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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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violent turn in north dakota with reports of tear gas and rubber bullets being used by police. and president elect trump's transition continues today. who he could possibly tap for one of three positions coming up. plus- macy's day parade preps are underway-- which celebrities are priming their voices ahead of performances this thanksgiving just ahead. good morning i'm corey-- here with gary, cheryl and marty.
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downtown denver. but it sounds like it should be a pretty nice day. clashes pushed
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of the dakota access pipeline and law enforcement.. deputies say hundreds of extremely "aggressive activists" tried breaking through a police barrier... the activists say law enforcement responded to them by firing tear gas and rubber bullets .... they also say firefighters intentionally sprayed them with a water cannon in sub-freezing temperatures. however, a spokesperson for firefighters are using hoses to put out fires set by protesters. activists have spent months trying to block construction of the pipeline - claiming that it will disrupt sacred sites and could pollute water sources. president elect trump is exploring his options as he continues meeting with potential cabinet picks. today-- former texas governor rick perry - who also ran for president is schedule to meet with the president-elect today. he's reportedly being considered for three different cabinet positions: defense, energy
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nbc's tracy potts has the latest president-elect trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey golf club over the weekend, including: former massachusetts governor and republican nominee mitt romney super burned in "governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state." so is former new york mayor and campaign confidant rudy guliani. chris christie - who was ousted as head of the transition - had a 30 minute sit- down with the president-elect. kansas secretary of state kris kobach was called in. he's been tough on immigration. retired marine corps general james mattis seems to be a favorite for secretary of defense. mr. trump tweeted that mattis was "impressive." super burned in "i know that president-elect trump loves leaders like general mattis." billionaire investor wilber ross was in, reportedly being considered as commerce secretary. then new administration will have to deal with democrats in congress poised to put up a fight, but signaling cooperation in some areas. super burned in new york 1:00-1:07 "we could get a major infrastructure bil but first, securing a cabinet. that continues today. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. president barack obama is assuring the international community that he does not plan to be the international
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a constant critic of trump. he did however say he will not rule out speaking up to defend ideals he cares about. he added he'd have to watch and see how trump governs once he's in office. on trump's campaign promises-- obama told reporters the president elect may have to adjust his approach when it comes to some of his positions. he made the comments during a stop in peru for an asian pacific economic summit. the man who confessed to kidnapping and killing an 11-year- old boy in minnesota will be sentenced. danny heinrich is expected to be sentenced 20 years in federal in prison.
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count of possessing child pornography. he entered the plea as part of an agreement involving his confession to kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and murdering jacob wetterling in 1989. heinrich led investigators to the boy's remains in september after he was missing for 27 years. later today--
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york will unveil a plaque marking the start of this year's macy's thanksgiving rehearsals from celebrities, broadway stars, and large performance groups will also take place along the parade route. tony bennett, the hip hop group de la soul and others are set to perform this year. you can watch the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade on n-b-c
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one of the nation's largest insurance companies is hoping you'll call on them if you get into a holiday road trip pinch. what you'll need to do to be eligible for the deal coming up. then parents are no strangers to the ups and down of a teen's mood-- but there are cries for help even the most attuned parent can miss out on. how researchers say they're working to help with that
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continue the search for his killer today. detective benjamin marconi was a 20 year veteran of the department. police released these images of a person of interest in the deadly shooting. investigators say marconi made a traffic stop yesterday morning and was writing a ticket when the suspect pulled up. the suspected shooter walked up to the passenger window andho twice before taking off. the detective died at the hospital. he was 46. a police sergeant in saint louis is fighting for his life today after being shot in another ambush style attack. the 46-year-old officer... was shot twice in the face. the officer was sitting in traffic in his marked police vehicle when another car pulled up and fired at least 2 shots. investigators are still looking for the shooter. federal authorities are hoping to prevent deadly rail road crashes by testing train operators
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railroad administration is issuing a safety advisory this week. the advisory comes after investigators found the engineer in new jersey's deadly crash had sleep apnea. the advisory is strong recommendation and is a stopgap measure while regulators draft rules to require railroads to screen engineers. reaserchers at cincinnati's children's hospital are trying a high tech approach to help stop teen suicides. they've developed an app called sam - it stands for spreading activation mobile. the app is used to record counseling sessions. then it measures the words, tone and pitch a teenager uses to figure out if it's similar to a person who's at risk for suicide. the app also detects when a teen's language is just the speech of a typical teen. suicide still remains the third leading cause of death of kids age 10 to 14. if you're planning to hit the road for your holiday travel this week-- allstate is offering roadside rescues on wednesday.
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the rescues for 2 dollars throught its 'good hands rescue' app and mobile website. you can download the app for free or visit the mobile website for roadside emergencies, including tows, flat tires, jump starts, lockouts or fuel delivery. a community rises
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together when hate shows its face on the walls of an elementary school. more on their show of strength and how they say they'll move forward now
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children's hospital was hit by a bomb in the war torn syrian city of aleppo. it happened friday. the syrian government stepped up attacks in eastern aleppo last week... backed by russia. meanwhile-- turkey's president is calling on the u-s and other nato nations to re- assess his proposal to create although the country has repeatedly called for secure zones to protect syrian civilians, washington has been unwilling to wade too deeply into the conflict. and a top commander with the troops fighting isis in iraq says they are regrouping today. troops on the eastern outskirts of mosul are going house to house-- and checking cars that may be used for suicide bombings. iraq launched an operation on
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second largest city and the extremist group's last major bastion in the country. meanwhile-- the government sent half a dozen trucks of food to be distributed among civilians in iraq. several people are without homes this morning after a fire broke out at apartments in colorado springs. one apartment is destroyed and eight others are damaged after last night's fire. according to the gazette-- no one was hurt-- but the fire captain says one person was treated for smoke inhalation. it took about 15 no word on the cause just yet. denver public schools is looking into who may have spray painted hateful messages on the walls of an elementary school. how the students, parents and the principal are responding to the vandalism is showing their true spirit. someone vandalized isabella bird community school with spray paint over the weekend. the vandal drew a swastika on the building - and also spraypainted the playground and the sidewalks. when word spread about what happened-- parents rallied and
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strength. the school is closed this week for fall break. when students return to class, the principal says the vandalism will be used as a teaching moment for the kids. a denver group working to collect 15-thousand turkeys needs a little more help to reach its goal this year. we'll talk about the charity coming up. are you among a growing group of people who want nothing to do with black friday craziness at stores? coming up, we'll talk about who is driving this trend
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survey by the national retail federation -- black friday will remain the busiest shopping day of the holiday weekend. but some retail experts are saying black friday is losing its appeal-- nbc's chris clackum has more. a possible upside to less-hectic black friday shopping this year... smaller crowds than years past. but, black friday's definitely a few shades different than it use to be. "so, gray friday is actually a term that makes some sense." villanova marketing professor charles taylor... ...says there's no need for retailers to worry. "it's still going to be the biggest retail shopping day of the year, by a wide margin" but black friday shopping, he says, is losing its luster ...and ...other retail experts say... so is cyber monday. extended well before.. and after..the monday following thanksgiving... ...driven largely by millennials who have different shopping habits. "studies are showing that millenials actually like a longer christmas season, and don't even seem to mind so much if it goes back a little before halloween" and again this year, men are expected to outspend women during the first official weekend of christmas shopping. chris clackum, nbc news.
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working with the manufactuer of tonka trucks to figure out what caused a fire that may have been sparked by one of its toys. a pair of grandparents say they'd bought the tonka truck at toys "r" us for their grandson on friday. as they were headed home-- it
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responded with an apology and gave the couple a refund. although the company thinks this was an isolated incident-- it says it's pulled the trucks from stores and its online shop for now. as you put together your shopping list for thanksgiving dinner this year-- the denver rescue mission is asking you to remember others who are struggling to put their dinners on. workers at the mission say this is one of their busiest times of year. they help sort though a steady stream of canned goods and non peri families in need. but this year's turkey drive-- is coming up short. the mission says it still needs about 15 thousand turkeys to meet the need this year. they're about 4 thousand short right now. the rescue mission needs frozen - 12 pound turkeys. you can drop them off at the downtown lawrence street
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warehouse. more on 9news dot com. 9news is getting into the holiday spirit! cheryl and i will help keep the tradition of light the lights alive flipping the switch on the city and country buildling ... the tradition goes all the way back to 19-31. belen de leon will be with cheryl and i will this friday at the city and county building. it's between 13-th and 14-th - and bannock. everything starts at six p-m, - and we'll televise the lighting: live -at 6:30. you'll also be able to watch on 9news dot com. timing is sound man covering an n-f-l game learned this weekend. video of his unfortunate clash with some players coming up. but first-- we're talking weather and traffic with marty and amelia. an n-f-l sound
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bernie is a little bruised this
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you can him there-- just trying to do his job at the vikings, cardinals game-- when minnesota linebacker brian robison unintentionally collided with him-- then he was bounced into a defensive tackle. it looked worse than it was-- bernie was back to work later in the game. we here on 9news mornings want to get to know you a little better. so we're putting the call out and mornings want to get to know you a little better. so we're putting the call out and asking about your family's black friday traditions. whether your clan is the kind that likes to stay in-- or hit the stores searching for deals together we want to hear about it. coming up at 5-am-- we'll talk about
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land a slot on the show! that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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dakota access pipeline - as hundreds of protesters clash with police and
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nearby highway. a busy weekend for the president- elect.. the interviews continue - as donald trump works to build up his cabinet. the cu buffs are finishing up the season strong, it's been more than a decade since the team was this good.. and now they're getting ready for a history making game next saturday. good morning. gary, corey, cheryl and marty with you on this monday! marty- what is our holiday week looking like?


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