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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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hot and dry conditions as a wildfire burns in northern colorado threatening dozens of structures. >> a 2-year-old girl accused of being a litter bug, the city issued her a $75 ticket. >> and a call to tattoo artists across the o together to punish a customer who failed to pay for hours of work next at 4:00. >> this is 9news. park rangers say they have found the body of a missing hiker in grand teton national park in wyoming. they say it matches the description of 21-year-old rene dreiling from denver whose body
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rocky cliff below steep snow fields. rangers will attempt to recover the body if the weather conditions allow. dreiling was reported missing friday when he failed to show up for work at the grand teton lodge company. about 100 people helped in that search for him. more than 120 people are currently fighting a wildfire near the colorado/wyoming state line. the starwood fire started yesterday around noon near red feather lakes. dry fuel and gusty s few hours. the fire is about 300 acres slowly moving northwest. it's about 10% contained. about 30 structures have been threatened but no report of damage to the structures. the larimer county sheriff's office says voluntary evacuation notices were sent to 43 contacts in the mill creek subdivision. >> if the weather patterns change and it becomes hotter, drier, windier and the fire does move, the number of evacuations may increase.
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>> officials are investigating the cause of the fire. there were storms in the area sunday, so lightning might be a possibility. there will be a community information meeting tonight for residents affected by this fire held at livermore community church at 6:30. on a holiday when a lot of people spend time outside, hot and dry conditions are contributing to higher fire danger across our state. it's been a little breezy, too at times which only dries fuel for wildfire. meteorologist belen deleon joins us right now. while we love this weather, it's really lovely outside, we need to remind people you have to be really careful. >> it's like a double edged sword. you want to be outside and enjoy it. you don't want to be under a thunderstorm or fear of lightning, but at the same time the very dry weather is contributing to that high fire danger. you can see that drought monitor right behind me that shows the area that is abnormally dry now. it's no coincidence that that
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warning now. so it's parts of jackson county, also grand, summit county and south of us areas near douglas and elbert county currently under that western were until 7:00. -- under that red flag warning until 7:00. to the west of it's the red flag warning is in effect until 8 p.m., gusts up to 30 miles per hour in some parts of colorado and humidity low 10 to 15%. here's the winds generally coming in from the southwest just along that southwest flow. in the high country check out wolf creek pass in the bottom left-hand side of the screen, gusts there 46 miles per hour. so the hot conditions, dry weather and strong winds are causing very difficult conditions, strong winds also to the south and southeast. it is pretty outside, though, colorado nice, loveland ski areas looking really nice, lots of green on the side of those mountains and just a few clouds right now over the divide.
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day. now we have a few clouds streaming into the city but not really expecting any rain to come from any of those clouds. it's going to be dry the rest of the afternoon into this evening. we hit 90s again. that makes it 52 days this year so far of 90-degree temperatures or hotter. the high country temperatures currently 70s, closer to the foothills we do have a couple 80-degree temperature readings as well. doppler 9 has been quiet, but we're starting to see a few storm to the south a little bit more humidity and through the rest of the afternoon and evening that could potentially see a few more storms. now the threat for that severe weather you'll notice is generally to the northeast of colorado for parts of minnesota, also south dakota, nebraska, kansas, but in colorado just some general thunderstorms out on the eastern plains into the south and areas near lamar where we're currently seeing that thunder and that lightning. that's where we could see those
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looks like the drive home should be fine or maybe you want to squeeze a little bit more time in the afternoon to enjoy that last day of unofficial summer. we're still looking at that sunshine. tonight temperatures drop into the 50s and coming up ahead we'll look at the workweek forecast because although we lit the 90s today, we'll -- hit the 90s today, we'll see a cooldown tomorrow. i'll let you know if it's psl weather, kim. for those of us that started hoo. it's just another monday at 9news. just another monday. thanks so much. we'll talk to you soon. it was a category 1 hurricane now hermine a post tropical storm out in the atlantic a few hundred miles from massachusetts, but even though it's offshore still having an effect from florida to the northeast. nbc's chris palone reports. >> reporter: while hermine
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delaware to massachusetts. >> feel like needles hitting you in the face. >> reporter: with high winds, rip tides and strong wind gusts keeping most holiday beachgoers close to shore, but then there are the surfers getting a chance to be caught in a rip tide to hang 10. >> we have a leash on our board that connects it to us and if it breaks, we're pretty much in survival mode. >> reporter: from delaware to massachusetts officials of the water. ferry service has been disrupted from cape rod and martha's vineyard and nantucket. as hermine meanders north she could bring rain, storm surging and flooding to new york, rhode island and mass mis. >> it's part of live -- massachusetts. >> it's part of living in new england. it's wonderful and scary at the same time. >> reporter: hermine first made landfall in florida friday and is still causing damage there.
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damage. two deaths are being blamed on this system. >> a third death has been associated with hermine. authorities say 30-year-old michael woodrum was trying to remove a tree that fell on u.s. highway 17a near cottageville, south carolina on friday and was hit by a car. woodrum died at a hospital on saturday. president obama has become the first sitting u.s. president to visit the isolated land locked sth nation of laos. he arrived today for a three day visit that's meant to build trust and close a dark chapter of the shared history between our two countries. the president flew in from china where he attended the g20 summit. he acknowledged the damage caused by the u.s. bombing campaign across the border in vietnam during america's war with that country. most americans were enjoying the holiday. this was a busy workday for hillary clinton, donald trump
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the beginning of the end for election season, the last push towards november. today clinton and trump crossed spots at a critical spot on the political map. here's nbc's brian mooar. >> reporter: two presidential campaigns on the same tarmac in cleveland and that's no coincidence. on this labor day holiday hillary clinton and donald trump were working hard for votes in ohio, the state that could settle this 2016 presidential race. >> we're going to bring jobs back to ohio! we're going >> reporter: from quite literally grab the bullhorn at a local fair after he and running mate mike pence sat down with labor leaders a few miles away hillary clinton reached out to the ersat a picnic -- to supporters at a picnic but had to contend with a prolonged cougng fit. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> reporter: with poll numbers tightening trump says he's looking forward to debating
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things right. shouldn't go into iraq. shouldn't have got out of iraq the way they got out of iraq. >> reporter: but she seems just as eager. >> the mad dash the next two months, so i hope you guys are ready. >> reporter: election day is just 64 days away ready or not. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> election day is november 8th. the first early and absentee ballots of this election will actually be cast in days from w. news will host the first of three presidential debates between clinton and trump moderated by lester holt. denver police are investigating what is referred to as a weapons call at third and o'sage. an officer's gun went off before noon today. officers were looking for an armed suspect who had an outstanding warrant. when an officer tried to serve the warrant, police say the officer's weapon charmed. no one was hit by --
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taken to the hospital but not for a gunshot wound. no arrests have been made yet. police are arresting several people who have been detained. >> we're conducting interviews with the officers involved, make sure we dot all the is and cross all the ts and do as much of a detailed investigation as we can. >> police have not yet released the name of the suspect. boulder police are increasing patrols near the university of colorado campus after an attempted sexual assault. police say a man broke woman's home early saturday morning. the woman was asleep on her couch, woke up to the man trying to sexual assault her about 4 a.m. on colorado avenue near regent drive. police released a sketch of the suspect. not a big description here, just a black man between 25 and 30 years old. the victim told police she did see a gold or silver suv leave the area shortly after the incident. anyone with information about the case is asked to call police or crime stoppers. police in aurora suspect a
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a woman last night. it happened at east mount view boulevard and dayton street. an ambulance took her to the hospital where she died. a man driving a ford f150 took off. officers caught up with that person on north peoria street. he face charges of dui and leaving the scene. a denver tattoo artist has had $1,100 worth frustrating is even if thief is caught, the artist can't get his work 9newreporter ryanha?@;?fer plns why. ?h?z >> reporter: any medium that uses skin as a canvas -- >> we had a gentleman come in for a tattoo on a walk-in basis. >> reporter: -- the work done can't be returned. >> it took a second for it to sink in. >> reporter: porsche butler
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third time in the shop. >> the artist is amazing. he's really good at what he does. >> reporter: this work took much longer than his previous ink, 7 1/2 hours to completion. >> that was paint brushes, black and gray with some wings and a banner on the bottom. >> reporter: paintbrushes on the arm of a guy who goes by ari kiera scuro, a name that had some meaning to the art rl something like black and gray shaded. >> reporter: if the guy has any appreciation for the artist's work -- >> he was nitpicking a couple of details that could have absolutely been fixed. >> reporter: -- then he probably wouldn't have done this. >> he decides to put his clothes on, gets dressed and refused to pay for the tattoo. >> reporter: in this business time is money. >> it's a heavy hit to an artist who put that much time and effort and love into something and to be victimized like that. >> reporter: and that 7 1/2
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$1,100. >> it's a heavy hit. >> reporter: police were called and are looking into it. porsche posted on facebook hoping the tattoo community might spot the guy carrying the proof of the crime on his sleeve. >> we are tight knit and do support each other and at least make sure this guy never gets tattooed again in denver. >> reporter: in in denver ryan haarer, 9news. >> this guy also has a marilyn monroe tattoo on bicycle. hopefully that community is very tight and if he shows up again, they say no. >> the evidence is literally all over his body. so it's terrible. >> it's one thing to nitpick a little bit. they were probably open to fixing whatever the problem was, but not to pay for that much work, 7 1/2 hours? >> $1,100, that's tough. doctors appear to be spending more time doing busy work than spending that time
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new study. >> also ahead a 2-year-old girl has been ticketed for
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there's evidence some doctors are having to spend more time in front of a
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you. for every hour doctors spent with patients they spent nearly two additional hours on electronic health record, doing other clerical work. on top of that another one to two hours of personal time each night was spent on clerical work. the american medical association has developed initiatives aimed at reducing administrative burdens for doctors so that way they can focus more on direct contact with patients, this study from the american medical association is studied in the annals of internal medicine. general rs ignition switches among several so-called bellwether trials testing the legal boundaries against hundreds of claims of gm. 20 more cases are scheduled next year. gm recalled 2.6 million small cars worldwide in 2014 to reach place defective switches responsible for at least 124 deaths. the company has paid nearly $875 million to settle death and injury claims.
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a family in washington d.c. is dealing with a legal issue involving their toddler. 2-year-old harper has been cited for littering according to a notice in the mail. the scene of the alleged crime is an alley where the litter was actually found. reporter debora lvarone of her sister station -- alvarone our sister station is here to sort it out. >> reporter: this is where toddler harper allegedly littered according to this citation. >> that's insane they would do that to a 2-year-old and we're the ones always asking for the city to come out and clean up the alley. >> reporter: seems harper's name and address were on an envelope a dpw inspector apparently found in an alley behind their northeast home. >> do we put trash in the alley? >> huh-uh.
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>> reporter: harper's mom theresa says she called the inspector right away. >> i just explained that she's not legally responsible for actions at the age of 2 and asked if she would rescind the ticket and she basically said she wouldn't rescind the ticket. >> reporter: the $75 ticket made out to a 2-year-old. >> where do we put our trash? >> in the trash can. >> that's right. >> do we put trash on the sidewalks? >> no. r surmise the envelope fell out of their trash and somehow made its way into their alley, an alley they say that can be a mess. they say they've called 311 several times to alert the city to it. >> i asked to speak to her supervisor and left a message for him, but i haven't heard back from anybody. >> maybe now they will. that was wu sa's debora lvarone
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going to look into this case a little further. >> she's 2. >> it's just crazy when you hear stuff like that. obviously you try and teach your children at a young age not to do, that but especially when they have complained about the alley. you know something will happen. >> of course. i'm waiting for the update. some of florida's most beautiful beaches are closed this labor day due to what has been found in the water. >> also ahead damage estimates so far from a weekend
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we want to get to some breaking news. cdot reported i-70 is closed both directions from parachute to rulison because of a wildfire. we are working on getting more information about that fire. again i-70 closed both directions between parachute and rulison on the western slope due to a wildfire. that is information coming from cdot. when we learn more, we'll pass it along. dozens of wastewater disposal sites in oklahoma have
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are concerns over whether those sites contributed to an earthquake that hit in the area over the weekend. the 5.6 magnitude quake hit on saturday. so far this year north central oklahoma has had 890 quakes stronger than 3.0. before 2000 that state only saw two quakes that size per year. now some are linking that production in particular fracking. a map showing north central oklahoma has an increased risk for earthquakes. this weekend's quake damaged or destroyed at least a half dozen buildings. 37 wastewater wells connected to oil and gas production have been shut down. despite a bigger police presence new york city's west
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were shot to death during the predawn festivities. a lawyer a year ago was shot in the head and killed as two street gangs exchanged gunfire. mayor bill de blasio said the people responsible for this morning's violence will be brought to justice. >> we do not accept what happened last night. we're fundamentally angry and focused at those who undermined the safety of the many and as you know, the nypd will find these individuals and we'll insure that they are justice. >> besides the two people killed this morning, at least four others were hurt, no arrests have been made. the mother of a boy from minnesota who went missing in 1989 and whose remains were recently found buried in a pasture says her family is
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-- wetterling said they are not ready to talk. patty wetterling became known nationally as an advocate for missing childrens. jacob's remains were found near plainsville positively identified saturday. a person of interest has been held on child pornography charges since last october. let's call it what it is, the stuff that's floating in the waters along some pretty gross. this reporter spoke with two people who missed the no swim signs and later regretted it. >> reporter: this view looks like a vacation destination commercial. clearwater, tropical weather, wildlife and -- >> do you know what this means? do you see the red flag? fecal matter! >> reporter: local resident line leach tried to warn beachgoers about the no swim
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of bacteria. unfortunately leach didn't notice the sign before he went snorkeling in bacteria infested waters. >> i had to rinse out my mouth out here because i swallowed a bunch of it. >> reporter: and his friend john patrick suffered the same fate. >> when you have snorkel and mask and fins on, you almost can't help getting water in your mouth. i wish we would have caught the flag before we got in the water and that wouldn't have happened, but what are you going to do? >> reporter: back congress -- bacteriaococcus is found in fecal waste. some side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. >> this will probably be a little weird if i want to go diving in poop. they won't want to have me over for dinner, that's for sure. they'll think i want to swim in their septic tank. >> reporter: patrick's advice to beachgoers. >> pay attention to the red flag. they mean something.
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since been lifted for at least two of the beaches, wow. i mean you kind of see the -- okay. i don't know. i wouldn't go hang out with him either. >> usually if it seems like no one is in the water, too you're like wow, what's going on? >> that's kind of also a red flag as well and then there's the little red flag, yeah. >> but still he was funny about it. >> he was funny. >> at least he had a good sense of humor about the fact that he swam in -- you know swam in that stuff, okay. labor day is the end of swimming season for many folks, people. >> yes. >> it's also going to be the warmest day of the week. >> the changes coming the rest of the week next in belen's
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here is another gorgeous reason to love colorado and the front range as well. mountains get all the love, but look at that. it's beautiful. >> that's our view from horsetooth. one of the videos that went crazy last week on facebook had the fog coming over horsetooth, you know. it was a really beautiful morning, but check this out. you could see forever. there is not a cloud in the sky. lawrence gibbs our director says you can see to nebraska. >> that's because he's from nebraska. he's still bitter about the buffs win. that's his problem. those things linger, belen. that rivalry is long gone, but they just kind of linger. he just never wants to be happy if anything good happens to our buffs. >> we just barely beat them. >> well, we're not playing nebraska right now and we should just let it go. he made a positive statement about you can see to nebraska and it's beautiful.
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we love colorado. kathy and i were back in the weather center saying it's rare to get a day like this. it's been a long time since we've seen a day like this where it's bright, sunny, warm, nice to be outside. we don't have any haze. it was beautiful, but unfortunately we are dealing with that fire danger. i'll get to that in a few. here's another great reason to love colorado, all these wonderful pictures sent in by our viewers. larry pierce, i tell you. larry has an eye for photography and this is steamboat springs. thank you so much, larry, for taking the time to get us that picture. you know what? labor day is the unofficial end of summer, but you know what? we were already starting to see those changes in the leaves in the high country and this picture sent in by bill, i'm assuming near summit county because that's where bill usually sends us those pictures, but you know what? we're seeing the change in the leaves and the trees and also on the ground. thank you so much, bill.
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so far it's 52 days with 90- degree temperatures or hotter. so that's way above our year average of 41 days. the view outside right now is bright and sunny. here's a little happening. what's happening out at sculpture park, people out there enjoying it having a good time because tomorrow they know they have to get back to work. the view over boulder is gorgeous as well. we have a few clouds trying to move over the flatirons. those clouds are kind of billowing, but they growing. in fact, our rain chances the rest of this afternoon and evening is going to be really slim along the urban corridor. we're about 8 degrees warmer than where we were this time yesterday. so that just goes to show you just how warm it is outside. we're at 92 degrees out at dia. the humidity at 10%. out here in the 9news backyard our temperatures are currently at 90 degrees. let's check the weather with the rest of the state and a look at current temperatures.
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the eastern plains, 93 in burlington in the high country, 60s and 70s in the western slope currently 87 degrees. we really do have that dry air that's pushing into colorado and that's kind of shifted those monsoon winds. so that's allowing for us to still see a little bit of rain and some thunderstorms in southeastern colorado and we're still seeing that highest potential for those stronger storms near nebraska, also into kansas and all the minnesota, but with that drier air moving through we have that high fire danger. so you'll notice most of that stay kind of shaded under this yellow cover indicating high fire danger. looking a current look -- looking at current winds, it's nice in the backyard, but higher gusts closer to the divide and to the southwest we have gusts now on monarch pass close to 50 miles per hour.
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strong wind, low humidity, relative humidity across the state is so lo meinly in the high country. right now we have humidity down south in pueblo to 9%. so you can imagine all those thing come together to increase the fire danger and currently we do have that red flag warning in effect for the western slope, upper parts of jackson, summit county, grand county until 8 p.m. and to the south of us douglas county, elbert county we have that red flag warning in effect until 7 p.m. up to 37 miles per hour. it's nice to be outside, but we do have those thunderstorms to the south and southeast right now just carrying a little bit of lightning, nothing too bad. we don't have any severe warnings or watches for the time being. we'll hang onto these clear skies. temperatures will be warm into the evening hours. kathy sabine will be out here
4:37 pm
70s, 8:00, 10:00. overnight our temperatures are expected to drop to the low 50s. we do have a cold front pushing through through tomorrow morning and that's really going to drop our temperatures. you'll notice that because the high will be at 80 degrees, from 92 to low 80s, a big cooloff. sunny in the morning in the city, but we could see a few areas of fog in northeastern colorado and the chance for an isolated storm late in storms now in southwestern colorado, overnight clear skies and arrives in the morning a cold front increasing humidity in north eastern colorado. so low like areas in weld county and along i-76, you could be dealing with fog on your drive tomorrow. around lunchtime we have a few clouds in northeast high. here in the city it looks dry.
4:38 pm
isolated storm. we'll be lucky to see any showers develop. around 6:30 most of that stormy weather is out on the eastern plains. then tuesday evening into wednesday morning once again we have threat of severe fog developing. the threat for severe weather tomorrow is out on the eastern plains towards the northeast extending to minnesota and the grand lakes. on the eastern plains with the storms that do develop we so could he the strong wind damaging hail. so far so good with the forecast on thursday, 88 on friday, 77 and then saturday the high of 82 degrees. we're back to football. our broncos are taking on the panthers thursday. kickoff will be at 6:00, temperatures a the 80 degrees, breezy, warm, dry and a
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great state on primetime tv. we're already starting to see those clings lives in the high school. look at our fall colors selection, but the changes leaves the peak of the season for the northern mountains is mid-september through late september. it's a great time to be in colorado, guys, because the fall colors, you can't beat it. >> my favorite time year. i moved here in the fall and it was stunning coming in. >> you have so many days where the nights are cool and you need a sweater, but other days forget it. here is a glimpse of the refugee crisis in europe. crew members on board of a vessel had training on how to
4:40 pm
and rescued from the libyan coast. this vessel is one of several patrolling waters to rescue migrants trying to cross the mediterranean. >> the biggest challenge is it to keep them in the rubber boats because they are more safe in the rubber boats than if they jump into the water because most of them cannot swim at all and many of them have maybe never seen the water or the sea before. more than 1,000 migrants who tried to cross the mediterranean and libya. hundreds of thousands of pilgrams starting to arrive in saudi rain ya for the weekend. this is viewed as -- saudi
4:41 pm
pope francis sunday canonized mother teresa who died in 1997. we have the report on the nunn known as the saint of the gutter -- nun known as the saint of the gutters. >> reporter: the elevation to mother teresa's sainthood -- the celebration to mother teresa's sainthood started sunday morning and are not over yet. they are celebrating and marking the first time the saint teresa calcutta is celebrated as the new day on the catholic calendar that will be celebrated every 5th of september from now on. yesterday st. peter's square and the surrounding area in the vatican were filled with 120,000 people from all over the world. they came here to watch pope francis recognize what they believed all along for many
4:42 pm
not a st. only now, but she's been a saint long before she died 19 years ago to the day. back to you. >> pope francis has declared this year a jubilee year of mercy. he said he shares mother teresa's idea of the church as a field hospital for the souls of the world's poorest and most desperate. there is no doubt at all olympic gold medal winning flip. she is so good at it she threw out the first pitch at the new york mets game on saturday. her windup is impeccable. she jumped off the mound to do an aerial cart wheel, a little off the mark but had the distance and hernandez flashed her awesome gold met apple
4:43 pm
the crowd. she earn -- gold medal smile to the crowd. she earned a medal also on the balance beam. >> the image of her smiling at the judges at the olympics. >> she's so full of life. i love seeing all these olympic athletes afterwards. to have a little fun. they've worked so hard for so long. >> especially in their ca go enjoy life. an artist in san francisco has chosen coffee as her canvas. we'll show you how. >> also ahead a boy near st.
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4:46 pm
anyone that wants a little foam on your latte or a little art in your foam, eyebar rest a, an amazing artist in s -- a barista in san francisco, an amazing artist is using art in
4:47 pm
talk about a tricky way to produce art and it looks like she has mastered it and yes, she did take requests. >> never seen anything like hers of honestly it's usually just like the art. >> the process is a race against the clock, of course, and the artwork doesn't last long. >> usually i try to get it done before five minutes. after that bubbles start popping and the picture doesn't look as crisp. >> wow. mel has a background in started painting coffee about four years ago to cover up some sloppy pours. she charges an extra five bucks for her art in the coffee, worth it. plenty of people are willing to pay that fee. her work has become so lucrative she's retiring from the coffee shop to take her talents on the road for corporate and catering gigs. >> good for her. >> why not? >> she's good. i feel bad drinking that. >> i know. you can snap a picture, though.
4:48 pm
snapping a photo, stop taking photos of your food. turns out mom does really know best and it's a good time to be right especially under these circumstances. >> yeah. a boy in missouri used his brand-new life saving skills to save his sister's life. 12-year-old kyle prader pushed back when his mom pushed him to take a free cpr class. he ended up doing it reluctantly. he ended up old sister camden as she choked on an ice cream cone in the family car. >> i threw it to my mom and said i got this and then i pulled my sister out of her seat and performed the heimlich maneuver. >> oh, it makes me emotional. >> she was crying really hard and squeezing him. >> wow. if they weren't already, got a feeling camden and kyle will be pretty close after that. police in west haven,
4:49 pm
plants in the backyard of a daycare growing. officers were called after being called by state child care inspectors who called police when they were denied access behind a tall wooden fence in the backyard. police obtained a search warrant, found hundreds of pot plants each between 6 and 10 feet tall. the city housing inspector shut down the facility. the daycare license has been suspended and arrests are coming. the suspects have not been named yet. no words, right? in a daycare. coming up the retail industry's christmas creek strategy, yeah. there is a strategy. it starts long before halloween. >> also ahead good news for one
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giant pandas have been taken off the endangered
4:53 pm
report released sunday. giant pandas are now on the vulnerable list thanks to the success of conservation efforts to protect their habitat. that's awesome. the news, however, not so great for the eastern gorilla. the world's largest living primate is listed as critically endangered, just one step from extinction. the population has declined 70% over just the past 20 years. labor day almost over. however, are you shopping yet? are you shopping for the holidays? that's what the retailers hope planning for. they would like us to be in the mood as soon as possible for along as possible. our very early christmas creeps story now from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: as scary as it may be to already see halloween merchandise on store shelves, two months before the night of trick-or-treating, did you notice the shopping phenomenon known as christmas creep got
4:54 pm
wal-mart kicked off its christmas lay-away campaign last friday to get consumers in a buying mood. >> over the past few years we've seen a trend where consumers tend to buy gifts all year long. >> reporter: fred shelton at fact wallet and other retail experts say christmas cream gets earlier and earlier because that's what many consumers want. >> they're taking advantage of seasonal sales maybe when certain things are as readily available during the holiday. >> reporter: he says the current summer clearance sales are a perfect example of that. people buying what will be gifts three months from now. but certainly not everyone buys into christmas creeping into september and really won't like the black friday ads some retailers are planning the day
4:55 pm
>> i can't keep a secret that long. i mean i would -- to buy a gift that early. >> i get there are some great sales, but what they're selling is summer merchandise and we live in colorado. >> it's summer is the point. in this world there are many useful skills that people work hard to improve. >> and then there are skills that a few people work on that may not be considered useful.
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into your clothes. raymond butler likes to backflip all right. sometimes it's not about what you're wearing. it's about how you can your clothes. raymond butler likes to back flip into his pants. today he set a guinness book of world records into the process. he flipped 8 feet 6 inches for the longest back flip into a pair of trousers. butler originally set the record in 2013. someone apparently broke it that year. this morning live on the today show he got a little payback. butler taught himself how to tumble. you might recognize him, of course. he's a competitor on american
4:59 pm
specific to trousers, so yeah. >> but think of it as those pants actually are not like five size as to big which is the coolest thing about that. >> impressive, i know. go him. >> they fit. >> good enough. that's going to do it for us. 9news at 5:00 is next. next at 5:00 we hear from say shot and critically wounded a douglas county detective. >> also ahead nasa's groundbreaking mission to travel to an astroid and back and its colorado connection. >> and a hard hit in a high profile football game raises questions about the ncaa and player safety next on 9news. >> this is 9news. this labor day more than 120 firefighters are working to contain the starwood fire
5:00 pm
the colorado/wyoming border. it spread to 300 acres since yesterday afternoon near red feather lakes in larimer county. crews do have it 10% contained. the sheriff's office sent voluntary evacuation notices to dozens of people living in the mill creek subdivision. >> approximately 30 structures were threatened. thankfully there been no reports of damage and no reports of injuries. >> deputies are asking that people who decide to evacuate put a towel or sheet on their house that's road. tonight at 6:30 the sheriff's office will update the community at a meeting at the livermore community church. that area of colorado is considered abnormally dry by the u.s. drought monitor. higher humidity did help them today. the fire is slowly moving toward the northwest. park rangers believe they found the body of a hiker from denver who went missing in grand teton national park in wyoming. during a flight last night they discovered a body matching the description of 21-year-old rene


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