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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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services -- homeless people still camping ou in downtown denver. now police are saying once again -- get out or be sweeped out. priebus for chief of staff. bannon for chief strategist. and now the speculation begins for trump's cabinet picks. so... who's next? good morning everyone. cheryl, gary, and corey with you now. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- today is going to be even hotter than
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today is the last
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people have to pack up their things and get off the streets in downtown denver. police are sweeping up the city's sidewalks once again. 9news reporter andrew sorensen is live in downtown
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homeless people living in this camp told us yesterday police were warning them to move on. they're saying anything they can't carry will be thrown away. this is the third time police have swept these homeless camps this year. they pushed a camp out of this area in march. they cleared another camp from the national western complex in september. and now they're doing it again. mayor michael hancock says these camps are unsanitary and dangerous. but some of the homeless are suing-- saying the city is illegally seizing and destroying their stuff. their lawyer, jason flores-williams thinks it's all about gentrification. jason flores- williams/attorney mayor michael hancock/ city of denver we don't know exactly what time police will come in to clear this up. but they typically come every day to pick up trash in the morning. we'll bring you more as it happens.
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house staff -- speculations are flying about who else will be on team trump. so far -- he's announced reince priebus as chief of staff -- and steve bannon as top advisor. a big name in play -- former new york city mayor rudy giuliani -- who helped propel trump to the presidency. multiple reports say giuliani is a top contender for trump's secretary
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u-n ambassador john bolton and senator bob corker -- who is chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. other names in the mix -- former missouri senator jim talent for the head of the defense department. he is highly regarded in conservative defense circles. for press secretary -- reports say radio host laura ingraham could be a top contender. and a possible pick for treasury secretary is steven mnunchin -- who was trump's campaign finance chair. exactly a ek and we finally know the results of the social marijuana vote here in denver. it's a yes. 9news reporter jessica oh is taking a look at how the vote turned out. jessica, it was a pretty close vote... yes, which is why we're just now learning the results. the social marijuana vote passed by -- just over 17 thousand votes. the final count: 53 to 46 percent. this means, in a few months - people will be able to legally use marijuana at some businesses in denver.
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businesses to apply for permits to let customers use marijuana. they'll do this by creating "consumption areas." restaurants, bars, gyms -- even yoga studios have expressed interest. there are some requirements, like approval from the neighborhood. plus, people can only smoke marijuana outside. customers will be restricted to vaping or consuming edibles indoors. this has been a controversial topic - since amendemnt 69 was passed in colorado. election officials were counting earlier yesterday, they told us about some things that were slowing down the counting process. denver's city council has 60 days to write up the rules - for how businesses should go about applying for a permit.
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lot to talk about with this vote, including concerns. the colorado restaurant association strongly opposed the ordinance when it came to on the table - more than a year ago. we'll go into details in one hour. another vote all counted up -- the presidential race in new hampshire. ends up hillary clinton won there -- by less than one- percent of the vote. that means she tacks on four electoral college votes. trump's edge in is now at 290 to 232. only michigan is left to count. someone in denver has committed an unforgivable act -- writing in patriot's head coach bill belichick to be president of the united states. the denver elections division discovered that as they finished counting up votes. by the way broncos fans don't worry -- that vote doesn't count because write in candidates have to
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the last of three suspects charged in the killing of a 61-year-old man has now been convicted. this man -- derek webb is facing life in prison for the crime. denver investigators say webb, along with chad baluska and eric fuhs, went to samuel grady's home back in may 20-15 -- and shot the 61-year-old man in the back. the men then stole his wallet and truck. a judge will sentence webb on december 16th. we're waiting to see if police will charge anyone after a car hit and killed someone crossing the street in the cap hill neighborhood last night. denver police say the man was crossing grant street and eleventh when the car hit him. the driver did stay at the scene. officers say their priliminary investigation shows the man was crossing against the light.
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hour -- but one thing drivers usually don't have to deal with... a plane on the road. but that's what anyone on the interstate around 5-30 monday evening saw. the pilot says he didn't have enough fuel to make it back to the airport in rifle -- so he chose to make an emergency stop landing on the highway. no one was hurt --
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but it did take a few hours to get that plane to the closest exit ramp. the netflix documentary 'making a murderer' shined a bright light on a case in wisconsin... after spending nearly a decade in prison, one of the men brendan dassey could make it home for thanksgiving. the latest in the murder mystery, is next. and after... the next gem on -- denver's original steakhouse. with exotic animals both surrounding you, and on your plate. that's at 5-20. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like?
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new zealand
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helping about one- thousand tourists and hundreds of residents today -- who are stranded after a powerful earthquake cut them off. the area around kaikoura is said to be the hardest hit -- and now its only accessible by air. the quake caused cracks in the roads -- and landslides are cutting off all other means of transportaion. many buildings were damaged as well. there are also communities without electricity or running water -- and they're beginning to run shor there were strong aftershocks today, about a dozen of them according to officials. the tsunami alert has been lifted, but they're still warning people to stay away from the shore. the defense force says it started carrying people
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helicopter around nine a-m local time. that was about one p-m yesterday afternoon for us. a navy ship is due to arrive in the area tomorrow morning. an organization that has the jurisdiction to prosecute people for international war crimes says u-s service members and the c-i-a may have tortured detainees in afghanistan. the international criminal court says in a report released monday -- the u-s armed forces personnel appear to have subjected at least 61 people to then c-i-a operatives may have tortured at least 27 in about the same time period. prosecutors say they'll decide soon about investigating further. a jury in georgia has reached a verdict in a case that got a lot of attention. a father accused of murdering his son by intentinoally leaving him inside a hot car -- has been found guilty. justin ross hariss left his 22-month- old son cooper in a
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in there for seven hours -- strapped in his car seat. prosecutors argued harris wanted to escape his marriage and the responsiblities of being a parent. but his ex-wife and defense team say it was just a tragic accident. harris now faces life in prison. sentencing is set for next month. brendan dassey -- the man featured in the netflix documentary 'marking a murderer' is set to be released from prison. his homicide conviction was overturned over the summer when a judge ruled investigators tricked him into confessing he helped his uncle murder photographer teresa halback in 2005. but prosecutors are trying to appeal. a judge ordered his release yesterday -- and says he hopes
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the mayor of flint, michigan will call on the city council to support her renewal of the city's state of emergency today. mayor karen weaver signed the declaration last year because of the city's ongoing water crisis. it was set to expire monday -- but the city's water still isn't safe. today she's calling on the city council to support the renewal of the state of emergency which allows the federal emergency management agency to assist. the wildfires in the southeast are still burning out of control. this picture from smoke. thousands of firefighters are working to contain it all. there are warnings for people who live there to stay inside -- and air quality alerts are now in place from atlanta to nashville. investigators are looking to see if some of the 70 wildfires are arson. the fuel for the fires is tinder-dry bush -- and they're hard to contain because of low humidity, gusting winds, and record-
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veteran journalist
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co-anchor gwen ifill has passed away. she died in hospice care in washington d-c monday. she was suffering a battle with cancer. she was a former newspaper reporter who switched to t-v. ifill moderated two vice-presidential debates -- and most recently moderated last february's democratic presidential primary debate.
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there is a place in denver that will transform west. it is our lastest stop on our tour of some colorado gems the buckhorn exchange has occupied this corner of downtown at 13th and osage. it is a national historic landmark and western museum. go inside and you'll see taxadermy dating back well over a hundred years. they do not add to the collection of animals - just preserve the ones already here. for 6 generations, presidents, movie stars and royalty have heard about buckhorn and made a point to stop in to
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you won't find another place that looks like buckhorn on the inside and won't find another menu like it either. rattlesnake, alligator tail, and the house special...rocky mountain oysters. we'll tell you some of the most interesting and bizarre history of the buckhorn exchange coming up next hour. want to live like
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want to live like marty mcfly? you may not be able to ride in the dorlean -- but nike is offering another
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the future. but it'll come at a
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get ready to pay hundreds of dollars for them. nike has confirmed it's selling the back to the future inspired sneaker -- but for 720-bucks. nike planned to release them this month -- but now pushed the availability back to december first. a button on the tongue of the shoe will let the user tighten or loosen the laces. the one person who's confident in donald trump's picks for the new administration - is donald trump... seems like everyone else -- is either questioning his picks, or vehemently defending them. more on that when
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getting advice from all sides. now new discussion about how his cabinet picks will help him go from trump the candidate -- to trump the president. one family seeking solace -- now t cabinet picks will help from go from trump the candidate to trump the president. >> we owe it to charlene's family and community to do everything we can to bring home. >> a family seeking solless now that one of their own has been missing four months. a search that must be done for answers 35 days and counting, not a drop of snow or rain in the mile high city. those wishing for the city to be covered in white, well we could get a taste coming up. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. gary, corey, cheryl. thursday or friday, something


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