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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  October 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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checking into a possible threat. police tell us a man with a bag was making threatening comments about what could be in the bag near 16th and lawrence in denver. the bomb squad was called in as a precaution. we'll let you know if we learn more. good morning. corey and rh today. it's wednesday, october 12. we're checking in with marty- marty- some rain to start our morning. they came, and
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colorado senate debate, right here on 9news. democratic incumbent senator michael bennet faced off against republican challenger darryl glenn. darryl glenn declined to say if he still supports his party's presidential nominee - donald trump. in the last four days - he's said yes - no - and maybe. senator michael
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regrets about supporting the iran nuclear deal-- even though he thinks iran will try to cheat and develop nukes.
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brandon rittiman co-moderated tuesday's debate . he-- and some of our other colleagues-- spent the night fact- made by candidates. the first... darryl glenn's "war on coal." he claimed the obama adminstration is killing the coal industry with regulations. our fact-checkers found-- this claim is an incomplete explanation of what's happening in the coal industry. glenn is not wrong that new regulations have hurt. they've made things harder for coal companies. but the other thing that's killing them-- is something glenn said he's in favor of-- competition from other kinds of energy. glenn pushed bennet on his support of the iran
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prisoners a ransom. here was bennet's response. in this case-- according to our fact checkers-- bennet hasn't been listening to republicans talk. and this needs context. "ransom" implies the money was given only for the release of prisoners. it's true the united states paid iran 400 million dollars, and delivered on the same day as five hostages were released. it's important to remember the u.s. owed iran 400 million dollars. but it was used as leverage in the exchange. that combined with the timing-- leaves room for politicians to debate this point. if you want more factchecking of the senate debate-- go to outside the debate hall was a different story... protesters showed up in support of green party candidate arn menconi . he failed to qualify for the debate-- since he didn't reach ten-percent in the polls. protesters screamed, and
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colorado building's glass windows and doors during the debate. leading intoto last night's debate-- menconi has been polling around 2 percent. 9news will host 2 more debates on channel 20. the next one next tuesday will cover ballot questions. then on october 20th - the 6th congressional district: republican incumbent mike coffman -- and democratic challenger morgan carroll. donald trump is pushing forward, seemingly harder than ever-- now that house speaker paul ryan has pulled his support. un-fazed by the loss. he's currently focusing on florida. trump has two stops there today. hillary clinton leads in that state-- by just a few points. hillary clinton is facing more scrutiny over her leaked email scandal. new emails show-- a clinton aide checked with the justice department about the lawsuits over those emails. the white house is denying there was anything wrong with the clinton campaign's contact with the justice department-- investigating her emails. right now... police
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backpack outside a building in nederland. investigators say someone left a suspicious item in the backpack. it was outside the town marshal's office tuesday morning. a boulder county hazmat team and bomb squad-- were on scene late into the night. they detonated the item-- at around 1-30 this morning. when it comes to western forest fires - a new study supports what we're already seeing: wildfire seasons are longer and more destructive. however - researchers claim humans are to blame - for most of it. the study blamed human-caused climate change for an additional 16- thousand square miles of burned forests. that number spans from 1984... to last year. it represents half of the forest areas burned over the last 30 years. longer and hotter dry spells - are also causing western forests to dry out. that makes them more prone to fires over longer periods of time. developing this morning... the unarmed man shot and killed by police in tulsa in
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died... according to the medical examiner. we're talking about terence crutcher... who was shot after his car broke down. his shooting was captured by dash cam video and a helicopter over the incident. the officer who shot crutcher is facing manslaughter charges. more than a week after being slammed by hurricane matthew... many coastal villages in haiti are in desperate need of help. people have gone days without food. ... and the prices of bottled water, bleach and other vital items-- have jumped by as much as 25 percent. it's an increase people in haiti can scarcely afford the director of the "department of agriculture" in southern haiti says-- at least 80 percent of crops have been lost across the southern peninsula. closer to home, in north carolina... families are still keeping a close eye on the river that flows through downtown greenville. the tar river is expected to crest some time today, following hurricane matthew. thousands of people have already been told to evacuate. police were called to monitor the evacuations.. and
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warning. good news coming from the site of the beulah hill fire in southern colorado. this morning it's 95 percent contained. now, crews are working to put out 16 interior hotspots. the fire has burned thousands of acres... and nearly two thousand people were told to pack up and leave as the fire quickly spread earlier this month. those people have since returned home. happening today... visitation for saint louis police officer blake snyder. officer snyder was killed in the line of duty last .. that suspect started shooting-- as soon as officers arrived to a call. officer snyder is the first officer with the saint louis police department to die in the line of duty-- in nearly 16 years. an unexpected
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wins for the chicago cubs... who are climbing their way to the top. we have the
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chicago cubs... advancing into the national league championship series. the cubs trailed the san francisco giants 5-to-2 in the top of the 9th inning. but they weren't chicago to a 6-to-5 lead. the cubs brought in their closer... striking out brandon belt to end the game. the cubs will play either the dodgers or nationals on thursday. "locker room talk" has become one of the newest buzz phrases in the presidential race. the newest buzz phrases in the presidential race. tuesday, broncos cornerback aqib talib was asked: what locker room
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said. talib didn't elaborate - no one followed up - on the question. several other current and former pro athletes have said that type of talk about women - does not happen. there's more - including former nfl player: chad brown's comments - on 9news dot com. do you know what to do if your home catches fire? what about your family? we're looking at one option that could refresh your memory... and keep your family safe. and a lot has changed overnight for saung...
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now... as their stock value drops.
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alarm goes off in your home? a lot of people don't, as it turns out. only one in five parents regularly practice fire plans in their home... according to nationwide insurance. only 55 percent of parents say their children know what to do in the event of a fire at home. so, nationwide is encouraging families to visit the website "home fire drill day dot com" to learn more on
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then practice that drill with your family. surprisingly... colorado is not one of the top five states where you're most likely to hit a deer while driving. yes, people actually study this. the dubius title goes-- to west virginia. drivers there have a "one-in-41" chance of hitting a deer. montana, pennsylvania, iowa and south dakota round out the top five worst states for deer collisions. but-- you overall chances of hitting a deer while driving decreased compared to the cost of a "deer collision 0 dollars-- to an y average of just under four- thousand dollars.
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arguments of a patent infringement battle between samsung and apple. the case stems from a 20-11 case, in which apple sued samsung for copying its patents. a lower court ordered samsung to pay apple 399 million dollars. yesterday's hearing came the same day samsung announced it was ending production of its galaxy note 7 phone... because of problems with the battery. samsung's shares opened weaker today... hitting a monthly low. it's all over concerns of the company's prospects after scrapping the note 7 phone. shares of samsung were down two- point-nine percent-- early wednesday. the stock touched a one-month low of 13-hundred-40- dollars and 21 cents per share. following halting production of the galaxy 7 phones.. samsung is sending fire-resistant packing to customers in the u-s, as a precaution against possible fires... as the phones are sent back to retailers. samsung is also offering prepaid shipping boxes as an option for owners. working in the mountains during the winter seems
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there's a lot of fun to be had in colorado's high country. but this year... there could be a shortage of seasonal workers... matt reanoux is looking into why. that's coming up in just a few minutes. with the ski season starting soon, the hi
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from your lamp to your couch - should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea. starting soon, the hiring season in resort towns is in full swing. this year, many businesses are struggling to find workers. unemployment is down, and the cost of rentals in ski towns has gotten too high for many seasonal workers. 9news mountain
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renoux has more. if you're looking for work, typically
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calling the "colorado
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looking at-- is a good first step. they can help line up work, along with options for housing and benefits that might make the move more affordable. a bridge is finally demolished... after
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out there about the flu vaccine... which method to use... and whether your insurance covers what you want. 9news reporter che plus... we're looking deeper into tuesday night's senate debate.. and fact checking some of the things the candidates said. that's going to do
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colorado's sentate seat played out in a televised debate. the questions you had for them... and they questions they had for each other. plus when you could learn more about ballot questions in future debates. and we dig deeper into each candidates claims. your nine news fact check in minutes. this year-- the flu mist is not an option for your kids. what you need to know... before flu season gets in full swing. good morning. corey rose and tarhonda thomas here with you this morning. gary and cheryl are off. meteorologist marty coniglio in the backyard... marty.. you told us the change was coming -- and here it is.. marty- in their first


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