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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  October 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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trouble. >> the candidates in one of the closest congressional races in colorado shared the stage for a debate in our studio. >> it was denver's hottest new bar that shut down after a shooting and reopened tonight with a long list of new rules. >> three guys on a mission to visit every single brewery in colorado, whether it was accomplished. >> and brock osweiler talks about coming back to denver to face a team that says they want to kill him. 9news starts now. a popular bar in denver where there was a fatal shooting reopened tonight a week after the city forced it to close. police had declared cold crush in the rhino neighborhood a public nuisance and the city suspended its liquor license after a man was shot and killed there earlier this month. 9news reporter noel brennan is there at cold crush. the bar reached an agreement with the city. >> reporter: they did and this
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police had a notice right on the front of the door. back on october 10th there was a man who was shot and killed right outside of the bar and denver police have been called here hundreds of times over the past year. the city says it felt like it needed to take some action after when they call the pattern of violence here, but on tuesday the owners of cold crush met with several city leaders and denver police and talked about the issues of violence and came up with a security plan. today the city reissued the conditions. cold crush will have to make some changes especially when it comes to security. guards will have to pat down customers at the door, use metal detector wands and from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. depending on the time of year the bar will need four to six security guards. the bar has to add better outdoor lighting around three sides of the building. last call will be announced at 1 a.m. and a new dress code, no gang
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said he's willing to make and tonight the staff celebrated the reopening of cold crush at 7:00. >> i think what we've got out of this is that we're supported in this community and that's probably the best feeling you could have as a business owner, to know this many people in this area and this many people frequent your bar don't want to see it closed. >> reporter: while these people, these bar owners, have gotten a ton of support even in the form of a rally monday night, there ar that did not want to see this bar reopen. last week we talked to a couple next-door neighbors who say they are just tired of the violence that they have seen at this bar, but the owners that we talked to tonight, they say that they're hopeful that the changes that they're going to be making with all these security measures will make a difference. >> i know it's just the first night, but has there been a change in the number of people showing up as opposed to the regular crowds? >> reporter: well, it seems to
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we have seen those new security measures in place. i'll step aside a second. you can see the security guys at the door. we've been seeing them use id scanners and waning people as well before anyone is allowed in the bar -- waning people as well before anyone is allowed in the bar. for the final time in this election season donald trump and hillary clinton shared the same stage tonight. the annual al smith dinner in new york city, a charity event filled with comedy, always serious campaign seasons where presidential candidates poke fun at themselves and each other. tonight some observers detected a different tone, though the jokes did keep coming. >> just before taking the dias hillary actually bumped into me and she very simply said pardon me.
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[ applause ] >> and i very politely replied let me talk to you about that after i get into office. >> donald thought i used some sort of performance enhancer. now actually i did. it's called preparation. >> after the dinner both candidates did very quickly and very they also referenced the end of the campaign which is 19 days away. we just wrapped up debate season here at 9news with a showdown between republican congressman mike coffman and his democratic challenger state senator morgan carroll. they're fighting to represent aurora and the area around it. co-moderator brandon rittiman joins us. we covered a lot more ground than the presidential race.
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us in a recent interview she doesn't believe many people who come into the country illegally did something wrong. we ask if that position confirms when her critics say -- confirms what her critics say, that democrats don't respect the rule of law on this issue? >> the bigger and more important imperative is to make sure the law is just, right, humane and not hurting families. so immigrant rights to me are human rights and the law is part of the problem. >> so came up. the candidates brought it up on their own at different times. coffman did call for his party's nominee donald trump to drop out of the presidential race, but he only did that recently after the tape came out of trump seeming to condone sexual assault on women. here's coughman after being pressed on that. >> i think both parties have lousy candidates quite frankly. i think the difference is i'm
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not willing to take on hillary clinton. >> later on we had a moment when both candidates decided to open up a jar of awkward sauce. we know sometimes it seems like no one will just sit down and work together in d.c. well, folks, we tried. >> in accomplishment to your owe -- an accomplishment of your opponent that you respect in the legislature. >> i don't know one. >> okay. senator carroll? >> all right. so eventually she did bring up a couple of bills that had bipartisan support in congress, but she couldn't name one specifically that she thought coffman did a good job on. you can watch the entire debate right now on or just go to facebook and look up 9news. it's there as well. we don't have any public
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year. that's a bit unusual. democrats redrew the district hoping to snag is away from coffman, but he's beating two democratic challengers so far. we'll have to wait and see. still going back to the extra dollop of awkward sauce we asked our political analysts to share their thoughts. >> i was disappointed that neither could think of -- ian and i agreed on this point -- we were kind of sad this neither one of them could think of something either one of them has done. >> the problem is congressman coffman set the tone by looking up saying three seconds, sorry, can't think of anything. >> oh, versus sitting there for 30 seconds of dead air. come on. >> more of their analysis of the debate tonight, we are posting our balance of power special on
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point with latino millennials. researchers from the latino leadership institute at university of denver looked into the issue. they found latino millennials compare about common issues but younger latinos were looking for something more in order to give a candidate their support. >> they really see maybe protest activities, even being involved in social media to influence politics as maybe being more powerful than voting. >> they're interested in causes and i think when you saw the influence of the rn campaign, it was about causes. it talked to climate change. it talked to a lot of different policy issues as opposed to candidate or party. >> you can dig into the details of this research and the results posted on someone who bought a lotto ticket in lakewood is $9.9 million richer. someone finally matched all six
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cash it in. the evenings are chilly. the leaves have turned. halloween is a week from monday. the denver botanic gardens have been welcoming crowds after dark to a special sold out event this week. for those who didn't get to go, 9news photojournalist corky scholl takes us to see the special glow of the season. >> this is the second of our four night series called glow at the gardens. it's a harvest festivals leading up to halloween with more than 1,000 pumpkins all carved and decorated and illuminated. >> want to go see some pumpkins, bud? all right. >> it is a crowd pleaser. kids love it, but adults are having a great time as well. >> what's this? what's that? what do you see? >> these carvers, this is what they do for a living and they've carved 1,000 pumpkins
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designs, it's worth taking in. words can't explain how spectacular it is. >> oh, that one is scary. >> there's something for everyone whether it's the beauty of the pumpkins and the very ornate creative designs that the pumpkin carvers do or whether it's the treats or whether it's just enjoying the beauty of the gardens, there's something for everyone. >> it's great for the kids. it's a lot of fun. he seems to be enjoying it hey, where are you going? it's the first time here, so we're really enjoying it. it's awesome they put this on every year. bye. bye. >> bye. glow at the gardens continues next wednesday and thursday. there are a few tickets left. in the words of the denver botanic twitter page snooze you lose. three guys, one mission, visit each of colorado's nearly 300 breweries.
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last night. we might be heading toward the 80s for the weekend. >> if you're planning to play hooky someday, some advice on what not to use as an excuse. >> the cleveland fans have spoken and they want wild thing to throw the first pitch of the world series. >> and brock says it wasn't personal. we'll hear from the former bronco turned texan later in
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in less than 11 hours from now the lifts will start turning at a basin. ski season gets underway at 9 a.m. for each year for the last 20 years a snowboarder named nate dogg has been first in line for the first chair no matter which ski area is the first to open
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we'll see tomorrow if he's there once again. if you feel compelled to be among the first on the first ski day, our partners at career builder went to a couple thousand human resource managers for the most unusual excuses employees use for calling in sick. animals seem to be a theme this year. one person suffered traumatic stress after finding a large spider in her house and had to stay home to deal with it. another had to tend to a sick llama. another said he was bowling the game of his life, couldn't had better things to do than go to work. sometimes honesty is the best policy, sometimes not. remember 1/3 of employers say they do check to see if workers really are check. >> do the math. 2/3 don't check. take your chances. three men have visited every brewery in colorado, all 298 of them. so we salute dan hess, george repko and gary brown, the colorado beer barons.
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their beer tour began january of 2015. they flew out to some more remote spots. yesterday they completed their mission in colorado springs. the journey began with an idea that certainly seemed simple enough. >> we thought we had done all the breweries in colorado springs. me and george found out there was a couple more down the road. so we're like we're going to start over and do every single brewery in colorado. we called our friend gary and he said i'm in, too. any time one opens we'l >> i'm going to take a six month leave 6 absence. the beer barons made a list of their breweries on their website. they don't rate them. it took the guys 642 days to meet their goal. said they would have done it faster, but financials. >> oh, yeah. -- finances. >> oh, yeah. this is going to be a great weekend to have your beverage of choice on the back patio with october temperatures close
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bringing denver's first snow. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine out here where it's starting to get cool, skies clear but not as cold as last night. this morning 25 at dia and with clear skies check out the meteor shower about 10 to 15 meteor per hour, something to look at. derek sent me this picture on facebook and said what is this cloud? this cloud. they are clouds that look like waves. 60 in springfield today, 50 in leadville, 63 in grand junction. the new winter outlook is out, a la nina setting up, above average temperatures this winter expected across the western u.s. with cooler than average readings for the eastern seaboard. we'll see. at the airport this hour 47 degrees, winds southwest at 14
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outside the studios. our temperature is 45. not a lot on the radar across colorado or much of the west, but there is a system starting to knock on the door in the pacific northwest, some welcome moisture there. with the storm track to the north, the moisture will head north. our fast moving system yesterday is racing through memphis, cincinnati and up toward new england. there will be some showers, even a couple of thunderstorms. where is the moisture? that's where. this is where we may see airport delays on a busy tr washington and boston in the afternoon. we have high pressure setting up kind of in between storm systems, one to the east, cool air to the north where it will stay. next system moving onshore in the pacific northwest, all the activity going up over the top of the ridge allowing the warm desert air to move in. we'll have a high of 97 in phoenix tomorrow, mid-70s here as cool air retreats to the north and moves through the great lakes, a warm weather
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beyond. we may have a little mountain wave setting up in the foothills in the morning, i think we'll have a lovely day tomorrow and a quick warm-up. lows tonight that are cold will warm quickly. 32 in vail, 28 in leadville, 37 denver, 31 lamar. there is a freeze warning for pueblo, frost advisories on the eastern plains, but no warnings in effect for denver. a quick warm-up, almost 80 in pueblo, lamar, mid-70s in , greeley, comfortable travel conditions in the high country and just a light jacket is all you need, 65 in blackhawk and 58 in grand lake. in the denver metro area tonight fair skies, light winds, chilly, lows upper 30s. quick warm-up tomorrow, sunshine, a few mountain clouds along the foothills, but it will move out enough to give is a day where we'll see highs above average and close to 80 degrees. my forecast saturday and
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forecast, chance for a little much needed precip tuesday, not much cooling friend, though and no sign of denver's first big storm or first snowfall. so we'll focus on that big monday night football game, the broncos against the texans, mild and dry when the guys take the field around sunset, temperatures in the mid-60s, 0 we hope will be a winning -- what we hope will be a winning forecast, beautiful pictures from the colorado high country, such a great time of year to be out and about. early in the morning, sometimes we have look out the window and it -- we look out the window and it seems so dark. daylight savings time will end november 6th. we'll have more daylight in the day and then the nights are -- nobody is happy except for that extra hour of sleep. >> the one day. >> put it on your calendar. cleveland indians are in the world series the first time since 1997. apparently fans of this year's
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of another indians team of destiny, you know, the one led by the wild thing, rick vaughn. fans are pushing for charlie sheen to bring back his character and throw out the pitch at the first indians game. major league continues to be the gift that keeps on giving for him. he said if called upon, he'd be honored. broncos host the texans on monday night football. if you don't have tickets to see brock osweiler's return channel 20. we have a special edition tonight at 5:30 and kickoff at 6:30 and we'll be in the locker following the game. houston fans challenged us to a social media competition off the field leading up to the game monday night. so far they're winning. show the texans broncos country has the best fans in the nfl. tweet, post, instagram and use the #wearebroncos.
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from colorado's sports leader here's rod mackey. >> it's hockey 101. if you can't score, you can't win and that's why the avs are no longer undefeated. they were shut out against washington in the last game, but tonight in tampa they returned the favor. blanked previously unbeaten tampa bay, good guys as matt duchene finally got a goal and what a goal it was, his first points of the season, but matt wasn't done. duchene needing to make up for lost time, i guess. he didn't have to wait long for goal no. 2, got it in period no. 2. avs handing the lightning their first setback of the season. >> i nine we had a -- mean we had a terrible game. we're coming off a tough back to back, but we dent hang our
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obviously. we watched some stuff, improved some things. trevor accept siemian called -- siemian called brock osweiler a good friend. trevor did emphasize the two have always had a good relationship. >> i learned a ton from peyton obviously, but i learned a ton from situation that he was in. so brock's a good friend and i wish him really well. peyton wasn't playing, it was really cool to see how he handled everything. i just thought he was a pro for sure and got respect in the longer room. we've heard the broncos talk a lot about brock, but what do you say we hear from osweiler himself? mike klis has that covered in his notebook. >> reporter: we talked to an
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brock osweiler held a conference call with the denver media the first time since he made his decision back in march. i was expecting him to dodge questions about why he bolted for houston. instead i was impressed how he answered them all straight on. there were many reasons brock left. one he admitted to, the broncos were a tad tardy in showing him some love. >> denver had the opportunity to, you know, extend an of long period of time to extend an offer. >> reporter: osweiler said flat out he preferred the texans offensive system where coach bill o'brien is a former patriot. what he didn't say as a reason is the texans offered him a four year deal worth $10 million more than the broncos presented. that comes out to 2.5 million a year which you bet was best for his family and himself. how will bronco fans greet
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great reception. at the end of the day i have nothing but love and appreciation for not only the organization, the players, the coaches but the entire city of denver. >> reporter: brock may not know what kind of reception he'll get here monday night, but i do. he said he left in so many words because he thought it was better there than here. it will be time for bronco fans to stand and let him have it. mike klis, 9news. a week ago was broncos/chargers on thursday night football. tonight packers/bears. green bay broke it open with three tds in the 4th. packers win 26-10. nothing against the bears, but let's be honest. the biggest game played tonight for chicago fans was played on the diamond, game five of the nlcs cubs and dodgers.
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bringing back their longest tenured dodger for a pregame boost. >> it's time for dodger baseball! >> awesome. vince scully back as a fan for the first time. game five a must win with the series deadlocked at deuces. cubs struck first in the 1st. anthony rizzo driving home the speedy dexter fowler making it 1-0. dodgers tied it russell played hero back to back nights with a home run. cubs win, cubs win, cubs win! final score 8-4. stay with us.
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talking about rod's running injuries. he's quite the athlete apparently. hey, you're running this
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saturday and sunday and you got to love the forecast when the broncos take the field. >> i do like that. i'm going to sit there and do nothing. >> tonight show next. jimmy has ben aflac and the


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