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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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just natives, but for all human beings. >> i have children, also. so i don't want them to feel the repercussions of the decisions that we've made. we've got a choice. we can make that difference if we stand together in solidarity. >> reporter: the camp has been here since april and in the past there have been clashes with law enforcement further up the road. this week it's been peaceful so far, but another challenge is coming, winter. just how long will people be we'll delve into that coming up don't at 5:00. at the standing rock reservation in north dakota maya rodriguez, 9news. >> maya, thanks. 9news reached out several times to energy transfer partners. they did not respond. scary moments for a driver oust 36 this morning, the boulder county sheriff's office says his truck window was blown out. the driver, a 44-year-old man
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on the boulder turnpike between the flatirons crossing and mccaslin exits. a car pulled up next to him and his driver's side window shattered. deputies found a bullet hole later. the suspect vehicle is described as an older white toyota or honda sedan. anything with information is asked to call northern crime stoppers at 1-800-222-tips. ? what so proudly we hailed ? ? dozens of people and veterans gathered at fort logan cemetery today to honor the men and women who have served and are serving our country. guest speakers from the colorado national guard and buckley air force base say today is a reminder of the sacrifices countless men and women have made and to make sure that we all live in freedom. >> they chose when called to serve in order to preserve the dreams of future americans and
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hero. they thought about banding together, getting the job done and just maybe survive. >> fort logan cemetery is one of four veterans cemeteries in our state. it's one of 135 in the united states. today president obama spent time honoring the men and women who serve our country now and those who served in the past. he started the day with a breakfast for veterans and their families and then laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier taking part in the cere amphitheater. the president spoke about sacrifice and service and encouraged everyone to come together despite having diverse views. >> veterans day often follows a hard fought political campaign, an exercise in the free speech and self-government that you fought for. it often lays bare disagreements across our nation, but the american
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isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common creed. to forge unity from our great diversity. >> there are nearly 22 million veterans currently living in the united states. highs in the 50s across the metro area today. normally november we'd say that was a nice day, but we've been so warm it's kind in the 9news backyard. i guess we need some rain or snow along with that, whatever we see in november. >> it was kind of a nice change of pace to have slightly cooler temperatures on tap this afternoon, but still plenty of sunshine out there whether you're out to western slope or across the eastern plains. it was a stunning friday afternoon, just a couple high level clouds with some blue skies, but yes, you kind of felt a little bit of that chill in the air as temperatures fell
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afternoon, highs reaching the upper 50s, low 60s across the front range. now we're at about 50 degrees in ray, mid-40s in leadville and we're kind of warming thing up, a little inversion going up in the high country, 64 in kremmling with more 60s further out to the western slope. the winds have been a bit breezy especially areas to the south and east of town like strasburg, watkins, south toward castle rock and centennial, too, wind gusts around 20 miles per hour. things are relatively doppler 9 i keep showing it just hoping maybe something will pop up, but now it is rasn bone across the state, so far across the country. it's looking like an extremely dry start to the weekend, a couple showers s just cruising into the south in louisiana and another storm system racing for the pacific northwest. the rest of the night in colorado and denver should be fantastic. a little chilly.
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a crisp evening, but look at that, a nice warm weekend to come. we've been kind of hinting at potentially a pattern switch-up happening by this time next week. new model data is in and i will let you know if i'm thinking those snowflakes are for the mountains or for us down here on the plains. >> but you put them on the screen. >> i did. >> they'll be somewhere. >> they will, yes finally, a change. >> i rush outside and say oh, yeah, that's where it looks like. >> it's finally been feeling at least like fall at nighttime. >> at nighttime, yes, but i think it's been about 30 days since we have seen really measurable precipitation in denver, so it hack a long time. >> could use -- has been a long time. >> could use that moisture. police are investigating a video circulating on social media showing a group punching and beating a man in chicago while witnesses shout you voted
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the video is difficult to watch. chicago police say the beating happened the day after the election. a 50-year-old man who reported he'd been battered after a traffic related altercation. the victim's vehicle was sideswiped by the offender's vehicle. footage of the attack was posted online. it shows a group of men, possibly teens, throwing a man to the ground and repeatedly punching him and beating him. bystanders shouted things like you voted trump and don't vote trump. police say it's not clear if politics even played the altercation. they are still investigating. it's donald trump's biggest staffing announcement since he won the election early this week. vice president elect mike pence will lead the transition team. pence replaces new jersey golf chris christie who -- governor chris christie who had the job before. trump said christie will serve as vice charm. former house speaker newt gingrich, retired -- vice
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newt gingrich, retired neurosurgeon ben carson and jeff sessions and more than a dozen others will also advice trump on transition issues. they include some of trump's kids, republican party chairman reince priebus and steve bannon, former brietbart executive. activist attorney gloria allred sat alongside summer zervos during a press conference, a on the apprentice. she says he made sexual advances towards her. allred said trump has an opportunity to act presidential and begin hissed can his candidacy -- candidacy a clean slate by retracting his statement calling her liar. >> it will be one of his
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or does he wish to retract and then we'll see. >> the president elect has denied all accusations of sexual misconduct by these women and has also threatened to sue them once taking office. tonight on next we invited viewers to talk politics with kyle clark. it's an honest conversation with two people who reached out to us. they don't agree on politics, but they did agree to have a conversation together with us. if you're interested, e- attention with the #heynext. >> there's a head, kyle's head popping up, okay. there were still some problems this afternoon after a water main break this morning on sixth avenue between logan and grant streets. crews are doing road repairs on eastbound east sixth avenue, so it's reduced to 1 lane. it will last overnight. denver water is looking into the exact causing. the 16-inch cast iron water
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years old. since 1960 families have turned to a nonprofit organization for help, the mountain states children's home, and now for the first time since the 1980s the home is expanding services. 9news reporter nelson garcia shows us what that means for kids in need. >> and they had us come up like that. >> reporter: amanda lives in a place that's about family. >> so i went to oklahoma to live with my grandparents and they they sent me here. >> reporter: here is the mountain state's children home in longmont, a place for kids they call wounded. >> we work with children who come from what i call troubled family situations. >> reporter: when amanda and other kid aren't in class, they're -- kids aren't in class, they're in counseling or other places to help them heal those wounds. >> they help me feel better about myself and have more confidence. >> reporter: just like a
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cottages. >> we have a husband and wife team. >> it's nice because i have like a family. i did not really have one when i wasn't here. >> reporter: and it's now about to get bigger. for the first time in about 30 years mountain states is opening a new cottage increasing capacity by 33%. >> what we're seeing is there are a lot of families that are struggling and single parents that need our help. >> reporter: and teens like amanda. >> we get to accept more people and they get to get help and little nervous, but that's okay. >> reporter: teens who may finally find their family. >> i had a lot of memories here. i've experienced a lot here. >> reporter: nelson garcia, 9news. >> the mountain states children's home operates solely on donations. so we can help families if they can't afford it. the home plans to expand again next year with the construction of another cottage. >> it's great to see.
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help your neighbors in colorado tomorrow. it is our 34th annual 9cares colorado shares food and clothing drive. >> we'd love to see everyone. belen deleon is at king soopers at colorado and yale getting an early start on everything. belen? >> reporter: oh, yes. thankful to the people that already -- there are people and viewers that come up to us at 9cares colorado shares and they say i have been storing this food for a while us look forward to 9 cares colorado shares. thank you so much. for those of you who haven't, you still have time. guys, i have great news. you're probably asking what is she doing at a king soopers? king soopers is a great partner of ours with 9cares colorado shares. we're putting our money where our mouth is and i have been granted permission by the boss
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i may not be able to shop for clothes, but i can shop for some kids because i've got three kids. so we'll be spending $1,000 finding things like nonperishable food and finding products and items for babies and we'll be kind of scouring the store. i want to invite people to join us on facebook live. here's the reason. we are streaming my shopping spree on facebook live. so if things i should get or things our community may be in need of, please let me know and i'll gladly look into it. what a tough job for me to look through the aisles, buy things and not have to look at the price tag. this is a truly great experience for me and us at 9news to gather our community and say hey, everyone, this is something positive for our
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you'll see many of our 9news personalities at our five metro locations and if you're watching us on the western slope or even on the eastern plains, there's also locations there where you can donate. so find those locations on again join us on facebook live. i'm going to go in and shop and spend a little money and i'll see you guys later in the show. >> you just gave me flashbacks to supermarket sweep. did ei >> no. >> they'd always run to the back of the store and try to find the most expensive things and load up the cart with hams. i'm curious to see how many carts you can cram $1,000 worth of stuff in. plan. >> reporter: i think the good -- in. >> reporter: i think the good news about this is i don't have to come under a certain budget. them just tossed me into the story and said go ahead and shop. >> happy shopping. >> that will be fun to watch.
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the man some call the donald trump of britain has got some words about the actual donald trump. >> some women are dashing out to get long acting birth control. we'll tell you why. >> it's donald trump's washington, so how will he lead? who will be part of his team? he met with president obama and leaders on capital hill in an admit to begin on bill. we'll find answers to our questions in the coming days. when the history books are written, the 2016 election will be as much about how hillary clinton lost than it will be about how donald trump won, hillary clinton's inability to duplicate even a part of the obama coalition is a big reason she came up short. we'll dive into the numbers
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stocks closed mostly higher on wall street after a post election rally earlier in the week. the dow gained 39, s&p slipped 3 and the nasdaq added 28
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donald trump of britain is talking about donald trump, the american one who is about to become president. british foreign minister boris johnson said, "people should focus on the opportunities and not the problems." johnson said trump has spoken of a spectacular relationship with the uk and wants to sign a free trade deal. president obama said earlier this year that the uk would be at the back of the line for a trade deal if they voted trump said in may that would not be the case if he became president. >> he's, after all, a dealmaker. he wants to do a free trade deal and i believe this is a great opportunity for us in the uk to build on that relationship with america that is a fundamental economic important matter to us, but also great importance to the stability and prosperity to the world.
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pence spoke to johnson yesterday. johnson tweeted, "we agreed on importance of the special relationship and need to tackle global challenges together." johnson told european leaders to stop the collective windrama over the victory of donald trump. some women are trying to get long term birth control worried that if mandatory insurance coverage is gone, they won't be able to get coverage that way. donald trump promised to end obamacare, but it is not likely to happen on the day he is inaugurated. it is possible if the affordable care act is never overturned, certain coverage could be weakened or removed like birth control. mayor bill de blasio of new york has promised that won't happen there. >> we have a lot of tools at our disposal. we're going to use them.
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with house speaker paul ryan yesterday and took a softer tone with obamacare. he said he wants to fix it, make it more affordable. there are currently 22 million people covered under the affordable care act. the maker of epipens became a household name this year when the president of mylan pharmaceuticals had to answer for price hike over 700% for the life saving drug. if you think that was bad, think again. >> 9wan looking at rising drug prices and has a list of 100 drugs that have either doubled, tripled or gone even higher in the past few years. >> how did this happen? what can patients do? our series side effects starts monday on 9news and >> lots of people can relate to that one. >> oh, my goodness, it is a frustrating world out there. there is another great event happening tomorrow night.
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big names, but it's really
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welcome back, everyone. we're pretty excited about a very special event. this weekend in denver be beautiful be yourself fashion show. we'll talk about that in a moment. michelle ci who is the founder and ceo of the global downs syndrome foundation is here, frank stevens who is an incredible advocate is joining us. we'll talk about what you're
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for those who don't know about the global downs syndrome foundation, what's it about? >> we support research and medical care benefiting people with downs syndrome and our science is housed at the anschutz medical campus. we now have over 30 labs and over 100 scientists dedicated to research of benefiting people with downs syndrome from zero just like six years ago. >> right. >> we do medical care at children's hospital at the c center for downs syndrome there and now from 27 states and seven countries. >> it is such a jewel for us in colorado. >> it's fabulous. >> at this fashion show big, big names and this year big name as always, hilary swank and we can rattle off all these celebrities and peyton manning, everything, but the quincy jones advocacy award is kind of the highlight. whatever person is chosen each
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that honor. tell us what that means for you. >> i feel honored, but it's not really about me. it's more about all of us who work so hard for inclusion. >> you have worked very hard for that. you've rattled some cages at the highest lincoln memorial of understanding how important it is to include everyone about the abilities of everyone is what you talk about. >> yes. >> i know in this fashion show and i have some pictures to share, jamie foxx, really big name people, but you know what? the fashion show is an experience. you have to see everybody there walk the runway and i know you're going to walk the runway. what are you looking the most forward to? >> well, the pretty girls, of course.
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kids and the lives that people can only dream of having and that's what makes me happy. >> yeah. it fills you up. michelle, i think that's part of what the message you get across so well every day. >> sure. >> look at the abilities in every single person and the beauty in everybody you see. >> absolutely. although our focus is research in medical care, everything we do we do in a foundation of social justice. we're equal. we're different, but we're equal and we have to advocate for that in washington d.c. frank helped us with that and we have great people working on our fashion show. we have maureen canon who is our chair. without her a lot of this wouldn't be happening and our former chair helped us with her husband ernie to get peyton of
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emcee with you. people really step up and want to make a difference. >> we'll have the website linked online and social media as well. get involved. you can be part of it. we are so fortunate this is happening and has been for many years in our city. we know you have a flash and world -- national and worldwide reach right here and it's special. >> it's special. >> enjoy walking the runway, frank. >> i wi >> i will.
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the fallout from the abrupt closure of heritage college is hitting former students a second time around. the school issued refund checks to some students, but at least one of those that we know about bounced. 9wants to know reporter anastasiya bolton talked to that student and went with her to heritage college to try to get some answers >> well, of course, i'm really upset. >> reporter: upset and confused. >> i don't understand any of it because the numbers are different on every piece of paper there. >> reporter: dawn brown is one of the victims of the heritage college abrupt closure november 1st. she was weeks away from completing her degree. she's uncertain how and when that will happen and all of a sudden she's $16,000 in debt. >> according to one of the papers, it looks like i owe $16,000. >> reporter: she's confused.
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they told me that i was fully funded and i asked if i was bev going to have to pay the money -- ever going to have to pay the money back and they told me no, that i was fully funded. that meant to me that i had full grant money and whatever other loans were supposed to cover it that were going to be covering me and i was going to school for free. >> reporter: dawn said hair taken college was giving her refund checks, four total, the latest one to start her own business. >> i'm still hoping i can open up my own business. i'm sorry. it's just going to take a little bit now, you know. and i'm hoping that i get all the certificates and the associate's degree and everything in a was supposed to get.
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>> reporter: since we met dawn on campus we wet with her looking for someone in heritage college management. my name is dawn brown. >> no thank you. >> reporter: i want to know why my check bounced. >> we're not going to be able to do it this way. >> that isn't fair. >> we have a website that you can go to and it can be taken care of there. >> reporter: sir, the website doesn't say anything. it doesn't help anyone. >> does your check bounce? >> reporter: the unknown gentleman wasn't willing to help. he told us he'd ll police. dawn left confused still. >> since they're calling the police maybe whoever wrote the checks and signed them and gave them to everybody, maybe they should be arrested, right? just saying because that's against the law. >> reporter: anastasiya bolton, 9news. >> we called lakewood police and jefferson county sheriff's office wondering if need gotten the call -- if they'd gotten
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that location today. if you're affected by the college shutting down, we'll have resources and links on that might help. we are in for another mild and warm weekend. >> meteorologist danielle grant is in the 9news backyard and we get a little blast of warm a little bit more before we might go to something more seasonable? >> something typical for november, right? we'll watch temperatures soar once again to the 60s this finally by this time next week we'll be hopefully maybe bundled up in those coats and feeling a little more like fall around here. up in the high country it has been so stunning. not only do they have gorgeous blue skies -- i'm sure they wished they were snowy skies, but mother nature has been helping them keeping it cool and keeping the snow guns working doing their magic. this is the view at loveland ski area and beyond, so
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to and fro classes, but still a stunning sunset in the distance. the drought monitor to up to date, conditions not the best in parts of california and around colorado nearly the entire state at abnormally dry. you can see the area the area j slade darker under moderate drought including the denver metro area up to fort collins, even parts of the foothills, the central mountains and across the south eastern plains, too. we're desperate to see some storms around here, some rain, snow, hey, we'll take it. from september 1st we've only had basically about a 1/2 inch of rain. out at dia typically we should have a little more than 2 inches. so you can kind of see where we are faring at this time. we reached 60 degrees once again, about 5 degrees above average at the airport, upper 50s in greeley, 50s for the eastern plains, cool in the mountains. we saw temperatures in the 50s
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60s, rifle and grand junction looking pretty good, 66. now at the airport winds are picking up a bit at dia out of the southeast about their teen miles per hour. we're wasping for mostly cloudy and -- watching for mostly cloudy skies and temperatures around 58 degrees. in the 9news backyard it feels comfortable, temperatures coming at us at about 56 today. i hope you enjoy it. if you're a fan of the cooler temperatures, we have them now, but waiting on this within and will form across the central u.s. keeping us nice and warm yet again. to the west there's a storm system pushing in bringing a little light rain to the coastline of washington, oregon and northern california. we'll take you to new england where yes, they're bracing for a little light snowfall along the higher peaks. for us we have seen some in spots. if you go real high up, there is out at rocky mountain national park alpine visitor
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road still open. high pressure as i mentioned still pretty much the dominant feature across the u.s. that's keeping our jet stream well up to the north keeping all the storms well up to the north and it's keeping us relatively dry for the next week or so. tonight 33 degrees, mostly clear skies, winds kicking up a bit out of the southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. that sunrise at sun 40 tomorrow morning. tonight cool especially across eastern colorado where overnight lows dip into the mid- up in the high country we'll see a couple spots like alamosa dip into the teen overnight. i'll show you futurecast. you can keep an eye out toward the san juans. possibly we might have a little flurry along the high peaks, but no real accumulation. by 11:00 tonight clear skies across eastern colorado which will allow for radiational cooling to allow our temperatures to dip into the 20s, a few clouds late in grand
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way we wake up -- grand junction, but otherwise this is the way we wake up. by 5:00 mostly clear across the state, no storm in sight till we maybe get to sunday. we might find a little light snowfall in northern colorado but not that impressive. tomorrow about 69, mostly sunny skies in the city, mild and dry and across the state it will once again be a warm one, too, high temperatures climbing close to 70 ee northeastern colorado, about 55 degrees in aspen, low 60s in grand junction. for the foothills we'll hover in the mid-50s out in blackhawk, a little warmer in evergreen and bailey, about 70 degrees in littleton, brighton, low 70s in longmont. with all this sunshine it should help warm us up quite a bit. the wind kick up a bit sunday.
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grazes northern colorado. then our temperatures soar back to the 70s and we could break some records the saturday of next week, on wednesday 78 and finally that next storm system still looks on track to hit colorado. however right now it's mainly gearing toward the mountain areas. mountain areas look to potentially get some decent snowfall, but for us we'll just kick up the winds keeping it cool around here, 42 degrees perhaps by next friday. tomorrow is 9 cares colorado shares, temperatures chilly in the morning, but by afternoon it will warm up quite nicely. my colleague meteorologist belen deleon has been having way too much fun out there at king soopers. you told me you got the boss' credit card and you ran. what are you going to get?
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i have to show you everything i got. look at this. when you look at all this and i'm not done, you can't but smile and know this is going to lots of people in our community. one in seven people in colorado worry about where they're getting their next meal and half of those are children. told we'll be waiting -- tomorrow we'll be waiting for you hoping for th nonperishable food. i got some cut green beans here, uncle ben's, mac and cheese and on this other cart i've got some item for babies. i've got some -- let's see if somebody wants to cook up a little pie, there you have your pumpkin, flour, bisquick. we hope people pick up a couple
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7:00. the drive ends at 4 p.m. so come out. besides nonperishable food you can bring gently used clothing because we're partnering with our friends from arc thrift stores. if you can't make it, please bring a donation. we've got a bucket. we can't wait to fill it up with your money. we know the weather will be really nice tomorrow, but we hope folks can take maybe a minute to their item. if you don't want to come out to one of our locations, you can buy one of these boxes at a king soopers and this box will feed about 35 meals to a family in need, so many ways to help. >> that's fun. most of us get there and forget one or two item. >> wasting no time with the credit card either.
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we've been doing a facebook live. we'll post more videos and we need their help. dem us what you think we should get -- tell us what you think we should get. it's a very good way to feel good and get some positivity around here. >> yes. thank you, belen. before or after 9 cares you can head to some other great events this weekend. >> there's a whole lot going on. we've got you covered weekend's nine things to do, some great ways to honor our
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well, we hate to let you go into a weekend expecting to be bored and if it's friday, we got nine things to do to help fix that. you can find them on the 9news appear and we'll -- 9news app and >> you don't have to do all nine. >> if you do, you could make a whole social media thing about it. we probably would give you some money. >> yeah. it may the feel like mountains. loveland and arapahoe basin are open for the season. each resort only has one run now for skiers and boarders, but they are open. keystone plans to open friday. winter park plans to open november 23rd. still haven't heard about breckenridge. if you're ready to go to a galaxy far, far away, star wars and the power of the costume
4:45 pm
it features more than 70 original costumes designed for the seven films of the series. you'll find uniforms of pilots, chewbacca and lavish gowns and the art museum said they wanted to reimagine the exhibit for denver. >> we knew it was about creative process, but we didn't know what exactly. so we did a lot of research and thought we wanted to include and went to lucas museum and proposed these are the types of thing we want, concept art, paintings, embroidery patterns and dress making patterns, fabrics and they helped us find those things. >> if you're geeking out half as much as we are, again that exhibit opens sunday and yes, you can hear people stampeding towards it. it's staying open till april 2nd. >> they'll be busy.
4:46 pm
been so darn nice, admission is free at the denver botanic gardens on york street. no tickets are needed, just stroll on in. there will be special foods, free days for regular garden hours only. they don't include ticketed events. get a head start on your holiday shopping. the winter gift market is open 9:00 to 5:00. wings over the rockies honoring veterans day sunday wi creating a runway of honor placing commemorative bricks during the ceremony. it's under the big b52 at the entrance from 1 to 2 p.m. it's free and there will be seating available. >> nice. the denver veterans day parade and festival is tomorrow. the parade is, of course, the big kickoff. >> it starts at 10 a.m. local vetted rans and supporters will start -- veterans and supporters will start their march at 14th street and colfax.
4:47 pm
the military history from the revolutionary war on through modern times. >> the weather will be so nice. there will be a festival between noon and 3:00 at civic center park there. will be food and military displays and a race on sunday, a 5k and 10k. 100% of your registration goes directly to helping vets. the race starts at 8:00. all the deil and the 9news mobile app. >> i feel like we packed more than nine things into that. i think there's more, too. let us know if you do them all. it's important to honor our veterans today and also every day. >> one special group marks 75
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this december will mark the upcoming 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. the number of pearl harbor veterans still alive this decembe upcoming 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. the number of pearl harbor veterans alive today is shrinking, but one of them who survived the bombing of the uss arizona lives here in colorado. >> he talked with 9news reporter maya rod, to ellis story about that day and now -- maya rodriguez, told his story about that day and now the efforts to save his life. >> reporter: some dates are seared into people's memories.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: and some bear the scars of those dates. >> these are all skin grafts. >> reporter: world war ii veteran donald stratton is one of them. >> the explosion clear back to here and blowed all this off. >> reporter: in his colorado springs home sits a model of the strip stratton once called home, the uss arizona, a ship that now sits at the bottom of pearl harb battleship or anything before that. >> reporter: he was assigned to the uss arizona during a time of peace until that ill fated december day in 1941. >> heard some sailors yelling and hollering and pointing and went out to have a look and seen them dropping bombs.
4:52 pm
were dropping bombs on pearl harbor. stratton went back to the battle station one deck above the bridge. then the ship took a hit. >> it blew up. blew 110-foot of the ship clear off and a fireball was near, fire 800 feet in the air just engulfed us. >> reporter: stratton was now on fire, as were other sailors. >> just a ball of fire we were inside, no way to escape from it. >> reporter: stratton and several of hi waved down a smaller repair ship which was next to the arizona. >> we had no way to get off the platform. we got the attention of a seaman on board a vessel and he throwed us a line that was real small like nine thread or so. >> reporter: it was a literal lifeline. >> throwed it across and tied a heavier line on it and we pulled it across to the
4:53 pm
handrail and proceeded to go across the line to the vessel. >> reporter: the mystery seaman on the vessel was this man, joe george. joanne taylor is one of his daughters who lives in arkansas. >> we all knew he'd been to pearl harbor, but he never told us anything about what happened. >> reporter: part of the story goes like this. in saving the live of stratton and five other men joe broke the rules. he disobeyed a direct order from his commanof had ordered joe to cut the line because their ship was under fire and needed to get out of the harbor. joe refused. >> my father was a rebellious sort. he did rebellious things. >> irregardless he risked his life to save six other live. >> reporter: donald stratton's son randy. >> we're not shooting for the moon. we just want him to be recognized for what he did that day. >> reporter: for the past 11 years stratton and his family
4:54 pm
six lives he saved that day. >> this guy, he put his life on the line. they were shooting at the guys. if they would have cut the lines, they would have perished. he didn't have to do, that but he did. >> reporter: joe passed away a few years ago, but his daughter joanne says he never doubted his decision that day. >> i know he said he would do it all over again and my dad had no regrets about doing that. i mean he just dent. >> reporter: no prepares to remember all those who died and survived pearl harbor donald stratton prepares to remember the man who saved him as well as those who weren't as lucky. >> we lost so many men you can't even imagine what it was like. i think about it every day. why the good lord spared me, i don't know.
4:55 pm
i'll be aboard the ship with my shipmates and pay them a little homage, but i made it. >> reporter: a gratitude he also shares with joe george. maya rodriguez, 9news. >> because of the loss of military records and because there are no longer any co eyewitnesses to stratton's account, the navy told the strattons there's little they can do to honor joe george. >> the stratton family says they are still going to try and continue to lobby members of congress for help. we would like to thank our sister station in little rock for their work on the story with us. >> donald stratton will be part of a 9news special on the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor airing in december. >> 9news reporter gary shapiro
4:56 pm
memorial services and share the unique perspective of colorado survivors who have to tell
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4:59 pm
we hope to see you at 9 cares tomorrow. well hope you have a good veterans day, veterans day weekend and go broncos. make it a good weekend. >> stick around. next at 5:00 protests over the dakota access pipeline are still going over se last. >> also ahead a 126-year-old pipe caused some major problems for drivers in denver. >> honoring our veterans with flags over i-25 and a message from von von miller next on 9news. >> this is 9news. the standing rock protests camp in north dakota with stood changes in the weather since it started more than seven months ago. the camp is filled with people
5:00 pm
a nearby oil pipeline. standing rock is near the border between north and south dakota, about a 10 hour drive from denver. so we sent 9news reporter maya rodriguez and photojournalist anne herbst up there where changes in the weather could create new problems for those protesters. >> reporter: spring, summer, fall, those are the seasons that the people here at the standing rock camp have withstood sense april, but an even stronger challenge may be around the corner, winter. they cl protectors. >> we're all from all over the world. >> reporter: but at standing rock camp the protectors are also the protesters. >> we're winning because we've got a moral high ground. >> reporter: bengie buffalo is one of them, his white tent now a canvas. >> i should turn them in for graffiti. >> reporter: where people in this camp are leaving their personal mark. >> people all over the world. i figure from now on, all these


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