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appear to be getting in the way of a busy start to the holiday travel season, according to triple a 54.6 million people plan to fly hop on trains or drive to holiday destinations between now and the sunday after thanksgiving. it is more proof that travel all is bouncing back from the pandemic. ktvu is elissa harrington caught up with travelers at san francisco international tonight, hoping to get a head start on travelers waiting until next week to head out. we are going to visit family. so my mother, my siblings. they all live in germany and his children were at sfo friday afternoon to beat the thanksgiving travel rush and border flight for an extended visit with family overseas. driving out here was a little bit crowded, but other than that, it's okay. but i see the lines into the security is quite long expects a busy holiday travel season with its highest number since before the pandemic. an estimated 140,000 travelers are expected to pass through from friday through
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thanksgiving week. in baggage claim we found sarah waiting to pick up her son who flew homen e from college for thanksgiving. andis birthday. it was a happy reunion when his flight landed, especially for dog shell. it was good it was. it was really laid back. it wasn't like heck, because i thought triple a anticipates more than 4.5 million americans will fly over the thanksgiving holiday. that's up from 4.18 million last year and expect wednesday. to be the busiest day at airports and on the roads were right on par with pre pandemic numbers as far as volume of people traveling, so it's going to be congested. you know, there are a lot less flights of the limited lift in terms of what's available flying compared to what we did in 2019 , so that volume with less availability means a lot of crowds month or two. almost every flight has been full, in fact, that the flight i'm going
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in there asking for people to, you know to go on a letter flight for credit. so it shows you that you know, we are back to what it was, and maybe even more. airport officials say it's best to arrive a couple hours before your flight. also, keep in mind that parking lots could be very busy and even fill up. so plan ahead at sfo. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news hopes that adding more trains will keep up with the demands from holidays right. the real service started running additional trains today and those added trains will continue to run through november. 28th. amtrak's hope, extending the waivers unchanged. fees will convince more people to ride cancelation fees may still apply, depending on your ticket. with gas prices as high as they are right now, it's not exactly cheap to drive to holiday destinations this year, the prices across the state are considerably lower now compared to just a few weeks ago, according to triple a the average price of a gallon of regular across the state is $5.34. that's down 66 cents
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compared to a month ago. triple a, says prices are falling because supplies up and demand is down. refineries are also making a winter blend of gas right now, which is cheaper to make than the summer blend. if you're planning a quick road trip for the holiday, triple a traffic analysts say it's best to leave early in the morning on wednesday or before 11 in the morning on thanksgiving day. that will help you avoid traffic before the holiday after the holiday, they say the best way to steer clear of traffic tie ups is by not driving between four and eight in the evening on the friday, saturday and sunday after thanksgiving. all right. we're following some breaking news tonight on interstate 80. we're told that chp officers say that someone was shot on the bay bridge tonight near treasure island. very few details at the shower. but drivers are saying that there are lights on the bridge, indicating that some lanes have been blocked by chp. and at this time we don't know how badly the victim is injured
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. all we know is that there's a reported shooting on the bay bridge, tying up traffic there while authorities investigate as soon as we have some more information, we'll bring it to you. 11 police in el cerrito, or searching for a nine year old girl. royal can't was last seen with her biological father to pre can't on tuesday. police say the father failed to return the girl to her mother. after a visitation. the girls about five ft one weighs £80. her father is 39 years old and six ft. three anyone with information is urged to call police. an updated vote count out of alameda county shakes up more than one close race tonight. first district attorney pamela prices declaring victory tonight's update widen the gap between the civil rights attorney and terry wiley. she has 53% of the vote to wiley's 47% this is a historic race because the winner will become the first black person to hold this office. price issued a statement tonight saying this campaign is always been about
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creating real justice for alameda county. i am confident our message of justice with compassion for safer alameda county has resonated with voters or salmon goes on to say almost everyone agrees with agrees the system is broken. my administration will begin an era of change that ultimately will make us stronger and safer. tonight's updated vote count changes the person in the lead in the race for oakland mayor city council member centaur is now in the lead with 50.3% of the vote. city council member lauren taylor has fallen behind with 49.7% no one has declared victory because fewer than 700 votes separate the two new at 11 police officers trying to figure out tonight why someone shot a man in the south bay san jose police officers say they were on the scene of tonight's shooting just before seven. the victim was hit on river oaks parkway. he was taken to a hospital for treatment. but police officers have not said the extent of his
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injuries. investigators have no known suspects. but if you know something that can help with the case, you're asked to contact the san jose police department. one of the victims in the shooting at ridsdale high school in oakland back in september, has died. the oakland unified school district says the victim , david sakurai, was a carpenter with the district. he was one of six people who were shot. police say more than 30 rounds were fired after at least two gunmen entered the continuation of high school on the king of state's campus in east oakland. a security guard counselor, another campus employee, and two adult students were also injured . oakland unified school district superintendent kyla johnson trammell issued a statement today saying in part we are devastated by the loss of david and we are heartbroken for his family. our community mourns the loss of an $0 hero and will be forever grateful for david's nearly two decades of service to our students, families, staff and schools. well new tonight a youth football team in oakland
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manages to overcome connections to gun violence this year with grid in the face of diversity. ktvu is amber lee talked to some of those athletes and their coach about what they are going through. riggs on me rings on 3123 national championship ring is in sight for these young football players with the oakland dynamites kids ages 5 to 12. i really like to play it because all my friends play it like to be honest team tells me the team's winning season is a testament to the resiliency and grit of the players proud of him. but they also know that these kids are fighters, and they persevered through a lot. last year, the father of two players was shot. and killed at a park during football practice, and many of the boys were their kids. in july, there was a shooting at the oakland tech high school football field while the dynamites were playing a home game. i can't really get out of my head because like it's just such a bad moment, like bad moments are hard to get out of your head count to ready begin
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in dessert, number seven tells me these incidents are reminders of the fight to survive and thrive, gave me a little more little motivation to work harder. you know, sometimes life is going to get cut short, but you know, make it. make it what you can make it up. make make the best out of things. i've lost family members to gun violence, and it's something that lives with me every day helmets, football is a way to keep these children off the streets and away from violence despite the shootings that have hit close to home, football is not the end all be are we trying to raise and student athletes? good values to be successful young man on and off the football field, even though they're very talented, also see a potential future doctors and upstanding young man. football is my escape. i mean, like, i wouldn't rather be on the streets like i don't want to be able to give robinson tells me he hopes to raise enough money to bring 90 of these young
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football players to the national championships in florida in december. the goal is to show them a world beyond oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. a woman in san jose is charged with homicide following the death of one of her seven month old twin girls. investigators say they believe 29 year old selena juarez deliberately suffocated the baby girl as the infant was breastfeeding. court documents show that juarez allegedly tried to do the same to the other twin. both girls were not breathing when first responders arrived after being placed on life support. one of the baby girls died the following day. juarez was taken into custody on wednesday. because she was the only person in the room at the time of this incident and was in charge of the care of the children and based on the preliminary facts and circumstances that we collected at the scene in conjunction with witness statements and preliminary information from the coroner's office, we feel that she is the primary person responsible for
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this act, and it was an intentional act or is his next court appearance is scheduled for next month, where she is expected to enter a plea. the other girl who survived is expected to make a full recovery now, no, the identities of five people who died in a wrong way. crash on highway four and pittsburgh. three of the victims were children investigation still ongoing as to why one of the drivers was going the wrong way, authorities say the driver of the hyundai alondra, who was going the wrong way. was 27 year old tierra tucker of alejo. she was killed along with three girls in her car. five year old mariah mahala vic, four year old kehlani, johnson, ochoa and nine year old kolia johnson ochoa, all the children were from alejo , the driver of the ford flex, who died was identified as 44 year old sandra good vacaville. the crash happened shortly after midnight early thursday morning , just west of the loveridge road off ramp in pittsburgh. the mantra spotted near railroad avenue going the wrong way,
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heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of the highway. it smashed head on into the suv . chp is asking anyone with information about this crash to give them a call. police officers say someone smashed the glass of a drug store in antioch to steal coming up new at 11, where they found their suspect hiding. in turbulent times at twitter intensify, with users beginning to notice problems with their accounts and see how stanford researchers plan to test a new use for a drug used to treat covid-19.
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our gunfire near treasure island lights on the bridge, warning drivers inside there that some lanes have been blocked. chp officer chp officers say one person was injured by flying debris in connection with the gunfire. investigators have not said how badly the victim was injured or whether they've made any arrests in this case. or bring you new information as it comes into our newsroom. new at 11, a burglary suspect is arrested after breaking into a walgreens in antioch. police say the suspect shattered the front door of the walgreens on deer valley road early this morning and started stealing tobacco products and medication. when officers arrived. he slipped away but was later found hiding nearby behind a dumpster. the
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suspect now faces multiple charges, including felony burglary. well, some people already noticed signs that changes are being made to twitter's new ceo made by twitter's new ceo, and that may be complicating the social media platforms user experience. some users are beginning to report problems with twitter's two step verification system. others are noticing some accounts, replying to long deleted tweets. the problems follow ceo elon musk's firing of thousands of employees . many other employees are leaving on their own because of demands being put on them by mosque mask reportedly urged software engineers at the company to report to headquarters this afternoon. he's also encouraged employees based elsewhere to fly in for an all hands meeting. former twitter employees say they believe the site will struggle to perform well with only a small number of staff, maintaining it. also today, a u. s district court judge ruled in favor of former twitter employees in a lawsuit, the judge ruled that twitter can't force workers to waive their
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rights to sue the company until all arguments are heard. former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes was sentenced in san jose courtroom today to more than 11 years in prison for defrauding investors in her blood testing startup. she will also have to perform three years of supervised release. holmes was convicted of four counts of wire fraud and conspiracy and handing down his sentence. the judge called the case a tragedy. recognizing holmes was brilliant , but wondering if she lost her moral compass. it's a stiff sentence. it's a tough sentence, but i think ah, justice has been served in that this was a brazen fraud in which he defrauded not only investors, but she put patients in harm's way. and as the judge himself said, you know, this is a cautionary tale for silicon valley. holmes addressed the court, pleading for leniency and expressing regret. holmes who was pregnant with her second child, was ordered to surrender in april.
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today attorney general america garland named a special counsel in the justice department's investigations into former president donald trump. veteran prosecutor jack smith will oversee the probe of classified documents at trump's mar. a lago estate in florida will also review key aspects of a separate investigation involving the january 6th insurrection and trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. did i? trump said he is innocent, and he called the probes a witch hunt. there's new hope tonight for covid-19 long haulers coming up what stanford researchers think may finally help you beat symptoms that just won't go away and see how lightning gets thrown into a mix of blizzard conditions back east. no blizzard for us. in fact, we have lots of sunshine this weekend and e n into n t ♪upbeat music♪
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officially. all of the 2.7 million jobs lost at the start of the pandemic. state officials say close to 57,000 jobs were added in october to meet that milestone. this comes is there some trouble signs ahead with a slew of tech layoffs recently, some analysts are fearful that continued interest rate hikes could push the us into a recession. stanford researchers think one drug may be key to helping people who have recovered from covid 19, but continue to suffer from long covid symptoms. ktvu is jana katsuyama reports on the nation's first long covid study using the drug paxil covid. according to the cdc. more than 98 million americans have had covid-19 since the pandemic began. i had one of the first confirmed cases of covid in the country in early march of 2020 and diana ghouta says after she got better, some symptoms did
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not go away. i had what i call a relapsing remitting case of long covid. it came and went for several months lasted about up to a year. the centers for disease control and prevention now estimates as many as one in five adults who have had covid-19. experiencing long covid symptoms, fatigue, tiredness. cognitive issues, shortness of breath, but the list really goes on. dr linda gang is co director of stanford's post covid clinic. this month. she's launching a new study investigating whether fighters antiviral drug packs livid that is used to treat covid-19 might also cure long covid symptoms. there is some scientific evidence to show that in some individuals, there's pieces of the virus that can be found even months after the initial infection, dr. king says they'll study people who've had post covid symptoms for more than three months. the study aims to enroll about 200 participants and we'll be following participants over about a 4.5 month period of time
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to says the studies are urgently needed. she founded survivor corps .com, a grassroots community to help long covid survivors and doctors find answers we have bably close to a quarter of a million members. these are people who cannot get back to their lives, they cannot get back to their livelihoods. and there's an urgency to finding people the relief that they need encourages people to sign up for trial, such as the stanford study and push for more medical research. we need to be trying other types of antivirals like remdesivir. we need to be trialing monoclonal antibodies doctor gang says to sign up for the stanford study, you need to be an adult who has not had packs livid in the past 30 days. from the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. all right. take a look at what people are dealing with. in buffalo, new york tonight. the season's first blizzard comes with lightning strikes. while the snowfall looks substantial. this is only the beginning. more
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snow is expected over the weekend flights in and out of the area canceled in the nfl has moved. the buffalo bills came to detroit because of safety concerns. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with more on what's happening there and our own forecast, which has a lot less snow in it. yeah, just zero snow. fall in our forecast pretty high confidence that forecast, but, yeah, it's interesting. look at those dramatic pictures right? the radar. it's showing you some snow coverage here, but it doesn't doesn't match those pictures. we just showed you but still the lake effect. snow continues as we head into the weekend. you see the coverage still moving into a portions of especially buffalo for tonight. in fact, these are all the storm reports. this is what i selected from earlier today. this one site is you can't see reporting 66 inches of snowfall so far, so that is just amazing. and this snowfall is not over just yet, as you can see here. with that with that still report now, gus today here in the bay area, we're talking about some wind. no wind advisories, but still
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some strong gusts, especially for the higher terrain. but even fairfield 36 miles an hour standard rosa gusting to 30 miles an hour and we still have a bit of a breeze out there for tonight. this weekend, though, lots of sunshine cold mornings once again because of some frost. but then into the afternoon hours, lots of sunshine and temperatures on track to reach the mid to upper sixties satellite. we are in the clear and temperatures and some neighborhoods cooling off as you can see some forties out to livermore and walnut creek, san francisco 57 santa rosa 55 degrees and we've been watching those wind speeds, especially out towards fairfield. still gusting over 20 miles an hour. looks like the winds have backed off a little bit up in sonoma county and calm wind reports out toward oakland and san jose. common wind as well. here's our live cameras you can see looking out toward the bay bridge above san francisco. no fog to speak up for tonight, but clear and cold for tomorrow morning. overnight temperatures will be in the thirties and the forties and in lake tahoe, lots of
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sunshine headed their way into saturday and sunday, partly sunny skies into monday. so our weather pattern is not changing around too much. we have the area of high pressure building in from the pacific, and this will set up a sunny forecast and somewhat of a breezy forecast into early tomorrow morning in southern california. they have a red flag fire warning for this weekend. some stronger winds and for us we have lots of sunshine temperatures lots of sixties all weekend long. quiet changes into next week or just a few high clouds by tuesday that should be dry by thanksgiving. alright, mark. this is why we live in california. beautiful here coming up in sports. the warriors take down the new york knicks with
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return to the friendly confines
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of chase center, hoping to get back on track after starting the season. oh and ate on the road warrior is looking to improve to six at two at home as they host the new york knicks picking things up. in the first step, curry finds it open clay thompson splash, you know who likes that? the bench likes that second quarter warriors up by 19 steps behind the back, then lays it in. those are mark tamayo moves. take another look spectacular move unreal few seconds left in the first half. now, julius randle goes right at cuban loony for the basket and the foul that narrows the warriors lead to 11 going into halftime, but it was all doves in the second half, fourth quarter up by 15. jordan's pool. from way downtown pool party from the deep end. steph loves that from the bench, then later in the quarter little team game ball movement, they find an open thompson, who drains the three solid outing from play tonight, 20 points. shooting 50% from the field worker is going to win. 1 11 1. oh, one. here's what head
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coach steve kerr had to say about his team's performance after the game. too much better approach much better energy and spirit. just group was connected . they stuck together when the next made their run, and, um so really good effort. now we just have to do that consistently. and i have no doubt that we will to our high school football game of the week. the two top ranked teams in the north coast section day lasalle and pittsburgh each team hoping to advance to the state championship with a win tonight. the last game for pittsburgh head coach vic galley , the winningest coach in the school's history, hanging it up after 21 years we're gonna pick up action in the first quarter day lasalle up three. nothing quarterback, two of five keeps it waves through the defense. they are in for six and then to the second quarter pit looking to get back on the board five star quarterback in florida gator commit jaden rashad to he says, hey, i can use my legs two
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runs it in for a touchdown, narrowing daily sales lead to six points. third quarter pit looking for more. the ball is intercepted by colton seastrand. the junior takes it back inside the five yard line and that is going to lead to day lasalle getting another touchdown. they go on to win 32 23 punching their ticket to the c championship. congratulations to them now, not the ending that coach galley was hoping for, but nonetheless a legendary career there in pittsburgh. congratulations to everyone. absolutely we want to tell you the 49ers preparing for a big game on monday night football against the cardinals. they are in mexico city. they are playing it altitude. so there in colorado springs practicing to get used to the altitude mark. we saw snow there. there's snow in buffalo in mexico city, right? sure hope not get used to practicing over there. we're getting used to you a familiar face here. you've been seeing greg on the desk filling in with us, and now it's official. we get to welcome him onboard. thank you. team member in honor to hang out. with you to every
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friday night, and this is crew that we have behind the scenes. it is. my dream to hang with you two were all excited. what a dream. it's good to be here, guys. congrats we are so happy to have you and thanks so much for making k to the your cho phil: jay, where are you? what are you doing? i'm just walking into my house. stop! don't you take another step! what the hell are you talking about? claire just told me your valentine's plans for gloria. you're walking into a buzz saw! (tires screeching) get in. (engine turns off) (sighs) what am i looking at here? nothing. oh, it's a role-playing thing we do on valentine's. -it bumps the lovemaking up a notch. -phil, why? gloria is mad at you. if you walk in there with some lame gift, she will bite your head right off, mister. well, you worried for nothing. i bought her a nice cookie, and the biggest mylar balloon they sold at the grocery store. wake up, man! you're losing her! when did you talk to gloria? this afternoon. i'm just taking claire up to the overlook on mulholland for a little old-school make-out sesh. you're so good at valentine things...
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