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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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moines , iowa... in an ambush style attack while they sat in their police cars. police say it happened around one a-m with reports of shots fired. officers who respondeded found one of the officers suffering from a gunshot wound -- and then the second officer was found shot not far away about twenty minutes later. so far -- no information on a suspect, and no arrests have been made. we will have much more on that throughout the morning... meteorologist marty coniglio is joining us.... marty- a little cooler today... coming back down to reality. six days to go -- and
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trump are trying to get people to vote early. hillary clinton will campaign in nevada and arizona. nevada is a swing state -- arizona usually red, but polls are showing clinton tied with trump there so she's working to win it.. and trump will rally in florida -- which is a key on election day. but the campaigns will be in colorado too -- both candidates have members of their
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here today. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live in boulder where the clinton camp will campaign. tarhonda, chelsea clinton is out here for her mom... trump has a new
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endorsement - the crusader -- a ku klux klan paper -- has devoted its
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republican nominee, saying the kkk and trump have shared values.. trump's campaign denounced the paper -- saying their views do not represent trump or the americans uniting behind his campaign." clinton is following suit - after trump's campaign announced they'd buy t-v ads in michigan and new mexico -- clinton said she's doing the same thing. those states typically vote democrat. clinton's campaign says it will spend more than 100- thousand dollars each of the two states. and it looks like her team has the money to do it. in the past three days, the democratic nominee has raised the most money she ever has since becoming the nominee -- over eleven million dollars. if google is any indication -- there may be a lot of people casting their ballots early. google trends announced that searches for the question 'where do i vote early' have reached an all-time high. more than 24- million people have voted early this election -- with more than half of
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in colorado alone -- one million, 67- thousand, 685 voters have submitted their ballots. the home in castle rock where explosive chemicals were found is now condemned. the family of the teenager that police say had all those chemicals will not be able to go back home. everyone else who lives in the neighborhood has been able to return. many people in the community met with castle rock police last night. feel safer -- they still have questions about what happened. officers say more than 20 containers with chemicals inside were found in the home. they're all legal -- but when combined -- they are dangerous. neighbors tell us the teenage son had an interest in science. now, that teenager
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not been charged in this case. police say they'll make a decision on that tomorrow. this man is now facing charges after the larimer county d-a's office says he stormed into his ex-wife's home -- and attacked her as she tried to run to safety. jordan maginness is charged with multiple felonies including attempted murder. the 39-year-old attacked his ex back on october 16th. he'll be in court on november 17th. there is a computer code out that allows blackmailers to search through your photos on photobucket. and now the colorado springs hacker who sold that code will spend almost a year and a half in prison. the denver post says brandon bourret has been sentenced for selling the code to help people find nude photos. denver-based photobucket is a website for 100 million users who store photos in public or password- protected albums. we're looking live
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field in cleveland where game seven of the world series is tonight. the cleveland indians verse the chicago cubs -- a final game to decide it all. the cubs were down 3 games to one, but then pushed a game seven after winning 9 to 3 last night. tonight's game will be at six p-m. it's only the third
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the n-f-l trade deadline came and went tuesday -- without broncos general manager john elway making any deals. elway said he was willing to listen to everything -- and was expected to upgrade the offensive line. but it didn't happen. and although no trades yesterday -- the broncos did make a deal last week to get tight end a-j derby from the patriots. they gave new england a fifth- round pick in the 20-17 draft -- which substantial. derby wasn't ready to play against the chargers last sunday -- but there's hope we'll see him play against the raiders. that game is this sunday in oakland -- at 6-30 denver time. we feel just as strange asking this as you probably do hearing it but... are you missing an alpaca? apparently someone in boulder county is. the sheriff's office says they found the female alpaca on indian lookout
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if she's yours give dispatch a call -- at 303-441-4444. so there are a few body functions we can control -- blinking, swallowing, breathing. you get control -- of everything... the science of biofeedback, still ahead. plus- anonymously named emily doe -- but known as the sex assault survivor who gave a voice to victims everywhere. the recognition the stanford sex
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of the world this morning -- all 33 coal miners trapped underground in a gas explosion in china... have been found dead. two miners were able to survive and escaped monday when it happened -- but crews working around the clock found no others alive. rescuers have recovered all of the bodies. the state administration of work safety has ordered an investigation. for the first time in two years iraqi troops are now in the outskirts of the country's second largest city. they were facing the fiercest resistance yet from the isis militants holding the city -- but still pushed on yesterday. the general says the troops have taken over the state television building. although they're in the city though -- the fight to retake the the city is still expected to last weeks, or months. the trial against former south carolina police officer michael slager is expected to officially begin today. he's accused of
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he pulled over in charleston. jury selection in the case began monday -- and after the defense reviewed the choices overnight -- a judge says the 12 person jury should be seated this morning. opening arguments could come later in the day. while protesters are still flocking to standing rock to protest the north dakota pipeline -- state leaders are asking for money to help pay for the police presence there. the state agreed to borrow an additional four- million dollars to cover the rising law enforcement credit to ten- million. the governor says they've asked for contributions from the federal government, the pipeline company, and an american indian tribe. three weeks from now millionsof travelers will head to the airport or get on the road to visit family and friends for the thanksgiving holiday. today, triple-a will release it's annual holiday weekend forecast. it is always one of the busiest travel days of the year. the forecast will
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well as the cost of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars -- compared to last year. having a child with severe allergies can be scary sometimes. and the rising epipen prices makes it even more alarming. but now -- two brothers are trying to change that. the epipen alternative, coming up. but first let's check in with a women whose compelling message sparked
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sexual assault has been named one of glamour magazine's women of the year. she's known as
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raped by standford university swimmer brock turner. her statement in court went viral when she described the aftermath of what she went through.... turner was released from jail after serving three months -- which many think wasn't enough. as part of being named one of the women of the year -- emily doe is speaking out again. she wrote an essay published in glamour's december issue. she ends it by saying quote 'victims are not victims, not some fragile, sorrowful aftermath. victims are survivors, and sus lot more than surviving."
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power of a "mind body" connection - and how doctors say, it can help relieve pain.
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seeing what's going on inside your body - can help control your health. doctors put electrodes and sensors on patients - to guage things like: how stressed they are -- or what makes them anxious. the activity shows up on a monitor - so patients can see for themselves. over time, doctors say patients can learn how to change their brain activity, easing the effects of stress -- even pain. there are different forms of this therapy. neurofeedback, for example -- focuses on the brain. coming up in the 6 oclock hour - we'll talk about why it's becoing an increasingly popular form of therapy for young athletes. the maker of epipens could soon face some real competition. two brothers are introducing their own version of the lifesaving allergy medication. that could bring an alternative to the
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the edwards brothers are both parents - and have children with allergies. so they decided create an epinephrine injector called 'auvi-q.' it has a retractable needle and gives voice-guided prompts. their goal is to make it affordable -- but they haven't set a price yet. they also want to change people's lives. with success stories though they've also faced obstacles. the former manufacturer launched a voluntary recall because a small number of devices potentially had an inaccurate dosage. they've regained the rights to manufacter them - and are now addressing those problems. they hope to have the injectors available in the
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let's check in with marty. the ground zero
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city is now the top attraction to visit this fall. trip advisor named the top 25 attractions in the country, and two places in colorado have made the list too. we'll talk about
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popular fall attractions -- and two places in colorado are included. wings over the rockies air and space museum in denver came in at number 25. and stranahan's colorado whiskey tour -- also in denver -- got 15th place. they were ranked based on the greatest increase in year-over-year search activity on the travel planning and booking website. voters in colorado could eventually be able to take ballot selfies... the federal court hearing against the selfie ban begins today. more on that, when
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>> reassured me everything would be okay. i didn't get any of my questions answered. one home condemned. two teens involved with potential criminal charges. dozens of neighbors wanting to know more chemicals. here in colorado supporters on both sides of the aisle. the fall classic on the line tonight. the cubs and the indians in the 7th and final game of the world series. only one game left. one has to win tonight. >> i'm nervous for a lot of them.


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