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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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stole overnight. andrew sorensen is in centennial... . they have found the car they say a shooting suspect stole overnight. a shooting, car suspect. >> the election isn't over for some. anger boiling over after trump triumphs. the passionate plea when trump meets with today. >> will his first day as president determine the first four years as president? we're looking at what he plans to do in the first days. >> marty joins us too. another clear day ahead. maybe windy. >> a little windy. that's the one thing folks notice especially after lunchtime today. wind will pick up. we do start today the very similar way we've started each day this week. clear, dry conditions.
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30s and 40s to start off. we top out in upper 60s. there at noon we start to get wind kicking up out of the north. it will hold in upper 60s throughout the day. wind will be dying down progressively through the evening. weekend never too early to start thinking about the weekend. upper 60s saturday. lower 60s, windy conditions on sunday. strong wind out of the west o up saturday. we have several locations on the front range. pick the one closest to you and come out and visit us. we have a full list and interactive map on 9 >> thank you. i'm going to be up north at the american furniture warehouse with marty and gary. we got a note from cdot around 5:20 this morning the hov lanes moving southbound were
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they're inaccessible now. southbound traffic moving northbound now. if you use hov lane, we'll let you know as soon as possible in terms of when they're about to open. as for now, they're about to shut down. northbound, this stretch is in place. no crash no, major slow down. we have police activity we'll hear more about from one of our reporters this morning. right now we add cross arapahoe we'll get update on the police activity throughout the morning happening now, police are searching for someone they say fired a gun, stole a car, led police on a chase. >> new information in centennial where officers may have found the stolen car. denver police tweeted updates about the shooting that started this whole chain of events >> that's right.
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there are a few cop r candidates squareds candidates -- cop cars cars and more as well. we have video of that starting on morrison road near kentucky. there's an area over there have police tell us on the street there that there was a robbery. this vehicle was stolen during that robbery. we're told there are two people ro, hospital in critical condition. police are now trying to locate the suspect who shot that person after they stole this chevy camaro, drove down i-25 at a high rate of speed. they were driving so fast, at one point policest police lost them. -- point, police lost them. they've got a pretty decent police presence. we're told they're actively
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going, starting their day. if you live in the area, you're going to want to watch out for that. they're pretty much all around here's in several different blocks blocking things off. cheryl? >> thank you for the update. the election season may be over but the bitterness is not. antitrump demonstrations up and down the west coast last night. people lighting cars in different places n. boulder, people are planning more protests today. after gathering wednesday night, a small crowd gathered in denver in front of the state capitol in broadway. donald trump is expected to meet with obama today to start the transition. protestors compared the two during the rally last night. >> it's really important we create a group of people that
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people's rights and will not create a united country obama work sod hard to create for us. >> both trump and his wife will be at the white house to meet with the obamas today. >> here's a look at how the election unfolded from the associated press. he benefited from eight year shift toward the republican party comparin victory to 2012. greater increase in voter margin, places where clinton did better than obama in 2012. where you see blue was not enough to give her the votes to win. clinton lost because of low turnout in predominantly black areas and democratic strong areas. green shows a negative change in
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fewer hispanics voted for her than for president obama. now that trump is 45th president, everyone wants to know what he's going to do when he gets in office. we are now in the information center looking at what's planned for first 100 days. >> he posted the 100 day to his page. he says it begins with restoring honesty, accountability, change to washington. it includes six clean up corruption, special interest collusion in d.c. there are seven actions to protect american workers, five actions to secure security and constitutional rule of law. one says it even cancels every unconstitutional action issued under president obama. trump says he plans to deport more than 2 million criminal immigrants. there are conflicting reports on that. the government says there are
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the country. he says he wants to build a wall, tax reform, appealing or. replacing obamacare. replacement for u.s. supreme court. he has ten weeks to select a cabinet and hundreds of senior members of his administration. work begins on his promise add yenta to republican congress. >> we'll see how much gets done. thank you. the man fbi says dropped a bomb outside a netherlands police department spend rest of his life in prison. police say that ansberry left the bomb and tried to set off the bomb. janet taylor says she has friends near the bomb when he tried to set it off. she says she will not accept his
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retribution. i believe in justice. justice will be that he never sees the light of day again. >> police say that ansberry may have been trying to retaliate after his friend was killed in 1971. more than 25 years later, a marshal confessed to killing that man. police have caught the two people they say were involved in a deadly shooting in downtown denver. so far those two are not cha fired at two people in the 1600 block wednesday afternoon. one was killed. the suspects jumped on an rtd bus. police were able to catch up with the two. one viewer sent us this video from the aftermath of all this playing out in the shooting. it shows an officer bringing a young woman and child to safety as officers nearby aim weapons at the time suspects. they were not hurt -- weapons at the time suspects.
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not much to ping off of today. we go south to texas. slow moving storm system creates rain in south texas and the adjacent gulf coast. we'll see showers over the next few days. a new storm system in the pacific northwest will bring more rain to an area that is way above average for rain and snow so far this year. highs today in the 60s to near 70. wind kicks you have at lunchtime. >> wind is caveat marty, thank you. sometimes those that protect us need protecting of their own. a firefighter battling cancer turning to colorado for help. still ahead. broncos like you never seen
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. >> i don't want to talk about it. i had to do push-ups because of it. one running back who's playing time increased this season joined us on wednesday. he made a great play against the raiders sunday scoring the 69-yard pass. he returned kicks during that game. it sounds like gary kubiak is ready to keep him on been work his tail off. he's doing good stuff. giving him opportunities. makes a hell of a play. he jumps to cover the kick. i'm proud of him. he deserves more. >> their game against the saints sunday at 11:00 a.m. in new orleans. all right. csu guy. we like
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attempt at the mannequin challenge. they did pretty well. guys getting dressed, checking their phones, eating. see thomas pouring hot sauce on his lunch. it's the mannequin challenge. >> i'm glad we did ours before they did theirs. >> see h floating in the air. >> they really planned this. >> yes, they did. >> unlike us. we're like let's just try it. let's wing it. one day he felt great. the next day he was told to get his things in orbed and diagnosed with late stage cancer the story of a new mexico firefighter who turned to colorado for hope coming up. let's check in with marty. >> dry around here yet again statewide. we start cool especially south eastern colorado.
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another hard freeze over the south eastern plain this is morning. with wind and sun combining this afternoon, we'll move to 60s to near 70 degrees. incredible 45 to 50 degrees swing in that part of our state. mountain areas doing what they have been the last few days moving into upper 50s to near 60 degrees for our daytime highs. sunset today 4:46. of course it goes down behind mount evans few that. you are into twilight by 5:00 p.m. snow so far this month tie for 1949. you make your guess for the date of our first snow. use the 9 news app or if you tweet, use the hashtag snow on 9. >> getting outside on thursday start. we want to talk about what to plan for and help your day if you're driving throughout multiple parts of the rush. in terms of this morning, bright and sunny conditions there.
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traffic alerts, download the app and get updates when things change throughout the morning. dark start at ridge gate, great speeds castle rock, castle pines, colorado. out across the map, so much green. we're tracking hov lanes closed
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. it's 5:47 now.
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he was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a grapefruit with no symptoms to warn him. he was told he didn't have long to live. this firefighter and native you're about to meet would not go down without a fight. he turned to doctors in colorado for help. >> i'm with the farmington fire department in new mexico. >> he's about adventure, fitness and health. >> i like, river raft, work outside a lot. >> traveling in between shifts at the fire house, one he served 17 years. one year ago at his annual physical, doctors found a massive tumor in his kidney. >> he showed my terrible scary pictures of this giant tumor. >> he had no symptoms. at 42 years old on his birthday with so much left to do in life, doctors told him to get his life in order. >> it was absolutely terrifying.
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my life. >> two other firefighters at his fire station were battling cancer at the time and at the grapevine found out about the urology center in colorado, a clinical trial that might be his only hope. >> saving lives. we're in the saving lives business. dr. laurence is the director of research. >> a young man with renal kidney cancer has spread. it was >> first hurdle was to remove the tumor from his kidney. that was actually the easy part. >> they had 15 minutes after the tumor lost blood supply to get the dna samples. >> samples to determine if he qualified for a clinical drug to treat his lung cancer and prevent from spreading. he qualified. >> we took his tumor and made a
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tumor. it's designed specifically for him. >> today mark's 25th trip to this office, he's gotten use to needles. >> we're going to have an injection today. >> it's a shot every few weeks. >> you know how this feels. >> there's one obvious side effect. >> so almost immediately i started turning white. i've just gotten whiter. all my hair has turned white. my eyelashes, my arms, hair on my toes. it's all turned white. >> he's now in remission and able to joke about the sacrifices to his diet. >> everything has cheese and green chilly -- green chili, neither of
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everything white at 42 years old. >> they can take a tumor andle specifically create something for him. that's incredible. >> it's a shot in the arm every couple weeks. it put him in remission l. >> he looks good with a white mustache. >> all doctors say his cancer occupational from his service as a firefighter. he did qualify under the cancer law in new mexico under composition to covhe we have a similar thing here in colorado 64% of firefighters will die from some form of cancer with studies showing cars generals around them -- carcinogens around them being the culprit >> glad he could find help in colorado. >> great story. let's check the forecast. marty has that. clear conditions today. rain continues to stay south on a limited basis in texas.
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next day or two. nothing to share here in colorado. clear conditions this morning, few high cloud this is afternoon. gusty wind picks up later in the day. mid-60s to near 70 degrees. that's the high forecast for the day. we'll do that early in the afternoon. with a strong wind from the north. bear in mind if out afternoon. >> this morning, fairly calm. lunchtime and beyond, very windy around here. front range foothills to the east. 15-25 miles per hour gusts through the afternoon today. 60s and 70s here. 50s in the mountains. not much change in western colorado. this front is going to affect us here in the east. windy out of the north. we'll go to upper 60s today.
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clouds i did skies tonight, through tomorrow morning, slow clearing tomorrow. milder day, windy sunday in advance of quite warm temperatures. near a record high next tuesday. 5:53. our thursday drive is calm for the most part. i've got good news to share. first, your starting ride to the airport. dia, 16 minute d i can't. i-70 on the light side. looking at a live view of 270 vasquez with great conditions across the commerce city ride. good drive to the north. hov lanes late to open southbound along 25 they're now open and free to use as you make your way -- not technically free. they're free and open of this
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southbound i-25. tracking the intersection wreck near rap arapahoe and holly. colorado is celebrating
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. today is national
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national philanthropy day brings thousands around the world together to celebrate charitable engagement and giving. denver, centennial, colorado springs are among the areas. they'll be honored this morning at denver center for performing arts. that's cool. people across the country are angry with the results of the election. people in colorado one step forward. we'll tell you about the growing movement called cal exit. a look at the skyline in the dark morning hours, 5:57. amelia is tracking this accident and other trouble spots for you. we'll talk to her in a few minutes to make sure you get to
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. we know at least one man was badly hurt. we'll have a live report moment. president-elect donald trump will meet with president obama. he has invited trump to the oval office. >> people angry with the new president. people marching through the streets, blocking traffic in some cases damaging property. >> small crowd gathered in front


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