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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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kneels down during the national anthem. good morning, the taste of colorado continues on this labor day, so many people are going to be out here, and this modern, i'm giving you a taste of what it's all about. and thank you much, right now, the denver police are on the scene of a hit-and-run downtown, at 19th and chestnut, this is a live look from that scene right now. it left at least one person with very serious injuries. and at this of what the suspect vehicle may look like, or the condition of the person who was hit, but obviously, we'll try to get an update and bring you that information as soon as we can. well, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, gary, corey, marty, in 29 news backyard, a -- the 9 news backyard, a pleasant morning. >> the lack of light. >> i'm never out this early, outside, at least, i was surprised it is still dark. >> we have another almost 30 minutes to wait before it starts
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problem for firefighter, it is gorgeous on the horizon, a fantastic sunrise. presunrise, i should say. that we have going here today. nice and cool this morning. but it is so often the case here, this time of the year, dry and cool means warm later in the day. that's what we're going to have for us later in the day. beautiful shots coming in this time of the year, all kinds of great scenes, this from telluride, over the weekend, ryan with that shot with sunset there, dry conditions for us, storms yesterday, which did drop some hail in northeastern colorado, a pounding minnesota, and wisconsin this morning. we have some haze in the northeast that will begin to burn off here in the next 2- 3 hour, thunderstorms possible in southeastern colorado, late in the afternoon and evening. it's also an area, especially from burlington to the south, where we may see an isolated severe storm, hail, gusty winds, two big threats for you there. i don't think we see any
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same is true in most mountain locations, north and west of canyon city. otherwise, it's a few isolated storms over the plains. a cool start, 50s and 60s, but a warm finish, we'll be in the upper 80s to near 09 with unobstruct -- 90 with unobstructed sunshine during the course of the day today. marty, thank you. more than a 100 resources lawmakerer county, the star wood fire, already caused evacuations, tarhonda thomas is here with more, it's not a huge fire. >> no, it's not, corey, but the size of the fire isn't what matter, it's the location, it's dangerously close to homes, 30 structures, it's burning in the area of county road 59 and star wood trail. 300 acres have burned. a number of residents have been
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in this area to evacuate. the subdivision and on the east side of county road 59 between the state lied. when they evacuate, deputies ask residents to put a towel or sheet on their homes that is visible from outside that show nos one is inside. they have been working overnight on the fire. as of last check, the fire was 10% contained. there's no word on what caused this fire, gary. >>ll tarhonda, thank you for that. we'll update it as soon as we get more information. the douglas county detective that was shot is showing progress, investigators thank the close tons the hospital and quick work by the doctors and first responder is likely the reason he is still alive. he was shot by a fleeing suspect, 40-year-old randall was shot and killed, less than a mile away near sierra middle
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hit. some local businesses are planning to do fundraisers for his family, people who would like to help can also send donations to the fallen officers fund, or a gofundme site that was set up by the family. we have information for both and links for both on our story at the other side of the state, one man was shot and killed by the grand junction police department on sunday. her husband had nooifs and that she was -- knives and that she was scared for their children. officers showed up to shamrock mobile home park, shots were fired. the man was killed, nobody else was injured. a woman was hit and kill uded by a truck -- killed by a truck last night in aurora. then drove off. the police say when they got the scene, they found her laying in the middle of the intersection, the woman was rushed to the hospital where she later died. the driver was eventually caught and taken into custody. a motorcyclist is in
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sunday evening. police say he was heading north of federal when he tried to turn left on to 74th and heavy traffic. a car hit him when he tried to turn in front of the car, he was not wearing a helmet. an investigation into the teller county sheriff's office this morning, after a deputy's claim that his supervisors destroyed body camera footage. a mistrial was declared late mast month for a man accuseded of vehicle theft and during the trial, the deputies said he was wearing a the trial run by that department. he says footage from his run inwith the department was destroyed by supervisors because deputies could be heard swearing on it. the sheriff's office says it doesn't own or use any body cameras. it is 6:05 right now, the biggest party in denver in downtown today, the taste of
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and fun. >> it is the perfect way to end the holiday weekend. >>reporter: the best part of the taste of colorado is you get to go around to the booths, and experience everything, what colorado has to offer, what the city has to offer and taste a whole bunch of stuff, too, we came across cynthia, you guys are a local company, we love local, that's where our hearts are. you guys are doing something neat with your proceeds. >> right, i started green blossom t children, and right here, we are trying to raise some money for 200 ipads for bear valley international. and. >>reporter: wow. >> we are trying to support the children, and their education. so green blossom coffee is committed to helping them and their development. >>reporter: that's so great. part of your proceeds will go to denver public schools to raise that money for those ipads, something that the kids kind of need these days because they do a lot of their home work and assignments on there.
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you come out here to taste of colorado. if coffee is not your thing, there's a bunch of food out here, entertainment, too, really something for everyone and i think that's why they call it a family-friendly event. doesn't cost you anything to come here. if you want to try some the food, the coffee, you buy these little tickets when you get here, real simple and then you just exchange your ticket for some of the food. i'm going to bring in my having our party this morning. not a lot of people here, the sun is not up yet. >>reporter: it is a family tradition for so many folks. each year a half million people come down to taste of colorado, when you make your way out, as we wrap up labld, you need to flan -- labor day, you need to plan ahead. we expect to see tens of thousands of people -- really
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town, 11:30 until 4:00, traffic is expected to get back to normal after 9:00 p.m. tonight. but if you're making your way here, in and around downtown to taste of colorado, across our maps, we've got road closure, broadway and lincoln, follow fax, #14g9 and ban knox, it -- colfax, 14th and bannock. there are about 30,000 parking spaces across downtown denver, but a lot of folks are going to makeho bicycle, ride your bike, and lock it up for free, park further out and use the free 16th street mall shuttle to make your way downtown civic center park. it feels glorious. the sunrise is what we're seeing, not a cloud in the sky and a nice way to kick off labor day. >> folks get out and enjoy it i.
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in the backyard there, taste of colorado, of course, both colleen and amelia down there today, it is cool this morning. it will get hot first, in the upper 80s and low 90s this afternoon. northern california, the star wood fire up near red feathered lakes n the 70s, wind from 25-up to 40 miles per hour at times in and near the relative humidity. low 20s at the higher elevations near red feathered lakes, the firefighters will have their hands full today. most everyone with sunshine today, we will see a small chance of a build up of clouds in southeastern colorado. which could lead to some thunderstorms late this afternoon or this evening. so looks like summer is hanging on. >> it is. >> more and more athletes are taking a knee in support of
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who has represented her country in the biggest world stages. coming up. he set out to climb one of colorado's highest peaks over the weekend, but mount albert is
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? ? ?
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getting ready for a nice looking sunrise around here. it is hazy, and a little bit foggy from greeley to the northeast. we have some high humidity levels, there, the rest of us wrs clear skies around the area. there's some of that early-morning humidity and haze, we are going to burning that off in the next couple of hours and revealing a nice, sunny day, winds will be the big issue for you. especially the warmer it gets, th during the afternoon. and we'll see it especially from the base of the foothills through the mountains, and foothills at times going 25-40 miles per hour. especially just east of the top of the continental divide, up along the peak to peak highway, a warm day, upper 80s, low 90s, the area of haze that i mentioned, it dissipates through the morning and then we see
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could have strong winds and hail in the southeast part of the state from burlington south. in the panhandle of in nebraska. a clear, dry day,. just plain hot, here in eastern colorado. slightly less so in the west. today, right at 90, windy at times, sunshine throughout the day. no chance for a thunderstorm today. 50, tomorrow, it is going to be cooler, we do have a small thunderstorm chance later in the afternoon, not a lot of rain with that. near 80. fog moves back to our area on wednesday, but it clears out before noon and we get back warm, we have another front coming through friday into saturday. amelia, it's all about sunshine and warmth to wrap up this holiday weekday. >>reporter: the taste of colorado here at civic center
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city, we want to give you a couple of tips to navigate around the road closures. day four of the taste of colorado. you can see that we've got broadway, lincoln, bannock, colfax and 14th shut down. use public transportation, take the bus or you know, hop on the light rail, make your way to the 16th street mall ride. free lock up stations for your bike and use a b cycle to head down. i-25 and speer is so light, a nice easy transition into downtown, we are loving a start that looks like this. coming up in a few, we will preview the i-70 travel forecast back into town, those peak hours are expected to pack in with thousands of folks heading back into the city.
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town, stays open until 8:00 p.m. turkey legs and funnel cakes rising into the sky. >> there it is. you said it all there. thank you very much, amelia, we'll check back with you in a bit. now to politics and the campaign, senator bernie sanders hitting the campaign trail today. for democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton. he's going to be in new hampshire for his first solo campaign event for his former rival. she expected to highlight clinton's plan economy, that works for all americans, not just the wealthy. hillary clinton lost new hampshire to bernie sanders in the primary election. clinton's poll numbers are dropping but her republican opponent isn't gaining grounlt. he is losing more republicans, arizona republican senator jeff flake announced sunday he wasn't ready to vote for trump because of his stance on immigration, trump responded saying that the party needs strong and committed
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ones like flake. he's represented the united states at the world cup, won gold for her country in the
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welcome back, everyone, a vigil today for the man for fr minnesota whose death at the hands of police sparked weeks of
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a celebration of what would have been this kid's third birthday, family, friends and members of the omaha community gathered over the weekend to celebrate the life of lane grave, graves was the little boy who was killed by the alligator at the disney world park in june. the graves have said that they are not going to sue walt disney world, instead, they have started a foundation in lane's memory. the family says that the money raised will be donated to various after more than 12 hour, a toddler from georgia has been found alive, the boy wandered away from home friday evening, while his family was sleeping, dozens of volunteers and helicopters searched for him and he was found safe saturday morning. an investigation in south carolina this morning after someone threatens to kill jewish and muslim students at a high school. the high school would be attacked tuesday, and included pictures of a person in a gas mask.
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traeks police officers will be on hand tomorrow. u.s. soccer star, megan rapinoe is making headlines this morning, she joined the growing list of athletes supporting 49's quarterback colin kaepernick, she kneeled during the national anthem last night before a national women's soccer league game, she's protesting racial injustice. his refusal to stand during the national anthem. rapinoe tweeted overnight, quote, itself the least i can do to keep the conversation going. 6:21 right now, it is the goal of this little boy, and his dad, but there's more to the mission than just breaking a world record. we're going to talk about that coming up in just a minute. first, we want to check in with marty on this labor day forecast. sounds nice. >> it does sound nice, one of the rare days in the central and northwest part of the state, any humidity from the monsoon is in southeastern colorado, we do
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concerned with, high winds and low humidities, red flag warnings out for parker, castle rock, limon, and grand and jackson county and the western valley, so that's extreme fire danger coming up for us today. for us, we start in the 50s, finish close to 90 degrees, late this afternoon, nothing but sun today. we won't have any storms around here or on thursday, either, carolina panthers in town to
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just 19 years after her death, pope francis declared mother teresa a saint sunday morning in front of a crowd of thous denver. >> yeah, the denver archdiocese held a special celebration. every pew in every aisle in denver was filled with people honoring this humble woman. >> a real goodness about her and a real joy and peace about her. that was just pal pable and one
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godness. >> st. teresa of calcutta visited denver twice in the late 1980s and announce shed would send nuns to colorado from her missions of charity, four nuns from india are living and working with homeless women in the area. >> usually takes decades to become a saint, the fact that she became a saint, 19 years is fast. >> yeah. very nice. a boy looking to set a world road, tackles colorado's highest peak with his d daunting climb is a hill compared to what his dad has
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this is 9 news. pretty strong chance this is also related injection. >> a strong weekend earthquake felt across america's heartland, geologists say it is now just as prone to earthquakes as california, part of the reason they say is fracking. a woman sleeping in her home when she woke up to a frightening assault. the police need your help finding the attacker. the youngest kid to climb the highest points in all 50 states. >> a giant goal for this little
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it than putting his name in the record books. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us now, the denver police are on the scene of a hit-aun downtown involving a pedestrian. this is a live look at the scene now, it left at least one person with serious injuries. now, right now, we don't have a description on what the suspect vehicle may look like. or the condition of the person who was hit. taken to the hospital. but we'll bring you updates throughout the morning as we get them once again, a denver. hate to start the morning like that. >> a tough one for sure. well, it is going to be a gorgeous labor day, that's good because a lot of people have the day off. >> yeah. >> there's a lot of stuff going on out there. marty joins us now, marty pretty awesome day for those folks. >> fantastic, as long as you have water and sunscreen, you'll be in good shape today. just a minute or two away from the sun peeking up over the
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dry in many of colorado's northern and central mountain locations. all day today. not so yesterday. some pretty big thunderstorms out near fort morgan. renee with this shot, they had quarter-sized hail with the thunderstorms there, it's still a bit hazy over the northeast corner of the stay, but it is beginning to fizzle out here, once we get the sun up, it will be clear there. the thunderstorms have the best chance of forming in southeastern colorado today. burlington, down south towards la junta, llama and springfield, moderate to heavy storms are possible there. nationwide, the highest risk for severe weather is nebraska up into minnesota, we had that small risk in the southeast corner of the state, and no storms around here, there won't be anything at all. it stays completely dry, windy at times. as temperatures go from the 60s now to right close to 90 degrees. to round out this holiday
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so we are really having a warm end to this labor day. >> sure looks like it, marty, thank you. dozens of sites connected to fracking have been shut down. a powerful earthquake that hit the area on saturday. this does not come as a surprise, one group. >> no, the u.s. geological survey. they put out this map in march, the human induced earthquakes. all of this red right there, that is north-central oklahoma, exactly the spot where saturday's earthquake hit. a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that could be felt across 7 states, including colorado. the governor of oklahoma has shut down all fracking states in the epicenter of the quake. half a dozen buildings were destroyed. the pawnee nation declared a state of emergency.
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fracking, the american petroleum institute released a study last year, that said very low -- releases oil through high injection into the earth. the volume of waste water disposed of in oklahoma climbed 81% over 6 year, that coincides with the state 's increase in earthquakes as well. this is an environmental debate that has turned into a political de sure, political debate and environmental one. there will be more discussion about fracking and the effect now that this oklahoma quake is getting so much attention. >> absolutely, being from california, this map really surprised me, to see oklahoma city on the map, just like california. >> it actually can -- some areas of oklahoma are peaking those areas in california, people are wonder whag it's due to. >> thank incredible. they put a halt on thing. tarhonda, thank you.
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be on alert after two sexual assaults in boultder this weekend. -- boulder this weekend. one on sunday. college avenue, that's when she says a man grabbed her back and she was able to fight him off. the woman says the accused attacker was a heavier set man, with curly dark hair. and was wearing a baggy hoodie. if you know anything about this, you're asked to call the cu police department. the other attack happened in police say a man who resembles this sketch broke into a woman's home on colorado after, the woman was asleep on the couch at the time and woke up to a man trying to attack her, the suspect was possibly wearing glasss and could have taken off in a gold on silver suv. the police have increased patrols in that area. if you recognize this man, or have any information, call boulder county "crime stoppers",
6:35 am
police in westminster are on the hunt for this man today, he's 31-year-old jared strang, he is wanted for second-degree homicide in connection with a murder over the weekend. police found a woman shot to death in the 4200 block of 70th place, he has several warrants out for his arrest right now, police say he is considered dangerous. anyone with information should call the westminster police on that one, once again, you can also call "crime stoppers". >> back open this morning after this moving van burst into flames, shutting down the westbound lanes for hours. the van was having mechanical problems when it caught fire east of sail ver thorn. -- silverthorne. fire crews were able to get the fire under control. the city's urban camping pan after a 5-month freeze on the ban, the community was concerned about criminalizing homelessness. officers are being told to use
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homeless people to find other accommodations. people who continue to violate the law will be issued a sumens. 6:35 right now, it is the final day for some food, music, fun in downtown denver. it is the taste of colorado. it wraps up today. that means one more day of traffic headaches in the downtown area, though, we're going to have more on that in a minute. 9 news reporter colleen fer ra joins us to talk about the taste of colorado store today. >>reporter: gary, these huge instruments are so much fun, whoever knew a golf ball and a stick and a table zyle phone number to answer questions, there are giant instruments out here, you can come out here with your family for free and have a good time. eric west has been having these kids shows for the past 20 years, 25 years? >> working here at the taste for 25 years.
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>> yeah. >>reporter: you've built all of these giant instruments. >> yeah. >>reporter: this stuff looks like things from the kitchen. >> they came from good will. or other thrift stores. i looked around, just hitting pot lids and buying them. >>reporter: play this for me. and you can guys can come out here, 10:30 to 8:00 today. beautiful music. >> well, this one is the -- this >>reporter: it is fun. >> kids here -- kids and parents, they'll be beating on these things and they tell us, today is 3 day, three days on these. >>reporter: i have been having fun with that one. what is this over here? >> made out of pvc pipe. >>reporter: okay, pvc pipe. >> these are automatic tuned in
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the piano. this will be the base. >>reporter: and it's a -- >> this one is 22 feet of pipe. >>reporter: oh, my gosh. >> 19. >>reporter: i'm curious about this be one, can we go over here? >> yeah, this ones is made out of a aluminum pipe. >>reporter: a aluminum pipes. kids are having the time of their life. just because why is it so much fun to instruments? i don't know. >> they're supposed to be -- kids are told that they can't -- don't play yet. here, they're encouraged to beat them. >>reporter: having a great time. thanks so much for being with us today. it's so cool that you built all of these for all of the kids out here. 10:30 to 8:00 today, you have stuff, just like this, all free, guy, come out, have a good time. oh, gosh, oh, there she goes.
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you're an expert at this. traffic reporter, bongo player on the side. >>reporter: we know that, gosh, so many people are going to be out here today. something is going on. >> that's right. you've got to plan ahead. colleen, thank you. talk traffic, and we're going to talk labor day traffic, because not only do we have a lot going on here at civic center park, we've got a lot of traffic anticipated along the i-70 kor, inside of the tunnel we go, peak travel as folks head into denver today will be 11:30 and 4 p.m. 45,000 people a expect add long the i-70 corridor. 9:00 p.m. tonight it will get back to a nice light commute. here as we take a look to the street closures around, a taste of colorado, civic center park,
6:40 am
taste of colorado goes until 8:00 pm. the road closures will be in place after 8:00 p.m. all the way through the evening because, hey, there's a lot to clean up out here, as you make your way into work tomorrow, lit be all wrapped up. if there are any street closures, we will let you know. marty, glorious weather today and for a lot of folks, it's a family tradition to head out to taste of colorado and with fun things like these big musical instrus. the year, color starts to change, some of the ground cover in summit county changing, you're going to see the usual peek for color in the 3-4th week of this month. in many of northern and central colorado's mountains, for the aspens, haze and fog along i-80 and in northeastern colorado, that will burn off here this morning, very warm temperatures, upper 80s, low 90s throughout northeastern colorado and the
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few isolated storms developing down south. and when you want to cool off on a holiday, do kayaking. >> that's cute. >> a little good time. >> and not even having to paddle. >> rienth. just hanging out. i want to do that. somebody can paddle for me. >> i want that job. >> i can smell the wet fur all the way here. >> marty, thank you. a trip up colorado's highest peak over the weekend was more than just a bonding experience for 9-year-old dad, david. >> yeah, turner's dream has been to be the youngest person to climb the highest peak in all 50 states. >> now, when david was diagnosed, his dad, with nonhodgkin's lymphoma, he got serious about spending more time with his family and making turner's dream a reality. david is cancer-free, he and turner are climbing mountain, all the while, spreading awareness about cancer.
6:42 am
family member. keep them alive. >> absolutely. >> that's cute. current record for the youngest person to climb the highest peak in all 50 states is held by boulder resident matt -- who was 12 at the time. he could do it. >> he could do it. >> it's a great cause. he's really cute. hey, the defending super bowl champions as you know, open up at home thursday night against the team they beat in the super bowl. so what about just about everyone picking them to lose their season opener? >> oh, and the atlanta zoo welcomes two new additions at the same time a major
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warm, dry day going for dry on hd doppler this morning, the system, that kicked off the storms in northeastern colorado, and a few sprinkles around here, now in minnesota and wisconsin, they have the highest risk for severe weather today. very, very dry conditions across the state. notice how it starts to get a little more humid in the southeast corner of colorado late in the day, that is where we anticipate a few thunderstorms to form. but consistently windy
6:46 am
extreme level, red flag warnings are out through limon, noon to 7:00, through the lower terrain, grand and jackson counties from noon to 8:00 and the western valleys, low humidity, high wind, so if you are finishing up the camping, make sure any campfires are out, because the fire danger will be high. marty, thank you. today, marks the last big day before black friday. >>reporter: i am fired up because retailers are more desperate than ever to take money from you, good morning, everyone, i'm very excited because all of the back to school laptops are 70% off, and we're seeing personal gps trackers, at half price. and we are also today seeing a term usually not with labor day, doorbusters, this laptop, big
6:47 am
feature, the big question, take ail look at what you should and should not buy. and i want to remind you that columbus day brings weak sales, now is your last chance before black friday, for a deal on various item, but i want to give you what i would not buy. the apple watch or iphone with tomorrow's announcement, bad purchase today. blueooth area pieces drop september 20th, wifi stereos the 23rd. the better deals are late october. anything holiday related are a bad idea. the best buys in colorado include furniture, mattresses, appliance, mowers, camping gears, great vehicle incentives, locally. and as i just pointed out, there are a number of tech deals today, which are worth while, my favorite is a top rated surveillance m is, at half price -- system, at half price, i
6:48 am
them, but if you are looking for a deal, back to school or otherwise,, corey, this laptop deal beats anything i've seen over the last five years. >> matt granite, what would you do without you. >> how much is that? >>reporter: this is 189, and it has windows 10 pro, which is worth $200, just for the software. >> whoa. e >> i may be, i'm always looking for a bargain. >> that's all we have, matt granite, thank you so much. it's 6:48. a huge night for furniture row racing, 28 laps last night, when it counted and cruised home to the checkers flagd to win the -- flag to win is southern 500 in darlington, south carolina last night. the second win of the night, big
6:49 am
>> congrats. the broncos are underdogs again for the season opener against the carolina panther, despite being super bowl champions and playing at home in denver, despite the fact that the broncos beat the team in february. the broncos, they're not buying it. >> everybody is going to think the panthers -- an offensive-driven world, as far as football goes and i'm saying that even though defense wins championships and proven, the media and everybody looks at the offense, oh, my gosh, tse beat the number one defense, is not the case. we'll see. but i think the broncos have a great shot. even at home. >> i do, too. it's never bad to be the under dog. people root for you when you're the underdog. 9 news mornings, right here is the place to be on thursdays, we look ahead to the broncos season opener. >> the preview of the match-up,
6:50 am
better, be sure to tune in, starting at 4:30, dark and early. >> dark and early, we're going to have some -- >> we'll have fun out there. >> we always do. >> we have surprises. >> too, it won't be as cold as the last time we were out there. 6:50. a new mom at the atlanta zoo and new baby pandas, zoo atlanta as announced that lun lun gave birth to twins on saturday morning, it is the panda's second pair of twins and the cubs are the 6th and 7thnt public will be able to meet the cubs in december or january. hopefully, they're not as pink, then. >> they're pretty pink right now. >> very tiny. >> the perfect time, the giant panda is off the endangers species list. >> a new report from the international union for conservation says they are vulnerable instead of
6:51 am
in southern china. sit 6:50, a gorgeous day to
6:52 am
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dry start tor the day, it has been -- start to the dash it has been hazy from weld county to the north and west, we're seeing that begin to burn off as the sun gets higher and higher, that will continue to be the case over northeastern colorado. there's the cold front that will come through tomorrow and cool us down. today, warm and dry. we'll get rid of the haze to the north and east, everybody gets sunny, not really any rain, not really many clouds around here today for that matter, very
6:54 am
so if you're out playing golf, a bike ride today, closer you are to the foothills and down south, even here in the metro area, you'll see some 15-20-22 miles per hour gusts, a gusty day, highest up along and east of the continental divide to the foothills. in the 70s and low 80s with dry, windy conditions, in the foothills. as we lose that haze and fog in northeastern to build thunderstorms in southeastern colorado. really the only place we have an opportunity for decent rain today, will be around burlington, to the south and then perhaps right along the border with nebraska, and a very few communities that are within just a few miles of the nebraska border in northeastern colorado. 80s to near 90 here, 10 degrees warmer down south with 70s and 80s in the mountains and mid 80s out west. right at 90, we'll be within a
6:55 am
completely sunny throughout the day, we stay clear tonight, and have a huge drop down into the lower 50s tonight. we'll also see cooler temperatures tomorrow. near 80 tomorrow. small opportunity for a storm tomorrow afternoon, we'll have enough humidity to have some fog and clouds wednesday morning. those burn off, we end one a sunny, warm day there and on thursday, before more cool air moves in friday, and saturday, i'm sure nobody is going to be complaining about the down there at the taste today, amelia. >>reporter: no, not at all, marty, it's so nice outside, starting to warm up enough to get super comfortable out here, and you know, thousands of folks are going to head on down, so here's what i don't want your drive to look like, the ropes course here, at taste of colorado. these are complicated things, right, their going to throw you off balance, make you feel uneasy, as for your drive, you don't need to feel that way, we'll let you know about the road closure, around civic
6:56 am
colfax, is the major closures, shut down for taste of colorado. you can use the 16th street mall shuttle to get here. free bike lockup stations as well as b cycle, those are options. a live look inside of the eisenhower and johnson tunnels, today, peak hours along i-70 st 11:30 to 4:00 this afternoon. corey, taste of colorado is open until 8:00. you like the ice cream, the funnel cakes, the turkey leg, starting to smell good down here because tasty free throws treats are here in the city. >> turkey leg. >> if i'm laid and i've got barbecue sauce, you'll know why.
6:57 am
tp stories. windy weather may pose a problem for the firefighters in larimer county sunday, it took a fur hours for the star wood fire to spread to 300 acre, near red feathered lakes, it's 10 percent contained. the cause is under investigation. cu campus after an attempted sexual assault, police say that a man who resembles this sketch, broke into a woman's home on the woman says she was asleep on the couch, woke up to a man trying to sexual assault her. if you recognize this man, you are asked to call the police, or "crime stoppers". westminster police need your help finding this man, this is 31-year-old jarrett streng, wanted for second-degree homicide in connection with a murder saturday night, police found a woman shot to death on 70th place, streng has several warrants out for his arrest and police say he should be considered dangerous. 6:57.
6:58 am
someone in downtown denver and then taking off at 19th and chestnut. we do know that the victim was seriously injured. a van is nearly destroyed after bursting into flames on i-70. the highway has since reopened t. van was having mechanical problems when it caught fire, just east of silverthorne. fire crews were able to the fire under control and move the van out of the way, no one was office says that a detective shot in the line of duty showing signs of progress now. detective dan bright was responding to a call byen armed suicidal man near sierra middle school, investigators say randall rod fled in an suv while continuing to fire at the deputies, the detective bright is in critical condition, he was shot dead by the police
6:59 am
then after a few clouds wednesday morning, we're back to all sunshine. wednesday afternoon. that's when we push back into the middle and upper 80s, another front later in the week brings wind, it doesn't look like any rain in the area. next week, a warmup for the weekend and then much cooler air moves in next week, we get in the time of the year, next week is snowed that earliest snow i have experienced personally is september 12th. >> not in our forecast. >> not in our forecast. >> thank goodness. >> it does get cool at times. >> marty, it sounds like fall is on the way. >> it is. >> have to get ready for that. as you're getting used to school and the schedule again, you may not be ready for a change in the weather, nutrition expert doctor rachael yen is joining us for
7:00 am
family healthy this fall. have a great day. good morning. holiday headache. hermine stalls off the east coast but still poses a threat. millions under storm warnings with flooding, gusty winds and strong rip currents expected. breaking overnight. a building under construction collapses in tel aviv. more than a dozen people injured. rescuers now searching for survivors trapped in the rubble. honoring lane. >> i don't like to speak but my baby i owe it to him to honor him. >> the parents of the little boy killed by an alligator at disney world open up publicly for the first time. how they paid tribute to their son on what would have been his third birthday. and sprint to the finish. with the election just 64 days


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