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welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. gary and corey here with you on this friday eve. this morning marty center... marty- we have ahead.... sanders will go
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their first one-on- one debate. last night things got heated as the democratic candidates fought over what it means to be progressive. tonight's debate on
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time clinton and sanders will face off before the new next week. is in washington democratic race ... heating up between republicans. tonight's msnbc debate is hillary clinton's last chance to take on bernie sanders face to face before new hampshire votes on tuesday. presidential candidate :10-:15 "if it's about our records, hey i'm gonna win by a landslide on tuesday." super burned in sanders has a double-digit lead here. he's hammering clinton presidential progressive who takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive." her response? presidential candidate :33-:36 what they offered." the leading trump - is claiming iowa if ted cruz mailers and spread dropping out: candidate :47-:54
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brutal, they are brutal, they are a bunch of dishonest cookies." presidential candidate :55-1:01 "i wake every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted - because he's losing it." marco rubio's going after cruz too. rubio's a close number three here. presidential candidate 1:06-1:10 "ultimately i think it goes back to what i said before and that is a willingness to say or do anything." the field is getting smaller. rick santorum just dropped out and endorsed rubio. audio outcue: tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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roster is slimming down. two more presidential hopefuls ended their campaigns yesterday after poor showings in iowa. kentucky senator rand paul and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum are both calling it quits. paul took the fifth spot in the iowa caucus -- getting 5 percent of the vote. santorum finished a distant 11-th place with less than one-percent. santorum endorsed marco rubio. mike huckabee bowed out earlier this week. so that leaves ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, carly fiorina, john kasich, chris christie and jim gilmore still in the running. gilmore received just 12 votes-- not percentage points, but votes-- in iowa on monday. yesterday he tweeted -- that he is "still standing." today martin shkreli will testify on capitol hill. you may recall he raised the price of a life-saving drug by five-thousand
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today the house oversight and government reform committee will hold a hearing on the rising cost of prescription drugs. the former c-e-o and others will testify during the hearing. if you're looking to file your taxes online today -- you may be out of luck. the irs is still dealing with some computer problems that forced the shut down of its entire e-file system yesterday. this morning, the irs-dot-gove site is working, but "where's my refund" and other things aren't working properly. the outage could affect refunds, but the irs doesn't anticipate any "major disruptions." all bets are that nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days. you can still file your electronic returns with tax preparers...those companies will hold the returns until the irs systems are up and running. the irs says people who have already filed don't need to do anything. nearly 3-thousand swedish medical center patients need to be tested for hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c.
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believes one of its former employees put thousands of surgical patients at risk of getting those viruses. the testing is part of an investigation into the employee. a colorado public health spokesperson says it involves the possible 'diversion of drugs' 9news legal analyst scott robinson says diversion of drugs by a medical employee is theft. right now we don't know how the theft put patients at risk. patrick evans was treated at swedish medical center. he told us he found out yesterday that he had to get tested. we're not naming the surgical tech because he has not been arrested or charged. but there is a criminal investigation. the hospital says they have no evidence patients were exposed but they're being cautious.
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schools to have life saving defibrillators. 14-year-old kaine greathouse knows first hand just how important an a-e-d can be in an
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prepare for the super bowl... and peyton manning has been facing a lot of questions about his future. in answering those questions - he revealed some news about his long-term health. the broncos q-b said he will probably need hip replacement surgery at some point in the future. manning has already battled injuries to his foot, shoulder, ribs and fingers all season... manning says he learned about the potential hip problems two
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super bowl 50 may very well be it for peyton manning... but there are other players who may be about to play their final game for the broncos. defensive end malik jackson is a free agent and is expected to fetch a large contract in the off-season. linebacker von miller is expected to return--the broncos can use their franchise tag option on him. broncos insider mike klis thinks it's highly likely backup q-b brock osweiler will resign with the team. mike thinks it's up in the air whether
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will return... and ronnie hillman? he'll likely be too pricey for denver to resign. most broncos fans would do anything to go to the super bowl. one woman scored tickets and a free ride... by doing something nice for
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for the biggest game of the season. one fan here is also putting a lot of preparation into her trip to the super bowl... she won tickets to the game a month ago. but like the broncos - her journey - will not be an easy one. 9news reporter jonathan gonzalez explains. :24 getting ready for the super bowl. :25 7:46 of all the perks you can get from having cancer, this is probably the coolest one. 7:50 kimberly ringen looks at football... 2:23 i like to kind of compare it to my current fight, that not all wins are pretty. 2:28 the same way she looks at... 3:07 and we're going to win. 3:09 ...her lung cancer. 3:17 every week is a new challenge and you have to have a good outlook. 3/l22 kimberly is on her way to california to cheer on the broncos after she raised $22,000 for the chris draft family foundation -- named after the lost his wife to lungs can get lung lung cancer :21 ...nobody of anyone's 8:24 so as she and her husband pack for the big game... 11:26 you can't be a cancer patient without ten bags they're concerned about are prescriptions and oxygen. 3:30 these last three weeks have been very lung cancer standpoint. 3:35 again last week. 6:58 i have a little bit improved lung function. it is very safe for me to fly. 7:03 it'll make the trip that much tougher. 11:44 so all that has to go. 11:46 23:51 big thing is going to be just making sure we kind of manage kim's energcky for them, ly isn't short on. 10 on me when we win r, jos what i'm envisioningberly le the game today. . she said she's bringing her lucky pompons. she's had them for the broncos last two afc championship game kimberly leaves for the game today. .
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pompons. she's had them for the broncos last two afc championship game wins. they screamed for another type of ice cream. the new appealing flavors for people
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while riding on the rails. amtrak is expanding its pet program along the eastern, select
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long distance routes. but there's a catch. only one cat or one small dog are allowed onboard for trips up to seven hours long. and they have to be in a closed carrier that doesn't weigh more than 20- pounds. you also have to make a reservations beforehand and there's a fee of 25- dollars. plan on doing a little vacuuming this morning? check the label first. dirt devil is recalling a 158- thousand vacuums. the recall includes three models of the total pet cyclonic upright vacuums. the prong on the plugs can come loose and get stuck in the socket. this poses a risk for someone to get shocked. although no injuries have been reported yet. if you have this vacuum, call dirt devil and they'll give you a new one for free. facebook is turning 12. and to celebrate -- it's going to gather your posted photos and create a collage. if you don't like the pictures they pick -- you can switched them out. only you can see the video unless you decide to share it with your friends. ben & jerry's is going dairy-less! good news for people who are lactose intolerant, or who are vegan. the ice cream is
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"frozen dessert". it's made will have almond milk. the product will be available in grocery stores within the next four to six weeks.
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shaping up this morning? you have another chance to pick up a 'broncos country'
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chance to pick up a 'broncos country' magnet. we'll be handing them out at four locations. starting at 6am. you can grab one at the king soopers on sheridan in arvada. three giveaways start at 7... you can pick a magnet up at the king soopers on south buckley in aurora, at the city hotchkiss... and the windsor. if you're like us and you didn't stay up to watch the tonight show... we have you covered. there were some pretty funny moments. last night jimmy fallon talked about our denver broncos during his tonight superlatives. he singled out two
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today's hashtag- we-are-broncos video challenge is.... touchdown dances!! this baby named nolan may not be able to walk yet - but this broncos fan has definitely figured out the touchdown move! share your videos with us through the "your take" part of the 9news app.... on the website... or on social media, using hashtag-we- are-broncos. that's all for 9news at 4:30...
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