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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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meet eric, lives in lakewood, voted for hillary clinton in the election. would like you to meet nick, livers in littleton-- lives in littleton, voted for donald trump. nick and eric met along with me for the third wheel at rose bud coffee in denver. >> how do you feel? >> i feel cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: is th thought you would feel? >> actually, i was smug to be honest. >> reporter: you didn't think he would win? >> no. >> reporter: do you regret your vote? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> like waking up from a dream thinking, worst case scenario, this happened and you are in that haze. >> i want to understand why did you vote for a candidate like trump when he says and has done some of the things like that? i think a lot of people get, did
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candidate? again, that is just my opinion. morally i can't support demiseing women, being racist, almost, to a point of i want to deport people. >> i don't believe it was necessarily racist-- >> it came off that way. >> it came off that way, i don't believe it necessarily was. all be it, i didn't agree with which it was said. he was the best chance the ideals as a republican that i have. there are going to be people that disagree with me and that is fine. that is why i love this country. we can disagree with each other. >> my thing is, do you vote for your party just because it is your party? >> there is just no way i could in good conscience vote for a democratic candidate for president.
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different races, just some of his political stances that he is going to go forward it. it is fearful. >> reporter: do you get those fears? >> i do. but i think the rhetoric that is said in a campaign and the realty of when you actually have to govern are two separate things. you know, as a hispanic male, i can understand the fear that some people, you know, have with that. >> reporter: how often do you have conversations like this? >> typicallynl person that agrees with me, that is who i will have a conversation with. >> this is what baffles me about society now, why can't we have a simple, respectful conversation about it? your view may be different, his view is different from mine, mine is different from his, but we don't have to beat the snot out of each other. >> reporter: thank you guys for sitting down for a civil conversation, one of, i hope will be the first of many to come, but appreciate the spirit in which you guys came together
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>> appreciate it. >> you bet. thank you. >> nice meeting you. lets just talk, not about agree, it is about moving toward understanding. what our neighbors think and why they vote the way they do. if you are interested in honest conversation with next as the third wheel, e mail us or eynext, and look for a big
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super moon over ports authority. never mind that it is raiders colors, we think it is beautiful just the same. tonight's moon is not technically a super moon, but for photographers it could actually be betterment for one, there is less cloud cover tonight. if your attempt at a photo last night kind of looked fuzzy marsh mallo, we invite you-- mark mellow, we invite you to try again tonight. >> shoot the moon by itself. it looks a lot better if you can incorporate with some buildings, trees, mountains, anything else to give a point of reference, get the moon at the horizon t will be its biggest as it sets and comes up, put on tripod manual focus and i recommend
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the last thing is take a picture and the moon sawhite blob-- moon is a white blob, hope and pray for the best as far as clear weather. a beautiful night to practice those tips. the moon is, in fact, rising over downtown denver as we speak, i am meteorologist kathy sabine. 35 days without measurable precipitation here in denver, that is the 12th longest streak since the 1940s and the num bers in the 70s about 20 degre year. we are head under to record territory, but for 2 more days, and then that low in the gulf of alaska is headed our way. it promises to bring cold and snow to some portions of the northern rockies and our mountains in time for the thanksgiving holiday and for holiday skiers. lower elevations, probably rain, briefly mixing with snow. not expecting accumulation but you will notice the drop in temperatures. e-- notice the drauchl in temperatures, out of the 70s
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highs way above average. 41 with fair skies tonight. big beautiful moon just pras full. tomorrow-- past full. tomorrow, southwest winds getting us to 76, almost 80 wednesday. rain and snow coming in thursday into friday. friday is dry but just a cold day, mid 40s, low 50s saturday, and a warming trend that will continue right into next week. the sunset tonight is spectacular. if you get a sunrise, sunset, or moon shot, send those and we next. >> thanks. denver water workers do so much more than read your meter, a group recently went more than 4,000 feet under colorado to look at a 23-mile long concrete tunnel. the roberts tunnel starts in summit county and it trucks water from dillan reservoir under the continental divide into the north folk of the south plat river in clark county. that was easy to follow thchlt water makes it to us in the front range. denver water drained the 54-year-old tunnel for its
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it looks like some terrible water park ride, to be honest with you. so glad that that is not our job and so glad that denver water is so good at theirs. our next question comes from one of our talented photo journalists here, she saw strange squares near the corner of 16th and market in denver and she set out in search of an explanation, along with our steve staeger. >> we are at 16th and market. >> reporter: so many people are so busy inow may not have even noticed the giant squares in the ground, or the big black box next to them. what is the deal? courtney stel has the answer. >> black cube is the traditional idea of a museum on its head. >> reporter: really on its head. this is not one of the brick and mortar museums, though bricks for a big part. >> i thought of this location right off the bat because it is one of few locations in the heart of denver that i would
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abstract art so i will try to explain this as best i can. the artist who built this imagined there were actually ancient ruins under the ground here. there actually aren't. >> the notion is this was actually a preaztek in denver? >> precisely. buildings and sort of fake history. it begs question about our history and what we are building buildings. >> reporter: get that? check it while you can, during the day or at night, because this museum is a nomad and won't be here for long. >> explore the art work, by curious. >> reporter: steve staeger, for next. >> the museum should be through march and the area becomes just another construction site for another apartment building. this very studio went dark this morning while 9 news was on the air. power went out in our whole
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customers were in the dark. xcel energy said it was the result of a squirrel in a power line, poor buddy. they say go big or go home, i think the squirrel did both. god speed, little buddy. god speed. nothing will bring little sparky back, but thousands of you astonish us with your
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your e mails remind me that i am a light weight but i am 2,000 times my body weight, 9 cares, colorado shares brought 347,000 pounds of food. that will help a lot of our neighbors, cash donations are still being tallied. thank you so much for your generosity. mark p. writes i like lets just talk, a great idea where am work. brian says thanks for sitting to talk, can't get anybody on facebook to talk, maybe i need kyle clark. maybe your facebook needs to
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voteed for hillary? it is not an interesting question, donald trump is our president elect. it is his administration we are looking forward to. michelle, took a week off from the news to center myself. thanks, next, for helping me find my way back.
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together? we are breaking clues for reconciliation, and what jen told "e.t." >> bizarre advice from her ex's ex. what she thinks went wrong with their romance. plus, a beverly hills "90210" reunion. how the cast is supporting shannen doherty in her cancer fight. >> and our new interview with andy cohen telling all about his famous brand.
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bad blood with taylor swift? >> i think she probably thought i was being shadyy >> why she may never speak to him again. >> i'm just a moron. >> now, for november 14th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." are jennifer garner and ben affleck getting back together? >> there are a lot of signs. we have new video of the couple looking a lot like a family, which leads to the question, will their marriage be mended in time for the holidays? here comes the first sign all the divorce talk could be over. ben and jen took the whole family to church on sunday. ben dutifully carrying two trays of baked goods. ben, more reserved and he left a little early. but the big picture, they sure looked like a couple. jen, however, was solo the night before. she partied with pals and was presented with an honor by matthew mcconaughey.


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