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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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coming out of her mouths at that moment, right? oh my goodness. chicago celebrating while cleveland is crying this morning. cubs ended the 108 year drought in a game that got pushed to 10 innings. >> it was a late one. it was an exciting one. just crazy game. all right. good morning everyone. we'll talk about it coming up. gary, corey, cheryl with you and marty with us too. temperatures back in the 70s marty. >> yeah for a going to see warm readings today. combine with sun and little wind. going to be nice to be outside during the day today. calm, dry, mild. not going to have showers as we did yesterday at this time. you're going to cruise through the morning with dry conditions. watch out for sun glares after 7:30 this morning. then into the upper 60s for our daytime highs today we're dry around here. in fact the entire state is dry
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talked about this yesterday. continues to move through new mexico and texas. it's going to push moisture in not today but tomorrow. southern colorado, we'll see showers develop. they'll move as far north as up along i-70 in mountain areas on saturday. some of the rain impressive by the time we get late in the day saturday pushing up close to said and done. at and above 5800 feet aspen down south to san juans, nice change for southern colorado been dry down there with exception of light snow they had yet thanks marty. 5:31. just one exception.
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park, great transition across stapleton and i-25 interchange around the dtc. highway and i-25. it's there somewhere. looking good outside north end speeds on the high side. 225 the c470 across the ranch in littleton is clear. 285 to fit high schools looking great. if heading southbound, a 15 minute ride. 61 miles per hour as you make your way to other issues to report. >> keep it smooth. they earned it. the party didn't stop all night. cubs are the world series champs. it took ten innings. chicago went child. 46 players popped the game champagne after that throw to first. you can cans the got the early lead against the indians. things died up in the eighth.
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cubs scored two in the top. indians got the seventh in the bottom. two out later, indians martinez hit a slow roller out to third w. that, chris bryant threw to first and made history. >> the indians never game up. i can't believe we're finally standing after 108 years, finally able to hoist the trophy. >> two great teams, two great story lines. th >> now that the curse is broken, can you guess who owns the longest championship drought? it's the arizona cardinals. that's why you sigh them. cardinals have never won the super bowl but won two world championships in 1925 and 1947 when we were the chicago cardinals. how about that? . it's an all out blitz.
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today with focus on north carolina. their goal is win the african-american vote there. that's not good news for clinton clinton. this week she's been focused on battleground state. she was in nevada wednesday. she also made a state in usually red state arctic express arizona trying to turn it blue. her latest message, trying to im >> imagine having a president who has muslims, pows, who pits people against each oohing stead of pulling us together. >> trump was in florida, the state that could make or break him. he raised $100 million there in
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usualed voters not to take his poll hypothetical question for granted. >> -- his polls for granted. >> i've been watching hillary last few days. she's on a him we don't want that >> a new poll from the university of dover -- denver shot it's tighter than ever. >> hillary clinton clinton -- hillary clinton and donald trump are sending people to campaign today. donald trump jr. is here campaigning for his dad. 29 news reporter is live in fort collins. trump jr. will be campaigning after vice president mike pence
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>> you are right five hours from now, inside this room we'll be speak. this comes at a critical time for candidates in colorado. a new poll out yesterday by the university of denver and conducted by 9 news political analysts and locals. in this poll, it's tied at 39% when you add in the libertarian and green party candidates. this poll does have a margin of error plus
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they are fighting to get recognition on both sides. this event starts at 10:30 this morning. if you need information about it. tickets are available. just google trump -- donald trump jr. and colorado youth. it would be the colorado youth outdoors. you'll find information on where to find the tickets. >> thank you. the battle over ballo federal court. colorado banned people from posting selfies with their completed ballots. it falls under the law from the 1890s several are suing saying it's a violation of free speech. they argued the law is unconstitutional. >> the district attorney and attorney general on the other side are contending this law is necessary to prevent voter coercion. the only problem is there's no
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voter coercion. judge is blocking the ban before. they would not prosecute anybody that break this is law unless they're president suspected of breaking other election laws. man that took to youtube to offer to buy guns from felons will find out how long he'll spend in prison. he posted on need help gun. ranted act crisp laws and asked to buy a gun from someone for $50. the fbi conducted an undercover sting and arrested him. >> we start off with a warm year. in red 2016, blue 1988 last monster el nino year.
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now closer and closer to el nino. they're in the tie for warmest since 1980. a lot of sunshine across the state. everyone at or above average. >> beautiful picture. man. frontier airlines app ten don'ts protesting three airports including dia today. if heading out, you may see them. they're frustrated their contract negotiations began more than a year ago and haven't been resolved. those protesting today argue even as the airline grows, it's
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of jobs. protest that dia is set for 1:00 this afternoon. rtd now has extension to fix crossing gates. a line train won't have to shut down tomorrow. they'll have to work on gates because new deadline is early next year. issues with new a lines and b happen until next year. it's 5:40. 100 service providers help those without a home today. project homeless connect will have people on hand to provide free medical exams, legal help, employment advice. many other services for hundreds and hundreds of homeless people in denver. this all starts at 10:00. that's at the colorado
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olympics for missy franklin. now she's busy and growing businesses.
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. a report from centers of
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insurance dropped 200,000 first six months of this year. that suggests the law may not be as effective as it was in the first few years. recreational marijuana would experts believe the marijuana marketplace is expected to generate $1 billion in state
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it's chilly out there now. 30s along the river. it's a cooler start than we've seen recently. winds single digits for most of us today. very please to be out and about. start in 30s and 40s. been talking about the storm system down south. moving to southern colorado tomorrow evening, saturday. during the morning and early afternoon. moderate to heavy rain possible. from the arkansas valley to south and west where we could get up towards of a half of total moisture. snow at and above 8,000 feet san juans and elk mountains. 1 to 4 inches of snow by the end of the day saturday. going to take a while to get that. moving up toward i-70.
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pass and range as well. we'll be dry. we'll have some action. >> 5:46. we're almost to that point in the morning where sky 9 takes off for the aerial view. we've got the start across c470. looking excellent exits to 285 in the clear. mountain drive clear as well. commerce city speeds shows 270 south and eastbound running in elevated deck mid to upper 50s. corey, no issues cross town crash wise. coming up in a view, construction downtown to slow your ride. amelia, thank you. the 10th annual denver arts week starts tomorrow the city kicks off today with a public mural. it's part of the new city wide partnership. the mural will be in the santa fe art district on santa fe drive.
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in the festival. it started last night with stars including emma stone, her film los
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. this week she's launches a speedo swimsuit line. i think you need more space on the fashion designer. >> was eight amazing to actually see it? >> i picked out silhouettes. it truly is like my baby. >> every suit has inscription on the inside with strength and dignity. missy is working on the program safe splash to help kids that can't afford lessons be safe in the water. she's training with a men's coach. she wants to come back stronger than ever for the next olympics
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business card. >> olympian fashion designer,. >> i know. >> was it amazing to see it? >> i picked out silhouettes, colors, designs, absolutely everything. it's truly my baby. >> it was so good. we had to tell you twice. >> you know, got to make sure we caught hit. got it the second time. around here, clear conditions for us. rain, thunderstorms down south. some of that will be pushe southern colorado tomorrow afternoon. you can enjoy the sunshine. enjoy that fresh snow you had in the san juans during the day today. you have sunshine slated for us. 60s to near 70 degrees. lower terrain, not windy in the foothills. late in the day, we'll see clouds gathering on the new mexico border with colorado. going to be dry for the
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>> clouds in the west and down south. especially tomorrow afternoon, we'll begin to get rain and snow moving into the southern and central mountains of colorado. by the time it's all said and done, into midday saturday, we'll have good rain moving into that part of the state. sunshine for us today in the upper 60s we go today. 30s again yet tonight. going to be georgetown, idaho springs. i think it's going to stay dry around here. >> outside today, we're going to experience a nice, easy transition out of the 5:00 hour. they're work on an underground structure at northbound spear in front of the convention center.
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slowing folks down cherry creek to downtown. two lanes of spear are closed. sixth avenue or lincoln alternates headed north. out to the west side, great speeds overall as you transition to golden and connect with wheat ridge as well as arctic arvada. if headed out, get union station or airport.
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. show this librarian a tattoo and she'll show you a book. for example, a shows the book wild. she says look into the revenge of radioactive lady. dark but funny tone of the movie. >> she knows her literature. >> that's for sure. get people reading. i like that. and cubs win the world series. who could have predicted that? somebody did. if bold prediction going viral
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that somebody predicted it. >> that's all for 9 news at
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. we have to look at everything he has said and done in his career and in this


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