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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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afternoon. good evening. i'm greg lee cristina rendon. the case garnered international attention and brought new scrutiny into the tech industry . we begin tonight with homes. she was sentenced to 11 years, three months in prison after being convicted of four counts of fraud in january. she teared up in court after the judge read the sentencing. ktvu is evan sernoffsky was in the courtroom and has more on the implications of the trial. elizabeth holmes was tearful in court as she received this rather lengthy sentence. she's free until at least april 27th when she was ordered to self surrender to federal authorities today marks an end to a more than year long legal saga. judge edward davila sentence homes to 135 months in federal prison that's 11 and a quarter years she also will have to do three years of supervised release and handing down his sentence. the judge called the case of tragedy. recognizing holmes was brilliant, but wondered if she had lost her moral compass.
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prior to the sentence. holmes herself addressed the court, tearfully pleading with the judge for leniency and compassion, saying she wished she did things differently, and that she quote realized her dreams too quickly. we spoke to journalist john kerry roof, he broke the thoroughness fraud for the wall street journal back in 2015 and wrote the definitive book bad blood on the saga. here's what he said. it's a stiff sentence. it's a tough sentence. but i think ah, justice has been served in that this was a brazen fraud in which he defrauded not only investors , but she put patients in harm's way. and as the judge himself said, you know, this is a cautionary tale for silicon valley. if you remember holmes was convicted on four counts of fraud and conspiracy in january , the jury found she deceived investors, claiming her technology could do hundreds of tests with a single drop of blood. when her machines didn't work, she began using third
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party analyzers on actual patients. elizabeth holmes sneaked out the back door and into a waiting suv and gave no reaction to waiting members of the press. yes. she'll be back in court for a restitution hearing where the judge will determine how much money she owes those investors at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news what are the victims of the shooting at ragsdale high school in oakland back in september, has died. the oakland unified school districts has the victim , david sakurai was a carpenter with the district. he was one of six people who were shot. police say more than 30 rounds were fired after at least two gunmen entered the continuation high school on the king of state's campus in east oakland. a security guard counselor. another campus employee, and two adult students were also injured in unified school district superintendent kyla johnson. trammell issued a statement today saying in part we are devastated by the loss of david and we are heartbroken for his family community mourns the loss
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of an $0 hero and will be forever grateful for david's nearly two decades of service. to our students, families, staff and schools. we now know the identities of the five people who died in a wrong way. crash on highway four in pittsburgh. three of the victims were children. the investigation still ongoing as to why one of the drivers was going the wrong way, authorities say the driver of the hyundai elantra, who was going the wrong way was 27 year old tiara tucker of galileo. she was killed along with three girls in her car. five year old maria mihailovic, four year old kalani, johnson, ochoa and nine year old qalea johnson ochoa. all three children were from valeo, the driver of the ford flex, who died was identified as 44 year old the sandra good vacaville. the crash happened shortly after midnight early thursday morning just west of loveridge road off ramp in pittsburgh. the launch was spotted near railroad avenue going the wrong way. heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of the highway. it smashed head
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on into the suv. the chp is asking anyone with information about the crash to give them a call. at six, the contra costa county district attorney has concluded that the shooting and killing of a man by pittsburgh police last year was justified. officers shot and killed patrick watkins on may 20th of last year outside his ex girlfriend's apartment on loveridge road. police say watkins was holding a gun and ignored the officer's commands before walking up a stairwell. two officers fired their guns at him before he collapsed and was pronounced dead at the scene. the d, a determined that both officers acted within reasonable belief that deadly force was necessary . neither officer will face criminal charges. jose mother is in jail tonight accused of suffocated one of her children, a seven month old who was breastfeeding 29 year old selena juarez, made her first court appearance this afternoon. ktvu domenici, donna explains why police believe the mother is criminally responsible for the death of her baby. this is
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absolutely an emotional and troubling case not only for the surviving family members but also for the officers who responded to the scene and provided cpr and first aid to an eight month old child. police officers were called to this home on hurling ham wait just after three o'clock on november , 4th court records show they found one nearly eight month old twin, unconscious and the other , not breathing after being placed on life support. one of the twins died at the hospital the following day. doctors told investigators she experienced respiratory failure and cardiac arrest from not breathing for a prolonged period and i think this community as a whole understands that this isn't a normal type of case. they want to know more facts and i think the court as it proceeds through the court case will give us that information. the girl's mother, 29 year old selena juarez, was arrested for murder along with other child endangerment and assault charges and now being held on no bail. according to court documents. she told
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investigators that babies were sick and being fussy all day, admitting she was frustrated when she went to breastfeed them, she said she usually bottle feeds them but wanting to give them the proper nutrients. she intentionally pushed one of the babies against her breast, not allowing her to come up for air, frustrated that she wouldn't latch on. juarez told police she felt the baby gasping for air and so her legs kicking but continued to push the baby against her for about 10 minutes before placing the baby's unconscious body on the bed. court records show. she then did the same to the second twin, not allowing her to come up for air and placing her on the bed when she wasn't breathing. where is said she waited 20 minutes before asking her mother in the other room for help. her brother later came home and called 911 because she was the only person in the room at the time of this incident, and was in charge of the care of the children and based on the preliminary facts and circumstances that we
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collected at the scene in conjunction with witness statements and preliminary information from the coroner's office, we feel that she is the primary person responsible for this act, and it was an intentional act was hospitalized for an unknown medical incident . after all of this happened, she's expected back in court next month, where she is expected to enter a plea. in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu fox two news. chinese american man for many iraqis finally getting an apology decades after being a victim of discrimination, any ox mayor presented the apology to 98 year old alfred chan. today chan was refused service in any restaurant 80 years ago because of his race. the mayor says the discrimination happened at a difficult time in the city's history. specifically ah expelled early chinese immigrants from our from our city. that sustain that we'll have to live with for the rest of our lives. doesn't mean that people who were impacted by that legacy. uh i have to have that
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only thing only have that memory to remember. chan was emotional during the presentation and says he appreciates the city's apology. six governor newsom today gave city and county leaders an ultimatum either step up with their homelessness, response plans or lose funding. this comes two weeks after the governor rejected their proposed plans and blocked $1 billion for homelessness. the meeting lasted about two hours. what came out of it? cities and counties will get their share of the money as soon as next week. as long as they sign an agreement to step up their plans to get people off the streets. so far, at least 21 of the 75 leaders have agreed. one thing we haven't balanced tipped the balance. is we have flooded the zone in terms of financial support on homelessness in the last few years, and what i want to see is what everybody wants to see. the streets of california cleaned up. governor newsom also said
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the meeting was productive and necessary to get everyone on the same page. oakland community group is calling for accountability from city leaders on blight in the flatland neighborhoods, the organization faith in action. east bay held a press conference this morning focused on the illegal dumping in the area of 45th avenue and bond street. they say that area is just piled with abandoned cars and trash from encampments . they say illegal dumping, combined with criminal activity is causing a health and safety crisis for the people who live there and for nearby schools. we know our neighborhoods are not treated fairly. city officials would never allow mountains of trash and abandoned vehicles to pile up in the hills neighborhoods. and we refuse to accept that our children have to step over piles of trash to go to school. residents say they don't wish to displace the un housed who live there, but they want to make the neighborhood safe for everyone. the group is calling for the cleanup to
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happen within 72 hours. coming up better late than never. after more than a decade of work. the central subway is getting ready for its first passengers. wildfire nearly wiped out grizzly flats and el dorado county last year how members of congress are demanding answers about some of the actions that were not taken to protect that town. and lots of sunshine today across the entire bay area looks like a pleasant forecast. as we head into the weekend, we'll have the update coming up after the break. but first, a new turn in the investigations into former president donald trump. the implications behind the justice department appointing a special counsel. and we'll get give you a live. look here of the evening commute. this is a look at highway 24 going through lafayette, heavy in both directions more so in the eastbound direction with all those lights heading to us. you're watching ktvu news at six.
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he resigned after ceo elon musk gave them an ultimatum. yesterday twitter had 7500 full time employees worldwide at the end of last month. about half of them were laid off two weeks ago , leaving about 3700 workers. the new york times reports 1200 of them resigned yesterday, leaving about 1500 employees on the payroll. that does not include the more than 5000 contract workers who were laid off. today must reportedly urged software engineers of the company to report to headquarters this afternoon. he also encouraged employees based elsewhere to fly in for an all hands meeting. former twitter employees say they believe the site will struggle to perform well with only a small number of staff, maintaining it. also today a u. s. district court judge ruled in favor of former twitter employees in a lawsuit, the judge ruling that twitter cannot force workers to waive their rights to sue the company until all arguments are heard. a special counsel was named today
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to lead the two federal investigations into the actions of former president trump is fox's caroline shively tells us the special counsel is pledging to exercise independent judgment and follow the facts in the probes. on friday, attorney general merrick garland appointed a legal powerhouse to serve as special counsel to oversee twin investigations involving former president donald trump. one probe covers classified documents found at trump's florida state. the other examines the january 6th riot and efforts to reverse the 2020 election special counsel, he will exercise independent prosecutorial judgment to decide whether charges should be brought. jack smith will head up the investigation for the department of justice. he served as the chief prosecutor for the special court in the hague, charged with investigating war crimes in kosovo since 2018 now he'll have a team of lawyers in d. c it's really mara lago, that i would be most worried about if i were on the trump team. trump tells fox digital. he won't
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partake in the investigation, calling it unfair and so political. the announcement comes just three days after the former president launched a new bid for the white house where he took the moral lago investigation head on. i said, why didn't you raid bush's place? why didn't you rate clinton president biden ignored reporters questions about the investigation on friday, but white house officials say the doj is operating independently. we are not involved. we are not . we have not been aware about this particular investigation or any criminal criminal investigation, the special counsel will focus on trump's actions and will not look into ongoing cases against january 6th the rioters in washington, carolina, lively fox news today . president biden spoke out on what he calls the success of the economy. me under the first two years of his administration. the president said he believes the u . s. is in a better position to lead on the economy than any other country in the world. he said the u. s has had a jobs
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every month of his presidency for a total of more than 10 million jobs, and he said there's been progress in tempering inflation. inflation in the grocery store is coming down slightly prices for things like clothes and television and appliances are going down as well as we head into the holidays. this week was all the growth and prices and business paid for goods and services to come down as well. president biden said that infrastructure and climate legislation passed under his administration will also help lower prices and create more jobs weekend for president biden and his family. for the first time in nine years . there will be a wedding at the white house tomorrow. president biden's granddaughter, naomi biden, and her fiance, peter neal, will tie the knot at 1600 , pennsylvania avenue. the ceremony will take place on the south lawn, followed by a black tie reception. since 18 12. there have only been 18 white house weddings. details on this one are being kept under wraps.
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i think this is one of the most guarded and best kept secrets ever is. what is this wedding going to look like going to be a wedding infused with a lot of love a lot of laughter and traditions. tricia nixon was walked down the aisle by her dad , president nixon and a lavish affair. more recently, jenna bush helped her wedding reception at the white house after her through 2008 wedding in texas. the white house says the biden family will pick up the costs. president biden will also celebrate his 80th birthday on sunday. oh barry, a weather lots of sunshine today. remember yesterday we had some high clouds today. those clouds kind of swept out of the region, leaving us with lots of blue sky. also a bit of some wind, especially for the higher elevations of the areas. so not everybody picking up the strong winds because he's somebody had the gusts throughout the day, mount st helena 58 miles an hour , mount diablo 48 miles an hour . fairfield travis air force base 25 miles an hour, not tam,
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a gust of up to 20 miles an hour , still breezy in those spots tonight and into you were early tomorrow morning. highest from this afternoon. lots of sixties a few spots right around 70 degrees. so was a mild friday after that chile's tart this morning. the afternoon hours fairly nice and well, basically repeat this forecast into saturday and sunday cold start tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine. still lots of sunshine for your sunday with temperatures on track to reach the sixties. here is our satellite showing you the clouds from moving out from yesterday, leaving us with clear skies. and current numbers out there. san francisco right now. 56 center was a 64 livermore 57. fairfield has cooled off to 58 degrees. here's our live camera tonight. a beautiful shot above san francisco was still mostly clear conditions. another cold start tomorrow morning, thirties and forties to start out your saturday morning, but nice recovery into the afternoon hours. we'll talk about those mild temperatures and maybe some rain chances next week. it's a
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slight chance like more about that chance with your full update. in a few minutes, mark. thank you knew it. six members of congress are demanding answers from the forest service after last year's kaldor fire near lake tahoe, that fire burned 221,000 acres and destroyed more than 1000 buildings in august of last year , both in california senators and several house members, including so lofgren and marcus sanya, as well as mike thompson sent a letter to the forest service and investigation from cap radio found or c ap radio rather found that the forest service failed to take action that could have saved the town of grizzly flats before service has not yet commented on the allegations. korea is at it again with its missile testing, and the u. s. is taking new action to try to stop it, and a new terminal is opening up in santa rosa airport, and authorities are setting their expectations high sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared. keeping binaxnow handy makes it easy to test.
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nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. to stop its ballistic missile testing. this follows the second test in a month, and it's foxes jeff paul tells us this latest missiles range includes the mainland united states. we again call for north korea to stop further unlawful destabilizing acts condemnation coming quickly following the latest missile launch from north korea. it happened early friday for the second time in a month and north launching an i c b m to the west . this time it landed about 120
6:23 pm
miles off the coast of japan, but officials say this missile was far more advanced and with a range of more than 9000 miles, it could reach any target in the mainland united states. you know , it is a reckless act that escalates the provocation against the entire international community. the large comes as world leaders meet in thailand for an annual asian economic summit representing the u. s vice president, kamala harris quickly convened a meeting of america's regional allies with five other countries joining the u. s and condemning the launch conduct by north korea must recently is a brazen violence. the multiple when security resolutions destabilizes security in the region and unnecessarily raises tensions. south korea responding quickly holding bombing drills with stealth fighter jets following the cbm launch, while the state department works to get china, north korea's main ally to join the pressure campaign, continue to be open to engaging with the
6:24 pm
prc to manage the threat posed by the dprk, not just in the region, but the threat that they pose. more broadly, officials in japan say the missile launch today was designed to carry multiple warheads for potential nuclear strike. in london. jeff paul ktvu fox two tubes today was the final full day of the united nations climate change conference in egypt. san francisco assembly member matt haney has been at the conference all week and addressed a gathering on tuesday. he spoke with his alive this morning on mornings on two and said that despite setting goals on carbon, many wealthy nations are seeing their greenhouse gas emissions rise. he hopes california can lead the way. california has set a bold goal of cutting our emissions by about half of the levels that they were in 1990 by 2030. we've kind of flatlined a bit, so people have to be prepared for the investments and the changes that are needed to get this done. because if we don't, uh, things are going to get much worse than they are now
6:25 pm
, the messages at the clock is ticking and california not only needs to set these goals but meet them. we're learning that u. s climate envoy john kerry has tested positive for covid while attending the climate talks. a spokeswoman says he is experiencing mild symptoms and continues to work by phone. but it's a potential setback for negotiations that were already going into overtime with no result in sight. there were hopes that the u. s. and china might reach an agreement on helping vulnerable nations recover from climate related disasters. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. after years of waiting people will have a chance to ride the central subway starting this weekend, but it will take some time before the entire extension is up to speed plus, airports are getting busier, with more people starting their thanksgiving travel when they area airports expect things to pick up the most and later in sports. oakland athletics executive billy beane transitioning into a new role with the organization. we'll share what lies ahead for him.
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it's the subway series menu! 12 irresistible subs... like #11 subway club. piled with turkey, ham and roast beef. this sub isn't slowing down any time soon. i'll give it a run for its money. my money's on the sub. it's subway's biggest refresh yet. so elizabeth holmes was sentenced to 10 jose in a san jose courtroom today to more than 11 years in prison for defrauding investors in her blood testing. startup homes address the court pleading for leniency and expressing regret she is pregnant and was ordered to surrender in april. the victims in a deadly crash on highway four near pittsburgh had
6:29 pm
been identified. the crash happened yesterday. authorities say the driver who was going the wrong way was 27 year old tiara tucker. she was killed along with three girls in her car, five year old mariah mojsilovic , four year old kehlani, johnson , ochoa and nine year old kolia johnson, ochoa. the driver. the other car involved was 44 year old sandra good. one of the victims in the shooting at ragsdale high school in oakland back in september, has died, the oakland unified school district says david sakurai was a carpenter with the district. he was one of the six people who were shot after last after at least two gunmen opened fire at the continuation high school. no arrests have been made watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the long wait is finally over the central subway in san francisco is set to have trains rolling tomorrow and improved way to get round, bypassing heavy traffic and congestion. here's where it goes. it spans nearly two miles and runs from fourth in brennan streets to chinatown. it will
6:30 pm
stop along the way in yerba buena and union square and be accessible to other bart and muni lines from the powell street station. ktvu. brooks jarocz is in san francisco with how the extension is bringing about anticipation and relief. it's a long awaited debut starting saturday. the central subway will have special weekend service from eight am to midnight connecting soma to here in chinatown. so many years, everybody waiting for it took four years to design more than a decade of construction than a year of testing. now it's finally opening. better than that. right central subway in san francisco starting this weekend spanning 1.7 miles, beginning at fourth and brandon stopping at mosconi center, union square and market street and ending in chinatown. if you're trying to get to chinatown from anywhere in the park system anywhere in the muni metro system change trains at
6:31 pm
palace st. get on the central subway one stop here in chinatown in 90 seconds, it'll open up the whole region to chinatown businesses here. the tunneling work underground has caused headaches above ground for as long as some business owners can remember my problem, the noise, the dust, the constant construction racket. i don't know why they take so long. they heard the business a lot. we are waiting for 10 years . can you believe that raymond hong has carried on his parents' photo business for 30 years and hopes business will boom when the trains roll in. don't have to walk, take i take the subway to come out here sweating so pretty hard. even tourists agree the central subway is a less strenuous option better easier. definitely yeah. trains will run every 12 minutes free fares for the rest of the year from the four stations convenient. have
6:32 pm
been met business in chinatown. i hope they will be better. i hope i hope welcoming riders to enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors. this is how business owners sum it up. very good. knowing that this connection has been a long time coming, and we're just hoping that starting saturday morning, you'll see that it was all worth it beginning in early january, news service through the central subway is expected to run seven days a week. connecting here in chinatown, all the way to sunnydale in san francisco. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. the santa clara county department of family and children's services celebrated national adoption day today, superior court judges and staff gathered at the county center courthouse for adoption day 2022 national adoption days when courts and communities collaborate to finalize thousands of adoptions of children and honor adopting families today 13 adoptive families welcome 13 foster children. into permanent homes.
6:33 pm
the need is always present, and it's always amazing when families open their hearts to children in need of adoption, who had been in foster care for a considerable time. period of time in their lives, and so in order to identify the appropriate parents, the appropriate living situation, it's important and it takes multiple agencies to do that. so we're just celebrating the camaraderie around the adoption process and sending people home with families in time for the holidays, judicial officials say the path to adoption is different for everyone, and every story is unique. the busy holiday travel season is getting underway. here's a live look tonight at sfo, where more than 140,000 people are expected to pass through by the end of today , airport officials are urging travelers to arrive early check availability in parking garages . spots can be reserved online ahead of your flight. we've
6:34 pm
really worked hard to put in a lot of features and amenities in our terminals to help reduce the level of stress and anxiety that comes with air travel. san jose airport is also expecting a busy next few weeks. they estimate nearly half a million people will travel through san jose until the end of the month. and in oakland, the peak of travel season likely won't start until next wednesday. well just in time for the busy holiday travel season. the sonoma county airport is ramping up big time to become a real option for future holiday business and wine . country tourists. ktvu tom vacar spend the day there and has this report. this week, charles m. schulz sonoma county airport opened a new terminal departure lounge and baggage area, part of the ongoing $40 million modernization. the theme of this renovation. what else? the beloved peanuts characters, the creation of the airports, namesake cartoonist charles m. schulz everything is new using
6:35 pm
the highest state of technologies, including two passenger friendly security lanes and new baggage carousel. absolutely beautiful. getting the 7 30 sevens in here. is phenomenal. it's beautiful. last time they had just tend to more or less up tent for staging area. but then he had the front door open. you did not go around it. but besides that, yeah, it looks a lot nicer. and looks a little little better two than what it was before, even though some 9000 air passengers come to the north bay daily more than 90% of them use other airports such as the cfo and oakland. we consider our market really sandra fell north, and if you look at the drive time that makes sense for us, and in that area, there's about 860,000 people. but this gives this airport opportunities to compete for more future passengers. even some from sfo and oakland as
6:36 pm
well as more airlines. as the airline industry recovers. they are interested in our market and we do continue those discussions and we are looking at new opportunities like chicago or boise and also up, gauging and increasing frequency with our current providers. i have been flying into sacramento. and driving over and now with the way the airports growing, i'm coming directly. and if you're going somewhere for a few days, it's just $13 a night to park your car right here at the airport. it's served by the sonoma airport express and get this. it's just a mile from the smart train terminal, which goes all the way. clarksburg currently alaska american and a new carrier abalo provide passenger service this year. sonoma county airport is on track to have the most passengers ever. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. record winter storm in upstate new york has already claimed the lives of two people and the state's governor
6:37 pm
is concerned that things could get worse and a little later it is the ultimate christmas gift for animals for adoption. how can you square shoppers are being called on to consider adding a ew
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fierce winter storm. more than four ft of snow is expected to fall, and it could break records. already two deaths are
6:40 pm
being blamed on the lake effect. snowstorm and tow trucks are having a hard time reaching dozens of stranded drivers. the area south of buffalo is getting slammed with heavy snow and even thunder schools were closed. amtrak train service shut down flights even canceled. fox's medal in rivera is in buffalo tonight with the latest getting two o'clock a lot like christmas . the massive leak effect. blizzard hitting northern new york isn't over yet. but throughout the area roads are closed. flights are canceled, and folks are working hard to dig out. the worst of the snowfall so far is to the south of buffalo times, like hamburg and orchard park, already getting hit, with more than three ft of snow officials now urging residents to stay safe. and stay off the roads, please. if you don't have to go out, don't go out. it will help us with our snow plowing efforts throughout the city. but in downtown buffalo, there were still plenty of people walking around despite worsening conditions as the snow accumulates the ice, i think is
6:41 pm
where many people draw the line . the ice the isis, where so many dangerous things can happen . we can follow. we can slip and for some tourists who had never seen snow before it was the perfect excuse to dive in and enjoy. the blizzard fell over once, and i made a somewhat angel, but snowball fights for sure. i've got a pretty good arm on me, but it could be a different story over the weekend. the snowfall is expected to be intensify on friday night and continue through sunday. for longtime residents. this is just another day in buffalo. we will shovel out. it's not we're going to make it. a state of emergency has been declared for 11 counties and buffalo, new york mother rivera fox news. and a barrier whether we have a pretty quiet to patterns take us into the weekend. lots of sunshine cold mornings, but the afternoon hours it's great to get outside . we'll have more of your forecast coming up. all right, mark. we'll see you soon. let's go to ktvu. is alex savage. now with a look at some of the
6:42 pm
stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus, thank you coming up tonight at seven more turmoil at twitter or coverage continues on elon musk's takeover. and his question to twitter users tonight about former president trump potentially returning to the platform, plus flu season off to an early and aggressive start in some parts of the united states. we hear from doctors who are warning that we have not seen the worst yet those stories and much more coming up tonight live at seven over on ktvu plus all right, alex. thank you. but first after the break, we are only a few days away from the world cup. why some fans are already disappointed about the stadium experience in qatar.
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san jose, but with some big changes. aloha downtown skate roller wink rink will replace downtown ice this holiday season. this video from last year. obviously when it was ice skating, the roller rank is set to open tomorrow at circle of palms plaza on market street. that's the same place where downtown ice has been for 26 years. organizers say the design around 32 palm trees lit with programmable led lights will be familiar to anyone who skated previously at the ice rink. tomorrow is also the opening of the 38th great dickens christmas fair and victorian holiday party at the cal palace and daly city. it's returning after a two year hiatus. the fare includes an immersive experience into victorian london with costumed players performing their music shops, pubs, dance floors and more. it is also expanded this year to include an ice skating rink with unlimited skate time and a christmas tree lot. well
6:46 pm
another favorite site of the holiday season is back in san francisco. cute adoptable cats and dogs have returned to those holiday windows at macy's and union square. ktvu christian captain tells us how you can help those pets. indeed, even if you might not want to take one home two. one. in union square, a sure sign of the holidays was unveiled the return of the holiday windows at macy's on union square, featuring some of the cutest holiday helpers you've ever seen. the furry friends gone for two years of the pandemic, but we definitely have missed it, so it just picks up the season haven't been down the union square in a while, but we live in san francisco, so we're like i'll check it out. the windows are cuteness for a cause. san francisco's spock says the annual event is a way for them to connect puppies and kittens with their forever families. this year is a little bit different. it's a mix of the digital plus the life but we expect to adopt probably close to 500 animals this month
6:47 pm
between being here at macy's and our adoption center admission. and there are volunteers on hand, even if passersby can't bring home a furry friend if we're not able to, um adult right now, um, you can leave a little donation and the animals and we will will be great really appreciate it on the embarcadero , the 36th annual building lighting ceremony and carnival got underway. there were photo ops with the characters from frozen games and even a visit from saint nick himself. it was enough to get anyone in the holiday mood came in here and i look around. i see the snow flying around. it's like okay. wow i haven't been down here in a while and i look around and see all the smiling faces and people just having fun out here, and i'm here to do the same for the family fund here at the embarcadero will be topped off with a sure sign that the holidays are here. the buildings of the embarcadero will be outlined with 17,000 twinkling holiday lights after sundown. in san francisco christian caftan
6:48 pm
ktvu fox studios. and it will feel like christmas. sally's for the morning hours that morning chills the possibly from frost, but the afternoon it is great if you like the mild temperatures, lots of sixties and that'll be the case all weekend long. here is the long range forecast. we're kind of locked in this dry weather pattern. we once had hopes of maybe some rainfall on tuesday. but that system is kind of falling apart at most, maybe a slight chance of a sprinkle in the north bay and then beyond tuesday can see what happens. it looks like a dry weather forecast will take this into thursday for thanksgiving. looks like we're not mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the sixties. at least that's how it looks at this early stage for this weekend, though, another cold start tomorrow morning, mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours and pretty much a duplicate forecast into a sunday as well. no big changes headed our way. here's a satellite as he can't see some high clouds from earlier today. kind of clearing on out kicking on out to the south. so right now we have mostly clear skies and current numbers out there
6:49 pm
for the six o'clock our san francisco 56 santa rosa. that's it's still pretty warm there, 64 livermore 57 in san jose. 61 degrees. here's a live camera tonight, looking out toward the golden gate bridge out toward the marin headlands as well. so not much in the way of fog here. just mostly clear skies for tonight, and we'll wake up to some pretty cold mornings to cold temperatures tomorrow morning, thirties and forties, so possibly some frost and some of the inland valleys. first thing tomorrow morning for your saturday and then into the afternoon hours. it'll be mild out there. you could basically be outside of the shirt or light sweater temperatures in the sixties around 62 to 68 degrees . lake tahoe current temperatures in the twenties and the thirties and looks like a nice forecast in the sierra as well for saturday, mostly sunny skies and a little bit of a warm up in the sunday and then partly sunny skies into next week. so here's what's happening. you can see this big trough out here over kind of approach in southern california that's a generating some wind down
6:50 pm
towards southern california. but for us that actually cleared things out and this weekend, no big changes. this big area of high pressure wants to return. and with that same morning frost with mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. but with that pattern, the winds on the increase in a red flag fire warning in southern california this weekend we could have winds going up about 40 miles an hour and very drive relative humidity around 10% for us back home. lots of sunshine tomorrow after the chilly start a great day to get outside for your saturday afternoon temperatures in the sixties and really not changing too much for your sunday we'll call it a pleasant day. partly sunny skies on monday tuesday high clouds looks like partly sunny on wednesday. no turkey on this five day forecast just yet, but it looks like we'll have a dry conditions as we do head towards thanksgiving. mark thank you. we still have a couple of weeks left in ktvu is annual 20th annual one warm coat drive . if you have a gently worn coat or jacket that you'd like to donate to bay area families, just take it to any participating ups store or big oh tire store. there are dozens
6:51 pm
of drop off sites around the bay area. just visit ktvu dot com slash one warm coat for a list of locations. you can also scan the q r code here on your screen are one warm coat drive runs through december, the fourth coming up in sports. the 49ers practicing in colorado springs as they prepare to take on the cardinals in mexico city here what head coach kyle shanahan had to say as the niners look to extend their winning streak, and here's a look at tonight's lineup on ktvu. you can catch w w e smackdown tonight at eight and be sure to join us for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. e'll be what makes the train so magical? it's not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. it's about where it goes. to places. and faces. and the warmest of memories. the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away.
6:52 pm
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is getting a mixed reaction from soccer fans. the world cup is going dry beer will not be sold at its world cup stadiums in qatar. alcohol will only be served in special hospitality areas that are not accessible to most fans. the quick change comes this is surprise to some while others don't mind watching without a beer in hand. i've been to several world cups, and it's the first time that not even in the stadium, there was
6:55 pm
think bad because for me here and football hand in hand, really don't care about we're not had a drink beer. we had to watch the soccer game. we're here to watch. the world class soccer's we can't get it anywhere in the world. he's focused. alcohol sales are tightly controlled in qatar, but fans will be able to celebrate with beer in the evenings in the designated fifa fan festival area. reminder for you when the world cup is on ktvu starting next monday, you can still watch our newscast. just click over to our second channel ktvu plus during those matches, you'll find mornings on two on channel six on comcast and at and t or on channel 36 over the air and on direct tv. san francisco 40 niners are practicing in colorado as they prepare to battle the arizona cardinals monday night in mexico city. the niners are practicing in colorado springs this week to help them adapt to the high altitude of mexico city. look at that snow. but dude temperature is around 15 degrees and that
6:56 pm
snow, the team decided to move practice indoors today, working out at the air force academy. 49ers headed to this week's matchup against the cardinals with some momentum after winning their last two games. head coach kyle shanahan says he likes what he's seen recently from his players. each week. we are going to little bit better, and that's kind of the goal. to get better. the more you practice, the more you play together, and as this all goes and you're gonna have some guys in some guys out, hopefully always get more guys back. but, um, this is usually where the real football happens. as a 49ers continue to spread the ball around. one player who is not seeing many touches is wide receiver deebo samuel. this week, our own jason appelbaum sat down with grant code of sports illustrated, who's in mexico city covering this week's game, and here's what he had to say about devos usage so far this season. looking at the roster. i think you may tweeted something out earlier in the week about jimmy garoppolo success rate throwing to brandon aiyuk and some of the other players versus deebo samuel, and it kind of took me aback. not as effective passing the depo it seems like with the addition of
6:57 pm
christian mccaffrey, and maybe even before they're having trouble involved in involving some of their best weapons like kittle and deebo. why do you think that is well, it's on kyle santa hand when they traded for christian mccaffrey, one of my critiques was a kyle's having a tough time getting the ball to all of those playmakers, as is now he's got another mouth to feed. let's see him perform this juggling act, and so far, it's like he can get mccaffrey now you involved but you'll forget about debo and kittle. uh so he's got some work to do there. at the same time. debo doesn't look like the same guys last year. frankly, he looks a little bigger, a little slow. our a little less explosive. he's still a very strong guy. very stupid. it's really hard to take him down. he's still a good running back. but as a wide receiver, they're not getting him the ball this year and it's been going on for more than a month. really he had a good game against the rams at home. he had that catch broke away. but since then what's the last? deebo? samuel highlight? you remember, so he got paid a lot. it's sort of on him to find that urgency
6:58 pm
that he played with last year for so long. you can catch jason's full interview with grant cohn sunday morning on gmc sports weekend and that airs at 8:30 a.m. right here on ktvu. long time oakland athletics executive billy beane is taking on a new role with the organization today, the a's announced that being is stepping away from day to day operations to become the senior adviser to owner john fisher. the move allows being to pursue other non baseball interests. david force will now lead david forest will now leave baseball operations, maintaining his title of general manager. all right time for a little check this out. you are looking at highmark stadium today in buffalo, new york. the result of a massive snowstorm that dumped more than three ft of snow in buffalo. the bills were supposed to play here on sunday against the browns, but the game has been moved to destroy due to weather conditions. mark probably a wise decision. excellent decision. yes i mean, it looks it looks pretty right and there's more on the way, which is amazing, but you don't want to play around,
6:59 pm
and that's not a ight. not fun . will you marry me? . (ringtone playing) one moment, please. really, you're going to answer that right now? it's leonard. i don't want to be rude. -hello? -oh, hey, where you been? we've been calling you for hours. oh, i'm sorry, my phone was on "airplane" mode. why? because i was on an airplane. hey, put him on speaker. -yeah. -hey, where are you? sheldon: i came to princeton to see amy. it's a funny story, actually. i was having lunch with dr. nowitzki, and she kissed me. -excuse me? -what? i'm sorry? and in that moment, i realized that amy was the only woman i ever wanted to kiss for the rest of my life. so, i came to new jersey to ask her to marry me.
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-oh, that's so sweet. -(chuckling) -sheldon... -yeah, although there was one man whose blessing i needed first. i've thought about it, and i really want to spend the rest of my life with amy. do i have your blessing? well, sheldon... ...i think you should make her finger like saturn and put a ring on it. you asked stephen hawking and not her father? sheldon: stephen hawking's a genius. if he said no, i wasn't gonna waste my time on her father. but you did ask my father? i did. he said yes. although, not in a robot voice, so it wasn't nearly as cool. okay. oh, my god, i can't believe you guys are engaged. sheldon: we're not engaged, yet. she's taking forever to answer. because you're on the phone! we'll call you back. (ringtone chiming)


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