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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  October 16, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm MDT

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equal one ballot. make sure to turn both of them in. >> it might seem like something small but some voters still want one of those "i voted" sticker. you can get a virtual sticker through snapchat. if you want a real one, just tell the polling center that you voted and they will give you one. >> that's the one way that we let people know that we voted. >> exactly. if you are still connected u live in the county of denver and the app can show you exactly where your polling places are. so everything is on-line now. >> making it helpful. victoria, thank you. nearly six months ago a murder and a fair shut down rosenberg's bagel in denver. today dozens lined up. over the past few months they have been hosting pop-up locations around denver. it seems that customers could
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was more than an hour long. >> they have been super supportive. a lot of businesses can have something like this happen to them, and they won't make it through. but it's really the community that's supported us and shown us that they're going to be there. they won when we're ready. >> insurance covered the damage to rosenberg's. he has donated proceeds that he made in the pop-up to charity. a landmark business in denver has new get a new location. caboose hobbies. the store first opened back in 1963. it moved to its broadway location back in 1981. the owners decided to retire when they recently learned their lease would not be renewed and they had 90 days to move out. the ginness book of world's record has called it the world's largest model train store. next on 9news at 10:00 --
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generation remains forever a child. i really believe. that. >> he has lived through a lot but this colorado man still keeps the past alive. >> it represents a certain era in colorado that's gone. >> but there's more meaning to this old model t in tonight's storytellers. strong winds are approaching colorado stirring up high fire danger. plus, i'm tracking a mid-week cool-o. and would the broncos have
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happening now, there is a grass fire that has closed the northbound lanes of i-25 south of larkspur. cdot says the closures begin at mile-marker 170 south of the upper lake gulch road exit. anyone traveling through that area will have delays so cdot is recommending you find an alternate route. no word on when will reopen. we will keep you posted on the networks of 9news. author thomas wolf once wrote, you can't go home again. a man in northglenn believes that he can. at least in a ride around the block in this week's storytellers 9news whitney wild introduces us to a man
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>> so we've got some things to talk about. let's play first, then we'll talk. >> reporter: when you have been playing for as long as roy hess, music takes you back. >> here we go. big breath, good tone. >> reporter: that's a place roy doesn't mind a bit. >> he who knows his generation ma and i really believe that. well, this is the tuba room, or the toy room, whichever. tub bass are bigger, so i guess it's the tuba room. >> reporter: roy's sense of nostalgia is palpable. his love for the past even playable. >> 1926. >> reporter: everywhere you look -- >> this is the only set of soldiers i could find that were in 1/32nd scale.
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to miniatures. >> the soldier here is a korean war era. >> reporter: to classic cars. >> it's a good old truck. >> reporter: including the prize of his collection. >> buy cheap shoes, they squeak at you. >> reporter: a 1926 model t pickup. >> i think it's a fairly significant car. there have got to be others but i have never heard of one that is a ck >> it's a nice old building. the showroom was here. 900 south broadway. >> reporter: 100 years ago denver was much more cow town than motor city, but beginning as early as 1917 south broadway was home to a ford plant. hundred of t's rolled off the line, perfected by roy's dad.
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assembled indenver, my father was involved in it to some degree. dad certainly was of the working class. he was proud of. that he was a trimmer and upholsterer and did upholstery work on the outside. >> reporter: roy grew up an adopted only child. >> i can't imagine any parents better than mine. >> reporter: his mom died in the late 1960's, his dad five years later, of heart failure. >> i was prepared that he wa going to die, but i wasn't ready fort. still -- what is that 40 years gone? i still think, i ought to call dad and talk to him about it. >> in the absence of words, roy takes to the wheel, where they can't talk, roy can at least feel his father's touch. >> it's fairly significant. i can't think of anything else i have that he did. you know, that he worked
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>> reporter: this is roy's ride to the past, where he spends a lot of his time already. >> it sort of represents a certain era in colorado that's gone, and he's gone, and i would kind of like to keep that. >> the ford model t plant in denver opened in 1914 and closed in 1932 during the great depression. the cars per day on south broadway
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i don't know that we could have asked for a more beautiful weekend. >> if you are a fan of the sunshine and the heat, mid-80s both saturday and sunday, record breaking. and now things are going to start to change just a bit. we're going to be watching some gustier winds across the entire state for the next 24 hours. you can see that pretty powerful as it starts shifting right over colorado. this will be with us throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. so buckle up. red flag warnings in place for most of eastern colorado tomorrow. you can cease those extending to the eastern plains, nebraska, kansas easily 50 miles per hour wind gusts. right now i want to show you the wind gusts. they're just barely pick up, up in the high country. further to the south, towards wolf creek pass, 40 miles per hour speeds.
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before we finally start to see them subside just a bit by tomorrow night. temperatures this afternoon, they were hot. middle of october, i know, 86 out at dia, 90s in southeastern colorado. we warmed up to 88 in starling. 60s and 70s in the high country. i know we're halfway through the month of october. just wanted to show you this. we are ranked number fourth right record. could be going down in the books when you look at the midsection as the eastern two- thirds are pretty dry. we've been watching the pacific northwest watching those series of storms pushing in for them. a little bit of rain and snow across the inter mountain west, but still, high pressure has been centralized, and that has been keeping us nice and dry. a front just barely lurking to
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help pick up the winds just a bit. easily around town, if that is your trash day tomorrow that stuff is going to be flying around the neighborhood. everywhere you see in that purple shade this is going to be for areas above timberline where we could be talking about 70 to 90 miles per hour wind speeds. around the metro area, 50. tonight 51. a couple of clouds. great to take in th moon. it looks spectacular. 40s and 50s tonight. even up in the mountains, a very mild night. by tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., you can't see it but those winds are starting to whip around. that front is just beginning to nudge its way into northwestern colorado. i think perhaps a couple of light rain showers, maybe a little bit of snow across the park. elk head mountains, steamboat springs.
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of accumulation. that's about it. by 10:00 tomorrow night we are looking at mostly clear skies and those winds finally dialing back. tomorrow 77, so cooler than today but still about 10 degrees above our average. a dry day here in the metro area with an extremely windy afternoon. we stay in the 70s around i- 25, jace and 90s in southeastern colorado. the heat is il meanwhile some cooler air starting to work in for hayden and grand lake. with those warm down sloping winds, it should allow our temperatures to just skyrocket. we will keep it cool on tuesday, more seasonal, low six. tuesday night into wednesday another system pushes through. this one will possibly bring us a few light showers here in the metro area. better bet if you look up in the mountains and also in the foothills. but after that, you know the
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play. we're back to the 60s and 70s in no time. looking ahead towards next weekend, christine, mid-70s once again, above average, nothing but sunshine. mother nature good on the timing. >> we've been fortunate having the more poor weather in the middle of the week, then book ended by beautiful weekends. >> we're getting rid of those storms on tuesday, then
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hi everybody. the broncos moved back into a tie for first place today without having to get off a couch or put down the plate of nachos. that's because the oakland raiders fell back to 4-2 after getting beaten by the kansas city chiefs. quarterback derek carr turned the ball over twice. raiders lose. broncos played the houston, texas texans in the rocky mountain bowl. >> let's play "klis and tell." the texans paid brock osweiler $72 million. do you think they have buyers remorse? >> they should. from what i understand the buzz when that whole deal came down was it came from the top. owner robert mcnair and general manager rick smith were the ones that really went after brock osweiler.
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lo and behold the report this week was that o'brien and osweiler got in a shouting match over play calling. >> osweiler, shouting match? >> i know. nice guy brock, who was usually a very good soldier, as far as the team is concerned. but it's interesting. i think that brock maybe made a mistake in thinking that he would prefer the o'brien offense, which is the old josh mcdaniels new england offense which requires a lot of reg. job with gary kubiak's offense where you get to roll out, and kubiak makes all the plays for you, or all the calls for you. >> broncos played lousy in joe decamillis' debut. >> i thought joe's decisions during the game kept them in it. he had, first of all, the right challenge on the muffed
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returner. that got him a field goal. that kept them in the game. mcmccoy is celebrating the safety. he forgets to put the hands team out there. joe decamillis does a pooch punt. the broncos get the ball back. and they come away with the touchdown, and that got them back in the game. he used his time-outs. i brilliant. they have missed the alarm the last couple of weeks. >> "klis and tell." thanks, mike. the last pitcher to shut out a team at home was babe ruth. 98 years later it happened again tonight. clayton kershaw of the los angeles dome, blanked the cubs. dodgers win and even the series at one apiece.
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game exhibition losing streak tonight. nba preseason is way too long. nuggets beat the trailblazers. jamnuggets win. avalanche travel to pittsburgh to play the penguins. avs won the highest scoring season opener in franchise history last night beating the dallas stars 6-5, aqierd joe coul born -- newly acquired joe coleborn. the only goal on a penalty kick. still of the night comes from new york where giants wide receiver odell beckham jr. proposed to the sideline kicking net after scoring two touchdowns and a victory over
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night. she said yes! >> she's not going anywhere, seems sturdy. >> yes, for the honeymoon. kind of silly but fun. >> there's a because story. >> odell beckham a couple of weeks ago walked off angry and took his helmet and smacked
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hope you had a fantastic weekend. enjoyed the short-sleeve and flip-flop weather. it is going to start to change ever so slightly. winds might make it feel a hair cooler. by tuesday we're at 63, seasonal, the winds have quieted down just bairkts then tuesday evening into wednesda possibly bringing us some rain and snow in the high country. i will continue to keep my eyes on that. as we head toward the weekend christine we are back to the mid to upper 70s, and it looks fantastic for the broncos game. while this looks really nice the long range models toward halloween -- >> i was going to say, it's about time. >> it's all going to come back around. >> exactly.
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our broncos tonight segment.
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