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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 22, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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to make the entire tire area, a welcome destination. yeah julie, remember back to this time last year, the city was dealing with a surge in retail theft. now, city leaders say their focus is making sure that when people come to this part of san francisco, they have a great experience from the moment they arrive in the city. san francisco's union square is bustling with pre holiday activity. now city leaders are implementing a post pandemic multi step program to help the area recover, focusing on first impressions clean and safe. you do not pass go without clean and safe commitment to a clean and safe experience for visitors extends from union square to the powell street, bart station. the station has just wrapped up a major renovation plaza is also undergoing a holiday makeover, which will feature shopping and dining options. maryland breeds says the idea is to have a seamless good experience as visitors arrive and shop in the city activating so many of these spaces. we have ambassadors. we
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have our police officers. we have eyes and ears on the streets. we have our street cleaners. i mean this this downtown looks really magnificent. it was thanksgiving last year when brazen thieves targeted businesses around union square. police chief bill scott says multiple factors had to come together to address crime in the area, including increased security in shops higher police presence around union square and the fact that its officers have taken some of the most prolific thieves. off the streets were part of the california how we patrol the chp s organized retail death task force, and we got some prolific people in custody, and i believe that that has made an impact. plus, our deployment has been consistently higher, much higher than it was a year ago. visitors safe so far , the city is making a good impression. it looks really good. we walked by the couple cops looking out, and it was like a good safe experience on the bar and coming off. it seems
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very clean. but i have you know, that's something i guess. maybe that's why i noticed. and yeah, very clear walkways, clear walking paths, and it's just really nice. city leaders also say they're trying to rethink about how you use the space around union square. that means space that used to be retailed like this. former h and m are now being used as pop up spaces for fun activities again that former h and m now hosting the friends experience. we're live in san francisco and union square. christien kafton ktvu fox two news and great for tourism to as the word spreads that they're making this effort to revitalize and make that whole area safer, christian. thank you. well despite the hustle and bustle in union square, there are still more than 100 empty storefronts. the new strategic plan aims to revitalize that shopping district. you took this opportunity over the last eight months to build a plan for our recovery to focus on areas that we saw were critical, critical areas that we want to work on
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over the next 3 to 5 years to ensure that not only we recover , but we can pivot and ensure a successful recovery for years and years to come here and use square. and coming up tonight at 5 30 ktvu brooks jarocz shows us how the union square alliance is working to give shoppers a reason to go to union square this holiday season. san francisco police are increasing patrols near the palace of fine arts after a pair of armed robberies. they're targeting photographers. at least one of those attacks was caught on camera supervisor katherine's did, bonnie says extra patrols will also be in the chestnut street merchant corridor, and that $300,000 has been set aside for police community ambassadors to be in the merchant corridors . the separate robberies happened as photographers were working. holiday help arriving across much of the bay area group of athletes from cal teamed up with the bay area rescue mission today to hand out holiday meals. the love without limits. turkey giveaway in
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richmond this morning helped an estimated 800 families. they received what the rescue mission called box of hope that includes a turkey dressing, another traditional thanksgiving meal fixings. but we are still here and i don't care what your finances are. i don't care what your health is. i don't care what your nationality is that you have something to be thankful for all. the athletics department says the student athletes wanted to use their platform to have a positive effect on the community, the spirit of generosity also showing up in other parts of the bay area in san jose, sacred heart community services, passing out holiday food boxes to 7200 clients. presentation high school in san jose is holding its annual turkey drive, collecting hundreds of turkeys. for the needy and in the east bay. meals on wheels. volunteers were out delivering holiday meals to people's homes, and san jose mayor sam liccardo and mayor elect matt mehan served
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lunch to formerly homeless families at a new temporary housing community. local food banks are the backbone of feeding those that need the help year round and extra help is necessary during the holiday season, but bay area food banks are facing their own shortages. ktvu is tom baker as the story. yeah. a hindu group brought six carloads of foodstuffs to the food bank of contra costa and solano as an act of kindness to others, and the life lesson for their own little ones. we are just trying to contribute to the community, and this is the best way we can tell our children, you know how you can contribute , and because this is the community we are living in. and you have to support the other people who are in need. in every respect. hunger is a numbers game, a complex equation of numbers of people. numbers of food donations, numbers of dollars numbers of volunteers. numbers of transportation, cost supply chain issues and, most
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important, the numbers of the needy demand has increased almost in some cases, double right now. one in six residents of contra costa and solano counties, two million residents rely on their food bank for some level of sustenance. that's at least 333,000 people likely more . there's a good chance that some of the numbers that were not capturing that those people may not be aware of the resources. that are available. the food bank covers 1700 square miles from richmond in the west to the yolo county line, 44 miles to the east bethel island in discovery bay to the to the east, or you're going as far as richmond to the west, and everywhere in between. also solano county from vallejo. to the west to rio vista and the yolo county line upwards of 300 partner organizations make sure every corner of both counties are served huge network of non
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profits that help defeat immediately in the community or food pantries, soup kitchens, you name it for food banks. it's all about purchasing power example. with your $1, a food bank can turn that into two meals. if you and i were to do it on their own, it could be as much as $10. we don't buy can or cases we buy thousands of cases at a time. so that's where the purchasing power comes from. every food bank loves and appreciates actual food donations, but dollars really leverage way more food. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. the start of the commercial dungeness crab season in california, has been delayed yet again for the fourth year in a row. the crab season will be pushed back to protect humpback whales from becoming entangled in traps and buoy lines. the season usually starts on november 15th state vision. wildlife officials say the start of the season is being delayed until further notice for the
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waters between mendocino county. down to mexico. in addition, the crab season in mendocino humboldt in del norte counties is delayed until december 16th because some tests are showing that the crabmeat is of poor quality. the california department of fish and wildlife released a statement saying, in part we appreciate the discussions with the california dungeon is crab fishing gear working group regarding risk of entanglement. ultimately we must rely on the best available science and make management decisions based on the risk assessment mitigation program. regulations now know who will lead the city of oakland city councilwoman shen tao will become the next mayor of oakland opponent lauren taylor conceded this morning. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has been has reaction now from the candidates and their support a very tight race. evan that's right. julie shank house come f behind. victory is so much like her own story. she overcame struggles with poverty and homelessness early on, and now is the city's
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next chief executive. she's going to have to take on major challenges like crime and the housing crisis. i'm just so optimistic about moving the city forward, eked out a victory to become the next mayor of oakland tuesday, two weeks into a neck and neck race with rival lauren taylor. i know that we can come together to make sure that we are safer cleaner and ensure that we're putting families first in the city of oakland, will be the city's first mowing mayor. whose parents fled laos for california she left home in her teens living out of her car and enduring an abusive relationship before entering politics is like a huge issue. and i think that's something that santa has some experience with as a member of the oakland city council tower, lied herself with the progressive wing and secured key endorsements from labor ever since she ran for city council, she has been a steadfast champion of working
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people. hungary's president of the oakland firefighters union who supported tao. he said. the next mayor will come into office with a lot of work to get done. no matter who won this race. they were going to be facing a lot of challenges. um crime are unsheltered neighbors, and i think in particular, we have an incredible staffing crisis in oakland has also pledged to make public safety a top priority as street violence continues to plague oakland when you talked to almost everyone in our city. the first priority for them is all public safety is rival in the race. city councilman lauren taylor was leading in first place votes but fell behind by only 682 votes when all the ranked choice votes were tabulated while it hurts to admit it. i do not see a viable path to making up. 600 82 votes. needed to alter the outcome of this election. conceding taylor raised questions about the cities ranked choice system. we must acknowledge that 20,000
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nontransferable rank points ballots. a significant number of people whose voices were not factored into the final decision of who would be oakland's next mayor. taylor said he will not ask for a recount, but someone else can still step in and pay for one county registrar plans to certify the election on december 8th coming up tonight on the 10 p.m. news. ktvu s amberleigh sits down with xiang tao. for a one on one interview . julie and it'll be interesting to hear she's overcome so much at such a young age and made it so far you. the united states supreme court is ordering the release of former president donald trump's tax returns. the house ways and means committee has been trying to get trump's tax returns and the returns of some of his businesses from 2015 to 2020. the trump administration had refused to hand over those records. but now , after a three year legal battle, the tax records are in the hands of the treasury department, which was which has waited to release them pending final court action. i needed to
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save my family. and that family was at that time. everybody in that room. hearing from a hero, the man who disarmed the colorado springs nightclub shooter shares his story after bullets started flying, but first in the south bay. what police say a san jose music teacher did to nearly a dozen students in the band room? and we are tracking that forecast. it's a holiday week. we'll look into what's coming. we do have some rain in parts of the forecast. i'll see you bac he
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abusing. as many as 10 girls in his class ktvu crime reporter henry lee live tonight at the
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san jose police department. with the latest on the investigation, henry mike sands, a police tell me that this is a case that came to their attention only after a delay that was caused by the school district. delonte one dual language academy, a t k through eight school in san jose that bills itself as a safe place, but san jose police arrested music teacher israel santiago saying the 43 year old morgen hillman preyed on girls in the band room and touched as many as 10 inappropriately is facing multiple counts of sexual assault. multiple counts of annoying him molesting a child. santiago has been at the school since 2013 and teaches music to fourth through eighth graders. court records show that it was the principal at atalante, who first interviewed the alleged victims, according to police. some girls said santiago would hug them as he sat in his chair. they said he'd lean back, lifting them off their feet so they would end up on top of him. some girls said they were touched on their backs or behind. sergeant christian
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camarillo says that instead of first notifying the police department allan rock union school district officials initially contacted social services, which only investigates incidents that occur in homes by doing that sometimes there is a delay. when we get notified, this delay can lead to more children being victimized. it could lead to the destruction of evidence schools not in session this week because of the thanksgiving holiday. the principal did not respond to a request for comment. i asked alan ruck school district superintendent hillary bauer about any delay and she told me the district did notify police. in an email, she said, quote they wouldn't have known otherwise. police say other victims may still be out there. we do believe there could be additional victims based on this suspect's position as a person of trust as a music teacher, children and rescue is president . the alum rock school board atalante, one parent whose children have been taught by santiago demanded it in in depth investigation by the administration. and to everything that's taking place.
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now. the d a has formally filed charges against this teacher who was on the on paid administrative leave. he's being held at santa clara county jail. bail set at $250,000 live in san jose henry lee ktvu fox two news , police say if the alleged cases took place over a number of years, or is this all just from this current academic year? criminal complaint seems to suggest 2021 2022 now one last note, some of these girls said that they sent in a young boy to see if the teacher would give him a hug. that teacher gave that boy a fist bump. all right . henry lee live tonight. they're outside the san jose police department, henry. thank you. a man accused of exposing himself to a woman in mountain view has now been arrested, police say 21 year old jose lopez palacios was walking on stevens creek trail near creekside park yesterday, they say when he walked up to the woman he exposed himself. police say the suspect did not speak to the woman to the victim and just
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kept walking. officers later tracked him down and took him into custody. highway patrol will be out in full force this holiday. the agency will have officers out there on the roadways looking for drivers who are speeding, not wearing the seat belts or who are under the influence is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. moose alien on this tuesday night, the enforcement period will begin in just about 24 hours and will last through the weekend. last year. 42 people were killed and 5600 tickets were issued. during the holiday weekend. there is a new push in the south bay to get people vaccinated against covid and the flu ahead of the upcoming thanksgiving gatherings. county officials held an event today at santa clara valley medical center to urge people to get shots and boosters they say with the triple threat of flu, covid and rsv vaccinations will help prevent filling hospital beds to capacity following thanksgiving gatherings. in santa clara county. the flu this holiday season is much higher than previous years and the visits for emergency rooms is more than double. what it was for the same
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period during 2019 and 2020. in santa clara county. we do not want to have a shortage of beds, including pediatric beds for children who develop rsv. california and the rest of the nation is facing the earliest spike in flu cases in 13 years. valley medical center says it is preparing for the possibility of having to set up overflow tents outside the hospital due to the rising number of flu and rsv cases and iconic period. san francisco's aquatic park is now closed to the public indefinitely because it's not safe. us public health service review has determined that due to deterioration, municipal pier is unsafe for public use. the decision was made following a visual examination after last month's 5.1 earthquake in san jose. now there's no indication that the quake weakened appears stability, but officials say it did emphasize the potential danger if people were on it. during the natural disaster. there's no word yet on when or if the pier will be repaired.
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100 monarch butterflies have been gathering at lincoln park in alameda, a viewer sent us these photos today, visitors say it's a welcome sight after vandals destroyed the monarch butterfly garden a few months ago in the jean sweeney open space park monarchs play a big role in nature and are officially classified as endangered by the international union for conservation of nature . oklahoma. the cherokee nation is celebrating the slow but steady return. of bison. the animals were nearly hunted to extinction in the 19th and early 20th centuries. but over the past 20 years, the intertribal buffalo council has helped relocate surplus bison to 82 member tribes. a herd of about 215 bison now roam cherokee land about 70 miles northeast of tulsa. one native leader says the goal is to quote to restore buffalo back to indian country for that cultural and spiritual connection. that indigenous people have with the buffalo. alright setting you up with what could be a travel day for you
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tomorrow. a lot of folks taking off on wednesday. as you know, so it's a big travel day. these are the temperatures from today across the country and kind of see where it's cold and where it's not the blues. right so this was the high minneapolis 33. but oklahoma city was 45. you can kind of see some cool air in in salt lake city. that's kind of how it's going to look again tomorrow in terms of the blues and the greens. greens are mild blues or cold. so if you are traveling not too bad, also, in terms of weather, active other it's pretty slow pacific northwest will have some stuff. seattle might have a few flight delays to get a weather system through there, but you can see you know intermountain region. rapid city buildings some snow there, but not horrible, and none of the big airports appear to be really hampered by any bad weather. and that's what you look for. right you want. you don't want dallas or chicago or atlanta or denver to get balled up. and so, with that in mind, we go to the national map again to look at the precept that shows up after thanksgiving. we've got a potential here we talked about last night. the night before that is the
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restroom is going to drift its way south a little bit, so instead of being way up here, it's going to focus more on us, and that's why we're gonna that's after friday, saturday, sunday and into the early part of next week. so we're getting into a wet weather pattern after the holiday, so it's a lot. we're going to talk about the travel a little more. we're gonna talk about this upcoming weather event in the most certainly your thanksgiving day forecast. i'll see you back here. there's still no deal to avoid a shutdown on the railroads in just a couple of weeks and right before a busy holiday season. lauren blanchard in washington, the latest on the negotiations and what the white house has to say. and ktvu is 20th annual one warm coat drive is underway. and if you have a gently worn coder jacket that you'd like to donate the bay area families just take into any participating ups or big oh tire store. there are dozens of drop off sites around the bay area. just visit ktvu dot com slash one warm code or you can scan the qr code there at the bottom of your screen to see a list of all the locations. the one warm coat drive runs through
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steam as negotiators and unions have yet to find a compromise american consumers and nearly every industry will be affected if freight trains grind to a halt next month. lauren blanchard reports if a strike goes past a few days, makers of food, fuel vehicles and chemicals would all feel the squeeze. as with the customers. negotiators are back at the table tuesday to avert a freight rail workers strike in early december that could cost the u. s. economy $2 billion a day, the president has said from the beginning, a shutdown is unacceptable. the white house brokered tentative agreement celebrated back in september was rejected monday. congress could get involved. if no new deal is reached. they should come to the table in good faith. and get
5:26 pm
this done. get this done on behalf of the american people. the labor unions have raised concerns over harsh schedules, tired workers and little to no paid sick time proposed and rejected deal had increased pay and yearly bonuses. but the unions say it comes at the cost of workers family lives, it becomes intolerable. you don't have the family time you don't have the time to get adequate rest mental rest from being on the road if one union decides to strike in december 12. rail labor unions will join american rail freight will grind to a stop. impacting commuters, food for consumers and farmers, fuel auto dealers, retailers and chemicals something totally different when you think about the number of products that go on rail, including liquid natural gas and things like chlorine that helped with all of our water supplies. this is a national security issue, not just a christmas gift issue. it's been 30 years since the last rail strike for that one congress got involved after two days in washington. lauren
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blanchard, fox news empty storefronts and vacant retail space coming up how san francisco leaders are working to get business back to union square during the holiday season . plus that's what i was trained to do. i saw him and i went and got tonight. we're hearing from the man who took down the colorado springs nightclub shoote sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared. keeping binaxnow handy makes it easy to test. and self test kits may be reimbursable
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that union square in san
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francisco. we told you about the increased security and police to deter crime and theft, but there are still a large number of empty storefronts and vacant retail space. ktvu is brooks jarocz joins us now with a look at the strategies to get those businesses back. brooks the alliance just released its new strategic recovery plan. it aims to fill the vacant storefronts and bring people back to the shopping district. and that means getting creative and focusing on key priorities. deck down for the holidays. san francisco's union square is on the verge of what many hope is part revival part transformation . it is night and day out here. there are no buildings for windows boarded up, people are out and about the energy is palpable. marisa rodriguez, ceo of the union square alliance, says visitors are coming back still, foot traffic is down compared to pre pandemic and empty storefronts account for 15% in the shopping district, close to 150. he of them, so the
5:31 pm
alliance took much of this year to develop a revitalizing recovery plan. we want to make sure that we are taking our time . of course not so much time, but enough time to get it right to strike the right balance to make sure we're attracting the right business is the right types here to room square, creating right ecosystem for everyone. but that does require changes topping the list of action items. cleanliness making all entry points like garages and transit stations welcoming and safe next, updating zoning laws to accommodate a variety of business uses and activities. that also means changing land use regulations and policies to adapt to the modern world. so you do those things you start to bring interest you start to bring attraction back people that we can attract a number of small businesses, midlevel sized businesses and of course, our luxury market is doing very well, rodriguez says, by understanding the weaknesses today there's an opportunity to reinvent the union square of
5:32 pm
tomorrow. really nothing is off the table. we're very excited to welcome a huge array of different neighbors, business types. the in depth strategic plan is focused on flexibility of spaces it is supposed to serve as a road map for the next 3 to 5 years. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, brooks thank you. army veteran richard fierro is being hailed as a hero for taking down the gunman inside the colorado springs nightclub. fox news, claudia cowen tells us doesn't want to be called a hero. i needed to save my family and that family was at that time. everybody in that room as we learn more about the deadly colorado springs nightclub shooting stories of heroism are starting to emerge mainly centered around this man army veteran richard fierro. witnesses say he saved dozens of lives when he tackled and disarmed the gunman just moments after the shooting began. fierro says when he saw the muzzle
5:33 pm
flash, he knew immediately what was happening and after ducking to avoid incoming fire, his military instincts kicked in. that's what i was trained to do . i saw him and i went and got it, and i'm being this guys guys trying to wiggle. he's trying to get his ammo is guns. tributes to fierro are now pouring in the mayor of colorado springs to saying he's never encountered someone so humble after a heroic act like this. and people here who are still in shock, say focusing on fierros bravery is helping them cope with the loss of life and community coming together to show support, and that's far more powerful. but fierro says he feels no joy because five people died in the shooting. despite his efforts, lawmakers on the local and national level say it should never have happened. and that more needs to be done to stop the recent uptick of violent hate crimes. we all have to speak out about what this kind of violence does and what it means, and that is not reflective of who we are. shooting suspect remains
5:34 pm
hospitalized and it is unclear when he will be arraigned in colorado springs. claudia cowen , ktvu. fox two news tonight. a man is under arrest after allegedly firing shots inside a bar and palm coast, florida this incident was caught on surveillance video. police say the man became irate. after losing his keys and can be seen pulling his girlfriend off her bar stool. a few men, including a bartender intervened, trying to hold them down until police arrived, and it was during that time when he allegedly pulled a gun and then fired multiple shots. no one was hit. police arrived and arrested the man. he has been charged with aggravated assault and using a firearm well under the influence. the man accused of crashing his suv into an apple store in massachusetts yesterday was in court today for an arraignment. bradley ryan told police his foot became stuck on the accelerator and the crash was an accident in court entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. he is charged with vehicle homicide and reckless driving. one person died and 19 others were injured in the
5:35 pm
crash. with home burglaries on the rise in marin county officials are now providing prevention tips to county residents include locking all doors, windows inside gates, closing blinds and curtains, using timers or smart devices to turn lights on and off indoors and outdoors throughout the day and night and try not to have packages delivered while away from home. install a smart doorbell and motion activated cameras. there are also additional steps to take when going out of town. well it is a ride that will be hard to forget her passengers who are stuck on a roller coaster in sacramento county. this happened last night at the scandia fund center in north highlands. four teenagers were riding the roller coaster when it came to a stop 65 ft. up in the air. a special truck was used to rescue them, and they were at the amusement park as part of 1/14 birthday celebration, one of the girls said. there were some scary moments. it was like, stopped like a fast and my heart started beating and we were stuck up there and then we're like talking to a guy were like is it
5:36 pm
stuck and they were like, yeah, it is. fortunately our crews did what they're trained to do. they come here. they do preplanned this facility. they do work with the technicians here. nobody was hurt, and everybody was back on solid ground. and just about one hour. there's no word yet on what caused that roller coaster to malfunction. today dr anthony fauci took to the podium for the last time is the chief medical advisor to the white house. dr. fauci told the room of reporters he is proud of his 54 years at the national institutes of health, including nearly 40 years as head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. dr fauci became a household name through his white house covid-19 briefings, helping to guide the response to the pandemic during the trump administration. i would like people to remember about what i've done is that every day for all of those years. i've given it everything that i have, and i've never left anything on the field. so if they want to remember me, whether they judge rightly or wrongly, what i've done, i gave
5:37 pm
it all i got for many decades. dr fauci said his final message from the podium get your covid booster shots. former taxi garage is now space dedicated to helping artists. chelsea factory in new york city is a landmark historical building that once housed the city's first taxi fleets. but now it's a performing arts space helping artists finish their works that got sidelined during the pandemic. organizers say the space is being used for plays and contemporary ballet to large scale installations and immersive music experiences. chelsea factory really enabled artists that had been really affected by the pandemic to continue not only to have a voice but to have a future to help. platform building was also the studio and home of photographer annie liebowitz. organizers say the program is a temporary initiative that will be open to artists for the next five years. artist is going viral for her innovative dress design. mandy posh was in need of a dress for her upcoming art
5:38 pm
exhibit, opening rather than running to the store. she painted her dress instead. the artist took a white off the shoulder cocktail dress and splashed it with paint. the creation instantly turned her into an online sensation, she says, while her family gave her a hard time for the art project , she has been receiving nonstop positive messages from around the world rapper post malone and japanese contemporary artist to costume your economy have joined forces in honor of malone's fourth studio album, 12 carried toothpaste to created various artworks and products that are featured this week in a pop up story. in los angeles. custom designed t shirts, hoodies and trucker hats, as well as mugs and other goods are now available online. still ahead tonight. working to improve your commute. how u c. berkeley researchers are using artificial intelligence in the real world. also while the cost of nearly everything this holiday season has increased one thanksgiving staple is actually cheaper.
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from a new test designed to ease our commutes. their focus is putting artificial intelligence into vehicles that will smooth out traffic flow. ktvu s jana katsuyama reports on how it works. get that referred steam, then activate the system 100 vehicles provided by nissan, toyota and gm were sent onto interstate 24 in nashville, tennessee, last week in the middle of morning rush hour traffic, but these cars had artificial intelligence software adaptive cruise control aimed at changing the pattern of traffic along the highway. what's so exciting for me is that this is the first time one manages together 100 self driving vehicles together in the same spot. the lead investigator. alex bayan is a professor with uc berkeley's department of electrical engineering and computer science, he says the
5:42 pm
circles consortium research team chose nashville because of its brand new traffic surveillance system. this is the highest density video camera network in the world to monitor traffic. every 500 m on that freeway. there is a huge bowl with six pack video camera network mounted on top of it that essentially live streams everything it sees too. network. there's one of ours. great one of ours go by. researchers estimated that making small changes to one out of 20 vehicles on the road could have a big impact on smoothing out traffic flow and avoiding phantom backups. natural tendency for human is as soon as there is a gap in front of you is to fill it. what the software does is the opposite when it sees the gap. it knows that if it accelerates, it will create the problem, so it actually drives a bit slower. most of our work in front of computers when we do simulation or with peace and papers, and seeing all of
5:43 pm
that actually translate that to the technology itself, so to the vehicles themselves, it was an amazing feeling. researchers hope that technology will help reduce traffic jams, energy use and the number of crashes pacifying traffic. you make it smoother, and there's a lot of studies that show that if traffic is smoother than there's less accidents, professor bayan said after reviewing the data from this test run, the research team is hoping car companies will be able to roll out this adaptive cruise control here in california within a few years in the newsroom, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news what's the best way to make sure you're heading into the new year debt free after black friday, shopping coming up after the break what one wealth advisor says you should do and take a look here an x ray machine making a surprising and lifesaving discovery inside a piece of luggage at an airport in new york. and i'm back with the forecast. it's a holiday week thanksgiving coming up. i'll have all that just
5:44 pm
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from several retailers. all three major indexes up more than 1% the dow was up 397 points, the nasdaq gaining 1 49 and the s and p was up 53 points. retailers including abercrombie and fitch and american eagle, jumped on solid financial reports. shares in best buy surged more than 12% while divisor georgia ricchetti said earlier on the floor today that consumers are facing some headwinds going into the holiday shopping season. you got inflation. you may think you're getting a good deal, but costs are just hire. you've got rising interest rates. so if you put on a credit card, you better pay it off because your credit card rates probably 20% and then you have fading savings. you know, you're you're offsetting the price at the pump and food with your savings account, so consumers have to be really careful. and the retailers know that so they're out to get us. they have a lot of traps set out for us on black friday. it's
5:47 pm
called discounting. he advised, setting a budget for holiday spending and sticking to it so you won't be carrying debt into the new year. thanksgiving meal is projected to be one of the most expensive ones on record from last year to this year, inflation jumped nearly 8% but as fox mills boxes mills hayes shows us now there is one thanksgiving staple that won't actually cost you more. it's less expensive this year. i've been doing this my whole life. i grew up on my grandfather's marsh bruggeman manages these cranberry marshes at the wisconsin cranberry research center. it costs more to do anything just to run a piece of equipment to irrigate to frost protect everything costs more money despite inflation, forecasted cranberry production is up 5% from last year, wisconsin is forecasted to produce the most cranberries at 4.3 million barrels. massachusetts oregon and new jersey make up the rest of the u. s supply. bragman tells me
5:48 pm
that one of his biggest challenges is finding people to work in these marshes because we've become such a modern society of everything's got to be easier and there's gotta be an easier way. it's harder to find people who want to do hand labor anymore. tom lochner represents the wisconsin state cranberry growers association. got, uh. three people on our harvest crew this year, and last year we had six or eight, says cranberry juice and wholesale cranberry prices have gone up, but nowhere near the price increases for other thanksgiving staples. the american foreign bureau federation says the price of a 12 ounce bag of fresh cranberries dropped 14% since last thanksgiving cases, some retailers will use cranberries as a loss leader. or have them as a seal item during the holiday seasons to attract customers keep an eye on their local wherever they shop locally . um, they may be able to pick up a pretty good bargain on cranberries. all right. today is
5:49 pm
one of the busiest days up in the air this holiday week. check out this animated map here behind me. of all the scheduled flights today it starts in the overnight early morning hours. it's quiet, but then all of a sudden during that morning commute all the lines crisscrossing in the map. the faa posted this on social media . it doesn't start to really quiet down until eight o'clock our time tonight, so that's just a couple of more hours. more than 48,000 flights are expected across the entire country just today. that's 1000 more than any day this week. we're in the experience economy. it's not as important as it once was as what you buy and what you have, but it's what you do and go who you see. airport officials are also bracing for crowds tomorrow known as the typical getaway day and the sunday also after thanksgiving, there are some storms that could possibly affect travel later this week, and the t s a officer at jfk airport in new york city was shocked to find an orange cat inside a checked bag. the t s a
5:50 pm
says the officer first noticed it as the bag was going through the x ray machine. the man who brought the bag says the cat belonged to someone else in his house, and he had no idea it was inside. cat looks pretty orange like a weird color orange. yeah it's just a kind of a creepy story. you wouldn't think it would make some sounds in there if it was, you know, locked up in that bag, you know? okay, holiday season, folks traveling around. we're gonna see cats and luggage. i guess at times and for us, we've got more nice weather. so tomorrow is going to be another nice day. it's been nice for a couple of weeks. we're going to go back to some inclement weather as we get into late in this weekend and early next week, and we get a big big pattern shift, and that's what we've been gunning for and looking for because this this is not shouldn't be a one and done this should be multiple systems as we go into next week, so fingers crossed on that. and on top of that, you get a spectacular thanksgiving day. ah
5:51 pm
nice weather for us if you have folks in town always say that, but there's such a pretty city. there's nothing better than having this kind of weather. when you have relatives in town. you know what i'm talking about. we like to show off where we live, and it is it's a about as good as it gets. weather wise talked about the surf a little bit. it's coming up. it's going to get pretty big. not so much tomorrow. but on friday and saturday because of all this activity out in the pacific, the swells are really starting to pile up. so like i said, i think mavericks is going to break potentially as we go into the weekend. big that kind of big 10 15 ft. kind of big, maybe even bigger. um and so that's a symptom of these storms out in the pacific, which is always good to see. and so this is system is a big one that looks like it's going to lead the way for our weather systems late in the weekend and early into next week. and change everything. that's the hope. custom clouds out there now. temperatures today upper sixties not bad. another warm day and the temperatures have been day to day, quite similar in terms of mid sixties upper sixties
5:52 pm
similar seventies still mild outside 61 santa rosa right now , overnight lows will be a little cooler, less cloud cover 32 in santa rosa 35. fairfield stop me if you've heard this before. i mean, this is like, right? day after day i've been this was how it was last week to pretty much know far we did have some valley fog last week, but for the most part of this pattern continues as the high build in nice day tomorrow. nice day on friday. nice day on saturday, and then this waiting the weekend. that system comes in. so the forecast highs tomorrow. it's slightly warmer than today. splitting harris. i know 67 in antioch 68 living more. if you go to the coast. i brought the surf thing because i know folks are this is the time you take your family out, hiking up in the marin headlands right up in rodeo beach or tennessee valley. be really, really careful because when the swell gets big, especially tennessee valley in those spots, and people get a little bit rolled into a sense of um, safety when there's no swell. these big swells have high intervals, which means it's fla, flat and then big big. you know that. but
5:53 pm
maybe if you have out of towners in, okay, the five day forecast looks like this turkey. mark put that in there, julie, i struggle with the turkey. only everybody has turkey, right? everybody has turkey kind of traditional on things clever. it's nice, cute, too, like how it's shaken its feathers festive. yeah, but he's a he's gonna okay, it's cute. do you think he's gonna get eaten? it's just like why is he so stoked? because he's on tv right now. i guess i don't know. cute. thank you. plenty of politics on and off the field at the world cup of the pentagon warns of a possible threat from iran in doha, qatar. i'm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
skin is criticizing people's decision to threaten players at the world cup with yellow cards if they wear diversity armbands . it's always concerning from my perspective when we see any restrictions on freedom of expression. ah, especially so when the expression is for diversity. and for inclusion. um and in my judgment, at least no one on a football pitch should be forced to choose between supporting these values and playing for their team. fifa did not immediately respond to a request for comment on lincoln's remark. senior u. s officials say there is good reason to believe iranian backed terror groups or possibly plotting an attack against the world cup. boxes alex hogan as the story from qatar. the world cup is underway, and so far there have been no major security issues, but a new threat could be
5:57 pm
emerging. senior u. s and israeli officials tell box there are multiple streams suggesting a possible attack from iran back to terror groups, the head of israel's military intelligence even going so far as to say, quote. the only thing holding them back is how the qataris will react. the pentagon says this new threat is connected to ongoing protests in iran and assessment shared by other western allies. instability in iran is bringing real world consequences here. we're still contending with transnational terrorist groups that are down but definitely not out. those protests are now turning into a full blown civilian uprising with more than 300 demonstrators killed so far, according to the u. n and politics is coming into play at the cup itself. iranian team, refusing to sing their country's national anthem and solidarity with the protesters back home. conditions in our country are not right are people are not happy we are here. but
5:58 pm
it does not mean that we should not be their voice outside the stadium. iranians who traveled to the cup are holding protests of their own. the reason that you are here to just people are people of our country. the people at the moment they are fighting to just have the human rights. the u. s and iran are set to go head to head against each other next tuesday, but both teams say they're hoping to keep politics off the field. alex hogan, ktvu box to news and be sure to join us friday when team usa takes on england. ktvu is a proud sponsor of a series of free public viewing parties for the 2022 fifa world cup ktvu is james torres will be there in union square. this is ktvu fox two news at six. now it's six after weeks of patients and ballot counting centaur is oakland's mayor elect, ending a very close race with city councilman lauren taylor. i know that we can come together to
5:59 pm
make sure that we are safer cleaner and ensure that we're putting families first in the city of oakland. was set to become oakland's new mayor in january after her opponent, lauren taylor conceded the race this morning. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach today. xiang tao outlined her goals for the city, including a comprehensive public safety plan. ktvu is evan sernoffsky as reaction from the candidates and their supporters. i'm just so optimistic about moving the city forward tower eked out a victory to become the next mayor of oakland tuesday, two weeks into a neck and neck race with rival lauren taylor. i know that we can come together to make sure that we are safer cleaner and ensure that we're putting families first in the city of oakland, will be the city's first mowing mayor. whose parents fled laos for california she left home in her teens living out of her car and enduring an abusive relationship before entering politics is like a huge issue. and i think that's
6:00 pm
something that santa has some experience with as a member of the oakland city council tower, lied herself with the progressive wing and secured key endorsements from labor. and ever since she ran for city council, she has been a steadfast champion of working people. hungary's president of the oakland firefighters union who supported tao. he said. the next mayor will come into office with a lot of work to get done. no matter who won this race. they were going to be facing a lot of challenges. um, crime are unsheltered neighbors, and i think in particular, we have an incredible staffing crisis in oakland has also pledged to make public safety a top priority as street violence continues to plague oakland when you talked to almost everyone in our city. the first priority for them is all public safety rival in the race, city councilman lauren taylor was leading in first place votes but fell behind by only 682 votes when all t


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