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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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. good morning everyone. >> finally friday. >> hello. >> it's friday. >> just checking the phone. >> i was googling what weather was going to be like this weekend. >> because marty won't tell us. >> i was thinking saving time. usually we're going back. this time of year for that time it's usually cold. it's not this year. >> it's warm. >> it's not. big day ahead, politics to talk about. we're 100 hours away now or so before a final decision between hillary clinton and donald trump. we'll have more about t big name visitors here. let's talk about the weather. marty is in the 9 news backyard. friday, the weekend, shaping up
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commercials again. that's nice. >> around here, clear conditions to start your morning. it is cool. it's usually the case on calm mornings. cold air settled down in some of the valleys. we have freezing or slightly below freezing readings along the south plat river this morning. that's the case for the beginning of the morning sunshine here today. we'll give way to fair weather clouds pushing up close to 70 late this afternoon. it's dry a it's raining moderately to heavily in arizona and new mexico. flash flooding is a concern in west central new mexico. that rain begins to move into south western colorado by lunchtime. it will be snow at higher terrain. then tonight and tomorrow, we'll see showers move up to foothills perhaps and then long the i-70 corridor. a little heavier in south eastern colorado. not around here the storm is going to track to our south and east.
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western colorado. more than an inch of total liquid possible out of this. we'll see how much snow that could mean. at 6:02, sky 9 over a roll over crash that involves a trailer pulled by a car. the wreck is blocking the lane. the truck is in the left lane partially blocking let's go to the c cam ground level view. it's going to cause curiosity delay number one. everyone is squeezed into the one lane westbound leading to bowles itself. we'll look at the map and show you backups out to the west fairly light at this point. that's the good news. leading up to a wreck, couple cars in the backup. with that in mind, could extend
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drive. we'll have the update in a few. . she can't walk, but she can water ski. >> her water skiing skills. >> we'll spend time with a colorado family finding out why they thought this was a good idea. . >> a fulfilling life sometimes takes risks. >> and he was just watching a game with his dad. >> this game is going to promise to experience history with his father together. >> i told my dad and we had a pact. when the cubs, not if, when cubs got to world series, we'd make sure you listen to the games together. four days to go, new threats and worries about what could happen on election day. >> the bigotry, bluster, bullying, hateful rhetoric, discrimination is to show up
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american history. >> we are led by stupid people. >> we're led by stupid people. >> one of them is campaigning just two months. . the count down clock is winding down. hillary clinton and trump have a couple days left to make a final impression on both of them heading to crucial states. pennsylvania the target today. both candidates were in north carolina thursday. clinton held a rally. trump plans to visit ten states over three days including colorado l. >> these last few days are cereal were swaying last minute voters -- are crucial for
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battleground states. bill clinton will finnish fort collins. -- finish in fort collins. we have more on his stop there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he'll be here this afternoon. according to hillary clinton's website, there are tickets available to rsvp. it's free but you need torrential for to -- need to register for tickets. he's hitting colorado campaigning hard today on first pueblo union depot at 8:30 this morning. this when doors open. after he leaves there, he'll book it up i-25 and goat that event sent -- and get to the event center. he'll be here at 1:15. once done here, back up to fort
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brewery. his message is one his daughter chelsea shared when she was here earlier this week. basically telling people to turn in ballots. this is the fires time colorado has had a presidential election with all mail-in ballots. clinton campaign wants people to turn those in. we obviously know who they hope people will vote for. we've seen this from hla they've been paying close attention to colorado. >> ex rival of trump, ben carson, spent the last few months campaignings for trump he'll be at colorado -- months
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he'll be out today. oklahoma governor fallon will be with him. we'll find out today whether you can snap a selfie with your completed ballot this election season. the 125-year-old colorado law that bans taking pictures of ballots has wound up in court. the judge will decide today whether or not to ban. i feel great. i'm lost for words. excuse me for that. >> a big smile and unexplainable feeling when he felt freedom for the first time after three decades in prison. he walked out a free man after a judge threw out the conviction. today he's going back to trial for a rape he has always said he didn't commit. >> today the trial is moving
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attack in which another man confessed to. moses walked out of detention center last december after a judge overturned the 28-year-old rape conviction and ordered a new trial in his case. the reason for the new trial surrounding a man named l.c. jackson, one of flee suspects the victim originally named shortly after the crime. police then shifted focus after the same victim then told investigators she had a dream that moses was convicted of two other sexual assaults a mile away from where this victim was assaulted. jackson, the other man made a statement that he had consensual sex with the victim that night of the attack. that statement convinced the judge that aew jy would have trouble convicting moses again. >> it was tedious. you know, after the evidence and things like that, you know -- i
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time. then it made me say i've got to keep on. here i am. back in the 90s, a judge ordered dna testing on evidence from that case. the police lost or destroy had the evidence before it could be checked. >> thank you. one of the two castle rock teens arrest led to a hazmat situation early they are w sexual exploitation of a child. the boys were in juvenile court thursday. we can't explain the reason for the charge because so little is released from juvenile court the other 16-year-old is charged with possession of explosive or device. >> after they were arrested monday, police went to a home and found dangerous chemicals they say could be made into a
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the house was cleared off until it's cleaned out. showers pushing to south western colorado. lit continue to move to south eastern colorado tomorrow during the afternoon and bring rain to that part of our state. that's why i don't think we'll see much of anything around here. we go to south western colorado with the showers picking up in the i mentioned snow. we're going to get plenty of it. at least 2-4 inches above 8,000 feet in the san juans above 11,000 feet. 4-8 inches common. highest peaks could push close to a foot of snow. you'll have to go way high to get that though. >> it sure is. >> thank you. ten minutes after 6:00, read about it in history books. you mary let a chance to -- you
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it was like during pearl harbor. >> i'll never forget one day he said, this is going to be our year. his dad may have died 36 careers ago, but one cubs fan
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. moisture in the state. not for us but portions of the state. storms pushing to southwest corner of the state by late in the day. that will give us a few fair weather cloud this is afternoon.
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not mump wind at all with 50s and 60s in the foothills. south western colorado will start to pick up the showers during the afternoon. shortly after lunch, they'll get going. after sunset, intensity of rain and snow is going to pick up from down around here to the west. tomorrow afternoon, we'll s colorado. don't think they'll make it to our area tomorrow. 50s in the southwest. we'll reach most highs before lunchtime. after lunch, once it gets cloudy and rainy, really going to get cooler. showers transition more southeast tomorrow during the day. it will bring clouds in here during the afternoon. we are anticipating a few light showers in and near the
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couple of cloud this is afternoon. still way warm in the upper 60s. we'll keep it close to 40 tonight. tomorrow and sunday, both in the mid to upper 60s. showers and foothills, few clouds hanging around sunday morning on the back side of this system. peeking of back, you will want to turn your clocks back saturday night or sunday morning. we do return to standard time this weekend. we have a small chance for rain on monday. i'm not impressed withny it turns cooler on election day. really getting back into the average temperatures here for the middle of the coming week. this morning's trouble spot on your roads c470 and bowles. it's been reported as a roll over crash. it's so dark. the trailer remained up on its
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here's a look outside as we check in on our cdot cams. backups aren't too bad. we'll see the view of the crash itself in a bit. i would say tack on extra 5 to 10. so far, backups aren't too bad. right now 10 or 11 minute drive. both sides between santa fe and quebec. out across the maps, clear on side streets mississippi and pierce after the earlier crash. there's the wreck involving the tractor littler. quick check shows you're back in the 60s approaching 70. >> all right. thank you for that. long before the nation suffered through 9 /11 terrorist attacks, there was another one. you don't often get the chance to talk to people that were there. you may want to take advantage
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he was there 75 years ago when the japanese bombed perm harbor drawing the united states into world war ii. he was stationed on the uses west virginia, one of the battleships that caught fire and sank that day. now he's written a book about it called t o side of infamy. we talked about his eon fear. the japanese plane i saw flying low and slow went right over my head and dug a trench behind the war became personal at that point >> you can meet him, get his book. in december, we'll air a one hour special on the 75th
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that >> you're going to pearl harbor. >> i'll be there for the 75th anniversary. this is his book. it's amazing. everybody was running from battleship row because the japanese were bombing ships, he was running toward the ship. it was his job to put on a fire on the west virginia. there was a fire, and he was going to get there he's a hero. one of the things he tricky talking about heroes because people talk about us because wilied. he said that's -- because we lived. he said that's luck. everybody was a hero that day. >> that's a book i'd like to read. >> huck have hit sunday. >> already 6:19 now. a horrifying discovery in a storage container ends a month long mystery.
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. it's being called a nightmare. a missing woman was found chained up like a dog in a metal container in south carolina. no one has seen or heard from kala brown or her boyfriend since late august. deputies arrested brown's employer in connection with brown's discovery. this happened on his property. he's a registered sex offender. brown says there were as many as four other bodies on the
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for camper, the boyfriend's body, and a possible serial killer type investigation. a deadly bus crash in baltimore was so bad police say it looked like a bomb had exploded. now investigators revealed the school bus driver shouldn't have been driving in the first place. six died when a school bus collided. the school bus driver had a suspended license. he pleaded guilty charges in 2012. he was killed in the crash. thankfully no children were on the bus. 6:23 now. is it fun or irresponsibly dangerous? there are a few things more divisive on our facebook page now than this video of little bella water skiing we're going to share with you what her folks thatted to folk -- folks had to say. his dad may not have been
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the world series but one fan
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. it's 6:27. a pack between father and son if cubs make it we're going to listen to games together. wane williams may have died 36 years ago. his son made sure to keep the promise and share moments with his dad. >> he sure did. his son named wayne also drove from north carolina to indiana where his dad was buried. he set una watch party at the gravestone and almost five hours he listened to the moment the two had always talked act.
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forever. i told my dad -- we had a pact when cubs, not if, when cubs got to world series, we'd make sure and listen to games together. >> i love this story. wayne says his dad became a die hard fan when he was in the navy. he knows he was listening from up above and celebrating when the cubs won it all. drove from north carolina to indiana. that's a nine hour drive. drove all day to be there for the fist pitch. >>h smell can make us fell hungry, even sick.
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. people have turned in ballots already in the are you one of them? head to let us know now. your sense of smell is powerful. doctors say it can trigger a make to memory. there can be physical benefits too we're going to look at aroma therapy. all right good morning everyone. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm out from the backyard with marty. little chilly out here today. it's going to warm up nicely. >> i recall part of the day nice
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we'll warm up quickly today. another fair weather day for you today. take a look at downtown. this is coors field. wouldn't it be nice if they played late in the season. it's a calm, cool morning for us. we're beginning to get a bit of light along the eastern horizon. you see the light on the horizon. stil55 temperatures rise from cool readings 60s and 70s. plan on dry and generally calm day throughout the day. you'll see bank clocks hidden around 70-71 few spots over the area. looking through the weekend, showers move into the foothills. doesn't appear to be down toward our neck of the woods.
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around. november by the way has had months or one month with no snow. that was in 1949 several years we had a trace only of snow. last time was in 2014. go with the hashtag snow on 9. i picked i'm wrong. >> admit when you're wrong at least marty. thank you. get out 6:33 view sky 9 over serious crash westbound t bowles. a trailer was being pulled by a
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>> this could take a while and backups could exceed. c470 both directions further east between santa fe and 25. not bad at all. very much in the green. stall at dtc as well as a new problem on 25. >> we're tracking early voting numbers more than 5800 are democratic voters that vote sod far, 4,000 republicans voted so far. 383 unaffiliated voters cast their votes so far. that's not political parties, not really who they voted for.
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already voted. voting on our poll starts now. the presidential poll voting started couple weeks ago. hillary clinton and donald trump are making their final push for undecided voters today. we're days out from the election. undecided voters in battleground state of colorado. one of the keys to winning the white house. >> former president bill clinton has a busy day ahead of him. morning in denver. >> he will. colorado has been attracting so much attention on the campaign trail. we're at the end of a clinton sand which if you will. chelsea clinton spent tuesday and wednesday in colorado. donald trump jr. was here thursday. now president bill clinton here today. he's got three stops planned starting this morning in pueblo.
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morning. doors open at 8:30 in the morning. when he's done with, that he'll come to denver. we're at the corner of 35th and walnut. this is where he will be appearing. doors open at 1:15. event starts at 2:15. he's going to book north to fort collins. he'll be at new belgium brewery. that's open to public. tickets are available on hillary clinton's website for people that wanted to register for free. yove other campaign events. >> we do know chelsea clinton spoke a lot about turning in ballots. they call them get out and vote events. the clinton campaign know people in colorado may still have ballots in hand. they're really encouraging people to turn those ballot in, participate in early voting. that's the message we expect to share here today. that's the same message we heard
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we'll see if it goes red or blue in this presidential election. >> apparently our viewers have been hearing that message now. 81% say they have already voted. we'll give you time to weigh in on whether you have. republicans bringing out big names too. former gop presidential candidate ben carson makes three stops in colorado today the retired neurosurgeon course in castle rock for a valley at 3:15. finally stopping at aurora center for active adults at 6:00. fallon is joining him there how many of you have voted already? here's the look at results of our poll we started a few minutes ago. have you taken advantage of early voting? 81 is% say yes i voted -- 81% say yes, i voted. now 4% say they don't plan on
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that's so wonderful. >> for whatever reason, this election seems to have gotten out early voters, more so than the past. >> maybe they want to get hit over with quicker. maybe we could change the mind of 4%. >> we should vote absolutely. vote for somebody. >> it's good to do. 6:38 now. we learned this morning, two u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan were carson. our sister station shared it was a raid targeting two senior taliban commanders the men's names have not been released. the man was found guilty for the may 2015 crash that killed
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officer. we were doing well as far as rain and snow up until august. we had spots abnormally dry at the beginning of august. at this week we have moderate drought on the front rages through much of the eastern plain -- front ranges through much of the eastern plains. 60s to near 70 for changes moving into southern colorado with showers in new mexico and arizona that have been causing flash flooding this morning in parts of new mexico. that rain will be moving up to south western colorado. there will be areas that get more than -- i think push close to an inch of rain by late tomorrow afternoon in south western colorado. again, dry conditions around here. cheryl, with that rain in the
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snow. i'll detail the forecast snow amounts for san juans in a few minutes. >> more the better marty. right? 6:40 now. what a turn around. bowl eligible ranked. they proved it again. it wasn't necessarily their best game, ask the coach. match up still ahead. first, ever have a certain smell take you back in time? those smells bring back memories
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. in our last day of exploring alternative pain relief, we turn to smell. doctors try to find the
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>> your sense of smell can be powerful, capable of triggering makes to memories. >> a lot of people will say i remember my grandmother when i smell rose petals. that will take them back to a place they're more relaxed. >> aromas affect you better than anything else. some as part of treatment. >> it's largely commercialized. dr. lisa core bin says there would be real physical benefits. you don't need a doctor every time. >> it's accessible to patient on
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>> some help with hair loss to sex drive. it's often recommended for those dealings with more than physical pain. >> i think it's worth a try for pretty much anything. the more they have going on is impacted by mental well being is probably the best use of row that therapy. somebody that's got a lot of pain or under stress or very anxious or under depression. >> dr. core bin say important to note row that -- note that aroma therapy can help. >> some smells highly agitate people. they recommend you speak with an expert first. all week long, we've been airing the pain relief stories. if you missed any, we have them on our website. >> sounds good.
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turn the chicago river green. every 100 years they turn it blue. >> 108 years. >> that's what they're doing now. pouring blue dye into the chicago river up in the loop. >> cub blue. >> it's of course to celebrate the chicago cubs. >> you can see on the back of that boat there. >> right. >> i guess the water is a dark blue and going to be lighter cubs blue. >> it will be beautiful when sun comes up. >> biggest party in more century starts there in two hours. a million cubs fans or more are expected to line the streets. the parade celebrating the team's championship kicks off at 9:00 our time at wrigley field. they'll head downtown and over to grant park. that means a lot of people will be skipping work today. schools are going to be closed. championship parades for black hawks have drawn more than a million people before. you can bet this parade is bigger than those.
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it's going to be neat to see the overhead shots when the city fills up with all those people. that's a great shot of dye there. blue dye in the river. >> my daughter lives there and says it's been electric last couple days. >> what a party that will be. >> phenomenal very easy to get 1 million people together in chicago. that's a big place. for us today, rain moves to south western colorado snow at higher terrain colorado during the day tomorrow i think it gets to the front range foothills but not much closer than that. impressive total moisture, an inch or more throughout new mexico and parts of the southwest corner of the state. at higher terrain, that's going to translate to decent snow. 2 to 4 inches midday tomorrow. above 11,000 feet consistently 4 to 8 inches of snow. it would not shock me up and
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folks pushing -- there isn't anybody living up there, but places pushing a foot of new snow in the san juans. 6:48. sky 9 moved to sixth avenue. flashlights in the dark moves curiosity backups forming in both directions. impact is really for southbound traffic to get heavy coming in north side of downtown denver. >> i've got the squad split. bolt tom two show leading top wreck that sky 9 is over. back ups now single digit speeds. these top two cameras are our big problem out to the west. our trailer towed behind a car, loading up on a tow. check out the slow downs on c470. they're extending back toward santa fe. bell laugh bells has led
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she can't walk, only 6 months old. she can water ski. this video has made a lot of people angry. some said, well, what's the big deal? we talked to bell laugh's parents. they say she was ready to it this water. they were completely comfortable with the backlash they received since it hit sometimes life takes management of risk and reward. >> her dad was a lifeguard and was ready to take over if needed. he built a contraption himself. he had a specially designed life jacket. >> she broke the world record. >> broke the record for youngest. here are responses we have gotten so far this
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reckless. baby was wearing a pfd. parents in control supervising don't see anything wrong with that awesome, this person says. she did not look scared. looked like she was smiling to me. >> thanks to baby swim classes, my brother could swim before they could all. that's true for my -- >> yeah. 6:50 on 9 neighborhoods this week, taking you to denver's university neighborhood known as the du neighborhood. >> it's full of classic beauty. >> 9 news colleen fer are is on
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out here. they focus on maintaining acres upon acres of trees out here. we live in a dry climate. it's not easy to keep up with trees, keeping them beautiful and maintaining them. they go as far as putting trees on life as far to say those that's been around years and years. it's so beautiful out here. escape his nice, fall warm day -- especially warm days. what exactly does that mean? you're walking among some of the biggest and oldest trees in colorado right here on this campus in denver. the city of lebanon, eastern whathoo and horse chestnut. this wasn't always big and beautiful.
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shortage of water, du is working to make this more sustainable. >> we try to look at what species might be adaptable, which are native. we're working harder and harder to come up with ways to work with trees, shrubs, where we put lawns that are dependent on a lot of w irrigation we have to have to keep it thriving. >> reporter: so it's free to come out here, check out the tries. trees are precious. some behind me walked me through yesterday. well over 100 years old. not only are you walking a lot, they say the campus was built around saving a lot of trees. these days they think of where
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they say we can't put one there because of the tree that's been there over 100 years. >> that's refreshing. thank you much. can we count on beautiful workweek weather to continue into the weekend?
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. dry here today and warm again. we're tracking the system in arizona now that will cut up through south eastern colorado over the weekend we have sunshine, few fair weather clouds here and there during the day today. another very, veryar lower the rain. 50s and 60s in the foothills. after lunch, rain starts in colorado. will be snow above00!d@] ft. could fall as snow lower than that. the accumulating snow is above 8,000. as far as total moisture, frequent overnight tremendous overnight tonight. moving up to foothills and central mountains on a limited basis.
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south eastern colorado coming tomorrow 60s and 70s here with 60s and 50s in the mountains and west. gets cloudy in western colorado. you see your highs drop off after noon today. sunny morning, few clouds drift in and thicken in the afternoon. upper 60s today. farly cloudy tonight. close to 40 degrees. we spend the weekend in the 60s. small chance of a shower monday. we cool off to what i consider to be a very middle of the week. by the following weekend, we're back to the 70s. we're going to be loving it at 9 cares colorado shares. >> are you kidding me? that's amazing. 72 night cares. that's perfect. let's talk traffics. westbound c470, leading up to bowles. there's a trailer towed by hind a truck that accept -- behind a
6:58 am
vehicle. we've got additional problems on top of that. leading up to federal, backups carry you through a 15 minute ride. out west cheryl, this is the big one with the left lane blocked near c470 >> thank you. 6:58 now. here are top stories we're following for you on our friday morning. polls show donald trump catching up to hillary clinton in key battleground states. both are spending time in philadelphia today. pennsylvania now by four points. >> hillary clinton is holding a rally in hershey, pennsylvania today and plans serious traveling before election day to round up more support nbc news is reporting trump will visit 10 states in final flee days. colorado is on that list. -- final three days. colorado is on that list. cu quarterback threw his firstnterception of the season.
6:59 am
fourth when oliver took if punt return back for the score. bucs win. >> go bucs. we're going to channel 20 congratulations. you made it through the week. >> i have hiccups. maybe you should say good-bye. can't get rid of them.
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>> surprise. >> who is going to good morning, the end is near. four days to go and "time's" cover the move of the nation. the campaign has left them repulsed and now nbc news has le concerns about a cyberattack on election day. this morning what security officials are doing to protect the vote. in the dark. a popular las vegas hotel and casino forced to close overnight after workers damaged its main power line. thousands of guests evacuated. repeated advances. fox news anchor megyn kelly stunning accusations against her former boss. this morning her claims and what


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