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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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cheryl and marty with you on this monday! marty- is tracking . good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. gary, corey, marty, cheryl on this monday morning. you're tracking snow. >> already started. decent snow by this time tomorrow. it will really be going.
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around here. be talking about that in six or seven minutes. for us, clouds around here. already raining and snowing in mountain areas. snowing in the panhandle of nebraska. fairly mild readings around here with 30s and 40s most of the front range. notice the south side of town, already topping 50 degrees, clouds or no. there will be quite a few clouds over us this morning. on average around the metro area castle rock through t for most of the rush hour commute this morning. in spite of the clouds, we continue to anticipate warm temperatures with 50s to near 60 degrees. this time tomorrow, we are going to get snow. between now and then, we have stagnant air here. we have good burning restrictions here.
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burning stove or device, wood burning in a regular fireplace is not allowed. tomorrow morning, light rain and snow. shouldn't be an ice situation for us at all. perhaps wet roads tomorrow morning going to dry out quickly by tomorrow afternoon. >> that sounds like a good thing. thank you marty. 5:32. this start looking great across the hov, express lanes. coming in from thornton and north glenn,ho problem connecting from downtown. corridor i-25 on the north end, speeds 65 miles per hour heading through the construction zones as well. you're in the green with the road work on the light side. c470 less than 15 minute ride between 25 and santa fe no. concerns or accidents across the strive. don't want to jinx us. high country commute looking great getting out to the west.
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e470 across pena boulevard and anticipating a lot of thanksgiving travel. checking in on destination routes and keeping a close eye on tsa wait times. >> nice to hear that. thank you. with a lot of spots to fill, president-elect donald trump had a busy weekend interviewing future cabinet members. former and 2012 nominee mitt romney met with trump for serious consideration for secretary of state job. mayor rudy giuliani isn't out of the picture just yet. >> both saturday -- sat down. christie had a 30 minute sit-down with the president-elect.
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discussed. president obama says the democratic party does not need a complete overhaul but does need to get organized. when obama took office in 2009, democrats controlled the house and senate. eight years later t opposite is true. the president spoke at a news conference in peru over the weekend. he said it's time for democrats to think about how to get their message across in time for the next election. . protestors are once again clashing with law enforcement over the dakota access pipeline. overnight, it's described as an ongoing riot. jessica oh joins us with the latest. >> it was dramatic overnight. 400 packed the back water bridge. their behavior so aggressive, according deputies, they used
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rubber bullets. protestors say deputies fired while they were trapped on that bridge. they also claimed the fire department use had the water cannon in sub freezing temperatures to spray them intentionally the fire department says they were trying to put out several fires set by protestors. natural controversy over the pipeline is growing as activists joined this fight. robert kennedy jr. and his family were at standing rock last week potential dangers. the pipeline poses those to the environment. >> that's saying if someone is robbing the bank, since they've already gotten the guns and everybody tied up that we ought to let them just keep the money. they're violating the law. they shouldn't be allowed to get away with >> kennedy is president of the non profit aimed to protect clean water. one has been arrest sod far as a
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>> thank you. large scale mining around yellow stone national park will not be allowed the next two years. interior secretary sally jewels says the mining will be banned while a long term solution is considered. this comes as the obama administration races to keep miners out of the areas. last week, they were blocked drilling in the ocean and cancelled 25 gas and oil leases along colorado divide. thanks to the washington state, they're in the nation's top 10. they moved from 12th to 9th place in the associated press poll that came out sunday. it's the first time they've been there since 2002. next game is saturday against utah at home. if they win, bus will play in the championship game december 2nd. they're not out of the national picture as far as the top four
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conference champs. after 49 years, it's officially lights out. csu played the final game at the stadium and sent the stadium off in style. they beat mexico. fans, players, coaches held a ceremony on the field until lights were turned off one by one. they'll be at the new filed next season. didn't feel right. set you broncos hosts the chiefs at mile high. watch that with turkey left overs. stay on the how many game sunday at 6:30. >> sounds like a plan for me. denver mace nascar driver crashed last night ending his season. the future looks bright for the furniture row racing team star. he was in 13th place with five laps to go at the homestead miami speedway. got caught up in that accident in that crash.
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fire. true ex did get out and walked away from it. he's okay. jimmie johnson won the championship. best year ever for the teem and truexx that won four of the seasons. denver rescue mission is asking that you think of others not able to have dinner without a little help. workers at the time mission say this is one of the busiest times of year. they help sort through a steady perishables for families in need. this year's turkey drive is coming up short the mission needs 15,000 turkeys to meet their goal. they're looking for frozen 12-pound turkeys. you can drop them off at the downtown lawrence street shelter or their warehouse. >> talked about the clouds around here. it's raining and snowing in several areas in central and western colorado. radar of course doesn't pick it
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mountains. san juans doing well already. west south mountains getting decent snow. winter storm warnings from flat toes down to heaviest snow at and above 10,000 feet at the san juans. vail pass to the west. this is all by tomorrow evening up to a foot of new snow. for the front range mountains including summit county, 4 to 10 inches of new range. lake city, creed, down to the valleys, 5 to 10 inches of new snow late tomorrow afternoon when it wraps up. visibility not so super around here. temperatures not bad. >> fairly mild. thank you much marty. here it comes. black friday a few days away. >> some say black friday is fading out. the national retail federation
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. slowly but surely, iraqi forces making progress inside of mosul. they've been under isis control two years. there's heavy resistance but forces are getting closer to iraq's second largest city kicking isis out. the major issue is lack of hops. there are leaving iraqi medics with a lot of work to do civilians have fled that area. for those that have not been able to get out, aid is crucial. there's more than 1 million people living in mosul. see people running for limited supplies. iraqi forces struggled to keep this crowd organized when handing out supplies. the pope's holy year of
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st. francis door was shut sunday. new this morning, pope francis extended priest permission to resolve women who have had abortion. the church sees it as a sin, but everybody has the chance to be forgiven, he says. this friday is black friday, supposed to be the kickoff to the busiest shopping period season is losing luster. one possible reason is the shopping season is getting longer with some dealsle stretching back to halloween. people don't put that emphasis on that day for now, tonka trucks are pulled from shelves. apparently the toy burst into flames in a car over the
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shops and online for now. this wednesday, all state will offer road side rescues for $2 through the app and mobile website. download the app for free or visit the mobile website for road side emergencies including tows, flat tires, jump starts, lockouts, fuel delivery. the app allows you to view and connect with the service provider on their way to rescue you. fuel delivery sounds better should have stopped little earlier. >> take advantage of that if you need to. kids are more likely to snack when they see food ads on tv. researchers at the university fed a group of preschoolers and had them watch a program. those that saw foods during the show ate for snacks. by limiting kid's exposure to
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diet and decrease risk of obesity. visibility won't be stellar around here. it will be mild. mid 40s this morning. close to 60 for a couple hours early this afternoon. few breaks in the overcast. never clearing out during the day. storm in the southwest moves to mountains tonight. that's where we get best snow midnight to 9:00 tomorrow morning. we'll also see a few rain and snow showers it is really an inch or less at the most for us. then by tomorrow afternoon, it clears out. it will be perhaps wet roads in the morning with up to an inch. that would be the absolute most at lower terrain. 1 to 4 inches of snow in mountain areas, at and above 7500 feet. over the divide, summit county area, up to rocky mountain national park, 4 to 10-inch
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tomorrow. amelia, looks like for us, at worst tomorrow morning, wet roads. tomorrow afternoon, all dried out again. >> we'll track it here for you. easy start for the most part. your commute doesn't have much to worry about throughout the corridor of 25. 225 all in the clear. great speeds if you're headed anywhere across your highways. if hopping on the train to the plane, 37 minute ride from union wait times 17 minutes at the most. we'll track those closely into the holiday week. across 70 and central park, overnight closure westbound stretch near 70 and steel. across both stretches of i-70. amelia, thank you. 9 news is getting into the holiday spirit. cheryl and i will keep the edition of light the lights
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the tradition goes back to 1931. she'll be singing. if you've never heard her, you're in for a treat. between 13th and 14th. everything starts at 6:00 p.m. the eighth looing live at 6:30
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rick perry is scheduled to meet with trump today. he's reportedly considered for three positions. trump interviewed mitt romney, chris christie and kansas secretary of state chris coback over the weekend. violent protests overnight, hundreds of demonstrators gathered said they were cannons in -- and sprayed with water cannons in sub sub freezing temperatures. >> one storm system moving into western colorado today one poised off the coast moving to mountains thanksgiving day. clouds a bit for us in the afternoon and evening speaking of the evening, light
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the evening that anything you get would be in the form of rain. 50s to 60s lower terrain. 40s and 50s in the mountains. rain and snow continues on the western slope today. then the snow level lowers overnight. colder air begins to mix in late tonight. that's what we could start to see. few rain showers, especially after 3:00 tomorrow morning. 40s, 50s, mountains west. tomoow few light snow showers here by by 9:30 or 10:00. eastern colorado we could see an inch of snow. tomorrow afternoon, we clear out again. few light showers here and there. after 3:00 a.m., starts mixing with some of that snow. i said, an inch at the most. in a few spot, wet roads for you
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then it looks dry for the rest of the week. thursday we get wind, the northern mountains get additional snow before a warm up friday and saturday. getting outside on your monday drive, shouldn't run into issues and problems. if you're packing your bags and heading out for an early traveling weekend, we'll talk about what to expect today as well as the rest of the week. sunrise pops up 6:5 6th avenue c470 and 70 doing well across both stretches near yosemite. entire stretch in the green. upper 60s. further east, checking in across the boulevard drive, inbound as well as out bound, 5 or 6 minute trek. all parking areas have space now. we'll check this closer to the
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. i think we can all agree this is our favorite story. a marine pulled off a surprise making it home for thanksgiving in texas. it took a while for everyone to realize what was going on. >> he came home for the first time in three years and surprised his family. his mom and brother were told they were competing in a game
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at first she was reacting to a camera she saw when her son came home. she realized he was actually there, this was really happening. she collapsed to the ground in tears when she saw trey for herself. >> look at the brothers. happy brothers. poor mom is over on the floor. that's a happy collapse. that's a good thing. >> that hug is great. let's look at sky morning. the sun has not started to rise. it's just o' dark hundred. amelia has you covered this morning like always. we'll talk to her in a few minutes. kanye west fans were with irate after he showed up late, played three songs, and went off on a rant over the weekend. >> it was crazy. why the fans should be worried about what this show means for
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that's it for 5 news at
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. good morning at 6:00 a.m. here's a look at your monday morning kick start. new names emerging for positions in trump's cabinet. mitt romney could be tapped secretary of state. retired marine general james madis considered for defense secretary. two police officers were shot sunday in separate target add tacks. first in san antonio where a detective writing out a ticket
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witness. police are looking for the shooter. in st. louis, a police sergeant was shot twice in the face. looks like he's going to survive. the suspect died in the shootout with police. hundreds of protestors were met with tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons in the overnight hours. demonstrators were trying to cross a bridge when police stopped them. a school in stay holton and spray painted on the playground and sidewalk, people came out to clean up the school sunday posting messages of hope and love on the building. passage of 300 was short lived. there's new rules. university of colorado football team is on the top ten list of the associated press for first time in 14 years after


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