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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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three vehicles... will answer to his charge. we'll tell you what police think happened. more people are trying marijuana- and they aren't worried about it. we're breaking down the risks and concerns. and a deadly crash- outside of denver's country club... the latest on what policce found overnight. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- today will be nice and calm but it's tomorrow's gameday we're a
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spent part of the night working to find out more about a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. police say a car hit a person at first and downing... they later found the car seven blocks away at first and race street. that's near the entrance to the denver country club. witnesses say the person hit was a woman.
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airbag was deployed. we don't know if the driver was found or arrested. police have not released any more information about the crash at this time. three injured denver police officers are off the streets- but recovering this morning. the three officers were in a fight with a shooting suspect yesterday afternoon. they say the man tried to take an officer's weapon while they were serving a warrant. several shots were fired and the man was hit. he died. none of the officers was s taken to a hospital. all three are on administrative leave while recovering... which is standard procedure. the teenager who admitted to killing his ex girlfriend- while angry about a break up... will be back in a larimer county courtroom today. tanner flores has a status hearing this afternoon. he faces murder and kidnapping charges... for the disappearance and death of 18-year- old ashley doolittle. today- the driver of a semi truck who crashed and killed a woman in golden- will be in court. in june, police sited him with careless
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death. police say he was heading west on i- 70... and didn't see traffic slowing down in front of him. he slammed into three vehicles... killing 55 year old nancy courtright. the drivers of both other cars were injured. part of i-70 was closed for more than four hours. the driver from california is expected in court later today. two kids and an adult were hurt in what was supposed to be one of the safest places they could be: a daycare. no one ever expected a car to we're glad to share that all three are expected to be just fine. police were chasing a hit and run suspect yesterday afternoon... when the driver crashed right into the back of the aurora daycare. the crash happened around three at bright stars child care on havana street. after that- the driver tried to run... but an employee says he didn't make it far. all three of the victims had only minor injuries- but
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to the hospital. the driver hasn't been identified... but he could end up facing charges for hit and run, reckless driving and driving under the influence. back to school season- means back to spreading germs season. an unusual sickness is spreading at c-u boulder right now: hand, foot and mouth dsease. the school posted on its website that several cases have the viral illness causes painful sores and rashes... and is more common in young children--but can also be contracted by adults. a new survey is out
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marijuana.. 9news reporter vida urbonas is in the information center .. and vida .. the survey found that more of them don't think it's risky.. the new research shows more adults across the nation are using .. they are using it more often .. and far fewer think it's risky. experts say the perception has changed since dozens of states now allow medical marijuana .. and four states including colorado .. have recently legalized pot for recreational use. more than a half
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survey over a dozen years, and the responses show a shift in attitude. only a third of adults in 2014 said they thought weekly marijuana use was dangerous, down from half of adults in 2002. the study was published online wednesday by the journal lancet psychiatry. this study comes just after the rocky mountain high intensity drug trafficking area released a report on the impact after 3 years of li the report finds.. marijuana-related traffic have increased 48 percent .. marijuana-related emergency department visits increased 49 percent .. and marijuana-related hospitalizations went up nearly a third. it's not legal to use medical marijuana- and buy a gun. a federal appeals court decided to uphold the ban on gun sales to medical marijuana card holders. the federal rule bans the sale of firearms to illegal
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illegal on a federal level. that appeals court has jusrisdiction over nine states- including california, washington and oregon... but not colorado. most americans want tobacco products- taken out of the pharmacy. a government study shows- two thirds of adults prefer pharmacies without products like cigarettes. about half of smokers think pharmacies should ban tobacco sales. a couple of years ago c-v-s became the first chain to stop selling cigarettes.. the checkout counter. free falling at 35- thousand feet. that's what some passengers say happened on a united airlines flight. coming up we'll talk about what it was like for passengers and the pilots - on that freightening flight. and- the a line
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problems started long before you were able to try it out. 9wants to know
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proposing adding care for the environment to the traditional 7 works of mercy. the works of mercy include caring for the sick the works of mercy include caring for the sick anin he talked about it this morning during an event that he established asking for the world to pray for the care of creation. the pople called for a revolution to correct what he calls a perverse system that has teh rich exploiting the poor and turning the earth into quote "an immense pile of filth." people on a united
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through rocks! at least a dozen people are recovering this morning after the plane went through some violent, sudden turbulence. the plane took off from houston on its way to london. without any warning, the plane ran into trouble over the atlantic. people on that plane say the turbulence was so bad... if someone wasnt strapped in... they went flying. the plane was diverted to ireland. once on the ground passengers tweeted that some people had broken bones. former n-t-s-b investigator and 9news aviation expert greg feith says there's no way to see clear air tubulence coming. that's because radar doesn't pick
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a device meant to turn back the clock... caused some delays on a southwest flight in new mexico. an anti-wrinkle device forced the airlines to evacuate the plane. the tool that vibrates and smooths out wrinkles was found in the back of a seat. then pure chaos as passengers were ordered off the plane and police were called in to search the aircraft. to make matters worse, people on the plane had to go back through security to get re-screened. as for the device, it landed in lost and found. this poor pup got stuck in a rocky and a hard place. the dog named nikki was searching for food in a canal in peru. that's when somehow nikki's head got stuck. people gave her water as crews worked to free her. rescue teams got a shovel, dug around the dog's neck then drilled a big enough hole to get her out. thankfully, nikki wasn't hurt. people who live nearby are now trying to find her a forever home.
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traveled to go back home edward casas was boating on lake michigan when the family dog, rylee, went overboard. they put out a mayday call and a volunteer group looked for rylee. but the dog took matters in its own paws. rylee swam more than 6-miles and walked a dozen more to reunite with the family. someone spotted rylee going into a nearby campground the nextni
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expected to head to the mile high city this labor day weeken travel this holiday weekend, according to priceline-dot-com. might be because of all the events going on and past year's turnout. about 500-thousand people went to taste of colorado in 20-14 over labor day weekend. denver is actually a popular destination ahead of hot spots like los angeles. denver is known for pricey rental rates. but a new report shows there's some relief. the cost of renting a home - has seen a quote: "significant deceleration" in the past year,
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yardi matrix. denver's year- over-year growth rate for rent fell to 3 and a half percent in august. it went up 11- percent in 2015. denver's now below the national average for 2016 year-over-year rent growth, which stands at 5 percent. let's check in with marty. since the opening
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of the new train to the plane.. we haven't had a full month without
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displeased with the train's performance- it's withholding part of its payment to the denver transit partners as punishment. so- 9wants to know decided it was time to take a closer look at what both organizations knew about the problems... before they started letting passengers take a ride. a few months ago- the head of r-t-d assured us they saw no signs of trouble during testing. but- we found records from the five weeks of testing showing...the train didn't even come close to the testing score goals. they wanted 21 consecutive days of a score of 95 or better. instead- they got six days. total. not consecutive. just six days somewhere in that five week period. r-t-d spokesperson scott reed says they knew the goal would be nearly impossible...
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revealed no problems when it comes to safety that would have warranted a delay in opening. when a student breaks the rules- why take them out of class... when you can put their parents in school instead. next- the "reverse suspension" idea catching on in some schools.
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getting mixed
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punishment for unruly children: bring in mom and dad. it's called reverse suspension... instead of keeping a child out of school... the parents are invited in. four middle schools in north carolina are giving it a try. the parents are asked to spend the whole day at school- from an 8 a-m arrival through cafeteria lunch, gym class and the end of the day. some parents aren't excited about spending the day at school- instead of at work. but others say it could be good for parents to see school hallways.
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that teal back in your drawer and save it for tomorrow. today we're wearing teal- to remind you to do it tomorrow. it's all part of the effort to raise awareness and "pass the torch of knowledge" about ovarian cancer. the symptoms of early stage ovarian cancer can be hard to catch so it is important to know about them and work closely with your doctor. symptoms include bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain and difficulty eating or feeling full quickly. according to the colorado ovarian cancer association- a colorado woman dies of ovarian cancer every 40 hours... 330 women in colorado are diagnosed each year. so tomorrow- wear your teal and remember to talk to your doctor about your risks.
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and you can call it deported if you want, the press doesn't like that term, you can call it whatever you want, they're gone >> donald trump stands firm. he wants millions of people out of the u.s. and a big wall built along the border. we'll talk about what the president of mexico had to say about that. >> clearing out chemical weapons th today to fulfill an international treaty. >> and we've shared that warning that can't steal or eat the plants, we have an update on how many people have not been listening. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. you have a major crash on i-25 to talk about. >> we do. it's on your way to fort collins right here the exit to hard monday knee road. this is a huge didn't.


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