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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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a former hospital worker undeinvestigation for stealing drugs, possibly exposing thousands of patients to serious diseases. patients lettered the bad news today and for one -- learned the bad news today and for one man, et cetera it's deja vu. a husband in larimer county loses his life, moments before celebrating the birth of his son. and more republicans drop out of the race for the white house and one makes an immediate endorsement. out of all the things that you can get, this is a cool one. >> down the hear that often, but this is helping to make a dream come true for a prong yo fan and the one specific threat for the big game is one that we
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swedish hospital is putting out a warning that one its employee cost have put one of its patients at rest can of hiv, hepatitis c and help pilots b. many people have been told that they need a blood test. >> reporter: kyle, swedish is not saying how that drug theft risk. the dates they want people to be aware of are august 17, 2015 through january 22, 2016. we spoke to patients who are understandably ainge ricks especially one man -- angry, he has been through this before. >> he knew what he was doing. >> it's difficult enough that i have a new life with a wheelchair that i have to learn how to live differently right now. having this happen is is pretty devastating. >> reporter: evans was treated at swedish hospital and learned wednesday he will need to be
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and hepatitis c. part of an investigation into a former surgical technician. >> i think this hit me the hardest. i kind of sat in my room and broke down for a while. >> reporter: he is one of 3000 patients finding out the startling news. >> you have the right to stay silent, you understand >> reporter: the same case happened against an or center. she was convicted. >> sometimes, you know, i would wait at home. sometimes, i do it on my lunch break. >> reporter: scott passer was tested as a result parker case and will go through another round of testing after being treated at swedish this summer. >> it was definitely a shocking thing to go through at the time and now having it happen a
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am i doing wrong? >> reporter: there is a person of interest in this case, although we are putting it out because he has not been charged. swedish says they want patients to be tested out of an i bun dance of caution. >> unfortunately, we do know the panic this can cause. what kind of charges can be brought? >> reporter: diversion of drugs by a medical employee is theft, can result in charges of possession of a controlled substance with the intertent to distribute and can be charged under federal statutes including tampering with consumer products. >> whitney mentioned the christian parker case in 2010. she was sentenced in federal court to 30 years in prison. what was supposed to be one of the happiest days in this family's life quickly became one of the saddest. tony shmucker and his wife are from bell viewrks west of fort collins. he was driving her to the hospital to deliver their baby
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children in the back seat. tony suffered a medical emergency and crashed the car. his family, including his newborn son, is your side tony did not. his wife shared her story with 92 news -- 9news reporter. >> strength is born in struggles. >> i had a great doctor >> reporter: jill's struggles started on the day that was supposed to be joyful. >> contractions started. i called my doctor and she said, just go into the hospital >> reporter: she woke her husband tony. >> he was super nervous. oh, my gosh, we're going to have a baby on the way there. i said, no, we'll be fine. >> reporter: the two got the kids up, got them dressed, hopped into the car, headed to the hospital. >> we didn't get very far, right down the road. when it happened, he had a
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stroke or aneurysm. they said it could be any of those. >> reporter: the car rolled into a ditch. when the shock wore off, jill realized tony was still unconscious. she was pinned, her back broken, her six-year-old son ryder was able to grab his father's cell phone out of his pocket and call 911. rescuers got her out and to the hospital where she had an emergency c section. >> i didn't find out what had happened officially until after i had the baby and was waiting to hear about my back. so i didn't really want to know. >> reporter: tony, hard core bronco fan, quintessential coloradans, the father who was always there was gone. >> he was such a positive person. he always believed the best in everyone. and that's what i want them to remember. >> reporter: strength is born in struggle.
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miracle like crazy. and i got several miracles, three perfect boys that -- i mean, they were barely even bruised. so -- i'm here and i'm walking which is a miracle. i didn't get that one last miracle that i would have loved to have had >> reporter: jill shmucker is strong. >> being a parent, i think anyone can choose to be a parent. you have super human strengths when it comes to your kids, i think. and, now, that's what keeps me motivated, too, because they need me. >> reporter: jill also wanted to thank the first responders who stayed with her two kids while she was being treated. she says that the community has been unbelievably support siev. on a gofundme page established right after this, they already raised close to $75,000.
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strengths. >> super human strengths. a tragedy similar story this week. a father from greeley died in a car crash monday while driving to the hospital for the birth of his second child. 29-year-old jorge serrado left his home in wyoming to meet with his wife. he was driving on 75 when he lost control of his vehicle on size, went across the lines and hit a semi coming across. the driver of the semi was not seriously hurt. and today, republicans in the house rejected a bill to allow physician-assisted suicide. last year legislators from both parties voted down a similar bill arguing that it could lead to physicians-assisted sue sides in cases where the diagnosis is wrong.
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candidates sat down tonight for a cnn town who will. bernie sanders and hillary clinton took questions from the audience. they disagreed on whether:ton is a true progressive and she struggled to explain how she will crack down on the wall street institutions that gave her big fees for speaking. two more gop presidential candidates ended their campaigns today after poor showing in iowa. kentucky senator rand paul will seek reelection instead and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum dropped out as well. paul took fifth in the iowa caucus, getting 5%. santorum a distant 11 with less than 1%. santorum endorsed mac -- marco rubio. mike huckabee bowed out early
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the small field of nine now. >> jim gilmore who received 12 votes. not 12%age points, not 12 delegates but 12 votes in the entire statement today, he tweeted, he's still standing. the controversial founder of wiki leaks plans to surrender if the united nations court rules again him. julian assange has refused to surrender to sweden to answer questions about a sexual assault. he worried that sweden would extradite him to the u.s. he says if a u.n. panel rules against him, he will allow himself to be arrested. if not, he will be expecting the return of his passport. assange has been living in the
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and as the broncos get ready to play in the super bowl, one fan is getting ready to go to the super bowl. but her journey won't be easy. bowl. out of all the perks you can get for having cancer, this is probably the coolest one. >> kimberly ringing looks at her lung cancer. >> i like to compare it to my current fight that not wins are pretty >> reporter: the same way she looks at -- >> it's going to be a tough game and we're going to win. >> reporter: football. every week is a new talent and you have to have a new outlook. >> reporter: kim betterly is on her way to california to cheer on the broncos after she raised $22,000 for the chris draft foundation named after the former linebacker who lost his wife to lung cancer. >> anyone can get lung cancer. >> reporter: scott's wife got lung cancer without smoking. so did kimberly >> nobody deserves to get lung cancer, no matter their
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>> reporter: she and her husband packed for the games, the x's and o's they are concerned about are prescriptions and oxygen. >> oh, and hair. she started keep ye again last week. >> it would be awesome if it didn't fall out. >> the big thing is making sure that we manage kim's energy level. >> i have a little bit improved lung function. it is very safe for me to fly. >> she's hard to rein back. >> reporter: but energy is something that kimberly is never short on. >> it would be awesome to have orange and blue confetti flying down on me as we win the super bowl. >> reporter: jonathan gonzalez, 9news. >> kimberly leaves for the game tomorrow among. she is bringing her lucky pom pom which she has had for the broncos last two afc championship game victories the sun did not do much to
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kathy has relieve in fight for the forecast. security officials met with the media to discuss how they plan to keep the super bowl safe and they talked about the
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there is a professional sports team in denver that knows exactly what it's like to go against a favorite in north carolina. the majority of nascar teams are based in carolina. the only team west of mississippi know about being an underdog. they qualified for the nascar super bowl of nascar. john elway sent them a tweet wishing them good luck. and they took the time to reciprocate.
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this is the new logo that they'll sport. >> that is cool. we'll see from them next week. no estimate on how many police, military and fbi agents are assigned to the super bowl. >> 9news reporter matt has seen plenty. security making its very clear to the fans what can and cannot be carried into the stadium on sunday. >> reporter: they are, kyle and adele. won't be bringing in large back packs like these, small clear plastic bags, ziploc and small clutch bags. that's massive security plan designed to keep more than a million people safe in california who will either be going to the game or spending the week here. the military, fbi and police talked to the media about what they are doing to keep people on the water. here. police are on nearly every corner around the stadium and
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that's a big part of the security plan. organizers say there are no credible threats right now but, clearly, they have not taken into account the dangerous denver defense and the threat they pose to carolina. >> you know, i was actually saying when people are saying that it's a six-point spread, i was saying like this is a different defense than the bronco team that went up against the seahawks. i think this is going to be a great game. >> great answer from the police chief here in san francisco. having some fun with us while talking about a serious topic because, along with the military, along with the police, they also have hired about 4000 security personnel who are working at all the entrances, at venues as well as at the stadium. that's a big job, adele and kyle but a lot of work going into it trying to keep people safe of course to think of the geographic spread they have to cover, from the hotels in san francisco and to the stadium in santa clara.
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thanks a lot, matt. a whole lot warmer where matt is than it is here on the 92 news backyard. clear, cold, about to get colder. it's cold in the city. lighter winds, clear skies, high today of only 28 after a morning low of 1, we should be in the 40s and we won't see that number until probably the weekend. south wind at dia, creating a wind chill of minus 3. you will need the jacket tomorrow and tomorrow. 12 degrees here outside the studio. not a lot to show you on the radar yet so we'll focus on the cold. temperatures in the front range in the teens. kicking up especially at some of the higher passes. some reports in the area of blowing snow. the wind will make it feel colder than the farenheit
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minus 99 in greeley and minus 11 in laramie. wind and cold near cheyenne, tough driving with the blizzard warning posted there. series of weak little short waves will cross colorado on that northwest flow. we can see how some of the heavy precip is pushing through the eastern seaboard. next system moving on shore fairly week but the little waves will bring periodic snow showers to the high country, winds. we may be a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow, down sloping winds but below average this time of the year. with the next wave coming in, we start off clear, cold, with the sunshine, clouds increasing by the continental divide. not enough for the winter and travel weather advisory. cloudy in the city in the afternoon and maybe a couple of flurries drifting off in the foothills. i would not worry too much about that.
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well below zero in the high country high temperatures tomorrow 20s. out west, 30s, 40s. bailey, con another and ever green, highs ranging from 26 to 36 degrees. downtown area, clear and cold night. that means chilly start to the day. sunrise at 7:05. temperatures in the mid-30s by mid day. right around freezing by 4:00 in the afternoon. a few flurries are possible again tomorrow night into probably friday. then we swipe our temperatures, close to ooh saturday. next system comes in sunday into monday. again, just flurries ahead of a nice warming trend that will help us warm off some of this snow and ice, something that they won't have to worry about in santa clara, partly sunny with the super bowl kickoff temperature of 71. beautiful out there.
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hi, everybody. peyton manning revealed he will be undergoing major surgery but, don't worry, not until long after the super bowl. broncos returned to practice. manning who batsled injuries to his foot, shoulder and ribs all season shared another spot on his body that needs fixing. >> when you had injuries, when you have surgeries, you know, the doctors sometimes will mention to you whether you ask them or not, you are probably headed for a hip replacement, your life. you. i didn't need to know na right here at age 37 but thanks for sharing. i look forward to that day when i'm 52 and have a hip >> manning obviously wishes the game was here already but there
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wait and we're live. 9news reporter rod mackey is at the team hotel in santa clara >> today was third straight day that peyton manning gets to meet the media and he will get to talk to us tomorrow, too. four days in a row of answering the same old questions. what's surprising is that he has not had to answer a whole lot of questions about the last trip to the super bowl. that was two years ago. super bowl xlviii against seattle. 43-8, a game we are all trying to forget. >> we got beat by a hot team and a better team that night. it was disappointing. tough pill to swallow. but i give seattle a lot of credit. i was honored to be part of that team. i don't get into making comparisons. it was a real privilege to be a part of that team, just like it is an honor and privilege to be part of this team. >> the broncos are trying to focus on just foot wall but
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especially with their families coming into town tomorrow. football is a huge part of life for all of the broncos but for most of them, especially the players with kids, family comes first. >> it's like i have this vision of the confetti fawrlings going to grab my son and really get pictures of that moment because that's going to be one the best pictures of my life. when i'm dead and gone, that's going to be the picture like, man, i did it. i got the pinnacle, the love of my life, my son. it's definitely going to be unique and i hope that happens. >> that will be a bunch of fun. having a chance to come out and practice on saturday, i believe. they get a little bit of the tastes of festivities. that's going to be fun. >> sanders and talib may have a chance to celebrate another super bowl as well but time is running out for demarcus ware which makes this opportunity
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>> bring that family, that rock, my little kid, family to sort of enjoy that experience. usually, it's me coming here and working and i'll be on the other side. instead of being part of the experience, you are the experience. and, you know, it's just a great thing to leave like that legacy for your kids and then to come to the game and maybe sit on the sideline and enjoy something that, you know, doesn't happen every day. >> we'll have much more coming up on our super bowl updates. we'll also talk to cam newton, the other guy's quarterback. back to you. thanks, rod. nuggets played their lowest scoring game of the season beaten by the utah jazz for the garry harris gets swatted. there go the jazz the other way. great ball movement. nuggets lose 85-81. national signing day.
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call little big shot is grown up and heading to college. 9news reporter -- >> reporter: finally the moment arrived. >> i have been waiting for a time now. >> i've had senioritis joins ninth grade. >> she is making it official. >> my dad had a lot of fun playing. >> her dad know as thing or two playing in college basketball. my own >> reporter: but unlied route. she'll enroll at the university of texas. >> to have my name there and everything, i wanted to create a new name for myself and texas was the perfect place to do it >> reporter: sidney fell in love with the sport at a young
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with her throughout high school. this spring, she hopes to help the golden eagles to another state championship. >> i definitely have a lot more to accomplish in college, but up until college, i think that i have achieved a lot of my goals. >> reporter: and as she is taking her big shot, there is someone there to help make it a smooth transition. >> big deal to have my dad behind me. >> she's got three daughters. sidney is the oldest one. they are all beautiful. >> they are. >> they are talented athletes. >> she looks like daddy just a little bit. >> she is pretty. >> actually more like mom who is prettier than chauncey. >> he is pretty but -- >> you know what i'm saying. >> we have been keeping track of the super bowl through bobbleheads. remember the panthers tied it up. the broncos fell back on one of their practice squad players got busted in a prostitution ring. >> question, question.
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>> and now manning with his hip replace many. panther has nothing interested to say. so we'll put the 9news band aid on peyton's hip. and put chauncey up there
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three special reports coming up from our team in schars.
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