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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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victory. a strong reaction from donald trump supporters in estatic about him being elected our next president of the united states. meanwhile trump showed a more subdued side during his victory speech early this
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president elect trump making his first public appearance-- with a slightly different tone than we're used to. how the world is reacting today and what the reality of trump presidency is doing for the financial markets right now coming up. good morning everyone, gary, corey and cheryl and marty with you on this day after the election. we'll have more on donald trump's stunning win and election results and reaction coming up. but first marty, the mild weather will continue.
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donald trump the projected winner of this presidential race. the outcome is sending shockwaves throughout the country-- thrilling his supporters and stunnings his critics. n-b-c 's tracie potts has been monitoring results all night from new york.
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elect :00-:14 it is my honor and high priviledge to introduce you to the president-elect of the united state of america... donald trump! donald trump declared victory: president elect :17-:26 "it's time for us to come together as one united people. it's time." "i pledge i'll be president to all americans. this is so important to me." sources tell nbc hillary clinton called trump to concede. publicly, her campaign held out hope: "i can say we can wait a little longer, can't we? they're still counting votes and every vote should count." at both headquarters - faces told the story: cheers for trump "we're just excited about having a chance after eight years of failed policies." tears for clinton. they split battleground states: ohio, north carolina, and florida for trump. nevada, virginia, colorado for clinto opening bell - uncertain. dow futures sinking lower than 9-11 overnight. nasdaq and s&p futures.. temporarily halted. wall street's nervous. "now it becomes a guessing game as to how badly the market will be hit in the morning." anti-trump demonstrators rallying at the white house... stunned: "certainly disappointed about the results him and we're still hopeful for something better." exit polls tell an interesting story: the rural vote - white voters without college degrees - largely underestimated, as the vote count continues. tracie potts, nbc news, new york
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for president elect trump will be presiding over a severely divided nation in desperate need of reconciliation. it's something he did talk about in his victory speech last night but this morning the world is turning its attention to the financial markets following the election. that's right corey
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the news of the trump presidency hits. 9news reporter andrew sorensen has more... andrew, they weren't expecting this... no, this caught them by surprise. here's what we're looking at with pre-market trading in the us. the s&p 500 at one point over night was down around 5-and-a-half percent. if the s&p falls more than 7 percent during actual trading today, that'll trigger what the sec calls a circuit- breaker. all trading stops. the dow dropped more than 800 points pre-trading before coming back. that would have been the largest single loss ever. we're seeing similar reactions all over the world. japan's market getting the worst of it in asia-- down more than 5 percent. the mexican peso hit an all-time low-- dropping more than
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to gold. overall, markets are bouncing back... all eyes will be on us markets as they open around 7:30 our time. thanks andrew. here in colorado the fight for the 6th congressional district is over. 9news reporter ryan haarer was at the gop watch party where they have that race to celebrate as well... beyond the presidential race... colorado had congressional district 6 to pay close attention to this election. mike coffman and morgan carroll battled it out-- from the debates to the negative campaign ads... the results came with much anticipation. and it was mike coffman who came out on top. sot coffman for months now, pundits have declared this race nearly impossible to win. he environment was too tough and a republican could never win the support of minorioty communities they said. and we proved them wrong. coffman's acceptance speech at the gop watch party was overshadowed by the folks in the crowd who booed him. it was a trump proud crowd and coffman has faced criticism for saying he wouldn't vote for trump. trumps colorado
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trump's future relationship. 35:19-35:36 i think mike coffman will come around and probably end up being a supporter of donald trump. i haven't talked to mike personally as to why he had issues. i mean, i heard what he said, but i think at the end of the day if donald trump wins it, mike coffman will be a supporter of donald trump. at the end of the day-- coffman takes away a win in a tough congressional race. redistricting in 2012 certainly didn't help him but he keeps his seat. he's said that if trump is elected-- he'll stand up to him in washington. we wto
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republicans elected to the house-- helping to keep control there. it came down to 235 electoral votes for republicans and 184 for democrats. colorado senator michael bennet will retain his seat after beating out republican challenger darryl gl > during his acceptance speech at last night he took time to congratulated glenn for winning a hard fought primary. he then went on to say he will work with whoever wins the presidency. republicans have officially retained
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senate-- 51 to 47. however-- in louisiana, the seat will head to a runoff election next month. and in new hampshire the race is too-close-to- call. to recap some of the big colorado ballot measures- physician-assisted suicide has passed . -coloradocare -- the state-run health insurance-- failed voters chose t presidential primaries -- as well as making them open primaries to unaffiliated voters. an increase in minimum wage has passed. more restrictions to prevent amendments to the state constitution has passed, and the measure to allow property tax exemption for possessory interests failed the involuntary servitude is too close call --the increase on tobacco taxes failed coloradans shot down amendment 69. this measure would have been
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health plan. the coverage would've been called "colorado- care". the measure was defeated 80 percent to 20- percent. more than half of voters chose to approve amendment 70. this measure would increase minimum wage to 12-dollars by 2020. 1-point 2 million people or 54- percent voted yes. people voted to to make the constitution harder to amend. of more than 2- million votes, 1- point-2 million votes were for the measure. percent. the colorado cigarrette tax measure failed. more than 1-point-2 million people voted no on amendment 72. it was the most expensive measure on the ballot here. tobacco company phillip morris spent $16 million dollars to fight it. a close call for the amendment to remove the term of slavery from the constitution. more than 50- percent of people voted no. nearly 57-percent of people voted "no" on amendment
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eliminated property tax when the market value of government property is less than 6-thousand dollars. an overwhelming number of voters were for doctor assisted suicide in colorado. more than 64- percent voted yes. colorado becomes the 6th state in the country to adopt an assisted suicide measure. a majority of voters support presidential primaries in colorado. 63-point-61 percent voted yes on proposition 107. roughly 36-percent voted no. more than 1-point- four million people are in favor of opening primary unaffiliated voters. more 52-percent voted yes in proposition 108. states around the country weighed in on pot initiatives-- where recreational marijuana will soon be available still to come. and the price for sugary drinks is about to go up in boulder-- how much money the new tax could bring in for the
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this morning where it's still close. the initiative would allow public consumption or social use of marijuana. it would create a four year pilot program that would let bars-- cafes-- and more public places get permits for people to use marijuana in their businesses. businesses would still approval from a neighorhood group. right now-- 50 point 8 percent of voters have approved it. 49 point one say no. recreational use of marijuana will soon be legal in california--
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more than 60 million americans in five states had the chance to vote on recreational marijuana. more than 24 million in four states considered medical marijuana. nationwide polls showed support for marijuana is at an all time high... although there are still no plans to change the federal ban on the drug. here's a look at the states voting on recreational marijuana. arizona voters did not approve the pot measure. california with 56- percent of voters in favor of recreational pot 50-percent yes, and 50-percent no with about 90 percent of the votes in. massachusetts voted yes. and laslty, recreational marijuana was also approved in nevada. and here are the states voting on medical marijuana. north dakota, florida, montana and arkansas all approved medical marijuana. soda in boulder will cost you a little more after voters approved the state's first tax on sugary drinks.
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measure 2-h is most expensive local ballot measure in boulder history-- but supporters say it could raise as much as 3-point-8 million dollars a year. it passed last night 54 percent in favor and 45 percent against. voters in san francisco, oakland and albany california passed similar measures as well. voters in denver
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lines during the election -- how long some say they had to wait... plus-- pre-liminary numbers are in for denver today. how many people the city says casts their ballot still to come. los angeles
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during a shooting that shutdown two polling places there. one man was killed and two women were seriously wounded when a gunman opened fire using an assault rifle. authorities say the gunman then took
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officers. as they searched for him at a house hours later-- they shut down two polling sites for several hours. the gunman was eventually found dead inside the home. police say the shooting wasn't election related-- he was found in a house four hours later. preliminary numbers from the denver elections division show about half of all active voters who could vote-- did. about 204 thousand people cast their ballots this year that includes districts -- mail in and in person. voting was a very slow process at some area election polls. over at the potters housein denver. the last voter to cast their ballot was at 9:30 pm. >> as many as 2- thousand people are said to have possibly voted there at that location. the supervising election judge said two workers got sick and had to leave. that slowed down the process. workers had to be called in from
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information on their voter registration cards and had to vote manually. some people waited for three hours to cast their vote. still officials say everyone who was in line at the potters house pole at 7 o'clock was able to vote. the ballot box had to be emptied at least twice. voters have passed a multi billion dollar bond deal-- how much money will come in now and where it'll be used just ahead. then-- the regent race at c-u is cutting it close today-- what a win for
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elections, voters in colorado also decided on a series of local ballot questions asking for an additional $4.4 billion dollars in school funding at the expense of higher property taxes. the biggest loser of the school ballot questions is jefferson county. both its bond issue and mill levy override failed. the adams 12 five star school district celebs winning its bond issue for buildings. the same is true for st. vrain schools who won their bond election. thompson schools goes the same way as jeffco with a double loss on both ballot questions. and, the biggest winner is denver public schools which easily wins its elections generating more than $629 million in revenue... >
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for bond issue and mill levy override elections. the previous record in colorado for school funding questions was $2.7 billion in 2008. cu boulder's next univeristy regent at large remains a question today-- with the votes to close to call right now. the outcome of the race-- between democrat alice madden and republican heidi ganahl could tip the balance of c-u's board of regents. that board of regents is a nine- member panel who set policy, vote on the university's budget, and choose the university's president. right now the board is a five-four republican majority. election day has come and gone and we know it was a rough race this year. coming up-- how some voters made it through the day as they waited to cast their ballots. but first lets get a check of your weather and traffic with amelia
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some of that election season stress. some voters in the battleground state of north carolina got a little "therapy" at the polls. the s-p-c-a brought puppies to a couple of polling sites in raleigh. the dogs got extra play time... and voters got the chance to de- stress during the long wait. the s-p-c-a says the
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. over. a long night ... and even longer campaign comes to an end. donald trump is our next president
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midnight when the republican reached the 270 electoral votes to end a long and suspensful night. democrat hillary clnton called to concede -- and congratulate him on the win. trump got a lead over hillary clinton by winning florida, ohio, and north carolina. pennsylvania put him over the edge and pretty much assured his victory. colorado went blue... but two of the biggest counties that went for donald trump were weld and douglas counties. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live with more on that -- we'll talk to her in just a few minutes. trump won the electoral and popular vote. you can see all the red..the red states in the south east, including florida keys for trump. that was more than clinton could overcome even after winning big states like new york and california.. good morning... the post-election day hangover is in full effect this morning. people... waking up after a night of celebrationss... others exhausted from a democratic loss. we have a full


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