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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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united in orange in a bigger way than ever before. the team and fans celebrate their championship. a family and community and mesa county mourn the loss of a deputy killed in the line of duty. results are in from the first primary in the country, there is as much talk about who came in second at 21 tonight. >> we are so proud of our nfl fans. >> a moment we have waited 17 years to see again. >> can you go back next year and do it again? >> i think so. back-to-back. right? >> 9news starts right now. let me tell you about the party they had on the front lawn of this place today, whilst. hundreds of thousands of people wearing the orange and blue that lights up the city and county building for one final night this season. the last people to arrive at today's party were the ones bringing what everyone was
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bowl trophy in denver broncos history. >> reporter: good morning, on another beautiful day in broncos country. >> we want to get some good pictures today for the memory. >> reporter: it's crazy, the enthusiasm that people are showing. >> wow. it's incredible. people have decided, i don't need to go to work today. >> reporter: people from all overrepresented here in downtown denver. >> this is the greatest time for everybody. families everywhere. >> broncos country, are you
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>> i'm going to have a lot of memories and pictures and stuff. i don't want to forget this. >> there is no anger anywhere. people are happy everywhere. it's beautiful. >> hey, denver, it is time to salute your world champion denver broncos, and super bowl 50 most valuable player, von miller! >> this is great. i did not get here by myself. i've got great teammates and coaches in the locker room. these guys fight for each other and want to win for each other. all of these guys helped me get to where i am right now. 53 guys played a role on the roster and helped build a super bowl championship. >> love it. it could not get any better than this. >> bronco nation, bronco nation, all the way. as far as the eye can see. >> twitter and instagram were
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cameras on the fans lined the streets. [ cheering ] that is the noise from brock osweiler's post on instagram. fans lining the route. there is one from broncos vice president of relations, his photo shows peyton manning holding the trophy alongside gary kubiak and john elway. it says three great broncos quarterbacks. another player perspective, tight end owen daniels posted this photo as they pass between the capital building. and, bennie fowler has a picture with six sacks, the county -- with a caption reading, could it be his last game? i don't know, but i get the ball back to them because it deserved it. >> could not help but think back to 1999, the last time we saw one of these parades. a lot of things mirrored memories from back then. of course, pat bowlen could not
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the vince lombardi trophy. and, just as elway was salute, while he certainly was cheered for today, at the county building, peyton manning got a heroes welcome. unlike 1999 today, the leading assumption is that peyton manning will hang up his helmet for good. back then, fans were asking elway to stick around for a super bowl jikxii. and in 1999, when we polled people to rate john elway, sign of the times, we asked you to vote by phone call. broncos insider, mike klis, spoke one-on-one with peyton manning. manning told him how much fun his daughter, mostly, writing in the float. >> moseley, standing back there next to me, wasn't much fun. she went straight to the fun
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trophy. she had her disney wave down to a t. >> more from mike klis coming up in sports. all those people at civic center park left all at once, many packing onto the rtd that -- light rails. a lot of people heeded the advice and to public transportation instead of fighting for a parking place downtown. during the parade, rtd close to stops in the area. once they reopened they were swamped. some riders waiting for an hour or more. on i-25 those who drove got stuck in traffic, it states slow in some areas past the evening rush. hundreds of thousands of people jammed in shoulder to shoulder, just to have fun and celebrate. denver fans can show the rest of the country how to have a party. with that many people downtown today, denver police tell us there was only one arrest, and that person made a threat entire defend. the department tweeted out this afternoon a thank you to the
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president obama picked the panthers to win the super bowl but still called today to congratulate the broncos, and to extend an invitation to the coach and the team. details coming up in sports. in new hampshire tonight, two convincing victories for antiestablishment presidential candidates. on the gop side, donald trump dominated the night with more than a third of the vote. coming in second, john kasich, and considered a long shot by many, resurrected his campaign. ted cruz a surprising third, followed by jeb bush. marco rubio not finished here, he finished fifth. bernie sanders from neighboring democratic side easily rounding hillary clinton, 60% to 39%. with more on the big night for sanders and trump and shaping the white house, let's bring in our reporter, brandon rittiman. in a knife or it's difficult to get a hold of, they had a good night in new hampshire. >> they had a good night of picking the winners but also told us that trump and sanders would win big and they did,
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and, trump, who does not know the word, bashful, was very typically not bashful about propping up sanders just to take a swipe at him. >> congratulations to bernie, in all fairness. we have to congratulate him. we may not like it, but i heard parts of his speech, he wants to get our country, folks. he wants to give it away. we are not going to let it happen. i don't know where it's going with bernie. we wish him a lot of love but we are going to make america great again, but we are going to do it the old-fashioned way. we are going to be china, japan, we are going to beat mexico at trade. >> a couple of those are our allies. trump also showed strength in the polls in the next two nevada. marco rubio felt to third, some many attribute to his debate performance including himself. that leaves an open fight for somebody to emerge as the gop. the establishment have plenty to ponder on the democratic side as well. >> tonight, we served notice to
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establishment of this country, that the american people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining american democracy, and we will not accept this economy. >> reporter: unlike trump, sanders is looking strong in south carolina and nevada but has gained recognition in iowa, and now the win in new hampshire. he will need to harness that quickly in the next states. meanwhile,went out of her way to make overtures to sanders supporters. she spent a portion of her speech highlighting reform and finance issues about which she and sanders share similar reviews. the stages that for a big fight for support of colorado caucuses. sanders has shown as he can drive the crop to college
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announced its opening its first colorado campaign offices. colorado republicans don't get to pick the winner, the state party canceled the preference poll on march 1 but 9news political analysts say it's looking more possible trump could become the nominee. >> could trump? actually, he's helped by cruz in my opinion, because for one brief moment in iowa or maybe a little bit before, the establishment was beginning to look a little more fondly at trump because they saw the iowa polls indicating it was trump cruz, there was no rubio or alternative at that point. jimmy carter said if it was a choice between trump and cruz, he would vote for trump. >> reporter: in new hampshire, at least, it is trump head and shoulders above the rest and the so-called establishment candidates have been struggling
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it is early, but early wins are good, the crowd of candidates is shrinking on the gop side and it doesn't help to be one of the ones that survives to move on to the next state. >> we saw something very rare when marco rubio apologize to supporters on his debate performance, that's what he did poorly. meanwhile, chris christie heading home to new jersey. >> we don't know if we will see him on the campaign trail again because he is reevaluating the campaign. yes, we could see a couple more dropouts after new hampshire. the big question, can marco rubio dust himself off and get back in it? he says he's not going to make that mistake again, that may not be enough. >> thanks. a mesa county deputy shot by teenager yesterday will not survive. the mesa county sheriff's office says deputy derek geer will be taken off of life support after one more act of service, organ donation. he was shot by a 17-year-old responding to a call about an armed and suspicious teenager in grand junction. the suspect ran, when the deputy tried to arrest him. geer fired a taser, the
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deputies arrested the teenager an hour after the shooting and are not identifying him at this time. boulder police are trying to find what they describe as an organized ring responsible for more than two dozen stolen cars. most that's happened overnight, in most cases, owners left the cars unlocked with keys inside. only a few of the vehicles have been found and those were in pretty bad shape. crimestoppers is offering a reward for information to track down the thieves. still ahead at 10:00, the member the guy who bought super bowl tickets and did not tell his wife how much they cost? today we caught up with them for the rest of the story. von miller takes us inside the team bus for the right to the parade today. and if you thought today was spectacular, wait until you see kathy's forecast for tomorrow. and, it's another 9news
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justin kerrigan from denver paid more than $21,000 for four tickets to the super bowl and he may not have told his wife about it until it came up on tv. >> i spent $21,000 on the tickets. >> i thought you spent $2100. >> don't tell my wife. >> are you joking right now? >> no.. >> at this point we thought that he would fly home and find that his wife change the locks but we caught up with both of them and they got the whole story. they tell us justin was looking at super bowl tickets from his wife, heidi, knew full well that she would stay behind with their kids. there were some other people going. each ticket cost $4400. add in a $3500 processing fee, and the total ended around
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and rental car. what heidi did not know is that justin had offered to cover the bill for his buddies until they paid him back. once justin had that little tv interview, he called his wife to give her a heads up that she might learn something's on social media. >> i was a little frustrated at first, but you know, at the end of the day, we are in it together. the long haul. there is no doghouse, there's nothing. >> take that. [ laughter ] >> that's right. he is not in the doghouse. she's not letting him sleep there. you sleep outside of the doghouse. in the end, justin personally spent between $7000 and $8000 on the trip and says all of his buddies have paid him back. valentine's day is coming up sunday. so, might want to start planning for that. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9news backyard, beautiful day. so far, quite lovely out here tonight. sunset on the plains, lovely
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pressed to find much in way of cloud cover. high temperature day 55, above average by about 10 degrees but there were 60s on the map today. those numbers will be here in denver tomorrow. the averages as you can see, for comparison, but we are going to warm up. not into record territory but we will come close. at the airport now, 40 degrees with a light southwesterly breeze here in the 9 backyard, makes it comfortable. still almost 40 at this late hour. not much to show you on radar across the state. temperatures the big story. close to 40 across the city while we remain on the western fringe of some of that cold arctic air. south. and, it is all due in part to the jet stream going up and over the top of the dominant ridge of high pressure for us, while our neighbors off to the east are the ones that are going to have to deal with cold and snow that have been plaguing us recently. dry northwest flow for us, look at all of the snow and wind across cincinnati. east of the memphis area, right
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weather and travel advisories will make for a slow go tomorrow. as the front moves through, cold air starts to you wrote across the central plains and much of the western u.s. will enjoy the beautiful weather pattern tomorrow. low 60s in the cities, as compared to -- sorry -- 32 in omaha, 12 in minneapolis. cold and flu season still to come with us. we have cold arctic air outside the state's border but even with clear skies tonight, temperatures will not be bitter cold anywhere across the state, even in some high mountain valley locales, many areas will stay in the teens and lower 20s. we will watch for a few clouds to those in the foothills tomorrow afternoon but southwesterly winds will push temperatures out of the 20s for lower elevations, back into the 60s. even some 70s possible on the map in southeastern colorado. 40s in the high country and across the western slope. look at these numbers for mid- february, not bad. we will continue to see the
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with a warm weather trends that will last not only for this week but into the weekend and a large part of next week as well. 28 with their skies, like winds. the sun comes up tomorrow at about 7:00 in the morning. we see a quick temperature shift because of the wind shifts. 61 by the afternoon, wind won't be a big player in the city but make a couple on the front range foothills. we see a dip in the numbers heading to the end of the week, close to 60 again saturday. i have flurries on valentine's day but i took them out. cooler sunday into monday but drive. it's the extended period which is amazing. some of the extended temperatures come close to 70 degrees tuesday and wednesday of next week. that would be pretty spectacular. one of the longer stretches of warm dry weather we have enjoyed. beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures coming in around the area and what a great day for denver. kyle, you did such a great job posting that parade today with kim and he still have some voice left, while i am still trying to [ clears throat ] out here. [ laughter ]
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>> you might want to take some sunscreen next year. >> i thought that might be beneficial. >> i think he looks healthy. >> healthy glow. super bowl mvp von miller stopped off at "the ellen show" and he talked about peyton manning and that retirement speculation. >> is peyton already in retirement? did he go to the island? what's happening? one to see retire? >> he had to rush out to do a life alert. [ laughter ] but, i don't think he's going to retire, though. he still has the physical ability and the mental ability to go out there and be great. i still think he has a little bit left in him. >> miller had a front row seat on the first fire truck during today's broncos super bowl celebration. he loves social media and made good use of everything from
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even posted a video from the team bus as they were on the way to the team parade. >> i got a ring! >> we've got one, too! >> i've got a ring. >> everybody got rings, a few more images of today's super bowl celebration. drew is back with sports, and the conversation between mike klis and peyton manning in just
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hi, everybody. there were summer between the 76,125 capacity at sports authority feels, and 76,000,125 broncos fans at today's super bowl rally. still don't have the exact figure, yet. i've got my intern counting people, this aerial shot of civic center park from aky 9,
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there still had fun including the players and coaches who passed around the vince lombardi trophy, posing for pictures, and received a phone call from a new broncos fans who wasn't in attendance. >> what i want to do is obviously extend to use the traditional visit to the white house, hopefully you guys can get here before i leave office. >> well, we can't wait. we look forward to that. i know our whole organization looks forward to coming down there and getting the opportunity to meet you and it will be a special day for us. thanks so much for inviting us. >> absolutely. i look forward to seeing you. congratulations, but the whole team know that got broncos fans in the white house. >> i will definitely do that, mister president, thanks for your time. locations. for those of you who think it's resulting more disrespectful to call peyton manning, pey-pey, it's not. a term of endearment. in fact, manning's own mother calls him that. but i would never refer to him by the ultimate nickname until
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bowl championship. and so, tonight, here is 9news broncos insider, mike klis, speaking exclusively on the pages of the notebook immediately following the championship parade to sweetpea. >> what did you think? >> it was awesome. perfect day, great turnout, great to be up there with demarcus, i had my kiddos up there. great day, great turnout. shows the kind of support broncos fans gave to the team, and really, a special day. >> there is winning, there's playing on the field. the parade up there. >> that is part of it. and every championship that you see, you know, the parade is part of it. i know that the players look forward to it.
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was perfect, and you can see everybody just happy. you could see the smiles on all of the peoples' faces out there. i have ridden in some mardi gras parades, very similar. >> tell me what you're going to do in the next weeks. >> we are going to go somewhere. everybody is going to get set and try to find a place to go and keep enjoying it. keep celebrating for a little while. had everything, except the all. while broncos owner, pat continuing his battle with alzheimer's, his wife, and a bowl, took the lead, hoisting the lombardi trophy like he loved to do. >> pat should be here. this is who should be talking to you right now. and, i kind of thought about
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were he here. today. he would tell you that he loved this team. he loved everything that they were about. their resolve, their grit and determination. and, the way they finished. he would have been so impressed with that. and so pleased and so proud of them. >> hey, matt respect to avalanche defenseman, nick holden. he has black eyes from a fractured nose been held together by six stitches and glue. still played tonight. avs were beaten by the vancouver canucks, extending their home winless streak to four, losing 3-1. turns out the "s" on cam newton's chest stands for sore. he has been heavily criticized for the way he behaved before, during and after the super
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through and eventually walking out on his post game press conference. but he provided a logical explanation this morning. >> i mean, i have been on record to say that i am a sore loser. who likes to lose? show me a good loser, and i'm going to show you a loser. i'm not here, it's a popularity contest, do you know what i'm saying? i am here to win football games. >> cam newton is killing the brand. it is supposed to be happiness. that's what surprised me. he doubled down on it today when he had a chance to say, i had a bad moment, see you next year.
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"the tonight show" is coming up next. this was the biggest show of today.
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