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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:30am-5:59am MDT

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just after midnight. the house is near kipling and morrison road. this is a live look at the backside of the house where most of the damage was. it was a family of four that lived there, and firefighters say that the fire likely started on our near the back deck of that home. >> a lot of damage there. >> for sure. >> and i know colleen is on her way. we'll have an update in a few minutes. broncos fans are waking up pretty happy this morning. first, friday forecast with marty. many would consider today's weather perfect. >> a lot would, expect those folks who aren't a fan of the wind. gary if you're going to be riding your bike, beware, wind is going to kick up. it will get gusty, especially afternoon today, as some of the colder air begins to pour in. sunsets have been really spectacular around the area over the last few days. this is two days ago.
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wildfire smoke. the fire near meeker putting a lot of particulates in the air on the front range. clear conditions for us. temperatures go from the 50s to low 60. the dew point, i always talk about this, where you see the higher numbers. it is way more humid and that's why we have foggy, hazy conditions over the eastern plains into kansas and nebraska. some areas less than a visibility. for those of us here in the front range, it is friday. the end of the workweek. and a pleasant way to finish it off. it will get breezy this afternoon, but cooler than yesterday. 5:31. today we're going to start out down south and go toward your drive at colorado springs. we are clear here as you see along 25. the speeds averaging in the mid- 60s. lots of clean up is underway. downtown denver near civic
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football festivities from yesterday and heading into the set up for the 9/11 event taking place this weekend. you're going to see a lot of folks around civic center as part of the morning commute. getting across to the side streets. this is residential. we have a crash at hudson, the west side of i-25 shouldn't affect too many folks. freeway still clear for the most part. 70, 11 or 12 minutes between 6 6th avenue and i-25. and overall, your drive airport, 6 or 7 minutes. and the kick is no good. just enough missed timing. >> the moment that carolina panthers blew their last chance at winning and every broncos fan in the country realized we have now pulled off the win. that's the moment we like so
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and is the kick is no good. snapped a little high, traveling just enough missed timing. >> makes you feel good. >> let's see it again. no, i'm just kidding. >> we can't get enough of the winning moment, and the star place from cj anderson just before that saved the game for the broncos. all right, the broncos win ice -- peoples minds this morning. trevor siemian's dream came true last night. >> better the dream itself. >> yeah, it wasn't an easy win for the super bowl champions. they were the home opener underdogs as we talked about yesterday. some turnovers early. man, an up hill battle for the
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last few seconds. panthers recovered. panthers were up 7-0, but the broncos scored that touchdown in the second quarter. after the panthers failed toll capitalize on a turnover, broncos answered with a 28-yard touchdown run from full back andy janovich. he has made that run at the university of nebraska dozens of times. it's a great play. that's his first carry in the nfl. the panthers came back with another touchdown and the broncos refused to go away. harris. two touchdowns from cj anderson to give the broncos the lead, and the whole thing came down to the final seconds when they were trying the field goal. broncos won it 21-20. >> coach kubiak says he won't be letting those early game mistakes go, though, he'll be tough on the team. rod mackey went to the stadium last night, and spoke to team about why they are glad a win is a win. >> reporter: this denver win over carolina wasn't quite as
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over the panthers, but it was still impressive, especially considering the fact they turned the ball over three times and still got the w. >> we had a heck of a team, resilient team, and i think you saw that tonight. played for four quarters and really proud to be a part of this group. >> they hand it to cj anderson, with the goal line, and anderson has a denver touchdown. >> that was our whole motto last season, we was winning close games. it's not like we never played in a dog fight before. newcomers, this is the national football league, and every game can be a dog fight. we're used to dog fights. we have a lot of mistakes to correct. >> it sort of boiled down to we did the plays and made the plays that mattered the most. we didn't play a perfect game bouffes able to get -- but we was able to get a win in the win column. we can go into tomorrow feeling
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>> reporter: the nfl couldn't have asked for a better game to kick off the season. they would have preferred the game wasn't so close, but as long as it's a win, they're okay with that. rod mackey 9news. absolutely. the broncos weren't terribly excited about how they won but the carolina panthers and cam newton definitely weren't happy about the super bowl rematch loss. >> i think it was a very physical game. you know, we all have jobs to do, including the refs. h and find ways to win a football game. >> those are two good teams out there that fought and played very hard and at the end of the day, we missed our opportunities. >> yeah, broncos line backer, brandon marshall made his biggest play maybe before the game started. he decided to join the protest of other players including colin kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem. marshall knelt down at the owned of the row. his teammates took his knee at
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military, police or america. i am against social injustice. marshall says he plans to continue kneeling during the national anthem. he will donate to charities supporting his cause. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has pledged $1 million to groups fighting social injustice. after the game, we asked coach kubiak what he thought about brandon marshall's decision not to stand during the national anthem. here's what he had to say. >> i believe in all players. he's a great kid. he works his tail off. he's a leader on the team. >> the national anthem played, twitter and facebook lit up. we have had comments come into the 9news facebook page. here are a few of them. we preselected them. you can share your thoughts on our 9news facebook page right now to join in on the conversation. onto other news right now. it is 5:37.
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and he nearly lost it. as detective dan bright recovers from a shooting earlier this month, we are expecting to learn more about exactly what happened. 9news reporter vida urbonas joins us live from douglas county. they're going to hold a news conference and talk about this case in just a couple of hours, vida. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, we are outside parker hospital. that is where is recovering. later this morning at 8:30 they are going to hold a press conference and update his condition as he continues to recover at the hospital. bright is the douglas county detective who was shot by a suspect a week ago, more than a week ago, and he was near sierra middle school. it was last friday. now, the suspect had been seen with a gun near the school. he started shooting at officers. detective bright was hit, and officers returned fire killing the suspect.
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here to parker asvetis and they say that saved his life. the shooting happened less than a mile from the hospital, and they say that's probably what saved his life. one thing we have noticed about this is just the outpouring of community support. this sunday afternoon at 3:00, members of the community and family, his family will also gather here in the hospital parking lot. they're going to show their support for detective bright. they're going to have blue balloons. they wantthey want him to look outside the window and see that. monday therell drive at the parker police department. goes from 9 to 2:30. they only have 40 spots for donors so they encourage you to make an appointment. give the code 7311 to donate if you can make it to that. this morning at 8:30, the sheriff's department along with members from the hospital, they're going to be holding a press conference here. they're going to talk about the latest on the investigation as well as they're going to talk
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doing in his recovery process. we're going to have that information live on 9news as well as online. >> thank you. the crash at 56th and pena near dia is a case of road rage. we got that update on a story we covered all day on thursday. denver police say two drivers got into a fight at the intersection the the driver of one car got out, pounded on the window of the other car. that person was run over. a good samaritan tried to stop and help out but was hit by a third car. the crash is investigation. nobody has been arrested. >> boy, that was sad, isn't it. hundreds of people gathered in downtown denver last night, not for the broncos or to cheer on the team. groups of people marched to the capitol in protest in solidarity with american indian tribes who are fighting a pipeline in north dakota. four separate groups started in four separate locations and met up at the capitol. yolanda williams brought her grand kids to the protest so
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importance of it. >> sacred is sacred, i don't care what they say. you know, those are our ancestors they just dug up. that was very brutal for us to ingest. >> the pipeline was taken through some sacred land in north dakota. people are upset about that. williams plans to travel to north dakota next week. members of the standing rock sioux reservation there have been prot the pipeline would run from north dakota across four states to illinois. very colorful sunsets lately. one of the reasons is wildfire smoke, our friend larry pierce posted this to our facebook page. it is the lost solar fire which is out there near meeker. kicked a lot of smoke and haze our way. peter parera with this shot from last night. no clouds around the area but
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have extreme color over the area. last night won't be as much color because tonight we're going to see more wind kicking up. temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s here. we may see a sprinkle as the wind really picks up after 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. but i mean that literally, a sprinkle. marty, we'll look for that sprinkle. >> good luck. 5:42 right now. when it comes to learning the sky's th be sharing some props for some high school education high fliers. and a quiet neighborhood
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. welcome back. air bnb is apologizing for aschism. the company -- racism. they were told they could not get a reservation because of
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minority kept renters from letting them visit, and they saw the same listings for the same dates readvertised after ward. air bnb has not removed profile pictures from the site. it says the photos are an important security feature for hosts. if you plan to travel by air over the holiday, your wallet will be awarded for booking early according to the november 7th. for christmas travel, you have extra time if you're using a smaller airport. we're taking a check on our morning drive getting out across a dark commute for now. it's 6:36. that's when you you'll see the -- when you'll see the sun come up. wide open conditions and a great shot toward the north end of denver, around the rail yards. we're going to see this crowd up and also some sun glare at
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we're going to see 6th avenue, about 8 or 9 minutes on your drive between golden and your downtown denver commute. across the city side streets, okay for the most part. a few residential issues here and there. and we're still in the 50s and 60s across the north end. and around here we have a sunny start, a few clouds late in the day. the big thing for me late in the day is going to be how windy it gets, especially after 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. really gusty winds out of the per hour at times, and a few rain drops. the rain drops are not going to be a big thing for us. certainly no thunderstorms around here. super stable here over much of colorado. severe weather threat going in the midwest. in fact, we already have some severe thunderstorms going on in kansas and missouri. they have flash flood warnings. that all the result of the remnants of tropical storm newton, which brought some pretty beautiful clouds here earlier in the week. amelia. >> thank you, marty.
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called stem superstars where i'll show you how teachers, students and learning programs are integrating science, technology, engineering and math into their days. >> let me back up. there's so many stem careers available in colorado, and unfortunately we're not filling those positions with kids from colorado. the mission is to get educators excited about aerospace, and aviation. one takeoff and one landing at a and the landing. this guy is good. >> the program is exciting teachers all over colorado. on 9news # 9 -- 8:00 a.m., i'll share the full story.
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. 9 neighborhoods is in roxboro park this week, a quiet neigho denver and littleton. the area is home to 9200 residents according to douglas county historians. some evidence shows it even dates back to 13,000 years ago. we obviously don't have pictures of what life was like then, but more recently, settlers created homes in the area between 1870 and 1890. one of the settlers henry percy is credited with naming the
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some of these pictures are of the homer family. they owned 700 acres for hundreds of years. the area is known for the beautiful rock formations. part of the area turned into roxboro state park in 1987. be sure to join you are instagram tour of 9 neighborhoods this afternoon. let's get a check of the forecast with marty. looks like the weekend is shaping up nice. >> windy, cold front is pushing through here. wees also have a frontal boundary and the remnantsof the midwest with thunderstorms. it is dry across colorado this morning. it's not clear, however, we do have fog yet again on the nebraska and kansas borders, especially around burlington. it's been socked in there this morning. for us, clear through most o. day. late this afternoon -- of the day, late this afternoon, a couple of rain drops. wind gusts are going to kick up here. especially after noon, you're going to get the big push of northeasterly winds to the late
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close to 20, 30 miles per hour winds. they'll settle down again after sunset. temperatures in the 70s here, with 60s and 70s in the foothills. dry in the west, dry for the most part around here, and clearing conditions over northeastern colorado. we'll get rid of the fog and haze fairly early in the day today with a couple of pockets of sprinkles in the afternoon. 80s west, 80s south. we're in the 70s for mountain areas. the front range and northeastern colorado. the wind really being the big factor for us this possible, but that wind up to 20, 25 miles per hour will absolutely get your attention in the afternoon. clouds overnight stay with us through the night. we drop into the 40s tomorrow morning. clouds go away by mid afternoon tomorrow. it's going to be a nice day. 81 degrees. i call it hot on sunday, close to 90 and then another front comes through. rain not that impressive early next week. a pretty steep drop in
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and sleeping weather when it's just a little bit cool. that's perfect. we're looking outside to an easy start on the north side. this is our drive at thornton parkway, southbounders on the upper side of the screen are tracking about 45 miles per hour. we should drop down into the teens over the next hour or so. so far, so good, we are accident and stall free across the city. nothing to the north side, most major freeways are clear and easy. side street wise, there's a crash on sanford an you may wake up to flashing lights in the area. headed out of town or maybe picking up a front at the airport, a clear start on pena boulevard, great speeds there.
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. welcome back, everyone. tonight you can join the fight against cancer by watching the stand up to cancer telethon always an entertaining event, raises a ton of money. you can watch it here at 7:00 tonight on channel 9. it is the no customers. it feature -- commercials. it features lots of celebrities and entertainers. always a hoot, and always raise money for a great cause. one simple check could change your life. buddy check 9. the day we all wear pink to remind you to do a self-breast exam and call a buddy and remind independently to remind -- them to do the same. one in seven women in colorado will be diagnosed in their
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in a self-exam or early mammogram, chances of survival are really good. and join thousands of others this month by lacing up your running shoes. it's race for the cure time. start training now. the race is sunday, september 25 september 25th. last year, they raised a million dollars. >> one of the best parts of seeing the big pink ribbon that phenomenal. >> so cool to see. >> and raise a lot of money, again, for people dealing with that cancer. here's a look at sky 9 as the sunrises this morning. still looks pretty dark out there, doesn't it. >> still looks quiet. that's what i'm concerned with. >> and amelia is celebrating after, you know this week. boy, it's been a tough week. hopefully everybody will behave themselves and you'll have an easy morning. >> we want everybody to be
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go craze was gone, think about. it is not.
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this is 9news. breaking news this morning, a 5-year-old girl was found hiding in a closet of a burning home in lakewood. firefighters were able to pull her out to safety and get her to the hospital. the girl's dad also taken to the hospital. we don't have any conditions the call came in just after midnight. the house near kipling and morrison road. this is a live look at the back end of the house. that is where most of the damage was. a family of four lives in that house. firefighters say that it likely started on or near the back deck. colleen ferreira is heading out that way, and she'll keep us up to date as the story develops. in the meantime, gary and corey with you on this broken friday morning. >> victory morning.


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