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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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revel in the warm weather but the consequences are upon us. we can catch up in a hurry, kyle, and you know we are in the snowiest months, and one snow event can bring us up above average in march. and we are watching moisture off to the south and west and we'll have to see if that make its over the urban corridor in the form of a brief snow or rain. and all the winter weather travel advisories are south of our area, and we are tracking an area of low pressure from the west. and hail, tornadoes, and flooding rain down to the south, and a couple of sprinkles tonight, not going to last very long. the skies will clear and it will be pretty darn cold tonight. we are partly to mostly cloudy and roads are dry and temperatures in the mid-40s. coming up in the main weather segment, we'll talk about a mid-
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i have 70s not just for one day but two. >> thank you, cathy. severe storms produced problems in texas with a transformer explosion. the storms caused damage across the area with a trampoline through the front yard and in toler, what looks to be a tornado. forecasters expect heavy rain tonight and showers likely tomorrow. police have cited a woman for careless driving after she lost control of her suv on u.s. 285 near morrison road this afternoon. the toyota rav4 went down a steep bank and crashed rolling on its side. the woman was able to crawl back up to the road and was taken to swedish hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
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days to identify the body found in a small creek that was spotted around 3:00 this afternoon it. appears to be that of a woman and has been there for a long time. the body was in their words very degraded. a motel that caught fire this morning was in violation of several fire cords according to the denver fire department. two guests were hurt when the fire consumed the 2-story building. jessica oh brings us the chaos in the moments after the fire started. >> there's somebody in there! there's somebody in there! >> there's somebody on the top floor! >> there's somebody in there! there's somebody in there! >> reporter: panic when witnesses realized that people are trapped.
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the bar x motel make it out alive, some burned, others barely walking. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: this man owns the motel. >> i thought i lost it all. >> reporter: he tried to save it himself burning his own hair in the process. >> i couldn't do it. the flames were so strong. >> reporter: firefighters say it start inside a room upstairs that was supposed to be empty. >> it was flipped over, the mattress with little flames. >> reporter: little flames turned into big ones in a matter of seconds. fire investigators say it wouldn't have been this bad if the motel was not in violation of numerous fire codes. fire alarm. dead. >> reporter: a close call that could have been worse. in denver, jessica oh, 9news. >> fire investigators were not specific about which codes the there were.
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the hiv and hepatitis scare at swedish hospital was bound to lead at lawsuits and today, a civil suit with three patients saying that the hospital put them at risk when a surgical tech put them in trouble. this is not likely to be the last stemming from the rocky allen case would worked at the hospital for months. in know judge, hospital staff caught him trying to steal pain meds. after, the hospital told 2900 patients to get tested for hiv and hepatitis. we reached out to swedish, and we are still waiting for their comment. north arvada middle school went on lockdown this afternoon. severalty students saw a gun in another student's backpack. it turned out to be a bb gun. the lockdown began around 1:20 and was lifted after each classroom was systemically
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and students went home at the regular time. and denver s.w.a.t. team members arrested a suspect last night for robbery. the fbi believes that the 24- year-old robbed banks in denver, lakeland, and littleton since february 24. driver. today, the city of denver began sweeping homeless camps off sidewalks. city crews expected trouble and came with about two to seen police and sheriffs deputies and blocked the streets as they stuffed things into green garbage bins as protesters watched and shouted at police. a spokesperson said that the move is part of the plan to get the homeless off the streets. advocates say they are criminalizing these people and making the problem worse. >> they feel defeated already and now, by taking their stuff, they are degrading the people, embarrassing the people, and you got cameras in their face
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sideshow. >> the people have 30 dames to claim their possessions and after that, it will be destroyed. the two people killed in a small plane crash last week have been identified. the coroner's office said that 76-year-old daniel murphy and jeff caplett died last week when they were on their way to an antique airplane convention. no word what caused the crash. cdot shut down i-70 in glenwood canyon while crews worked on construction of west and eastbound decked damaged by a rockslide, and they are placing rockslide netting at the slide. the closure lasted from 9:00 this morning to 4:00 this afternoon along a 17- mile stretch of the interstate. detours have added several hours in the western part of the state.
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restricted to two lanes, one in each direction behind a pace car. we frequently report just how drunk arrested drivers are. today, the state senate moved to shield the roadside sobriety tests from public view meaning only people directly involved in the criminal case would be able to see the actual test results. it needs one more recorded vote before the case heads to the house. in southern california, more than 100 athletes are meeting to talk about the summer olympics in rio that start in about 1 first days. 9news reporter matt renoux is with the athletes now in the midst of their grueling training schedule, happy to take a break to discuss things with 600 journalists. >> reporter: we are here at the beverly hilton hotel in beverly hills, california at the summit where 600 journalists are trying out for athletes,
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intense training but not the media. >> the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> reporter: that's paralympic athlete lex gillette, no practice for that, and some of the athletes were asked to get down and show off their dance skills or worse, u.s. swimmer nathan adrian hoping to make it to his third olympics, but first, he has to get through the 2016 media summit photo shoot with people throwing water on him over and over and over again, part of the fun in an olympic year. >> we're all excited. there is nothing more fun than the olympic year for us. you know, it's fun to go out
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best in the biggest state. >> reporter: it's not all fun and games. while everyone is looking at the 2016 olympic, organizers are talking about why los angeles is the perfect place to host the summer olympics in 2024. l.a. picks up the baton after boston decided to drop their bid for the summer games, and a lot of supporters are saying that l.a. is the perfect city because a lot of infrastructure is already in place and they won't have to spend as much as others and a lot of athletes are out here trying to drum up support. here, talking about the 2016 summer olympics in rio coming up in about five minutes, i'm 9news reporter, matt renoux. no one throwing water on matt renoux during his video shoot. he could handle it.
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shoot with the swimmer is a usa today operation. and he took four the shoots with the water and being dried off in between to get it right. >> he is a good sport. and lawmakers are making it easier to profit from a small home-based business. >> and a critically endangered new edition born right on the premises. >> and a new species found at
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the denver zoo said one of the critically endangered west other than lowland gorillas gave birth to a little girl born on february 25.
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her mother is learning her new role as a first-time mom. she is the second offspring for the father who has been very protective and gentle. from the farm to the table, gotta push forward in the state september. lawmakers are agreeing to make it easier for small chicken farmers to sell directly to consumers, a victory for the local food movement, and it would allow home cooks to make anything that doesn't need refrigeration to sell direct. it would require food producers to take safety courses. about to show you an octopus that is mighty white and that is getting the attention of scientists. this pure-white octopus was filmed at the depth of 14,000
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it's called the ghost octopus because it loves the patrick swayze movie or it lacks pavement. it has led scientists to say that we are almost certainly looking at a new species. >> you can't tell how big it is. i wonder the size of it, like your fist or your body -- >> they probably didn't easily have a ruler for frame of reference. how about that? good illumination at 14,000 feet. a mix of rain and snow along the front range.
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the cloud deck above my head in downtown denver may hold flurries just yet. i'm kathy sabine in the 9news backyard. take a look. dry in denver and turned out to be a halfway decent day with moisture in the south and snow in the high country. some 60s on the plan in southeast colorado. dia, light winds out of the east northeast and calm winds outside the studios downtown and 45 degrees and we are tracking a few foothill snow showers and pretty pictures
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with great skiing and snowboarding conditions. some of the snow totals are good. 7 at wolf creek and 4 at snow mass and 4" reported at steamboat and we continue to track the snow. i look ghost like, don't any disappearing there. the foothill snow showers are and the making it over the urban corridor, and it's possible that we could see a bit of that precipitation pushed over the urban corridor. much of the energy south of us where the storm track lies, we have a storm moving on shore in northern california and winds increasing there and south of albuquerque and yet another one off to the east of us creating a severe weather scenario with tornadoes, large hail and heavy flooding rain as early as 7:00, 8:00 this morning outside of dallas, houston, memphis, and st. louis and the fast-moving system is headed to the northwest and that means that the severe weather threat increases in texas tomorrow. here in colorado, we enjoy a mid week warming trend seeing temperatures in the mid-50s and
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east of us and we will see a wind shift later this week that will get us close to 70 by friday. and we have isolated of showers possible before 9:00 and light snow around craig and steamboat and no winter weather travel advisories to speak of. lows tonight, 20s and lower 30s in the front range and teens in the high country, highs tomorrow will rebound nicely the bipping of a warming trend by the time we head into the weekend. the forecast for tonight, cloudy sky and an isolated rain or snow shower early and overnight clearing. we start out at 28 and 52 by lunchtime and 57 the high in the afternoon. nice warming trend, 70 for the end of the week and a dry weekend forecast. don't forget, sunday, daylight saving time begins. we push the clouds ahead -- the clouds?
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we push the clock ahead one hour on sunday. hi, everybody. unfortunately, you can't spell jacksonville without jackson, malik jackson who helped the broncos win super bowl 50 reached an agreement on a 6- year, $90 million contract with the jacksonville jaguars making him the 4th highest paid defensive linemen in the nfl and they released daniels, vasquez, and brewer. please don't boo carmelo anthony tonight. he made the nuggets relevant and besides, it's not nice. he was traded to the knicks five years ago and he was booed mercilessly which makes no sense. >> oh, had kind of hurt. we, overtime, try and forgive
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from both sides, from my side and from, you know, the organization's side but there was any hard feelings from me. it was the business of basketball, and basketball is business, and we all had -- you know, i think this is the way it all starts with me. there week's prep rally honor roll ends with a championship celebration. taylor tenby takes the time to list them just in case you missed them. >> all: 1, 2, 3! . >> reporter: to the coliseum for number 5, the double
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away for the cougars. number 4, discipline practicing patient for the goal. and valor christian girls' basketball team, number 3. the reverse layup and they advance to the 4a final 4. number 2 starts with a fast break, arvada west. and the w to stay undefeated on the season. and the spotlight, hockey. a loose puck in front of the net and ties the game. regis would score 5 more to win the state final, 6-1. now it's your turn. go to to vote for your favorite play. strange but drew. the rockies' spring training
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kansas city royals was delayed due to bees. a huge swarm latched on to the safety netting behind home plate before working to the royals dugout. check this out. a retired bee keeper who happened to be sitting in the crowd volunteered to help and carefully moved the bees into a garbage bag and moved it outside the stadium. the rockos lose 3-2. >> anybody hurt? >> no. and for the second day in a row, an all-time great saying goodbye.
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stocks fell across the board in light of concerns over china anded drop in the price of crude. the dow down nearly 1 tend, the
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entertainment tonight is next.
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inside erinandrews' $55 million verdict. but will she ever see that money? the "dancing"co-host's peep-hole trial win. >> i had talked to the jury. >> plus "dancing's" new cast against trump's ex-wife. >> i can't imagine wh her life must be like. the poor thing. >> then kim kardashian's new naked selfie controversy.
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you're a 35-year-old mother of two very young children. >> who's telling to stop posting? and it's how she's fighting back. tonight. plus, what's going on with cuba gooding jr.? gone wild, dancing shirtless, throwing cell phones? new eyewitness video. bindi irwin's candid video about her boyfriend. could he be the one? >> me or my family? >> the "e.t." exclusive. back to this touching moment with her father. >> my daddy. >> i haven't seen that. and new dolly parton. her and brad hooking up and why is she stressing over her legendary curves? >> everybody's looking at my belly. now for march 8th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." yesterday late in the afternoon the news broke that erin andrews won a staggering peep-hole lawsuit.


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