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tv   Today  NBC  November 24, 2016 7:00am-7:59am MST

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ws,is iat?f?t90s "today" with m and savannah guthrie, liveki? f studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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?>>? i'mjzonde pr b standards. thiseadition toda back some old= exciting. wee going to have a lot m the pr >> the weather is cooperating. of course, sec a bern every yea this year because of what seem
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parade routehere millionsoday b nypd will be hardt let's9c?oyou. >> reporter: aewf those police oicers wer walking along this parade route earlier and t crowd gav
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uc d acan't can a sand >> reporter: o mondayh tryin tos and expressingrt for vehicle attack in times square. earlier this month the isis propaganda magazine calle on it supporters to target the parade itself. but conrn this holiday seaso are not limitedy to the u.s.then traveling in europe warning that terror groups continue to plan c attacks. >> the main point tt we wer?e trying to convey to potential travelers is to ba"?u ??2vigila. >> reporter: in france@@ arresd? market?s instraussbur to french security officials.
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century-old tradition is not so easilyother measure ty a t the + we've got james o'neal here, good to have you sir. >> good morning.
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picture of themacy's day we have to expand our resources to increase security this year and we did. >> let's talk about the resource and the effort. ?:it is a 2 1/2 mile parade rou which presents a unique challenge. >> there are a lot of es. but the nypd does soe events. this is something that we do all the time. we do new year's, we do fourth of july. this year we have blocker trucks. we h prevent any vehicles fm coming on the route. there'so cross town traffic at 57th street.nd street and 34th . >> obviously a huge sho of force that wan see. public dsn'tee butive a lot obv. iforhan las?tclothes.
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omne i i?8rodus ? xwo'coorot day doesn't?rn get down?y to 34 is he manha?ttan nuyorth gs jmee
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family at his mar-a-lago estate in florida. that's kristen welker. good morning, happy >> reporter: willie, happy thanksgiving and good morning to you. that's right, predent-elect donald trump will actually relax today with family. the bef break comes as he gets increased scrutiny over h cabinet picks and how he's handling a critical pt of his
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?? senior intelligence official cautions it is too early to draw broad conclusions. late wednesday the president-elect sending a ng message to the public in a video produced by his transition team. >> it's my prayer on this thanksgiving, we beginour forwa as one country.
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ambassador to the united nations. haley, a rising star in the gop, was a fierce trump criticuring the campaign. quickly changing her tone. >> while i won't pretend to have always been president-elect's bigges cheerleader -- [ laughter ] >> -- i did vote for him, and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. orter: trump praising haley as a deal maker. but critics say she lax serious foreign policy experience. his other pick -- for education secretary, another rival turned?'?1 supporter. she is a billiaire g hailed b demanding a recount after
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picks. ?hnikki haley of south the ambn comi o strongly against her yesterday. what do you make of those two picks put together? >> first of all, nikki haley adds diversity, both in terms of the facthat she's a woman, she's(s also an i underndian-am. that in some ways softens the face that donald trump's administration will present to
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experience but that's an advocacy job as opposed to a policy making job at the u.n. i think that pick is getting significant amount of praise across the board. betsy des is more controversl because shoe he is so ideological. she represents outreach to the republic party establishment. she's been a long-time republican official. but her zealous advocacy'? of school choice is something that obvious will i is offensive to teacher's union. they are going to fight how much he is going to put thc the ?"
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>> definy miss my mi????p?$y?i
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7ing for chnel 20.
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? 7:30 now on this thanksgiving morning. look at the show november 24th, 2016. you are looking at the rehearsal of the classic broadway musical "cats" at the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. you know how i feel about adult cats. >> let's not get into that. >> luckily these are human adult cats so you can live with that. a look at the headlines. at least 67 people died in eastern china this morning when a scaffolding collapsed and a
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an unknown number of people who are still trapped in that rubble. an alleged get-away plan was foiled when a police officers in idaho pulled over a car only to have a wanted man pop out of the trunk. the suspect's mother had been driving and police dash cam foot animal captured the ensuing scuffle. mp[?f facing charges. security in new york is at an all-time high for the macy's thanvi morning. a record 3,000 police officers at the ready in an unprecedented effort to help keep the city safe. if your thanksgiving concerns are of a cooking variety. our friend katie lee has got your back. your turkey back. whatever kind of back. just tweet us using the #orangeroom. katie lee will answer your last-minute questions in a bit, including of course the famous how do you get that bag out of the turkey.
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>> you've cooked the bag. >> i did. and my guest survived. matt and savannah a down at the center of the thanksgiving day parade action in herald square with a very special guest. >> we'll get to that in one second. you saw "cats" rehearsing a second ago. they're gone, we only have memories of "cats" now. they're switching over to "holiday i nn." let'sri terry lundgren. this is a tradition for you and macy's. >> this is my favorite day of the year. but it is just so special we have our 90th anniversary of our parade. it was started by our employees. it is a tradition for our company and it is great to be here once again to celebrate. my family's here. big gathering. lots fun today. >> you talk about your employees. they are here in every capacity
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>> we have more than 8,000 people working the parade today. imagine that. the large majority are employees who volunteer every year. once they do it, they can't get enough. they're holding balloons, they're acting as clowns, they're sweeping the streets behk?(hind horses. they're doing everything -- every imaginal job. it is just a family fun day. >> all week long we've been getting a sneak preview of some of the balloons. there's always something bigger and better every year. how involved do you get? areou checking it out? is this something you really get into? >> the deal is, when you have 160,000 employees, you just got to depend on them to get things done like this. >> you're not blowing up balloons. >> no. imenjoying it just like everybody else. i've got an amazing team of talented people and they are the ones to really get it done and deserve the credit. >> we eintroduced you as the chairman and ceo. you're going to be a slacker
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can i have your seat? >> i hope they give me a nice seat somewhere in the general neighborhood. >> you've done a great job. it's been fun to work with you. >> thanks for all you guys have done to make this parade the most watched television program on earth. >> terry, thank you so much. by the way, the parade on nbc, 9:00 a.m. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by wa hey, guys, up town now. we have country star kelsey balorini. you're going to be on the domino sugar float. >> yes. i grew up watching this parade. this is a big deal to see it in person. i have butterflies and i get to
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>> what are you doing for thanksgiving? >> staying in the city tonight, having dinner in the city. then tomorrow go to nashville, then just stuff myself with food, then sleep for seven days after the situation. >> what do you think of this year? >> oh, gosh, just a year i never thought i would have. but more so, doing it with people i love a whole lot. >> take it in and enjoy it. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving! what's going on for you. as far as your travel is concerned, for saturday, we are looking to see on the roads, not so bad throughout much of the country, although we will see some problems shaking out from i-80 out west, i-5, and i-90, especially from san francisco to reno on i-80. in the east, i-85, wet roads in connecticut, into maine, then
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sunday, in the rockies we'll see some problems. looking at some trouble spots. look for i-80, i-90, i-5 in l.a., buffalo to boston on i-90 for rain and fog. some icy bridges early to late >> and that's your latest weather. coming through the parade right now, it's amy kuhler, executive
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later. very shiny. >> al, thanks so much. talk to you in a bit. coming up next, inside donald trump's mar-a-lago estate. some of the most expensive property in florida where the president-elect is spending thanksgiving with his family. we will take you there live. and much more with the stars of the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes. day parade. right after this. same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude. that's why i asked his doctor for derate to severe alzheimer's disease in paties who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine tell the doctor about any conditions including heart, lung, bladderm or procedures with anesthesia. serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems
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let's check in with dylan who's in the orange room for carson today. happy thanksgiving, dylan. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. good morning, everyone. you know what? on wednesday president obama sasha and malia. instead his nephews were by his
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annual macy's thank ve -- macy's thanksgiving day pare will kickoff. in thstrongwind th>? ?is morng
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starting to increase again out of the west. the broncos have a nice looking evening cot overon channel we're going k. detail the forecast for several of the big
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, paradearations. and savannah have a front row seat to all the action as security is ste up along the route and the party gets thankful for. >> i want to be a fashion designer, and also want to be a world champion gymnast. >> jenna catches up with a young cancer survivor and is now giving back to those who saved her life. black friday's breakdown. while some retailers are keeping
7:55 am
thanksgiving, others aren't. we'll tell you what you need to know before you venture out, thursday, november 24t 2016. e girl scouts of southern alabama! >> happy thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving to u.s. navy! >> happy turkey day, michigan! >> all the the wait from kentucky celebrating thanksgiving on the "today" show! >> happy thanksgiving from these turkeys from north mvcarolina! woo!?ezz?0 @iy?
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>> oh,yrateful tha?wt yo?
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he's backs being handled with poles as opposed to ropes because there's very litt helium. >> exactly. retro things. eratures the 90th year. are celebrating this grand tradition. guys, we'll see you in about an hour. >> be on the look out.
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present-elect is urging the cabinet. trying to make it more diverse. naming south carolina govnor nikki haley, an indian-american, u.s. ambassador to the united nations. haley was very critical of mr. trump during the campaign. >> a man that chooses no the to disavow the kkk, that is not a part of our party. that's not who we want as president. >> reporter: last week after meeting with him, changing her tune. >> i did vote for him. and i was thrilled to see him win.
8:00 am
governor has enough foreign and diplomatic experience for t job. supporters pointing out her husband is a reserve officer who served in afghanistan. >> i think you'd find that military spouses all pick up a lot about the world, a lot?l aut >> reporter: to run the nation's education system, another woman. betty de billionaire republican donor. also once a trump critic. known as a strong advocate for school choice, winning praise r
8:01 am
especially wh foreign govement. the president-ele!jct insistinge is no longer in charge of his business. >> i don't care about that business. shatte nve. cavaliers?# forward on fire. single-handedly love e?outscore the trail blazers in that
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your morning off right, you know what you got to have breakfast? ice cream. by the way, now it is ?o clinical trials.f immediately after wakin up improved mental >> i love this experts are skept?o previous studies have shown the positive e?rffect ice cream cha
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scientist>c in tokyo that says ? good? it's so godsod. >> you just had an epiphany, didn't think of the reese's peanut buttercup. >> i'm so happy now. >> are you alert now?
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he's very smart. aware.matized. >> ?> quincy, i'msorry. we've?w got some japane we've got a?k?9ck shot to show you.ven come from an nba star.s fromn australian man. he set ther tl shot. his name's derek.
8:08 am
dam in the swiss al andp( drain? >> 593 feet. he made this shot on just his third attempt. a lot of people say what's up with the video, is it real? is this doctored? it's been certified a world >>e know the folks at guinness. they don't mess around. they really stick to the ?prule. >> made it on his third try. >> i can't make it[i?km when i' standing right under dylan, you got "popstart!" for us. >> let's begin with the most creative band on planet, the guys from ok for their mi videos, defying gravity on an airplane and staging some pretty stunning choreography. check out the video" for their song "the one moment."
8:09 am
yes. 4.2 seconds. here's how they did it. cameras captured the more than 300 little scenes that you see her. then it was all slowed down to synchronize with the song. some the shots were slowed down by 20,000%. it is insanely complicated but just like other ok go shot in j take. i watched it for the first time yesterday. it was incredible. now to one of the most private couples in hollywood, birthday yesterday. happy birthday. so on instagram liam shared this photo saying happiest birthday to my favorite little angel. miley shared her own photo sharing the rainbow ring she got. caption, you always know hw to make my grubby little kid fingers shine. and another foe show where she called this the best birthday ever. finally gwyneth paltrow sharing what she's thankful for
8:10 am
yesterday gwyneth posted a photo on instagram showing their 10-year-old son moses giving chris a big bear hug. that's your "popstart!." >> good message on thanksgiving. >> the best divorcedou ever. >> doing it for the kids. let's get a check of the turkey day forecast from al. he's at the beginning of the parade with a very special guest. hey, al. >> hey. one of our money lewis. i got bills, you got a turkey hat. >> i didn't get to eat any yet. i was like, you know? i'm going to bring it with me. you know? >> is this your first parade? >> this is. my first one. >> excited? >> excited. super excited. >> one of the things we are all thankful for are our moms. >> definitely. >> you're going to be performing your song "mama." >> yeah. my mom c?kooked -- she the fami
8:11 am
we all came together. it's appropriate. >> the other thing you're thankful for, you are working with some great artists. >> yeah. i have some new projects i'm working on with other people and some music from me coming the end of the year an beginning of the next year. >> working with pit bull, flo rida -- >> got a song out with pit and flo right now. >> lunch money lewis. this thanksgiving, who's paying the bills?
8:12 am
>> and that is your latest weather. but of course, we got football coming up! that's right. something to be thankful for! thursday night, "football night in america." the steelers coming in to the colts, lucas oil stadium in inan the 40s. it's a domed stadium, but what the heck? you're thankful for that. and even if you're tailgating, it's perfect weather tonight at 8:00. the steelers at the colts on thursday night, "football night in america". i love listening to my voice like that. >> we know. >> we gave you a little extra echo on thanksgiving, al.
8:13 am
"thanks and giving" series about the life saving work being done at st. jude's children's research hospital. >> we first met lauren ten years ago. she was just learning how to walk again and now she's blossomed into a competitive gymnast and a budding fas fashi fashionista. >> reporter: 12-year-old lauren lewis has reason to?( strut her stuff. little fashionista sees life in living color and has big dreams for the future. i designer and also want to be a gymnast. that's my dream. >> reporter: there was a time when they weren't sure she'd live beyond her second birthday. this month marks ten years lauren will be cancer-free. >> we had no idea that we would be sitting here talking to you about lauren and for her to be as active as she is is a
8:14 am
where we'd be, unimaginable. >> reporter: at 16 months lauren was diagnosed wit stage 4 blastoma, a tumor of immature b? so serious, laun do/actors immediately sent the research hospital. chil seeing the condition of it and what they say, figured st. jude was the best place. >> it is much more common f tumors along the spine actually to have permanent neurologic deficits to where they can't walk. >> when first diagnosed, lauren's tumor was the size of a grapefruit and wrap around her tiny spine. after radiation, surgery was needed to remove the shrunken tumor. it was an operation the family dreaded. they'd already lost their infant son, matthew, on the operating table a few years before. he was born with a heart defect.
8:15 am
to a child didn't comeas a success but lauren'sut seemed b. she was given a 30% chance of surviving treatment. 30%. >> reporter: despite the odds, the lewises turned tards the faith and decided to treat her love of fashion began. >> every day we dressed her an it makes me getion. ?ne lost her ability
8:16 am
with a simar presentation to lauren to have as much70%?l ance. r considedes bk sent
8:17 am
ir.", love her.
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to brave the mountains, it is snow pack in many ?"?5 light snow in northeastern colorado that is quickly falling apart. we may see upwards of an inch more in the mountains. extraordinarily -- windy is morning. we will continue with that through the morning and de
8:21 am
with sunshine, close to 50 grs, it will feel much colder because of the wind for the front range and northeastern corado. sunny, quinndy can this morn -- windy this morning. near 50 bujust shy ofday. tomorrow and saturday, 60 or a little
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welcome back. 8:30 now on this thanksgiving morning, the 24th of november, 2016. and, boy, ohe have a frge you turkey"p??u tomorrow? >> yes. >> you come back tomorrow, i'll bring you ?7(@leftovers. >> thank you! >> the heing out to the parade route inust a second.
8:24 am
to know bore y?fou start spending, like how to avoid the money online this year.ave some and katie lee has a quick pumpkin cake and some sid dishes that will fill out your thanksgiving meal. plus we'll catch out with 94 years young betty white who is not slow down. but first, al's up town in the parade fray with one final check of the weather. >> also >> announcer: "today's" thanksgiving day parade weather is sponsored by verizon. look who we've got with us? one of our faves, miss sara mclaughlin joining us. >>ood moing.ppy thanksgiving. >> one of the things we're thankful for is you have a houm coming o cled onderland." so happy to be here to promote that a be parthis
8:25 am
next week for the christmas tree lighting. >> on november 30th. that's right. so i get to beere for a week. i'm going to go see "hamilton" as well. i'm so, so lucky. >> besides that, what are you thanul for that year? >> i'm thankful for my beautiful children. i have the m and family and my life in general. i'm so blessed. do something yi >> it is so great having you here in the parade.
8:26 am
?weather any time you need it. cable. and if you can't get here to the parade, we've got a special experience for you from our friends at verizon. get a 360 view -- i love clowns -- 360 view of the parade no matter where you e. just go to verizon's youtube channel.
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relax. but this year more than 50 national retailers are pushing back, shutting their doors on thanksgiving day. costco, rei, home depot,ikea, even the mall of america putting up the closed sign.
8:28 am
overall sales a expected to rise by 3.6%. and stores that open on thanksgiving are pulling out all the stops to lure you jcpenney opens at 3:00 p.m. a $ the door. toys "r" us opening at 5:00 p.m. and will stay open for 30 hours straight. sears is angling for your wallet with 50% off washersndnr??oz?w .
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q/ aha y gotn have sednf? yourself aleast,ap. >> thiscaution. when you go into the sotime get an extra discount when you are operating inside et
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"todlegendetty g on oo?? ??g whit r-oldbo aothat's lasted more than seven decades. he's uptown with more. hey,al. >> reporter: hey, guys. is stil. i had the pleas of sitting down with betty at her favorite restaurant, pacif dining car, in santa monica and she served
8:34 am
of fun. betty, thanks breakfast. this is awful nicf >> you think this is enough food for us??, >> ai always wondered who is betty like? sue ann nivens or rose? >> i haven't a cl! i would probablyay sue was aei . >> yes. she was a bit of a -- >> so does betty. >> betty does, too? >> yes. yes. by of mine
8:35 am
been. >> oh, you're very ki granted. ynjoyingyourself.??
8:36 am
by rail. >> reporter: producing and performing in etch asks and game shows like "password."
8:37 am
becaus that ?xstq?i?
8:38 am
>> we love her. >> we love your life, al. you get to hang out with the best people. >> al, have fun on the parade. we'll talk to you. >> you, too. happy thanksgiving, ?'@(guys. >> happy thanksgiving to you, al. katie lee's last-minute thanksgiving dishes for all y procrastinators out there. but first, this is "today" on
8:41 am
water and count on 30 minutes per pound. it's going toake a ile. aig turkey, you might morrow >>t nig pty >> maybe pick up arie ght. chicken. fu want to help u make quickly read >> this is so simple.s a cranbe. my mom's recipes. you don even have to?98v turon st ta one of these microplane graters and just grate t orange zestrt. once youq? see that, then you ?o u jus take yourest and put?w here we've got a cutim the peel of the orange. then you're left with it lik
8:42 am
going in. bit of orange liqueur. if you're making it form the kids, you can leave that out. >> takes the edge off the day a little bit. >> it does. right? relax bela little bit.
8:43 am
food. i've got a shallot here that i sauteed. i'm going to add to that some sun-dried tomatoes. if you've go the some of those, throw those in. if not, you can leave them out. it is not crucial. thenook my gen?o? beans and put them in the microwa like two minutes. that's kind of like blanching them. instead of putting, in the in a
8:44 am
crunch. ow the ease yeriest cake you ever made. a cake mix and add to it a can of pumpkin. that's it. it is just the cake mix and the pumpkin. and some pumpkin pie spice. super simple. mix that up. put it into a greased bundt pan. cook according to package directions. then for a glaze, i just take some powdered sugar and heavy cream, whisk that together. you can use orange juice or cranberry juice. it's really simple. shall we eat some of it? >> yeah. katie lee, this cake is amazing. your mama's cranberry recipe? mm. everyone, if you have this available to make today, you should. oh, my gosh! >> if you don't have real cranberries at home and just have dried cranberries zp.
8:45 am
they would just be a little too sweet and g stuck together. you could mix some dried cranberries into it, if you like. >> i love the way you correct us without insulting us. >> use your dried cranberries in place of the sun dried tomatoes in the green beans. >> solutions. that's why we love you. happy thanksgiving. to get these recipes, head to
8:47 am
>> announcer:smucker's leatess by smucker's. with a name like mucker's, it has to be good. thanksgiving in a special way around here. dylan is in the orange room with more. >> we certainly are. our viewers are sharing photos of the friends and family they are thankful for who also happen to be celebrating birthdays this month. around here, of course we are thkf jenna and barbaraush who have a birthday tomorrow. happy early birthday to them. amanda just celebrated her husband's birthday. she says he's loving, patient and kind.???o all of this, and more, are the reasons i'm thankful for him. we can't get enough thisbihdayd just turd 1 this month and has the cake all over her face to prove it. keep those photos comi.
8:53 am
trees? yes, of course. what's thanksgiving without the dancing christmas trees? well, looks like everything's ready. >> uh, scooter, you forgot one thing. >> what's that? >> cue the opening numr.? ? there'll be spectacle there'll be fantasy ?2??fr


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