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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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to denver... the latest on a suspicious item scare on d-i-a's tarmac. fit to be president... or too weak to stand. clinton and trump release dueling medical reports... what we know now about each one's health. brandon marshall has lost a lot of money in the past week... now he's giving even more of it away. we'll tell you why his wallet is good morning. meteorologist
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while most of you were safely at
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home late last night- travelers out of newark, new jersey had a tense few minutes on the tarmac at d-i-a. the f-b-i says someone told the
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was a suspicious item on board. united flight 1243 was diverted to denver last night on its way to san diego. this is a picture of the crews by the stairway during the evacuation and investigation. the pilot decided to make the stop over a possible security concern. the flight landed safely around 9:30... and the passengers were taken to the terminal. as for the report of the suspicious item - they never found anything when they searched the plane... eventually passengers were able to get ck board and continue on to california. a false alarm in grand junction- means police will be footing the bill for kicking in the door of an innocent family. the police and mesa county sheriff's office were looking for meth in a home... they broke down the door and found the family and kids... but no drugs. it turns out- the suspects had moved out and the family moved in.. a bad tip led police to the old address. police officers are often the first on scene- for some horrible crimes. things nobody ever wants to see.. but officers have to see all the time.
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them cope. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live at littleton p-d headquarters... with a new program to help. the 47th vice president of the united states is
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colorado today- but don't expect any campaigning or rallies. vice president joe biden will be here- for the annual korbel dinner at the university of denver. it honors people who make a
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year history, they welcome a sitting vice president to our campus the event is at five at the ritchie center... there are still tickets available. you can find a link on 9news dot com. today- hillary clinton will get back on the campaign trail. she took three days off after a doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. president barack obama and former president bill clinton made campaign stops in her place. today- hillary clinton is expected to make a stop in the battleground state of north caroli said he wants to see clinton better and back on the trail... but then- took a jab at her stamina... wondering if she could stand in front of a crowd for an hour. both clinton and trump released medical records yesterday... clinton's doctor wrote- her pneumonia started with allergies and was non-bacterial and not contagious. trump gave his medical information to doctor oz in the middle of a show taping. that show airs later today. members of the audience told n-b-c news that doctor oz gave trump a
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health. a last minute deal will keep the head of the i-r-s in the top spot... despite accusations of partisanship within the tax organization. conservatives and g-o-p leaders reached a deal to force irs commissioner john koskinen to testify before congress next week instead. conservatives wanted koskinen impeached after they say the i-r-s unfairly targeted tea party groups seeking tax exemptions. the reported tea party targeting within the i-r-s happened before koskinen was the commissioner. thla koskinen came in to clean up the mess. but his effoerts raised more suspicions- because of missing emails and records. tropical storm julia is slowly moving up the east coast. forecasters are scaling back how much rain it will dump as it continues to move north... the national hurricane center predicts two to four inches in south carolina. but- that's plenty for flash flood concerns in charleston. the storm is expected to weaken to a tropical depression, soon. julia is moving
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georgia and south carolina through tomorrow. typhoon meranti hit eastern china this morning... where winds shattered windows, destroyed bridges and disrupted water supplies. the strongest winds were up to 112 miles per hour. the typhoon is the strongest to hit the fujian province since at least 19-49... when they started recording typhoon strength. schools and nurseries in costal cities closed as precaution
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first he protected part of the pacific... now the president is eyeing the atlantic... this time the area is easier to pronounce. more olympic athletes could have their personal information in the spotlight... the hacker release expected today. and brandon marshall is letting thousands of dollars go... and now he's voluntarily letting
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marty to say six inches fell. not yet-- but it's coming. a few flurries have hit some ski areas and the man made stuff will start falling soon too. loveland ski will flip on their snow machines in two weeks. no estimates on when the ski area will open- it's often as early as mid october. keystone says it is 50 days away from opening.
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snow and the cold. today is your last chance to have a say on whether you'll pay more to visit mesa verde national park. the cortez journal reports- it's the last day for public comment. if approved- the entrance fee would go up from 15 to 20 dollars per vehicle in the summer. per person and motorcycle fees would go up from eight to ten dollars.. and an annual park pass would cost you 40 dollars instead of 30. park officials want the extra money for infrastructure improvements and work on the spruce tree house. the iconic ancient cliff dwelling has been closed since february because of falling rock. first he protected part of the pacific... today- president obama is looking to the atlantic ocean for preservation. the president is planning to create a new marine national monument off the coast of new england. his executive action will protect more than four thousand square miles. the northeast canyons and seamounts marine national monument will protect marine life from drilling and commercial
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it's a lot smaller than the monument off hawaii's coast... ryan you are good at pronouncing that one... "papa-ha-now-mow- koo-ah-kay-ah" papahanaumokuakea . recreational fishing is still allowed... but commercial fishermen will have seven years to find new waters. president obama has used his authority to designate culturally or ecologically important sites as national monuments more than any other president- ever. protests... game fines... and charity. linebacker brandon marshall is letting a lot more money slip by him than footballs. why he's paying up today. but first, lets check in with marty and tracey apple's c-e-o tim cook pledged the company would work harder at
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but the company is getting more criticism this morning- for sexism in the workplace. current apple employees are claiming they were the victims of sexist comments... and were passed over for leadership positions because of their gender. an apple employee shared the complaints with the media outlet mic. apple is currently the world's most valuable company... cook has staked his leadership career on expanding diversity within the company. tonight- there's a new way to watch thursday night football. twitter will start live streaming games. the struggling social media site has the rights to
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this season. twitter users can watch is via the twitter app on apple tv, amazon fire tv and microsoft's xbox one. the company's goal is to give cord cutters a sports- watching option. broncos linebacker brandon marshall's wallet is a lot lighter this week... but he's choosing to give even more of his money away. his decision to kneel during the national anthem last week cost him two endorsements. and on wednesday--he was fined 24-thousand illegal hit to the head against carolina q-b cam newton. now- he's also set up a charitable fund... where he will give 300 dollars to social issue groups for every tackle that he makes this season.
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denver wants to see more people on its sidewalks... why one new
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y23eqy yvpy are releasing more confidential medical information about olympians: 25 additional athletes including 10 americans. no names named - just yet. these are the same hackers who got information about gold medal gymnast simone biles and tennis player venus
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data base of the agency that does drug testing. the same group of russian hackers is thought to have been behind the democratic national committee hack in june. records are falling this week at the paralympics in rio de janeiro... and the athletes competing are giving olympians a run for their money. four visually impaired runners finished the 15 hundred meter race... with times that would have won olympic gold. the fourth place finisher in the race- who didn't get a paralympic med beat the olympic gold time by 14 hundredths of a second. the olympic race was slower overall than most years. more than 43 hundred athletes compete in the paralympic games. closing ceremonies are this sunday. denverites are pretty active. apparently not active enough. the city hired a new employee- whose job is to encourage walking... more specifically-- to make downtown walking more pleasant. the chief
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how walkability can be improved. he says a lot can be done to make walking more appealing. he said other fixes include creating more medians where walkers can rest while crossing and adding more clearly marked crosswalks. he added sidewalks could be separated from the street by oversee a group called denver moves which is asking for your input. we have a link to their site on 9news-dot-com. getting through
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intersection could be getting faster... but a bit more confusing, too... in the next half hour we're taking a closer look at the continuous flow intersection- before you have to figure out how to
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into the far reaches of d-i can the fear of a suspicious device sends a plane and the fbi into the far reaches of dia's runways, the latest on the unexpected visitors. >> colorado is starting to look a lot more light blue why 2 key counties are swinging colorado. >> and a teenager has a special thank you for the teen who saved his life. it's heros week and
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of the hat. >> all right. good morning, everyone. happy thursday or as i like to see friday eve. >> that's right. >> doesn't it feel good. we're counting down. today will be another mild day. looks very good around here today. we'll be nudging up close to 80 degrees, very pleasant temperatures and rain chances are quite small. we've had an active morning so far in wyoming. had a nice sized thunderstorm clip through ea he be apart now, that it's gotten to i-25. visibility is great over the front range this morning not great over the northeastern plains in the wake of some of the showers we had last night extremely high humidity, and low visibility in the northeast corner of the state. temperatures in the 40s and 50s around here. we're hovering at or just a little above freezing in many of the mountain valleys here in this early part of the morning. 50s here from now through 8:00.
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best chance for rain today will be along the wyoming and nebraska borders especially again this evening. we had some relative thunderstorms last night. that's the best opportunity for thunderstorms today with the small chance for severe weather the farthest you go especially into nebraska. temperatures in the upper 70s and if you get be very few in number. good morning. we're starting to see more and e people on i-25 but traffic is still getting through with no problems. still going at the posted speeds. no major delays right now. let's check in with i-25, 6 miles an hour. taking you about 15 minutes. i-70 between i-25 and 6th avenue right around 12 minutes so green lights for you as well.


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