with the characters from frozen games and even a visit from saint nick himself. it was enough to get anyone in the holiday movie. i came in here and i looked around
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. i see the snow flying around. it's like, okay. wow i haven't been down here in a while and i look around. to see all the smiling faces and people just having fun out here. and i'm here to do the same. and the family fund here at the embarcadero will be topped off with a sure sign of the holidays. the buildings of the embarcadero outlined with 17,000 twinkling holiday lights. of course, that's going to look spectacular. after sundown. we're live in san francisco on the embarcadero. christian captain ktvu fox to like fun love that the animals are back alive at union square in macy's. we nearly brought one home. negative, too. you just gotta go back and do it, christian. thank you. oh, yeah. oh, yeah, i know there's still time. alright you can join our effort to keep people across the bay area warm during the winter months. if you have a gently worn coat or jacket you'd like to donate to ktvu is one warm coat drive. take it to any participating ups or big oh tire store. there are
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dozens of drop off sites for a complete list of drop off locations. you can scan that q r code on your screen. ktvu dot com slash one warm coat or drive runs through december 4th. the busy holiday travel season is getting underway. here's a live look at sfo tonight where more than 140,000 people are expected to pass through today, airport officials are urging travelers to arrive early to check availability in parking garages , by the way spots can be reserved online ahead of your flight. we've really worked hard to put in a lot of features and amenities in our terminals to help reduce the level of stress and anxiety that comes with air travel. minute of san jose airport is also expecting a busy next few weeks. they estimate nearly half a million people will travel through san san jose until the end of the month. and in oakland, the peak of travel season likely won't start until next wednesday. just in time for
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the busy holiday travel season. the sonoma airport is ramping up big time to become a real option for future holiday business in wine country tourists. ktvu is tom baker spent the day there and has this report. this week, charles m. schulz sonoma county airport opened a new terminal departure lounge and baggage area, part about ongoing $40 million modernization. the theme of this renovation, what else? the beloved peanuts characters, the creation of the airports, namesake cartoonist charles m. schulz everything is new using the highest state of technologies, including two passenger friendly security lanes and new baggage carousel. absolutely beautiful. getting the 7 30 sevens in here. is phenomenal. it's beautiful. last time they had just tend to more or less tent for staging area. but then he had the front door open. you did not go around it. but besides that, yeah, it looks
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a lot nicer. and looks a little little better two than what it was before, even though some 9000 air passengers come to the north bay daily more than 90% of them use other airports such as the cfo and oakland. we consider our market really sandra fell north, and if you look at the drive time that makes sense for us, and in that area, there's about 860,000 people. but this gives this airport opportunities to compete for more future passengers. even some from sfo and oakland as well as more airlines as the airline industry recovers. they are interested in our market and we do continue those discussions and we are looking at new opportunities like chicago or boise and also up, gauging and increasing frequency with our current providers have been flying into sacramento. and driving over and now with the way the airports growing, i'm coming directly. and if you're going somewhere for a few days, it's just $13 a
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night to park your car right here at the airport. it's served by the sonoma airport express and get this. it's just a mile from the smart train terminal, which goes all the way. clarksburg currently alaska american and a new carrier abalo provide passenger service this year. sonoma county airport is on track to have the most passengers ever. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. alright i'm gonna name this. i am going to call this a sure, bert sunset. you like that? great good. christina would you go with it? it's a perfect name. hungry you want to call it? it is just stunning. at this hour official sundown was at 4 56. and tomorrow morning sunrise will be before seven o'clock and smack in between. we have temperatures starting off right now, with temperatures pretty much in the fifties across the board. we are at 66 in santa rosa after realizing high so far today at 73. degrees low sixties and fremont through
5:21 pm
union city, 62 degrees and wanted creek winds have been lightening up in the past 15 to 20 minutes under 10 mph for the most part as cfo, and throughout that san bruno gap at 10, but the winds will blow about 10 to 20 during the overnight hours. we still have that wind advisory for that blue highlighted area, which does encompass the car. kenya's straight delta, fairfield and too soon city until six o'clock tonight. almost ready to expire in the higher elevations were still seeing winds up to 34 at mount diablo, a wind speed up to 51 at mount st alina, now at 39, but when the winds blowing that aggressively in the higher elevations, it dries out the air mass. the relative humidity drops 21% right now in the northern mountains, and when that happens, our fire concerns increase wins. why because of that, right there, you see that little leftover clouded. cloudy inge. yeah, that's over southern
5:22 pm
california right now that invaded our area yesterday. but tonight pretty clear skies 32 degrees in santa rosa 39 san jose 45 pacifica are hides tomorrow's slightly cooler than today with the breeze and one last note. i wanted to talk about what will be history making the snowfall in western new york state, christina it's in buffalo right now. alright, roberta. thank you. they're going to be much more than one shovel. with that storm coming up. we're heading to upstate new york, where the forecast predicts feet of snow. a wildfire nearly wiped out grizzly flats in eldorado county last year, coming up at six o'clock, how members of congress or demanding answers about some of the actions that were not taken detect this:
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stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. detect this: i stay undetectable with fewer medicines. ask your doctor about switching to dovato. vision was made to move the buffalo bills home game against the cleveland browns to detroit . the area surrounding the bill stadium received three ft of
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snow, with more expected to fall images from the bills. instagram account, so highmark stadium covered in white powder. the bills made the decision to cancel today's practice for the safety of players and staff. forecasters say more snow is on the way. foxes madison scorpio joins us live from buffalo with the latest on the lake effect system, madison hi. good evening to you, greg. yeah, we got around a foot of snow here in downtown buffalo, and that sort of accumulating yesterday evening and i got to say i was out here reporting this time last night of very different story. i think that my whole body was soaking wet. at that point. the snow was coming down so intense, so things have been very clear compared to that, but we could get up to four ft of snow here in the city, or maybe even more which i don't know about you guys in california, but to me that is just an absolutely crazy concept. to think of that height of snow just all around you and things
5:26 pm
have been clear for a while here as i mentioned before, but something interesting is when that snow does start coming down . it comes down just a huge sheet of snow, and it's hard to see really anything but just the white mist in the air, and there's been a travel ban for most of iri county, which officials say prevented any serious accidents, and it also allows crews to plow. the roads , which i got to say are looking pretty clear right now, but you can tell just how much build up of snow there is with all of it piled up on the sidewalk. everyone here has been encouraged to stay off the roads and stay home. but we have seen runners, walkers and people who say they still got to drive to work. the people we talked to her or from buffalo say they're used to this and right now, conditions aren't all that bad to them. but there are people who are new to the area and say they're absolutely mesmerized by the snow. this is my new environment to live in. hey i like it because now i can wear my jacket and coat his car for the first time so coming from
5:27 pm
southern california. this is going to be something to look forward to. and again, conditions are expected to worsen within the coming days and states of emergency has been issued for 11 counties here. greg madison. we've been talking about thanksgiving next week in the busy travel time. how has this storm been impacting the buffalo airport there? well it's certainly has been impacting the airport here over 100 flights have been canceled out of the buffalo airport today. it will be interesting to see what happens over the weekend because again if things are expected to just get worse, but i got to say i know you guys mentioned that big game between the bills and the browns being moved to detroit. it was originally supposed to be here in buffalo. you know what people love their football? we talked to some folks today who say they're willing to travel the four hours of detroit just to get out of the snow and enjoy some football , so maybe the flights are canceled, but that's not really stopping some people from traveling fan. you're a fan.
5:28 pm
madison scarpino live for us there in buffalo madison. thank you for being a trooper. stay warm tonight. it's been more than a decade in the making. now the new central subway is set to open this weekend. i'm brooks jarocz in san francisco's chinatown here with some business owners are expecting following the big debut that's coming up. plus how the bay area peter respect today to the lives lost in the jonestown massacre
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i'm waiting to hear. francisco is finally said to have those trains rolling tomorrow and improved way to get around bypassing heavy traffic and congestion. here is a map of where it goes. it spans nearly two miles and runs from fourth and brandon streets to chinatown . it will stop along the way you're balbuena and union square and be accessible to other bart and muni lines from powell street station. ktvu is brooks roses in san francisco with how this extension is bringing about anticipation and relief. it's a long awaited debut starting saturday. the central subway will have special weekend service from eight am to midnight connecting soma to here in chinatown. so many years, everybody waiting for it took four years to design more than a decade of construction than a year of testing. now it's finally opening. better than that. right central subway in san francisco starting this
5:32 pm
weekend spanning 1.7 miles, beginning at fourth and brandon stopping at mosconi center, union square and market street and ending in chinatown. if you're trying to get to chinatown from anywhere in the park system anywhere in the muni metro system change trains at palace st. get on the central subway one stop here in chinatown in 90 seconds, it'll open up the whole region to chinatown businesses here. the tunneling work underground has caused headaches above ground for as long as some business owners can remember my problem problem, the noise, the dust, the constant construction racket . i don't know why they take so long. they heard the business a lot. we are waiting for 10 years . can you believe that raymond hong has carried on his parents' photo business for 30 years and hopes business will boom when the trains roll in. don't have to walk, take. i think the survey to come out here sweating so pretty hard. even tourists agree the central subway is a
5:33 pm
less strenuous option a lot better easier. definitely yeah. up trains will run every 12 minutes free fares for the rest of the year from the four stations convenient. have been met business chinatown. i hope they will be better. i hope i hope welcoming riders to enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors. this is how business owners sum it up. very good. knowing that this connection has been a long time coming, and we're just hoping that starting saturday morning, you'll see that it was all worth it beginning in early january, news service through the central subway is expected to run seven days a week. connecting here in chinatown, all the way to sunnydale in san francisco. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. barron county is the latest to warn about rising flu and rsv cases along with covid county health officials
5:34 pm
say the three viruses circulating at the same time, are starting to stress the medical system. they say marin county emergency rooms are seeing twice the volume of people with viral respiratory symptoms then they normally see at this time of year. rsv and influenza levels and marines. wastewater have more than doubled since the end of october. in los angeles county health officials are strongly recommending that people wear masks indoors and on public transit once again, the county health officer says they are issuing the mass correct munday shin because the covid infection average is on the rise. however it is not required. the daily rate is up to 100 per 100,000 residents. the hospitalization rate in l. a county is also rising. pediatricians are calling on president joe biden to declare an emergency over the surge of children hospitalized with rsv in flu this season. they say children's hospitals are reaching capacity and need resources that can only be provided if an emergency is
5:35 pm
formally declared the declaration would provide hospitals with the flexibility to free up bed space and change staffing to better care for patients. the investigation continues in the cars of a deadly townhouse fire in walnut creek, and we now know the identity of one of the two victims. contra costa county coroner says 74 year old arena blake was killed in monday's fire. the positive identity of the second victim has not yet been determined. however fire officials say blake and her adult son were in bedrooms on the second floor and died in the fire. investigators say an unattended cigarette or pipe may have sparked the fire and that a nearby oxygen machine contributed to the rapid spread of flames in southern california . the driver arrested after crashing to a group of los angeles county sheriff's recruits has been released from custody. law enforcement is citing the need for further investigation. nicolas gutierrez was released last night. the 22 year old was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of a peace officer after an suv
5:36 pm
plowed into the recruits who were on a training run. 25 of them were injured. it will be up to the county district attorney to decide whether gutierrez will be charged and for what offense today marks 44 years since the jonestown massacre in guyana. a memorial event took place today in oakland at the mass grave site in the evergreen cemetery in honor of those who died, most of the 918 people killed in the mass murder suicide of the religious and socialist community were from the bay area . 305 of them were children. the killings were ordered by cult leader jim jones. organizers say there are still lessons to be learned because of what happened in jonestown. this is a stain on america's heart. people still cannot understand why he did it . why it happened why the people couldn't escape. why is congressman leo ryan dead? mateo county congressman leo ryan and
5:37 pm
three journalists were shot and killed when jones followers opened fire on them. at an airstrip in guyana. congresswoman jackie speier, who was an aide to ryan was shot five times and left for dead. the u. s. attorney general names as special counsel to investigate former president donald trump classified documents in the january 6th riot in washington. have that story coming up. we are finally adopting right, it's your adoption day south based celebrating adoption day, a dozen families happy to finalize an emotional process.
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for a zero dollar monthly premium. benefits like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs! and to help you stay healthy at home, you can have free prescription drug delivery, online doctor visits twenty-four seven, and free exercise classes. you can even receive money towards over-the-counter health items. call 1-866-336-3448 today and feel confident you have all the benefits you deserve for 2023. you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium, like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. call 1-866-336-3448 and make sure you're not missing out. is hat in the ring to replace outgoing speaker of the house nancy pelosi as house leader. the democrat from new york has been seen as pelosi successor and appears to have the support of the party. if successful, jeffries would be the first
5:40 pm
black person to lead a party in congress. the 52 year old has served in the house in 2013 and is currently the house caucus chairman. speaker pelosi has offered her support, saying quote yesterday i sat on the floor that the time has come for a new generation to lead our magnificent house democratic caucus. it is with pride, gratitude and confidence in their abilities that i salute chairman hakeem jeffries, assistant speaker katherine clark and vice chairman pete a. gila for being ready and willing to assume this awesome responsibility. republicans considering a run for the white house in 2024 will meet this this weekend in las vegas organizers of the republican jewish coalition's annual leadership meeting say the event is the unofficial beginning of the 2024 campaign season. donors are anxious and openly considering whether to embrace former president donald trump. he is the only major republican prospect not going but he will be speaking by videoconference while potential rivals for the governor ron desantis and former vice president mike pence will deliver speeches in person.
5:41 pm
today attorney general merrick garland named a special counsel to oversee the justice department's investigations into former president donald trump. veteran prosecutor jack smith will oversee the investigation into the presence of classified documents at trump's mar. a lago estate in florida will also oversee key aspects of a separate probe involving the january 6th insurrection and trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. based on recent developments, including the former president's announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election. and the sitting president stated intention to be a candidate as well. i have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special counsel. former president. trump has long maintained his innocence in both matters. and cern's over human rights, corruption, treatment of women and the lgbt q community coming up the biggest issues off the field surrounding the 2022 world cup plus no, i can finally
5:42 pm
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get exclusive offers on select new volvo models. contact your volvo retailer to learn more. prints services is celebrating national adoption day today, superior court judges and staff gathered at the county center courthouse for adoption day 2022 national adoption day is a time for courts and communities collaborate and finalize thousands of adoptions of children as well as honoring adopting families today about a dozen adoptive families welcome to foster child into permanent homes. the need is always present, and it's always amazing when families open their hearts to children in need of adoption, who had been in foster care for a considerable time period of time in their lives, and so in order to identify the appropriate parents appropriate
5:45 pm
living situation, it's important and it takes multiple agencies to do that. so we're just celebrating the camaraderie around the adoption process and sending people home with families in time for the holidays. congratulations to everyone there. judicial officials say the path to adoption is different for everyone, and every story is unique. his fans pouring a guitar for the world cup. they are learning beer with alcohol will not be poured at the tournaments, eight stadiums. in the last minute reversal, fifa announced the band today alcoholic beverages will still be allowed to be sold in fan festival areas and other licensed venues. but budweiser, who has been the beer sponsor of the world cup, since 1986 has spent millions of dollars importing product, which will now just be sitting around. the move is not a total surprise is alcohol sales are tightly controlled in the conservative muslim country. the 2022 world cup in qatar is shaping up to be
5:46 pm
one of the most controversial sporting events in history, accusations of human rights violations, abuse of migrant workers, poor treatment of women in the lgbtq community. ktvu is james torres examines these issues. videos from the group. human rights watch detailed the life of migrant workers in qatar . millions of migrant workers have built the infrastructure that was needed to host this world cup of something like 1.2 million visitors, and unfortunately they faced up widespread number of very serious abuses building this world cup pages. the deputy director of the rw chapter in the middle east. since 2010 when fifa awarded hosting rights to qatar h r w kept record of reported worker abuse within the host nation. we're talking about thousands of unexplained deaths , widespread wage theft. paying illegal recruitment fees. many of those workers signed on to be part of what's called the kafala
5:47 pm
system, offers visas and opportunities to earn fast cash , but very few laws protecting workers' health and rights were upheld by guitar. that system also required an employer signature to quit a job. people no longer wanted to work. there's kind of stacks of digital, you know, records over in these dozen years, but, you know, fifa is one of these institutions that when they want to, they really try not to listen, especially when it comes to come to human rights concerns . fifa says it did listen, the international organization sent me a statement saying in part, fifa is implementing an unprecedented due diligence process in relation to the protection of workers involved in the fifa world cup. qatar 2022 fifa has actively push for the implementation of broader labor reforms that apply to all companies and projects across the country and benefit all workers in qatar university of san francisco sports management professor michael goldman says
5:48 pm
that's all true pressured qatar to get rid of the kafala system and pass a number of laws to reform the migrant workers situation. could one say that that is a positive benefit. of awarding a tournament like this to a country that wanted to use the tournament to facilitate some of these changes on balance. yes. would we have liked to see that stuff happen earlier? sure because those changes weren't earlier. some question. if ethically, the world cup should move forward in a country with such a history of turning a blind eye to abuse. don haider is the executive director of the markelis center of applied ethics at santa clara university, the world cup and the olympics are supposed to celebrate humanity supposed to celebrate, you know, are what we have in common and yet when they are awarded to countries that have these poor records, um it's does almost always taint the event overall. so why did fifa
5:49 pm
select qatar as a host nation? the federation pitched to the world. the idea of broadening horizons and taking the tournament to the middle east for the first time in history if qatar had a massive population and was a hotbed of football development. it would make a lot more sense in terms of moving the world cup. there are hosting the world cup there, but many point to fifa's allegations of corruption, specifically dozens of fifa officials receiving suspensions and indictments for accepting bribes. president in 2010 set bladder nowadays calling qatar's winning bid a mistake. i don't think the idea of ah, of ah world cup tournament is defined countries that have horrible track records on civil rights and human rights and go there to try to work for change. you know, so the way it was awarded and the choice of awarding it to me is very suspect now leading up to the
5:50 pm
tournament, many soccer federations, including the united states, are raising awareness not just for the migrant workers, but also for the treatment of women. people of color and the lgbtq community detention. mistreatment in prison being sent to essentially forced conversion, you know centers, the u. s national team changing its logo to include rainbow colors. does it really influenced the qatari stakeholder? i'm not sure. does it make for some good media exposure and good pr for the u. s national team? yes doesn't keep us fans engaged and almost justifies the us team being there. yes experts say fifa with new leadership and pressure from stakeholders is now looking to move on from its corruption reputation. and in the future may avoid selecting countries with such controversial stories , though many human rights activists say there's so much more to be done to make right of the last 12 years, some experts
5:51 pm
say fifa accidentally may have been a catalyst for social change in qatar, just like apartheid in south africa and many other social systems. the informal nature of those systems take longer to work through. we might look back on this in a few decades time and say, well, that is a was a major inflection point. back on the weather front . it looks like your thanksgiving will be dry. hopefully your turkey will not be, but we're taking a look at the precipitation outlook for november 23rd through the 29th. and at this particular time, the only chances of unsettled weather returns on the 28th and 29th whether camera it is a gorgeous evening in progress after today's high temperatures above average and santa rosa at 67 that suspect though, at three o'clock today, i saw their reading their hourly reading at 73. degrees it was in the low seventies today towards travis 68, redwood city and in oakland . and how about 67 degrees and
5:52 pm
alejo and venetia martinez right now temperatures while still at 66 in santa rosa, high fifties and hayward through san leandro and san lorenzo 57 degrees sfo, backing through redwood shore's and redwood city. it is now 62 degrees of the rose garden district in san jose. winds generally under tomatoes per hour this early evening hour. then at sfo, calm and mountain view and the higher elevations. we've been picking up wins now. 41 mile per hour. mount diablo! it's been pretty gusty. they're all day long. we had a 51 mile per hour wind at mount st helena 43 mph when now and when the winds that gusty it dries out the atmosphere, relative humidity in our northern mountains right now at 21% we also have some gusty winds and throughout our higher elevations of our bridges and the altamont pass these winds up to 45. five mile per hour gusts statewide now 27 degrees in truckee. it's 49 in crescent city, 61 in san
5:53 pm
diego and 60 degrees clear skies and los angeles with tonight high wind warning going into effect with offshore winds. we're talking santa ana winds 45 guts at 70 at the grapevine. this is the reason for the winds, the culprit with insight slider. you see the clouds now over southern california, where the dry northerly and northeast winds behind that system as far as your future cast is concerned. we have storm stacked up, but they are staying away from the bay area. all the way past thanksgiving. maybe the day after or two. could we see some rainfall? no snow if you're heading to the high sierra for the thanksgiving holiday, we had temperatures pretty much below average and the thirties and in the forties, so just wrapping it all back up again. your weekend seasonal temperatures, but breezy conditions next week will be dry and next chance of rain by the end of the month. make it a great evening. thanks roberta . sweat ease. your girl is spoken coming up what taylor swift had to say about the bad blood brewing with ticketmaster and coming up at six o'clock.
5:54 pm
the governor accused him cities across the state of not being aggressive enough in addressing homelessness. the results of the meeting today to bring everyone to the table, plus some barrier leaders are in egypt for the global climate conference. how they hope ca fornia c
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comes after at least 1200 workers reportedly walked off the job yesterday, elon musk gave employees an ultimatum whether to stay or leave their jobs. meantime in court victory for twitter staff today, a judge ruled that twitter cannot force workers to sign away their rights to sue the company until all arguments are heard. there's
5:57 pm
some pretty bad blood over ticketmaster, canceling its general sales for taylor swift's eras tour decision, leaving many angry swifty's calling on her to speak out. and now she has foxes. actually, webster has details. pop star taylor swift, finally responding to the absolute chaos that has followed the sale of her concert tickets for upcoming tour next year, the pop star releasing a statement saying, in part quote, there are a multitude of reasons why people have such a hard time trying to get tickets and i'm trying to figure out how this situation can be improved, moving forward. i'm not going to make excuses for anyone because we asked them multiple times. if they could handle this kind of demand, and we were sure they could. it's truly amazing that 2.4 million people got tickets, but it really pisces me off that a lot of them feel like they went through several bear attacks to get them. the controversy started tuesday when ticketmaster's pre sell for verified fans just couldn't keep
5:58 pm
up with the intense demand with literally millions shut out from getting a chance to buy tickets. ticketmaster then canceled today's public sale, blaming extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand. the secondary market, though, reaping the rewards, the most expensive tickets of pre sale around $500 the cheapest tickets now in the nosebleeds are going for more than $700. and let's just say fans are not happy. what has happened here with these tickets and the fans? i want to go to the show, and it means a lot to them. and whatever is so absurd and disgusting that like i don't understand how ticketmaster is still in business, not just one investigation, but multiple is a handful of states have announced their plans to investigate. meantime other lawmakers also calling for the break up of live nation that's the country's largest concert promoter and ticketmaster's parent company,
5:59 pm
which they say has a stranglehold on ticket sales to top events. the white house has also said it is following the situation closely live nation has responded to the criticism and, interestingly blames swifts popularity. only 1.5 million verified. fans were expected to visit the site on tuesday. instead, that number it came in. at 14 million. i'm actually webster reporting for fox business back to you. this is ktvu fox two news at six. defrauded investors in technology that never worked years after the downfall of theranos a federal judge sentenced elizabeth holmes today to spend more than a decade in prison. a big part of his rationale for this tough sentence was that he wants, you know the sense to deter people from behaving this way. the founder of the failed blood
6:00 pm
testing company learned her fate in the san jose courtroom this afternoon. good evening. i'm greg lee cristina rendon. the case garnered international attention and brought new scrutiny into the tech industry . we begin tonight with homes. she was sentenced to 11 years, three months in prison after being convicted of four counts of fraud in january. she teared up in court after the judge read the sentencing. ktvu is evan sernoffsky was in the courtroom and has more on the implications of the trial. elizabeth holmes was tearful in court as she received this rather lengthy sentence. she's free until at least april 27th when she was ordered to self surrender to federal authorities today marks an end to a more than year long legal saga. judge edward davila sentence homes to 135 months in federal prison that's 11 and a quarter years she also will have to do three years of supervised release and handing down his sentence. the judge called the case of tragedy. recognizing holmes was brilliant, but wondered if she had lost her moral c


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