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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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not a snowflake insight. not even a possibility. at least it feels a little more like fall today. meteorologist becky ditchfield is here with a look at weather. becky, refreshing the air is crisp today. >> yeah, highs in the upper 60s. getting closer to seasonal
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continue. unfortunately, no big chance for rain or snow in at least next nine days. mountains, little different story. let's take a live look outside. beautiful blue sky, not a cloud in sight. in denver, temperatures close to 60 degrees. the no rain forecast goes a lot along with what we've seen as of late. we've seen not a lot of rain here across the front range. fort collins and castle loveland included in that all under moderate drought conditions. the rest of the state except for northwest colorado abnormally dry. temperatures now 63 boonefield, closer to downtown 64. 63dia. fort collins 63 greeley. we step through today. most of us will be dry across the state. rain stays to our south over arizona and new mexico. those temperatures get awfully close to 70. in the upper 60s at 2:00,
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not a lot of changes coming up in the forecast. at least mountain areas will see some rain and snow. that's something. we'll take that. >> we definitely wanted in the mountains for sure. thank you. >> you bet. onto the campaign now. donald trump jr. campaigning in fort collins this very moment. the event started at 10:30. it's taking place on east county road. he's rallying with healthy relationship with with youth and parents during outdoor activities. that campaign is today. he'll -- bill clinton will make three stops tomorrow on behalf of his wife. at 1:00 we'll be in denver. final stop at fort collins new belgium brewery at 4:00 p.m.
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at home. right now snapping a selfie with that ballot is illegal in colorado. tomorrow, that could change. several sued over the right to take pictures with their ballots. the case went up to federal court. some argue the law was outdated. it was passed in 1980s, a time lawmakers weren't thinking of people with cell phone cameras. in modern times, this is not the first time the ballot selfie has been questioned. >> at again in 2016, there were attempts in the legislator to repeal this law or at least to alter in a way it would not prohibit the type of free speech we're talking about. those were turned back. >> tomorrow a judge will decide whether or not 20 -- not to block the ban before the election. one day after iraq forces reentered mosul, an isis leader
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calling on followers to spread their attacks to other countries. matt bradley reports. >> reporter: other than showing 46 he's still alive, this doesn't offer anything new except rallied the troops as they faced overwhelming force in mosul. baghdad i did in the 30 minute -- baghdadi is making a 30 minute segment to his self-declared caliphate. he declared in mosul himself two years ago. he pep hers this whole statement with the language we're use to hearing from isis, this chronic era language that tries to claim kinship between the very current modern war and wars mohammed led in the time of early islam. it's a similar use he's been uses in all his statements.
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interesting is asking to activate or reactivate isis cells in turkey, saudi arabia and libya. these are places he wants to take up the mantle after mosul faults and maybe after raqqa, neighbors syria falls as well we should look to those countries to see if this statement reaches the intended audience and whether it has intended >> that was matt bradley reporting. meanwhile in afghanistan, nato confirmed two u.s. service
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. welcome back everybody. you probably noticed we're having mic trouble in the studio. while we're fixing that, you get to hear about these gorgeous temperatures that we're expecting over the next couple days. then we'll get the rest of the news will coming up after the weather. take a live look outside. denver metro area. stunning sunshine. it's gorgeous. 63 now out at dia. 61 greeley, 57 fort collins. 50s and 60s on eastern plains. mountain areas in the 30s, 40s, few 50s. here outside the 9 news backyard, lots of sunshine, no clouds, no breeze. sitting at 57 now. it's a beautiful afternoon. this kind of weather continues
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days. this morning and into this afternoon, we're going to have rain well down to the south colorado. this is over arizona and new mexico. you can see showers right now turning. those showers are going to be steadily pushing east and north. they're with this upper level low pressure system. it's pretty weak for this area of low pressure. it's going to bring back moisture to colorado, specifically our central and southern mountains. doesn't happen today. mountain areas going to see few more tomorrow morning, we'll start off dry. in the afternoon rain and snow builds into the san juans. by saturday, some of that reefs the foothills in the form of rain. what will it bring to denver, metro area. extra clouds. no rain in our forecast for the weekend. 69 degrees our high today here in the city. up around greeley, 67. 68 fort collins. we'll see highs in the 60s and
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the mountains and upper 60s out across the western slope. beautiful above average, sunny, calm. we'll call it a warm day in denver metro area. winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, we drop to low of 38. mostly clear skies, cool, light winds out of the west. we're seeing more of the same. upper 60s, low 70s for friday, saturday, sunday. monday we'll be a little cooler. temperatures back in the here across the front range. don't forget this weekend we all need to change the clocks. daylight saving time comes to an end early sunday morning. saturday night before you go to bed, set the clocks back an hour. ati imagine everybody celebrating the cubs world series win is going to like the extra hour of sleep. >> they're going to get an extra
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celebrator -- celebrate or sleep because they've been up all night. it's exciting because the cubs won the world series. party is still going on outside wrigley field. this is a live look. crowds of people still there taking pictures and celebrating. the mayor just announced that the victory parade for the cubs will be tomorrow. it may have taken more than 100 years >> i'm not sure it's ever going to end. chicago celebrates the cubs world championship finally history.
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imagine. >> like everything this team does, it wasn't easy. a rain delay and extra inning during an intense winner take all between two teams not use to winning. cubs and fans have waited 108 years for this. more than a frustrations wash add way by the champagne and celebration that stretches from cleveland to wrigleyville. >> i'm the happiest person alive. they're no longer the lovable losers. jokes are the answer to the trivia question. the curse has been broken. there's no more waiting for next
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>> i can't believe we're standing after 108 years, able to hoist the trophy. >> cubs nation overwhelmed and overjoyed after spending more than a century in baseball purgatory. >> now team and fans enjoying bit of baseball. that's the latest from here in chicago. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> they certainly deserve an all day celebration. >> this is the end to all cub fans. you d something new that may help people addicted to opioids
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. the opioid epidemic is worse than ever. millions struggle. in places like the sugar bike trail, people barely hide it. they do it out now the new plan may help those struggling. this was approved in may. it's an implant. dr. nathan moore says up until
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>> dr. moore says it virtually eliminates the addiction. as for how it works -- >> the brain receptors in the brain prevents other opiates from at thatting to those. it doesn't -- those. it doesn't give patients the high they typically get with opioids and heroin. >> people don't get withdrawals either. you can experience the arty side of mile high city tomorrow.
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november 12th. tonight is the second night of the 12 day sin cinematic festival. film makers, actors, directors will be in town next few days. they'll watch and discuss 250 films. if you're out there, looking to be discovered. this will be your big break. high performance athletes do it all the time. cupping isn't just for them.
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. welcome back. medications are not the answer to everyone's pain. some people seek alternative forms of relief. this might look familiar. the one you're about to see has been around thousands of years. lots of people really started paying tension during the rio
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athletes like michael phelps and us everyday people that have deep, tight muscle knots. >> michael phelps was one of the predominant names for what he did inside and outside the pool. everyone wondered what were the round circles all over his back. soon everyone because of how quickly it work wills. >> first cotton balls soaked in acetone, put in gas cups to take out oxygen and put on the skin to take on suction. abby practiced for years. >> we use suction in a cup do pull the tissue off the skeletal
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it pulls out sox since and impurities in the muscles so your body gets rid of them. >> you're a good example today. you have a nice circle. >> circles, the cupping marks. many think they're bruises. they're not. they're old blood, toxins, impurities coming out through the tissue. no damage is being done. >> it can help people for >> it's a cool treatment for people. >> derrick nelson has a high stress job. massages were not cuts it. >> sometimes knots were too deep or tight for her to work out with her hands. >> he gets it once a month. he says it lasts longer than deep tissue massage. >> i noticed improvement on
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it helped a lot. >> cupping is used in russia, china, germany, greece today it's used all over the world. if you can get past the marks, it can leave crate deep muscle knots, common -- help with deep muscle knots. >> that popping sound is not bad. a 30 minutes. it's sometimes covered by insurance in conjunction with acupuncture. it depends on your individual insurance plans. check first before you do go if you decide to try it.
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. colorado is known for craft breweries and stop of the nation search and rescue organizations. why not support both by
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brews for rescues. this is an event for the alpine rescue team. it's faking fake -- taking place tonight in ever green. it starts at 6:00, gets wrapped up at 10:00. it costs $10. all benefit the alpine rescue team the brewing company has a special brew called gone stray ipa. it honors lost hikers the team has not located in the 57 year history. throughout the year, the team 60 members responded to eight lost hikers, fallen climbers and avalanchic haves. this year has been -- avalanche hikers. this year has been record breaking with 130 responses to far. if we can support them and have fun at the same time, that's a great combination. >> absolutely. >> they're not seeing a lot of snow in the rescue areas. >> not yet at least. we have chance of mountain snow
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looking at dry conditions now through the weekend, highs in the upper 60s, low 70s. don't forget set your clocks back one hour saturday night. >> we're looking forward to that extra hour of sleep. thank you. thanks for spending part of your day with us. down back in at 4:00. -- tune back in at 4:00.
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about my rya's billion dollar split. >> and the new report about her $50 million prenup with james packer. now on "extra." ? his silence about her break up. >> how is she doing? have you spoken to her? >> what james packer reportedly demanded from mariah in a 100 page prenup. more breaking couple's news. taylor swift's song about breaking up with calvin. and prince harry ready to marry. donald trump, the in a "extra" interview. >> first thing you would do, first 100 days.


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