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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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best chance for rain today will be along the wyoming and nebraska borders especially again this evening. we had some relative thunderstorms last night. that's the best opportunity for thunderstorms today with the small chance for severe weather the farthest you go especially into nebraska. temperatures in the upper 70s and if you get be very few in number. good morning. we're starting to see more and e people on i-25 but traffic is still getting through with no problems. still going at the posted speeds. no major delays right now. let's check in with i-25, 6 miles an hour. taking you about 15 minutes. i-70 between i-25 and 6th avenue right around 12 minutes so green lights for you as well.
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you're going between golden and i-25 on u.s. 6 about 9 minutes. good news to report. >> all right thank you. the fbi and emergency crews gathered around a plane full of passengers at dia. a united airlines flight was diverted to dia. the pilot decided to make a stop over a possible security concern. the flight landed safely around 9:30 and the passengers were taken into the terminal. the fbi d anything suspicious. they were eventually able to continue on. the busy intersection at gun club and quincy is getting a make over but it's a complicated one. the cross streets get an f rating for performance. drivers trying to make left turns at the short light are causing the backups. so county leaders held a public meeting last night to
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now, a project called a continuous flow intersection, it means that several lights are set before or at the intersection but there's no need for a left turn signal. pretty complicated. so we found a youtube video that helps explain it. so drivers going straight through the regular light at the main intersection drivers turning left would have signals before the intersection to stop then cross over and turn. drivers turning right, well, they don't have to stop at all. an eventually widen both the streets to help alleviate some of the problems. it's going to take time for people to get used to it. they say there should be a continuous flow once they get used to it. an update to a story that had a lot of you talking with us on wednesday morning. the colorado board of education made a decision on whether diet sodas are allowed in schools.
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line their policy with federal regulations. now, school districts will decide individually what limits they want to place on the sale. districts have until the beginning of next school year to decide on its policies. police officers are people just like the rest of us but coping with the horrors of violent crimes comes in their job description. a new program in littleton is working to make handling it all a little bit easier. this new program >> reporter: it does. a mental health of the people th the officers are responding for a call because those officers oftentimes get calls from people who are experiencing mental episodes and they need help that goes beyond making an arrest or throwing someone in jail. so that's why the littleton police department has joined this co-responders program. we saw in denver this month the
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responders and basically what this means is that the police departments are partnering with mental health agencies. here in littleton the police department is departmenting with all health network. that agency basically provides counselors who can come out with police officers to respond to mental health situations and determine what's the best course of action. we spoke with the littleton police department and with all health networks to try to see how this would all work >> whenever there's an emergency or crisis or an officer gets a call and feels like it's mental health related or substance abuse related then he's going to pick up the phone and call one of or co-responders and they're going to meet him there. >> reporter: and it doesn't end there. the commander with the littleton police department says that about 90% or more of their officers have been trained in crisis intervention, and that basically teaches an officer to assess the situation and determine the best course of action based on whether or not
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crisis or a mental health episode. so there is something that the littleton police department hopes to continue and grow, and we've definitely seen this program grow across the country. >> there is such an intersection of mental health along with medical needs and what law enforcement faces. so thank you. appreciate the information. the families of 2 colorado men who sacrificed their lives for a cause will finally get to start planning a proper burial. the bodies tomorrow. levi shirley and taggert both side in syria. they died about a month apart. they were not members of the u.s. military. their bodies were flown to chicago yesterday. a ceremony will be held in denver tomorrow. today vice president joe biden will be in colorado not to shake hands and kiss babies, no,
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the event is at 5. there are still tickets available. you can find a link on today hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail after 3 days off due to pneumonia. clinton released her medical information publically yesterday. her doctor wrote her illness started with allergies. >> the doctor's letter is fairly complete and it shows that she's actu v >> just hours before that donald trump spoke to dr. oz about his health. we don't know what was in that report just yet but we do know dr. oz thinks he's healthy. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> at a campaign rally last night trump questioned whether clinton has the stamina to stand in public for an hour. she plans to return to campaigning
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colorado has cemented its reputation as a purple state it's why the candidates keep making regular stops across colorado, but these days we might be showing more shades of blue. since the 90s, colorado has been split, 3 went red and 3 blue. much of it comes down to 2 republican counties. they account for 22% of colorado's voters but today the voters in those counties are blue by the thousands. in 2011 there were 11,000 more are republican voters than democrats. >> i frankly no longer consider jefferson county very republican and historically it was a strong republican county. >> in jefferson county the republicans are still in the lead but the gap is closing fast. political experts say it's due to younger more diverse
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groups that tend to lean left. >>. around here yesterday we had dramatic skies in the evening. this is the broomfield area kind of sad to see thunderstorms clouds like that and kids still out on the soccer field. clear conditions here with just a few fair weather clouds here and there and through the day today a lot of sun for us today. very small chance for a little shower very late in the afternoon. next 3 day rain really comes up late tomorrow afternoon, one or 2 thunderstorms in the area. we'll lower temperatures ever so slightly before we start heating things up for this weekend. >> weekend looks nice. thank you. the man investigators think set fire to a mosque in florida is in custody this morning. this was the same mosque where the gunman who shot more than 100 people in an orlando nightclub used to worship. investigators say they caught him on camera running away from the scene. members of the local
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targeted because of the nightclub shooter are. today 2 men accused of killing dwayne wade will go -- are under arrest. police believe the brothers were trying to shot another man w today lawmakers could take a big step from keeping the epipen crisis happening all over again. members of the house and senate propose a bill to justify price increases of more than 10% and the makers have to give at least a month of warning before a price hike. the price jumped 400 % since 2008. a pen in the u.s. costs about $600 now but some industry experts say its original value is no more than 30 bucks. the company that
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the costs and develop ago cheaper version. the nation's largest fire fighting plane is one step closer to be ability to actually fight fires. >> the faa has given approval for the global super tanker. it can carry nearly 20,000 gallons of water for 4,000 miles but couldn't fight firefighters until it got final approval which it just did. >> boy, that could make a big difference. >> you hate the fact that it's will. >> sure. >> certainly in the coming summers. good news for sure. new iphone long lines it's a given. whether all these people get what they want is less sure. we'll tell you where the people are hanging out any way. >> and a teenager has a special
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denver's historic mcnichols
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because of construction. through the years it's served as a library, a water department and it's now home to denver arts and venues. $5.5 million from denver arts and venues and city bond funding cleared the way for the renovations. denver mayor will be there at 10:00 this morning for a reopening ceremony. a new carrier will dia for the first time today. pen air will connect small communities with the rocky mountain region. the airline flies to dodge city and kansas and november will pick up more routes. great lakes airlines had been served those routes for years but had to give them up due to pilot shortages. you might be able to skip awkward conversations with your uber driver in the future or you might be missing them if you like the conversations. uber is
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cars. they're currently on the streets of pittsburgh. some worry about safety concerns. there have been problems repeatedly. for now engineers will still be behind the wheel just in case something goes wrong and a second engineer will be monitoring real time data. >> no one driving my car brothers me. look at these people lining up stores today waiting for the launch of the new iphone 7. the people brought along tents not just the chairs. the iphone 7 technically goes on sale tomorrow although apple says presales of some models has already sold out. the cordless head phones getting mixed reviews, the price tag one reason why, 150 bucks. i'll lose that in a second. >> he turned to me and gave me
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people are like i don't know how many are going to buy the new iphone because there wasn't a lot of changes and think they're waiting for their anniversary next year. >> if you're a big apple fan you know. >> it's more about like the camping is the thing. >> yeah, that's the problem you're sleeping on the street for a phone. >> one of the first ones. all right. a new test could not just double or triple the chances of catching breast this new test so different. the other thing is if you have time to camp and don't have a job how can you buy an iphone 7? i don't get that, but -- >> mom and dad. >> mom and dad, yeah, i'm at school. around here today it is cool, dry we have a lot of sun to anticipate during the day. so even though the temperatures will be cool if you're in direct sunlight you're going to feel very comfortable today. it gets
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for us. statewide it is foggy over northeastern colorado. by the middle of the morning that's all gone. late this afternoon the best chance for thunderstorms will be along the wyoming and nebraska borders especially this evening. going to be some pretty good thunderstorms there. then tomorrow evening you're going to get a nice colored harvest moon, moon rise 7:17 and the moon will be passing through the earth's outer shadow so it's kind of a nice little reddish should be cool. . good morning, still waiting for denver really to wake up. green lights all the way out there on those roadways. no major issues. within the hour we might to see a few on and off slow downs. no major accidents to report as well. looking at i-76 and 270, a few more people starting get on the roadways, but if you're heading out to dia
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there's a new way to take steps towards early detection in the fight against breast cancer, a new test in addition to mammograms could be 4 times better at finding cancer than a mammogram alone. it's called molecular breast imaging, it's better at finding tumors in dense breast tissue.
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technique we have towards zero deaths from breast cancer. >> it kills 40,000 women in the u.s. every year. the race in denver is less than 2 weeks away. there's still time to sign up and participate. a polar bear cub wandered into a village. they called in the military. last month russian rescue mission to save the cub. it involved catching it, transporting it to a safer area via airplane. look at that thing. >> yeah, it's not little. >> there's nothing little about the cub and # guys to pull it onto that airplane. >> he does not look happy. >> wants to get back to his mom. >> adopt worry.
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a better place. >> the bear the most land predator on earth. did you know that? they'll eat your face off. around here today showers have been up north. those have wrapped up. we have low pressure to the west and that wind is bringing progressively drier air to western colorado and now into the front range. so our rain chances are going to be much much lower here today. if you're fort collins level and to the north you have a br south. we may see a light sure but i think the northeastern plains are going to have the best chances for rain today during the afternoon and especially again this evening. in the sun it's going to feel warm upper 70s to almost 80 degrees today up and down the front range. foggy conditions over the plains break up for the middle of the day. thunderstorms this evening. i think we'll have a heck of a light show after sunset tonight
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especially near the nebraska border along i-76. 70s, west, 60 mountains, 70s here, wow close to 90 in southeastern colorado. 9 degrees today. 1 or 2 tiny showers today. cles out tonight. we'll hit the 40s tomorrow, a small chance for a storm in the afternoon. i'm going to keep it dry for the weekend for the time being. low 80s, saturday, low to mid-80s sunday and we push close to well, we're just approaching 6:00 and more and more drivers starting to get out on the roadways. as we look at i-25 and university we're getting inflows of traffic appeared headlights as we're waiting for the sun to come up but not causing any slow downs. still 65, 70 miles an hour, c 470 just right around 14, 15 minutes. let's check a couple of other areas i-70 from i-25 to 6th avenue still green lights the
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it's going to take you around 10 minutes and we're driving right around 60, 65 miles an hour. u.s. 6 we have a bridge closure. i'll have more details coming up at the top of the hour. rapper nelly had a handful of hit songs in the early 20000s. >> it's getting hot in her. all right so the fans that love those songs so
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doctors an nurses appeared paramedics commit their career to say helping save lives. they don't do it for attention or a thank you but they deserve both. it's why they're a part of our hero's week and a help of his physician at children's hospital of colorado. he was first diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago when he was 16. as the rest of his school went to home coming he was in chemotherapy. through painful times he was able to form a unique bond with his oncologist and a nurse something he's incredibly grateful for. >> doctors and nurses you know, have such a close relationship with their patients. it's meant
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treat this person. they go above and beyond that i think it's special. >> it's hard, but when you come in and see them fighting their butt off you know you have to be there through that journey. >> it's so true. he says the main tumor is gone. he's currently undergoing a clinical trial in addition to receiving chemotherapy. we'll tell you more about his story but i think his point and his mom's point is what we should focus on today that that thank y have somebody come back around after they're well or a parent -- >> right and they go above and beyond. >> doctors and nurses are incredible but to work on kids all the time that must be so so difficult. >> yeah, the emotional toll. >> now, is your chance to thank anyone in the medical field. we
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littleton police have a new partner responding to 911 calls. from now on you could see mental health professionals with officers. >> the health of their campaigns is one thing the health of the candidates is another. this morning the questions of t as donald trump reveals some of his information to dr. oz. we're breaking down what all this means. and this morning on u.s. 6 at i-70 emergency bridge repairs. we have all lanes closed just the right shoulder open. so expect long delays. alternate routes are going to be or i-70. had is going to be impacting yoe


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