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mile high city... the broncos had a big win yesterday. for the first playoff game go on sale at noon today for people who have a rocky mountain zip code. they'll be available at all ticket master phone and on the ticket master website. tickets won't be available at the broncos ticket office until tomorrow.... that's if there are any left. prices range from from 80 to 230 dollars for reserved seats.... and 275 to 470 dollars for club seats. you can expect those prices to
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coming up in a little bit we'll have highlights from the game. good morning. happy first monday of the new year. corey, gregg and cheryl here with you. marty coniglio is also joining us. he's in the weather center. good morning marty. this morning police
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least 9 smash-and- grab burglaries in denver and englewood. several businesses were targeted along south broadway... 9news reporter colleen ferreira is joining us live from englewood... investigators say
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denver police are
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after four people denver campus. it happened around south williams from east jewell police didn't specify if the victims were was taken. d-u sent a campus alert... which said 3 suspects were armed with a pistol and shotgun... jackets and masks... and driving a black
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damage to the front end of the driver's side. new this morning.... we're saddened to report the death of former denver newspaper columnist penny parker. her husband tells the post that she died saturday at the age of 62. the cause of death determined. parker joined the reporter in the early 19-90s...she then moved on to business reporting. jumped to the rocky mountain news as an "on the town" columnist. parker returned to the post as a business columnist in 20-12....and then went out on her own. no word yet when memorial services will take place. today -- the arvada fire deparmtent will use a crane to help with an investigation. an office building heavily damaged by fire over the weekend - is in such bad shape - that crews haven't been able to go inside to look for a worker who's been missing. the scenic heights professional building near 64th and wadsworth caught fire saturday.
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who works in the building has not been accounted for since the fire. the cause of the fire is still under investigation -- at this point we do know the building will have to be torn down. today - we should learn more about a deadly car crash that left 2 people dead and 6 injured. denver police are expected to release information about those people. it happened on colorado boulevard at mexico avenue. denver fire say they got a call sunday afternoon - about a person sleeping at the wheel - at colorado and yale. when firefighters got there, the driver took off. they followed and denver fire says that's when 4-cars collided. the driver that started it all - is under investigation for driving under the influence - he was among those taken to the hospital. there are tens of thousands of adopted people in colorado - who don't have access to their own birth certificates. starting today that will all change. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas joining us now to talk about why decades of sealed records - have come to an end... tarhonda? corey-- it's thanks to a law that passed in 20-14.
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the birth certificates that had been private-- in "closed adoptions." now-- adoptees will be able to access those records. tens of thousands of birth certificates will be available: starting tomorrow. adoptees, regardless of the year they were adopted, can apply with the state to get their birth certificates. the process is expected to take 30 days. this is the last sealed group of birth certificates to be released. they include the birth records adoptions that were finalized before july of 1951... and between july 1967 and august 19-99. the new law impacts people like betsy pearce. she was adopted into a loving family-- when she was 5 weeks old. for her, it's important to be able to get her original birth certificate. it's also important for adoptees-- who want to know more about their birth family's health history. adoptees can apply for the birth
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today. cheryl, gary and corey-- we've got a link to that application on our website... today the regional center that was the scene of the san bernardino terror attack will reopen. it happened on december 2nd - and since then, a few of the 600 employees have gone to the office -- instead they've been visiting their clients elsewhere. the actual conference center where the shooting happened will stay closed. a group of people at a holiday party were attacked there by a fellow employee and his wife. 14 people died and more than 20 others were wounded. the couple who investigators say were inspired by isis were killed by police hours later. president obama is reportedly going to move ahead with plans to use executive orders to tighten gun laws. today he will meet with attorney
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what he can do legally. they are expected to discuss an executive order to expand background checks and restrict gun sales to some criminal suspects. n-b-c news has learned the president will officially announce his plans tomorrow. he also has a televised town hall scheduled for thursday night-- and he'll deliver his final "state of the union" address next week. a lot of political watchers are questioning the legality and practicality of what he'll be announcing...and many say that anything the president does by executive action is likely to be reversed if a republican moves into the white house in 2017. the broncos won't be playing next weekend... and for a great reason. yesterday they secured the number one seed in the afc--as well as a first round bye in the playoffs. broncos hosted the chargers for the season finale..... brock osweiler got the start--and it was a rough one for b-o. the offense turned the ball over five times with him running the offense. then in the third quarter-coach gary kubiak turned to his five time mvp
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it was the first time peyton manning has ever come in--in relief. the team immediately responded--quickly marching down the field for the touchdown on his first drive. broncos win 27 to 20.... and lock up their fifth consecutive afc west title. the a-f-c playoffs shake out like this... we obviously don't know who the broncos will play in the second round... we do know it'll either be the steelers, texans or chiefs. one thing is for sure--we know they'll play on sunday january 17th at 2-40.... so start planning
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some spots along
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some spots along the flooded mississippi river in missouri and illinois are still rising. the death toll in both states is now 25 -- and flooding is expected to worsen in arkansas, kentucky, tennessee and
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states. in the meantime -- the u-s coast guard is helping to patrol 500 nautical miles of river ... looking for anyone in trouble. fortunately, water is starting to recede in most areas. in the pacific ocean... there's a patch of trash that is 5 times the size of texas... and one man thinks clean it up. we'll have the
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the oceans of the world. they are being polluted by millions of tons of plastic waste -- threatening the water and wildlife. but what if there were a way to trap and collect much of it at sea? a plan to to do just that is taking shape in the pacific. nbc's keir simmons reports. hawaii's beautiful moloka'i island... few get to visit this protected place.. but arriving by chopper, ... we find garbage washed up... and volunteers struggling to clean up. sot volunteer: 'this is just from one day, this was clean yesterday... shocking' plastic ... from the pacific... sot: "i got toothbrushes' everyday items... littering hawaii's coastline.. breaking into billions of small pieces that choke ocean life. from a floating garbage patch... sot: 'hi, good to meet you' ... that began accumulating before this 21 year old was born. sot: 'you get sea sick? i do' laughs but dutch entrepreneur boyan slat believes he has a solution. next year he wants to build the largest floating barrier ever deployed.. and use the ocean's own currents to capture plastic. this year he persuaded 30 boats to join an expedition to first find out how much plastic is out there.. sot: 'what we're doing here now has never been done before.' the pacific garbage patch is located between the west coast and hawaii. for a month the boats trawled those waters. their initial findings - stunning... the team originally believed the patch contained twenty eight and a half pounds of large plastic per square mile. now they say the true figure is ten times greater... two hundred and eighty five pounds per square mile... and the pafar bigger thanion mes the size of texas.n
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running aroundna clear up the nd say why don't wsot 'right yeah, tnot a lot of actis boyan's idea t he's determined the pacific of
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organizationto have the massive cleanup barrier in use within the next few years. home owners insurance... car insurance... and now... drone insurance.. why experts say want to look into they take flight.
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for the markets and two major economic reports are due out. the institute for supply management will release its manufacturing index for december. and the commerce department will report on construction spending for november. coming up tomorrow... automakers will reveal how many vehicles they sold in december. fantasy football sites like "draft kings" and "fan duel" will fight to stay in business again today. lawyers for the sites will be in court in new york.
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appellate panel to let them continue operations in the state while the legal batttle continues. new york's attorney general is suing the sites... saying it's illegal online gambling. fan duel's investors include nbc's parent company comcast and nbc sports. the case has yet to go to trial. if you unwrapped a new drone over the holidays -- you may want to check your homeowners or renters insurance policy before taking flight. liberty zabala has more info. "the first couple of flights, i did break blades. i actually got it stuck in a tree at the park that we're at right now." like many new drone owners, adam thompson says flying his drone wasn't so simple at first. "the drone got too far away, got out of my sight, and it was windy, so it was just a catastrophe waiting to happen." as drone use soars, so does the opportunities for property damage or serious injury. this drone nearly took out a professional skier- and in january this drone crashed on the white house lawn. in a crash, the department of insurance says you could be liable and recommends checking with your insurance. you must also register your drone with the f- a-a. "you fly and you dent your neighbor's car . it breaks through a window or tangles up in someone's television antenna or something like that. a lot of them don't recognize the potential for danger." and that's why the academy of model aeronautics is offering drone owners a $2.5 million liability coverage option for a year. something that thompson says he'll now look into the next time he flies. so marty... how's
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the weather shaping up this morning? r-t-d's flatiron
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taking passengers between denver and boulder. service for the new bus rapid transit service began yesterday. r-t-d has 6 routes along u.s. 36 -- with one way fares ranging from 2 dollars 60 cents -- to 4-dollars 50- cents. if you're feeling lucky - this may be the time to test that luck! powerball will draw the winner for one of the game's 10 biggest prizes on wednesday. lottery officials say no one claimed saturday's 334- million dollar prize... so the jackpot's expected to grow to 400- million by wednesday's drawing. that could exceed the size of the 6th- largest prize in powerball history... which was won in 20-13. the odds of winning the
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that's all for 9news at 4:30... coming up... today 3 nfl teams are expected to take further steps in their bid to relocate to l-a. we'll tell you what comes next in the process. 9news at 5
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