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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach tonight shooting happened at about 10 15 local time at a walmart in chesapeake, virginia, that is a city of about 250,000 people just south of norfolk tonight, police say when those first responding officers arrived on scene, they found multiple people. who had been shot and killed. a police spokesman there at the scene describes the number of dead as quote fewer than 10. others are wounded. one hospital in norfolk says it is treating five patients from that scene. police say the gunman is dead and that the shooting had already stopped when those first officers a television station sa large police presence at the scene as first responders tried to help the victims and secure the store video posted online by a purported employee described the shooter as a store manager. yeah, y'all. my talking about just left out the break room manager come in their studies
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capping people up in there. start shooting, bro like i'm holding y'all. sadly though, we lost a few of, uh, associates, virginia senator mark warner tweeted that he has sickened by the reports of the shooting. also in a tweet. walmart says it is shocked at the tragedy and that it is praying for those impacted the community and the company's associates. we will bring you more information about the mass shooting as we get it tonight into our newsroom. america's latest mass shooting comes just three days after a person opened fire inside an l g b t q. night club in colorado springs tomorrow. that suspect is scheduled to make a virtual appearance in court for the first time. meanwhile we are hearing more from the army veteran who tackled the gunmen during the deadly colorado springs nightclub shooting. witnesses say. richard fierro saved lives when he disarmed. the shooter bureau says he grabbed the gunman and beat him with his own handgun. five people were shot and killed, including the boyfriend of fierros daughter raymond was. it
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was a great young man who's playing football. he just finished high school. i was trying to figure out how he's gonna, you know, make it in this world. he was debating whether you want to join the military and he took care of my daughter. fierro and his family were at the club to see one of the drag performers whose best friend who was the best friend of fierros daughter remembrance in the south bay for the hundreds of people who died in the city of san jose, while living on the streets today also marks two years since two homeless people were stabbed to death while seeking shelter in a church in san jose ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters. has more on the memorial and how the church is mourning the victims. for the last five years, the house response group or urge, has held a ceremony displaying these styrofoam tombstones for the approximate 250 people who die each year on the streets of san jose. but for a lot of people, this is the only time this is the only tombstone they're ever
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going to get. this is the only, um, service. that people are ever going to have from house people, and it's just it's so hard on cartwright founded urge and says the ceremony honors the lives of people often forgotten about and as a stark reminder to local leaders of the housing crisis, she says the stabbing death of kimberly file and john paulson at grace baptist church in 2020 are symptomatic of a bigger problem. how many people die while it takes you from? saying you're going to build a building to groundbreaking to actually cutting the ribbon on the day that it opens. how many people die, so it's 250 on average 250 people every year. grace baptist church released a statement tuesday, remembering both file and paulson saying today we remember our dear friends kimberly file and john paulson, who left us two years ago. we continue to miss their humor, caring hearts and bright smiles. fernando jesus lopez, who was also unhappy, housed instead. hang at grace baptist
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church that night, was charged with two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder for stabbing three other people. just weeks before the stabbings . lopez spoke to ktvu about finding shelter on a cold night . it's warm, cozy. they provide everything such as showers, hygiene. food or better warm bed and warm blanket, and it's a blessing to be able to have this spot. it's still unclear why lopez stabbed five people at church that night. but cartwright says those who knew him believe drugs may have been a factor. the tombstones will be displayed at the santa clara county building. the ceremony starts at noon on december 21st , which is also the longest night of the year. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. new at 11. torture charges have been filed against three men accused of beating another man at an illegal casino in oakland. want to show you photos from police taken when they busted the operation on 17th avenue today,
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prosecutors filed charges against terrence had not why huang and christopher darby, according to court documents, the victim known only as john doe, was stripped of his clothing, repeatedly beaten and hit in the head with a gun back in january. all three men were arrested last week and now in jail. police in palo alto arrested a man in connection with yesterday's drive by shooting at the stanford shopping center officers book 32 year old zakariyah michael ginsburg of san jose on charges of attempted murder and shooting at an occupied building. no one was hurt, but one bullet did hit an unoccupied car. a second bullet hit a window at fleming's prime steakhouse. investigators say ginsberg, former employee there at fleming's recently sent threatening text messages to his former supervisor due to her personal conflict. police obtained a warrant for his arrest. they also searched at san jose home, where they recovered a handgun that they believe was used in the shooting. oakland's mayor elected to take office in
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january. taus says her struggles and experience at city hall have prepared her to lead the city in a new direction. ktvu is amberleigh live now in the newsroom after one on one interview with the new mayor, amber julie xiang tao tells me she's optimistic about oakland's future. he says she will work hard to address oakland ear's concerns, including providing better service. we were really struggling. we struggled for many, many years and oakland's mayor election, tao tells me her struggles as a homeless single mom of a young son 15 years ago . prepare her in a unique way to lead a city that is grappling with homelessness and crime. what about xiang tao can get this accomplished when some others before you couldn't i am very pragmatic. i you know, i'm very honest and straightforward and i work with everyone. the unique skill set that i have is that i bring people together, says she wants to use an old army based owned by the city to put up temporary housing in a
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centralized location to shelter and provide services to the homeless, with the palette palette shelters that have electricity and what have you having safe rv sites? so that our house community is actually not just haphazardly all around the whole city. the 37 year old says she will go on what she describes as a hiring blitz to fill empty city positions fund the police department to hire more officers without relying on overtime. she says funds should also go to crime prevention of hope has been lost here in the city of oakland, so investing directly into community organizations and not just that, but being intentional about creating community spaces. dr. i feel that it's very important that we keep the a's in oakland says she does not want. oakland has to be responsible for any debt the aids may incur in building a new stadium at howard terminal, and i'm optimistic about keeping the easier tells me she never imagined that
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life's challenges would lead her to become mayor of a major city. she is one of 10 children. born to refugee parents, she says, escaping from domestic violence while pregnant and coping with homelessness are struggles that she has turned into strength. what i bring to this is my grid and my determination to make sure that oakland ear's that all oakland ear's, especially those families that are on the margins that they are seeing, and that they are heard. how's inauguration will be january 9th . she will be the first manga american woman to become mayor of oakland. julie so young and already such a great story to tell amber. thank you. oakland city councilman lauren taylor raised questions about the ranked choice voting system after losing the mayor's race by less than 700 votes. we must acknowledge that 20,000 non transferrable rank points ballots. a significant number of people whose voices were not
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factored into the final decision of who would be oakland's next mayor. at a news conference today, taylor said he would not ask for a recount tonight. hewlett packard says it will cut nearly 10% of its workforce with a sharp decline in demand for personal computers expected to stretch into next year. the wall street journal reports that computer and printer maker will slash between 4 to 5000 jobs. the company says it hopes to save about $1.4 billion a year with those layoffs. hp says the cuts and other changes will come with about $1 billion in upfront costs. another year without dungeness crab at the thanksgiving dinner table when state regulators say it might be time to open the season, and city leaders in san francisco are hoping that union square is on the verge of a transformation . how the city is working to fill up empty storefronts.
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our police officers. we have eyes and ears on the streets. we have our street cleaners. i mean , this this downtown looks really magnificent. san francisco city leaders say they're reimagining the future of downtown going into the holidays and beyond. it was a year ago when smash and grab robberies were making headlines in the union square area. well today, police chief bill scott says bigger police presence and the arrest of some of the most prolific retail thieves are helping to keep shoppers safe. at the same time, there's still
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a large number of empty storefronts and vacant space in that major retail corridor. ktvu brooks jarocz has a look now at some of the strategies to get businesses back to union square. deck down for the holidays. san francisco's union square is on the verge of what many hope is part revival, part transformation, night and day out here. there are no buildings board windows boarded up, people are out and about the energy is palpable. marisa rodriguez, ceo of the union square alliance, says visitors are coming back still, foot traffic is down compared to pre pandemic and empty storefronts account for 15% in the shopping district, close to 150. t of them. so the alliance took much of this year to develop a revitalizing recovery plan. we want to make sure that we are taking our time . of course not so much time, but enough time to get it right to strike the right balance to make sure we're attracting the right business is the right types here to room square, creating right ecosystem for everyone. but that does require
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changes topping the list of action items, cleanliness, making all entry points like garages and transit stations welcoming and safe next, updating zoning laws to accommodate a variety of business uses and activities. that also means changing land use regulations and policies to adapt to the modern world. so you do those things you start to bring interest you start to bring attraction back people that we can attract a number of small businesses, midlevel sized businesses and of course, our luxury market is doing very well, rodriguez says, by understanding the weaknesses today there's an opportunity to reinvent the union square of tomorrow. really nothing's off the table. we're very excited to welcome a huge array of different neighbors. business types in depth strategic plan is focused on flexibility of spaces it is supposed to serve as a road map. for the next 3 to 5 years. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, the old and iconic
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pier in san francisco's aquatic park is now closed to the public indefinitely because it's not safe for us public health service review has determined that due to deterioration, municipal pier is unsafe for public use. the decision was made following a visual examination after last month's 5.1 earthquake in san jose. there is no indication that the quake weekend appears stability . but officials say it emphasized the potential danger . people were out on it during a natural disaster. there's no word yet on when or if the pier will be repaired. fire caused a big setback for one meals on wheels group in the east bay. how it's bouncing back to help out during a very important time of the year ahead. tonight, millions of people are traveling again in full force for thanksgiving. when the airlines and airports expect it will be the busiest. we'll take a look at that forecast. the holiday week is upon us. now. we've got a weekend with some rain potential towards the end of it and thanksgiving o talk abo
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low income families in solano county. tonight's event was held at orchard avenue baptist church in vacaville. it was hosted by the marin county based company peter levy plumbing for the past 10 years, the family owned company has been handing out turkeys on the tuesday before thanksgiving. very good because we had no money. kind of tight. how many people are you going to be able to feed now? well with me and my son and his wife and their grandkids. peter levy. employees helped hand out the turkeys. some people even stopped cars in the street and drove to different shopping centers to hand them out. area nonprofit began delivering a record number of meals for the
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holidays today, but the meals on wheels team itself is in need. after a fire destroyed their offices. ktvu is jana katsuyama reports on the call for help. caring comes in many forms. and on this tuesday, warm wishes came packed in ice cereal, fruit, oatmeal, all of those kinds of things with bags of food for the thanksgiving holiday. how are you on wheels, staff and volunteers are making sure neighbors get enough to eat this week. spaghetti and meatballs. at this stop, rosalie said her doctor first called the meals on wheels diablo region, she said. i was losing too much way and she felt i wasn't eating well, a simple need fulfilled, but sometimes even those who help others need a little help themselves. we had a random electrical fire. and it was a saturday night. thank goodness nobody was there. the fire that destroyed their office has left them struggling for nearly two
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months. now staff and volunteers tried to keep the services rolling by working from their homes in cafes and even their cars. they had this pretty much just sitting empty. but just last week, kindness came from a company bpm that donated unused cubicle space in downtown walnut creek. all the cubicles, all the chairs all the cabinets. you know the computer screen everything. it's a temporary home to get them through the holidays from before the pandemic two. now the number of meals were delivering has gone up by 50% last year, we delivered over 600,000 meals, which is more than we've ever delivered before, and with such a spike in demand, rebuilding their office can't be put on the backburner. the country overall has an aging population. it's estimated that a quarter of our population will be 60. and over by the year 2030. we're lucky we have insurance. but insurance doesn't cover everything as as anyone who's had a disaster knows. the meals on wheels.
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diablo region says they would be very grateful for any donations or volunteers this year, and they have set up a fire fund on their website to help with the cost of rebuilding their office in the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news holiday travel rush is underway right here in the bay area out at oakland international tonight. both terminals were packed with travelers. so i'm heading out for thanksgiving. while those are arriving to spend the holiday here in the bay area, airport officials said they expect to see 170,000 passengers between tomorrow and sunday. that is a 10% increase from last thanksgiving. coming into oakland here, it's packed. i was amazed to see how many people are waiting for flights in you know in the terminal is wonderful. you know you're not homebound anymore. and we can get back to our normal life grandchildren and enjoy a good meal and just being together. the t s a says on monday, more than 2.6 million people passed
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through security. that's more than the monday before thanksgiving in 2019 prior to the pandemic. and for all those folks coming in from out of town to visit relatives staying in the bay area, the weather is going to be stunning. it's it has been for the last week and a half two weeks. it's going to continue this way through thanksgiving and really into the weekend, so if you have outdoor plans, you want to go for a hike or do some of that stuff. after thanksgiving into friday and saturday, you're in good shape as well. maybe a few clouds. these temperatures from today will be followed by the same similar temperatures tomorrow and the next day, so this pattern continues. with the setup being onshore winds return or the potential for some wet weather returns early in next week, so it's a ways off, but it's it looks good. i mean, some of the models are lining up pretty nicely we got there's a bunch of different computer models, which i know you know, and you don't know all the models, but there's like, you know, there's different models, right? and so when they all start coming together and coming up with the same solution. okay we got something here, and
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that's what we're seeing more more agreement within the model groups. big systems out here. good surf along the coast big friday and saturday. i think mavericks will break on probably on friday saturday. tides are a little funky right now with some big fat high tides. but um it's gonna be big, so it's gonna be dangerous along the coast. so be careful if you're going out that way. um even tomorrow. there's some swell. it's not huge, but it's just not what you expect. it looks really calm. but there's some sets out there, especially in incoming swell those swells or symptom of the strength of some of these storms that are slated for next week because the swells are formed thousands of miles away in the storm fields. these are the forecast overnight lows about where they have been so no big change there. the model shows the high pressure building in and setting us up with nice weather right through the weekend, and then this happens, which is really going to be fortuitous for us because it will get us back into a wet weather pattern snow in the mountains in a wet period following the thanksgiving week , which is kind of nice, because
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i know it's a huge travel week. thanksgiving you like to be able to get out and wander around me to go for a walk after after you do whatever you do, and the weather's going to cooperate with that, and then it changes abruptly as we get into sunday night, monday and tuesday. the start of the commercial dungeness crab season in california, has been delayed once again for the fourth year in a row. the crab season will be pushed back to protect humpback whales from becoming entangled and traps and buoy lines. the season usually begins november 15th state, fish and wildlife officials say the start of the season is being delayed until further notice for the area between mendocino county line and mexico. well thanksgiving brings families together. and with that, though sometimes difference of opinion , according to a recent survey commissioned by the website just answers 70% of millennials say they would invites someone from the family holiday celebration if possible, and survey also says that more than half of americans agree there is one family member most likely to bring drama to the annual
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holiday gathering. lingering or unresolved family issues are the main cause of drama at the holiday gatherings among adults. the aaron judge watch continues as he meets today with the giants are joe fonzi, with the latest coming
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care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about
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their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast. they fly to chicago, hawaii, cancun! wow! do they fly to my magical faraway kingdom of care-a-lot, way up in the clouds where anything is possible? they have direct flights to vegas. close enough! ♪ ♪ undoubtedly a lot to talk about, but giant fans you can still dream for now. we told you last night that aaron judge was in san francisco and, according to reports today, he met with the giants about whether or not that might be his free agent landing spot, according to john maroc of mlb dot com. it's either the giants or the yankees, who have the inside track for judges services. the going rate of via contract somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million.
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well, things change from week to week in the nfl, but the 49ers appeared to have done last night. what people have been expecting from them all season in their dominant went over the arizona cardinals. they had it all going on both sides of the ball last night was a high profile game for the league to say the least full house in mexico city, with the crowd decidedly leading in the 49ers favorite. well, you had to wonder where the 49ers would be without the decision to retain. jimmy garoppolo. garoppolo had one of the best games of his career, throwing four touchdown passes without an interception. and the addition of christian mccaffrey has given the offense another very versatile weapon. defensively the 49ers have been at the top of the league all year. now. they've gone three straight games without allowing any points in the second half the wind 49ers into a tie for first in the nfc west. kyle shanahan knows about playing your best at the right time of the year. we knew we had the opportunity to play like this, man. you guys didn't disappoint, dude. everybody across the board
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talked about how we needed to make plays, though. alright every one of you guys, i do want to thank ownership guys. better as the season goes, um i feel like we're doing that right now. i know when you come down, you have a big win like this, especially with this atmosphere and how exciting it is, um, you know some of the biggest challenge because it's emotional , um, drains people the next week, and that's what we got to be careful for. usf dance feel like their program turned a corner last year when they made it to the tournament by the coaching change. they might feel like they have picked up right where they left off the dons in the championship game today of the hall of fame classic in kansas city, which does state the opponent. the dons added to a first half lead here when tyrell roberts hit at 3 27 14 usf, but the dogs didn't score again until the second half, leading 27 23 at the break. just a three point game with the minute and a half to play josh kun in perfect from beyond the arc. the lefty was five for five totaling 15 points. the dan's win 67 63, they win the tournament. they're off to a
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perfect six and start what giant upset in the world cup today as lionel messi made his fifth cup of parents for his native country of argentina. messi converts on a penalty kick and his team's game against saudi arabia. that's four world cups in which messi has scored argentina in front one nothing, but the saudis, then scored two in a row. the game winner this laser by salim al dosari in the 53rd minute. saudi arabia, a huge upset winner, 2 to 1. argentina had gone 36 games without a loss. so you'll see game winner. and check this out time on a tuesday night. this is oklahoma partner matt turk after his team's went on saturday over oklahoma state, proposing to grace lions star on the sooners national championship softball team. she's now so also turks. fiance yes, she did say yes. that is so sweet, good teammates cheering him on all around. yeah great. and a softball player,
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maybe have a little couple of athletes there. there you go. thank you. thanks for watching everybody. have a good night. rest of the night. good night. thank you. oh, no. has it been a year already? ♪ you're a grand old flag, you're a high-flying flag ♪ ♪ and forever in peace may you wave ♪ we love the fourth of july. it's the perfect holiday. you get to cook outside, blow stuff up, wear shorts. easter should be taking notes. both: ♪ keep your eyes on the grand old flag ♪ that was longer than i remember. (cellphone buzzes) hello? joe, you should be thankful that you live in this country. i spent half of my childhood in a banana republic. it was the only store in my village that had air-conditioner. yes, mr. president. yes, sir, i'd be honored to, sir. thank you. amazing news. the grand marshal for today's parade just got #metoo'd,


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