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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 28, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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two starts now. homeless advocates are speaking out tonight after santa clara county announced four people living on the streets died in a single day this week. hello again. i'm christien kafton julie julie haener. the county is now activating emergency procedures at least until thursday night. ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters has more on the efforts to keep the house safe this winter. santa clare county reports that four men died while on the streets, three of them hispanic or asian and at least 50 years old, a local homeless advocate says december can be one of the deadliest months of the year, especially for a new house seniors when it's 30 degrees and 40 degrees at night for long stretches of time. this is how people die santa clara county's office of emergency management says. all county libraries are available as warming centers into closing time on thursday. there are also two overnight warming centers available at the west valley branch library and the roosevelt
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community center in san jose. still a local homeless advocacy group says it's simply not enough in 2021, the county says 146 seniors died and over half of them were people of color. there's over 10,000 people in santa clara county, the vast majority of them 9000. being in san jose. and there's only two overnight warming locations, which holds 50 people 50 out of 9000 people that's woefully inadequate for san jose to be addressing the whole the population of people who are seeking warming locations. so we have blankets here. cartwright is the founder of urge or on house response group. the group helps to distribute blankets, tarps, tents and other items provided by the county to people living on the streets. santa clara county also has two hotlines. they here for you call center for those in need of shelter and the home overnight g
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centers, and it's so cold and it's so wet and december has just been so awful to people, according to the county coroner's records, one of the men died in a san jose hotel room tuesday. cartwright says even getting off the street for a night can be a shock to a person system. they could have rented the hotel because people end up giving money to people during the holidays. but for some people, it's just your body isn't such fight or flight mode that when you actually get a hotel for even just a night, your body just gives out on you. santa clara county is also asking people who may be living near rivers, creeks or streams to move to higher ground and seek shelter because another heavy rainstorm is expected in the bay area this week. lamonica peters ktvu, fox two news. tonight. we're getting a closer look at the storm damage at the big five sporting goods store in san ramon, take a look there. you can see part of that roof collapsed following yesterday's storm. first responders say
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water ponding on that roof caused it to buckle. no one was inside the store at the time, and no one was injured and the recent rain has helped to fill up some reservoirs. many of the reservoirs in santa clara county, including the guadalupe , you vous and lexington reservoirs are now approaching capacity. our meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now, with the latest on the new you round of rain heading our way. either juliet already some rainfall tonight in portions of the bay area. in fact, oakland within the hour have been reported similar rainfall. there is more in the forecast for tomorrow, a lot more as we head towards the weekend, so we had a nice little break in the rain as the brakes are really important for your thursday light to moderate rainfall periods of rain on friday, probably picking up by the afternoon hours on a friday night and into a saturday and those forecast totals. really adding up could be anywhere from 1.5 to a possibly six inches of rainfall. so that would be for tomorrow. right on through saturday, and here is the breakdown you get if you can't see these hefty numbers, santa cruz mountains could be over four inches. a place like san francisco could be over two
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inches. coastal hills in the north bay could be topping five inches as results with those rainfall expectations. we have to worry about some flooding and already flood watch posted for portions of the bay area, in fact, the entire bay area friday afternoon right on through saturday afternoon. this is our next atmospheric river, developing out here in the pacific approaching our coastline right now we have mostly cloudy skies and some scattered rain showers developing across parts of the bay area and more rain, the forecast off and on as we head into your thursday, we'll talk more about tomorrow's forecast and also the new year's eve outlook while the update coming up in just a little bit. see you in a bad mark. thank you. the city of alejo is opening a warming center tonight for those seeking shelter from the cold and rain. the warming center will be open tonight through friday of the blade ho room on the back side of city hall hours are eight pm to seven am the following morning, free bus rides to the shelter will also be provided by solano county transit. new at 11. election officials in alameda county say
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there was a voting glitch which affected the outcome of one race during the november election. the glitch was in the ranked choice voting system, election officials say the winner for oakland school director district four has now flipped. that means nick resnick, who was previously declared the winner, has now lost to current board member mike hutcheson. election officials say they are working to resolve the issue and are checking to see if any other races. may have been impacted. two men have been arrested in connection with a deadly shooting in san francisco. that shooting happened back on december 18th 24th street mission, bart station, bart, police say in 19 year old man and a 20 year old man were taken into custody today, but their names have not been released. the name of the man who was shot and killed also has not been released. southwest airlines has already canceled more than 2300 flights tomorrow as the travel chaos nationwide shows no signs of relenting. the airline plans to operate roughly one third of its normal schedule over the next several days. trying to
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catch up southwest staff are among those stranded. the flight attendants union provided screen grabs from flight attendants calling into their scheduling center, who then spent hours on hold one call lasting seven hours and 45 minutes. now lawmakers and the department of transportation say they're looking into ways of holding southwest accountable. the airline is blaming bad weather back east, but experts say southwest needs to overhaul its communications and logistics systems, the ripple effect from this week's slew of canceled southwest airlines flights is creating another type of demand and huge price tags for hotel rooms and rental cars. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us customers are now being forced to dig deep into their pockets to cover these extra costs. it's usually a clear sign of turbulence when the car rental counters are busier than the ticket counters at mineta, san jose international, this crowd is looking, scanning, texting and searching for other travel options here from denver
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for my brother's wedding, farooqi and her cousin planned to fly down to so cal, but they're southwest flight, like all others canceled, so driving is the next best option and an expensive option when factoring food, lodging rental and filling the tank for the 300 plus mile drive a couple of 1000 easily. um it's obviously we were in anticipating this insane expense . but here we are. hotels in downtown san jose reporter rise and customers and a drop in vacancies since the travel crisis started a little bit of a bump, but it's a thin silver lining and a but really unsettling situation with all the cancelations. it's a material effect in the immediate area. i think around the airport, but those provide a lift to restaurants. to some extent, hotels would normally see wind down after the christmas holidays. some car rental companies are running out of inventory or running low on inventory, slowing the process to a crawl. enough to crush
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anyone's mood. mike olmstead is bucking that trend while trying to get to tucson for his daughter's wedding. never did the math. didn't matter. kids wedding, you gotta go. whatever it takes, so too will say $200 to 30. maybe. yeah hopeful renters are bracing for bad news on top of the bad news they're already dealing with, and others say they've begun thinking. getting there is this much of a hassle. what will the return trip be like the anticipation of whether our flights will get us back home right? because we still have to go back to denver , and she has to go back to new york. experts say costs will continue to climb for stranded southwest passengers as the days roll along southwest canceled 144 flights at mineta san jose international on wednesday. down slightly from the 157 were canceled on tuesday, likely because this is the middle of the week when there are fewer flights in general. to san jose international. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, california leaders
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are monitoring the canceled flight problems and are watching out for potential price gouging . spokesperson for governor gavin newsom says his office is monitoring the situation. there have been reports of prices surpassing $1000 for one way flights between cities in california on some travel booking websites. the state's price gouging laws are not triggered unless there is a federal, state or local emergency declaration. newsom's office has said the governor as of tuesday, has not and did not plan to declare a state of emergency. family and friends of a missing livermore. women are heartbroken tonight where police found the woman's remains and what we now know about her death also had police investigating the murders of four idaho students, setting the record straight after rumors started to circulate online professor now cleared of any involvement.
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♪ announced they found the remains of a beloved livermore grandmother along the royal esposito's creek. police in the community had been searching for her for a month. ktvu is emma goss spoke with the alameda county sheriff's office, which is now handling this investigation. in the dense, treacherous terrain around the royal last recetas creek, livermore police found 60 year old cindy robinson's body. it took a while and i'm not sure why any a close friend of robinson's led a month long
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community search sharing 400 printed flyers to help find the mother of three who was looking forward to the birth of her second grandchild in march. she was so excited through the baby police say robinson's body was found based on information that led detectives to the creek area a place police say robinson was known to frequent located near a homeless encampment. she was reportedly last seen there on november. 19th robinson's daughter, katie russell, is holding out hope more answers will come to light over the course of the investigation. i don't know how someone can just go missing. um and wind up in the creek like that. robinson lived in a nearby trailer park with her boyfriend, dog and cat . she participated in bible study at her church and helped others suffering from addiction and mental illness. robinson herself had struggles in her past, but had been clean and sober for 15 years, according to her daughter. i think it's a terrible loss for the community. for her family. and. i hope that
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whatever did happen, they're able to. figure it out and give the family some closure. several other bodies have been recovered from that creek in recent years , a celebration of life and a separate vigil are being planned by robinson's family for january . reporting in livermore, goss, ktvu fox two news new at 11 at stanford genetics professor has paid nearly $30 million in damages after losing a lengthy court battle. dr stanley cohen was ordered to pay $29.2 million to investors back in 2018 after a judge determined he misled them and now dissolved biotech company he founded according to court documents, cohen claimed to have found a cure for huntington's disease. cohen is still a professor at stanford school of medicine. a spokesperson for the university said they were unaware of the lawsuit also knew at 11. police
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investigating the murders of four idaho students are clearing up rumors on social media about a professor potentially being involved in that crime. moscow police issued a statement saying the university of idaho professor and chair of the history department is not connected to the murders. the professors, attorneys say she never met the murders students or had them in her classes. the professor is now suing the texas tiktok creator responsible for making those allegations. still ahead tonight. national guard troops going door to door in buffalo, new york the death toll continuing to rise after this week's massive winter storm, also a slight name. change for a bay area airport. find out why coming up after the break. adding weather after a break in the rain fall for today we have some rain showers developing right now more rain as we head toward the weekend. in fact, the stronger storm headed our way we will have
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19 measures on visitors from china this as infection surge in that country and health officials are trying to prevent new variants from emerging here . fox news. anna iliopoulos has the details. the cdc announcing a new policy wednesday for anyone traveling from china to the us starting january 5th. adults and children over to will need to get a covid test no more than two days before their departure and show proof of negative results to the airlines , regardless of their nationality and vaccination status. this applies even if passengers just have a layover in the us the news comes weeks after china started lifting it's nearly three years long, covid lockdowns and easing extensive testing policies. now it seems soaring coronavirus cases and
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deaths, overwhelming morgues, funeral homes and hospitals, which are understaffed and short on beds, but the numbers being reported by the chinese government are not matching up. this is a country of 1.4 billion people. they claim just 5000. died due to covid. those are not numbers seen anywhere else. the cdc, citing concerns over the lack of transparent data. coming from beijing and a need to prevent new variants from entering the us as the reason for the new testing measures america's joining several other countries that quickly implemented similar requirements , including italy, japan, malaysia and taiwan, with china pushing to reopen its borders by january, 8th beijing accusing the west of dramatizing the situation, china believes that the pandemic measures should be science based and appropriate and should not affect normal personnel exchanges. anna iliopoulos ktvu fox two news in buffalo, new york, hundreds of national guard troops went door
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to door today looking for people who are still without power following this weekend storms. the teams are also making sure that people have food and water and are handing out supplies if they're needed, authorities say more than 36 people have died in western new york state in the deadliest winter storm in decades and authorities say they're concerned that they may find more victims in the days to come. we are fearful that there are individuals who may have perished, living alone or to people who are not doing well in a in an establishment, especially those that still don't have power. a driving ban is still in effect, but buffalo's airport reopened today, nearly a week after snow and gusty winds shut down operations almost all scheduled flights into and out of the city have been canceled or delayed. well, if you're heading up to the sierra for new years, you might notice the ski resorts are not as short staffed as they were last season. kevin cooper cooper says most of the resorts are now up to 90 95% staffing
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with better pay for workers looking at vail resorts and the out, i'll terra grew up, which is the palisades. even mammoth mountain swallow resorts all raised their basic entry hourly rates. these are a lot of locals coming back to the workforce, so it's just really nice to see the resorts active. the village bustling and the businesses all opened back up. and told us the conditions on the slopes are excellent. some of the resorts at the higher elevations got up to 20 inches of new snow from the last storm. and if you are heading to tahoe make sure to check the road conditions with another storm moving in. that's right. a winter storm watch begins that tomorrow afternoon for the sierra, but this time will be some higher elevations. still levels are going up to around 7000 or 8000. ft today, though we had a bit of a break in the rain fall, you can see the rainfall totals over the past three days. the bulk of this moving in early tuesday morning and look at these big time numbers, canfield. almost five inches of rainfall. oakland
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almost 2.5 inches in san francisco, getting up there as well approaching two inches. multiple storms headed our way off and on rainfall tomorrow, another heavy rain event into the weekend here. you can see what happens in the monday another system and then even into next week by about a week from now could be talked about another round of some rainfall. so with all these storms in succession, but i have to be worried about some flooding over the next several days, with the rises on the creeks and the streams and possibly some mudslides. so a flood watch out for the entire bay area. this is from friday afternoon, right on through saturday afternoon. but right now, though, we're watching our next atmospheric river developing out here in this in the pacific. this narrow band of moisture is heading toward our coastline. right now , though, we have mostly cloudy skies within the past couple of hours. some scattered showers developing across the portions of the region. i did see some light rain reports for this hour for santa rosa, oakland, hayward and sfo. so more coverage on the radar and some of that rain falls actually reaching the ground for tonight. here's a
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live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. we have the cloud cover and some scattered showers nearby. san francisco 51 , oakland 50 and san jose 52 degrees. so here's the setup this cold front kind of linking up with this with this narrow moisture band. this will move in saturday morning, but between now and then a lot of moisture headed our way so off and on rainfall thursday and friday and then periods of heavy rain later in the day friday and also some stronger winds. that will move in for this weekend. here's the forecast model tomorrow thursday , some scattered off and on rainfall, maybe increasing in coverage tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. this is friday morning to scattered rain friday . the focus could be up in the north bay and then here is our next atmospheric river. this will set up that heavy rain event saturday morning, some strong, gusty winds. and then maybe the showers could be tapering as we head into saturday evening. no guarantees just yet, but that's a possibility by saturday night. take a look at the forecast here. lots of rank clouds here saturday. heavy rain some wind. the new year starts out drive
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looks like more rain in a monday looks like a stormy period even into next week for the first week of the new year. at 11 tonight. the mojave valley city of barstow could host a huge cannabis supercenter after approval by the city council. chronicle reports 20 pot farms to dispensaries in six distributors would be housed in a former outlet mall that has sat empty for years. the vote last week came after hours of debate, with many local residents and business owners saying they are opposed. there will be a second vote on the ordinance before that project is approved to san jose international airport is getting a slight name change next year. it will be called san jose mineta international airport. the airport says the change will help passengers search for tickets by putting the city's name first while still honoring the late congressman norman netta, who was also the nation's longest serving transportation secretary. the airport is also rolling out a new logo. they say that they will release more details in january. coming up in
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sports. the raiders bench derek carr, derek carr, rather ahead of this week's matchup against the niners will share who will now be under center for the silver and black. but first as 2022 comes to an end, we are looking back at some of the big stories over the past year. and of course, looking ahead towards 2023. the new year will see two new leaders of the bay area's largest cities. oakland mayor libby schaaf and san jose mayor sam liccardo are prepping to leave their offices after two terms, leading to lead a leading the two cities. soon as a city council member, matt mahan will take the helm in san jose well, xiang tao one oakland's mayoral race and will take over next mont .
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without clay, and without andrew wiggins clay resting against the jazz second game of a back to back so big minutes for dante de vincenzo had 53 pointers 19 points, but the warriors trailed by five at the half the jazz they got a big guy, six ft. 11 lauri markkanen. he can shoot 73 pointers he had 29 points jazz up by nine but then tied jerome the steel and the three as the warriors go up by three midway through the fourth. jerome 17 points and 30 minutes off the bench, jordan's pools loving it and then he's taking it to the rack warriors up three with a buck 27 to go, and from there, they hit their free throws to win it. 1 12 1! oh, seven, they improved to an nba best. 15 and two at home. derek carr's career with the raiders appears to be over after he was benched for the rest of the season, meaning
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it will be brock party vs jarrett stidham when the niners meet the raiders on new year's eve in las vegas cars last four starts have been among the worst of his career, culminating with the three interception game against the steelers on christmas eve. the last interception, most likely his final passes. a raider reportedly left the team right now, and it's sealed another loss for the six and nine raiders nine seasons as a radar car has only missed four games, all due to injury. he's never been benched. and while he holds nearly every raiders passing record is just 63 79 as their starting quarterback. he's owed $33 million next year. so you expect vegas to either trade him or cut him. the college ball season is heating up with two great finishes today, first to the holiday bowl, where north carolina's drake may and oregon's bo nix, they squared off. check out how this game finished. ducks down 6 20 finds
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chase coda and just crosses the goal line. that's the game winning touchdown 20 seconds to go. the point after is good, and you see they hoist the trophy three time holiday bowl winners 28 to 27, a thriller and the liberty bowl. kansas taking on arkansas, we pick it up. with arkansas leading 53 45 double overtime. jalen daniel scrambles in for the rushing touchdown. 53 51. they need the two point conversion. they need the two point conversion to tie it up. but no, their quarterback is stuffed. daniel's going down, but they're flagged for a late hit for roughing the passer. so the jayhawks get another chance . arkansas can't believe it, and daniels finds jared casey. in the end zone, so the two point conversion is good game tied at 53 to the third overtime. both teams have to go for two k. j jefferson to rashad, binion and
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arkansas goes is turned for theo point conversion and on the reverse. he's got a wide open tied end, but he throws it out of the end zone. arkansas celebrates 55. wow yes, yes! tec] [ sniffles ] [ congested voice ] what are you doing? tch, shush! one of the smoke alarms is chirping. i'm trying to figure out which one it is so i can change the battery. well, if anybody can find it [inhales sharply] it's you. ugh. you s-sound horrible. why don't... why don't you go back to bed? 'cause i've got too much to do. i've got to make the ladyfingers for the bake sale, and i've got to go by the gym -- i left my phone there yesterday. i'll do all that. we're a team. when one of us is weak, we lean on the other. honey, you don't have to do that stuff. honey, with all you do for me, including going to the gym four times a week to keep me interested, i got this. don't you have houses to show today? [ sniffles ] they...canceled. ohh, pumpkin. are you kidding me?
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